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Prodigal Son in Paradise

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • August 22, 2009
    9:00 AM
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dear Lord you are such an amazing God I praise your name that everything that you have done in my life in everyone's life and Lord thank you so much for the opportunity to come together and worship you and to profess that you are Lord and Savior I love you Lord thank you in we title this sounds this morning the Chronicle sun paradise we all have a bit of a prodigal son story but that story actually really touches dear to my heart because as the sun that decided to leave home I grew up in Paradise California is everyone newer paradises are a aggregate a very Adventist home we might my father was more on the conservative side in fact he probably should've been a pastor and I was taught to read my Bible from an early age I read Ellen White's books growing up I knew it forwards and backwards I went to Adventist schools growing up my older brother and I we were very fascinated with making movies we are little my dad had an 8mm and a 16mm film camera we were little and used to let my brother and I have as much film with as we can go out and shoot we gather all our little neighborhood kids together and write little stories and poetry for its and we reach of these things never ever did we ever think that this would be something that we would do for a living but as we started to get older we started to become more and more fascinated with this thing called television and movies and my dad from Earth Lee on he didn't quite know how to put his finger on the TV but he said you know what I want to be in my home and so we were actually raised without the ability to watch movies and television but course like any child goes over to their friends house and you hear about it from school and my brother and I we were very much so fascinated by this business now in paradise Brandon also was in my class and a good friend of mine growing up when we got to high school age we always talked about me when need be so need to tend going on Hollywood in making this movie industry and and drive all those fast cars and live the high life and we would spend most of our time dreaming about this Hollywood business well as we started to get older and went to the Pacific Union College we decided to take them the film studies classes there we didn't know where this was in the leader or houses actually get a turnout but as we started to take the classes my spiritual life this took on a large decline in like you can find anything that you want to in in college you can find the good people you can find the bad people my life became much more interested in this fictitious world of Hollywood and what they were pumping out at us was kind of starting to become some of my idols Brandon and I really skip a lot of our college classes and we just rent movies I don't know how reacts even made it to school that the class is that we took it was told to us while we were in school that Hollywood is a business that operates on who you know sure a lot of you heard that it doesn't matter to graduate with a degree you are to start at the bottom no matter what so I took a hard look at that price and while I'm spending so much money to go to school but does make a difference anyway in this is actually what I like to do so I pulled out of school and ended up in Hollywood and within months of going to Hollywood I decided to stop reading my Bible I decided to stop going to church I decided that it was more important to meet friends into two jump into this workforce in the Hollywood business which operates seven days a week and maybe by working in the business I would somehow be able to witness to other people or something within months I left my face completely I stopped talking to one of my best friends my brother Tom who also went to Pacific in college and took the film studies classes with me a lot with very very close to ended up moving to Hollywood and as they close to the time that I moved down there I stopped talking to my brother and life for me just became more about what I could get for myself I fell heavily into the party lifestyle bars became a regular thing for me on the weekends that sort became my church that you will I was very when you're in the bull bar scene it was they quickly that I got involved in the whole drug world and the whole party lifestyle and I feel like the whole time that I was there God was constantly trying to woo me back one of my best friends ran in here he actually ended up when he left PCU and out to Montana to become an architect and he would keep in contact with me and he actually came back into the church at an earlier age he would call me up and he would say hey Scott no have you been going to church and I know how really you know I care about church anymore and I really want to talk about religion never I just wanted to tell them all about the movies that I've been working on her things that had been involved in branding here would continue to try to talk to me about God is the first Corinthian error in Romans thirteen at the shortest morning and and Chelsea was giving the Sabbath school and talking about brotherly love actually Romans and sorry Hebrews thirteen he was taking it says let brotherly love continue when I think of brotherly love my brother and I grew up in China brotherly love that we would do absolutely anything for each other I also shared that same sort of brotherly love with Brandon do not forget to interchange strangers for by doing so and some have unwittingly entertained angels remember the prisoners as if there change with them and those who are mistreated and you yourselves are in the body also BC Brannon had become part of the body of his church and hear his friend that he had grown up with I talked about all these things executed in college all want to go to the movies seeing his friend go out there he had enough love to constantly say Scott about the outline and I constantly put my hand out and said no no I don't want to want to talk about God it wasn't long before I completely even stopped