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Episode 30: Scandinavian Reformation

Adam Ramdin
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The Reformation swept across Europe in the 16th century, creating strongholds in Germany, Switzerland, England and Scotland leaving a trail of conflict and martyrdom in its wake but in the Nordic countries of Scandinavia the truth took hold in a quieter, more unobtrusive way leaving behind a more potent legacy.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 10, 2017
    9:30 AM
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The reformation of the sixteenth century was not limited to the powwow it is Switzerland Germany France England and Scotland but also in the country of Scandinavia something special would take place the fire of mosques as were burning all across England during the reign of bloody Queen Mary and the Protestants in France were persecuted on mutual respect Asians in Sweden and Denmark the reformation would unfold much more peacefully and one could argue they had a great a proportional impact in each respective country the story of the Scandinavian Reformation is in extra could be linked to Martin Luther and the Protestant Basti and of Wittenberg. In the Country of Denmark one of the principal figures in the Reformation was a man named Hans and like many others he had grown up in a Catholic family and spent some of his early years in a place to he completed much of his education in Denmark where he was noted for its understanding of Latin and Hebrew but he would also go on to study in Cologne whilst there he came across some of Luther's writings and in fifteen twenty three he went to Germany where he met Martin Luther and became appointed with the new ideas that would be an astounding he would spend eighteen months studying there with Luther after which he would return to Denmark where initially he kept it a secret that he had to be in with him but. However the good news of the Gospel cannot be hidden forever and it was only a matter of time before his teachings were noted to be different from the others he was soon expelled from the cloister but this was perhaps the biggest mistake that his opponents could make now they had no control over him and he was able to travel and preach throughout the whole country causing a great revival he also translated the Penta took into Danish and this was circulated widely. House and lived faithfully here in Denmark for the rest of his life and his influence was key in this whole country accepting the reforms like this church here in Copenhagen was built and named to him in memory of the great influence he had on the spiritual history of this nation. Around the same time as Coulson was causing a revival in the Petrie brothers were having a similar impact in Sweden the work in these two countries showed that they would just as powerful and scholarly the Giants under which they study. Laurentius Petry the fund. In horrible both study at the University of Western but where they were influenced by Luther a mind that. Completed its master and fifty nine feet and they both returned back to their homeland of Sweden they helped to translate the Bible into Swedish and. Would have been a bastard US Sweden was declared Lutheran the first country to do so. Petry was buried here in this church which later became the National Cathedral supplanting the cathedral a testament to the great work that he and his brother did. And why it might have been easier for the Patriots brothers house and to live study and work in a place like. In school. Than he was to return to their homeland and preach the Gospel that they knew the language the culture and the customs and they were able to do a work that others from elsewhere would not have been able to do whatever work you do. With near whether it be your home church which might be small and not some lively. Country everyone is called to go through a faraway and distant land. Right where we are made whole as these men did in Game one.


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