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Episode 27: Placards and Protest in France

Adam Ramdin
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In their desire to see the Reformation advanced in France, some decisions were made that ultimately proved extremely costly. Instead of progress the reformation lost its brightest minds to other countries at best and at worst to death and persecution.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 19, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Playing. The French reformation in the sixteenth century was not a smooth slate there was strong tension and conflict between the Protestants and Catholics and a lot of the century there was several wars between the two in the fifties the there was growing frustration as they sold their dreams being fulfilled elsewhere in Germany and Switzerland and yet in France they were lagging behind in order to advance their cause it was still they needed to strike a bold blow to Rome and attack one of the most controversial topics the mess a track was written many believe that foul wrote it in Switzerland the other slave that Twan the mob pole wrote the track was entitled true article on the horrible great and intolerable abuses of the focus mats invented in direct opposition to the fully support of all lol and only mediate and say. The leaders of the French movement met to discuss how to use it and some felt it was too strong and direct and not to use it would cause more harm than good other store that it was OK and when it was taken to a vote it was decided to use it they would distribute it all over France to every city town and even villages and it was decided that on October the twenty fourth fifteenth the fall at night they would be posted all over. However instead of advancing the Reformation this is their list and ultimately ill judged action brought ruin my. Only on those what most of the blackguard on the floor all want to be a little out friends one of the bottles posted on the King's personal chamber and gave his reach he said let me see without distinction who was suspected of heresy and I will exterminate all the leaders of the ruling to what they have long ago and the reason the White House the fact that. Some want to hear it on the recall but you will see and commented just on the paper in the whole of the believers in Paris and on the front of the cowardly went along and betrayed these people they walked through the streets of Paris and grabbed people from their homes imprisoning them for trying torturing and killing them hundreds of people fled Paris people from all the ranks of line university professors princes partisans and the Catholic Church was surprised to find how many Protestants had been living in Paris and unknown to themselves. The leading French home with would have to leave finding work in Geneva Switzerland and from there that they would simply have to back into the front and back in the street to give them a perhaps two million who did not want to stand and one thousand two hundred and fifty churches throughout France to the same Buffalo News Mexico would deal on the blow to the church in France and again many people would leave France at this persecution and subsequent ones that would follow each time France would lose their skilled tradesmen and craftsman suffering a brain drain that they have caused on themselves. The Swiss watches. Industry was built lines with my friends you going to put this but. One thing that we learned from this episode of history is that it's as important that we know when to say something and how to say something as it is that we say the right thing simply speaking the truth is not enough the plan that will post it might contain the truth about a mass and correctly pointed out the Roni of belief but the way in which it was done was ill judged and cause more harm than good maybe why and how we share the truth of God's word sensitive to what others believe and always aim to be when some in our methods and I would.


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