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How The Digital Age Will Rescue Medicine

Ricardo Whyte



1. Identify the Medical Practice Model Limitations
2. Discuss how a Digital Platform can massively enhance your effectiveness by 
magnifying your Professional Impact.

3. Illustrate using a Digital Platform to educate your patients and colleagues.

4. Demonstrate how patient Quality of Life is improved by using a Digital Platform.

5. Demonstrate how your income can be enhanced by using a Digital Platform. 


Ricardo Whyte

Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, Loma Linda University



  • October 27, 2017
    2:00 PM
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Father Mother God below we thank you so much for your love your carrier watched over us and Father we we thank you for the space and time that you have provided for us we pray that it would be a blessing and help that one day when you return to the sort of place and father you see them the concerns on all of our minds and I pray that you would just be in the midst of the situation that we're in please remind us that you are God you are able and we look forward to the miracle that you will work on the behalf of that thing in your holy name we pray. And I was I was on my way down here and I had the most interesting experience you know because I was I just said you know hello to the person cleaning the room and. Then I said Wanda you know how rude but I love it when I get it and she said no Jamaica now I feel really bad I'm supposed to know Jamaica and she said Are you with the prayer group and I was like well yeah and so she said. Would you add me to your prayer list you now and sounds like Sure and I just wanted to walk away so desperately and the spirit was like praying. And so you know we did but so often you know as we. Go through our day can be you know so easy to not recognize that you may have a divinely appointed moment where you don't even expect that if you wouldn't miss it. So anyway. So my name is Ricardo white I'm an addiction psychiatrist I went to Atlantic Union College for undergrad the University of Connecticut for medical school Loma Linda for my general psychiatry U.C.L.A. for my diction psychiatry I worked at Loma Linda for eight years as the medical director of their chemical dependency unit and I am now the medical director of psychiatric services at the Community Hospital of San Bernardino. So that's a little bit about who I am. And hopefully in the intro it becomes clear I'm in the trenches I am I am in the trenches and so I know what it means to be a busy clinician victimized by this current industry this industry where there are so many challenges to deliver the value that we dreamt of delivering when we became clinicians. And we can we could spend the rest of the hour just talking about those frustrations but our time would probably be better spent if we shifted over to well what do we do. What do we do is there something is there an opportunity that we are missing that if we take advantage of it we could practice in a way that we enjoy and not necessarily have to adjust our expectations for being empowered to impact our communities powerfully so that's what we're going to talk about OK is that what you came here. All right. If I could just see easy and get this over here OK so. So first and foremost. For most of us the tradition has been that you work in a brick and mortar OK you provide physical care. To a patient and there's a compensation system so it might be you're working in an organization or you're working in your private practice but the bottom line is something there's some system where you're going to get reimbursed for having provided that care for that physical contact now in that context there are a number of limitations one of the limitations obviously is there's regional impacts you know most people are going to be traveling from Africa to come over and see you unless of course you're super super specialized but there's it's regional you know restrictions the other disadvantage is have you ever like paused to consider the small percentage of your value that your patient actually gets you never think about that I want you to think about like the number of conferences you could spend time delivering and yet this patient comes and yeah I said conferences not to a workshop you could do a conference more than likely all by yourself with all the knowledge that you have amassed all right but here comes this patient who they experience at best fifteen minutes of your time fifteen and they're talking for a majority of it if you're a good clinician. And so the little bit of time you can eke out and you think about how well a small amount of your value you're able to deliver to that patients imagine of the visit when the way you really would want it to and you like hey this is what I'd like to teach you about this prospect The other thing is our industry is being ruled by insurance insurance is dictating insurance is practicing medicine without a medical degree OK insurance is practicing medicine. And the worst part of all is burning you out. It's burning you are probably everybody in this room knows of a physician or clinician who has suicided. OK it's tragic it's tragic so I'm really energized to deliver this talk to you so here's the good news the good news is this is the information age is the information age people are starting to see that to just watch empty television programs is a waste of time. They start to see that and they're starting to see that there are resources for them to access the information that they need when they need it you type on google how to blah and you get like this wealth of free no less you know but this is the information age and people are waking up to it now why is that good news for us because information really is what we're delivering. Doctor actually means educator that's actually what we were made to do is educate. Also there's a new way for how to get things into the hands of our consumers unfortunately where old Livia's to what that is