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Willing AND Obedient?

Ken Matthews Jr. M.D.


This presentation discusses the core issue of Christianity; what must I do to be saved? With so many religions opting for and "experience" as proof of salvation, what does the Bible offer? What is the connection between the heart and the mind in the salvation process?


This breakout session intends to investigate:

• The willing mind (2 Cor 8:12)
• The willing heart (Exodus 35:22)
• The necessity of being obedient (Isaiah 1:19)

1. What is a willing mind? How might we have one?

2. What is a willing heart? How might we have one?

3. Is obedience a necessary part of being willing? 


Ken Matthews Jr. M.D.

Corrections Physician



  • October 27, 2017
    4:15 PM
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Father in heaven I pray that as we study together. In the scripture. And. Seek to understand. The. Message for us as health professionals I pray that you will guide our minds that your Holy Spirit will be here and. Your servant Dr Matthews special grace to sharing Christ's name we pray. When. Thank you Phil. I made a bold and brave decision here since elder Finley did not wear a tie I thought I would take my time off so. I think I would be OK in that respect. My book on the trumpets is necessarily delayed because we're. Trying to complete a revelation quarterly for my bible first interesting. So. To boil things down into three six hundred word essay per chapter is quite a feat by itself but. Anyway I believe we're being recorded so now is the time to start. This is actually my first time going to him does it to be at the Amen conference seems like I always have some other obligations but. Fail ask me to give a talk I was willing. And. This is not a how to session of evangelism I believe the question are you willing sort of begs the question that's why most people are here because they have been willing and they have been following the Lord's will as best they know to spread the gospel in the good news. I. Was asked to get all of this information in for C.M.E. credit and this was painful to three months ago trying to figure out what I'm going to say today but it ended up OK. I typically will put stuff down in writing in this way we don't have to look at slides and you can take it home and use it. You don't have to write so many notes. It became a mare apparent to me is I begin to look at what a willing mind in the heart and the force of the will. It became apparent to me that we're dealing with a big mystery. How when God breathed into the nostrils of man and he became a living so are being something begin to happen in there. Some of us are unfortunate enough to be at the end of some people's lives when they die from disease and others and that stare just goes vacant there's nothing in there. My dear mother with Alzheimer's and so badly are gangly and strokes and hog go there one way you can she's doing so well and she knows who I am and asked me what I'm doing the next week there's just nothing there I mean I don't know if she's going through so anyway we're looking at a mystery and I'm reminded of my stint in Egypt in archaeology. With the Bob the car the so the spirit this mummy five body which is put in the pyramids were called resurrection machines and the poet of the pyramid was with the mummy fad Pharaoh in there too. As he ascended up into fairy onic heaven that his body was caught spirit so when they had another name they're all came back together in the afterlife so lots of mystery here. Satan has determined to be as mysterious if not more than God in dealing with the human race. And we're going to find out some very interesting things as we look at the theological and philosophical roots behind this notion of willing heart mind and the joy of obedience so. We have to start somewhere with the building blocks so we're going to start with the heart first. I mean ever told your spouse I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY MIND. So you go what. It's usually I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. And that leads us to the first great mystery is what's in the heart it's more than just a muscle mostly involuntary this beating and pumping blood around in the circulation What is the heart the emotions the desires. Evil good thoughts what's in there the heart is mentioned that we're three hundred times and. It's not talking in general about the literal heart in these passages so we want to look. We have a heart because God also has a heart. Now I don't believe it's a literal heart but he we are reminded here David was a man after God's own heart so there was something about David. That was a kin to what God was like so. God blesses his people with leaders who know and follow his heart. The human heart though in Jeremiah seventeen is deceitful. Treacherous desperately wicked who can know it. We're talking here about general and special revelation in the philosophical world in the post-modern world. There is no intervention or divine connection between whoever is up there for these people down here and that we are all arbiters of our own fate and if you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and Micah fortune then good for you but has nothing to do with anything above this direction or the course there's probably no Satan either so we're looking based on special inspiration of scripture to deal with these great questions that are. Posed to us. In other words the fall is affected us at the deepest level our minds emotions and desires have been tainted by sin and we are blind to just how pervasive the problem is. I take some comfort in the fact that the Book of Revelation and also the spirit of his is Seventh Day Adventists are in the Laodicean church. We should understand that and have a wake up call that all ten virgins are sleeping in