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White for Harvest

Roger Miller



  • August 29, 2009
    10:00 AM
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one of the NASA did I've been asked to come and spend a few minutes sharing some of my testimony with a few verses in the Bible that became very important to me in my career am a physician in Tennessee am a radiologist and as you know that's a long processor some of you may know into some medical students last night and I invited them to come here and here this testimony and I began with a verse I introduced averse to them I like you to turn in your Bibles to first Corinthians actually probably everybody knows this chapter first Corinthians thirteen is what the love chapter right and let you know as a physician as I was training as a temptation as I told the group last night I ended up like Daniel in the Bible I went to medical school in Babylon and actually met Nebuchadnezzar himself there was no literal fiery furnace there but there was something very similar and we had some trials that as as you got the medical school is a temptation to put trust in what you're doing the knowledge that you have and feel good about yourself because of that right now you have the skill to help people get better you have this knowledge about the human body that so great and and so it is a temptation to focus on yourself in these verses in chapter thirteen actually beginning versus I think sometimes you don't focus as much on these verses as a part of this love chapter but I must do read beginning in verse one though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels would be impressive to be a will to speak in the tongues of angels is pretty impressive enough to speak in the hands of physicians in all that medical jargon that's kind of impressive but have not what love I have become as sounding brass or changing changing symbol and though I have the gift of prophecy that be pretty important to have the gift of prophecy in this Seventh-day Adventist church we do have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge is pretty comprehensive all mysteries and all knowledge and though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains but have not what love I am what nothingness as a heavy statement that would integrate is a pretty impressive person for all all of a sudden we have a person standing here that can talk to angels it is the gift of prophecy understand all mysteries and all has all knowledge but what is the Bible said about him if he has that out of the context of love nothing is not a little bit nothing is pretty absolute is in it and though I dispel all my goods to feed the poor would that be a good work speed and work himself all your goods to feed the poor that's good works what about if you have the ability to heal someone because of your knowledge of medicine is that a good thing it's a good thing but no I give my body to be burned and have not love it profits me nothing nothing nothing at all so it's truly important crazy import him understand what love this with your greater anybody who agrees it is pretty important in this life and the Christian want to understand what love is razor hand because of you don't have it you have what nothing left with nothing so in this journey of mine as I was being trained to be a physician and I started out an internal medicine residency in internal medicine saw the light at the viewbox became a diagnostic radiologist as I told the group last night that was because I could sleep at night I need to sleep at night you know internal medicine there's not much of especially in residency and so I got into radiology in this is against radiology to develop all these modalities at the ER physicians will use on my wall something looking up more in radiology I was in internal medicine so the radiologists are very resourceful we hired a large group of radiologist to live in Australia we call them Nighthawk and we let them do all our night call what a great system but as I was in this journey of career and education and thinking about spiritual things and God was impressing my heart became very clear to me that I needed to understand what love was because without it you have what nothing so in our act actually not lessen the suck quarter studying and John was turned at first John and I want to get into my testimony it usually takes me two hours to do this she said I had to be done by five to eleven so we have put in hyperdrive here and first John chapter four is another very common verse eleven for seven eleven let us love one another for lovers of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God he does not love does not know God for what God is love so if we want to know what love is and we need to know how God defines it in other world usually for truth there's one answer right but what about true false questions the possibilities are there for faults it's unlimited usually one true answer but there is infinite number of faults possibilities of the world has a infinite number of false definitions of Lhasa we need to look God is love that is who he is we need it or we have what nothing so we need God we need his love and meaning his definition of it and we needed a mass in our lives right so right here it says in verse nine and this is the love of God was manifested toward us so God is not only can it define love he's going to show it make a drama of it okay that God has sent his only begotten son into the world that we might one live through him so the love of God was manifested toward us it was defined as definition is the giving of himself to someone else for the purpose of their what salvation for them to live in medicine mean to live for another day from a respirator in the ICU although that's a good thing that means what eternal life the study John the book of John and John chapter six not very interested in demonstrating his love he wants everyone to come to him to be safe to limit them for eternal life is so interesting again assign what purpose inverse thirtieths as John chapter six verse thirty eight Jesus says of himself or he came down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me in verse forty this is the will of him who sent me that everyone who sees the son and believes in him may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day we have the definition of love God is love he expressed he showed as he defined it by sending his son his son was sent here not to do his own will but the will of the father the will of the father was to say in first Corinthians Chapter thirteen if you have all those