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Christ - Let Me Show You

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator


  • September 19, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Father we are. Thankful that we have Jesus' example of lifting our voices in song and though some of our. Skill may be less than his and less than anyone else for that matter perhaps but nonetheless we're thankful for the the privilege of having hearts of happiness hearts of love and gratitude. And we. Because that all comes from him. So we pray you will be with us now as we continue our consideration of. Medical missionary work in the great controversy Jesus' name. So what did we talk about yesterday or who did we talk about yesterday yeah OK so. Not the most common of sermon topics will be back on slightly more common ground this morning. Because we're doing is we're continuing the narrative. There are some interesting things about this whole process you may remember well let's see. OK I want to. Catch the subtitle here a second here so remember yesterday the subtitle was try something new. This result he had a good idea and mathematically it worked out just as well as God's idea hasn't worked out well at all and in the process we have suffered God has offered Heaven has suffered angels of. And. The question is what do we do know. What is the Godhead going to do remember the poisoning the well issue what what's the what's a god had going to do and so our subtitle of a kind of captures that sounds just a little bit odd that. Maybe the now that Jesus is let me show you. Please this is where we show you. Where you look over here. Let me show you well we close yesterday with these accusations and remember I asked you you've been busy so I'm going to guess that you really didn't sit down and spend twenty minutes trying to think well what would I do if I were God but I did leave that with you know what would you do. If you were God. How do you deal with this you know it's going to be interesting we have the assurance that the Lord has a thousand ways to supply our need of which we know nothing so how many ways we have of solving his own problem when you think one. Only one of three that as we go. And this gets so interesting and so. Intricate and so for size. Elma has always comments about this was exactly what was needed and one step less would have been insufficient and it could not have gone one step more. On That's a pretty high level of precision. And there's interesting twists and turns in all the new you may be familiar with the chapter it is finished in design of ages I could never have the pages on the right hand side so it's. An odd number sixty three or something like that or you know on the right hand side in that just in the chapter is finished word which is just dies. And it says sane saw that his disguise was torn away. And he was revealed. As a murderer. And I'm like you know what it took four thousand years to do that. I mean what I'm unable. How do we go for those in need urse and now we've Well congratulations we've managed to figure out that loser is a murderer. And it's like there were some murders along the way I'm pretty sure of it. Because of the basis of the whole argument. Lucifer had the perfect dog for four thousand years. He could say you know. You can quibble about how we execute someone if you want you know I mean we've got lots of alternative that was lethal injections and gas chambers and hanging and firing squad must be a few others along the way I don't remember what they all are and you can quibble about how we do it but don't blame me it's God's law says sinners have to die. I don't like the law told you that long time ago you want to whine talk to him So what was different the cross was in the center for the first and only time in all of eternity and innocent individual died. That's when Satan step too far. In remember that statement goes on and says that the last link of sympathy. Was broken at that point and that's not the kind of sympathy I don't think there might have been some of it you know I don't think it was a cop or Lucifer I don't think is that kind of sympathy I think it's more like yeah well you know I can I can a sympathiser that position you know kind of an intellectual sympathy I think but you know maybe maybe there were still angels around fallen beings who were. You know wouldn't be fascinating they hung on to their faith in God that long but they were still feeling sorry for Lucifer after four thousand years you know maybe they were. It angels or individuals they're not all the same package deal you know so there might have been a range there who knows where we are so we've got these accusations we're going to do about what's God going to do about them. We mind of thought there were lots of things you can do I mean you know. Why don't you just. Vaporize Lucifer. That's easy you know it's done. Now or. You know you could roll back the operating system right just you know going to wipe out all the hard drives and take it back to three months before we're known or nobody started sinning yet is OK over there. Now those are not options those are not options. Actually were no way talks about this she spends most of her time talking of the things that God couldn't do sort of fascinating. How should the universe know that Lucifer is not safe a safe and just leader to their eyes he appears right. They cannot see as God sees beneath the outward covering they cannot know as God knows. Then