the parable. And who has the oil is the key question but. If the heart is right we're going to have the extra oil so we may not understand our hearts but God does He knows the secrets of the heart he knew all me in and he didn't. Based on his knowledge of the heart God can judge righteously he says I search the heart I test the mind I notice the mind is being introduced and we looking at the next even to give every man according to his ways according to the fruit of his doings you notice that there in these texts about the mind the heart in the condition of it one way or another. There's always a positive in a negative reward it's very interesting if you look down through biblical history. Blessings for obedience there is cursing is for disobedience when you are rebellious you receive judgments when your obedient you receive blessings if not in this life certainly in the life to come so there is always a condition there. Otherwise we could just all sit here and my will is good I love Jesus that's all it is we're good. So there is something else that's going on now if you look on page two the following condition of our hearts is at least as serious as the latest see in church where the people of Isaiah one. From within out of man's hard to come evil thoughts sexual immorality theft murder adultery greed malice deceit lewdness in v arrogance all these evils come from in sad and make a man unclean Jesus that is not what's on the outside so. In that case according to Scripture the heart must be changed. And this only happens by the power of God in response to faith with the heart one believes to righteousness and in His grace God can create a new heart within us. You know David's repentance is so amazing. Because he said Create in me a clean heart oh god. You needed a clean heart after his issue with Sheba and you were he was in terrible trouble. Is like the guy. Who was in jail. For some thievery. And the minister came to visit him in the man was sitting on his crying his eyes out Oh I'm sorry I sneezed I'm sorry I said. He just couldn't get over sorry I asked in the pastor said well why are you sorry you sneeze he says well we were stealing chickens that night and I sneezed and they hurt us and they caught us so so he was not sorry for what he had done but he was sorry because he got caught so. David it was third go thorough going in complete repentance. Notice a couple of statements here from Amazing Grace. In the beginning man was created the image of God He was in perfect harmony with the nature and law of God the principles of righteousness were written on his heart. But C.N.N. alienated him from his the maker he no longer reflected the divine image his heart was at war with the principles of God's law. But you know that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son through the merits of Christ he can be restored to harmony with his maker and notice the boat His heart must be renewed by Divine Grace you must have a new life from above this changes the new birth so we learn from inspiration in scripture that this wicked deceitful evil heart from which all of this terrible stuff comes out can be fixed and then God does not do a patch OK it's not like an A.S.D. or a vs the and there are they go in with. All kinds of equipment they don't have to cut open the chest they can put patches on the. Ventricular but he gives us a new heart. So that is that is really good. News in the New Birth a heart is brought into harmony with God and his are brought in to a cord with his law the followers of Christ are to become like him by the grace of God to form characters in harmony with the principles of his law so what part is the mind in the heart plus. David in some forty says a delight to do that will oh my god the ILO is within my heart. So. There are all kinds of metaphorical surgical maneuvers being performed here by God Himself first he created this breathe and to man's nostrils the breath of laugh he became this living being after the fall he now needs to create and as a new heart. So that what springs up out of the emotions of the so something good and we're going to look at these relationships I mean I don't know if you go around worrying about is my mind and my heart OK And is that affecting my soul or whatever but the Bible is very clear that these things do happen and that we need to understand the relationship between them because there is a clear relationship as we get towards the end all right. Noticed this text in Proverbs twenty three seven down at the bottom of page two many thought we find that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he how do you think in your heart I mean why did why didn't the Psalmist say as a man think of in his mind so is. Apparently there's something deeper than the mind I do believe as we're going to see momentarily but our thoughts are to be strictly guarded for one impure thought makes a deep impression on the So today's society and postmodern culture anything comes easy and there is no prescreening no filtering it just whatever's coming is wonderful let's have a good time and notice it says Down here is one drop of rain prepares the way for another and moistening the earth so one good thought prepares the way for another and for that matter one bad thought prepares the way for another. So I have speaking of home evangelism how to teach our children most of us it looks like already we've taught them as good as. I had teaching your children that is one good drop of rain falls another one's going to help moisten or if a bad drop comes down it's very very dangerous so there's two choices emerging here a desperately wicked heart listening to only bad thoughts and input from the mind suggesting that now a new heart dwells on pure thoughts and wholesome things also inputted from the mind. Now. Let's move on to this other part of the equation