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Episode 29: Geneva - International Hub of Reform

Adam Ramdin
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It would seem that nearly everyone who made a significant impact in the 16th century reformation passed through Geneva. It became a centre of networking and study, known for its theological pedigree and missionary training with John Calvin integral to much of the work there.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 2, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Here in Geneva the reformers will commemorate the role that this city played in the process of the Reformation the city became a refuge for many of the hunted reform of Western Europe. From. Several years in the Protestant of Poland and Spain and the Cuban from France all thought refuge here in the city but then carried the gospel from here else way indeed this city has often been referred to as the Protestant Rome. This city publicly accepted the reform faith on the twenty first of May fifteenth thirty six and Pharrell was a key player in the Reformation it with power that would make this city famous somehow the Calvin and the international reform but for his influence beyond the boundaries of the city limits. The central idea that Palin developed without a consistent and coherent theological system could be derived and defended on the basis of the Bible. The great legacy. Not any doctrine but rather a demonstration of how the Bible could have the foundation. Understanding of Christian. In belief and structure. One of the key thing that Calvin did for the city with founding the University of the lever in fifty fifty nine Calvin have a cute way of influence over the notable men and women of that time in the sixteen hundred His influence spread to England Scotland France Germany it was far reaching in fact from this city over one thousand seven hundred preachers was sent out to France alone one thousand seven hundred and eighty five congregations were formed in the country a friend and the preachers that were trained here had to secretly make their way over to France they use an underground network system similar to the one used by the French during the resistance in World War two they would sneak across the border and they would make their way from house to house until they reach their place of work in the country a friend. One of the greatest thing to happen here in Geneva with the publishing on the Geneva Bible the first English version that had a number of verses in it that on the Reformation here in Geneva was post Tenebrae looks meaning and document like and truly a lesson we can learn from the record made from fear with that when God's would be studied when it is read it takes the dogmas of our minds away and brings life may we study God would maybe spend time in God's Word that the darkness of our mind may be removed by the light of God would.


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