to work to unmask him and make plain to the enjoy post it. His judgment is not God's judgment that he has made a standard of his own exposes of the righteous indignation of God will create a state of things which must be avoided. Then you know there's stuff that. God has to work around now it's like. We have that in our day to day work you know well we can schedule for Tuesday afternoon but you know I've got so many other things I can't I can't put everything on Tuesday afternoon if you have a very you have to be on Wednesday you've got to work around that situation to get deal that would have to avoid that ran into things that he had a void to. Go desired to change take place and that the work of Satan be brought out in it's genuine aspect but the exalted angel standing next to Christ was opposed to the Son of God the outworking or the under working excuse me it was so subtle that it could not be made to appear above before the heavenly host as the thing that it really was. And once again we come up to something that God who didn't do. And yesterday we saw he could not have created a being it was more like himself than Lucifer. And now. It could not be made to appear before him the host is the thing that really was. God couldn't do it Satan could not be presented to the universe at once in his real character his crooked course must be allowed to continue until he should reveal himself as an accuser a deceiver a liar and a murderer so nervous you get a couple things going on here there's On the one hand there's stuff that God could not do on the other side there's things that God had to do he must write. So I. Know I mean obviously about being in a box and I have to think outside the box is it's almost like gods in a box or I can't do that I got to do this. Scene had disguised himself in a cloak of false hood and for a time it was impossible to tear off the covering so that the hideous deformity of his character could be seen he must be left to reveal himself in his cruel or wicked works. Again this was impossible and this must be done. You know or when I used to think of of. One with omnipotence. As not being able to do stuff. You know it's interesting the sin thing this is a major problem this is this is not your run of the mill issue that God has to deal with this is the big one. Let's go on. God's purpose is to place things upon any turn no basis of security now stop for just a moment. And reflect that prior to sin. The universe obviously was not on a basis of eternal security. Because insecurity developed with the introduction of sin. And incidentally. Was the hearts of anyone who's taking notes and or documenting every screen with yourself I will happily give you this light. If you have a jump drive or something like that you know I'll happily give them to you so you know I know electrons are cheap and it doesn't cost that much to take pictures but you don't have to OK OK. God's purpose is to place things upon an eternal bliss is a security time must be given for Satan to develop the principles which are the foundation of his government then the universe must be worked out the principles which seem declared worse appear to God's principles God's order must be contrast it with Satan sort of the corrupting principles of Satan's rule must be revealed the principles of righteousness is expressed in the in God's law must be demonstrated as unchangeable perfect and eternal and has these words. Mostly Academy but at one point or another everything from Grade five through college. And I had a few kids along the way. Gentleman young gentleman who. I don't want to see anything bad here. Who followed a line of reasoning that I find completely ludicrous. That's about as good as I can do. Now I have to say that in some cases it was a blessing to them in a roundabout sort of a longer road than the Lord would have maybe chosen for them but nonetheless. The line of reasoning goes like this I am sick of being told what to do mom and dad always tell me what to do my brother's always telling me what to do my sisters always tell me what to do for crying out loud to do lose tell me what they're going to send her to I'm sure them all join the army. There's a magical gap in there somehow there's always amuse me you know. Really manage for you how do. You know. And the way I differ in many ways with some of the foundational principles of the armed forces and other such things you know. I have to say that. One of my former students who did that. Ended up as a. U.S. Ranger which is the most disciplined branch of the U.S. Army. Everyone salutes a ranger doesn't matter if you're a general or not you salute a Ranger. And it was a blessing to him and it took some years but I think the Lord's taking some of that blessing and turning into something that I would say is a blessing. But. Here's my point Good God a lot of stuff he's got to do you know he must do this he must do that in most of the other thing you know and it's like I'm just glad he didn't just give up on everybody go to the army. And notice. Notice what it is saying must develop the principles the universe must see God's order must be contrast it since the rule must be revealed. The God's law must be demonstrated. Everything here that must be done all the benefit to be gained from any of this is all done through perception. For one thing or. Confusion must be eliminated the true state of things must be seen. It's entirely perceptual mark this point well. For this process of clarification and we'll