like so even if we could take the time to say OK well let me package this information there's a system that we're oblivious to and when I say we're oblivious that's bad but actually it's not it's not too bad because on my way over here I was talking to an advertising you know executive and she was an advertising executive at one of the big ad firms and she's telling me dude world of advertising we don't even know what to do with this in the street at this point there being so many layoffs because we're being disrupted so much and I want to empower you with how to leverage the disruption so. First step so that like let's see if you were a clinician so in my situation I can't do anything about this I don't know if you can find out who knows. And with me get comfortable so I don't have the past. But so let me give you as concrete an example as possible so that you can begin the process of identifying how this would be relevant to you so I'll use myself as a psychiatrist how can I rather than just you know being victimized by traditional medicine how can I position myself to make a greater impact and uncouple my time from my income generation. So first up I would identify my audience so identify my eyes now who is my audience. So let's say I'm thinking about myself as an addiction psychiatrist technically I would think my my audience is an addict right well the first thing this helps me to do is to really kind of clarify my thinking how much time do you think an addict spends actually wanting recovery OK so the addict is actually has actually very little interest in recovery who is passionately interested see how it shifts so who is my audience. The family. If I'm going to create a product that someone's going to be passionate about hope I'm going to think about family this makes sense so that's a first OK well now I understand this is my family so I've avoided the mistake of designing something for the attic where they like to I don't care about that whether the super super small window of time where they'd be interested know let me design something for the family right now that we're thinking about the family the next step now is what do they want. For those of us who've had a loved one who is struggling with addiction what's the biggest problem here it is you have this loved one who has an addiction and. You don't know where to go you have questions in your mind why did they become an addict OK now that they're an addict what do I do OK what's the budget how do I pay for treatment how do I get them into treatment how do I find a doctor lot of questions right so what might be the product that they might be interested in. So I want you to think about that let's back up and let's think OK what's the practical thing I will need to send my message out so in the new system of marketing it's about cultivating an e-mail list it's about cultivating an e-mail list and so that to embellish the give you just just so you have something concrete is the one I'm using right now is called convert kit and the other one is called Infusionsoft Alright so what those things empower me to do is they empower me to how's and email a person's digital home very very important thing to have if you're going to be serious about marketing and getting your content out they allow me to howzit and they allow me to send messages out to that audience Well the question on your minds might be how do I grow my email list and so now this helps you understand why your emails have been getting just bombarded by free this and free that and free webinars and why you're on when you're on Facebook sign up for this free webinar because everybody knows everybody knows the new system the new system is I give you something for free in exchange for you to get on my email list. They also know you don't give a sham you don't give something worthless you give something of value. And the better your system is going to work the better that thing that you're giving is genuinely meaningful valuable because what that does is you're beginning a relationship you're communicating to that person hey I can trust this person they give good content so what's the product I would give to my THIS FAMILY MEMBER I would give them something like this seven things to monitor. To make sure your kid's not on drugs or if the kid's on drugs seven things to monitor that will tell you if your kid has relapsed who would give me their email list for that content and if you're hesitating it's probably because your kid's not on drugs or you might not even have a kid but if you have a little teenager right now from my email hey sign me up. You know and so now you're on this email list and then the other part of the system is you consistently provide content so it might be a blog that you're sending Hey you want to be aware of this of addiction another week hey it's interesting how the president has just announced that now the opiate crisis isn't an epidemic level you are fostering a relationship with this audience OK well what's the next thing because at what point now does this actually become income generating At what point does this become income generating. Part of the relationship with the audience one of the things that's going to emerge is you're going to be getting feedback you're going to constantly be getting questions like you know it was interesting that you wrote about this in your article but can you talk about this and hey that was a fantastic article you know that was really awesome but your audience is actually going to guide you on what the product is that you should develop So now where we are in this talk is we're going to take a look at how do you develop a product that you can actually now market what are the products that are being marketed that you can actually market digitally so that that's actually generating income while you're sleeping and at the same time. You're delivering value. First and foremost you want to be aware that before a CAT scan machine is that the TO YOUR is added to your practice before a I don't know what you want to listen my world it's like