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Episode 33: John Knox - Scotland's Greatest Reformer

Adam Ramdin
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John Knox started his ministry as a two handed sword carrier to protext George Wishart, but after his death he picked up the mantle. He would drive the Scottish reformation forward through his boldness, fearlessness and resolute trust in God.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 30, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Little. Little. Bit but the story over. That his some of his friends gained entry to the council. Seats and they put him as a prisoner in the seat the same place. That many children had been imprisoned for their. Some of Cardinal beaten friends and then tried to dig a tunnel under the wall which can be seen to this day but they were unsuccessful cardinal Beaton was then killed and hung out the window of this while they had the first Protestant church service in Scotland here in St Andrew's Castle everything in the past is to be imitated or was right. In all things. To join. In the castle when he was captured by the French maybe along with some others he was sentenced to work. For nineteen months then he was released no one really knows why because it was not custom to release a galley slave but Providence must have been. He returned to Scotland but soon after he went to England where he spent some time with Thomas. And then he also went to. The. Catholic. Thrown in fifteen fifty three he left Britain and went to Europe where he settled for several years in Switzerland he spent time with John Calvin and his powerful reformer Albin would have a huge impact on his life on his theology and on the reforms that he would later leave here in the country of Scotland. In fifteen fifty nine he returned here to Scotland this time for good and took over as the minister here in St Giles cathedral becoming its first Protestant minister why else they abolished the mass and repudiated papal jurisdiction. As well as preaching he was also instrumental in writing some important documents that helped to frame the church he along with five other men Incidentally all named John wrote the Scots confession of faith which explained what the Church believes and the Book of Common order which replaced the prayer book and was officially adopted by the church in fifteen sixteen. Despite the fact that he travelled extensively throughout his life to different parts of Britain and Europe he always maintained a deep passion for Scotland famously saying once give me Scotland or I die he always kept in his mind his home country a place that had been laid upon his heart I remember once as a young minister being told your calling is where your burden may be today you find yourself in a place a town or a country that's not the exact place that the Lord has called you to minister stay faithful to Him work where you are and pray that the Lord would open doors to minister where your burden truly aligns. John Knox that was Scotland his homeland for you it may not be your home town or your home country but it may be a foreign mission land wherever it is be faithful to go and follow as he leaves.


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