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Praying With Patients

Brian Schwartz David Small


Drs. Brian Schwartz and David Small will share stories where praying with patients was the pivotal factor to achieving a great physical outcome, in addition to the spiritual impact it has had on their patients. You will be inspired by the simplicity - just starting to pray with patients has transformed their practices into a ministry.


1. Discuss the value and importance of praying with (for) patients

2. Identify “do’s and don’ts” in clinically based prayer
3. Demonstrate how to begin praying with patients 



  • October 27, 2017
    4:15 PM
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Where Nancy and I are very happy to be here and it's nice to. Him during this time to share a little bit of some of our experiences that. Help us to believe in and prayer are the basis for belief in prayer obviously should be Bible God's Word which should be the most important but personal experiences also. Play a role and there's something about living through an experience that helps to cement it in one's psyche. In nineteen sixty eight nineteen forty eight. My parents are we lived in Loma Linda and my dad southwest US vacation spots that summer decided that we would go up to price canyon in Utah her campaign vacation. In those days cars and not have air conditioning going across the desert in August from Southern California to Utah was hot so we would leave home in the evening leave about eight o'clock in the evening drive all night across the desert going up through Las Vegas and Utah early in the morning it'd been raining and for some reason the car had a slick spots planned out road. And. It was very hard on that forty seven Chevy. We had all our camping gear in the back of for a mission my sister myself my parents fortunately nobody was hurt and. That they wish. And arranging it for the kind of pain which you talk about twenty miles away. But took my dad into town here range for a record to come out and and all that stuff so getting things arranged getting the car Tony and and chopper time and early to bed in a motel. I remember his career that he. The four of a seven hundred miles from home all bunch of camping gear I wrecked car what do. Shortly after we went to sleep there was a knock on the door and somebody hollering for Doc. In those days my dad was a path ologist I used to do a lot of options an area mortuary and it turned out the man knocking on the door was a market pond and up close five zero Melinda. He and his wife had been back to Detroit and it picked up a new Packard hearse. And. Were driving home it wish they'd stopped earlier than they had planned you just said you didn't quite know why they were impressed to stop at that particular motel but anyhow you saw my dad's name on the hotel register and. Learned what had happened and the upshot Wes The next morning they voted as well or stuck to the universe and up the road home but most people do not get to enjoy the nicer person is due to some marvelous car due to full plush holes with me and it was really neat. But you know God not only can answer prayer but he's got a sense of humor in there and so you know it how it helped in my life to realize yes prayer is something that really works now. Why do I pray with patients. I can't share what I don't have or what I don't believe so obviously and I I did not include the tax and all the background stuff I know that most of you are well acquainted with the myriad of promises in the Bible relating to prayer and also the spirit of prophecy I have just been reading a very nice little compilation is just titled prayer it's an easy way compilation it has some beautiful material on this but anyhow I sincerely believe in the power of prayer. At least in a surgical practice very few patients come to a surgeon for fun. Your family doctor is not so threatening but just by definition what I do is something you don't want and so the fact that you come to see a surgeon is because you have something that you wish you didn't have and the whole experience is not particularly fun so I just have to assume that everybody who comes is under a certain amount of stress. The Bible clearly teaches that it's God's will for his children to be in hell for. Our patients facing surgery or serious illness are wrong or a ball it's amazing how one's at attention can be. Concentrated when when you're getting ready for an operation. I went through a major surgery about a year and a half ago you know I have I've been in an operating room lots of times it feels a lot different when you're the one laying on the bed and the one doing the cutting. But the person has some thinking before you're put to sleep or a major operation that is perhaps a little more serious and deep than it would be otherwise so patients are willing to listen. And I do believe that God wants me to share my faith in Him and His love for them he loves me. He loves my patients and I should share with them that that's a part of my belief system. What do I pray for. In one of the seminars we've had already here the difference between healing and treating what is emphasized how. I need to I do pray that God will be with my patient that he will bless him as he sees best you know I have my preference the patient has their preference but I think we always need to to have the mindset. We want what God sees is best for us and for that patient so. I have I just always need to be willing to realize that God may have a different outcome in mind than what I have and it may well be in fact if it is his it will be better than mine. I pray for the patient's family and friends when somebody comes to surgery the patients made on conscious here she doesn't care what's happening for that brief time the family are wide awake they do care and especially if the doctor said the surgery will take an hour