good things but it's not focus on to say the others you have what nothing you have nothing in credible insight incredible impact in my life you can go through life and you can do a bunch of good works you can sell everything you have and give it to the poor you can spend all night in the ICU and keep someone alive for another day you can understand the writings of Ellen White you can read it can happen in your possession you can have all knowledge and understand all mysteries but if it's not in the context of God 's love reaching out for the salvation the purpose to save others you have nothing so I'm sitting here as a physician pretty much with nothing so I feel I need to change it so God took me to John chapter four the story of the woman at the well and I'm skinner I say easily read through this just how to tell the story real quick so I can get to some of my testimony but in John chapter four in our US Jesus was moving his ministry is focus of ministry he left Judea and his disciples were with him and on his way he had to go through Samaria and yet the Jews and the Samaritans and have a great relationship with they move through this part of the country and in that process of mission onto what's is closely in the process of being on a mission as Jesus and the disciples were on a mission they were on the mission to annotate the message of the bread of life coming to earth to the Jews they go through Samaria and as you know Jesus and the site at a well and they're hungry and thirsty and a long day Jesus was hungry and thirsty these human needs some twenty something drink he's wanting something to eat so the disciples go away to get something to eat he's out of well does have any way to draw water and woman comes the woman comes and is there to draw water and Jesus ask a favor of her and he asked to have some of that water if she could draw some water for him and that shocks the Samaritan that Jews even talking to her to get into discussion and Jesus ends up telling her something he says he doesn't keep coming here for water damage today because you're thirsty everyday when Jesus takes it from the physical to the spiritual mix spiritual application verse thirteen never drinks of this water worth it will thirst again remember drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst but the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life incredible spiritual insight about the world searching everywhere to satisfy the thirst of the salt and they can't find it they keep coming to different places earthly places to find it but only God can satisfy the thirst of soul so the woman and then Jesus tells the woman about her seeking a relationship in the wrong places her five husbands she goes back she tells the city they come out the meantime the disciples come back and isolate is getting out throughout wanted to start on this they come back and they see Jesus they're and he surprises them when they left was a hungry guy was a thirsty but then they have food I have bought food for him and they asked for money to eat something ember certitudes as I have food to gauge the of which you do not know it one time I asked a group of legislators asked the group what does Jesus like to eat what is God like to eat Jesus was God right as well as human and I was expecting I can answer from some spiritual answer and someone said cookies and ice cream I hate when that happens and then the explanation was given while in the children of Israel were in the wilderness he rained down manna in the Bible said that manna tasted like a wafer made with honey so we call a cookie and they were heading for the way milk and honey nice things they like cookies and ice cream is not exactly that when I was looking for here what is Jesus like to eat what's the food that he likes to eat based on a spiritual insight here this food was to do the will of the father the will of the father was to say that was how he was expressing his love to us to reach out to save us write that Jesus was participating any vandalism of the father and that was his food that was his food now the disciples were kind of scratching their heads of this little bit Jesus comes up with a profound statement here that comes to the title of this talk white for the harvest this is where and of the higher the road in my life I'm understood now that I need love I need the Spirit God in my heart that compels me with the father 's love to reach out to others for their salvation and eternal life but where are those people there are those people home I can do that the Jesus says do you not say they are still four months and then comes the harvest behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for harvest it is very easy to say one day a minute do evangelism one day people are to be excited and come to me about what I have to say about God 's love for them and as Jesus makes this statement to me he sang to me lift up your eyes is that your physical eyes look at disciples usually their first application of Jesus words are a physical literal application so they lift up their eyes they see the barley of the week there is still very green is not ready for harvest Mister what is he talking about you know the Jesus when Jesus says lift up your eyes what is the main open your spiritual eyes spiritualized see through the spirit so if you look through the spirit at the field of humanity what is Jesus saying to you and I it's right for the harvest xenon so we may not be able to see it we may be in a group of people and not be able to see it with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes and through faith in what Jesus says he says lift up your eyes the fields are white for hardness so the physician I understand that without love without God without taking everything I do including it in the lens in the in the concepts of everything I do to be of value has to be made in the love of God manifested through his desire to save others and he says that the harvest is all around you and it's right right now okay so I take this new information I said okay Jesus you know I have physical eyes you have the spiritualize you to have to show me where this harvest is now like I said I could take two to four hours to value all the stories that I have them and try to with the Holy Spirit to narrow that down to a few stories okay and I just like to start when I got out of residency I had experience as a medical school and an residency that were profound experiences in witnessing them 's good start is at the start somewhere so I can finish the one I got residency I came to see my new job there were four other radiologists