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The Tyranny of the Urgent: When Your Best Is Not Enough

Mark Finley


Are you excited to implement all you've learned? Often when returning home, you get so overwhelmed with the urgent tasks before you that the tyranny of the urgent crowds out the ability to truly minister to your patients. Pastor Finley will inspire you to go forth with a passion to focus on Christ’s ministry. The goal is not to do your best, but to focus on His best; through His righteousness, His grace, and His ability, His best becomes your best. We must rely on His willingness & His power as only that will lead to eternal transformation in ourselves and our patients. 


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 28, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Father what an organization blessing the world blessing tens of thousands of people and we thank you for a man we thank you for its leadership and now I pray thee that as we open the Word of God as we study together tonight that you in this closing meeting would lift our vision inspire our hearts and share with us a message personally Lord I know that when your word is open that you personally interpret it to Hearts and father I will say some things but the spirit can say much more and so I pray that the Spirit would come to each heart impress each mind and share with us the message that you want us to hear not the message that the Met the preacher preaches and so move among us we pray thee in Christ's name Amen. Well it's going over twenty five years now but the experience is indelibly impressed upon my mind and if you ever had one of those experiences that the images of that experience have come back over and over again we were in Moscow and my Russian hosts invited me to attend the Russian's circus now it let me assure you that I'm not a circus attender I think in the last fifty years I probably have attended one circus and maybe that was one too many I'm just not a circus attender at all but I agreed to go with my Russian hosts because they wanted me to see the world famous and world renowned Russian acrobatic performers and I would say to you that they were spectacular that the audience booed and audience clapped and who wildly cheered as these acrobatic performers performed their high wire acts but that's not the performance of the impress me. That evening I was more interested in something else and that was the plate spinner Now I had never seen a plate spinner before I don't think I've ever seen a plate spinner since the plate spinner had a pole about five and a half feet high and he began to twist so that pole pole began to spin and then he took fine china plates plates more expensive than a preacher salary could ever afford and he put them on top of that pole when he got those plates spinning now you can just imagine the audience had their. Breath taken away because of that pull for all those plates crash on the circus floor but not only did he have that one plate spinning or that one pole going he ran over here while that one was spinning and he got another pull spinning and put plates on top of it then he had those two going any had to run beef back and forth between them spinning a pole keeping those plates going spinning that pole keeping those plates going into our amazement he got a third one going and pretty soon the plate spinning man had five poles five fine china and each pole running spinning those poles spinning those plates he was running back and forth breathless trying to keep that China balanced Have you ever felt like a plate spinner. You seem to be running from one thing to the next overwhelmed with the tyranny of the urgent you have just too much to accomplish you can't get it all done and you flop in bed at night exhausted thinking about the things you've not gotten done your work is certainly not finish your To Do list is half done your mind is racing sleep doesn't come and you franticly attempt to think how you can cram more into an already overloaded schedule tomorrow. In the light of the tyranny of the urgent it would be well for us to meditate on the life of one who could easily have been overwhelmed. With the tasks that he had before him were greater than the tasks that any human being has ever faced but yet he exuded a peace there was a calmness about Jesus there was of unrushed presence about him there was a focused purpose about Christ now one of the most amazing one of the most startling one of the most. Inspiring passages one of the most breathtaking passages in all of Scripture is found in John Chapter seventeen in verse four and if you have your Bible and I hope you do because we're going to look at the text tonight if you have your i Phone look at the text and I know you're not texting you're looking at the text and there's a difference between the text and texting. John Chapter seventeen and we're looking at first for Jesus has come to the end of his life and he has come to the end of thirty three and a half years of ministry thirty three and a half years of life three and a half years of ministry and he makes this remarkable statement in John Chapter seventeen and we're looking there at verse four And Jesus puts it this way he says I have glorified you on the earth and I have finished the work which you gave me to do now this is a remarkable statement Jesus says in his last hours on his way to Calvary Susan Peter will deny him in Judas. It will be train him and the Romans will crucify him in the Jews at that time Jewish leaders will turn their backs upon him and soon they'll be a crown of thorn opponents in his head with blood running down his face and nails through his hands and a cross will be suspended his body will be suspended on a cross hanging between heaven and earth and Jesus says I finished the work