and two hours have gone by family and every henchman can go up rather sharply so and the patient cares about their family you know if if I'm going to be in surgery my wife is going to is going to care about what's happening to me I want her to have the peace and security that God can offer to. I pray that God will guide my hands in judgment and help me to give the best care to that patient. Through better than fifty years of doing surgery I don't think there are more than Then two handfuls of patients who have refused prayer. And. I feel very sorry for people who don't have faith and prayer of course most of the patients I had did not share my specific church affiliation but it's awfully hard to object to the surgeon praying that God will help me do a good job and so I think giving that care to that patient is important the effect on me there are many physicians and perhaps more prevalence that among surgeons and others are well developed ego and sense of self-worth. And arrogant surgeon to me is dangerous. When I pray that God will guide me I'm implicitly stating I know I'm not perfect why I can't do this by myself I want God's help. It reminds me of my fallibility I can cut and so all I don't heal anybody I can't heal incision I can make the incision I can cut out if something bad appendix or whatever but. I can't do the complete job of curing this patient it reinforces my belief that to be an instrument in God's hands is the greatest privilege that I can ask for and I think as a physician if God can use me as an extension guy could snap his fingers and solve a problem right now but in this world he has chosen to have people be is agents. They see that I'm dependent on God. They realize I'm including their family because this is often a part of what they are worried about and in parenthesis I think it's very important for the musician to try to understand what is the patient afraid of in the case of surgery they may say I'm afraid I won't wake up after the anaesthetic or I'm afraid. That there will be a lot of pain. I'm afraid I will be dished figured if some types of surgery an amputation or mastectomy the patient may be afraid of that I need to know what they're afraid of and be able to to bring that problem to God in prayer. The post-op visit to remember to thank God for the recovery the patient has enjoyed. And it's interesting that even today there may be patients that I operated on forty or forty five years ago when we meet. Well again say thank you for their prayer they never comment about what you sit and look like but but many times they will say after we prayed together I wasn't afraid and I think that's an extremely important part of. I'll just give them. One what illustration that to me was a direct intervention by Guy during our time in Monterrey Los we were blessed to spend five years there but I remember a young lady who had a big left kidney tumor and I did and her friend to me on her. It was a rather primitive operating room very poor section open windows because no air conditioning and it was an interesting atmosphere at any rate. Those of you who are these issues know that the renal artery carries a lot of what I aim at the artery clamp. And and somehow the clap slipped off and the field just fills up with but instantly a patient probably within less than a minute would be dead and we'd be dying. I remember just taking a big clamp and punching it into a field of blood and caught the vessel. That was and still that was God's direct intervention and you know it's not always that dramatic but I really feel sorry for physicians who do not have the dependence on God. I think it's been a real blessing in my practice and I think for as we train young physicians I hope that we can share with them the Jory and the assurance that comes with knowing that gods are running it. Thank you. And. Wow some tougher questions. Here. So I was good to me to serve my purpose I want. To remember you know times of us. Remember. So I did then really learn how to. Make this a part of my practice if a patient asked me to pray with them that would be no problem but to do it regular basis so I was very far away in fact as a medical student I went to wildwood for rotation my standing was Dr David arose and you have you know NEWMAN Well with that time he had a simple emergency room. But we had one patient come in late at night. When I was quote on call who had a big lacerations to the side of his face. He was really very her. But he came over there to have stuff so I stitched it up. Gave him up to go supernova and in then Dr Grossman though did you do the most important part of the. PROCEDURE. Well I didn't really have a chart out and from what I couldn't remember his name he was very hard of hearing it was the most awkward prayer I'd ever prayer prayed and I just popped very subconscious and very you know that. It was easy to just start praying with patients. So well how about thirteen years ago. There were. This pace of so I kept thinking that would be neat to know how to do that but I just didn't feel comfortable when. I work I came back to Kettering in. Two thousand and two around two thousand and four on her this. Was just before we were pretty you know to remember an experience where I had a patient who got transferred from actually helps and had. Her. While. That stabilizes her up to us to Kettering but she still have a harder disease. Where reason I think we go back a few weeks later we decided to recap her so she's in our table. This is for this fire. Cool young people in the cath lab it's a pretty click this place they make part of a lot and I knew. That there are there are just. School in that impact on me personally but so we get this lady on the table says. Up a par or with a cap there are media. Reports. And that was printed with. Pressure was dropping it was not very stable in the treatment back in those days was to go