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Omega - Nothing New Here

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator


  • September 22, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Father with our imperfect human vision we want to try to look at the vents of the future we want to try and at least increase our understanding. Of the path that you have chosen and cast up for the rants of the Lord in the final days help us to remember Lord that. Son prophet or a martyr has gone over every step of the way before us and although the final steps are such that. Only Jesus is our great example would pray that you would brace us for the days of the end Jesus' name. At the end of verse history God's people will face Satan's final attack. This will be his most the Sept Eve effort ever Fortunately we have the promise we still have a promise the god will not allow him to tempt us above what we are able to resist the sobering news is that at that time God's people will be able to resist all his temptations and so there will be no more need of tampering with the process seriously do you think the devil would say that was a fair test. You know. I am trying to sell them on my government Lord and you won't even let me give them their best my best sales pitch that's not a flood the whole purpose the whole purpose of the process to get God's people to the point where they can. Claim the promise. And God will say good bye and they don't have to do they special for you anymore. And you can bear it. By and I can turn him loose that's the demonstrations needed Adam and Eve shows the knowledge of good evil and guess what. Yeah we're going to know all there is no vehicle for this game is over we signed up for the. I want to consult with you before you go walking in the registrar's office next time. Well it's good news and bad news and all that sort of stuff. The good news is that. The world has a plan to get us to that stage. The bad news is we aren't there yet. So. The nice thing the thing to remember in our final episode here. That's a new here. We've seen it all before we've paid any attention to it we've seen it with most of our. SCENE IN Christ life. There's nothing to be surprising surprised now. But how in the world are we were going to. Ever resist all the wiles of the devil the answer is by learning. The lessons of history. The followers of Christ know little of the plots which Satan is hosts are forming against them. But you sit in the heavens will overrule all these devices for the accomplishment of his deep designs the Lord permits He is people to be subjected to the fiery ordeal of temptation not because he takes pleasure in their distress in affliction but because this process is essential to their final victory he could not consistent with his own glory shield them from temptation for the very object of the trial is to prepare them to resist all the allurements of evil you know once again what we call what we think we're seeing is just absolutely stood on its head you know. Trials are not bad things trials and obstacles are pointed means of success read. Me Well that's gone. Love this they. Hate the way it's usually used. We have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history that's what's important to know there's nothing new that was that nothing new is bringing at us we've seen it all before if we've been looking and. Same deceives and corrupt so were all the makes men believe that they are sinless and holy Well sinning against God but in so doing he is only carrying on his original work he has introduced no new arguments yes created no new empire of darkness from which to draw supplies for the further into his deceptions. Sin was in the beginning is in today in sin they possibly close the transgression of God's law but there's nothing new here take heart. There's no reason to be surprised. Could we be surprised. Though study for the test things might not go well. Just got the way it works and school. Statement goes on in these days it is since determined purpose to intensify sin by making it illegal in the children of disobedience. He is to reveal to the world enter heaven what is the order and result of a Government carried on according to his ideas with ministration in law he is working with secret yet with intense Zio in both church and state to cause men to throw off all the restraints of God's law and take it aside and stand with him in the ranks of rebellion but when his work is accomplished the Lord will interpose been vindicated honors the universe. But Satan's work has to be allowed to go for. The only thing that's holding it up is God's mercy because of a well see that statement on the road so say that right now this is interesting notices her sense determined purpose make it legal. If you. Heard of any sins being made legal lately. Is one thing with intense Zealand both church and state though if there was no slacker you know he's going to find every avenue he can find this going to work it for all its worth. OK so. This is the reason that I think the parallels we've been talking about I didn't really stress that they were parallels until yesterday with information out there let you get on with it however you want to do but. There is the. Record of the past which I believe is there is there are parallels there are very very instructive right so the words given us the record of all this. What we've talked about. In order to illustrate this which is what we hope to cover this morning the important thing to remember is a closing events are simply the full and final display of the principles and methods that have gone before on both sides good and then. What worked for good back then well work for good today. What worked as evil back then has not been saying defied today it's still you. It is it's still evil I don't care what they say it's still real folks just as say Well nothing new so we must be careful to not bring in any new methods and principles of our own. And try to fish reduce began and then interested into our hands right you didn't say well I got started you guys for your area think of something great and go ahead and then say that price method alone will give true success. Notice the word method right there. It is singular It's not talking about all the little distinctions between one case and another you know I mean one time Jesus put choir on somebodies eyes another time he just touched them and another time he just spoke and I'm going to talk about myself OK that's interesting you might get something other than and not sure what but you know it's interesting but that's not the method because the method is singular. What we're talking about here is the big method the one that stands out above all the others we saw it in our second meeting particularly the great object that brought Christ to the earth was to reveal the Father God is Love this was the great truth that Christ came to the world to reveal the object of Christ's mission in the world was to reveal the father. In all his ministry all the self-denial and self-sacrifice Christ's object was to reveal God to the world. So what do you suppose might be the next secret of success in the final days. You and I are not important this game it's not for us to try and attract attention to ourselves we've got a higher holier task. But things are different from back then because Jesus isn't here but he that believeth on me to do the same works and even greater is now it's our job. Is in the flow of the plan of salvation. This final task comes down to the final people on earth it's unlike any other. Let's just say it's in a degree it's unlike. What has been asked of any previous generation. So it's not the same thing is being a Martin Luther. Which is going to said because I don't measure up to Martin Luther and that's kind of. Alarming. It's a higher calling than Motorhead. Because it and it requires a