a Transcranial you know machine. The thing you want to empower yourself to do is to be able to deliver and create digital content what that means is you can videotape yourself delivering a message OK that you can turn into a package so many people there this most people are oblivious to this they're not paying attention to what do I have that can record me what do I have that I can actually you know that I can record me and then it can actually generate something a video series that I can then market whenever you start talking about making money in a Christian community especially an admin this community we get very nervous and we start saying things like why don't we adjust our expectations we start saying things like I don't really need that much money. I need you to hear me for those of you who are tired I need you to wake up because you need to hear this OK the year is twenty seven teen Jesus is about to come I really need you to hear me Jesus is about to come and the devil is so happy that we the remnant are not thinking about empowering ourselves with resources because heaven forbid we would have the resources. To source and support those ministries. That are reminding this world Jesus is about to come Heaven forbid you had money coming in to where you had the time to go on the missionary excursions that you need to go on. Heaven forbid you had the finances to be able to impact your family and your spouse and your children so that they can experience the peace that they thought they were going to experience as a result of that connection with you when I said this morning you're supposed to be like God that extends to our family that expense tends to our loved ones they should say you remind me of God. They should say that and to off than. Many of them are not saying. Because our time is so stretched our resources are so stretched so can I go on. All right so so OK so now you've empowered yourself to be able to create this digital content and other than you mean you have to make some huge investment in video people often don't care about the quality of the video they care a bit more about the audio but they care about the quality of your content and you need to know you have it you have it you have learned time OK so now what I want to video tape for these for my audience is and the neo taping. This three part series the three dimensions of purpose OK because I know it's the most important part of the message what is the three dimensions of your purpose and I'm letting my audience know look sometimes in the pursuit of helping someone with an addiction. You forget yourself you're so in the pursuit of their recovery you're not taking care of yourself. And so I want you to be aware of the three dimensions of your purpose because that behavior is actually going to be very important modeling for their recovery and I'm going to walk you through these three dimensions now you have this video series that you released to that email list and you're encouraging them to get other people you know hey here's this three thing all right and so you walk them through the three video series now what I'd like to do is I'd like to share with you what you would be doing in that three video series so let's talk about that first video in the first video what you are making clear is that you have authority about what you're talking about you have absolute authority here in Raleigh just. And and you have carved out that hey you know what it's super important that people are aware of what they are and what is it that people should know about and the feeling ology. Burning truth something they don't know that they should know that inflammatory conditions then go. What you don't know that you're eating that's killing you and worsening your neurological condition. OK. But I'm going to talking about that before that I need you to understand that you know I mean I went to medical school Melinda I was trained in neurology residency that means I've seen over a thousand patients a year it was I don't even know like like I'm any admissions have you done. Now when he says that in the video that I've seen five to six thousand people from a neurological standpoint you know a year. Person is like I think he no I think he might be able to help me these see this the you see the skill sets the talents the things that you have amassed that you're not even thinking about but how profoundly it would impact the population OK Well and so my sisters and so I have you know done about a thousand admissions per day I sit I sit with these families I hear what they're you know then I say year I hope I say you know. That's a fish no fervent. You know as a dozen Freudian slip no it feels like that but no it's a thousand a year at the end here but but I've said some of these families you know I had seen the issue and they need to know this so so I'm I'm talk about my authority and now I'm going to talk about the first the mention of your purpose and so now I outlined the first the mention of your purpose now when people are delivering this content a lot of times they feel like I should hold the good stuff back OK I shouldn't deliver the good stuff for free they have reversed Yes you definitely deliver the good stuff for free you're starting a relationship and you need to make it clear to your audience that my stuff is this is worth your time and eventually it's going to be worth your money OK. So the other piece to what you deliver for free is you're delivering the strongest content for a portion of the problem OK for a portion of the problem so in my situation I'm lining out the three dimensions of your purpose and I'm doing it over those three videos because I know there's a bigger thing that I'm going to offer OK And so we're going to get to that. Right so I delivered the content and then I end with a summary so I promised you that I was going to talk about the first the mention of your purpose I've delivered and there is another video coming in two days OK so they've had a wonderful experience they're thinking about this this is at the forefront of