immediately to heart surgery and so we called the Heart team and one of our critic anesthesiologist. Walked in. All our markets and there's a house on all the releases are about to have just a moment of silence and he walked up and prayed was a lady. And those people her so. That has the prayer whether. I say. That so that is the next of that's what I needed to do in that about that time fortunately a minister and Pastor Mark Finley just a few pointers and IMO your visit the way. He gave this presentation with me last year. That's available if you like to listen to it so. Since becoming to those that prayer is a part of school. For many of the reasons that Dr slaw has most of. Them were it was obvious it was part. What so forth and so I now am in the habit after being mentored by Pastor family to just medicines offices and every pound for doing procedure are seeing them in the hospital or seeing him and them in my office just say by the what one of the things I offered is for them. Why not force. Letting them know that I'm open to spiritual dialogue I'm offering to help her one of them they can say no like Dr Small I'm not less for thirteen years maybe ten people this. And. Just saying OK let's look probably all and by the way through this of this and this and have a kid then just try not to make a big deal of it and that is part of all of that so. Let me just talk a few more a few. Intermix a few stories about why this is our holes and some one hundred seventy first one uses the word them in the levered them from their descriptions there's a power prayer Dr Smalls medicine. Helps the physician that helps the family that helps when it really we don't in that I also like to tell my patients one of the reasons I prayer is I don't hear anyone only God knows that in so arresting and pointing them back to the source of true healing the ministry of healing eight hundred thirty seven Christ still disease war many of the wicked ones no more lest a worse thing come on to the in the top that they have brought disease upon themselves by transgress in the laws of God and that help can be preserved all lead by obedience and so I found that by praying with my patients and actually enables them to make changes lives in their lives that put them. Prison walls and office by having a per with them it opens the door to talk about by the way you have heart disease this is occupying your life. High blood pressure cholesterol diabetes we just get to go through all that heart disease as primarily a lifestyle illness is so I have found the writing with my face or. Her lies over pounds. More. So you base your list of stuff so people that know that. They're doing it because they are dependent they have low self-esteem they have no hard. Time. Or choice to quit is the time many of my patients have the same experience but I pray for them that God will give them the strength to overcome smoking have it's been credibly more successful at all I believe more than more than seventy percent of my patients to spouse do since I. Believe that gives them a power so. Getting them back in line with her. Pull the stores that are up every time I've done the summer of that's the most powerful stories. So I have a patient who. It was. Ortiz it's father died of a heart attack in his late forty's and he was. Quite obese more than one hundred pounds overweight. What route were passed. By a motorcycle. He wrote a letter cycle pro date here and we went down to Cincinnati where he worked at a pretty rough shop he would come home to the bar that evening over the weekend he was smoking he was on the way. Roll up with treated you can. Chest pain turns out wasn't his heart we did a stress test everything was OK but that had us discuss. The best place in Iraq is probably going to get divorced. Everything is just falling apart and. I just barely looked at him and said Look you're on complete path of destruction your life falling apart or not thinking for yourself is not part of a heart attack this time but all the respect of heart disease in. If you don't make some serious changes. It won't be long before that in the movie the real thing and so his name was Steven he's going to meet her most actually recorded this testimony with us this is very powerful so Steve and I said Steven So Steven do you believe in God Lisa's Well no not really. Persons are in but don't go to church a so well that's OK God believes in you and so one of the things I offer the do with all my patients is to have a prayer in and you actually just reached up and grabbed my hands and prayed and prayed that God. Would give me strength to change his diet is lifestyle in his weight under control to give us money. Is drinking and help me stores lush and I just told him I said By the way I want to ask to do anything I don't do myself. Would be the exercise in Iraq and this is Stephen you want to get back so shoot it with a support group for each group. Is all it is. So you're one of us this kid. But all I did was pray for him and Steve a lot the office and we decided come back in a year we didn't have heart disease at that time the year follow. My mercs life jump to conclusions of while Stephen was two hundred pounds I think he's very high tech surgery was a really effective. In the murder of that Walker is. Now I have survived that we've lost nearly one hundred pounds we looked at his blood work his blood sugar was no normal as heartless for an impostor and normalize. What pressure was normal so he says well I did exactly what you said going to church my marriage is doing great I started after you know that when I played bass just like he said. He's no longer got any respect for her heart disease all LIFESTAR related you know as. Is this kind of overnight this. Rain. So that prayer has the ability to place faith in the people the faith is the process of helping them see what God sees them them selves and in this