which that was given me to do how could that possibly be true there were still hungry people to feed still sick people to heal there were still demon possessed people to deliver there were still sinners to forgive there were still broken people to be made whole there were still dead people to raise there was still was people to say in Jesus says I finished the work that you've given me to do now notice what our text does not say our text doesn't say I finished everything I've wanted to do our text doesn't say that now I'm confident that the Savior desire to heal a lot more people I'm confident that there was much much more that he would have liked to do for people in need he left many useful tasks undone he met he left many urgent requests unmet was our text say I've glorified you on the earth I finished the work which you had given me to do. Jesus was focused on God's mission there were many things he would have liked to do many things he would have liked to accomplish still more needs that needed to be met but to glorify God is to fulfill the task that you were born for to glorify God is to occur. Compilation the mission that God has in mind for your life to glorify God not is not to finish the work you want to do but it's to finish and complete the assignment that he's given you three eternal principles that are focused on our theme I'm willing the first eternal principle is this Jesus life's purpose was to daily seek the Father's will and do it. Jesus' life purpose was not to seek his own will it was not to follow his own plans it was not to do the things he desired Jesus' life purpose focused around one issue Jesus sought to discern what the father's will was in every given situation and the thing that he wanted more than anything else was to do the Father's will Hebrews the tenth chapter in the seventh verse is a summary statement of the purpose of crisis life Hebrews the tenth chapter and we're the King there at the seventh verse Hebrews ten verse seven Jesus speaks and he says then I said Behold I have come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do your will oh God Jesus a life was focused around one single issue the willingness to do the Father's Will this guided every decision he made this drove every purpose of his life he says in Hebrews ten seven below when he's quoting of course on forty verse eight Hullo it I've come in the volume of the book it is written of me to do that I will oh god. Looking further in Matthew Chapter twenty six Jesus is coming to the cross he's focused on the last hours of his life Jesus does not come to the cross singing the doxology he does not come to the cross singing praise God for whom all blessings flow the nails that were to be driven through his hands were real nails the crown of thorns that would be placed upon his head was a real crown of thorns the pain that he would experience physically was real paid the emotional pain was really emotional pain the sense of the condemnation of the sins of this world Hebrews to wait he would taste death for every May and the scripture says in second Corinthians five verse twenty one he knew no sin became seen for us the goal ations chapter three verse thirteen curse it is every one that hang on hang upon the tree so when Jesus goes on hangs on the cross he bore he bears the accumulated weight of the guilt of the sins of all humanity and he does not see himself coming through the portals of the two he sees himself being agonizingly painfully separated from the Father for ever and he says if that indeed is the cost of salvation so that John and Mary in Pete and Alice can be in heaven I'm willing to go into the grave and never come out to save humanity that is the marvel of the cross there's nothing like this in any literature in the world Jesus comes to get seventy and there in Matthew the twenty sixth chapter noticing the thirty ninth verse Jesus Matthew twenty six verse thirty nine. Says he went a little farther and fell upon his face. The earth stained face the dirty face of Christ is His face is in the dirt and he prays saying oh my father if it's possible let this cup let the cross pass for me nevertheless not as I will but as you will Jesus was absolutely totally committed to doing The Father's Will the overriding principle that govern Jesus' life was in every instance to discover the Father's will and by His grace and through his power to do it wouldn't it be tragic to accomplish a great deal but miss the purpose you were born for Wouldn't it be tragic to accomplish all the goals you set for your life and fail to accomplish the goals that God sets for your life would it be tragic to come to the end of your life and say I've accomplished my dreams the dreams for my business it's expanded the dreams for my practice it's multiplied the dreams for my employees look at how many I have the dreams for my medical or dental career wouldn't it be a tragedy to come to the end of your life in say I have accomplished all my dreams but fail. To accomplish God's dream for your life the question is not or what my plans for my life are my practice but what are God's plans for my life what are God's plans for my practice there is a marvelous statement into czar of ages page two hundred eight I think of it often it says this but the Son of God was surrendered to the Father's will and dependent upon his power so utterly Was Christ emptied of self that he made Nope. Lands for himself excepted God's plans for him and day by day the father unfolded his plans so should we depend on God that our lives may be the simple outworking of his will now notice Jesus is so surrendered to the Father's will notice it does not say that Jesus didn't make any plans I've heard some interpret it that way does this mean we should make no plans at all and just kind of let some things come and go