higher understanding of the character of God than was available to loosen. Martin's fall. The world needs today what it needed one hundred years ago those who could update that make that an even two thousand some. A revelation of Christ. Who was here to reveal the father who was the same as Christ the same thing right so. It's all good it's. What the world needs today is the light of Christ's example reflected from the lives of Christ like men and women. And. Hearts will be captivated not by the glory of the man. Or. Lady you know her gender inclusive. But by the inward adorning of an abiding Christ it is the revelation of Christ in the man that captivates arts of men and women they behold the beautiful character of Christ revealed by good works. The message still sent. Him back in eighty ninety three Dr Kellogg's first three sermons were on the value and necessity of good works it's kind of bizzare actually to spend three sermons just simply trying to establish that we ought to be doing good works. I think it went on to something it's more than that. God's purpose in committing to men and women the mission that he committed to Christ is to disentangle his followers from all worldly policy to give them a work identical with the work that Grace did you know I don't think I would have ever had the nerve to use the word identical I didn't it is quoted statement what did she mean when she said identical I thought about that a lot and you know what I've come up with for a conclusion. Decided that she meant identical. That's the best I could do. That's the best I can do without one I think you probably meant what you wrote the glory of the character of Christ can never be expressed in words human language isn't adequate to reveal it it must be made manifest in the life it is to be manifest in the individual Christian in the family in the church in the ministry of the word and in every institution established by God's people. Which means that the individual the family the church the ministers and institutions are all supposed to be doing good works you know it was impossible for Jesus we had the same idea that is it was impossible for Jesus to. Reveal can never with the wording there you know the character of his father by words alone. Here's a hot tip. If Jesus couldn't do it. You can't do it. OK. Well there's one exception so he could sin he just chose not to and he OK that's because. If Jesus couldn't do something good. We better learn his method of the actually doing it right if we can do it with one method then we've been alerted the method that he chose to use That's what I want to say. That's why in our work of revealing the character of God We need to use the same method plural this time again the preaching the teaching the healing the ministry of those those methods now the method singular is the revelation the character the father the methods are breaking it down locals are the tactics involved you know OK so what do we do with this case what to do that is how do we treat this one out in the didn't and that's the method. We need to figure out how to use the. Christ the great medical missionary is our example heal the sick and preach the Gospel in his service. Healing and teaching were linked closely together today they are not to be separated. They always Spirit never has and never will in the future divorce the medical mission work from the gospel ministry they cannot be divorced. Bound up with Jesus Christ the Ministry of the word and the healing of the sick are one. There's another statement I use another presentations says that. The gospel of healing or health reforms that are really like which were to be on the idea of of medical mission things medical mission medical missionary work and. Three inches message that's why it's worded. To things like that right so they are bound inseparably together so what I often do you know I teach in classrooms and often have a whiteboard you know and if I'm if it's a good day they'll be a red pen and a blue pen or something sit on the whiteboard you know I take their take those and I take a rubber band. And I tell a class is OK now let's just pretend that take a stretch I know but let's just pretend that number one I just got married and number two I'm the bride. And this is my BO K. so I'm going to run I'm going to heave this thing over my shoulder. Over catches it saying. Hide it away. So this is a way to keep people's attention you know if you're threatening to throw something at and they focus on you. And I swing it over my shoulder at them and there's usually a gasp or two because I learned as Usually there's not a high ceiling you know no less softball stuff so I looked. For somebody danger get a black eye careful so they're all focusing on this and somebody catches the two pens and. It's away and I turn around and I say OK. Those two pence the blue pen and the red pen we're bound inseparably together. So a question for you class. How many of you do not know how many of you have the red pen. One hand goes up. And so then I say now class what do I know about the person who just put their hand up they also have the goop in every go OK and then I ask how many of you do not have the blue pen and you know I'm not very good circumstance they were being honest all but one hand goes up. And I addressed the one who got the pins and I said what do I know about all of them there are the read anything. When you talk about medical missionary work in the truth the three in his message. You give your stepdad as you better have both. Because you can't have one without the other so quickly in games. The union of Christ like works for the body in Christ like works the saw is the true interpretation of the gospel. OK. All this raises some questions and to me the most interesting one is why why do we need to do the work that Jesus already did. I mean he was here he was a great medical missionary he revealed the character the father. What's the point. Why are we even talking about this remember these. As three at the bottom Jesus answered the first six that much completely justified with vindicate is the better word I wanted. That much completely vindicated the government of God through the events of eternity past but the government of God is now in a unique and it's a one off situation as never happened before never going to happen again and that is that the Godhead is proposing to the rest of the universe. To take individuals who were born in sin whatever that means Alessio logicians can argue with David on that one but you know whatever it means or even was born in sin I know that means be OK So. Take individuals like that individuals who have been participatory sinners individuals who have never seen a single day of engine of heavenly perfection in their lives bring them to heaven sit them on the throne of God and make them immortal so we can't get rid of him and even if we want to. Just explain some of those things right Revelation three in that overcomes. Grant to sit with me on my. Godson that I'm thinking that's a pretty good honor Gabriel has never sat on the throne of God. Lucifer want to do or at least have one of his own nearby Perhaps however you know exactly in vision. Participatory sinners are going to be seated on the throne of God. Formerly participatory sinners. Now the game think for a second you know I could never remember the reference so it's got a six in it somebody help me out. First Timothy something I don't I don't know why is this one referenced never sticks with me but you use it all the time when you give your bible studies on the state of the dead so here's my question for you Bible who a loan has immortality. And my second question is What's the reference for that. Somebody somebody must have that better than I do I think it's first Timothy two six or something or four six or I don't I never can remember that way but you're familiar with the verse