see how it's done. This process of clarification is the only weapon in Heaven's arsenal the only method. God uses it's the only appropriate method of response to Satan's attack. Don't have the accusation of M.O.B.O. and notice though. As far as seen him so is concerned. The damage. Was also off inflicted God is not firing grades or mortars or something it at seeing the damage in Satan's case is so often flitted by his own demonstration of a couple slides back we had it you know that his his character must be seen as being warped and twisted and murderous in the room who is beyond them. But sane had set in motion certain issues. And just because Satan discredited himself. Did not mean that God was off the hook. That makes sense if only OK because we'll suffer had poisoned the well God Himself had to respond to these accusations against his character. He had to make some demonstration too and the universe knew it it's so fascinating sometimes because sometimes you read your prophecy and there are. It's like. Everybody the universe really understands what's going on and in other times. It almost looks like they're really going to dent it because some things that seem to us to be perfectly clear have to be demonstrated to them you know and sometimes a discussion as a. Country that want to. I suspect it's because I'm dense actually and I don't understand the complexity issue which is why it's necessary demonstrated by God Himself had to respond and the universe understood that. The UN phone worlds saw that the character of God could be vindicated only through this trial and conflict of the two forces. The attributes of God must be made to appear of the stability of his government there must be no question. I mean this is this is this is high stakes this is the big wig we're talking the universe now you don't want someone really universe. That makes mistakes we see this all the time in earthly politics. So maybe you've got two politicians. And you put them on the stage and they're both saying terrible things about each other. You know maybe maybe I'm the only cynical one in the crowd but. When I hear that I see that there are no the first thing I always think is there what if they're both telling the truth. And like let me bet if he says and he says maybe this is a romance I want to trade up and I've got. Just because Lucifer showed himself to be disreputable didn't get off the hook then already made that point God had to show that he was indeed worthy of his position as ruler of the universe I can do that I mean you know are we going to take a plebiscite right or a vote you know this God run a democracy. He doesn't actually bring up but how how was he going to do how was he going to settle all these questions. Well. The simple answer is he had to convince everyone in the universe that his government was the only one they wanted that's actually a pretty tall order. You know again we lose or may have discredited himself. But there are lots and lots and lots of intelligent beings in the universe. And they're not made with cookie cutters. They they think. They have their own perspectives what in the odds that out of. Five hundred ten million good zillion people out there. Somebody someplace. Would say yeah you know things ideas that was really messed up but I am not quite so sure about God I think we're to do this. Are you with this. How does God get everyone in the entire universe to sign off. And that's exactly what's required so I flippin Stu you know every nation of. Every town confess. Well the only way to get past that problem is to be willing to do more to go further. For the good of. The citizens of the universe than anyone else would or could. House God going to do. Or. No verbal description. Could reveal God to the world. Through a life of purity a life of perfect trust and submission of the Word of God a life of humiliation such as even the highest Sarah in heaven would have shrunk from. God Himself must be revealed to humanity. Remember where things are the writings are of redemption whether something like that or it talks about how. When they announce a plan of salvation the angels are normal or are not Jesus although although. I do know what they're talking about. Was a nice thought her and you know. I'm happy they were that sacrificing but they hadn't seen the picture yet. And when they did they would have said. Yeah I don't know Jesus I mean think about this. Maybe you ought to do this job. And I really want to do that. I don't want to go down there and be mistreated my whole life I don't want. Idiots that don't understand anything to be spitting on me I don't want that. Who does I don't want to be separated from the Father who does. Well there is one class to do Lucifer and his angels they want to be separate from the father. That's a different story but what they're now I think well so Jesus. Kerf eyes and says this is what the mission involves and the angels listen. And then Jesus is this is what I'm willing to do to help those I've created anyone else going to do more. And he ends and we also want to do this much. And and there were no volunteers he saw that there was no men and wondered that there was no intercessor. There for his own arm brought salvation for him and his own righteousness it sustained him. Nobody else is going to do this job so the divine response went ahead notice again though this is a matter of revealing. Right first line no verbal description could reveal God to the wall that was the task is revealing God