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The Cutting Edge: Getting Back to Our Calling

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer


In this seminar we will look at how most lifestyle diseases can be reversed through Biblical health principles. We will also discuss how medical professionals around the world are changing lives in their communities physically and spiritually and how we can seek to best impact our region.



  1. Identify the Biblical components of a physician’s calling: Teaching and Healing

  2. Review scientific evidence for treating or reversing several lifestyle diseases with diet and lifestyle including: Heart disease, Diabetes, Depression

  3. Discuss practical ways to get back to our calling of teaching, training, and healing.

  4. Demonstrate examples of creative ways health professionals can maximize the impact of their healing work. 



  • October 27, 2017
    4:15 PM
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Heavenly Father thank You for this opportunity to study together both your word spirit prophecy in a little bit of science in this second message we pray that you would guide us in the name of Jesus Amen Well you know the motto here for this Amen is are you. Willing that's what I mean I guess it's not on me right now but on the on the tags that so many people have and are you willing and that's a kind of a we're talking about in this message and notice with me in Luke Chapter nine verse two my wife and I we try to have this the motto for our ministry anchor point films that it says and he sent them forth his disciples to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick so to things to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick God has given us basically a two fold mission and that's to preach and to heal right and this is not just for ministers or pastors or Bible workers it is for everybody right whether you're in the medical field or whether you are you know everybody we're called to be a part of this work and I love this passage we see over and over the spiritual life and you know health mixed together and talks about here in Psalms one of three three to five actually this is just Verse three it says who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases that there is this connection between the spiritual life and the physical life and God is the one who can heal both of them our spiritual life and our physical life element tells us this I find this fascinating she says in councils on health five thirty three soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines except medical missionary work and that I have a thought that this is really the last work so if you're in the medical field you've chosen wisely I praise the Lord obviously if somebody is called to something else they should do something else but what a blessing to be a part of it. Wasn't. Oh one of the interesting things is. We to give a little this is not proof of this for say but one of the countries that we were traveling to has now made it they're making it harder and harder for Christians to come into. The country and this pastor who's actually he's originally from this particular country he normally goes to his country regularly and to visit them and they give him a ten year visa normally Well one ended up happening was he goes back to renew his ten year visa and since his on his you know paperwork to get his visa he says you know he's a pastor they end up saying no we're not giving you ten years we'll give you six months now his wife signs up at the very same for the very same thing and she is a nurse Yes So they give her they give her the ten years so we're realizing that the further we go on with this work with this toward the end of time it's getting harder and harder and the health workers so necessary we read this it says Let it I love this what is the purpose of the health message let it ever be kept before the mind that the great object of hygenic reform is to secure the highest possible development of mind and soul and body but then out of this all the laws of nature which are the laws of God are designed for our good obedient to the laws of God will promote our walk happiness in this life and will aid us in a life to come so one of the reasons God gave us number one the health message to promote the highest development of body soul and mind but he also gave it to us to make us happy is an interesting God gave the health message to make us happy and one of the things I say is so you know some people talk about angry vegans and if somebody is an angry vegan that means it's not working right right because the message was to make us happier right now about the way we eat even though I eat you know kind of an extreme way but but we can totally fellowship with people who eat the same way that we do right we should be loving we should be kind because one of the reasons God gave it was to make us happy you know Oh I says in councils and I foods I love this show. She says that we should be presenting the principles of temperance the health message in their most attractive form and that is one of the things that my wife and I try to do as we travel the world teaching on these things we try to present these things in the most attractive light possible because if people see the benefits of these things they are much more likely to want to taste and see right if I told you you know this fruit that you've never had to totally change your life which I don't believe just one food could do that but if I told you that some fruit could do that you'd you'd probably think wow you'd probably think I was a quack but if you didn't think I was a quack you might want to try it and were to present these principles in their most attractive form this is interesting she said Seventh Day Adventists are to be represented to the world by the advance principles of health reform which God has given us now let me try one on that work I would have showed you a video clip here but since our audio system isn't working for us. It's so quiet I don't think they'll hear well but basically one of the things we see so seven they have been a sort of represent of the world by their advance the ED Vance principles of health reform now we make documentaries So we go around to like we said you know hard professionals are you know archaeologist various of things in our documentary called ancient health one of the things that goes through as it talks about cultures of longevity it talks of archaeology and history and one of the things you know they're talking about you know Brenda Davis She's the author of defeating diabetes she says she's not of our faith but she's done a bunch of work with people of our faith and you know they're talking here about the Blue Zones and as they talk about it one of the things that administers present is if you listen to the top health presenters on a plant based diet what is the one of the most common studies they go to to talk about health. The advent of cell studies the advent of what is that have been done they talk about these over and over and over because they're one of the greatest testaments to the truthfulness of this. And that's why they always go back to you meet people who maybe you know my wife was she she met O. a Wiccan you know like a witch door to door and this Wiccan she began to be really negative when she found out my wife is a Christian she was just kind of spoke to rudely and actually did you know the lady she said I got to go on cooking something and she said she was cooking some of the info to my wife's an arm of the and she said you are and she said you know I'm a Seventh Day Adventists she says Oh I like you guys you guys are different you know so we have an opportunity to allow the