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Episode 24: Martin Luther - Captured To A Castle

Adam Ramdin
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Whilst on his way home from the Diet of Worms, Luther was 'captured' and taken to Wartburg Castle. This audacious plot executed by his friends saved Luther from his enemies and gave him a welcome respite from the challenges he faced. He wasn't to remain there long term though - his burden for his people was too great.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • June 28, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Following the diet of Luther was still under a lot of pressure for recount and compromise in his positions with the room he was even threatened with banishment but he would not be moved he even said he would give up assurance of a safe conduct but never his positions on the Word of God as Luther left of worms and traveled across the country he was warmly received by the German people but there were still many people who wanted to kill Luther and the Emperor himself said that as soon as the assurance of his safe conduct should expire that measures should be taken to end Luther's work the Elector of Saxony Frederick devised a plan with some of those friends to capture him and keep him hidden for some time. He was taken here to walk by a castle a place kept so secret that even the elect to Frederick did not know that he was being kept as enemies rejoiced thinking that he had been defeated but this time for Luther would prove to be a double blessing not only did it with draw him from the heat up the battle but also took him away from the public praise and at Generation something that can spiritually maim even the strongest of men. In this here in this room to stay through his time here. John wrote the book of Revelation as a present on the most. High in hearing distance and he translated into the children the New Testament he would translate the Old Testament later. With. Another challenge the reformation would now appear on the horizon. Absent the reformist had arisen whose message was different. And it was drawing away a lot of people and dividing the movement in particular some people thought that it was acceptable violence as a means to abolish the mass and to rise up against the oppressors. Movement. And he felt a deep burden for people back. Both of them I think. Despite having no assurance. And headed for Wittenberg. Return caused a great stir and the church failed at the first opportunity to hear him speak. And reaffirm that the mass was about to be abolished but that no one should be torn from it by force it was not their job to force anyone no matter how strong they felt about the matter. Check this uprising for a while but it would arise with devastating results when Thomas himself was killed. Every time there is a true revival. Even at the end of time there's going to be a true revival of God And then there's going to be a false revival as well may we be faithful to God that we will be part of the true revival that will take place at the end of time.


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