to the world. And he can do it word. It's a matter of correcting our perception of God rewiring our brains you know we got a cool name for that last fifteen twenty years something like that because neural plasticity. Is going to like a hard issue in the neurology thing your starter should be met and you're into that OK. Unsurprisingly God was a few thousand years ahead of us. Often years actually. And that's the task that he had. How do I rewired these people's brains so they can actually understand the truth about God after they've been exposed to loose realize. That's the task. How important is this you know this is dreadfully important without the correct knowledge of God. The human family it would be divested of all divine strength stop here for a vocabulary word what does divested mean but that. Stripped out that's a pretty good pretty good way of expressing it's the opposite of invested right somebody invests in you you've got a new business going there is a thousand dollars you know I mean investing in this young man it looks like he has promise and if I buy some stock maybe I'll make some money off the deal OK so I'm investing when your divested. Is gone. Without the correct knowledge of God. The human family would be divest it of all divine strength you want to play that game with those odds. With someone else actually builds kept before the mind as belonging to God The human family would be the dupes of say ten equalise and the subjects of say ten agencies and he could practice upon their credulity with success oh I just love the care they're going here so what what is a dupe someone who has fallen prey to duplicity. That's where the word comes from OK duplicity is being two faced and if I am lying to you and you believe me I am duplicitous and you are a dupe. God does not want us to be. The dupes of say tannic lives nor the subject of the ten a gay disease nor does he want the devil to practice upon our credulity have a good word What's credulity. What would be a nice synonym go ability naivety perhaps Yeah OK credulity is we give credence where it does not belong. OK so it's incorrect Norge can rob us of all divine strength and leave us do the same it seems wise to ask. Critical is this issue right now how much misconception does it take to harm us is it still a matter of kind of just generally getting the right idea or is this a matter of getting every D. right. What are you looking at here how important was this whole thing this perception thing to Jesus Christ loves the human race and has expressed this love in every action of his life OK might be related to all that's lot let's go on every act of Christ's ministry was far reaching in its purpose. It comprehended more than appeared in the act itself. Interesting. It was purpose underlay every act of Christ life on earth everything he did was important in itself and in its teaching were the mind of man keepable of understanding his dealings every act of Christ earthly life would stand forth important complete and in harmony with His divine mission. Jesus came to earth to teach men how to live a life of self-denial and self-sacrifice and how to carry out practical religion in their daily lives he labored constantly for one object. All his powers were employed for the salvation of men and every act of his life tended to that end. Now OK The emphasis here has been on the actions of Jesus because earlier we read the same of the no verbal description would do the job but this is last this is kind of interesting one. Every act of his life tended to that in all his powers were employed for the salvation of he that everything he did. Was intended to work for our salvation and there was a prayer in that last name of theirs as he came to teach me how to live a life of self-denial and self-sacrifice Why is that important. I thought it was going to save me. Is trying. Is Trying So vision is the same as healing using is the same salvation OK. This is God How did he go about it what will. It is there's a if you get into a military situation there's an interesting kind of a hierarchy of concepts I mean the the goal. I just don't have to worry about Christian motives or just talk in the military and there's there's often a gap between the two so the goal of the military if they're going to know we're the number one girl is one when the war I don't want to die. We want to win the war that's the goal. How do you go about that oh well let's just. Pick on World War two for instance as an example first thing we have to do is we we settle on some goals for for different theaters you know so the allies went into North Africa first and then up through Italy and eventually they. D.-Day in that whole thing and went in the Europe but meanwhile they had Pacific going on out there and they were doing the Pacific so you get a kind of subdivided figure out how you're going to deal with this OK and then you have. You have missions. You know. We have operational goals I think is the term I may have this mix up but it was looked at to be on this is higher that's the point so for maybe the operational goal is we want to liberate Paris. Good. And you can do that well then you have missions OK the Fifth Company goes this way and takes those bridge and the company B. goes around here and does this and those are missions and eventually you will kiss on down and you get down the last level. Is what we call tactics tactics. Is the stuff like how are you going to feed them. It's great to send an army. Guy was you