right God alone hath immortality six sixteen Thank you sister read it tends to six maybe that will help me. First Timothy six sixteen as I was first in with a six six Ariel OK me ask a couple questions if God alone has immortality. What about angels are they immortal how do we know. Some of them are going to be destroyed but Gabriel is Gabriel immortal. Is Gabriel going to die I. Don't think so. He could he probably only assume I have pretty good confidence he won't look at Angels have what we have referred to as conditional eternal life. But they're not immortal but first Corinthians fifteen. The trumpets. Didn't cries for his first this mortal so put on immortality if I were Gabriel. I would be asking for a little console would Jesus really have a good idea. Participatory sinners. Elevated a throne of God made a moral you know Jesus I trust you but we really want to be careful with this. This is not something we want to make a mistake remember Gabriel loved Lucifer I like to think they were special friends I mean everybody loves everybody up there so you know in one sense that's not very special but. Gabriel and Lucifer I get the impression we're fairly closely associated in their work. Let's not do it again Jesus let's not do it again and so these. Seven and eight in particular number nine is writing you know one seven and eight are demonstrated nine is automatically demonstrate because it's says a god been lying and when it's proven that he wasn't lying on any of them the nine just kind of evaporates so seven and eight are the big issues and that's why. God's people the end of time fill a special function which has never been filled before. OK we don't have the time going to all the details of these accusations I can tell you that they are fascinating seven and eight. Courage you to take some time to delve in them on into them on your own. The key thought for our purposes right now is simply that this is necessary because of God's insistence if he wants to save human beings. He doesn't have to save human beings. There's a statement I should put it in I suppose statement that says that God could wipe out the race and heaven would rise up and say you are just or God for you have destroyed rebellion and another statement says that all heaven would be just as happy as it is now if the human race were destroyed. He doesn't need us. He loves us isn't it our leader Jesus. OK it's gone. In the character of God's people a living testimony will be born that will contradict the fallacy of Satan who is declared love Jehovah is arbitrary and holds its subjects under a cruel bondage of backing up one slide notice number seven they're saying call into God's law is arbitrary that's a very key assertion I'm not going to wade into that one OK but I commend it to your consideration this living testimony is going to contradict the fallacy that the law is arbitrary now it's still summary of God's work at the end of time. Hoops I'm sure and one more item maybe tomorrow to see the Lord desires for his people to answer since charges by showing the results of obedience to right principles. OK Here we go. Little summary God's final work uses the same method that Christ used during their his life on Earth the revelation the character of God God's final work requires that human beings take on the role Jesus played during his life on Earth not the role of intercessor not the role of the Son of God another all the Messiah but the role of the representative of God. Not. Usual common sense and I'm not saying any of the stupid things you might think I could possibly be trying to say that he could with me and I want to. We've been given the work that's identical that's that's why I'm present maybe I should have phrased that way if an example of the revelation of God's character cannot be accomplished the words alone acts of mercy and healing are also necessary in short God's final work is self sacrificing medical mission work. All of which helps us understand the statement. The true through this time the third in his message is to be proclaimed with a loud voice now never lose sight. All this other stuff I'm talking about. Is supportive of the third angel's message that's what we're here for it's just that we need all this other stuff to do the job here OK the third truth of this and the third is message is a people claim with a loud voice meaning with increasing power as we approach the great final test. This test must come to the churches in connection with the true dots now stop for a minute. If you familiar with this reference already and you know what the next words are not just be quiet but everybody else for around with it a bit OK if you're not familiar with it what do you suppose comes next the final test the final test of God's people comes to the churches in connection with the truth. Are you going his legs well and all my fun. No one is going to say true Sabbath come on. I'm course in connection with a true Sabbath but that's not what specified here that's not what's best here. The true medical missionary work. A work that has a the great physician to dictate and preside in all incompetence. You go. Did we just jettison the Sabbath of course not the said you know there's another great statement used to it says that you know we cannot keep the Sabbath holy unless we observe something that the scripture colon and then she quotes most of the key sections of I as a fifty eight. Now isn't that. Would that not be just kind of ridiculous to be going around preaching the third angels message now. And never keeping the Sabbath holy ourselves seems a little futile. And thinking we have better things to do with their time. OK. There isn't all that much direct information about the Omega we talked yesterday the best starting point understanding is to go back in there all we can about the alpha which we've kind of already done and first in the picture they offer which emerges is not good it's pretty ominous it. Most obvious problem the one we've tended to focus on is pantheism the belief that God is not a specific person but some sort of all pervading non entity influence thingy. The outcome of that teaching is that all men Saints and Sinners alike become at least partially divine. God's everywhere. And the heavenly sanctuary became wherever God is it's the name of the book Living temple beyond the philosophical elements there were also clear indications of direct supernatural involvement. Demonic supernatural involvement in this case we're talking about the apostasy side of things. I think we look at this one already when new Dr kill I wrote the book you were not into the inspiration of God there was by your side the one who inspired Adam to look at God in a false light. Warning to the General Conference it is not just that you are dealing with it is a being who wants figure in the course of heaven as an exalted angel the poor doctor is not his right mind. It is since there is that are now coming to the front from the lips of Dr King. Yeah OK so there was this was a this was a big issue but that one. I would say is my opinion that in our past treatment of the alpha of apostasy in that time period we've had a bit of a blind spot in understanding how that applies to the end of time. We have tended I would say to focus. Somewhat true exclusively on only one element of one big issue. And that spiritualism. We tend to think of spiritual ism only interims of seances and spirits the that sort of thing that's part of it. But more. Well when you know what writes about the spirits of the dead coming back type of a thing. You had a lot to say on that. But there are times when she turns her attention to what I might call the more philosophical underpinnings of that whole thing. And when she writes that stuff. The no death issue. It's important it's foundational. But the development coming out of it is so all reaching that it you almost lose