in some kind of random chaotic way that would be irresponsible The statement doesn't say that it doesn't say Jesus made no plans it says Jesus made no plans for himself another words Christ was so surrendered to the will of God that he sought the Father's will in every single thing that he did Jesus' life was dedicated to one thing doing the Father's will so the fundamental question question of life is this what is God's will for my life what's God's will for my practice what is God's will for my relationship with my staff What's God's will for my relationship with my patients What's God's will. For how I use my time and how I spend my money What's God's will in how I relate to my spouse and how I relate to my children What's God's will in my entertainment practices What's God's will in my personal health habits such as my diet and exercise the essence of life is to seek God's will discover God's will do God's will with the aim of pleasing him and bringing glory to his. Name and every single thing that I do now there's another aspect of this principle of discovering God's will if you seek God's will in every situation actually you're going to have a lot more time in your life because a lot of the frivolous stuff that's been occupying time and attention that's going to go on because you don't see that in the light of God's will you'll focus on what is most important doing God's will and bringing Him glory that will be the supreme to sarve your life your member the three angels message the first angels message as fear God and do what give glory to him and how do I give glory to Him by seeking His will in every situation see this principle weeds out a thousand trivial things in makes possible this amazing truth this is a startling one really it's found in ministry of healing ph to us six if every moment were valued and rightly employed we should have time for everything we need to do for ourselves and for the world that's a startling statement isn't it if every moment how many moments half my time a part of my time what does this say if every moment were what value to and rightly employed we should have time for everything we want to do. As I would the statement says there may be a lot of things that I want to too bad they are not eternally significant It doesn't say everything we want to do doesn't say everything with like to do it says if every moment were valued and rightly in poor we should have time for everything we'd need to do for ourselves and for the world there may be things I want to do but they're not the most important they may be urgent. And but they're not eternally significant Jesus did not finish all of the work that he could have done in Palestine he didn't accomplish all he would have liked to do but he did finish the work that God gave him to do now the only front only alternative to frustration when you're overloaded with work is to seek God's will in a given situation because if you are overloaded it may be that you've taken on assignments that God Himself as never given you if you are too frustrated and you have little time for your family little time to exercise if you have little time for devotions if you have little time to pray if you have a little time to witness if you are seeing so many patients that you have no time to interact with them no time to pray with them no time to share eternity with them could it be that you've accepted assignments that Christ has not given to you. This leads us to the second eternal principle the first eternal principle really focuses on a prayer and here's what the prayer is it's a dangerous prayer the prayer in the first eternal principle of doing God's will is this an honest evaluation of my life and getting on my knees and saying God what is your will for my practice Lord what issues are will for my medical ministry who are what is your will for my life it's a very simple prayer but it's a dangerous prayer it's a prayer that says Lord I am willing I'm not going to battle you I'm not going to struggle here is the problem that solves all problems the problem that solves all problems is to surrender the will. And one. The will is totally to surrender to Christ you don't have to battle any more on the things you don't want to do because you already surrendered that all to Christ and when the Holy Spirit reveals it to you you say Lord I'm already surrendered so that thing I'm giving up to you by your grace and through your power so the first question is Lord. What is your will all you need to reveal to me is your will what is your will for my life what is your will for my interaction with my patients what is your will for my use of my time what is your will for my practice that leads us to the second eternal principle in the second eternal principle is this that it's vital to distinguish between the urgent in the eternally significant. It's vital to distinguish between the urgent and the eternally significant Now the story of the resurrection of Lazarus reveals Christ's ability to distinguish between the urgent and the eternally significant I'd like you to take your Bible and turn to John the eleventh chapter you know the story well last ARIST is sick. He is definitely sick. And he needs a physician John the eleventh chapter. Last recess sick he is so sick that if the physician doesn't come entreat him quickly he will die John eleven we start there with verse one now a certain man was sick last receive Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha Jesus often found calm relief in the home of Lazarus Mary and Martha so less risk was. More than a casual acquaintance he was a friend a good friend and verse two it was that Mary who anointed the warden the fragrant oil and wiped his feet with her hair whose brother Lazarus was sick therefore the sister sent to him saying Lord behold he whom