know by tomorrow morning going to be hungry. I can feel I going to get gasoline all those tanks you know from up just go bing no way that seems good for a while. You run out of gas just for pure interest sake sidetracked an M one A one US ON A one Abrams us battle tank you're going to gas mojo things get four gallons to the mile. It's going to take some gas to keep those things movement that's tactics that's what I want to look at what were the. Tactics of Jesus now the great object the Bruck Christ of the earth was to reveal the father. God is Love this was the great truth of Christ came to the world to reveal the object of Christ's mission the word was to reveal the father. In all of his ministry all his self denounce our sacrifice Christ object was to reveal God to the world. Notice of the Nassau sacrifice cropped up again isn't something a while back he was trying to teach us how to do that. Is because that's what he did. And it's a part of the revelation of God. It's a part. Of the only weapon heaven has. So often else of sacrifice Well OK. And what makes it stronger. Christ exalted the character of God attributing to him the praise and giving him the credit of the law whole purpose. Of his own mission to Earth him day. Right. Here and we have time to give you a little typographical lesson here. In English we have these things we call the said things are said parts of the sentence off a little bit again sometimes are called interrupt yours the simplest interrupter is a comma. It just want to stick a little idea in there not Fred comma Tom's brother comma. If you want a stronger interruption you use an M. de. Ruyter just afterward earth it's called an M. de because it's the width of a capital M.. It's not a hyphen we don't use hyphens. It's not an end a. An end date is used as a replacement for Word two so if I said from. One thousand nine hundred six in day to one thousand nine hundred seven you read it with the two in there but it says that indefinitely that is four or eight is e or a desired from a Canadian friends. And then the strongest interruption is a. The apprentices again. But these things they say often set off what we call a positives which is just a restatement of the last thing that was spoken of so you've got a noun phrase and then a positive. So Fred comma Tom's brother comma went to town. Whose Fred. Towns brother that's in Napa zation and again same thing so the whole purpose of his own mission on Earth. To set men right through the revelation of God. What was the purpose of Christ's mission on Earth. And this is this is maybe a little strange sounding. Because we seldom think of salvation this way but here we see that the whole purpose of Christ missioners was a set men right. And that tactic. That was used. Is the revelation of the character of God. But right the end of so much for what we call the gods. There you go it's an ellipsis OK. The sentence continues when the object of his mission was attained another M. day the revelation of God You were once again in apas ition telling us what the object of his mission was the Son of God announced that his work was accomplished in the character the father was made manifest to met when did Jesus announce that his work was accomplished it is finished the revelation of the character of God was not complete. Until self-denial and self-sacrifice alleges the surrenders like we usually think his just came to save us. We did of course but the way to do all that was to reveal the character of God and when Jesus got into the business of revealing the character of gaiety it pushed right to the limit God sent His Son into the world to reveal so far as could be endured by human sight the nature and the attributes of the invisible God. Remember those times and what has an interesting phrase he uses She says divinity flashed through humanity. Those are the occasions when. Jesus loosened up on. The damper a little bit I guess you know and just it was just a little bit more than can be endured. So I think I'll fled from the temple right you know I mean he's comes you comes walking down the steps and he's got this little bundle of chords in his hands and then when anybody. Which is his divinity fleshly humanity and everybody said it would be much more comfortable on the street right now. Christ revealed all of God that sinful human beings could bear without being destroyed. Remember I was talking about some precision involved in this you know right right up to this point and we don't want to go any further Christ is the perfect representation the father his life of sinlessness lived on this earth and human nature is a complete refutation of sins charge against the character of God and that's the point I want you to remember here. This is not what I think I'll go to visit my friends on earth for a while then on this is this is not some. This is focused this is like a laser focused he is here for a purpose he's got nine accusations against the government of heaven. And he's here to deal with that. How precise meticulous this is this is fascinating there's tons more statements I don't have time to get a moment but you know. There are issues driving the great controversy. And I've got a very simple concept that says why don't we find out which ones we need to work on. OK You know I mean if you get in an argument with your older brother and there's three reasons of the old man's going on. But two of them are solved so now. What you focus on focus on one is not solved and it's time for God's