their thinking they may talk to other people about it hey you should really check this out you're building up buzz and wouldn't you know in two days you deliver the second part of your video but what's the formula for that second video because we're on our launch right now in the second video you're going to restate Very briefly your credentials your positioning OK The next thing that you're going to do is you're going to very quickly summarize Hey I had promised this in the first video and then I delivered and then you're going to deliver what you promised for that second video so in my situation first the mention is your power second the mention is talent the scale OK And then after that then I'm going to kind of restate the summary so I delivered what I would promised but there is a third dimension to your purpose you need to be aware OK And so you invite them to look for that third video third video what are we doing at the beginning restate your credentials because sometimes that's the first time the person is you know seeing the video that's where they're starting the other thing I'm going to do them encourage them hey go back to the first video if you missed that because it's going to really help you to understand this video OK And then I'm going to now say OK so I promise these two things I delivered them and now I'm promising this third thing and I'm going to deliver on OK and it's a strong point usually that third video you want that to be very strong OK And then now you're can then you conclude OK so I did all that but heres the issue now you know the three dimensions of your purpose however did you know there is a master process of creating that you know that you know that part of why life is so difficult is because we are not following God's master process for creating just so happens that that's true. In Genesis if you look at the seven days of the week there is a master process of creating God is modeling to us how we should create in our lives and it breaks down into the four first four days as preparation the next two days is execution and the last day is review and it's a cycle it's the master process and what God is saying is when you have a project that's how you should create in your life OK so I just gave it to you for free so don't worry I'm not selling that but I will but I want you to see what this process would look like and you can relate it to your own thing so yeah there's a bigger way and so I'm going to make that offer in the fourth video watch out for it all right does that all make sense very smooth a systematic process that some of you probably encountered at this point and never never occurred to you I could do this with my content I could do this with my content one of the thing. About the brick and mortar is your audience is regional once you're digitizing your product once you're digitizing your products once you've niche down your audience is global. Your audience is global and that's why you need not have any fear whatsoever of targeting a very specific market of defining who you are so I've now declared to myself and you know what that it a patient I it almost brought tears to my patient told me when I was about my patients sent to me. What you do is you fuse neuro science and spirituality so this is what you do this is. Again it. I get it and so now I knew I can declare myself I'm I'm not here to try to pull in people who are passionate about yoga I now know that's not my audience that's not who I'm going after I'm looking for Bible believing Christians. Who want to see how the Bible and scripture are relevant. I don't have to be bashful about that. So as when I did clear that the people who are not my audience very quickly they know that's not it and then my audience is like that's what that's it. That's it there's there's no need for any in authenticity it's Keep It Real there's that does that make sense and now here's what's happening I'm delivering value that the traditional medical context does not allow me to deliver it in and it's a much larger percentage of who I am and what I represent and how much I represent and it's people passionate about that continent does that make sense it's a marriage made in heaven so now how do you make your offer. What what is the offer and so I want to show that the word I want you to be centered on is the word packaging packaging so often we think about an offer we think about a thing we're selling what we don't think about is the packaged experience people like you to give them a packaged experience a carefully crafted package to experience so the first aspect of the package is that digital course let's say so I'm going to teach you about the master process of creating I'm going to I'm going to take about seven video. And just talk to you and share with you the master process that God has designed for how you should create in your life this is how you should work if your challenge with a task this is the system you should go through so that's the master process of creating but I'm also going to talk to you about the vital connections of homeless OK so in my offer video I would be talking to them just about what it is that I'm going to offer so the really the vital connections it's pivotal that in your process of work in your present it's not just business but you actually you actually remember to monitor your connections to the vital connections of wholeness there's no point in you working and being consumed by your work to where you're no good to yourself or your loved ones no god for thought that and there were some vital things that you should always be monitoring while you're working so we're going to also talk about that. In this new system of marketing they also talk about bonuses OK People like to feel like they're getting something extra and so the bonuses they they are designed with your audience in mind and not just that you're anticipating your audiences resistants your are your interests opinion your audiences struggle and that's how you design the bonus so. Hey here's the first bonus is parenting a challenge