world to see these things we can share with them how you know the lower levels I mean this is the admin to small Taleb the study the California men of sixty percent lower cancer seventy six percent lower for women lung cancer lower by twenty one percent colon cancer sixty two percent lower breast cancer eighty five percent lower and so as we're looking at these things people see these things and they think there must be something to this I'm going to share with you more about this we just finished a meeting where we did a series on a short series on the got brain connection and then we went right on into an evangelistic series afterward and as we had a we had a pastor coming from another denomination he came to virtually every night except one night that he couldn't make it and the openness that people have when we mix the message we've been given with the health message is absolutely amazing he's maybe a see Dr Waring here is one hundred years old and he was working on a medical team until the age of anybody know ninety five right ninety five years old and he said here he says I when I wake up he says I feel the same way I did when I was thirty five he says but during the day I get more tired you know that you're still here but nevertheless so people see these things their lives are touched by and I will show you a bunch of video because you can't see hear what it's saying but. You know he's one hundred three this month right so he's still living in and once again this quotation that we saw that was Adventist are to be represented to the world by health print. Now and isn't it a fascinating thing that as the health messages going to the world people see these Adventists who and think about the admin to who actually followed the health message had no science to back up their their following Now we do now it only makes sense to eat this way but before we didn't have the science back in the sixty's they thought the healthiest food in the world to eat was what animal protein meat right but now we see just the opposite after the United States government and in part a study of the Seventh Day Adventists and so we can use these things as a great blessing to the world around us Ellen White says that when people begin to follow the health message even from a selfish motive that God can use that to draw them nearer to him now powerful so people may just say Hey man I just want to reverse my type two diabetes Well the good news is ninety five plus percent of them can in a very short time period I mean within six months ninety five plus percent of people can reverse or type two diabetes just by changing their lifestyle and they may do that from a selfish motive but as they do it what begins to clear up at the same time their brain does and as their brain clears up they will be more open to God and to his message so its goal for this is powerful a key to success when we are working with people the book the two greatest books on psychology I believe on the entire planet are the first and the second books of mind character and personality powerful books notice which he says if we wish to do good to souls our success with these souls will be in proportion to their belief in our belief in an appreciation of them so basically our success with people will be in proportion to their belief in the fact that we actually believe they can do it and that we appreciate them isn't amazing So if people actually think you can do it. They actually may do what you're talking about especially if they. Desire to if there's no it isn't one desire to number one like the prison in California so he doesn't want to do it I mean that's their own choice we shouldn't force anybody nor hammer them over the head but the ones who are open and we notice that we can do this now I find this you may know who Dr Esselstyn is he is I really appreciate the scientific work he did after Dean Ornish looking at reversing coronary artery disease he had eighty nine percent of his compliance out of one hundred ninety nine patients on a plant based diet with no oil so this was a more extreme diet the most Advena Soran and yet he had eighty nine percent compliance eighty nine percent could you imagine now I guarantee it took a lot of work to get eighty nine percent compliance was like one hundred seventy seven people stayed compliant out of one hundred ninety nine and that is fantastic and this guy is far as I know he's totally secular he's not even a Christian and if he's able to get nine hundred eighty nine percent compliance rate think of with the power of the Holy Spirit we have something even greater and yet this man is changing lives reversing heart disease I mean literally arteries that are nearly completely clogged begin to to be begin to open up once again the atherosclerotic plaque begins to clear out and takes time no question but medical ministry page two fifty nine says the principles of health reform are found in the Word of God The gospel of Health is to be firmly linked with the Ministry of the word she says the principles of health reform are found in the Word of God and one of the things that we try to do as we present health is to mix the Bible with it we mix it right in there with people done McIntosh we have you heard him he says he had a patient coming who is I think he was depressed and he was an atheist but Don would quote him verse after verse after verse but he would never even tell him that it was old this is Proverbs Chapter seven he would just call diverse and the guy after a while said to him wow you have a lot. The wisdom. And you know Don said to him he said Actually those are Bible verses and the guys that got me. And the point is this my wife and I we mix the Bible in and I'll tell you a little secret we mix in this stuff too right within the midst of the scientific studies and it goes over very well I mean because the courts are so great people see I mean they're like wow that's amazing not to mention there's power in prophecy that there isn't in me you understand I'm saying nor even in a doctor although you have a great amount of Already more than most people because people will trust if you're a medical professional they'll trust what you say more than almost anybody but how much more when we mix in the Word of God when we mix in the Word of God with it so you can memorize passages of Scripture that are about health and you can have them right at the right time for souls I mean here's here's one that I think is a great one you know and Ecclesiastes verse eleven not directly about health but there's a principle in it that it can apply to health it says because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil what principle can we pull out of that because sentence against an evil word is not executed speedily meaning if if every time you did something bad you suffer the consequence of mediately you would stop doing many things right like every time you eat bad food you just vomit it immediately you would probably stop eating it very very quickly. But the problem is bad food doesn't make you vomit right away it just slowly cogs or you know arteries and it slowly fills up your for your cells with interim my a cellular limpid you know fat within the cells and slowly creates diabetes because it's so slow you don't really even think about it right but so because the because the sentence against an evil work is X is not executed speedily therefore our hearts are set to do the wrong thing so we want to learn to avoid the bad things I think of this verse in Ecclesiastes Chapter eleven or seven is this truly of the law. It is sweet you get out in the sunlight truly the light is sweet and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun doesn't mean stare directly into the sun but now we know