you love is sick so here Jesus gets a message your good friend Glasser receives sick Jesus is about two days' journey from Bethany he is in the galley in the Scripture says this verse for when Jesus heard that he said his sickness is not into death but that the glory of God the Son of God may be who are fired through it. Now as you look down there verse six it says so when he heard that he was sick he stayed two more days in the place where he was now that agitated Martha and Mary a great deal it seems strange Jesus has the ability to go immediately and heal is Fred he's received the message Lazarus is deathly sick but Jesus does not move he waits two days and during that two day delay Lazarus die it is urgent that Jesus goes it is urgent that medical treatment be given it's urgent that the healing touch of Jesus heal Lazarus from his sickness like he's done so many other times but he waits two days takes two more days to get there and by this time four days have gone by and Martha speaks in verse twenty one of John eleven and she could almost hear the sorrow in her voice you could almost hear the frustration that she echoed. You can almost hear the the questioning of Christ in John Chapter eleven in verse twenty one and Martha speaks up and she says Martha says to Jesus John eleven verse twenty one Lord if you were here my brother would have died I would not have died in other words Jesus why do you come soon or Jesus why did you why did you wait why would jesus neglect something so urgent as healing a man whose life was ebbing away why would jesus delay when medical treatment was sore gently needed it was urgent to heal a sick man. But it was eternally significant to raise him from the dead it was searching to cure sickness but more urgent to reveal more important to reveal the loving character and resurrection power of God by calling him from the grave to new life the healing of last or its would have been a good thing but raising him from the dead was a great thing healing was serous would have impressed people raising him from the dead so demonstrated the power of God that the Jews believed and glorified God Jesus was able. To distinguish between the urgent in the eternally significant Jesus had a divine sense of timing and they did knew the difference between something that was good to do and something that was great to do there are many things in life that are good to do but there are some things that are great to do six volume of the testimonies page twenty four it is the essence of all right faith to do the right thing at the right time can you say that with me tonight it is the essence together it is the essence of all right thing if. To do the right thing at the right type would it have been a good thing for Jesus to have healed Lazarus would have that have been a good thing. Would Have A Good Thing but was it the eternally significant thing that could make an image much greater impact Now listen as I continue reading God is the great master worker and by his providence this is sick so I'm in the test weighs twenty four he prepares the way for his work to be accomplished he provides opportunities he opens up lines of influence in channels of working if his people are watching the indications of his providence if if if as you as a medical practitioner are watching the indications of God's providence if you have that sense that all you want to do is God's will if you're looking not to do the good thing but the great thing not to do the urgent thing but to do the eternally significant thing if that is on your heart no notice if people and I'm going to read it a little different if if medical practitioners of physicians if dentists are watching the indications of God's providence in stand ready to cooperate with him they will see a great work accomplished you are on the verge of your practice with seeing with new eyes of looking for eternally significant opportunities to see a great work accomplished God is going to do something significant through your practice this week he's going to do something significant for your through your ministry this week because your is as a dentist yours as a physician yours as a medical professional is a ministry now notice what's critters what Ellen White says their efforts rightly directed will produce a hundred fold greater results that could be accomplished with the same means and facilities in another channel where go. God is not so manifestly working one hundred times greater results we are praying every day God show me your will we are praying every day Lord show me the things not that are good but that are great in your sight show me the things that are not urgent but that eternally significant Lord help me to have those eyes to see patients who have heart needs that walk through my office so I can make a difference help me to know what my priorities are talk about priorities talk about priorities talk about having a clear vision some time ago one of my African friends told me this story his grandfather was brought up in a little rural village in Africa very very small village and a famine came through that portion of Africa so the villagers were incredibly hungry and the his old grandfather had a gun now the problem was his grandfather had one bullet for the gun. And so the villagers told this story in fact four for general for four years and so the grandfather said I'm going to go hunting I've got to find something that will save our village so the grandpa went out and hiked and hiked and hiked went out through the savanna the the grasslands and as he came he saw a gazelle alone does sail on a hill and grampa said that gazelle I got one bullet I can't miss it and so he crawled up got in gun shot range of that gazelle and just as he did crawling about fifteen feet in front of him was a black mamba now the