people to figure some of the stuff out and get on the same page. It's nice to have an army here on earth but it would probably be good if we. At least knew what the general was trying to do. That's assists it's got to be a good thing. Well where we do know. Jesus was trying to reveal the father. Calls it a perfect representation and it's fascinating how she explains this. Head God the Father come to our world and wealth among us veiling is glory and humbling him self that humanity might look upon him the history that we have of the life of Christ would not have been changed in unfolding its record of his own condescending grace in every act of Jesus in every lesson of his instruction we are to see and hear and recognize God in sight in hearing in effect it is the voice and movements of the father. You know so it's like. Hypothetically speaking if you know two weeks before the incarnation Jesus and his father were sitting around talking one day and this is when we mix this thing up all stay you go. We will know the difference. Jesus said the same thing. We are amazing how there are we do says stuff that is so easy to read over and not really. Process Well now you are seeing me as in the Father. You say Show us a father what's up with that you know that's what I'm going to do. Well. It's important for us to understand the methods the tactics that Jesus used will deal with that more and future presentations but just going to bear that in mind is this whole issue of getting down to the tactical level. Is a poor. That's gone. Jesus could not express in words the understanding of man the love of the father he could only say God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting what that was the most he could say and. Still it was a problem because those words. Even Jesus words even the most famous most beloved verse in the Bible. They weren't enough. Words could not express the love of the Father are words bad. They don't need to be I mean there are bad words as. Words are a part of God's plan because Jesus taught. But they they weren't enough to carry the job over themselves. Jesus needed something more unfortunately our statement continues. But he did express the love of God in his actions. The combined ministry of preaching. And practical ministry is God's ordained means of revealing the father you don't just do stuff and let people sit there and scratches and moan I just did this thing I don't know what's going on with that no you explain it given the theory you give the doctrine you give in the Bible study whatever it is as you have opportunity you preach we don't just preach. They go together the savior of the world voted more time and labor to healing the afflicted of their melodies than to preaching. Not the preaching bad. But he knew which one had the most power. So you invest your time in your effort where you get the most return seems sensible What does strike me as odd here is that we focus so little on these things. We have some really fragmented ideas of Christ's work we can for size the sacrifice of the cross. But too often we see it as just some sort of an abstract payment for sin and we fail to recognize its role in what only cause the whole purpose of Christ Mission Earth it was a revelation I don't have it in here is the. Try to remember the wording is another statement that she says that. Actually she answers a question that you know. I'm sure you've sat in Bibles several school discussions that of. Waxing eloquent and different so I was going to questions a really great sometimes. But they're somewhat a long one you probably run into the question of. Could use a sort of just gone to a different planet and Dawud to pay for our sins to run a question the answer is no. No he could not and that's a neat thing about the same as he says he must have the exact wording but he must give his life and it must be seen that he did so because it's a revelation. When we do consider his work of reading the father we seldom see it as the means the active agent in the salvation of sinners and yet Christ came to this world for no other purpose than to display the glory of God that man might be uplifted by it's restoring power. Earlier we had with statement said to set man right through the revelation this rubble atory thing this understanding of the character of God It's lowing its impact to rewire our brains. As a part of the healing process. And still beyond our own all the concern we might have for our salvation there are many accusations of Satan against the character of God Love heaven right. OK OK. Hold that thought for a moment Chris real God was disciples in a way that performed in their hearts a special work. Such as he has long been urging us to allow him to do in our hearts that's an interesting idea because even though it required the actions of Jesus to be visible. To reveal the character the father. He's not here anymore. We can't watch him but he's still trying to do the same work in our hearts and in the hearts of others so. Because he died does that mean that no words are enough him a question. Hang on that. Satan charged God with possessing the attributes that he himself possessed Christ came to this world to reveal God's character as it really is he is the perfect representation of the Father his life of sinlessness lived on this earth and human nature is a complete refutation of Satan's charge against the character of God. Now just avoid confusion in a few slides down. There says it's a complete refutation but it