and I was the new guy and there was one of the other radiologist that was also new is a three-man group sex a four-man group the oldest partner was retiring from a higher to three place in the many Muslim women get better the new partner and I came and started pretty much the same day and and I'm looking around at you in my mind I'm saying okay God I'm in a new place in the city in Newtown a new hospital where's the harvest and hearing lift up your eyes the harvest is white so I'm just wondering where this is done is start where the second weekend and what does not happen here so my very first day at work I have had opportunity to sit next to my I must mention any names but and we get into a spiritual conversations very first day and you know I'm kind of wine that if you get me talking I can tell you everything I know a lot you don't want to know and a long conversation so I try to reserve and try to not telling too much but now to talk about some spiritual things he was raised a Christian but had pretty much gone away from Christianity and so to make a long story short that one conversation became two conversations over the period of three months became many conversations within invited to come to this physician 's home and now we started I will say every week and one thing led to another year and half later he was baptized seven thousand scripts now I could have gone to that place that job and been very focused on doing good works there is nothing wrong with good works and want you to remain we are to continue to do good things right but it needs to be focused and worth main focus needs to be on who is it that God has brought me here to reach for the kingdom so I say okay eight one now operating up to allow us in this group or in the situation now one I want to make some clear unit was a physician I I know I have rivals in my office handbooks in my office that people are willing to come and taken I keep my office open I'll talk to anybody about spiritual things actually had one of the people that I worked with one of the tax thereof but it was her mother came into the hospital they asked me to come out because the tech said that she viewed me as her past weird as amended that's if we should have thought we should have our lives available to people that have that kind of attitude while one of the other tax but we have sixty five tax in this relatively small hospital in small group sixty five text there one of the techs came in and the sky was so antagonistic about spiritual things I just never expected this guy to be interested in anything spiritual so one day he just you write on a blue-eyed that night I had conversations with them everything was kind of negative the little that you know from his standpoint antagonistic and then one day he walks into my office is a document I hope you don't mind while Sato 's work and I came at your office I got this book answers to difficult Bible questions I read it I was talking to the sum some of the fellow Texan the in the and the tech room there and a discussion about this you know I have struggled with this my life I was taught this in when I was raised and maybe very negative toward Christianity about what happens to you when you die we got into this conversation year later he baptizes of them scratched and detects that he worked with very instantly came to revelation seminar that I did and they also except the Sabbath and one thing leads to another one thing leads to another I want to get to a story that I can tell Ray quickly I was coming out here to California actually this is just a proven track to take a take a overview of different aspects is not just in the hospital is not just an office setting it's everywhere you look God said the whites the harvest is white lift up your eyes I was coming out here to California to see my first grandbaby born and my son-in-law was in medical school here I daughter was working she was having a baby and this is you grandpa and women to be among the slain right before I left on the plane I pick up a couple of books and interest like as a second thought is that of my satchel and I get on the plane not really tight I was on a mission in my mission was to come this maybe Madonna better if you're always on a mission and you don't lift up your eyes to see that the harvest is likely on this ministry site Jesus he was on a mission disciples our mission of Jesus I stop and look to the Holy Spirit you to miss almost a hotel being converted right so I'm on the plane and you had to get these tickets at the last minute I was placed in a center seat and noticed receipts Anderson am a big nine two hundred fifty pounds six feet three inches this worst-case scenario set in the center seat right as we get to the airport and taken my kids with me my younger children and we all have center seats I get there make when you when you plug in the your card to get your boarding passes is that you want to change your status and absolutely have one aisle seat left message sorry kids a levy but I'm taking messy I got this aisle seat next to a lady and I'm still thinking ninety nine percent that I am fine omission to see my friend maybe before I and this lady next to me very nice now counsel conversation not seeking ministry really am not at that point I should be and she pulled out a little iPod before that happened this is a screens in the back of the seats well it turned out that our two screens were the only two screens when did that stewardess kept resetting the whole airplane trying to get our system work in every country that everybody's videos when often is that attorneys are right I said forget it now the lady wanted to Watson was in a watch anything anyway but she transmits at a iPod the little screen on it and starts listening to something I think you listen the music and I'm nosy or anything but this happened to see in the screen is Charles Stanley a preacher in Atlanta and you know it was on it was almost audible a godsend lift up your eyes right next to me was mission I mean ministry was on a mission right next to me was an opportunity for ministry and I was so focused on this admission almost missed it but now I understand how the donkey would bail him have felt when he started speaking is it just came out a median of Charles M A so she's a guy get his church now and then and and I somewhat hapless damages some have some nice messages in regards a little conversation and she tells me that they had been studying revelations you been out of the church she was she was a Delta executive and she been out of the church was coming out to Ontario 's visit with her three