case it was of the probably. Powerful. Testimony to me about the power of prayer change lives and so I believe that by praying with patients to help them make real lifestyle changes that they couldn't make up. That's the most extreme example of has happened quite partly in other way but you know what's been interesting about that is that it seems to me that you know but this kind of just again is a testimony to me about the power of the gospel and how I believe things are going to go on the very last day. Of the hour it was off or your bladder. Was. Holding her so Paloma. Of. All the. Houses and all the viruses on loan or homes on the latest credit building. Here there is a whole lot of people here about. Walker who own their. Own house and something on the order Lisa's house felt around at one point that are. Very. Serious as the only thing. It is this is wrong of this house is office it was twenty one lock stops and so if you. Hear my doctor repeating itself here in the room half of the house what about this is prayed with me so that I was able to lose one hundred pounds I want. To save my marriage it is about power of Docklands group. That was just because I took an extra thirty minutes to do a simple thing one of the things I offer do with all my patients is that have a prayer and so let's just talk about. Requests So this through you only the sit in surgery what happened much more confidence in the physician do they have competent Watson fears got everyone up on his words they feel a sense of safety in the present. The ministration of this is think are small the next. To see those the patients have much more confidence in the business in that they know. His trust and know so another patient is a Jewish rabbi. He's actually trained as a scientist and teaches at the Jewish. Whenever it is cemetery but. Very little actual. It was retired from his scientific studies with still some top. END. Is what it was I should work of nursing at one of the area hospitals very educated. With the pace of what my heart can really complete heart what. Means that his heart rate was in the twenty's he would get light headed nearly pass the time is up really does this my partner talk to him This is why you know you have a complete heart block you just need a pacemaker will take care of that but he was a disease he said you know I'm a bit long winded I really don't want to do procedures I think I'll just go home and whatever happens happens part of policy what what what just what better source come talk to you about it and then if you don't want to do it you don't have to do it so I explained to him a simple procedure with. Very little. As one. Lot was going on the Bill Ho much better reconnect the opportunity for Hearts no big deal no I don't want. But. Lots of time well before I go by the way one of the things I offered you a lot has. Been. He's. Or. And I told him and put it and he but he took my hand it was absolutely that would be that person per person per. Well that's fine and I prayed a Christian prayer per the go. Straight for his family and part for him when I got done well. Thank you very much just as Doc I've changed my mind I'll go ahead. So. You can talk about what the power of prayer but the interesting thing is my wife and I met with his wife over the next two years we go up and there are meet up and have conversation very interested. In the various rest of this virtual things that we would have her promises about what's that with this belief I want to. But one of the times when I went to the restroom he said By the way. I want to tell you why what I thought about your house that when he offered to pray the first came into my mind when was War Thank God it. Was. Definitely By be willing to have a prayer with a patient we that mystery are humility we demonstrate that we're not the source of healing that only God does but it helps direct them to a source with more confidence in the physician is doing that it's so ministry if you like hundred eighteen all the reads the heart can know what trembling in terror many patients and so an operation that was for small player to realize their peril while they were conscious of this is still they know that it is the it will but as they see that this is about in prayer asking you know there is fire that's gratitude Trust Open in the hearts of the human power the energies of all the are vitalize the life force trials so there's something about prayer that restores hope you know. Patients. On the same page wonderful are the opportunities given to the Guardians of the set and all that is done for the restoration of the sick let them understand the position of those seeking to help them who walk through it with. Disease leave them to feel that every step taken her meaning with the laws of the next step the divine power. So why did Christ feel diseases in some places he want the Bible says that heal them all heal whole villages. And I believe there's a reason a still just very valid in our day as well there was this feeling that his day that somehow it was caught who was responsible for the disease that people have brought it on themselves and that was reflective of the curse of God that was definitely the case with black Percy in our act remember being a medical student when he said he was still called The Wanderer and we don't know what was wrong and all of us have them and all of these people brought this on themselves that that person got we don't think just about every disease but there still is this feeling of why is God doing this to me every single day I hear this from a patient or a patient's family or somebody wise toppling this happens why is God doing this and so I think in Jesus' day he healed diseases that wasn't God that brought disease there is a. Deceiver out there that is bringing destruction and disease and so as to dispel the map Aziz is the curse of God And so the credit for