qualifies what's being refuted again the charge against the character of God OK So hang on to that you'll need that a minute to make sense of something it's coming up again. So let's look at worst. God said the only way to deal with these accusations assume the process a demonstration that there are enough so how's this all working out and how did things look after Christ's life so the time of his ascension. How are we doing in this whole process of dealing with these accusations. So what was the first one is that one still so very effective for Lucifer now not by that time he had revealed himself as a murderer. Number two God's unfair because he selected the one guy of the two who wasn't a murderer. So we can wipe numbers one and two off the list. Good About three and four as a result of the ultimate example the cross. Was resolution here. What about five and six a little trickier but as I. Want to use this illustration I think I did it in private conversations on hopelessness rerun for us to bring up. Some. Arguments or disagreements are best settled by a single demonstration. So if I told you that I can actually bench press four hundred pounds. Why are you laughing. It's not nice throughout my scrawny physique. OK. You may be justified in some hesitancy in accepting that assertion OK But you know what. If I did it Nan and Nan then they're. Like oh that's OK folks but. Some things. You just do it and. I get high jump six feet. Really. Well you may not think so why did the loser said the GO are God's law is defective nobody can get it. And guess what. Jesus said in human nature. But no I don't think he could bench press four hundred pounds but he did it five and six again six out of nine so far that's two thirds that's progress those are the accusations against the character of God The two that remain are accusations against the law of God Now you and I might say what the law is the same as a character. But apparently there is a bit of a distinction yet some people's minds because these three accusations are still on the table they have not been proven false yet that's actually a very good thing. If all the accusations had been proven false at the time of the cross. Then I have just one simple question for you. What are we doing here now and please do not tell me to worship a God who allowed two thousand years of human suffering for no very good reason. War creates very unpleasant circumstances. Every commanding officer I guess has probably had the faces at some point or the other you know. You send in your guys out there and they're probably going to get killed. You know and. You've got to send a. God does not like human suffering it causes him more pain than it causes us is a great statement that says that the egg any of the cross did not begin nor end of the agony of sin and it is did not begin nor end with the cross the suffering of Christ on the cross is but a revelation to our dogs senses of the suffering which sin has brought to the heart of God since its very inception God does not take the last two thousand years of suffering lightly he's paid for it far more than we have so it's good that there are still something of the still some issues on the table if there were no shoes on the table. And every problem. But we've got three issues on the table what do you say we work on those and for that matter where does the marriage but why didn't you just sort of the whole thing and get it over with. Well because these three issues. Require a different kind of a demonstration they require demonstration through human beings why didn't Jesus does take it well in one sense he did. In one sense he did. In another sense he didn't he's made it. Possible. He's guaranteed. I'm just going to use that word there's there's I could slice and dice and analyze it from a different angle but I'm not going to do that right now he's guaranteed its eventual accomplishment was not been done yet there's an interesting pairing of this idea. That Ellen White uses it's one of the more common expressions in her writings if you've read any much of her writings I'm sure you've run into it it's her description of Jesus as our substitute and surety and I won't use this phrase more than three hundred times in her published works in another hundred thirty times and that letters and manuscripts really so I was talking about. What's one thing that's really interesting about this is you know when you're reading away and you find her saying the same thing over and over again the same wording you know it almost always means she's quoting scripture. This is not a scripture quote Bible doesn't say this. Has the ideas but this little construction right here this low forward phrase is then why it's own creation if you wish I don't know maybe she plagiarize of someone trying to figure out if it's her own effort to describe this compound function of Christ He is our substitute and surety. Now the meaning of the word substitute seems pretty obvious. I think we can probably just say yes it means what we think it means but the words surety. Is a little more involved so more interesting. It has a typically rich meaning in English language we come up with words like Rich to disguise the fact that what we really mean is confusing. So here's the definition for the word surety taken from the you know that eight hundred twenty eight Webster's dictionary right so this is more or less the functioning definition that would have been in place that in a way it's hasn't really changed much