Black Mamba is one of the most deadly snakes in the world they range from six feet and the longest black mamba found was fourteen feet if you're bitten by a black mamba and often they bite more than once and they can be attack they can attack the very aggressive it times and they can bite you multiple typically you die within seven to fifteen hours so hear this this old man is out there with his gun to shoot the gazelle and he has one bullet in the Black Mamba is there. And he has to make a decision do I kill the snake and well in my village go hungry or do I shoot the gazelle you know what do I do and he makes this decision he said I'm going to quietly back up crawl around to the other side of the hill and shoot the gazelle from the other side so he does he crawls around to the other side and as he does he aims his gun to shoot the gazelle he has no idea the Black Mamba has followed him and as he begins to aim he feels this pit searing painful bite on the back of his leg. And he's been bitten by the Black Mamba. He doesn't return home he's lying there writhing in pain the villagers come to find him and he has only a few hours to live. And he says. If there's only one bullet in the gun shoot the black mamba you see. He had to make a choice do I feed the family what do I save my life his priorities were mixed up no maybe there's no black mamba chasing you. But you know sometimes it is possible to make a decision. And that decision that we make maybe puts deadly poison through our beings because we mistake our priorities entertainment becomes more important than devotions that's the Black Mamba syndrome you see work becomes more important than church so I work incessantly and I'm so tired I can't go to church and Sabbath morning or I go and I sleep half way through because I'm so incredibly exhausted so that's the Black Mamba syndrome it is trading at times something that is good for something that is eternally significant and the great question in life is not what's good the great question life is what is eternally significant the difference between the urgent there's a difference between the urgent and the importance there it may be urgent to eat for that Grampa but it was vitally more important for him to save his life Jesus was able to distinguish between the urgent and the eternally significant Are you willing to ask Jesus to help you every day to distinguish between the things that are so urgent and the things that are eternally significant there are many things you might like to do many things that are urgent but there are some that are important Here's the prayer that we pray on that second principle Jesus lead me today. To distinguish between the urgent things and the eternally significant things will you pray that prayer you asked Jesus Jesus help me there's so much coming for our attention there's so much value for our attention there's so much screaming at us life is filled with a calf an e of activity life is filled with its busy ness with its hostile and bustle and sometimes it's necessary to step back and take three deep breath. Yes and say Lord help me not lose a sense of what's important here help me not lose a sense of what's significant here help me not have my priorities mixed up help me dear Lord to distinguish between the urgent between the temporal in the terminal the form before the thing between the things of time and the things of eternity beef tween the things that simply absorb my effort and energy but in the long run are not going to be eternally significant first eternal principle. God what your will second eternal principle Lord help me to distinguish between the urgent and the eternally significant thirty two in a principle Jesus life's purpose was to know God and make him known and if you've missed that. You have missed the purpose of life Jesus eternal purpose was to know God to make him known now you find that in mark the first chapter this is the third passage of Scripture we're looking at we looked at John seventeen verse four we found that God that Jesus had a work to do given by the father and we seek God's will in our work in our practice we looked at John Chapter eleven and we found in that passage that Christ was able to do things great because it times he did not do things that were good that Christ was able to do things that we turn to be significant because he did not yield to the urgent that was all around him but Christ purpose is brought to bear in mark the first chapter. The one that brought me to work my attention to Mark chapter one and its real significance to healing and medical missionary workers Johnny Erickson Tata Now many of you know the story of Johnny Erickson tada she was just in her late teens and she was in a diving accident in which she was paralyzed in pay came a quadriplegic so she could no longer button her blouse no longer brush your teeth couldn't use or hands couldn't use her feet and one day I was sitting in Johnny Erickson Tatas studio we were talking and she happened to be painting with with colored pencils in her mouth and she was drawing a picture was just magnificent We were talking and I said to her Johnny tell me what is the what's the most difficult thing with painting with that mouth sticking with the with those colored pencils in your mouth she said Mark pull the pencil out pull the pencil out of mouth she said it's the lousy taste of the pencils. Just a magnificent person and I said to her I said Have you ever been bitter at God because you were not healed and she said or if you ever been bitter at God because of this accident you know paralyzed from your neck down and she said Mark let's study for a few moments Mark chapter one and she led me into Mark Chapter one now I'm going to share with you some things before I get into what she told me that are relevant to our stock topic