sight of the whole usual actually deicing OK. So you. Spiritualism declares that there is no death there you go that's the left and actually does surely die. But directly coming out of that are all these other conclusions no sin no judgement no retribution that men are on full and demi gods that desire is the highest law that man is accountable only to him self the bear is a god is erected to guard truth purity reverence or broken down and many are thus emboldened since that spiritualism and we tend to think that you know if you don't have a ghost floating in your background of your picture or something that it doesn't really qualify. OK all this other stuff is spiritual and that's were comes from. This is the spiritual I'm Dr Kelly I was involved with. I don't have any indications that he was talking to his dear departed and I just don't never seen it was head over heels into some of the other stuff this is a part of the Omega it's obviously plenty popular in our day you would have to have been living under a rock for the last fifty years to not know that all this stuff is pretty common they circulating no. They were the most basic things to remember about Satan's attack at the end of time is that it is in its very nature counterfeit. What I see that the first thing that probably pops into most. Would be the statement as the crowning act in the great drama of deception say himself a person in Christ in different parts of the year same a manifest himself among men as a majestic being of deserting brightness resembling the description the Son of God given by John the revelation the glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed by anything that more lies have yet beheld the shout of triumph brings out upon the air Christ has come Christ is called Satan will impersonate Christ Himself personally physically bodily whatever. But that's not all what we get so we get so focused on one thing we dismiss the whole the whole landscape that the thing is sitting it right it's important. The counterfeiting started long before that game. Before the final visitation God's judgment upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witness in step a stoic times the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work and before the time for such movement shall come he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit under religious guys Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world because this is not a brand new thought I mean it's a sin great controversy come on you've read that right so I'm not telling you something you haven't seen before. But just think about for a minute what these supposed primitive godliness looks like that's kind of a lot of real hard the response. The book of Acts OK. Give you a hot tip how about picking up a term we've been bandying about quite a bit here in the last week. Primitive Godliness is is exemplified in Christ like good works primitive god and then this is medical missionary work self sacrificing self-denying compassion sweetness goodness and good works that's regarded as so what would a counterfeit of that look like medical mission or medical mission or that there was going to have his own brand of medical missionary work. He would be a food not to let's keep reading a bit more. Same book. Not showing up in. Everything that's gone. The last great delusion is soon to open before us anti-Christ is to perform his marvelous works in our sight so closely will the counterfeit resemble the TRUE that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scriptures but their testimony every statement and every miracle must be tested now I don't know maybe I need only one but I tend to read that and I say well if we're going to test it by the Holy Scriptures they must be talking about theology. Now. Miracles every statement every miracle is to be tested. By the Scriptures medical mission work is to be tested by the Scriptures the devil is going to counterfeit medical missionary work and it can be tested by the Scriptures OK. Regular no. Sin can present a counterfeit so closely resembling the truth that it deceives those who are willing to be deceived Now what do you think it takes to qualify as being willing to be deceived what characteristic of a person's law in heart life something would it take to be willing to be deceived. That's all good. We want to have the intellectual. I heard study lack of discerning something else that's that's that's a little intellectual Let's get it down what does it take to be willing to be deceived. Right don't want the truth that's when we're still a little goofy reticle brother let's get this done. I heard give up self I heard surrender we're going to close. See the dots. Boom. Who desire to shun self-denial and sacrifice demanded by the truth. You want to be willing to be deceived and you go you want to do medical missionary work without some of the rounds of sacrifice. Their choice brother. You're going to work you can be deceived you are willing to be deceived. Yeah words of sacrifice of the now show up the most noble mission and that's exactly what make miracles so so totally cool man you know not only do they show supernatural power but they take away all the hard work that's like so poor here's this guy that you know we've been doing fomentations on and you know three times a day for us for months but let's just let's just. Get it over with her. You know in Jesus' day the prevailing theology was first says I'm OK I'm going to be such a good boy that Jesus has to take me to heaven. And Jesus came along and he used healing. To represent a truth which we must never ever forget and that is no you can't do that by yourself you cannot do what you need by yourself you absolutely have to have the touch of the divine to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in your life you cannot heal yourself you know and. Except for some creatively constructed examples. I haven't run into a lot of classic fear a C. ism in my experience in other people but I don't find people saying I'm going to be so good to God has to take me. Now you know we can you know you can be all of this is their season that's very C. is I'm in and we come up with the creatively constructed examples and there's probably a you know a certain amount of truth in some of that although I think a lot of people will go to a lot of trouble to try and make good works and Christian standards look like versus I'm in the process. I don't see a lot of people running around saying I'm going to be so holy that God has to take me to heaven. I see a kind of shifted to the other end of the spectrum right now little more towards a cheap grace thing and in our day God has used healing. To present the balancing truth there is natural law. And healing comes through obedience to natural law. And oh it says something like three hundred sometimes as in the natural. So in the spiritual you're not going to have your say your spiritual healing. In violation of spiritual law. And you know. And the spiritual law requires of their own self-sacrifice by the way that's that's the law of Heaven right remember take to give the circle of beneficence that's the way of help going on. The light is give me in regard to the poor understanding of those that have been in the truth that these office trees and this mysticism and doing away with the personality of God with the personnel in Christ who get the whole room of the heart all ready for these miracles that Satan will come to work right in our midst some shall depart from that fall from the faith given he does it is in spirits and doctrines of devils it all works together the those packages is really synergistic you know if you get sucked in on this side it will put the other side to bring it all together if you get caught on the side of poor Indians and is going to get in any way he possibly can and so there is the mysticism the softness