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Battlefield Hollywood

Brandon Mascareñas


Brandon Mascareñas

Little Light Ministries



  • August 22, 2009
    3:00 PM
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okay everyone happy sad to see you all hear something funny was Brandon 's I am from Bozeman Montana it is a pleasure to be here this afternoon we look forward to spending time in fellowship in with all of you throughout the course of the rest of this day this message this was a bar original message that the Lord placed upon our hearts and that we've entitled Battlefield Hollywood and we understand that wherein I bought the good news is the battles or even one in who has been won by Jesus Christ that's right and although were still on this earth and although I usually have to go to trials and tribulations we have that registry hope that Christ has won the battle for us and that we need to depend more on Hannah Scott was saying I those that were at the sermon this morning and we need to keep her eyes focused on Christ that we will use the way with this message that will be presented today when you look at some some topics in relation to the entertainment industry the television and movies and how it has been so saturated we been so saturated in and it's taken our eyes completely away from God and in that we cannot discern the voice of God and the voice of Jesus before you started I would definitely campaign up and out at the evaluative one more time father God this afternoon we might take a few moments we want to look at some things here we want to look at this issue in an industry television movies how does that doesn't satisfy Lord we know that we are on the edge of eternity we want to be right before we want to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus and so we ask for your guidance here to be with us we ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit in the holy angels looked remotely we thank you for this opportunity and we think that we get to fellowship together as we know the rest of the universe is worshiping you on this particular day in Christ name we pray thank you and in the book of Revelation Chapter eighteen verse twenty three it says in the light of candles assigned no more at all in the invoice of the bridegroom and bride to be heard no more at all in the merchants were the arrangement of your four bye-bye sorceries were all nations to see all nations were deceived by this thing we call sorcery so the question is what is sourcing and often times and in our minds and I think that sorcery is exactly what Hollywood portrays events and we often think of the dark aspect of sorcery think of the wizards we think of witches and we think of is evil evil evil bullying we see that that Hollywood has done the full band from Mickey Mouse all the way to the Lord of the rings style of sorcery but if we go back and look at the green definition of sorcery from the book of Revelation the workers sourcing rumors hockey I noticed a few definitions here we see that one is the use was administering drugs to his wife and three sorcery magic art ophthalmic connection with idolatry and foster by now do I need to be in a different location for the feedback is there sent back are the other so I thought you have high fidelity is often we think is contrary to what God has ordained by worshiping in Iraq when we are practicing in idolatry we're not following his will and when I find his command we are worshiping something other than him or where we worship God from his review is the basic study in the brain is intermediate in the community know the front part of the brain is called the final logo is broken down we had to spirituality morality and will take place here in short this is the judgment seat this is where God speaks to us and in fact this is where we make those decisions as critical decisions are right from wrong so if we're if something comes our way and we need to say okay logically this doesn't sound right logically we need to go the other way this is where this decision would take place but my sorcery particular sorcery in this part of the brain can be almost impaired as well and often times we think of many things in inherent to think of drinking and drugs in and and and and things of that sort can impair our critical thinking but is there something else that can affect this part of the mind first Corinthians three sixteen Paul tells us that know you not hear the Temple of God in the Spirit of God dwells in you so that's where God dwells this is what he wants to dwell on say some a little quiet out there nobody's got any much less think God wants to do well as he wants to communicate right here in the hardware our brands bullet is one of the things that Harrison that we can not hear the voice of God and understand the will of God many people know basically when it notices the general understanding will this is just the clinical definition it knows this a mental state of heightened suggestibility characterized by a trancelike sleep this is variously achieved my repetition of instruction in the low level voice for having the subject fixed his gaze upon the life and otherwise dark room what is that some day the television okay first Corinthians six twelve Paul says all things are lawful for me but all things are not helpful all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought under the power of any schedules this is a very very powerful tool studies in a genre people have gone on to have gone under hypnosis and had pain-free births David quit smoking hypnosis all these various things because someone suggested something to their mind there is that by passing judgment and they were able to build these various routes without having any sort of effect so what happens to your brain are in your brain while watching television brainwave patterns there is four years in her mind that make up that basically getting this for years we have Delta Theta out data data as we know it is is nothing here that the mind is working on when we are critically engaged in conversation over working on a math problem any kind of school problem and work were logically thinking about things out is the gear in which we are half awake where