that what is there a benefit to being out in the sun for your even mental health yes there is right so we have versus the foundation of these things sure not everything is there but the foundation is laid in the word of gone now the video clip which I can't show you because we don't have good sound but once again actually this is one of my friends here is in the video and he hasn't seen it yet so he's saying the first you know time he's in the video but but but he can't he can't hear it so he's going to have to watch the video later but this this is abt this is this is about how animals and even plants have a seven day rhythm very very interesting you know that's what this was some of these people are talking these biorhythms are what what scientists call circus cept in rhythm the seven day rhythms very powerful I wish I could show it to you because it it just gives me chills every time I watch it how powerful and they tie that in they say why is this there is nothing in the universe there's nothing in the stellar heavens that give evidence of this why is it happening and then they say to me this is a great evidence of a creator god and they go back to the Sabbath very very powerful we can mix things together as we share with people about the work of the Word of God very powerful things and it will also give them greater strength to overcome when it comes from got I was not able to overcome smoking until I realized that God was the one who said that my body was the temple always for I had no idea the Bible said that but when I saw that it actually God's word gave me the victory so now we're going to talk about we're talking about the cutting edge getting back to our cutting edge message and I actually believe our cutting edge messages actually are all the message we're going to be looking at this so one of the reasons so why are we to have health centers Why are Santa to. Needed sanitariums are needed in which successful medical and surgical work can be done those institutions conducted in accordance with the will of God would remove prejudice and call our work into favorable notice the highest aim of the workers in these institutions is to be the spiritual health of the patients to the patients so the spiritual health of these patients should be the most important thing to every medical practitioner within our health institutes That's the highest aim and then it says successful evangelistic work can be done in connection with medical missionary work it is as these lines are united that we may expect to to gather the most precious fruit for the Lord so as we unite the the gospel with the health message it will do it will have a powerful impact on the world around us notice the qualifications of the workers in medical ministry page one ninety nine in the sanitariums workers are to be trained some of whom will be connected with the institution while others will go out as medical missionaries notice what it says of these in whatever line of work their labor whether as physicians nurses or helpers should be firm upon the principles of health reform and all the points of our faith so in our medical institutions how many people should be solid on our faith. Everybody that works in our medical institutions be should be solid on our message not powerful we want to fuck up that they would all be solid in health principles and solid in the points of our faith that as they come in contact with the patients or go out into all the civilized world and to the regions that lie and heathen darkness the truth of God on these subjects may be given to them I think they're so powerful if our if our institutions could be united even in the faith what a powerful work they could unite together in to do and so one of the reasons were potentially to. Not to league up and join up with nonbelievers right and so we been given these messages and so what do we see here some so take positions where you where you can share she says a medical ministry page forty seven it would be a serious mistake for you to accept the worldly position where it would not be possible for you to do the medical missionary work that God desires you to do do not make this mistake so as a as a medical practitioner we don't want to enter into lines that we can't be ministers right we want to be able to actually be a minister within this field that we're given because that's the foundation of all the health work that we can actually be a spiritual impact as well as an impact to their health so this is this is crazy and I don't even know what to make of this but I'm trying to read virtually everything Ellen my has to say about health to get a real good conceptions or reading book after book on the subject and and I'm I'm just wondering if you take this for what it is notice what assess receive into our sanitariums only those who desire to conform to right principles. Those who will accept the foods that we can conscientiously put place before them should we allow patients to having talks getting liquor in their rooms or should we serve them with meat we could not give them the help they should receive in coming to our sanitariums we must let it be known that from principle we exclude such articles from our sanitariums and our hijack restaurants do we not desire to see our fellow beings freed from disease and infirmity and in the enjoyment of health and strength then let us be Astrue to principle as the needle to the pole so it's interesting because you know Dr Neal Barnard is not of our faith but he's come and spoken at you know maybe adverse can meetings or churches or what have you one of the things he did is he started a medical institution that feeds people of the given diet is that interesting and I prophesied that it would come to the point where other people outside of our faith would begin to realize that this was necessary and so people are out there realizing hey if we're going to start a medical institution why don't we do it based upon scientific principles of health even though they're not of our faith they're beginning to realize this and so imagine what we could do with her and praise the Lord we have institutions doing this and not to downplaying that we absolutely do not and I'm proud of this place I've had the opportunity to travel around to different health centers that we have and praise the lord they're doing a wonderful wonderful work so I'm going to share with you some quick things on diabetes very quickly some of the cutting edge things taking place in diabetes a few different diseases and they're going to get back to a few points so first of all what is disease if we understand this conception that only gives us somewhat disease IS IT revolution is it there can be a revolution in the way we think about healing and treating disease she says the disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions or result from a violation of the laws of health. In case of sickness the caution be ascertained unhealthful condition should be changed wrong habits corrected the nature is to be assisted in an effort to expel impurities and to reestablish right conditions in the system so because I used to think before becoming adverse I would get a stomach ache and I thought a stomach ache you got a stomach ache because you are human humans just get stomach aches right and sometimes even in medicine it can be thought that too that we just don't know why certain things happen and certain things we don't know but there's still a cost somewhere even if we haven't figured out what it is yet right and certain things obviously we're not able to turn around I mean certain things are just too far gone but we're going to talk about this you know this is taken from Nathan Pritikin who was one of the forerunners this man had heart