to prepare the way for being completely swept off your feet with with miracles come our wonderful scenes with which they will be closely connected will soon take place God's Word declares is a work miracles he will make people sick and then will suddenly remove from them his seat and power they will then be regarded as heal these works of apparent healing will bring Seventh Day Adventists to the test. Many who have had great light will fail to walk in the light because they have not become one with Christ His instruction is not powerful to them notices last two sentences the I know the bring some there is the test is the is the hot button statement there but process that and let's move on but look at the last two sentences right they have not become one with Christ what are they lacking so often and self-sacrifice this instruction is not powerful to them which particular instruction would that be. Love your neighbor. And know it's pretty simple actually it's. Simple. Really so why am I so confused half the time. No really I I find myself vacillating back and forth between this is a simple you'd have to be three days dead not to figure this out too I don't have a clue. If it's really weird experience in my brain sometimes maybe yours is better I hope it is let's go back to say impersonating Jesus. The Shah to try brings out upon the air crisis Congresses come the people prostrate themselves in adoration be formally looks up his hands and pronounces a blessing upon them as Christ blessed his disciples when He was upon the earth is voice is soft and subdued yet full of military in gentle compassionate tones you present some of the same gracious heavenly truths the Savior uttered he heals the diseases of the people and then in his ascent character Christ Equinix they have changed Sabbath to Sunday What is he doing that. Is doing exactly what he has to do in order to look like Jesus and Jesus was the great medical missionary. They will come in to deceive if possible the very lengthy claims to be Christ and He is coming in pretty ending to be the great medical missionary the Omega apostasy is superficially going to look like. Why would he not. Why would he do anything else. Incidentally after the book great controversy is written why won't see changes plan. Will be on notice but the big thing about this was second you know suppose you got your World War two something like that so Hitler finds out. That the allies want to invade through Normandy and the allies find out that Hitler found out that they're going to invade through Normandy you don't think that the Allies would change their plans when God outlined Satan's plans he gives Satan v best possible alternative and for him to deviate from what God is outlined is going to make it less effective he's stuck he's absolutely stuck I think that's funny I don't like that I didn't really like that you know same camp because I'll try this on a lot more to ascribe this and I want to even notice the the it was a term we use all the time the element of surprise. If if I'm sane and I can say what I want to that great converse of the mentally ill some of them at least are expecting that let's do something else even with the element of surprise it won't be as effective you know Elmo I said as much on several occasions eighty Jones once wrote to a T. Jones got caught up in the enter Rice Philips false prophecy thing back in one thousand nine hundred ninety was there was a humiliating and embarrassing of failure on his part. When he was corrected to reprove he manfully confessed and repented and he wrote on what a letter. He said. I don't ever want to do something stupid like that again how can I prevent that how is the devil going to tempt me. Back and she said if I were to tell you the devil would change his plans and attack you in a different way so there's no by you and me telling on a personal level that appears to be true in several cases she said I cannot write all that I know because the warning would be. Inaccurate the moment the warning was out or right to make sense. So I can't write all that I know but on the big picture a great controversy I think you stop and it's one like that and that's gone. Let's look at a list of the techniques that Lucifer used in heaven this is the same sort of thing that Kellogg used. Exploit position and trust as long as possible whoever wherever you are if you're going into apostasy your natural tendency will be to try to hang on to your power and influence as long as you possibly can hide your intentions from others employer insinuate without clear assertions distort others' perceptions maintain plausible deniability shift responsibility to others why abandon discredit positions out accepting responsibility for having advocated them cite evidence cite supporters as evidence of correctness and appeal to sympathy. That's what the DA is going to use We're going have another list. A little bit later on this slide here as well with some of the more specific things that were done in Kellogg's day but these are the general principles the same used in heaven the general principles are all employed in Kellogg's and they will be used again if you are to be forewarned number one first item C C for man C C for a man. Whose breath is in his nostrils again. Curse it is a man who trusts the man to make assertions on. Now there is a balance that that's that's. The Jeremiah seventeen. And there's verses five and seven C.C. for man is breath as is nostrils and I don't know what six says and seven says curses a man a trusted man make of flesh as are. Verse nine is a bit of a balance the heart is the safe above all things this will work and who can know it that's why there is still a place for counsel you're going to have to figure out the difference between depending on men and counseling with men. It's a bit of a fine line you get to figure that out because you're going to need the counsel. But if you depend on them you will die this is a reality. You're going to have people that are going to be lying to you hiding their intention you're going to have to cultivate. A sanctified non go ability without crossing over into being unduly suspicious. The sermon that's that's at a more dignified or more like a. It's a tough thing. Trust me there are no I don't think it's so big in Edmond is a little known but in a non enters world there's a whole category known as discernment ministries yeah whatever. AKA a mudslinging incorporated OK. So there's a line I every single thing they've got to ask us to do there's a balance and human beings hate balance. We are of not just miserable rotten no goods and we love to take one side of any issue and one of the for all it's worth well OK other things there are well they distort others' perceptions that's that's really one line of I mean I'm going to talk about this later on so I mean this is this is going. Well suppose you don't like statement about the Russell mission that Keller wanted to bring about. The health of apostasy The reason this is important is because what the Alpha would have developed into I will argue is our best picture of what the Omega will be again so is what you said the enemy of sources brought has sought to bring in the supposition that a great reformation will take place most of the evidence and that this reformation would consist in giving up the doctrines would stand as opposed to our faith in engaging in a process of reorganization. Were this reformation to take place what would result number one notice. Or give up or doctrines is not a good idea. You find people mocking admin is Dr. Go read a book that's actually of a form of spiritual as I'm. OK It goes right back to the same thing man is on law there was no garbage. The father the comment there about the process of reorganization. That's one that I can't say I think I fully understand I don't know exactly what all that would have entailed. An