maybe not in attention like we should lower daydreaming is not necessarily a bad thing to be in but in hypnosis when when when things happen the mind goes from being critical thinking and closing the outcome of NFL point things can pass judgment in going be stored in the back parts of our long-term memory and which can be dangerous in the mine is broken up into Sears the left side is analytical critical logical thinking side this is where we like this is logically think about things when we we compartmentalize everything and put in order and in the right side is the most artistic side if they work together hand in hand often times we going out the data goes astray to the right side sword reason everything off the motion instead of logically thinking about and this is what happens when we watch television it takes less than thirty seconds for a mind to go from beta to out in other words it takes less than thirty seconds for us to go into a hypnotic state of mind we think about it see how many things are put out there and go completely overhead because they switched the brain gears if you will from data in our and these things is absorbed so is this television affect the fundamental level absolutely here's a string of commercial commercials that have helped on this this this form of hypnosis this suggestibility through there to the commercials and advertising him and him alone him and I him a him a him tomorrow so you will he and many notice most commercials if you watch and media notice that now most commercial in the snapper and being present building those on what is the typical protocol coming out of hypnosis and assassin that he added that now they know they know that in advertising that if they throw something you not remember the definition repetition if you throw somebody a product enough times their banking that you are eventually enabled by that product because they shouldn't as so many times and especially just a thought now we have been approached by some students and many students are people in general time that subliminal advertising does not work for the question I have is why they keep doing it it does not work why they keep doing now it was deemed being on the seventies but now there's not really any way to monitor is there some a network so many stations on the commercials this happens to slip in the horror tablet television is that the information goes fighting for memory pool but we do not react perhaps then we react later but we do not know what we are reacting to when you watch television you're training yourself not to react until later on your doing things without knowing why you're doing them where they are coming from by Neil postman 's Professor NYU and NIC anything sexual about this picture the other birds and the bees anyway that you done in the bottom of it taken away and you always see that you cannot see it still gets it had the other really sleepy okay it's a sexier in the bottom most people don't catch that in eighties they were able to take effect again and handle to fellow sex right on the side of the family and why do they promote sex sex sells baby attached this form of pleasure to the product and so when if they can do that they know the that is true here's all the pleasure buttons and a mind so to speak and eventually over repetition will eventually buy the product is in their right case got nine and Tom are all very familiar with editing exactly is that anything all week and that is that ranges doesn't fall right into the database it's very you have to be very aware that is that if there is a dangerously in the leave this one legally and without is hokey but we back to the file has been done they didn't say that they are a sponsor of that that program so spread we may think that that's not such a big deal but if they can continue to grow that your subconscious eventually you can buy that product doesn't that mean a facility ninety nine percent of households in America have a television does anybody not have a television good for you guys and ride me people have intelligent television but no cable antenna I get average hours watch six hours forty seven minutes per day forty seven hours per week when you're starting out Alyssa to solid monster year and a grand total by the age of sixty five nine solid years nine solid years that's twenty four hours a around-the-clock that's not what I was intending to so where would we be in society if we took that nice on years we were able to translate that into something positive weather was doing outreach when it was that her Bible weather was always of the things we probably be a lot more wholesome society the most advertised product on television but that fast food we wonder why we have an epidemic of obesity is as is and and is will is is is is is him a him and is as is is is is in a you say I will be as and a pass for a pad is an song is so in an in and so in case and will I be as an is a and in a in a is as is you are in a hole in a him a him and him is a is a is an LLC is an and is and will and is in a so that you as soon as I is is in the will and is and will is will is in so go him to you in a no as a will is will is he will is in a a a a in so she has the small and will is a is a you will and will and in a you and you and is and will and is in him now is as it is as low as a sad slew him and is in and in you and you only and may now I will mock you are you is is will is he a how susceptible army in would have another clip from a documentary and induce children and studies show that children should not watch television in the eighties three my still developing their self-esteem were the called the electron connectivity and everything is still going back and forth in there trying to figure out who their mommy and daddy is another brothers and sisters are all the other stuff and then we placed in an environment of the television and have to deal with modern hot televising the week we know that in television everything is so fast is blinking at you all the time and then frame rates are changing and then all of a sudden we wonder why we have ADD I go him to an eighty and he is in is is a is a and he is a is as you are I and I and our are in the area will do him as all that I had in