the mind. I would suggest to you that there are five avenues to the so. And if you haven't looked there what are they. So the five senses. I think Leslie Harding is correct there's only been. Five Ways to Say and since Adam and Eve all the way down to I mean. You can only get input into your mind through the five senses now what begins to happen in there with those thoughts when they and pictures and ideas when they go in there is also the subject we're going to talk about but. Somehow or another these thoughts and these these senses affect the mind and then the mind has to do something with them and we're going to see what that is momentarily so. Notice there about the third paragraph down. With respect to the flood. God saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continue his heart was having thoughts. But whatever man was doing since the fall since Adam and Eve had been put out of the garden and things begin to deteriorate and we know from the Spirit of Prophecy and it's only when the nation that things were truly terrible because men were long lived amazing memories gold silver everything was on the ground they built huge homes there was no vice that was not practice every imagination of the thought so something had to get into their mind. For them to begin this imagination process OK and the Contro is going to come up with unspeakable horrors as we've noted throughout history. And as. James puts it here's the sequence. But every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed then when lust have conceived it bring in for sin and sin waited just finished bringing forth so here is the mechanism by which things come in temptation is it a sin. No headway but if you linger I mean when David looked over the wall and saw bash Shiva well. If his forebrain was in charge of his hindbrain he should have walked away. But don't talk about what makes David want back Shiva here just to hang on to that thought that. This this sequence when this sequence begins it is only by the grace of God that is able to be broken and pulled out of before it bringeth forth if you notice proverbs Solomon learned a lot the sacrifice of the wicked is the bomb in the nation which is another word for disgusting how much more when he bring it it with a wicked mind. So the hardest deceitful and desperately wicked The mind is wicked you know. Those two are split apart for some reason we've got to figure out why that is OK. And maybe what it's going to show is here I've got some really neat quotes certainly not from me was a really that quotes that put it together at the end so hang on now let's go think of his two sons HOF me and Feeney as they were bad sons of a good father weren't much alike and they have been a back you some hundred years or two before they were so bad that course God predicted what would happen to them and then he gave a prophecy when God gave you out of the prophecy against his own house he said I will raise me a faithful priest will do according to that which is in mine heart and in my mind and I will build him a sure house and he shall walk before him and annoy and did for ever. So I think he's talking about Samuel there at the very least and possibly of course. Could be Jesus as you look at it into typically but who which is in my own heart and in my mind what kind of a person would be in the mind and the heart of God I mean that would be incredible place and we're going to find out how that's possible as we get on you notice that we go on to Solomon the Lord instructed Solomon first Chronicles twenty eight nine and they all Solomon my son know that al the God of the Father David and so the you know he's talking about God of Heaven Father David and serve him with a perfect heart and a willing mind that would be interesting to know how those two are obviously complimentary. But in what way a perfect heart in the willing mind. Could it be that it's a different way of saying the same thing I don't know for the Lord searches all hearts and understand all the imaginations of the thought if thou see Cam he will be found of the but if thou for sake him he will cast the forever you notice the the dual reward there. And of course we remember the famous story in there we can hazard of never going is in Daniel five twenty he was walking along the wall of Babylon and left to get four chariots across at the same time according to who wrote it is and he says is not this great battle and I have built and he was not ignorant of the God of heaven because he had encountered God personally in the fire and you know the burning fiery furnace through Daniel and his three friends but when his heart was lifted up there's the heart and his mind hardened in pride he was deposed from his kingly throne and they took his glory from him. So his heart was lifted up and his mind hardened in pride now hang on to these ideas because we're going to look at how they relate to each other in just a moment to be frank in actual life you don't think of this relationship at all. I don't think you know you're just going through life and you see things your. Eyes your senses tell your mind what to do your heart responds you make a choice OK. But we're looking a little deeper than that the mind is carnal or wicked The word is in the Greek is Sark for fleshly mind is him and the against God It is not subject to the law so. The mind has some real problems just like the heart. Jesus made a famous statement in Matthew twenty two talking to the Qur'an. I believe they ask him what was the greatest commandment and he said Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all that's so and with all that mind I stuck soul in there just for fun I guess. We've just been talking about the heart in the mind and then it's the so now. How is the SO body plus breath equals a living so and the reverse when the person dies the breath goes