disease and so going in at the end of his life he changed to a plant based diet he allowed them to do an autopsy on his body at the end of his life after having you know hard disease at the end of his life when they opened him up they said that his arteries were as clean as an eighteen year old after changing his lifestyle and in you know this is taken from the Journal of Applied Nutrition and they were looking at certain countries of the world that had populations that were largely atherosclerosis free Bantus in Africa who lived on a ten percent fat diet have disease rates near zero hard disease rates near zero heart disease specifically New Guinea where they also had about ten percent fat diet of six hundred autopsies only one person died from heart disease so that's you know less than one in one hundred and in an area of Ecuador eight hundred people study that a mainly a whole plant based diet with one serving of a week of animal protein also had dark does heart disease rates near zero twenty five populations on low fat diets had a low level of heart disease so in this you know in the Journal of Nutrition it goes on to talk about a study that was done thirty eight men with advanced atherosclerosis average age of sixty were put into two different groups. So much that they had atherosclerosis so bad that so much that they could not walk on a treadmill faster than one app miles per hour without stopping from pain from angina angiogram showed clogging of arteries even after these people had gone through bypasses and the control group in the experimental group were both told to walk daily and to try to stop smoking but to but the control would not change their diet so that So the one group they would you know do a little exercise and stop smoking and but when change their diet but the experimental group ate the diet of atherosclerosis free populations in the world eating a basically an eighty percent carb diet so super high carb diet and what was the result of this well as they did it the results were in two weeks cholesterol was down an average thirty percent in those who went on the plant based diet and individual had a straggler from three hundred sixty to eighty five in just two weeks five weeks on the treadmill their scale increased those in the plant based diet by eight hundred percent nine of the men who are hypertensive in the study began were all off their meds and not hypertensive in five weeks so these guys I mean you can imagine they are off all of their meds in just five weeks that's phantom I've seen it at the Black Hills Health and Education Center when we spent time there lady coming in what was she like five blood pressure medication six blood pressure medications and three weeks she was off all of them it's amazing how fast the changes can take place and for all the subjects were diabetics two of which were on insulin and within six weeks all were off all drugs and insulin so people within within you know weeks within six weeks can be fully non-diabetic many of them not everybody some people will take several weeks longer other people take just a couple weeks we just had in the seminar we just did up just a few weeks ago in Maine we had actually she was a pastor's wife of another denomination she was diabetic her blood. Sugars were running about one fifty to one seventy before coming to the meetings and then she began to try to be better she came back and she wasn't taking any medication and that was just her choice she just you know some people just won't do it she wasn't taking any medication to not not two weeks later about eight days late later she came back she went from the one fifty's to one seventy's down to one twenty six so she was and that's the that's just the first level of type two diabetes you know starts at your blood sugars at one twenty six or so if she would have gone down one more point she would have been in the pre-diabetic range at that point so it's a May and that was in a daze a days with no with no medication and it's amazing now sure she wasn't in the two or three hundred her blood sugar wasn't two or three hundred but it is amazing how fast these things can change so this is from each Sweeny is an old study that was done medical students were put on four different diets one of them was a high fat diet one was a high carb diet one was a high protein diet and one was fasting so I don't know that you can I guess it's a diet Well no food but no not quite a diet and what ended up happening was fascinating now I don't think any of these were really healthy diets they put them on the high fat diet group was like it was basically eggs and it was all of oil it was just a bunch of very very high fat foods then the high carb group was sugar. White rice I think was what else was basically just a bunch of bananas and oatmeal so some some of things are good and what they found is that two days later just two days this is a very short sighted to date and these were unhealthy medical students with no prior you know type two diabetes so two days later they did a glucose tolerance test and the high protein group within two days became pre-diabetic within two days right so high protein can potentially have negative impacts in the study the hype high fag who became diabetic within two days and because it was a significantly high high fat diet and then they gave you know the sugar challenge the drink they had to drink and ended up knocking them into the diabetic range of the two days. The high carb group was normal and they were eating just sugary foods but since they were in a very low fat diet Dr. It's a guy from Germany. Who Kempner Dr Walter Kempner who basically put Duke University on the mound people people on an extreme like ninety percent carb diet and it was white rice fruit and sugar but he was doing it for a very special reason for their kidneys strangely enough and I don't think sugars a healthy diet but he was doing it to get the basically very very very very low protein to reverse kidney disease he literally put Duke University on the map because of this strange diet he was putting people on but that same diet was reversing type two diabetes even though it was like almost completely carbs he was ninety percent carbs but it reversed the type two diabetes so we're to talk about this in the last message if you were here in the British Medical Journal fruit actually generally lowers your chances of coming down with type two diabetes so. But this is the quote I talked about Notice what all my says because we saw here that certain foods like. We saw prunes which are dried plums or the plums they're blobs So noticed plums lower your chances of type two diabetes this much but if you drive them into a prune they lower your chances of type two diabetes even more and once again we were told us all show you as soon as you get your picture. And you know know from Notice what L O I says about this she says when wherever dried fruits such as raisins prunes outpolls pears peaches and apricots are obtainable at modest prices it will be found that they can be used as staple articles of diet much more freely than is customary with the best results to the health and vigor of all classes of workers is not interesting meaning many people would think all stay away from you know dried fruit because it's so filled with sugar but interesting Lee enough some of these things can actually make they actually have a low on the glycaemic index did you know that dates are about eighty percent by weight are about eighty percent sugar but did you know that according to the study done through Harvard the dates are actually a low glycaemic food meaning they slowly let off the sugar from them why because they're in the package that God created that makes sense and so