their eye and asked in what he and I is he in him and him and he him and is in and is only in an and in one and I a is is is is is an is an and I know I is and I are in and he and is and is and is and is and is not as him a him are in the and he is as he and wow CFE financial damages ask that this is an ethical thing that somehow eluded of the conscience so where does this leave you know we have wind when children are bombarded with today's media video we have solely problems with kids developing with with the issues of anorexia and issues of bulimia and in because they had seen so much what television is our train in the way that you're supposed to look and say something the people that we see on those magazines and the people that we see on the television and the movies are not how they really look like in real life a for house cleaning person on our all-time and this is what our kids are happy to draw thinking that they have to look like that but remember this is a battle from my Christ said it let this mind be in you that what we are to take on the mind of Christ if we have any desire to be in the kingdom of heaven we have to take on this mind by phase and implanted surgically implanted right here in what is being bombarded in today's society is promoted upon us is this this desire to look like that like that in man is a resulting use this technology is knowledge this psychology of knowledge for our money again through repetition to the to the knowledge of hypnosis if you will they will eventually eventually get a dollar because will buy the product but if man is doing far money because they'll say they will spend billions of dollars just to get our money what the devil done with the same knowledge in the same technology for his entire agenda and is there it into how many people still think that television has no bearing upon her mental state has no effect is a and him and is he in an way you him to him him to have is that only the how much is his integer you know if there was that there wasn't any truth and until you really wouldn't be that funny right and as we become in the society so saturated with not really understanding what Scott had been able to put our finger on what is wrong with programming and in television that a lot of this material goes right overhead now they can point right in our face almost laughing and we will recognize Paul says in Ephesians six twelve that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against all reason powers against the rulers of the of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places again it's not a battle between you and me you sure we made it we may quarrel here on earth which we should but were ultimately fighting were ultimately against this force that is bigger than us and that's why we have to come to the cross daily and ask for that that that victory over the things that beset us so easily and Christ will be missed I think so in you swing your different direction we look at the movies again we saw that how the mind works he saw what happens in our mind when we flip on the television ratings in the movie theater watching the we saw that man is using that technology to to make money office now for the widow to the movies and see how the devil has started to use that same tactics allegiance towards him a traitor the road my taxi driver last temptation of Christ a very prominent screenwriter says this I'm not in the business of validating people 's preconceptions are still in the mindset for giving them an hour of diversion I like to rock I like to get in there and mess with their heads at her in the movie and go in and of an and at this point will I get to where it's not just saying this in a very easy for somebody to come up and to say that these people are saying that we need to have it from the horses mouth some people can start to understand that they are very bold and what they are trying to get across Kevin Smith he was the director and that the brainchild of these movies that listed here this is what he has to say you and I is and will will will is is is is is Artie Weinstein IB was in charge of the Lord of the rings we saw there in the movies have given them except the things I don't think they would embrace maybe they were tricked into it by exciting marketing campaign but when they came out of it became a very different this is an interview with Richard Gere and he goes on this concept on how movies change society or a guy is in there are and gives you to hear he is admitting that he taught Americans that when cocaine came on the scene in the disk was an explosion in the mainstream market he showed the average American how did you get it on did the commission movies are powerful good or bad I think around inside your brain stela on you in the darkness of the cinema deform upon social attitudes in short cinema is propaganda the movie industry and I'm not here to say that every single filmmaker or director this is absolutely has ulterior motives in a wrong agenda but the majority is where senior they start to interweave their own personal thoughts to religion and theology and we understand how the mind works that like he says that such a ground in our mind and if we seen enough the repetition pretty soon we started out our own related in our own beliefs superheroes have become a huge phenomenon the last day we as emergence of Superman and Spiderman when asked meaning there is there is a superhero for everybody what is what is a superhero the definition a man of distinguished courage or ability in my brain needs and noble qualities this is classical mythology and the number two is someone that has gone my promise and is often honored as the vanity and these are just dictionary definition so and here was a muddy that is honored like the vanity him him to and I is that moving he is being in a will is you are him him him and I have a is a class I is I a will and will will last a Yahoo or are you seeing in an as is and is in an and that you see that superheroes are nothing new to the scene binges in repackaged savings made in this he said they were given span Kate and him basically repackaged classical mythology no mythology when you look at it was nothing more than a cult worship worshiping