interesting idea to hang onto it sometimes God tells us stuff really clearly and sometimes he tells us stuff so that when it comes to pass you will know that I am he OK I don't I don't know that I could predict that one much. But let's go on the principles of truth the gun is wisdom is given to the run the church would be discarded there's your doctrine again going through out the window our religion would be changed for think similar thought there are the fundamental principles that have sustained the work for the last fifty years will be accounted as error still sort of a similar idea now she's repeating this I think she's emphasizing this let us not ignore the value and the significance of doctrinal truth. A new organization would be established Letson isn't going to speculate on how would that how would that work if that were to happen today and I don't know so this you know think about their own. Books of a new where it would be written or when there's been everybody's favorite about the last fifty years every time something comes off the press that people don't agree with but the book of a new order. Has been used on both sides back where I once it's perfectly true. I think it's just been overused perhaps. Or wrongly applied at times a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced keep it simple brothers. The founders of the system would go into the cities and do a wonderful work Dallas's Kellogg this is the Chicago City Mission probably the easiest example or easiest illustration or application that writer the Sabbath of course would be like The regarded. How those two things go together. So I would caution you on a bounce there's a bounce on medical missionary work on the Sabbath day is it good is it lawful to do good or to evil do evil on a sabbath day stretch out your hand and it was made all in the seven so I said let's go let's go medias brokers up let's go obviously there's a place for doing good on the self. There's also a place for respecting the set. Holding off till Sunday what doesn't have to be done and sell So there's a balance there. I can't define it precisely but I can tell you that there's two digit gone. There was of course to be like The regarded as also the God who created it nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement. What does that speak to force strong arm tactics you might see some of. The leaders would teach their virtue is better than vice good but God being removed they would place their dependence on human power which without God is worthless their foundation would be built on the sand and storm sand comma and storm and Tempest would sweep away the structure OK Well there are some some aspects of this that are already in play with an admin doesn't give you one brief example there are many others that could come along this is an interesting website and if you can read the. White print on the red text up in the middle there this is the website of the administration is fellowship. You probably haven't heard of it. It hasn't become a huge thing the admins Peace Fellowship is one of a sisterhood of peace fellowships. There's a Baptist Peace Fellowship. Peace Fellowship and a Catholic Peace Fellowship and a Buddhist Peace Fellowship with Jewish and Hindu and. So it tends to be a little. Ecumenical shall we say. Now the picture there I believe this is of South Africa and diamond field and what we have there is a bunch of people who are. I'm not arguing with us at all they are seriously explode over exploited by you know the big corporations that control the diamond mines OK. But notice I mean that that's a that's a that's a situation which would arouse concern in a Christian are I'm good with that OK Notice how this is described you the little text on the bottom left you can't read it probably so blow it up there. Says the end there is Peace Fellowship holds true position on Sabbath economics we support debt relief for developing nations and a preferential option for the poor if. So I was. Wondering whether the South. Forward ever sees peaceful step is just broadly speaking it's very ecumenical in its nature. Very humanitarian in its nature it's got the better commissioner a kind of a concept thing going. But it has. Not a high regard I would say for Minister. It's got. Notice this with this is a slide we look at a moment ago but says they God is remove the place or depends on human power which of God is worthless their foundation would be built on the sand and storm and Tempest would sweep over the structure what's the image of drawing the imagery from here what foundations and whatever wasn't. OK The wise man built his US upon a rock. And then recognize that song so we're younger There you go good job that's a that's always an accomplishment when I can sing something they recognise the tune. It's comes from the per BOE of the two houses the wise man the food man. And the storm there are two houses. There's only one store that's important to understand God does not say well look there is a holy and righteous individual I will send him. April showers so that he has May flowers and then he turns and looks is oh dear there is a terrible sinner I will send. Erma. For him. OK it's the same storm. There is no favoritism involved here. The houses are all I know they look like cookie cutter suburbia houses maybe they were identical on the outside they look this and the only difference the Jesus specifies is the foundation. Who was man's house was not shielded from the storm it endured the storm because of its foundation Well what's the storm in Tempest What is talking about when this all happened I'm pretty sure on this one so I'm just going to assert this we call it a little time of trouble I'm not a prophet that's significantly above my pay scale. But it's pretty easy to believe it could come soon it came two days ago from Puerto Rico from what I understand the financial political medical social systems of our world are all very close to failing. The wrong set of circumstances could easily push any one of those over an unfortunate cliff what happens if they all. Kind of start to fall apart at once I don't think they're just like. Fall over dead in a single day but you know you can start to stress these systems but I was on one order search to break down that has in some parts of the country but. What happens when the medical system. Faces A. H one N one flu you would have about what we can after two weeks before your hospital system would be shut down is the best estimations because your health care providers are the first ones who are going to be exposed to the food. OK And here is the point when that sort of a collapse comes and I believe it will there will be two teams of medical missionaries one team will be doing work identical to the work of Christ and the other team will be doing work their own looks identical to the work of Christ both groups will be helping people. When they open people because when the the womb source of crumble. No philosophical system of any sort is going to gain any traction of it's not addressing the real needs of the people. You know if you want to sit in your bowl Sunday keeping church and just preach on Sunday morning when people are starving to death around you they're not going to pay a lot of attention. So those work is going to find the value of medical mission work also both groups of helping people recovered Let's go on. In the last scenes of this service history war will rage there will be pestilence plague and famine the waters the deep overflow their boundaries property and life will be destroyed by fire and obviously we've seen some examples of that. God is worthless of this time of trouble and told us what to do to get ready for it and send Satan's work is a counterfeit you can be sure is people will be doing something that looks the same what did God tell us to do to get ready for this. Set of circumstances