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Episode 37: Thomas Cranmer - Cowardice and Courage

Adam Ramdin
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Thomas Cranmer would go from a peaceful life at Cambridge University to being the Archbishop of Canterbury, then a prisoner in the Tower of London before dying a martyr’s death in Oxford. He was the most high profile of all those who died during Mary Tudor’s gruesome reign but perhaps the most courageous at the end.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 27, 2017
    9:30 AM
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Some men are born hero they can look in the face and wonder what it is others are not born that way but they end their life as heroes Thomas Cranmer was such a man born into a good family a well to do family here in the village of action on the second of July fourteenth eighty nine Thomas Cromwell was educated from a young age and growing up we know that he was an expert Boman hunter and a great horse man. He unrolled a Cambridge University at the age of fourteen and good he's in fifteen eleven he was then elected a fellow here in Jesus college and earned his doctor of divinity in fifteen twenty three he lost his fellowship a year later when he got married but a year after that when his wife and child died he regained his fellowship. His rise to the bishop with unconventional and not sought after the issue of the day with King Henry would be a desire to divorce his first wife Catherine of Aragon and cram a comment that to some friends at a lunch that he thought the king should obtain a consensus of opinion from the leading universities around Europe regarding whether this was permissible word of these comments with the king who liked them and for highly a cram this set in series a motion of events that ended up with crime not becoming the bishop attempt to break even though. He had never been a bishop before and was quite content being a university scholar. Henry subsequently divorced Catherine and married and boy Lynn whose daughter Elizabeth Blake the Queen of England was god daughter the grandmother Henry's Give to England was to break the yoke of Rome and to abolish monasticism but he himself was a faithful pate based in his beliefs until the end. At the coronation of Edward the sick grandmother create a sermon likening him to the biblical boy king just saya cram no also was instrumental in translating the Book of Common Prayer into English for the first time rather than using the traditional on active in fifteen fifty three following Edwards' death Mary chewed ascended to the throat despite an attempt by Lady Jane great to hold the throne which lasted only nine days Mary then took Stephen God not from the Tower of London and made him Lord Chancellor She then threw Thomas Cranmer in prison for his role in Henry's divorce from her mother and for his Protestant belief. Planning to spend two and a half years in prison during which time he was brought to the roof of the prison to watch them out to them would leave him last summer in the attempt to make him recount which he eventually did pledging his allegiance to Catholicism when this did not secure its freedom he was finally brought to trial here at St Mary's Church where he was forced to listen to a two hour sermon denouncing himself when he was brought to make up. Public with temptation he stood on a wooden platform which rested against a pillar for a wedge was cut which can still be seen today he stood up denounce the pope as anti Christ with Drew his former recantation and stood by his previous teachings. He was taken to the place of his exit and I think the plane he held his right hand in first the flame the head find the recantation St This hand the fended itself first be burned he held it there for a while before collapsing into the flames. Mary went on to slaughter the two hundred fifty more Protestants during her reign and when she died Elizabeth the first took the throne one of her first acts as regent was to revive the book of prayer written by crammed up which was a fitting tribute to the man who was a father. Though from the recounting in the face of pressure and persecution he ended his life a hero faithful to God at the very end. Twenty four sixteen says that a just man full seven times but rises again is not how can you fool that massive but that you rise at the end.


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