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Episode 31: William Tyndale

Adam Ramdin
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Voted as the 26th top Briton of all time on a BBC poll, William Tyndale sits comfortably amongst the most significant reformers. As a scholar and Bible translator he had a lasting impact on Britain and Europe shaping the English language and leaving a legacy lasting long past the premature end to his life.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 16, 2017
    9:30 AM
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The sixteenth century was populated by some of the greatest minds in religious history Luke Calvin willingly not. Ridley cram and sitting comfortably among this group of luminaries was William Tyndale translates the English Bible that was born in Gloucestershire in fourteen ninety four in a small village called North nimbly ma today by this monument overlooking the village. He was educated at Auckland and completed his be a fifteen twelve and M A N fifteen fifteen before coming here to Cambridge University where he met a Dutch scholar Erasmus who with teaching Greek kinda wanted to translate the Bible into English but no one in England was willing to undertake such a daring path. Since fourteen await the Oxford Commission has forbidden the translation of the Bible into the English language even prohibiting its use in the training curriculum for preaches put chali on the tortillas theologians have this perspective the New Testament translated into the language of the people he is in truth the food of the fuel of sin the veil of malice the pretext of false liberty the protection of disobedience the corruption of discipline the depravity of morals the terminations upon court the death of honesty the wellspring of bytes. It's the disease of virtues instigation of rebellion the milk of pride the number of ferment of contempt the death of peace the destruction of charity the enemy of unity the murder of the truth. Immersed in such a climate Tyndale encountered a learned friend who said we were better without God's laws than the Popes Tyndale responded I defy the pope and all his laws God spare my life in many years I will cause a boy that drive the plow shall know more of the Scriptures than thou do it's. Forbidden to work in England Tyndale traveled through Europe from Hamburg to Cologne to worms to Antwerp using the Greek and Hebrew texts to crack a masterpiece of the English Language time and time again the papacy tried to stop his work but the Lord watched over his servant one account tells how the Bishop of Durham seeking to hinder his work all his Bibles by this merely provided him with the money he needed to produce a larger number of better quality Bibles. Tyndale contributed as much to the scholarship of English literature as Shakespeare and short producing many of the translations of the Bible that we use today in fact much of the King James Bible produced sixty years later was taken for most Bates and from Tyndale viable phrases such as the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Where is by seen and feet be first all these came from William Tyndale today there are two remaining copies of Tyndale viable. One of which is in the British Library purchased for one million pounds and accessible to view free of charge. Sadly that was betrayed by Henry Phillips in Antwerp who feigned friendship in order to gain Tyndale trust and betrayed him to guard as he was leaving his house he was taken to a castle in Billboard Belgium condemned as a heretic strangled and burned to death in fifteen thirty six his last. Law open the King of England within one year of his death a buyable was placed in every parish church throughout the whole of England by order of the King. The poignant Christian song tells us to the bloodstains each page they have died for this faith hear them cry through the years oh hear these words and hold them via the Word of God has come to us at such great cost maybe not treat it flippantly haphazardly but maybe Treasury and commit to study and share word each day.


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