back to God who gave it and the body returns to the year that in itself on the state of the day it is a huge issue that Satan uses to derail people's thinking about that if I don't make it in this life I'll make it as a beetle or something next people laugh about it but that's what they think so with all the heart I saw in the mine but the good news in Romans twelve to is we can be transformed by the renewing of our money so in essence we need a heart transplant and a mind transformation. So there's something very important going on here. And we don't want to forget the reason eight ten I will speak about our dear brother Norman McNulty since he's not here I do listen to a lot and thank the Lord for His ministry. But this is one of his key favorite texts and there are several I get for this is the covenant I will make of the house of Israel after those days say of the Lord I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts so it apparently is necessary to have the law in the mind and the heart and I will be to them my God and they shall be to me a people so we need a heart transplant and we need a transformation of mine. OK We're getting your member. The theme of the conference for those of you on audio verse It's called Are You Willing So we're now we've gone through what the issues are with the mind and the heart what about the will this is something totally intangible there is nothing you can feel you can't go home and take your will out and look at it it's just it's this intangible thing but it is a huge thing. All right. Human beings have a will. I would suggest to you the heart in the mind appeared to give direction to the will. I mean you can't act on something although some people do it without any magic but I think but typically the mind and the heart develop a play I'm in the will is the active force that acts on what good is a will this inactive it's not I mean it's just I don't think you can call it the will even if it's an inactive will and you refused to do something the fact that you've done nothing is. Probably against what you are feeling you should do so the whale is the vital core of the mind heart of human can and cannot be dismissed as inconsequential now. Let's define the whale a little bit if you notice at the bottom of page four the power of control the has over its own actions. The power of control the mind has over its own actions do you see how it's beginning to emerge our senses detect something the images are the ideas the thoughts come into our mind and then. The power of control the mind has then the mind consults the heart the deepest emotions hopefully it's a wellspring of good and not evil. And then will the mind makes the choice and the will X. Now this is a little artificial but will pull it together at the end hold on. I don't claim to understand all of it but it's been a wonderful exercise for my own so to realize what I need to do so the will must be exercised you've heard of the strong willed child. And I have to add in if you ever thought about what some what the officer said when it means to fire at will who is Will. I just had to throw that in there. Against your will have you ever done something against your will I mean we use these phrases and terms all the time do we not but until I started thinking about it it was. In a religious context there is the denomination called Free Will Baptist you know in studying this I work in jails and people think I do jail ministry Well it is sort of it is mostly medical work because it's. It's on a basis of just the problem oriented basis and you've got to keep moving and once in a while I can talk to some but I have had more good time spiritually with nursing staff and officers and in this week alone in studying this I was able to share this with two nurses and I told my nurse and Green County Well I'm going down to South Carolina do a presentation is that what your presentation and she sat there and listened to a ten minute version of it and she's a very strong bad this lady but she seemed to be very pleased understanding what was going on so I just think the lowered that had a chance to talk about this so. There's two things in this post modern world about the will that are important that impinge upon people whether they think so or not for many in under D. for many philosophers to believe in free will is to believe that human beings can be the authors of their own actions in to reject the idea that human actions are determined by external conditions or fate now that's post-modern thinking that's rationalism or humanism depending on which seventeenth century philosophy you want to look at and there's probably some of both so what this is saying is my free will is so free that nobody God Satan or anybody impinges on it and my own fate is that to me. That's truly a sad state for the human mind and heart to be and that's truly a sense that. I noticed in researching this that a number of religions specially the ones in the mysticism consider the whale the divine spark or the divine thing in you that controls your destiny and you just simply respond to your destiny and you become a god you say I mean your divine I mean this this is actually a pantheistic view so. Now I want you to read this this was written a long time ago but it's very interesting. This very uncommon coral Valentino one thousand nine hundred two to one nine hundred forty eight so this is a. Quote I would have wanted to have liked to but I didn't dare to allow myself to. How that's in a restrained age and era that we don't hear much about anymore Victorian England teen hundreds the early one thousand nine hundred when the Bavarian comic Carl Valentino wrote that sentence man's will was in a different condition than it is today. Although they would have liked to people at that time didn't dare to do anything that desire called for today