somebody used to say yesterday I'll put on the screen so you can read. That's not what I was expecting next line I got I'm out of order or something like that OK. It's a great lie that is read if you are a competent physician you are qualified to do more good as a missionary for God than if you were to go forth merely as a preacher of the word. I would advise young men or women to give heed to this matter perilous times are before us the whole Who whole world will be involved in perplexity and distress disease of every kind will be upon the human family in such ignorance as now prevails concerning the laws of health would result in great suffering and the loss of many lives that might be saved that's again just kind of telling us what's coming it implies what to do about it but here's a statement I was expecting as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience we place and favorable positions for their own sake stop right there what does it mean when somebody says For your own sake man I mean heads up. You want to do something smart for yourself. For their own sake. They should well they have opportunity become intelligent in regard to disease its causes prevention and cure and those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering ones plenty of them who will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth. This is not hard to imagine. Tapering off hopefully it's a smaller percentage of the population what about all the people right now who are on prescription medications that have a deleterious effect when they run out of their supplies you think they're going to be able to get their meds next week. What it was something like sixty five percent of the population over sixty years of age is on medications that will have bad events if they stop and. That sound reasonable. So in the neighborhood maybe he guesses I saw that figure while back I did I don't remember exactly but yeah yeah there's some drugs you know they may be doing you some good. But you don't just stop them. There will be suffering once plenty of them. God's people will be ministering to the people both for their physical illness personal so they'll be doing the same thing Jesus did when he was here and St Paul worse much the same. In appearance anyway. Until the storm of temper sweeps away the structure. Now sweeping away the structure of the devil's counterfeit is not the same a sweeping way the buildings of Puerto Rico How does the storm sweep away the Devils house but not the words house its lord working a miracle to protect his people. Both houses face the same storm. So what's the difference the foundation Christ Our Righteousness which is what. Are we just covered all week why are. It's set forth in Isaiah fifty eight. It's set forth in the principles of self-sacrifice and so of the Nile it set forth in the principles of the revelation the character of God That's right just as by faith that's Christ our right as that's the hope of glory Christ within. That's the foundation that can survive a little time of trouble and I'm not talking like a void using this term so far but I always end up using it you know I'm not talking spiritual fairy dust I'm talking real what I'm talking reality. That can survive. The Devils cannot because the devils foundation is selfishness and it's going to come to the point where the resources are limited. Remember that on Monday I said it always comes back to resources the resources are going to be limited we've got one hundred people on this island we've only got enough food for twenty and I'm Joel going to be one of them that's the dough that is. It's going to come to the point where the Devils hope counterfeits structure is swept away because Sophie hearts will not give when they cannot guarantee their own supply Christians. They run out of supplies to what do they do. They keep on giving. That seem too weird somehow you know we've got a good example of that though one day just around the Philippines when you feed them and Philip being an accountant. Did the sort of thing that I do and say Jesus will cost a lot of money didn't seem to bother Jesus that him sit down. With a curious. The Lord guarantees. Right for us as long as we're working for others. Christians are middle of the same storm but it's different because Christian righteousness is experience of faith and they've learned the lesson the feeding the five thousand. Would use ASCII to bless people who supply what's needed but I think God's people to continue to serve as their master did before them having nothing of his own They're mine the foxes and the birds were better off financially than Jesus was. He had nothing the concert was giving away. Because it's more blessed to give than receive. That's the difference between those who have faith and those who do not which of course takes us right back to the issues there are no controversy when Lucifer decided he couldn't trust God taken with an. Eye like this to me this is very philosophically intellectually satisfying that the end of the great controversy is exactly the issue that started it. It's wrapped up. Put a put a bow on it we're done. What Lucifer decided not to do God's people have finally learned how to do. Will be a happy day in heaven when they see some progress on the every earthly support issue remember this the last great conflict this controversy was saying those who are world got a fear of his poor cut off. Right down to the bottom. Oh that's what we're supposed to do that's where we're going we're going we're Jesus went some prophet or martyr is trotted before you. Well the storm a tempest helps make the final demonstration the character of both those who have chosen to serve Satan and those of chosen to serve Christ but here's a here's a question for you know if it's if all it takes is a sufficiently messed up world to bring on the end of a great controversy why is it taking so long well as it turns out. A messed up world is not what's holding things up the least the delays the problem of what Ingo the four winds too soon remember the whole the whole thing OK The problem with letting go of the four winds too soon. Is that of God's people are ready God's going to end up with only one demonstration being made. Good. We don't need a single sided demonstration of Lucifer's principles that's exactly what he's hoping for. So God is waiting waiting waiting so what's the that's that's we kind of overlap a few things here but you know this closing up. There is the the great end of the great final test one statement said you know there's there's the end of time there's all that sort of thing and there's this fascinating things going on but you know when you talk about the omega of apostasy. My impression of it is that she's really using that terminology to focus on what is internal within the administration so. If you differ with that you feel free that's fine but that's that's kind of my thought you know there's there's the world wide issues but the apostasy has to come from where truth was health right I mean you can't apostatize when you're already in a prostate. That makes sense now so. Another spent a lot of time talking about this but I went through the Dr Kellogg's experience I just want to list some things on on here of what was used by the devil and Dr Kellogg against the members of God's church so you'll see some overlap with what we looked at before but there's several new items on here. There's the appeal to reputation. Or talk about that you can find apostates within their ministers are still going to have their resumes. Resume doesn't disappear just because they left the truth is going to be shifting strategies. You argue this way change them how they feel it over here they come at it from the back and forth is you'll see that there will be a demurred saying of the ministry in the doctrines and standards of the church you can see that that's