that we were just telling the idea that God brought the disease back we were are giving them the beginning of the Gospel it does here to heal them of their diseases it demonstrates that got hasn't rejected them and also he just was moved with compassion to relieve suffering and that's partly why lawless and amounts of this to do help help people. So sickness suffering and death are the work of an antagonistic power see is the stronger is the resort the words spoken to Israel are true today to those who recover health of body soul and the Lord that the desire of God for every human being expressed in the words beloved and wish of all things on a prosperous that may ask prosper in the end Hell even as the eyes roll. In this ministry of healing is one. So. The way it was pressed work was to preach the word release are provided miraculous works of healing when I am a structure that we cannot now work in this way for Satan will exercise his are by working your goals of God's service today could not work by means of miracles because Brutus Morris of feeling plenty to be divine will be wrong so I think it's more important that we point people back to biblical principles are we getting back in line with the seven Laws of hell getting back in line with lifestyle principles but we have the power and that is we. We've given the measurements. So there are times that were afraid to pray because we were afraid or hers might not be answered in all of us of experience that happens. In so base some at fifteen twenty one twenty the first principle serious the number one happens when our personnel see the hurt and pray we should pray selflessly so many of our prayers are wrapped up for what we want and if we were pressured into Gaza Well we can be assured that it was those. Of us that. So when we go to God's word I believe that we can know God Well I believe that it is God's will all the person there is. Need. On Hollins no time is and that's where we can set expectations we certain never heard of our I don't know which is well know you all we know it's as well you know it's just a matter of what the time yes but there also is the aspect that word of simple world this is a battlefield in the second group against well not so we work we're going to enter into the sufferings of price sometimes we suffer under the effects of sound and so that's one thing that just sat her fingers and ask God to get us out of here but sometimes there personally to be that you will sustain us through the suffering that we're you will give us a peace now we know if you know that God is for you and. With you anything. How to pray with patience these are pointers I got to Pastor family. Is pictured there. And it's hard with us it's the results of us so there's this feeling that you know I can't just pray with patience that would hurt the process without a lot of you thank you for it with a sense. I don't think that's true as well it was risky permissive if we're just presumptively saying OK now I'm going to have a perk for you that's different things by the way you want the things I offer to do for one that interests you are you willing for that so I'll always ask permission. Bullis think about having her know that in those years it was. How people respond to her. At least the third of the time when I first prayed with the pace of they have tears in their eyes. They. Don't want to let go of your hand some of them will those who are talking about spiritual things right. Now talk tomorrow night a patient is a fireman but it was two years later the he's just brought up by your spiritual person and I ask you a question. Just because you prayed with them they know that you're not pushing something down their throat you're not pushing your religion but they know you are spiritual person that when times get tough they come and talk to you are asking questions and so it opens the doors for problems as you know the other thing that I've become convinced of is that there's power in the reading of God's Word not just. Not just talking about us in the vile to us that so very careful patient is facing search for his heart or they see some things very just and let them know that the Bible says of Romans if God is force against us that proves he's one of them that is always our strength and John fifty seven says whatever whatsoever you will it should be done unto you That brings think that brings hope so I'll just reciting scripture as a part and so widespread I think it's pretty apparent but prayer imparts hope in divine healing. Mostly what we're trying to do is have our patients heal from their diseases and the fact is the only sources for. It keeps the system solve all. And that this is an organ it goes beyond what it is. When a patient comes to my office and they give me their insurance card or they give me their credit card and I see them I listen to them I make a diagnosis I give them a service and persons expect to. Really live under a contract for. They get that anywhere but now when I take an extra minute let's say by the way I want to do is have a perk they perceive that I care about that I'm going up in beyond what is expected of me as a business and as nobody else does that and the vast majority of them except for small spaces say well I've never had a physician do that before and not having the ability. To have the business experience in that this is done with our patients because we can't truly deal patients or not point you to the source of true feeling we forgive us as businesses for not following Christ about this and so that no one bigger doors for bigger conversations so the other big thing is we can reach people that the church will never raise and so what are you praying that your basis whether you give them a pamphlet whether you give them a tract whether you invite them to your church the fact is we as this is a system this health care workers have access to