sisters to get back in the spiritual things and so we've been setting revelation at our church and as a interest in revelations he said Nablus and so scary to me I haven't I haven't been able to read it very much so instantly I think in my satchel when I walked out the door without the book I run on Revelation is okay I just happen to write written a book on Revelation so I went this thing out you would say since he wrote this I said yes understanding revelation one day she says your right I said yes that's true to a review that don't understand them main themes of Revelation is that you let him read this right now can watch the video anyway so we have a five hour flight from the land out here for half hour fallacious he starts reading she gets her highlighter out his first read this is only hundred and twenty pages and she reads page eighty nine she closes it she said the state change my life ministry sitting right next to you on the plane we have a nice spiritual end to that conversation she wants more bucks like him are all that I have together given to her sisters who knows where that went right to knows what kind of plan not have the concept of the ASI two weeks ago in Phoenix and I got to laugh at this good in a Phoenix is actually hotter than here is a hundred seventeen in Phoenix two weeks ago and it brought some books with me and and I was in the airport and we had ordered a little bit of something to drink and a root was that and I got to the end of the line and the guy totaled up the bill and it came to six dollars and sixty six cents and there was this voice lift up your eyes interestingly enough that has been something that happened years ago with that one time I was in a little convenience store and I was buying something and it came to three dollars and thirty four cents and I open my wallet and I had for one dollar bills that an something impressed me to give the guidance had me nicely don't do that means more want to write more change my wallet if I give the guy a ten and what's the change that he owes me six dollars and sixty six X so it was kind of freaked out Norman says as I something else is MSM whining my something else syllabus is a bad number is that we get into the conversation and one thing leads to another and I end up going out my car getting the book we have a spiritual conversation about revelation there in the convenience store while everybody else waits right now incredible so I decide right then I said to God it's okay this could be assigned to me whenever something I get change for six dollars and sixty six cents or I have to pay six dollars and sixty six cents for me this can be a lift up your eyes black you cannot see and how many times I find something across six dollars and sixty cents and I always happen to have a book with me and I just do what God says he will bring actually on the way out here this this process works I wanted to try it it works today it works if your medical student you get to meet people you have to wait for years see how patients are two years if a patient is people everywhere these are patients I'm talking about these are people you work with colleagues fellow students family members people at the store be willing to be willing to lift up your eyes and God will show you where he wants to express his love for you okay with coming out here on the way to this meeting minute when our plane leaves at eleven fifty and were late and we get there at eleven forty nine FM at the ticket counter we get there just a couple minutes before time but everybody standing around because the planes than the late and so were my wife and are just sitting out there and how before you board the place we stand and on there is a young man standing there is wearing a suit and tie in for a young man's a little bit unusual he has looked back on his lapel and I don't know I just I look at that guy that said that guys can be set next to me on this point and enhance it did not end up sitting next to me but he turned around toward us in on his bad is said not to say his name but it said Elder so-and-so Church of Latter Day Saints and I love opportunities like that and he asked my wife what time it is and that's it would you really like to know what time it is him not a public event direct but I get into the conversation lift up your item and coming out here to give this talk right as lift up your eyes and we get into a exactly twenty minute conversation exactly how long we had and it turns out he's he was in Georgia for two years doing his missionary step from this church and he said he met a lot of really nice and a lot of good impact on seventh Avenue 's Christian and guidance a little bit deeper conversation I ended up offering him one of my books he was very thrilled about it said he greeted on Wayne and that moment of opportunity and took his card he has my website is not who knows right in the middle of this hustle and bustle someone God prepared in advance to give me the privilege of participating in possible opening God 's love to this man but that he doesn't know some of God 's love already that's a mistake also right to know very much about God 's love that in maybe a deeper way once to move them to a deeper and more clear understanding of faith and of Scripture truth and God allowed me to participate in that you know when I is one minute left and I'll have time to tell the story about this book it's a miracle amount not a writer you probably read and say right is not right but when I first started to do this a mistaken about sending it to review and Herald and I said no you're living in Cleveland Tennessee the international headquarters of the Church of God they have a publishing place right here I went there I gave them the manuscript they will print anything unless it's reasonable and this is mainstream happiness revelation thinking nothing weird and and the lady the editor said that was a pastor they studied the book of Revelation the home and what I had included in my book is what she believed so they present it at the international headquarters of the Church of God they distributed to their church website at their bookstore pathway bookstore it may promote informing on Amazon.com those who now those what God has the ability to do with those who are willing to lift up your eyes and know that the harvest is way for a father in heaven we thank you so much for your promises we thank you for your willingness to work in us to spread your love seek and to save the loss we pray that we will be willing today to enter into your work in Jesus name and


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