it is different today people can't want what Desire demands quickly enough. And no one is bothered by this in the least this is why human will is in a bad condition today instead of the coachman steering the horse will is now sitting in the back of the coach making out not giving the slightest thought to where the horse is going the only thing that concerns it is how can it possibly have the most fun that's what the will the unrestrained will. Without the spirit of God. Through acting through the heart and mind that that's a nice presentation and we wouldn't want anything more. Scary than that when that's just that's just a peek into what the. The unsaved will is capable of doing. Now I would suggest to you that the will has been like this since the fall of Adam and Eve and other words there is now no restraining influence no guiding influence on the will since the fall of Adam and Eve. Adam and then you could choose to do right in the Garden of Eden before the fall but after choosing to eat the fruit and go against God's command they no longer had free will of their own in this abating God's command they begin to die. I think we could call this human selfishness could we do that is that I say statement God looked down on the earth saw that the wickedness of man was great that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually will go on to page six Jesus describes the condition of this earth at the in time Matthew twenty four four as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark and the flood came and took them all. So the unrestrained Will heart and the will is the force. What did we say that will us. The power of control the mind has over its own actions restrained no control will. Just anything and everything and we're coming up to that day again because the SOL missed if you look here in one thousand nine hundred twenty six he prophesied it is time for the Lord to work for they have my vote weighed by law. Now has that been completely fulfilled yet look this is a famous quote here so look at this Maranatha one seventy nine the time is coming when the law of God is in a special sense to be made void in our land of the twin institutions in the Garden of Eden which one has been made void by law and now marriage and what's left of the Sabbath. The rulers of our nation will by legislative an act once and force the Sunday law and thus God's people be brought into great peril when our nation in its legislative council showing that laws to bind the consciences of man in regard to their religious privileges in forcing Sunday observance and bringing oppressive power to bear against those who keep the seventh day sabbath the law of God will to all intents and purposes be made void in our land it's one of the sentinel events in Scripture and spirit of prophecy that we can now I I would not wait to get my heart and mind right with God until that occurs because these are events she's describing with incredible one hundred percent precision they are going to take place the question is are you going to be ready for them that's the key question so God. Comes down you know remember he came down to visit Abraham to look at Sodom and Gomorrah he comes down and he came down before the flood to see what's going on he's coming to investigate and what are we in today. The investigative. Judgment he's come down and he's looking to see who safe to say now and so now is the day of salvation it always has been and must be now if you're not in court control of your will. Who might you have yielded your will to whose vying for the control of your will. Now go to page eight. When I study this I do crazy things the way my sad was who class we just go back and forth only you're not able to talk to me because you're not on the speaker and I'm sorry for that. Look at page eight in the middle of it or it's in bold type and underlined. Remember. That we're talking about control of the will. Your will is the spring of all your actions. This is from five testimonies page five fifteen this will and here's some help folks that form so important a factor in the character of man changes you hear that OK talking about character might be the man the heart so all of this is wrapped up the will in the character I think that's a possible conclusion but hang on to that was it the fall given into control of sight did you realize that the fall your will our will was given into the control of Satan and he has ever since been working in man to will in due of his own pleasure you notice how she's quoting the text. To will and to do of His good pleasure only Satan is doing it and he has been causing other ruin and misery. Now those of you who listen to this Mark Howard and many others that are dealing with this mysticism and everything that's going on and coming into Christianity. This is the spot where so he still has access through the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Right here. The will. Was given in the control of Satan and he is ever since been working in me into Will and to do his Put your and you will do His will. AT HIS good pleasure until you die or you're destroyed. Because it's the unregenerate heart remember that wicked desperate and deceitful heart out of which all of this terrible sufferings because the mind is to. Taken these things in through the senses the imagination works the mind and the heart and so I say we won't actually. And that's that's seems to be the way it works so but the infinite sacrifice of God in giving Jesus His beloved son to become a sacrifice for sin in Abel's him to say without violating one principle of his government yield yourself to me. Give me that we'll take it from the control of Satan and I will take possession of it then I can work in you to will and to do of my good pleasure see how that turned around I mean this is the Avenue of the so that people are