very fascinating So let's go for it so let's move on from type two diabetes people can reverse in a very short order I mean it's it's fascinating it's not that complex just going on a whole food plant based diet and especially if they get rid of oil they'll reverse it very very quickly in ninety five plus percent of the people it's fascinating so hard disease diagnosis drugs this is fantastic the most cutting edge cholesterol lowering stand drugs we have lower your risk of dying from a heart attack by three point one percent over the next six years so Stanzel help lower your chance of of having a heart attack by three percent is that exciting. Not to me but notice. Dr Esselstyn did a second study on pace. Since with what they called a stablish cardiovascular disease these were people they already knew had cardiovascular disease and a low fat plant based diet for those who are fully compliant reduce the risk of major cardiac events by sixty percent so one of them the drugs help three percent in his diet although he used drugs so maybe it was like fifty seven percent out of that but check out the actual rate look at this out of one hundred seventy seven compliant test subjects only one had a stroke that means ninety nine point four percent of those who stuck on the plant based diet with no fish meat dairy or oil or voided a recurrence ninety nine point four percent of people is that not amazing I mean as unreal these statistics are just I mean mind blowing how beneficial these things actually can be for people's health and once again he had such and why is another reason the Esselstyn patients were so would stick to the program even after he stopped doing the program with him. Because they felt so good they feel so good they don't want to let go of it right and once again we should present the health message in its most attractive like you're going to feel so good you want to give it up right so here we see an actual scene preventing them reversing heart disease all subjects had advanced coronary artery disease most acutely suffering from enjoying the most had one or more bypass surgeries or angioplasty twenty three men one woman and the six dropped out so they. Could stay that was the first study and then he did the latter one with one hundred ninety nine people and what were the results they put them on a ten to twelve percent fat diet similar to those atherosclerosis free people of the world and they his study they also used Staton Stetzer you know blood cholesterol lowering love and drugs for five years they had an average cholesterol went from two forty six to one thirty seven that's total cholesterol and basically if you can the idea is if you can get it from the. What's it called the elevated County. Well studies show that basically people under one fifty total cholesterol they didn't find anybody that had a heart attack in that particular study so they say if you can get it under one fifty you're nearly Not exactly but nearly heart attack three are attacked proof so they drop to one thirty seven and I'll tell you when I went totally plant based and nothing refined my cholesterol was all it went down to I think it was about one thirty seven or one thirty eight right about there so it works and I did it wasn't yet prior to that was I was still vegan but my cholesterol was higher and you know when I went to one of the doctors it was he said you know you feel kind of high cholesterol but finally when we went whole it actually got me down to that one thirty seven thirty eight level so under one fifty of the eleven participants that were able to have an angiogram after five years it was discovered that all of them had stopped any progress of heart disease and eight participants had ten to thirty percent reversal of the prop plaque in their arteries so plant based I can actually literally begin to open up arteries again in nine of the. In nine of the patients who started off with angina all of them were drastically improved in the degree of pain and two had completely reversed that they had a benefit sex life because your arteries begin to open up again and twelve years of those completely compliant not one of them had increased heart disease that's fascinating so you don't you don't have to have increased you don't have to increase your plaque in your arteries from here till you die you basically don't have to and anybody aged ten in America and above already has streaks within their arteries your average person anyway unless you were on you know your children are a great plant based diet so this is interesting this is another study by Dr Fleming Richard Fleming a study on reversing our disease he had twenty six people in a plant based diet for a year but some of them on their own just chose to switch to the popular low carb diet which is very popular get a low carbs get away from carbs are bad for you what ended up happening well. After a year of the bed group they were on a fifteen percent fat calorie diet so low fat calories they decreased their atherosclerotic plaque by twenty one to twenty two percent in one year but the group that changed to this this low carb diet those on the low carb high protein diet increased their plaque by thirty nine point seven to fifty two percent in one year that's amazing isn't it but the strange thing about some of these low carb diets is they can actually lower your cholesterol levels so you might have the markers of a healthy lifestyle if your doctor says You look fantastic What are you doing on me a real you know high fat or high protein diet you can look good you can lose weight and you can even have lower levels but could it be possible that it could be doing this to your arteries increasing in one year by thirty nine to fifty two percent yes and about. That there. Are. More. There. Yes. Well Dr. That that is true that is very true in one of it when you live when you look to the health professionals who are into a plant based on one of the reasons they surmise and I think they're probably right is when you look at people when you look at a population those with lower levels of cholesterol if you come down with cancer in the latter portion of your cancer you know life what happens you get skinnier and skinnier and no matter what diet you go on if you get skinny enough guess what goes down cholesterol so at the last point of your life if you're on help if you're dying of some various diseases causing you to be skinny or you have look you have you have very low cholesterol so if you put a population together that's probably one of the reasons because it is true that what they found is that people with normal cholesterol have just as many heart attacks but the problem is what is normal Remember to a normal medical professional normal cholesterol is you know under to her. Right so somebody who's one eighty is normal but they're just as likely to have a heart attack as someone with twenty so the point the point being but what they found is speaking of like the county health study is that once people got to below that one fifty mark by a healthy lifestyle not by cancer diagnosis that you know it's probably less likely to actually have a heart attack so that's just take it for what it's worth So let's go for it and here's angina on a plant based diet in Dean Ornish is first publication he showed how he put people on a nearly vegan diet without exercise and so these people have angina which you know terrible chest pain from any exertion what happens within twenty four days less than a month they lowered their in incidence of enjoyment by ninety percent so you realize how fast these lifestyle diseases can begin to reverse now it's not totally reversed in twenty four days but the pain can begin to go down very quickly and you can see why people