when you say parenting is a challenge so I've come across you know some of the top ten things you should know to help you better relate to your adolescent that's one of the first bonuses that I'm going to offer OK for this training and I mean that's true it's difficult to interact with adolescents but there are some things that's really important to know and it'll make it a little easier for the second bonus. I mentioned that people like experiences while people like the digital interaction it's really ideal if you can also include a physical interaction so one of the three bonuses is a free ticket to my workshop all right I want you guys to think about this from an evangelist extend point. I mean how powerful you know this is one of the things that's not happening is we're not relating to each other anymore we are not enjoying community anymore but in your offering Imagine if in that package you're also going to include a free ticket to coming out to a conference and relating to one another so here it is you're creating this tribe of people that are passionate about this given content whatever it is and now you're going to bring them together oh my goodness this is going to be you know absolutely amazing so I hope you're getting the principle of how you design things that will actually hit the very things that you've learned the person is passionately want to do you see that you know so the way it used to be is you design things you're passionate about you care about no now you're designing now you're packaging is relevant to the audience that you are designing it for and the last step in this you know one of the last steps in the system of designing the package is limiting the time. I'm a level four people have the hardest time in the world making a decision. It's a real struggle and so if this is on the market for ever then it's like let me come back to that a month from now a year from now and do they ever come back now so how you can support your audience is. This is going to be going for the next week and then after that it's going to be taken off the market and I don't know when it's coming back. OK So now some people they're like hey I better get it now because I know my eighty D. I won't even remember that deadline OK but remember you have their list so you can continue to the market right well by the conclusion by the conclude as you approach that deadline you're actually going to send a reminder that the deadline is about to close your cart is about to close and it's interesting because what the data shows is there are two spikes by phasing the first spike is when you open OK And then there's a low and the next spike is when you send out the e-mail reminding them it's about the clothes so just think if you had never sent that out you would have never gotten that second like OK all right and now you close and what you have is you know folks who have purchased a course depending on you know what the price was and this is the new way of marketing Now of course you're going to deliver Let me pause here and take some questions. Go for a. Very good yeah. I think. Very good so. There's a range of twenty to about forty minutes you know it's a range because. And if you're talking about the specific launch videos think about if you're a parent and you have this adolescent that you're worried about is using how much time you would set aside for that like so like the but the thing is you're delivering hard hitting meaningful content and you're definitely doing that and when that's ended you end you don't prolong it you know you make sure that that's you know. Very relevant and very potent. But yeah go ahead yes I was. You know well well said so the folk doing this and the DO IT DO IT Well not only is there a video there's a P.D.F. you know print out that they can actually transcript who said that transcript thank you but there's actually a P.D.F. transcript and again you can put some time into making that look appealing as well because you're correct people are different learners I'm visual I'm very visual so I would much rather sit and you know watch a video and watch your visual illustrations then to read the offer if I really like it I would kind of like to just cut to the chase and see what you're offering and be able to read that versus watching the whole video but as far as learning visual Now the point being it's nice if what you're delivering is multi you know whatever and it's visual you've got the written as well for but you you acknowledge the fact that your audience has diverse preferences for learning I think I saw that I. Think. Well well well so that was a bit and I also want to be clear about this because one could very quickly start to think that if I'm not dynamic and if I'm not skilled or whatever then this is not necessarily for me. For them all there are people I can reach that you can reach and there are people you can reach that I can reach one too. I want you to think about the person's position like if a person is desperate if I'm desperate for information about how to save my addict you know child you think I care that your delivery is boring. I'm judging you by the quality of your content I'm judging you by how effectively can I take that information you're delivering and say my kid that's what I care about so what I'm what I'm saying is nobody should be afraid of this what you do is make sure you understand your audience and give them what they're looking for. But this is a powerful way to deliver more of you in a way that you can control and here I see it and it's independent of insurance no more insurance running your practice I've literally seen insurance have us cut the amount of services we were offering because they were going to pay for it. It was I mean I understood I'm not criticizing I get it but that's crazy. Versus a context where you can design the package you feel it's going to be useful and it's in the pendant of insurance. Yes. What's up yours. While. So case on my site is one of one thousand hits a way sickly what you're saying is there how do you rise above the