the various gods now this is a compilation of clips this is not really taken from this silly movies but it's again the movie time from themselves where they came from and noticed the spiritual overtones that this superhero movies when we when you really start to what they are dealing with spiritual themes and often times they don't even set in our mind is him I him the is a him and you will is in his life Christ for any one of the when you start to break down the characteristics and muscles life for that you see that they do not have on hand Lewis Superman Superman was invented by the Jewish writers by Jerry Siegel and Angela Caesar and they were big supporters of the readers of Frederick Nietzsche the idea for Superman was taken from the vehemently anti-Christian philosopher who was never tired condemning the Christian faith as we observe and even detrimental human development there is no God only Superman of course any time the whole Superman concept we see today with the red the Medicaid what is my basically superhuman person and didn't need God the Superman is the meaning of the year it will say the Superman is to be the meaning of years I beseech you my brothers to be true to the earth and do not believe in those who speak of to you of otherworldly house they are poisonous whether they know it or not who speak of otherworldly votes we should be Christians anybody that goes under the banner of Jesus Christ should have is not of this earth amen Superman fights his in his archenemy is Lex Luther Colwell out names in movies have specific meanings in and there's a reason why they are given a name and it's just not easy by questions call out in Hebrew translation all that has gone totally of God Lex is Latin for law so something that is totally God is usually fighting against the law the people are familiar with Gnosticism a few hands we put together Scott presented very well hold Hollywood's Gnostic Gospels amazingly Gnosticism the taken biblical truths and they turned completely upside down and on their back there inverted truth and more and more movies coming out today are taking principle where the good guy he would add viewing I would say is this good guy they take on the loose very character and the fact that the movie of their intensely trained as a God figure in a demonized so you feel are all are all of a sudden Jerry for the Lucifer hair that Gnostic theology and that's what they're doing is turning everything upside down Superman in this comic beast from krypton in this one he gets the power and he hypnotizes wonder woman Batman and Supergirl and gives them the mark there in the fourth and very spiritual themes that and some of the demon fantastic for God wars wonder woman war of the gods what we were to compare and contrast the characteristics of Christ and Satan Christ reveals a student Anita Satan masks his true identity crisis never changing Satan has dual or multiple attendees Christ was not beautiful in physical form on this earth Satan masks himself with the physical beauty Christ turns entity and Satan is bent on revenge Christ power comes from God and Satan power comes himself so what is typically these superheroes are on and how many times do we want to make an analogy of Christ in my Superman and Superman the antichrist you know one of the most analyzed movies by Christians as the matrix and they taken that figure in a put him to be but Christ and you couldn't be farther from the characters is a very dangerous game to get into in the last comics scene this is a clip from the last comic scene out of the scenario that takes place pay attention and see if this sounds familiar at all and I will and will I will him him to talk to me I will live on as and when the thousand years were expired Satan shall be listened out of prison and he should not deceive the nations which are in the four corners of your dog and may God to gather them together to battle the number of whom is the sand so if we know processing window in the book of Revelation it is a time coming after the thousand years Satan is in and deceive those that are come up in the second resurrection to find out that Jerusalem that is coming from above is it possible that the devil is conditioning people to start thinking that way to find out how many movies out there they were always fighting something that is coming from above if you condition of people long enough they will eventually believe in Romans one thirty two says who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worth he is worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them so we know that from the Bible God has given us lots to buy and we know that there is judgments if we step outside of the boundaries but what about those that view those people that that do those things that are an abomination to God is there a judgment for those people to the French put a man on TV for children under three says watching television and slogans about and development of children under three even when it involves channels namespace we so the French have had hot on that they know that something is not right in the children's mind that is still developing as he is he is is a a and him and him I have GRC he will hear somebody has made billions of dollars on entertainment industry on television and one even let her child watching do they know something that we as Christians should now be so Scott was telling the story when he was in the back when used to work in Hollywood he was actually in shoot on shooting in New York City and he was working with the executive producer walking on the side anyone want to times square and is executive producer she had her little daughter and when they went three times as he noticed the lights in the TV screens she took her daughter and she put her in her bosom to shield her eyes of course that would evening and tells the woman says why don't let my child watch television because I know what it does remind we as Christians we do have a peculiar message no better and what are we doing with their time and how are we spending our time session with our children when their minds are still developing taken from family .com and Disney website to very vocal proponents of letting little ones to now by desperate