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Episode 35: The Waldenses Meet the Reformation

Adam Ramdin
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After being isolated for many years, in the 16th century the Waldenses would meet with the leaders of the reformation. The result was twofold, containing both positive and negative elements with perhaps the best outcome being the 'gift' the Waldenses gave to the Reformation of the Bible in French.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 13, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Little little looted. For centuries the old Indians had been a beacon of light shining amidst the prevailing darkness faithfully they preserve God's word and work tirelessly to share it throughout Europe for this they paid a high price facing wave after wave of its persecution the intense persecution that they faced began to wear down the old Indian churches and they began to give into the temptation to compromise many began to render an outward compliant to the papacy while trying to remain true to their faith in God's work but this course of action began to quietly erode the purity of their faith. Around this time of crisis the wall Benzion got word of the Reformation that was beginning to take root throughout Europe they heard of the work that was taking place in Germany Switzerland and France and in order to fully understand the nature of this new movement and determine what similarities they shared the warden's the unchurched it decided to send a few delegations of ambassadors to the churches in Europe. As these ambassadors came back they brought back some of the writing of the leading reform as well as reports of what similarities they share and is greatly encouraged toward Indian believers up until this point they have been a lone voice calling people back to the stand and applaud the words and reports of other like minded believers for the soul a great comfort to them. The leaders of the world N.Z. and churches then decided to convene a synagogue with representatives from. The Protestant churches so they could meet with the leaders of the churches to discuss their beliefs and further determine the relationship. With the Reformation as a whole. On the twelfth of October fifteenth thirty two right here in the end growing your valley the Synod champ around was convened and sat by six consecutive days one of the most significant decisions that was made with a resolution to translate and print the entire Bible into the French language and the churches raise the funds for this endeavor the work was then undertaken by Calvin and his cousin leave it on and was completed in fifteen thirty five the Bible was then printed in Switzerland and then distributed among the friends speaking Protestants in Europe. Some of the commonality shared between the two churches was a rejection of the find in the papal institutions such as the mass confession the celebration of feet the worship of St The celebration of the land. Of the in particular and prayer for the dead father doctrine also rejected purgatory penance and celibacy However it was not all good in their joy at finding fellowship to be in churches but quick to embrace some of the shortcomings of the reformation of well the reformation of the sixteenth century was a decided step in the right direction it did not bring about a complete restoration of biblical truth in some areas of belief and doctrine that made compromises that represented a step backwards as they found fellowship with the Reformation. Two things that stand out from the sin of chance Fran Firstly we see the importance of Christian. Fellowship and we see the importance of the accountability and encouragement that comes with Christian Fellowship However the fellowship can be a two edged sword and sometimes we can be tempted to compromise as we do fellowship with other believers let us be careful as wrong this road to heaven that we do not let our Christian experience be derailed but that we stay on track and keep our eyes focused on Jesus.


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