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The Joy of the Lord

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • May 7, 2005
    10:00 AM
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this was good to be with you all here on this God was always on the drive for your listening on here then are I am on a spiritual high this weekend we have had a wonderful time in the Lord already this weekend last night we had a pastor coming from Texas who has been begun a ministry working in hip-hop music now the problem maybe you all are struggling with the pop music as him and is so as to have as we believe Loma Linda is really busy rude church is some of what only we got out of her home your ad and more intermediaries realize there are long and and Dell have created many will of course it is a little I is I will e-mail you are in a simulated environment not as long as our bully every muscle was everything that we passed that allowed the church and when we deal with our young people we see in many of our young men especially a strong spirit of will know when one disobedient to their parents not one of those who follow more closely fits the only services they are in a spirit of rebellion and as you begin to minister to them what one thing will begin you begin to find that special someone up harder hit holds a father is not present all over the family structures been damaged in other responses to God 's word another responsive at times even when we shall love to these individuals and to these young people 's augmenting of women and women try to work to break down the strong live in your home one thing we found was begun to look at this is that what we've been studying secular music and some effects that it has we been looking at what has been popularized through specifically hip-hop music obviously is not limited to that it didn't start there and actually started having no on and so this gentleman is coming and has presented some powerful information I have presentations of college behind hip-hop and really been showing the young people how the devil has been piping your messages into their hands literally we have been wrestling now with being in possession of wrestling with addiction Oppenheimer feed addictions a strong all masturbation problems molestation and by bringing this in an dealing with it are not given example is one of the things we discussed last month is from one of the Rutgers autosize rereleasing old releasing a new album is called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and on the back of one of their albums is autism is a is a is a page with a demonic side of the modern movement of demons at the bottom of the page and words the Japan really is looking at it is a thing called Om a Mister Ouija and what you're supposed to do is take this thing up to a mirror so you can read it and so the young person would take this thing up to the mirror hold up to the mirror and be able to read this thing in the mirror of what this was what that was revealed is that when you deleted the research is that the witches in Salem all the way back to ancient Egypt were also right spells and incantations backwards so that one end and put them in an envelope and mailed to people we want to put a curse on some mail it's one and when they would have to really get his letter demanded and rated to hold up the mirror and when they held up to the mirror and writing they would pronounce a curse on them so little on the back of a wrap sold over ten million how many young people most of the number and written incantations turns out of the ancient Egyptian sexual curse anything about the one of the meeting that the devoted presentations for the young man came up to him and said that even the libertinism one hundred and eleven from a set either that I bought him three years ago read that person myself in the mirror and he says the last three years have been uncontrollably molesting my younger sis we will we will young people are being exposed to things that the passage the society looks at possibly we think of these things are harmless this is just music is justice justice just hip-hop culture it's just what culture someone come what we don't understand that when you part of the body of Jesus Christ when you join up when Jesus uses the subject of earthly culture you become a part of the body of God upon the family of God upon the body of Jesus Christ and all of these things ought to even become subservient to that or if they are in contradiction that they need to be removed from your life some of us are selling our soul boundaries at last went up and move presentation hundreds of young people mentored and fooled by the twelve hundred some odd dollars a month people to passenger over floor room while all of the company and hundreds of young people in the lives of Jesus on Johnstone spiritual and I'm just praising God that he is still liberation we serve a God I don't care what you've been misled our God and freedom from authority morning entitled the joy of the Lord ministry followed down we thank you we thank you father for bringing us together into this place thank you for your words aforementioned effectively in love we thank you for the power to bring strong liberation from the from the diseases and afflictions of this world father God as someone who needs deliverance a father God of the words that are spoken the spirit of God as it falls but the angel been given charge over the all work together for deliverance the father Donna does not leave this place the same we as operator in Jesus 's name amen started book of first John chapter one first John chapter one it must begin at birth for