might want to actually stick to it they may actually want to stick to it so this is fascinating I thought this is very real in here I read this you know and in essence Staines book in one thousand nine hundred six Dr Esselstyn use the Daniel type diet when I say that I mean a whole plant based diet to combat the effects of an individual who had substantially poor circulation in a portion of their heart within ten days of the diet he put these people within ten days of a dental type diet there and and cholesterol lowering medications which he does the meds with it the patient went from two forty eight to one thirty seven that's within ten days you could potentially get your your cholesterol within the safe zone within ten days that's a very fascinating so in three in only three weeks a repeat scan was done of the heart and the blood flow had been restored to that portion of the heart within just three weeks that's why these things are not you know people they often change my diet is going to take years you know is going take months or months it's amazing that within days you know within literally two days. Yes some people who have neuropathy from diabetes within two days it begins to go away when they go on a plan based on something someone takes you know one thousand days or whatever and someone takes even a bit longer but some people very rapidly begin to notice the difference so talk about cancer and this is the one we do not have I don't know there's another guy teaching here and maybe he did I thought Man I'd like to go to his presentation but happens I mean I was speaking at the same time so I could hear him but we I don't have the answer we do know the answer for our disease we know the answer for ninety five plus percent of diabetics but this is there are some factors that we can actually do to benefit and lower our chance at least of cancer this is Dean Ornish did a study in two thousand and eight on cancer and epigenetics of men with low grade prostate cancer this is fascinating thirty men with low level prostate cancer who chose not to have to go on to conventional therapy so they just kind of were going to let it go and see what happened they he put them on a three month lifestyle intervention and the the intervention was basically a low fat plan based. Stress kind of learning to deal with stress it was also social interaction Oh it's all there I guess I have it all oh it's all there OK Yes So the innovation was a plant based diet moderate exercise support groups and training it's the stress management so the genes were tested and they discovered that before the intervention four hundred fifty three genes. That were disease promoting were turned on and so so they were turned out so you had these disease promoting genes you know in their you know looking at the epigenetics of these people they were turned on forty eight genes that were disease fighting were turned off then what ended up happening was as a result they found that those four hundred that four hundred fifty three of those disease producing genes they ended up producing genes turned off so meaning these disease promoting genes and upturning. Often the ones that were the forty disease fighting genes were turned back on within three months of going on a healthy lifestyle so many Your body may be better able to fight within weeks to months just by getting on a plan based on this one guarantee it's not like type two diabetes where ninety five percent of people can just you know reverse it it's not as simple with cancer but it's good for the Boyd or cohort which is a sixty year follow up starting with four hundred four thousand nine hundred ninety nine people found that people had a thirty eight percent decrease in cancer for those who consume the highest intake of fruit as children so if you've got kids and you want them to have a later less and less likelihood of cancer later in life you want to have them eat as much to up fruit as possible fruit is sold very very good for you and we just read what I said about it that's just fantastic for the best results to health so this is this is a sixty year follow up so something you know fruit is just fantastic for fruit also lowers your risk it's right around forty percent of China's there was a study not the China study but another study done in China with right around half a million people found that those who ate the highest levels of fruit in China had about a forty percent lower chance of heart disease also so for it's fantastic you know the Bible says in Psalms one of three Verse five that God is the one who satisfies your desire with good things so that your youth now the King James says who satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the Eagles when you try these things when your patients try these things with people you're working with or you do clinics or you teaches things in church when people actually find the benefits of it they're much more likely to taste and see that the Lord is God God is the one who satisfies our mouth with good things I'm going to finish with just a few things on cancer nature and cancer this is interesting and this is a time. The study but you're going to see that this study actually matches a bit of what the Spirit of Prophecy says now this is new in nature enhancing your immune system and they were looking at you may have heard of what are called natural killer cells in the immune system that can help attack things like tumor cells natural killer cell activity can actually part of the new system that can attack things like cancer cells and this was a study a very small study twelve males from from large corporations were taken on a three day to night trip into the forest they spent time walking in the forest eleven out of the twelve had nearly a fifty percent higher levels of natural killer act so natural killer cell activity after walking in the forest for three days they all they also saw an increase in natural killer cells so not only did the the the natural killer cells do their work at fifty percent better they're actually more natural killer cells in the body when they went out in nature and you think will Chad could have because they went on a walk well they thought of that and so the but the change began to take place in one day of being out in nature one day check this up so. Well eleven of the twelve men took the same length trip into the city and walked the same amount so it was two and a half day walk so they did the same thing in country same thing in the city now did it have the same benefit they saw no benefit to the natural killer cell activity in the city trip and as now fascinating there's something powerful and if if these natural killer cells can be one of the factors could it be that we want number one to spend more time in nature could it be true that maybe we should have our health institutes out in nature right that's a good question so the benefit that they called that forest bathing and I don't mean actually bathing and just misspending time out in the forest it lasted for a month after being there is not cool so what they suggested they share that. May be beneficial to take a monthly trip to the forest to enhance your immune function if you don't live in the country and the great so get out and especially many kids get him out there and you needed to so let's go for it so maybe God should have told us this well maybe he did right nature is gone physician the pure air the glad sunshine the beautiful flowers and trees the orchards and vineyards and outdoor exercise amid these surroundings our health giving So the trouble is which one of these things are the benefit of all of them that's why it's kind of hard to tell when somebody walks around nature why did it help was that the