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Episode 36: Ridley And Latimer Light A Candle

Adam Ramdin
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During the reign of Mary Tudor, over 260 Protestants were put to death in England, earning her the title, Bloody Mary.' The most high profile group were the Oxford martyrs, and the first two of these to be killed were Hugh Latimer and Nicolas Ridley. Their refusal to back down on what some might say was a insignificant issue would cost them both their lives.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 20, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Asked the New World was discovered by Columbus in fourteen ninety two two men who were born on this side of the Atlantic who would have a powerful impact on the shaping of Protestantism in Britain last summer and cram a huge latin was born in fourteen ninety one here in the small village of gas than just north of Leicester a similar area that John Wycliffe would have worked just over a century before his father was a farmer and yet despite their humble occupation he made sure that lots of the stadium school and got an education a vital decision that would take him five in life. Rolled in Cambridge University at the age of fourteen and in fifteen ten with elected a fellow here at Clare College he was at the time an OD an atheist and preached passionately against men first as Lou for a Melancon for seven years his belief in Catholic teachings was great and his zeal in the divine mission of the papacy was unshakable So what turned this pillar of the prism into a pillar of Protestantism I mean Council with a man by the name of Thomas filmy who afterwards would visit him even come into the confessional booth to speak with him and he eventually changed his views the two men would relate to go and visit the sick and imprisoned in Cambridge together. Last summer went on to become the royal chaplain and the. In Woodstock and but they think the paper reform and denouncing the clergy who did not own a Bible or the parishioners who could not even recite the Lord's Prayer his current call to reform ended him in prison in fifteen thirty nine but he was spared the state by the intervention of Thomas Cromwell he remained in prison until the death of Henry the Eighth when Edward the six released him from prison he would never ever hold the high office of bishop again but continued to preach regularly where audiences enjoyed his preaching which was known for its wit its intelligence and its biblical nature. And. When Edward the sick died on July the six fifteen fifty three England was thrown into turmoil Lady Jane Grey ascended the throne but only had it for nine days before Mary Judah took the throne Despite initial favor toward the reform of her intentions of making England a Catholic nation soon became clear. Mary ordered the arrest of last summer and would reach him at his captors were on their way offering him an opportunity to escape but he chose not to as he passed Smithfield on his way to London he commented This place has long grown for my life imprisoned here at the Tower of London he met Nicholas Ridley Bishop of London and Thomas Cranmer Archbishop of Canterbury. In Macia fifteen fifty four they were tried here in Oxford Well Optima was asked whether the natural body of Christ was in the sacrament to which he responded our Saviour's body is in heaven with the departed Atlee ascension he went on to explain that the changed. A communion was not in the bread but in the hands of the believer. He and Ridley were sentenced to death and on the sixteenth of October they were brought to the place of their execution outside Balliol College here across mocks the ground on the exact spot where they were burned to death before the flames they shared an embrace and Ridley said The last summer be of good cheer brother God will either watch a few ory of the flames or strengthen us to enjoy it last summer then responded real good comfort master Ridley and play the man we shall this day by God's grace light a candle in England as I trust in God shall never be put out history says that last someone died soon after but Ridley died a slow and painful death. The cost of their death was just over one pound and five shillings but the real result was the overthrow of Roman ism here in England the entire country was appalled by a religion that had to resort to for brutal methods in order to sustain itself as we contemplate their life and their death the real question for us though is does the life that they live their death still burn in our lives and our witness today.


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