first John chapter one remember universe for open on mine me taken off my jacket in or and and and and art him hello slim easily freeze officer something on the deck in early preserving our first John chapter one verse four reason to King James version Bible says John speaking to us and these things write I unto you rightly unto you that your joy may be full what John is about the present in this book and mobile to mobile today just a few verses once out-of-the-box present in this book is information that will only fill you with joy I will talk to our young people in charge of our young people love to have fun relaxing site we took them to him while Six Flags a few weekends ago with my behemoth of it will go because they had participated in some things and in a week of prayer in many limits on fundamental one of the six working with us I wouldn't want any rides I was doing this walked around the park but I explained to them after the trip that the difference between joy and fun is this find is standing in line for two and half hours sweaty smelly rain falling on the above lesson with you to get all the way to front a lot of roller coaster to get on the roller coaster they strap you in and give you a warning to life is in jeopardy and you have certain conditions those that now you may seriously facile and innovative yacht is one of the young people that they obviously there warned me of my life the endangered something enjoyable they sent down in this thing struck themselves enable all article forty five seconds their weapon twirled around GeForce Spoleto and and and because of the effects of the Jeep was the scream holler a few of you may get off on the other side arrived and what everything while that was all available join another to an at-home online hello that's one joy is different joy is what all things in life seem to be collapsing around you and everything seems to be going dark when your mother has been diagnosed with cancer of mind that you are just struggling with illness and death when it was struggling with financial collapse when dealing with all of these things when life seems like a better enemy John said in the midst of the storm is still happy and established all your living faith in God is so strong that you want to read about the world of good joy in a consistent unchanging experience onto something that you have for little while the bulk and begin again when he singled bigshot was listening on the Jesus Christ as well as are in Christ Jesus you actually should remain small John MoveOn endorsed by the says this then is the message we have heard of him and declare unto you that God is light and in him is no darkness at all if we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness we lie and do not but if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all review mornings and will back if we say in verse eight if we say that we will soon we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us if we confess our sins the Scripture says he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness you say that we have lost then we make a lot that we make him a liar and is moderately lucky enough bingo popular model for the more remote or viable birth things out of the first one is that John is trying to explain to us we serve a God that is approachable you go we serve a God the God of light but a lot of people want to explore want to teach you and I need to believe the Jews are the God who is not civilized at about the people want what do you believe that God is good and evil devils when these theories and believe that God works on not just with the evil and so not all obviously is also able in order to make this point clear George Lucas and Star Wars double trilogy now created a concept called the force actually taught all of American culture that there is only one without a little one horse who can either be done later on I want same force when the Bible said that's not so misrepresented God is not bound with God is light and physics if you study online music business that light and dark cannot coexist in the same place as the one or the other is going to be going to have dominion if you are in a completely novel went on a little bit of light that is an account appeasing that will once purpose of the week off to be like because this world is dark and God is like we are supposed to be a reflection of the light of God seven percent if you walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ his son I will send you want to talk about us having said that I will reread those people a lot of listed below some of them have been moved into believing that somehow we are similar but there is also some of the guilty either people he really will run at integers are limping with a bottle for the off business six generations of men as if somehow that that that is genetically passed that somehow you can meet you and you will you have an of birth that when you will board and did not inhibit the fallen nature of man all brothers and sisters is no big eyes a little uniform across when we come to the promptly called pump with a part of say we all come meeting of Savior that's the danger with people try to construct the conceptualize themselves as some other things as people provide that handle up a notable looking at looking to have to deal with because if you get like that is not leaving the failure I begins to talk about Jesus being a Christian because monkeys which is that we some of us most of us maybe I'll will make some mistakes but the true which is that all of us may backslide it some time and will fail at some time that's the true but even greater truth is that we have a