fresh air was at the sunshine was it the fact that they got there soon drank water was it you know the smell of the pines maybe it was all of them you know we do we don't know exactly that's what it's kind of hard to tell but it helps check this up make you you pricing this is nothing new here but Dr Roger all rich you can you probably heard about this study the study of the hospital window study where they they had he began to notice that his patients that after their surgery certain patients were healing faster than others and he was trying to figure out why are certain people healing faster than others and he started to notice a correlation and then they found they did a study on it that there corroborated his assumption that what they were looking outside of their window would actually give them either longer recovery time many would take longer to recover or shorter recovery time and he found that the people in general with the shorter recovery time the people would heal faster had outside of their window deciduous trees so they had you know you know trees with the leaves or what have you so they had those trees out their window and the other people that were not healing as fast they ended up having a brick wall out their window and so as they're looking out their brick wall you know the window and brick wall they found that they not they have had they seem to be more depressed the ones who are looking out on a brick wall they seem to have they needed to get more medication for their pain medication they needed higher levels and I think it was like four to one. The ones who had a brick wall the lookout on would have about four times more if I was you the three to four times more. Pain killers because they didn't have anything nice to look at and so they had more luck and then it took them about a day longer to get out of the hospital which is just a day but hey you know if you're more depressed you've got more pain when you want to get out of hospital a day earlier if you could you know and so nature I have an entire presentation of studies and the Spirit of Prophecy showing you know new studies on on how the health is so important in connection with nature powerful powerful studies coming out that totally back up what we've been told now why didn't she tell us these things she did right she said the advantage of outdoor life must never be lost sight of out of the cities out of the cities this has been my message for years we cannot expect the sick to recover rapidly when they are shut in within four walls in some city with no outside view but houses houses houses nothing to animate nothing to enliven and yet how slow some are to realize that the crowded cities are not favorable places for up sanitarium work is this amazing and what's also amazing is other people are beginning to realize the stuff these things not just us right what they did in our early church you know what they did they had built you know in the cities and they realized what they should do is they should actually move those places to the country I was just reading about that you know they were this one Health Institute was in the city and they realized well you know it's not the best place so what they decided let's just let's just move out and they moved it out further out into the country and that's one of the great things about that is you can sell it and make a ton of money and then you or you can build something even better around the country who built two or three because you sold it for so much money on the country to be way cheaper to build such a place and yeah and that's that's one of the things we can do so check this up it is that thirsting souls maybe lead to the living water that we plead for Santa. Harems we need we plead for sanitariums not expensive math that massive sanitariums but homelike institution it's in pleasant places so we're not really called out these massive health institutions or rather homelike institutions in pleasant places never never build mammoth institutions let these it let these institutions be small and let there be more of them that the work of winning souls to Christ may be accomplished it may be often necessary to start sanitarium work in the cities started there but never build a sanitarium and a city right so. I don't know. I don't know I can't tell you exactly what that is on but it's not mammoth it's not as small so you kind of have to figure that out on your and everybody has to go by what they read and study for themselves I'm not the standard we're just trying to figure out what it what is our calling here what is getting back to this calling and but one of the reasons she tells us she says she tells us why not why not have massive institutions the world loves massive institutions she says because when you have massive institutions it's hard to keep up the spirituality in massive institutions do we find that to be true yes or no. Or something to think about right so we've been given this calling to build these small she calls them whole like institutions home like so I don't know how big a home should be nor do I know how big the institution but there may or may not be small institutions because then we can have this powerful spiritual impact on the people that are number one working and she talked about even the spiritual in Pope or of the people that work there that it's harder when you have these large institutions so let's go for I want to challenge you just with a few things in closing these are just I'm some things I'm thinking number one considering the book medical ministry it's a compilation but it's a great book and I think it's very powerful if you're in involved or interested in medical work read the book medical ministry she is just it's compilation but it's a great work and number to consider if maybe you already work for some institute praise the Lord but maybe maybe you feel that God could use you socially some of our young people who are here maybe God will call you to start some new health center somewhere you know a bunch of these places were started years ago and praise the Lord for but there's still we need medical medical centers everywhere outside of every city it would be amazing to have these kind of things as a as a light to every community we can do the special work in the city but we can have our sanitariums outside of the city and they don't have to be massive like we said it could be a small home like institution console's consider opening up a new healthy. Or for the purpose of being a light in some new area right many places in this country don't have you know faithful Adventist Medical professionals they have been all over the place but maybe some center where we can do a great powerful work so I would challenge you really consider the Holy Spirit puts on your i think of these young people I think of the young people of old in the adventures they had they had this drive to do something incredible and God will use you in a powerful way if you go forward and say God is your will for me to be a part of something like this I would love to see ninety five percent of my patients completely reverse type two diabetes with no medication whatsoever you know I would love to see my patients reversing our disease and going from not being able to hardly walk into my office to climbing mountains which literally happens there's no there's no drug that can do that there's no drug out there the one one of the drugs out there to help can increase your exercise by about thirty seconds. But a plant based diet and get a so you can start walking mountains again so you could be a part of something that could totally change lives and and even if you know you can even teach people to do it now I don't mean that you're all going to have an hour