just ignoring to their own eternal peril when he gives you the mind of Christ when you like to have that you can have that. Your will becomes as his will and your character is transformed to be like Christ character this is one of the great statements from the Spirit of Prophecy that explains in one paragraph what is going on in this world with us our mind our heart in our will is just absolutely amazing OK We'll get back to six. All right. Notice that Paul about just a little more than two thirds down the page you Fijian is one five nine and eleven. Paul is making it clear any Feagin that God has a will and God will make it known to us. Notice having predestinated us on to the odd option of children by Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his will remember remember God has a will that's what we're taught you realize that God has a will. We don't want to forget the one up above Matthew six nine and ten this is the famous Lord's Prayer Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven won't that be an amazing the when the will of God moves throughout the universe and everyone's heart beats in gladness to that will in union with that will because they trance their mind was transformed and they had a heart transplant that I will be done in the earth so God has a will and he wants his will to be done all over the universe including this earth. And as Paul says he's having made known and to us the mystery of His Will God is my known unto us the mystery of His Will who most clearly expressed the will of the father. Jesus himself and he says I didn't come to do my will but he has We're going to see Jesus has a will. And who work of all things after the counsel of his own will it might not look like God is in control but he works. All things after the counsel of his will that famous example of Daniel or Gabriel says I'm sorry I couldn't get here. Michael and I were over there with the King trying to get him not to you know what he was going to do or something. It just opened the curtain a little bit to see God working his will out on this Earth ultimately for our behalf is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom of God has a plan for you this is the will of God Even your sanctification he wants to make you whole that's his will for you. You notice there's something he's not will. About he's not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance not that they will but that's his true intent and his desire from his heart that he wants all to be saved if they would so. The picture of God in Jesus that emerges from scripture of warning to go with your wicked heart and your wicked. And transform you is just so wonderful I've been so blessed just looking over this myself. Jesus had a will page seven. My meter my food is to do the will of Him that sent me. I can of mine own self do nothing when my judgement is just because I seek not my will but the will of the father if Jesus had not followed the will of his father. He would have stood up in the garden of get seventy and said This is worthless I'm out of here but he knew what the will of his father was and they had prearranged it way back in the eternity. As an antidote to the sin problem. And he says lowered I mean Jesus could not see beyond the grave in his human heart and so but he relied on go in the will of the father. And was victorious so he knew what the will of the father was well let's look at Solomon were pulling the human will of the heart in the mind together look at the verse again under G. Now Solomon my son know that the God of the father know that the God of the Father and serve him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. Now what do we learn from this perfect heart and I willing mine are necessary takes both a new heart and a new spirit. The terms appear to be somewhat interchangeable because when we see spirit interjected here instead of Mind you so so. Don't get hung up on the words but know you need something new it is incredibly important for it is to become a perfect heart in a willing mind. So. But number four for want to serve God with a perfect heart in mind you must be what. If you just sit passively there will it happen. Not going to happen. People are wanting to be saved they are hoping to be say but they have done nothing. Their heart and mind has not rouse them to what they need to do and the will act and they'll be lost while hoping to be safe I mean. It's a scary thing. Now notice what happened in Matthew twenty one you know the story very well certain man had two sons and he says boys come here. I need you to go work in the vineyard. And the first one says. No way. But then he thought about it later and he went in the second one said Oh yes father and he never went. So the big question in verse thirty one whether of the two of them did the will of his father. Whether of the two of them and of course the fair seas got caught up listening to this story and now and they said well of course the first one did you know he refused to go and then he finally went they were in essence condemning the sales look at what she says here and review and here are these two sons Christ represented the obedient in the disobedient. So. When you do the will of someone you're either obeying them whether it's God or Satan or disobeying them. So it's has the will operate with obedience you see the connection there the son who refused to obey the commands saying I will not represented those living in open saying no provision of piety but many of those afterwards repented and went when the gospel came to them in the message of John the Baptist or. They repented and confess their sins so. You know what we're trying to connect the whale in with this heart and mind thing in so they will. You know if you have a strong will child that's pretty exciting. Fortunately I found several books to read