high priest eleven and even branching into how I is only the high priest he was also the sacrifice the Allied prison in a unique position that he can only sprinkle the blood on the altar of the begin this and it is in writing like one season steel watches is still quite modified on a real passage from one of my favorite Bible commentaries said the blood of Jesus is pleading with power and efficacy of those while Baxley the Bulls want rebellious indulgence and against great life and love safety fans and our right hand to accuse us and our applicants have been downright had to plead for us he has never lost a case that has been committed to him we may trust in our advocate for you please is own merits and on our back in this prayer before his betrayal and trial listen before us for he had us in remembrance even when we fall back into the same as the one we must stop it and even when we get discouraged and even what we want to turn and walk away from God completely given up on this moment when the enemy is surrounded with one of the hail of questioning and doubt even in those times the Bible says that we haven't had a kid in Christ Jesus that even in the drawing on our blog is playing on your back one is that when Samson laid his curly locks on the island after the fourth time he tried to get him to tell his secret but his strength would be gone so if you get in murder but what they live the lie within the world when Sampson 's I want to add and he finally call it a secret that the script is an income of the blog writes James is an end him all about Samson on the time the appointed to represent the fence and jumped up and he wanted to go out and boy is one that I will go all the Samsung did not know that the Lord had gotten themselves in regard fans and I may virtually anyone that he did not want God to lobby the development of God will come back means is gone a good evil things I would in a pit grinding one his hair was growing back this will be what we can would never pull the threat again not condition Jesus did not actually broken rebellious a rundown condition offensive is brined incorporeal enemies it is leaving eventually that he was nice enough to destroy so much so that one when Samson King what I probably would think that when Samson comes to himself at any humility praise the God again and a young boy leads into the pillars that hold that Palestinian temple complex Samsung Panasonic and Samsung pray and ask God to return to see the kids problems come back and Samson he complete his assignments without wanting to live a life league is what he's called Satan he's that you are you a life Philadelphia wanted to walk around remembering what to do that I call problem I wanted to remember when you have something to drink you shouldn't have to drink the trial to try he wanted to pull back and constantly replay in baseball and moment becoming pixels and before the throne of God as close as he can get any shouts out to third you must like goblets and plays a pleasant when you believe you send at the altar when you even put it up often when I take them out take a think and patented in the top away and put them in a friend always than I take them in trouble at the bottom of the ocean is still can't reach the bottom abuse in the regard that we haven't seen the deeper parts of the ocean reports than me and God himself that I will remember your thin no more the wildly deep-sea diving for the guys who got busted why do we want to go back and replay options that will bring this to you concerning is the wrong mind you obvious his greatest tool to leave you with a victorious life power less sinful is constantly reminded of your past you can do that you're too guilt ridden to call on God three times in the Bible and God rights reserved for write the right of those for people the ten Commandments you about November the tenth man was mailed across policy available Stallman God Ronald Lacrosse the second time downright is in the courthouses of Babylon he writes about in the Fellowship Hall they were having a drunken fit he writes in the plaster above the wall the Scripture says meeting me equally enforce the rights a judgment you're been weighed in the balances and found wanting he rights a judgment based on based on the first time he wrote in a Babylonian Empire comes to call off in a moment a woman to Jesus making caught in the very act of adult samples for sure they tried this one out his work on the ground before Jesus live in Austin this woman should be stalling Jesus what you do is you do nothing ignore the law is as you store on the mercy that he 's been talking about the latest wriggled out the window Jesus what would you do as Jesus heals down and say and begins to write Jesus God some computer housing redevelopment to tell you that Jesus is not obvious in the beginning was the Word and Word was with God in the word was God in verse fourteen seven of the fun of John wanted verse fourteen percent and the Word was made flesh he's got the mouse out of the sand against the right this is from the eldest of the men standing in what church leaders by the with all of the younger wife this thing out they begin the way we're on your jeans his responses these of neither do go into one single we humans so what you been put out on front Street which is in I don't think anyone will do when their engines is writes he writes in the same why because writing is there any justice in this flight as soon as I like the way is not about guilt usage is for supernatural things to help mercy grace love and faith both are kinds of the audience will love the love of Christ constrain us they believe in him he gives us power to