patients that if your call you want to see I have several parts of five hundred company presidents live on beauty by around the earth Jesse James. Police officers firefighters people from all walks of life I get people on the other end of town that I would be comfortable going into who are also patients in so stead of going out to where they are they're coming to us that is a huge advances that Bible workers call Pastor. I think of even more OUR HOPE WE WANT TO THEM see was out there about his that but but we have to do they come to our office and so sometimes people responses is really a call to prayer with people who oppose you religion on them while I'm posing my religion and I'm merely asking them a simple question I don't think that's not a football what their religious. Person I think that. The Supreme Court would start looking at a few pages. That moments so often. That I know you know the High Court better not you know what this law was I didn't think we're up to a spiritual things are the ones that get the tears in their eyes and begin to cry and so I had her way this. Well probably. Not say walk out believes and use of a lot of what they. Say she's a widow which. Well I. Still like to present you with that the OK Can't her this is the OK now let's set up not great weather here. At the end she began crying it's been she says Well I'm actually a recovering Catholic and all of a sudden we had a spiritual conversation about what her picture of God was in See admitted that you know what God has this experience. Is you know it doesn't matter what religion of one of the Potters of right State University the medical school in our town is. Just he's Muslim but in this country for over four years. What's eating my partner he's all Muslim for his heart issues but one time in the hospital he happened to see me and I knew he was Muslim. But I don't do one prayer he took my hand. We pray I pray person per That's all I know how to do at the end of it he had tears in his eyes he wouldn't let go of my Him and He still sees me as a patient doesn't see my Muslim partner and. Yet in fact about two business leaders that are push for us I just want to let you know that when you offered to pray with me you did something that nobody else has ever done in this country. In thirty seven years you showed me respect and every time you would tell me that you know we believe in the same God of Abraham Isaac. But he has a sign of respect for him as a person was as a conduit to have been treated by most of them as you harm you or something he took it as. He has converted but yes he is open to having this version forms. One of my partners overheard me praying with pace and it was time for all of these civility that Jesus has to see him us what we don't see or so in ourselves in. My partner. Two weeks later saw or heard or a conversation he says you know I really. Don't want to it's a good example of how to give up on them but you've inspired me a view of a better Muslim. But. I took that for what it was that he was open to the spiritual things in or stop talking about what I mean how are you doing with your kids and somewhere. Mr of Congress this is so let me close with us and then we'll take a few questions will it's the ten or fifteen minutes so purpose that. In so is anyone you afflicted let him pray is any very let him sing songs any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them carry over him you know with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer face will say in the Lord's will raise them up and if he have to be forgiven that's your fault one to another in prayer once per milliliter that even. The actual furder prayer a righteous man avails much a lot less was a man subject passons such as We Are you prayed earnestly that it might not rain in that it's hard to read my own thing here in the rain not on the earth by the space of three years and six months if you pray TO GIVE IN THE haven't. Brought more fruit. There is power in prayer that if we're not using this tool in our practice. Paper to many malpractise. Stars use their own. So that's true I would urge all of you he just kept it going home and trying this case it's. Hot patients staff I'm hurt he's just a mess do you want to have a prayer I became a convicted a few years ago but you know how a lot of times you'll talk somebody say oh yeah I'll pray for places. Thank you note on Friday for the. Happy Time to back to that every time and that means I'm surprised with them right now and that is just same as my whole point it doesn't even matter if you're seeing patients directly this is worse we now. Start every Monday morning in my office with my staff as prime purpose and. Just something that they really really appreciate it is not horses all her parents are her does all our socks on air or any of you have just practical question of those are concerns or. Thing else. This is such a good story I'm sure if not oh well they're all wrong or. Rare here each year old all. Along through the ages. You just do your work. To find it in the set that you know these house lives very serious. A house right now how often. Do you know there was another person in the room with you how. You very very little to do with will throw you off so he was going to shoot you if. You know there are times I understand that's going on right. You know the person did to her this is really hope really but. OK get right to do it is. Great. Get off. There were I and if. You all are so I like you to very well value much use this. Phrase. Just. Felt. Safe for yes I've heard the stories well but there's. Part of you very. If you think back from the state medical board those are if you have any. Good I will. Ask you. Has not. Asked that here be good if you do. Yes I think I have used them back safe safe eating. Hot. Sauce contact God Well. I actually meet God wot with so I have the best value for. An eye