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Episode 32: George Wishart - Scotland's Forgotten Forerunner

Adam Ramdin
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George wishart lived just 33 years yet he made a significant impact on Scotland through his Godly life and powerful preaching. He also mentored and trained the man who would solidify and carry forward the Scottish Reformation: John Knox.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 23, 2017
    9:30 AM
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St Andrews today is famous for two things Number one it's the home of golf and number two it's the town where Prince William and Kate whilst he was studying at university but it's the spiritual history of this town that is most interesting and significant St Andrews was the town in the fifteen hundred where the first Protestant Scottish martyr was burned for his faith his name was Patrick Hamilton and he is remembered by a spot with his initials on the ground. But we fast forward to the fifteenth when Cardinal David Beaton took over and made it his mission to capture reform by the name of George and stamp out what he saw as the growing heresy in Scotland at that time George was only a young man twenty five years old and he stayed one step ahead of the cardinal and escaped and went to Cambridge University where he met with few Lattimer and together they went on to Bristol he was only there for about six months when he got into trouble again and had to flee the city. He went to Switzerland where he spent three years travelling to various cities including Geneva and Zurich and he had the chance to meet with John Calvin and Belinda where he was able to study and crystallize his views on the Gospel in fifteen forty two he returned to the British Isles and went to Cambridge where he taught at the university after teaching for one year he then. Turn to Scotland when he began to preach the Gospel in cities around the country. He went to Montrose to teach the Booker Roman and then he went to the beats and followed them there but we shot it for him then he went to Perth to preach and then to the bishop followed him but he could not catch him he then went back to dun D. and a priest by the name of John White's and was sent to kill him but the crowd turned against him George Wishart was much loved by his countryman as he didn't just preach but had a very practical side to his ministry in one instance in the city of Dun B. when the plague broke out most people fled the city but George Wishart went into the city so we could care for the sick and the suffering. Towards the end of his life he met John Knox who was a young man at the time I would go on to be a great leader in his own right in the Scottish Reformation he started out with a century as a bodyguard for George with carrying a two handed sword with him as he traveled around the country they built a strong bond as teacher and student until finally cardinal Beaton with five hundred soldiers captured George Wishart John Knox wanted to follow George into captivity but was told to stay with the words one is sufficient for sacrifice. He was brought here to the castle and put here in this seat where he was imprisoned he was then tried and as he was tried he answered all his accusations from the Bible they were not satisfied and he was condemned to death outside the castle walls the initials G. You are imprinted on the ground marking the exact spot where George wish I gave his life at the young age of thirty three. Two things we learned from this man number one in his ministry in life he was incredibly faithful and was ministering to the sick and suffering as he traveled around the country Number two we learned about the power and importance of preaching how in two years as he traveled around the country he caused a great revival making a lasting change an impression here in this country the thing that stands out to me the most is how young he was that he died at the age of thirty three he was a teacher at Cambridge at the age of twenty nine he gave his youth to God and God used him in a powerful way God is calling for young people again today young people who would give their talents and the gifts to him and allow themselves to be used in a powerful way.


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