noise OK. So as far as rising above the noise this is where I think Christ example is really helpful the light OK so you don't walk into this and you automatically have this amazing audience you know that going to be doing all these wonderful things that I'm too. And you don't just have this platform it's not built overnight it's built over time now the more wise and strategic you are about doing it the more you invest into making your things look nice and professional and really being exquisitely attentive to your audience Yeah I think the faster you grow and let we'll talk about what list building looks like. But you have to give it its time and you're you actually cultivate your audience to start looking for you and talking about you and noticing you're the only person saying what you're saying I want you to try to conjure in your mind right now another psychiatry that is you know I don't know talking about you know the fusion of biblical science and you know psychiatry. Jenny you know I mean that's the one that comes to mind Daniel Byman So one of my colleagues from Loma Linda. And it's a big There are five point seven billion people implant Now how many are there I've lost count the seven billion people on the planet and it's like there's like three or four of us the market is big enough for us. There's hope it oh as you did clear what you're niches but the the mistake it's easy to make is I need to have a broad niche you know in order to get as many people as possible Apple is absolutely correct we are passionate about our people and that's what pulls people that you deliver to that person and it will naturally because as soon as they start talking about that thing oh you want somebody to talk about you know that's not this guy oh you want Bible and that's this I got the guy I got the guy I got the guy for you I know exactly who you want to talk to so don't be afraid to declare who you are and what you're interested in. And I promise that I was going to talk about what did I say just now marketing. With the building the list. There's one other thing yes the one of the thing is pod casting pod casting pod casting pod casting pod casting is simply you know choosing a given topic and talking about that given thing all right so for example my my my my issue my issue is sobriety that's my thing I could I could I could talk about the various things having to do with sobriety very easy for me to have a pod cast show dealing with sobriety and so what I know my audience my audiences you know passionate about recovery and helping their purse and so I designed shows about that I invite people in. That want to talk about you know addictions and how it's you know overlapping in their given industry and what I'm doing is I'm building the list because at the end of my talk what I do is hey I'm going to offer you a transcript and I can make an offer where if they sign up you know they'll get both notifications about when there's a new podcast notifications of my newsletter and maybe the the thing that's relevant to the show of that you know Day all right and these are the systems now podcasting is how you powerfully grow your list that that really is how a lot of people take off. A little bit challenging but the payoff is just huge because in your show talk about product placement it's your product so it's very easy for me to say by the way I want to make you guys aware of a workshop that's occurring by the way I want to make you aware of a new e-book that I've created. And it's just you can build around you can invite a guest that's helping you launch the pocket These are powerful tools now if you're a clinician it's highly likely that you are masters trained and. Above it's highly likely of that right and a good chunk of you are at the doctoral you know level I want you to think about the amount of content you forgotten more stuff than people have learned in all their lives OK I want to really think about that OK well this is why I set you up there are these bachelor's trained and lower people who are packaging content and they have multiple million dollar platforms I'm telling you it infuriates me so much as I slug it out in medicine as you deal with the thankless patient you know as you deal with so much bureaucracy and these people they are broadcasting from like we call these like boats. Canoes they're like in these canoes and I'm thinking oh my goodness. Just because they're delivering their content effectively they've built these out of this world life if you if you want to kind of you know review some of them think of the names Jeff Walker he's the one that really gets under my skin right because he's really good at what he does but he's the one that taught me he's he's the first system of this kind that I got and I was like I cannot believe this I cannot believe this but Jeff Walker look at Michael Hyatt and also look at smart passive income that's Pat Flynn these are like some of the godfathers who are doing this to where they're like they just it's baffling to them why other people aren't doing it but as a medical community as a Christian medical community as a as a ribbon and community. It just baffles me I think I think when we get to heaven by God's grace we get that right. And I think there's going to be this little guy that walks past. And then he's going to walk back you were living in the year twenty seven. This is Paul you know what I would have did with Twitter. You know what I would have done with Instagram. All that walking I did. Because I was so committed to the cause what did you do you know what I would have did with you to you to oh my god. And we're not using it. And we're not using it and so as I think about just the content that lives within you that you just take for granted as I think about the teaching that your patients are desperately in need of I'm you know I'm just like I really have to bring this to you there's a new way to practice our. Oh my goodness thank you for that thank you so much for that. Now here's what's interesting here's what's interesting so in the typical