because he heard what you say I'm not trying to hide what do and I'm not one patient of theirs out bad. If West got you out. There I know I grew sometimes do more probably some others are. There for the free part is that I see them. All but if you know what you should pray for we know you are well that you. Want You know we do know lives you tell us of we don't know if hospitals. Know the nurse. So. I don't want to give the president up for some people so it will go up the. Process of the. Another example of some of you may know very firmly to carry hospital care in their home time or. Prior to back. Here have been asked and it's easy knowledge is the due date because they knew the hospital was going to open and then wanted to have peace and have established in order to help the hospital. Move ish cost them off. This weekend very very dangerous hole. Opened her assertions the whole of our union needed after their service to our. Wall is high here at home and here it is a very sweet year for its. Parent home and there is a case of a heart patient to extract a. Super super hero it was an emergency surgery. Very floor and. The surgeon very concerned about these patients chest Dr Dr knew this. Was just easy out. And before long before starting the anesthetic. He did ask your time for search was very happy that. They're in the house finally they're very patient. Well and the surgeon here said. You know I have been a very he of my patients and we tell ourselves that. Opened into our care at a date here which is very much they have many very high he is one of them like that he and all the cookie hot horse they live at Saturday Night They have very clear ideas so I am in this very very hot hot. Hot and it is dish and. Life. Is great. If you saw that here do very well. Since they had. About four more months of the other problem it's all about. My. Own purposes. Really don't see so uses So yeah I keep right so. Patients that I've talked to so far you know was what is the salon that we've heard for us time to talk to us it's usually got have. You booked your purposes. I just try to keep reminding the powers of. Twenty one but it takes profits us. To do this test the INS from earn how many times. He didn't give up it and so I tried never to come across those three Deming's my patients don't Palmer in this one but still possibly part point the source opens our. I think. You're right. Are. These. Higher can be proven indeed holy shit here I think how you know if you do situation like that how should I respond in very hurt form Paul. Also I'm not saying it may change their view it's why I have reached there actually even got there. I'm at five meet the instrument to be there. And let me off of running and here's your meat eating or are here you treat me to be very valid to treat us as you know you have. Hired patients need be done by that and again on the post-op visit. Patients here as you are well let's thank God for answering our prayers who did very. Well the way that. Is here and. In her there are. Hundreds of the rueful. Outline. It lets. You know not a lot. There are a lot. Should reverse go. Through the some other Because most people. Offer was. Virtually the same over there is a person who never heard one of them heard the some of the four where all the nonsense out of the SO was a long long and. This is a hospital I was on. From time we were on drugs was the only use was routed news or hassle to do is to you over here would talk with you not for. Long if. You're at work you are hung. On. For. US It was here. Last week. On. Offer on this map out there right. There. To. Set. This all off to see more of the folks you have when you hear the Daniels about work. Well somebody asked you to stop doing that now I'll try to keep R.C. You don't pay so who has told me that rather. If you want to charge so young. Who are upset some of them capitulate down the road so obviously I was you closer to your prayer OK I want to make one point of your comment to the OP. Maybe times we are dealing with patients who are not going to get well. Many physicians find it hard I experience deeply apologize for cancer patients is not. Very hard. Around time they should have the house off. You know Christian tradition been many times that best I could do I could hold their hand and say I love you God and a few years of you crying. We change the outcome. You speak you think that we be there. I believe that they should do the exchange yet if we all banded on top of knowing here guy is is much worse position who has no personal faith again it's very hard to be Groundhog Day off and has a Christian who would like all he's here sent off. For the other one more for a. Start but that's the jury and I think it. Was something that goes happen that prayed with a patient so I actually found out you are several times your will lose somebody on the couch. But it has been so reassuring for the family that when I go out and say oh I'm sorry Mrs Jones we've been working on your husband for the last forty five minutes in the. Well Hans the try to open up your hours with C.P.R.. The parcel. Not the work of these nasty things that. I said but do want to tell you before we started this procedure out of her with her husband and that has given them so much hope that. Let's start doing that with years ago so I've never seen that be a negative it's all. OK. R R gracious Father in heaven. Thank you for the privilege. Thank you for the example of them are afraid that you have given. Thank you for these share our prayers we face a serious Oh. Please help those few channels of us patients your coworkers your family's. Health is back and add a few cents of its feathers and respond right then say your prayers and. Thank you again nice looking after the Sabbath this is a hearing in this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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