there they did we were a little more money but the thought hasn't changed. Surety it's a noun. Certainty in do beautiful ness that's a great word security safety foundation of stability support evidence ratification confirmation security against loss or damage security for payment in law one that is bound with and for another. Extreme case a hostage. Well. You know what uses. This is Skip on OK. No. That's that's that's a lie definitions for one who are hurt it's like oh please can we make this simple well we can simplify it by noticing that there is two classes the first four have to do with guaranteeing a positive outcome the last three have to do with. Rectifying a negative outcome. Going forward and saying OK it's like. If. If Junior comes a dead and says I want to buy a car. OK. So I don't have quite enough money well I guess they are buying a car that area Well no I've got a plan what's your plan says I want to I want to borrow some money from the bank. I say I think that's a good idea yeah I think it's a good idea. OK OK go ahead well there's a problem what's a problem they won't lend it to me that is a problem. But they will under one circumstance what's that they want you to cosign the loan. Of junior flakes out there on the hook. That's one kind of security that's the guarantee or the rectifying of a negative situation but look at those first four this security is saying I guarantee a positive outcome. This security kicks in before the event happens not trying to correct it afterwards. Kind of two broadly different meanings so which meaning was Ellen White after when she described Christ as our subsidy and surety. If surety means recovery from a negative outcome then it's pretty much the same idea as substitute. So that phrase then substitute and surety is would be in a nice case of repetition for the sake of emphasis is that the same thing twice because she really wanted to emphasize the idea that sounds plausible enough. On the other hand if surety means to guarantee a positive outcome. Then the phrase is one of complimentary contrast. What did she mean when she wrote substitute and surely Well as always inspiration should be allowed to define itself. And the clearest way in doing this is to. Just look at uses when she didn't use a combined phrases let's just go look at see what she said about surety right so we can separate it out and look at it as an individual thing well it turns out that there are about three hundred thirty examples of that so I got lots to work with. When I go look at the mall God with us is the surety of our deliverance from sin the assurance of our power to obey the law of heaven the Redeemer of the world in the wilderness of temptation fought the battle upon the point of appetite in our behalf as our surety he overcame thus making it possible for man to overcome in his name Christ came to our world as man's surety preparing the way for him little age right to gain the victory by giving him a little age moral power Christ came to our world to be man's surety to overcome in his behalf to live for Him A sin was life that in his power they might obtain the victory over sin no notice we've got two things going on here. Christ is still the substitute overcome in his behalf it's not me overcoming there now in Christ overcomes on my behalf that's him. But there's a purpose to his overcoming and that is that the power. Might come to obtain the victory over soon. Closing up here obedient since the last Jesus died for man his substitute inserting enduring and enduring all that men ever sees me endure from the deceiving tempter that men may overcome by being a partaker of the divine nature. OK wrap it up the government of Heaven was confronted with a daring rebellion it was charged with gross incompetence so fitness and dishonesty. So was the response. When human beings fell into sin and were hopelessly lost what was the response. What was the whole purpose of Christ's mission on Earth. It was the revelation of Jesus Christ pray as did Moses Lord reveal to me the glory a revelation of the goodness the tenderness and love of Jesus toward fallen man will cause self to sink into nothingness that goes well with the doctor's presentation this morning and will exalt Jesus with him up the men of Calvary talk of Jesus in His Majesty of there is where many who present the truth fail to talk doctrines. They do not dwell upon the matchless for bearing love of Jesus so let me close by repeating something I said earlier. The revelation of God's character is the only weapon and heaven's Arsenal. Is the only appropriate method of response the Saints attack. Is the only means by which God may set men right and in all that. We have been given the privilege of curing on the same work the Christ did. And we are now to be those who are revealing the character of God and the tactics by which we may successfully do so remain. Exactly the same as the tactics by which Jesus did whether we are grateful for. Our missions. That you are all wise and you could. Even before the need. For see the need to deal with sin and know exactly the only. Existing single possible means of doing so. Thank you that you have done so. And that we are privileged to have a part in the world pray that you would focus our attention now on those aspects the controversy that. Focus our lives. Jesus' name this media was brought to you by audio. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W W W dot. Org.


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