housewives star Felicity Huffman and her famed movie star hubby William H Macy beating out let the kids watch television Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise also share the same sentiments and what their children watch much television and Helen Hunt and her husband had never let their their daughter watched television and awareness is going beyond us Christians it may be no better shape today no better in Revelation thirteen three and says and I saw one of the hinges were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast now as part of the world all of the world since all of the world wondered after the beast whatever religion weather whatever denomination was near atheistic or not everyone wanted a piece and again we saw this person beginning for my nice sorceries all nations were to see what you thought about Harry Potter here with his wand is made of what was a Hollywood saying the town is named from that but it's interesting how is associated with the cycle of death and rebirth representing winner winning over summer it is good for cells that involve sleep or rest the actual element of the natural elements of Hollywood is is really used in the cold world and in Wiccan religions and it is used for that stuff putting somebody into a sleep like a state of being is I want each one of us and it is this medium I fear because as we know psychologically we go to sleep we went to not everything is it possible that the devil has put us to sleep spiritually on spiritual matters you control us from this issue moving is a genre movie for every single person out there there's accommodated for there's there is trauma there's the Westerns it interesting that for movies are that the most hypnotic inducing found out that because when we sit there and we are remember when the switchover now who were not sure reality and unreality in horror movies everything is so surreal everything is done seem right but we don't have really the willpower to get up and leave and so were stuck there with hot in limbo as well and then the hypnotic inducement is that much more power just like in the beginning Satan used the medium to hypnotize the disease is a similar medium to hypnotize us to be known to the voice of God and revelation sixteen exceeded thirteen sixteen to seventeen he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in the right-handed and therefore had no man might buy or sell safety that have the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name and when you look at those two words Mark and name when you look them in the Greek dictionary Mark is synonymous with seal name is synonymous with what care and what care is given example one when Moses was on mouth signing when he was C CS God to see his glory you know what I don't think you can handle it so but I'm an ominous looking at the Rockingham and put my hand over you and when asked by I will remove my hand and you will be able to see the backside and when God did that when when when God passed by and removed his hand people claim that I am the God I'm merciful and forgiving loving those a character traits associated with whom he is and we know that for head is what is not a literal on the one health center for headbutt it's in here when the judgment seat takes places where God speaks to us this is where there is therefore and this is where characters are formed for eternity and so only read in the Gospel this kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come I believe in the gospel is to go to all the world a more portly what is the gospel do it witnesses the character of Christ and we take on gospel message and internalized it it changes our character doesn't not in Galatians the food of the spirit on this character trait of Christ that we are to take and when we take on those character traits will be like Christ and he promised when that takes place only when faced place is when he can come back but we can't develop these character traits were sitting to our time watching movies and television we just can't be healed together like that it does not work and so the question will be with you to whose character is written in your four head isn't Adam God is that of Jesus Christ was and that of the world I see you this afternoon this may sound like a hard proposition those I challenge you guys to try immediate fast as any kind of media asking for what I mean the immediate at any turn off the cable television save a lot of money we don't have limited in Asia we can use every dollar the lesser billionaire Cabal got all the antenna shut off the television for thirty days shop all sources of things it does distract us from reality and get Journal why you're doing this to market products guaranteed to family life will improve use your life will prove improve his in his students they're still in school your grades will increase dramatically you'll be able to focus more and be more efficient with your time we always complain that we don't have enough time to get we can spent all Sunday law watching all the sports in the world triad I guarantee you God will bless you immensely in fact God will start to supply those areas in which you take away and start to fill that void with things that are more from the sense of heaven how may people would like to try as he guided his prayers because father in heaven Lord thank you so much for this opportunity Lord we know that many things in this world are are are set before us as a stumbling block to choke this out from you and father we know that is we want to try host you can do it of ourselves but only through Jesus 's guidance and help and so father we ask for extra portion of your sphere he asked if he would send out your Holy Spirit to dwell with us and father with this proposition we ask that you will give us the strength to turn off anything that is distracting anything that will will keep us from and strict communication with you what you told us that spiritually things are spiritually discerned and so we asked her mind of Christ right now we love you and we thank you think this opportunity thanks for each individual in this room has been blessed immensely in Christ name we pray and thank him


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