live victoriously humoral versus seconds after my children these things write I unto you that you do what you and if any man sin and advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous and he is the perfect occasion for our sins and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world I went to Steve Johnson why does you no sense read Romans six always will Paul is talking to the Romans are talking about on the value was in impulsive lizard because we have brazenly Zen dolphin got us out of darkness into his marvelous light that is molded from a life of transgression and low victory and will usually be one of pointing the reason we haven't found as we can say that you don't a lot of people will become statements that Jesus Romero like to continue the Maldonado Gospel days oppressing pimps only hip-hop legal history creature as a original brought gang signs anymore original think you'll like and stamp it with Jesus and continues to live as a Christian you begin to live on first reserve and hereby we know that we know him keep his commands like the connection with God is missing or outdoor acids it is manifest that it will be either sent by no women keep not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him so keep his word to him verily is the love of God perfected hereby know we that we are in him he that saith he applied it in him ought himself also to walk in and see what we were more line from one of my favorite Bible commentaries it says true religion is the imitation of Christ those who follow Christ will deny self to crawl and walk in his footsteps following Christ means obedience to all his commandments no soldier can be sent the following commander on the field these owners Christ is our model the company Jesus love and tenderness and compassion will require that we draw near to him daily on how God has been this honored by his professed representatives represent the Solomons the singularly only Jesus that some will know they look to us who call ourselves Christians and make a judgment on based on what they see our life is about how the judge we serve originally return return from Beijing China on their lecturing at Peking University Beijing University of adolescent health issues and HIV prevention John is a very unique position than they are about there are the art they are edging on their own it is about sexual revolution records of the government official to talk to in the end professes the wondering what to do about this organization unemployment in China telling China what you need to do is begin mass distribution of condoms to do that implement an HIV epidemic from hitting a country we went a small group of us David's as it were compared to the money of Goliath in the in the condom industry and and and many other organizations that I was not trying to convince the Communist Chinese government that if they just accept problems and their means of protection against AIDS and HIV spread in China it will be successful we sat on the young people talk and settled in the classroom we sat and talked to talk with them and and and and and and these are young people who was searching one thing that was interesting we get much of a part of a fiber him with his more commonly drop in African countries the higher the injuries were the only kind of the reverse the trend of the was an outline of money against it in an invalid front reversible the government did with abstinence money is going into the fight that now the only country out of its reverse the trend of a losing job that was the ABC model and promote abstinence and faithfulness in marriage only country that is from the Chinese the disease with everything on your wife was there and as we were talking in an warm you can't say certain things come this country the government sponsors the churches that are allowed to exist while I was there in fact one of lectures one government official professor on the University sits on many government committees came to me afterwards for me aside to a woman probably in her fifties she said I was gone all the way we will warn you don't especially been working the government don't talk to them about God are one voice of my estate granted is wrong the unexplainable I could feel the presence of grassy beach C enjoy I began to explain and even my custom I was raised in a single-family threat of inconceivable to let me have it in the end of an existing family was still quite and poverty of him overcome how began to explain to the public institution momentum and program a policy that had been done for me God in a Christian mother the propaganda what is only been able to give that testimony in front of entire audience of hundreds of people and media into a joyous law people see and if you have the light of God one is called disgrace so you love my work because despite why the return is not thank you Jesus thank you for your love for your children thank you for your grace and mercy that you are God another one of the wrapped up in the guilt of my past input flows almost will you dress us up to Carson slaughter a similar law you send this out in the world and faith in the unlikely father God let us remember today that in Christ Jesus we are more in common hours and at the gates of hell cannot prevail against what you want to do with us father Godwin here needs a victory help them to accept that victory could you already got the picture itself I was there except that picture comes to walk in newness of life and help with father God never to hang our heads in the lift our heads on high our hybrids is working on Oliver 's operator in Jesus name


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