to do it one of the one of the one of the evidence doctors that I don't know him personally but I know his son and what the dad does he knows he can't spend an hour with every patient train and all these things so what he does is he hires his son to have classes so if you come in and you have type two diabetes then he put you in the diabetes class and then his son teaches them about how to reverse type two diabetes if you have heart disease you get put in the and that the doctor doesn't have to do anything he can still do is eight minutes and go on with you know the next patient and but he can put people in places where they can learn all these things so we can do this is a community you know we can work together you don't have to do everything you don't have to be a one man or a one woman show but you can we can work as a community to get these things done so but maybe got to use you to open up a new health center and number three Learn to pay with you pray with your patients one of the dock. I know she she has one of the patients can pray with you and most your patients will be open to it you'll find most all your patients will be open to it but one of our patients didn't like it so went on you know one of those websites and said I don't like this lady should try to pray with me or whatever and you know that terrifies doctors doesn't it but guess what one of her other patients came and she said I came to you because I saw someone said that you you prayed with him. And so she came in because of it so you may lose one again another N L Y What did she say we should only let people come to their institutions who are you open to the things that we have to share right now you can't mean that I can choose to if they open a spirituality she's talking about health principle specifically So if somebody doesn't want it they don't want and that's OK We don't want to force anybody I don't believe and if your patients is no don't pray with me don't pray with them no problem you know but your brain your heart you know. So pray with your patients number four pray that your practice would be a means to bringing people to the truth he'll do it if you pray that you pray that God show me who to talk to please use my practice as a means of winning people the truth he will do that just talk to a doctor you just gave I think two examples within the last year you know just very simple things and these people just he said to one of the one of his workers he wanted to come on a mission trip with us they went on a mission trip they start coming to church now they're an Adventist he another patient are known. Yet another patient I think maybe invited them them on one too and same thing we did to two patients within a year or two one was a worker and almost a patient it's a Another thing is to memorize scripture to share with your patients memorize scripture find versus that would be perfect maybe encouraging versus maybe verses about health and you know have to share versus with every single patient when you notice somebody is open you know really touch their heart that you have something to share from the Word of God right at the right time so I want to challenge you to give some of these things a try and. Then one more one more no that's it OK now yeah i know i've thrown out a lot here today but I have such a burden I see these things opening up all over the world for our people and but I also see that there are others doing almost the identical work that we were called to do but instead New Age is a part of it instead there are so they're doing all eight Laws of health all eight laws including trust in the divine but the Divine is a different source literally and so in saying that I am in a sense I feel like a godly jealousy over that like No let's get back let's do the right thing let's do a God has called us to do in a powerful work there's no more powerful work I mean we're told that you will do your work can be ten fold greater than that of the minister I just was in a nother foreign country met an Adventist doctor who is running he he owns a resort that people come and stay in he runs to hospitals and he runs a school and Advena school you do you know a school there in the resort and this man has patients in his house and people and he's studying the Bible we're over there one day there are a couple lesbians he was studying with and a an Olympian you know somebody had been in the Olympics and this guy's constantly witnessing and people are coming because they're open to him they're in you would be amazed how open people will be you will be amazed how if you just try say God you show me who you you may be terrified of witnessing to people but God will use it if you are only willing so consider some of these things memorize some scripture to share with people pray with your patients pray maybe God's calling you to open a new center get together with some other people and maybe hobby it could be a small place and if it grows praise the Lord if it doesn't well maybe to be a small wonderful place also whatever it is so pray about what God would have you to do because I'll tell you the more I study these things out the more I'm convinced these things really are the cutting and. Which they are the kind of I just saw Dr Who not of our faith but he has a he's a plant based. He runs a Health Institute and connected with the Health Institute he has a farm and people here and they're like could you imagine how amazing that is this guy has a Health Institute and he's growing healthy food for it and I'm thinking man we've been doing this stuff for years right but what if we did more and more of these kinds of things right the world to see the world is amazed by these things and we can once again get back to being the cutting edge let's close with prayer. Heavenly Father. We thank you for these challenges that you have in your word and. I don't even claim to understand all of these quotations but Lord I know that you have a greater and greater goal for not for every single one in this room including myself. Lord that you have a plan and a purpose for a life that is higher than the highest vision that human minds can conceive of or toll and Lord I pray that you would do fantastic things I pray I pray that I thank you that studies have been done to Ornish and Esselstyn and Fleming to show that we can reverse type two diabetes admin to seven doing this for years and we just didn't have the studies and and same thing with type two diabetes but now you know studies have come out to show these things but Lord I pray that you will help our some of our doctors to figure out how to reverse completely various cancers I pray that you would help us to learn how to reverse schizophrenia completely I pray Father that there are other diseases that we don't maybe know that maybe somebody does and I just don't know it but that if we don't know father that you would give supernatural insight to your people that we will see something higher that we would be willing to test the Word of God we would test the Spirit prophecy these things worked even though we didn't have the studies now we have the studies. A father for I pray that we would look in there and maybe find a new nugget that we've never known we've never tested and as we test it we would see lives transformed I pray that you would work miracles in our lives may we uplift each other build each other up and be a part of this a last great work that will go forward at the end of time and may be mingled with the Gospel not separated but may the health the spiritual the true spiritual life be mingled that lives and be prepared for eternity we pray in the name of Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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