talking to my brother Tom Thomas lived down the street from me basically within minutes I could've gone to his house and we just never even saw each other never never hung out with seem to go into different tasks Tom started working in television and that I was trying to get heavily involved in the movie industry and Thomas me ten years into a my life in Hollywood he asked me if I would go home to Paradise Adventist Academy to our ten year high school reunion his tenure ice cream and and he didn't know anybody that was going and he really wanted to go in so he asked me if I go with them I sent e-mails Tom Hansen a longtime since been around at these people and drawn about this whole thing Church of God and I knew what that could be like I don't want to go but they communicate these scholarly please come sites and find out how I'll come when we show that there it was just as iconic had suspected everybody seen the same all my friends his parents were still there and and a lot of people that that I had grown up with they were there they just they just looked a little bit older we had heard of course that we've done on Hollywood and all anybody wanted to talk about was with Hollywood instrumentalist nickname he met Brad Pitt Britney Spears of course you know it is the last thing you want to do when you leave Hollywood is talk about Hollywood all the time so we kind of trying to keep that to a door roller and we really wanted to meet with people and pay attention in and see what what where everybody had come in and that we had grown up with well while everything was bombarding us with Hollywood talk was one kid that came up to us and he said you know what how's your relationship with God and we are driven I remember we we we looked at him and said wow what a sad how is your relationship with Christ and of his kids and came up to us and said this was at pastor 's child who of course has had a very rocky road is most of them sometimes you and he was growing up was one of those kids that that he did the most drugs he did the most part even he was the wildest person in value in the Lebanon school and all of a sudden here he is changed and he says has relationship with Christ so he says what you come back over to our house and let's let me share with you what God has done in my life course my brother are very intrigued by this and we decided to go over to his house and all afternoon he'd shared what his road abandoned home help Christ he changed his heart and how he had this amazing transformation only wanted to do was share it with other people and this is what I'm what I'm getting to hear in hubris thirteen let your brother brotherly love continue we all the full were once raised in the faith and have maybe did truth from it you guys all out there when you see them when you meet them and talk to them to pull them aside and you say how's your relationship with Christ because that was the beginning sparked in my life seen wow what would how is it that God change this person so as we were at his house and he was sharing this it became nighttime and we were in this happen house was only three of us there my brother and his friend and myself and my brothers dog capital boxer dog within in his boxer dog was one of really sweet loving dogs never ever was even a Parker R R any sort of aggressive dog and my friends said you know what its prey had been a while since I actually really really said a prayer so we agreed we all gathered together and as we started altogether my brother 's dog hair on the back of his neck went straight up and he started barking into the air as if there were something else in the room and he was so aggressive that he was just our items parking everywhere of course you know this wasn't something that was regularly happy with this dog so we quieted down so you know the ocean were to pray as we started to pray again there is a little-known cracker that was sitting on the table and it's half totally came off and smashed on the wall right next to us just live video like someone had thrown it out us at this point I said stop were done frame anymore I know witnesses you see I been raised as a child to know that there is a God out there there is this fight there is this war and here I had completely my faith completely gone to the center of Hollywood completely abandon the party lifestyle on drugs forgot about God in here I know what I'm supposed to be doing and it scared me so bad I actually driven from Southern California to paradise with my brother Tom I made them take me to the airport the next morning and I caught a plane home and I just couldn't believe that this was real and here I was walking around in the airport and scene always people I was just looking around at all the faces in the airport going to you know do you know this is everybody here know who has the wool been pulled over everybody's eyes and how did I get from so much knowledge and so so such a home of of of true to where I was now in how is able to leave it so quickly so as I went back down to Los Angeles our brother and I started talking what you think about this why are we these two kids these two activities kids from from paradise of all places in the center of Hollywood what are we dealing we started to dialogue with each other and pray to God God please send someone or something and then somebody called us up and gave us I've are Myers 's DVD escape the black hole emitting out there heard Island and access focus right up and Brandon continue to have conversations with us and he shared some more material that he'd been learning and all of a sudden my world was opened backup to God and I can remember thinking now what do I do here I've working in Hollywood this is how I make my money this is what I chosen to do for a living what when you will need you God so my brother and I started praying the Lord we will do anything you want us to do you tell us what to do and we will walk through that door radio there tell you if you pray that prayer God will so fill your schedule full of things to do I can barely handle it so all of a sudden I get I get a phone call and it's my buddy from paradise and he's I had told him when we were up there is if