your three days did or blind. Inappropriate spending. Vast sums of money have were in Kellogg's they spent on things that the money was not who I was not why spending why do that well two things it fosters a wrong vision and it starves to death the right vision you probably see some of the. Mr rection of workers workers being told You need to go here and do this. You know I was quite adamant on there she said. Let God have control of his workers. And every. I'm not speaking to you guys there are a couple of a man's here and that's good. But again back to the balance because I'll guarantee that every renegade in the in the crowd in the crowd is going to love that statement. Should not be told what to do when a lawyer tells me what to do. Which is why the has informed us really work it above all things that you probably ought to have some counsel brother OK there's a difference between counsel and direction right. The balance it's a bones. Contracts and control of with big on contracts this was one of the bigger battles between him and Ellen white sign on the line here we got a wonderful deal for you this was I'm talking about church employment actually the relationship of one sanitarium to another tying things together in bundles to be burned white said. Centralization law and lawyers oh man oh I did not have a really positive impression of Kellogg's dependency on the legal system science science is good except when science is bad when science is bad it can be very bad. Hypnosis hypnosis is always bad. It comes under different names now. Dr Erickson probably is the guy who pushed it to its more current heights consequently advanced levels of hypnosis are now sometimes referred to as Erik's only and hypnosis you also find it referred to as neuro linguistic programming in a variety of suggestive techniques different things like that. This will end dishonest church officials not all of them. But there will be some there were some write to the General Conference well and go on stage. Clueless lay members there were some of them there will be some of those today. Attacks on The Spirit of Prophecy plots and schemes and conspiracies what I'm saying the reason I put this appears because I want to use all those terms and what I'm saying is you are not going to be in the final analysis you are not working against well intentioned individuals there will be some. Who want to harm you and they are not being honest about it and by definition that is a plot a scheme or a conspiracy always always always separate the medical from the the ministerial. The mystical aspect the concept of I can at my own leisure and control establish contact with Deity. And of course the appeal the sympathy was truly. Can only. And here's the trouble when I spoke of yes. I cannot yet explain this well. I didn't see I got very I cannot explain this well but I can tell you from the examples of the past Lucifer Judas. God does not warn the rank and file and so. The. Leaders of the apostasy have reached a deadly dangerous level already. I don't know why I just be honest in my human assessment I say that's Mel practice God. I'll just be honest that's my reaction to it but you know what. I have found that I quite commonly make mistakes and God is smarter than I am I have found that I assume that to be the case here. I I don't have an explanation for that one I'm just here to tell you that's the ways than the last three times my want to. Get to the point in your faith in God. You can say with job. Though He slay me. Yet will I trust him OK So what would you know that's where you are coming up to NOT all those things are so leveled by any means don't underestimate the Devils ability to make life worse. We are not up to speed on the most basic of issues and that's what is most concerning to me things like some of the rounds of sacrifice they have not been developed fully because we haven't had enough ace to lead over years of support and trust God's love and doesn't take care of us. That being the case we've got some very good time work to do Have you ever heard of remedial English class people go to college and they just really don't have a grasp of the language yet you know there's a remedial English class sometimes it's referred to as bonehead English. You know what we need. We need. A bonehead Christianity class we need a bonehead Christianity class. Fortunately God is big on remedial education I suggest we all rushed down and sign up for the class. God desires everyone to understand the hateful character of selfishness and to cooperate with him in guarding his human family against its terrible deceptive power the first result of the innards of sin in the world was the birth of principles of selfishness the design of the Gospel is by means of Rimini low missionary work. To confront this evil of the visions and destroys a structure of power by establishing enterprises of benevolence remedial missionary work who is being remedied. The missionaries. US remedial missionary work that's what we need is a bone headed Christianity class. We may or may not be really close to the time the storm breaks in full Tempest parts of it I think rare is not fully here that means we can still work for God before operation breaks loose so what to do now is a great idea. Because so little effort has been made to engage young men and women in the missionary work which must be done to bring the Gospel invitation to all there is but one worker where there should be a hundred the indifference which is manifested for suffering humanity is charged against churches and families and individuals why because so little effort has been made to bring the young men and young women into this kind of work. Unless there are those who will devise means of turning to account the time strength and brains of the church members there will be a great work left undone there are to be done haphazard work work will not answer we want men in the church and women to him who have the ability to develop in the line of organizing and giving practical work to young men or women in the line of relieving the wants of humanity and working for the salvation of the souls of men women youth and children no you don't have to be a young man or a young woman to work for the Lord. But never for yourself sorry for all the rest of you who share my article. There is a power in those single twenty somethings that we we do not have any longer. I think I figure out what it is when somebody is twenty three years old or something like that is actually doing something that's intelligent and commendable people look at them and say that's incredible why they did what what what did I do that when I was twenty three they stopped because I was in college I was drunk the whole year. There is something incredible about the influence of that weight seen through the single twenty somethings God says it is kids training. Again now is the show now to know what they're really the needs of suffering humanity. Anybody doing there. You know if you see anyone. Or even an institution that's trying to do that I'm going to suggest you support them and maybe. Maybe some of us with the graders all die and pass from the scene which could well happen. Maybe. We can finish this mess by doing what Jesus did for. Father we. We hardly know what to do and say. When we look at the magnitude of what needs to be done it would be easy to be discouraged but when you look at the power the influence. Of Christ character and our privilege of manifest. Or there's no reason we can't do this your grace. Yes we can do this spirals with face and courage. We all walk different. Needs sponsibility other stuff. Just take us. The glory be seen. Reflected through. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about him or you know if you would like to listen to more sermon leave to visit W.W.W. dot. Org.


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