about and there's things you it would make one of them so upset I don't know what you're doing as well you have a choice. This is terrible. We're through that. To see what time we have left ten minutes. OK. I want to talk about the will a little bit more important notice where it says a governing power in the nature of man let's figure out how the will fits in this the will is the governing power in the nature of man bringing all the other faculties under it. So once the heart and the mind have decided what to do when the Will takes over. Something's going to happen. The will is not to tell you store the inclination but is the deciding power which works in the children of men and to obedience or so you're going to do an act once the will is the term and you're either going to do something right or wrong good or bad or for God or for sight I mean the will will do that. And I have seen in my eats in county jails who are is down on their luck facing forty years and whatever and they will just sit there and the five the doctor his medicine the nurse the treatment the county who made the laws and God Himself and they will refuse and they have the right to do that but I mean there there are one party one that can just refuse to do any single thing on the war and that's exactly what the will and I mean it's just totally amazing so I'm suggesting I just not written in here the mind and the heart inform the will will you except that I think that's seems to give a reason for why the mind in the heart are there because it informs the way you know. Everything depends on it's right action the tempted one needs done. Stan the true force of the Will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of the season of choice the will is the power of decision and choice and it's based on information OK. I guess people make choices without any input these days but usually there is input. Everything depends on the right action of the will desire is for good and purity are right as far as they go but if we stop there they avail nothing here's what I told you a minute ago many will go down to ruin while hoping in desiring to overcome their evil propensities they do not yield the will to God They do not choose to serve so even if the will does not choose to do something in the will has made a choice and. So we're coming down to the endless get over to page nine. I want to talk about obedience here for a moment how does this fit in we've looked at some already Isaiah one is probably as good a description of the Laodicean condition as we mentioned just a few minutes ago and if it isn't I don't know what else is describing but when you get down through all the terrible things Israel had done and rejecting and being rebellious against the Lord then he says these famous passages Come now let us reason together say if the Lord though your sins be a scarlet they shall be as white as snow though they be red light crimson they shall be as well there's the offer of the new heart and the transformation of the mine. And look at this this is what this holds sermon lecture revolves on if you be willing and obedient. The good of the one your senses have detected information the mind informs the heart the renewed heart says I want to do. What Jesus is and you become you're we'll. Becomes takes an obedient turn. But if you refuse and rebel you should be devoured with the sword from the mouth of the Lord is going to notice the positive and negative it's all through Scripture. So we saying he's able he's able I know he's able I know my Lord is able to carry me through I hope that's not just in the song because he is able. To give you heart transplant and to transform my in what we call a new heart and a transformed mind. That's one thing and as a result of conversion we get a seal and a robe which stands for. A new character Jesus Christ so in the end that we're going to close with on page ten or it says God converting power this is a new quote I had never seen before God wants his converting power to come on this occasion. There are some that come to our meetings they will sit through all the meetings they have borne a few words of testimony now and then then they have gone home and done exactly just exactly if not worse than before. You know people why alway have these revivals I'm sick of the preacher calling us down because that when we go home we do worse than we did before you heard that why because they had not the new heart now she's going to be fine for you here's the take I don't think what is the new heart it is the new money what is the mind it is the will where is your will now aren't you glad you waited to in the Find out how this all comes together what is the new heart it is the new man and what is the mind it is the will where is your will it is either on site inside or Christ now it is up to you Will you put your will today on crisis side of the question. That is the new heart it is the new Will a new mind. So all things become. So whatever components of the heart and the mind and the will are they can all be exchanged and he can give you a completely new experience. So as we face the question in closing are you willing we do not have to stay Laodicean. We can reach out. And he will raise us up to his level. We will not pull him down to this miserable existence here we will raise he will races. Let's bear his Heavenly Father. We've tried to understand this mystery of God. Which we find in Jesus Christ to love this gave Himself for us. And he wants to give us a new heart a new mind that our will may be hid with Christ in God Father this is our fervent prayer as we go forth and whatever evangelistic endeavor witnessing endeavor there has to be that others will see our good works and glorify your. Prayer in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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