you ever need a place to stay once you come stay with me on my couch down here in Southern California and he called me up we set a new place to stay and all of a sudden within a month later he shows up on my doorstep with two suitcases in his hands and knees living with me and I think this rate constant somebody is going to turn me around he was really good it was a really good guitar player and I thought you don't now now I can really start rebuild my foundation and belief in God while we would sing songs we would study our Bible together while it wasn't very long before my friend started opening his eyes to Hollywood and you see I had run from everybody I knew that was any sort of drug taker or anything I had to change everybody in my phone I changed all people that I knew that I wanted to run away from that lifestyle and and I moved into a brand-new house this was the place that that he came to live with me and Ryan after he comes and lives with me to major drug dealers move into us right below our house it wasn't very long before my my buddy that had already struggled with that from an early on started witnessing to these guys I can remember he come back you can rate he's nice house as you know there Pasadena they are there drugs and gangs and him telling them about Christ it wasn't very long before all of a sudden I started to see the drugs starting to come back into my house and mean all of a sudden it started coming back into my life and it wasn't very long before I was studying my Bible and doing drugs with his people twisting my views of God once again but I think you know what in his amazing love I have a different plan for you Kathy says the people in my life that have constantly tried to woo me back into the race and the devil knows this to and so all of a sudden a girl came out to visit my friend who he was friends with she was also from paradise and this girl ice I hit it off with right away and we started dating we started having a relationship she was actually going to school here at Loma Linda in the dental hygiene department and so it was through this meeting of this girl that I came back here to Loma Linda and I started coming back to church for the very first time that Loma Linda has a very special place in my heart because this is where I started coming back into the folder and I went to church the very first time it'd been a long time since I had really just attending church without any other motive than just wanting to go to church and I can remember being there and in the evening that feeling of sadness and loss patches special feeling you know it's sad I knew it was seven and I went to the church service I just had tears in my eyes and hams always gives me whenever anybody sings hymns appearances brings that can recent mine and I can remember just society back tears all day long well of course I was not telling this girl that I was still very much involved in the party lifestyle Los Angeles and not be hurting student loan Linda she she only saw my best side is of course urinating you only show your best sign right I had bad experiences and I finally said he know what he is now I know the truth I have walked away from the truth and just like the prodigal son must of just clicking his head this isn't happiness this lifestyle is just full of pain and misery I jumped in my car drove out here to Loma Linda and I decided to save my girlfriend down and I said you know what I want to tell you everything about me I'm I'm addicted to this drug I do this I do this amount involved in this lifestyle and I'm sick and I want God in my life and from that moment on guys kept me clean and insulin me tell you out there there is victory in anything Christ can give anybody victory so as I started to come back to church and started to gain my relationship that God I was still praying a prayer Lord what is it that you wanted you will do anything and all of a sudden we got a phone call we were up visiting my my my girlfriend 's parents who is now my wife and narrator and we were willing to church and as we went to church I noticed him there were times when using the church is what I remember when I was a child said hand this is such a fun him me when I was little I am only interested just laughing Sabbath school and loving church so of course that was told to some other people in and all of a sudden I got a phone call and I said you know what would be great we would love it if you would come up for a youth rally and talk about Hollywood maybe you can show a movie and talk about God I thought about that for a while that's great news for Microsoft his love movies so I said okay I think about this so I called my brother who also worked in television I called up Brandon is really unique project for us for youth rally he wants to come up to paradise anyone to show a movie and talk about God of course that's a very difficult thing to do most kids watch rated R movies nowadays which you can show and everybody's made points from Walt Disney pictures and on let's looking to reduce TV come from water actually the axis of television in your mind and as we started to uncover and look at some of these things the things that we were finding out more fascinating there are thousands of books written on the effects of television in your mind has any of you ever read the Pentagon on television that I said I didn't make the movie how not to watch the movie soon as we started to uncover some of these things we say why we don't even realize of it we even realize at what level this is affecting everybody so we put together this whole presentation where the actual effects of of television in your mind and in and we started putting together some of the movie clips and as we started to talk to find out the facts we started to reusing open our eyes and parts of these movies and we been watching and we needed we gone back over movies we've seen twenty thirty times and never seen the stuff that we saw when we started opening our eyes and we started reading our Bibles we started checking everything and saying you know what I see I see the air because before I was reading my Bible and some of these movies as you all know are coming up with such