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Episode 34: John Knox - Showdown At Holyrood

Adam Ramdin
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Mary Queen of Scots had a fearsome reputation, causing many a strong man to wilt in her presence, but this was not true of John Knox. Their encounter that took place in Holyrood Palace stands to us as an example, inspiring courage in the face of danger and peril.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 6, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Once John Knox was initially reluctant to preach on one C. except to the fool he moved forward with unflinching determination to join her it was said to feel the fear of the face of man while the final man to look good in all over Britain the only city with tens of by his zeal for the gospel truth was Mary Queen of Scots and it was said that many a reform will sit under pressure in front of the however that was not the case with John Knox he stood before her and spoke without fear and answered boldly for his fate. Lands. On one occasion he was brought before her here at Hollywood Palace in Edinburgh charge would heresy as she said he instructed the people to keep a religion forbidden by the state thus he said he transgress the command of God requiring that subjects obey their princes However he was able to answer with strong and compelling reason saying the right religion receives its original strength and authority not from worldly princes but from the eternal God alone. He went on to use some analogies from the past that strongly supported his argument if all the seed of Abraham would the religion of Pharaoh what were Lidgerwood the humpy in the earth in the days of the Apostles old man with the religion of the Roman emperors were Lidgerwood of beads. On the face of the earth and so he said you may perceive my subject on the pound by the religion of their princes albeit they are required to give them obedience. Mary responded interpret the Scriptures one way and they the Roman Catholic teachers interpret another way whom shall I believe and who shall be the judge. Each shall believe God that plainly speak it in His Word and further than the word teaches you shall neither believe the one nor the other the Word of God is plain in itself and if there are a pit any obscurity in one place the Holy Ghost which is never contrary to itself explains the same thing more clearly in other places so there can remain no doubt except on to so obstinately remain ignorant. John not pointed to the supremacy of the Bible and the internal consistency of the Bible in being able to answer but challenging questions that were put before him it was and still such as leave that illustrate just how bold he was but it was not just his intellect that put fear into Mary Queen of Scots but also his prayer life it was sent by her I fear a prayer on John Knox more than ten thousand men and ready for war jump started his ministry carrying the two hundred so on following this feature enjoy Wishart but by the end of his ministry he was more famous for his frail. Prayer is a gift that has been given to the believer on the opportunity to talk to go on to present competitions and they are burdens to be made we strike fear in the enemy's kingdom not through money but through a faithful. What is the key in the hand of. Heaven still how live.


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