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Episode 26: John Calvin - Early Years in France

Adam Ramdin
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Though his greatest work would occur in Switzerland, John Calvin began his life near Paris. Despite his parents' wishes and his own original intentions, his life would take twists and turns before his conversion set his destiny on course.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 12, 2017
    9:30 AM
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John Calvin was born he me on the powers on the tenth of July fifteenth all nine he was only a child of eight years old when Martin Luther a man of thirty four years old nailed his famous one thousand five hundred feet to the door of the church and with Simba Calvin did not experience the Hosh upbringing that Luther had but had a happy stocks a life enjoying every prospect of success and numerous educational advantages at the age of twelve he has appointed to a chaplaincy in a church in his home town his head was shaved and he received a conscious as he grew up he wanted to become a priest and was soon noted for his intellectual ability his blameless life and his religious devotion it was confidently anticipated that he would grow up to become a great defender of the Catholic Church Calvin had heard of the new doctrines with a shudder not a told that those who believed them to heretics were would be undeserving of the fires to which they were often taken. At the age of fourteen a plane hit the town where Calvin was living and so you move from his town he at the Paris and studied at the University of Paris an interesting coincidence took place whereby one of his fellow pupils was a boy by the name of Ignatius Loyola Ignatius Loyola would grow up to found the Jesuits a movement very very different from the why. Like how he would lead late in his life two pupils both outstanding who would both have a vastly different impact on the world Calvin later on left studying for the priesthood and went to study law after his father's footsteps and after his wishes as well he completed his doctorate in law at the University of Orleans but after the death of his father he would reevaluate his course and direction in life. Calvin's cousin had joined with the reformist and whilst in public when speaking with him Calvary which wrongly defend the positions of the church and reject new teachings when he was alone he would ponder the words conviction of sin gripped him he saw himself without an interest confession and penance were resorted to in vain but none could bring about peace. One day he decided to visit a public square and he witnessed the burning of a monster he was filled with wonder at the expression of peace that was on his face and he contracted this with its own feelings of emptiness doubt and documents he knew that the mostest rested their faith on God's word and so he proposed that he would study the Bible to see if he could find the secret of their joy as he studied the Bible he found Jesus Christ. No one knows for sure when Calvin experience conversion but that he did is not open to question his conversion was definite enough to cause him to relinquish all income from church sources and abandon any idea of entering the legal profession this decision would have been costly causing him to give up an immense salary and all comforts that he was accustomed to in life. Calvin joined a small band of Protestants and preached the gospel from home to home for two years the authorities were determined to capture him and kill him and they came to his place of abode but jus to the quick thinking of some of his friends they detained the officers at the door for long enough to allow others to Loa him out of the window and he was able to flee the city. One thing that we learned from the life of Calvin is that no matter what you start out doing in life it doesn't have to be that way for the rest he started out wanting to be a priest his father wanted him to be a lawyer he ended up doing neither of these things and would go on to be a great reformer who changed the face of the whole of Christendom maybe you're in a pool of study that you don't really enjoy or know why you're there maybe you're doing something that your parents have imposed upon you and that you don't really feel is your calling and God may be calling you to something different and I want to appeal to you that if that is the case then follow the leading of the law you may have to change your course of study you may have to change your occupation but when you do that that's when true satisfaction purpose and meaning comes in our lives.


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