spiritual things there so many movies that are so close to this gospel story but where's and where's the most deception is closest to the truth it's hard to put your finger on and so we put this all together and presentation and I really think that they they didn't really know what we were in a I think that some of the people that it perhaps asked us to come up there they were they were really hoping that we were we were in a talk about movies and we we actually opened the door on the other side well we never ever intended to to turn that into that anything farther than just one time we gave the presentation went over really well we had a lot of kids eight and it came up to us and down just really said that they been struggling with some cold things in some very very heavy things and are at school and they were so glad that we had come up there and in and at least let him know that there's this war going on in this area and so we started getting phone calls from across the nation Southern call this union called as we started going and speaking giving the same presentation and building and the Lord has just blessed us tremendously while still working in television and of course after we gave this presentation ice people would always say like what you do for a living in our still make this stuff but hi he's very patient is very patient with everybody he is an goal is to bring us so close to him that the things of the world will grow strangely again and honestly I stand firm on that the things that we started to expose to people and show them is is just a justice ratchet up the surface the true heart of what we want to leave people where is to stop focusing on the things of the world start focusing on eternal things if you are not spending more time in your Bible and you are standing doing anything else in life then the devil can have that foothold and start to lead you away from God just like I was led away from God just like brand-new and let away from God I know my brother was let away from God we knew all those things we had the truth was that we grew up not knowing it was that we took our eyes off Jesus and we can start to focus on the things of the world which in turn focuses on the things of our self or got been very gracious to us and he is allowed all of us to leave our jobs in Hollywood no longer work out there we've entered full-time into a ministry that goes around and and exposes some of these dangers and then also we been training how to make movies how to shoot and edit do all these other things and so God is loving away has given us opportunities to steal use what we what we do for a living and turn it into a ministry open ourselves up to the name of help other ministries who don't have the ability to make a video you see ever ever leave anybody with the intention of saying the TV itself is the some good news that television can do I was brought back to the church because some and handed me a video and so there is a whole world of people out there to reach them this is just one of the avenues in one of the vehicles that we can reach a large population I also want to tell you everybody out there as a friend just like me just like Brennan had a friend who once knew the face and left the faith are you opening up that conversation are you opening up that dialogue I think that all of the people that I was involved with it out in Los Angeles all of the movie said that I was on all that close people that I was in contact with and I kept my mouth shut about what I knew I did not share my faith with anybody in fact even if there was a certain circumstances where I had a perfect opportunity to witness to people I was on a movie set one time I see it was a music video set one time and the band that was that was there was cover of a very cultic band I shouldn't have been there I knew better but I've I chose to put on a blind eye and in the middle of the middle of this filming they all took a break they all stopped and down they had this whole set and it really had nothing to do with God or anything at least that you can perceive right off the bat and said there was this scene where they were to drive a car through a whole wall of TVs ironically and on this table were a bunch of life film canisters and filmstrips and and I was there with a couple of my friends and I started to look around the set I started looking at some the things I picked up one of the new canisters that was that was on there and started to look at the film and as I look at it closely and held it up to the light was a picture of Jesus Christ crucified and lifted his face doing here and went down the whole line of the table and looked at it and it was almost the whole story of Christ getting his hands nailed and all of a sudden getting getting placed upon them on the cross and he wraps around a lot of other people I know this is I know why this is here but I chose not to say anything to anybody I just kept my mouth shut so what I'm really really really wanting to leave with you guys today is even though we have a whole world to witness to out there we have family members and friends and people in our own close circles that maybe fallen in love with Christ that that's what I grew up I grew up without falling in love with Christ how the knowledge I was truly in love with him myself and now that Damon love with him there's nothing that I want more than to tell other people about the amazing transformation love that God has done in my life so with that being said here is a little paranoid in which elevator here dear Lord I thank you so much for the ability to fellowship with our church family here I know that there are many people out there that have similar story or similar walked me that half grown up in the face and left the faith and just have gotten busy with life for our gotten busy with the things in this world is my paranoid that you click on each one of our hearts to love them to constantly pray for them and to reach out to them and tell them about the love that you have each one of our lives so that others may feel end and take part in your salvation thank you so much like yourself


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