model the more money the more money you theoretically want to make you know the more people you need to see. And in your minds if you're seeing a lot of patients right now you can think of a patient you don't like a lot at all. At all very very frustrating interacting with that patient in this model that I'm describing there are levels for interacting with you so that first level there's this offer that I just talked about you know where it's like they're doing their digital course maybe they're coming to a workshop but then there are people who are like I really like your stuff I cannot get enough of you well that's interesting OK so why don't I design this package So for example now you've designed a coaching package where they have more access to you guess what you think that costs more or cost less it costs more OK because they're getting more of you then there are others who are there like Look I'd love to be in a mastermind group with you. Love to be in a mastermind group with you that's where now it's almost like your disciples you just have. Suck but like these are the people who we really want to learn at the highest level that you're teaching what it is that you're teaching and of course now here's what's interesting about those people they have utilized your information at those lower levels to where it's made an impact to where they're prepared to make a larger investment OK and they're almost upset with you if if you're not charging at the right rate you see part of what you want to do with your charging is you want to get rid of the riffraff if Pete. Well are confused about whether they want to interact The last thing you need is you have about thirty people who are serious and there's one hundred people who are not and they're ruining it for the hundred you want people they are very serious about and committed to you and so and so part of personalizing what's necessary so if you want personal time with me cos that makes sense. And so you want to think about the hierarchy of how people are interacting with you that makes sense go ahead. OK so so good point so it becomes very complicated when we're talking about practicing medicine what I'm talking about is information delivery and you know a lot of what we're doing a lot of what we don't actually get to do that we'd enjoy doing is teaching the patient I want to teach you information I want to teach you what a good pre-op what the purpose of pre-op is OK. Five things you don't know about pre-op that could cost you your life. And it just so happens you've got a surgery coming up this isn't I was talking to my dental colleagues. Twenty Things You Should Know About the teeth you want to save Don't worry about it for the teeth you don't want to say. Would you be interested. Though the see what I'm saying I could do for endocrinology I could do for Neurology I do for cardiology like there is tremendously important information that we take for granted that there is a population of people that are very interested in other questions. If. So absolutely so here it is another doctor has not package the resource of education but now they can say oh I want to spend some time with this person because they notice you actually produce a better patient a more informed patient so as a psychiatrist imagine you produce a video series why you why you need to take your meds all right never mind that when this community is like no meds OK Well also when you don't need meds because quite frankly psychiatry is moving in this new direction where it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the fact that meds don't help it's becoming harder and harder and actually there are there are these you know orthomolecular ways they are becoming more effective. Like do you think there's a patient population that is excited about learning the natural ways. To get better impact better bang for your buck in dealing with your mental illness. And and yeah more and more if I if I've tried everything. Of course I'm going to be like hey there's this guy over here and he might want to try this he's got this whole platform he's got stuff that you can access go take a look at a patient is actually grateful for the referral this makes sense so you can actually be a source of support to your colleague and we do it already a lot of times we're dealing with a patient that dealing with an issue we don't like you know our colleague can deal with that other issue does that make sense. Well I mean again I mean and you guys saw me do it you know this morning for those of you who want to the plenary session has the book The Brain That Changes Itself wonderful book to read from an evolutionary standpoint so I have the opportunity to educate the audience about how to use the book and how to not. So are you saying you're not going to create any digital content. I'm struggling with the concept there's nothing new under the sun because I'm arguing yes there is you I'm struggling what I'm saying no you are new and you very quickly start to figure out only you are you only you talk like you only you write like you only you teach like you and there are going to be some people that love it and they're going to be some people that hate it forget the ones that hate it and focus on the ones that love it OK but it's almost like there's this ready made audience of people who want things the way you're presenting it OK and I'm saying that's the good news for all of us some people it's like I need you to wear pink other people and if you wear blue Well let me focus on those that demand what I like to deliver that makes sense. Three o'clock thank you so much for this opportunity to serve you I hope that was super helpful My e-mail is Dr White at G. Mail dot com So is the. White the wage white T E I J M L dot com I'm not selling anything so I hope that was I hope that was helpful Yeah the word doctor deal C.T.O. our white delayed white T. I G. Mail dot com OK. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. My to listen to more sermon. Visit. Or.


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