tonight but then I'll come right to the passage that she mentioned to me now we're going to look at Mark chapter one and we're going to start there at Mark one and we're going to look at verse Mark one verse twenty one and Mark Chapter one Verse twenty one and onward then I'll come a little later to the portion that Johnnie shared with me Mark one verse twenty one then they went to Capernaum and immediately on the Sabbath he Jesus entered the synagogue and taught Now this is significant to me if you look throughout Scripture and throughout the New Testament Christ as his custom was went to the synagogue on Sabbath Jesus the divine Son of God had a sense of sacredness about the Sabbath he went there to worship he went there to teach he went there to receive the blessings from heaven John Harvey Kellogg in the great business of Battle Creek began to neglect Sabbath worship it was one of the things that began to eat away at the very soul of this great medical missionary physician I read an article just not long ago by a Jewish physician and here's the title of the article by this Jewish physician it is why Sabbath keeping has made me a better doctor now that article by Dr Jacob Friedman is really worth reading and here's what Dr Friedman says I'll read you a little bit about it keeping the Sabbath keeps me sane back in medical school when my roommate asked me how I had a dent to five three thousand four hundred eighty one parts of the human abdomen and thorax on and off there are three thousand forty one parts this what the doctor said you want to argue with him argue with him not with me I'm just reading the thing don't kill the messenger OK back in medical school when might you say that's a pre-treat isn't how many are there well I'm not saying I'm reading the thing now come on OK back in medical school when my roommate asked me how I had a dent to fight all three thousand four hundred eighty one parts of the human abdomen thorough. X. for our exam on anatomy Monday I explained resting one day a week gives me the power to study hard for the next six days the mindfulness the Sabbath provides me left me rejuvenated enough to brave the monsoon of medical school exams and I weathered the storm well enough to land at Harvard Medical School for a top notch residency program then he talks about how he's kept the Sabbath all through his medical practice and he said sure I go treat people if it's an emergency but he points this out and I thought this was so insightful he says observing the Sabbath prevents me from being another victim of the burnout epidemic ravaging my colleagues in the medical field looking at the faces around the hospital on Monday mornings you don't have to be an expert psychiatry's to see despair in the eyes of the folks who work straight through the weekend good spend time with their loved ones it's the look of mental exhaustion the look of preparing to quit by forty five in the look of needing a cycle psychotherapist to talk about the the tragedy of physician burnout and he says one day he was talking to another Jewish friend and the Jewish friend says to him. Did you protect the so do you protect the Sabbath as a physician and he looked at the Jewish friend and smiled and said No I don't protect the Sabbath at all as a physician the Sabbath protects me as a physician. The Sabbath is your way says. It's the time you come sure there are margins. But the Sabbath is a sacred gift given to us by God. To rejuvenate our spirits to to to encourage our hearts to strengthen our souls. Now Jesus performs a miracle that Sabbath. Mark Chapter one we're going back to it Jesus performs a miracle that Sabbath the demon possessed man comes into the synagogue and Jesus heals him he sees that emergency there Jesus leaves the synagogue to go for a fellowship dinner at the fellowship dinner the cook is sick and Jesus at Simon Peter's mother you find that in verse thirty of Mark one she lay sick with a fever Jesus takes her by the hand lifts are up and she is healed and then she serves him but notice it's very fascinating to me verse thirty two at evening when the sun was set and they brought him all who were sick and those who were demon possessed and the whole city was gathered together at the door no notice it was after sundown that Jesus did his major work of healing it was after sundown that he did why because he himself needed that straight that rejuvenation that comes from the father so Jesus is doing that work of healing the sun has set but it's fascinating also that what happens the next morning the disciples are searching for Jesus they want to come to him because there are many that have not been healed from the night before but where is jesus early that next morning we find it here in verse thirty five now in the morning haven't risen a great while before daylight he went out and departed in a solitary place and he prayed this is significant. Sabbath is over Jesus has had this incredible evening multitudes of come to him their sick their demon possessed. He's tired he's weary he's the tea he's emotionally exhausted from serving care givers give. Not only of their time not only of their energy but they give of themselves but the next morning Jesus is their earthly Jesus is up that morning personal communion with God daily devotions take time the urgent was calling but Christ had an eternally significant priority he knew that he could not serve others unless he spent time in the presence of God He knew that he would be burned out he knew that he would be motional exhausted he knew that he would have nothing to give unless he received so there in the presence of God He drank from the eternal well of salvation I love the way Ellen White puts it we find it there into Cyrus ages three sixty three when every other voice is hushed it in quietness we wait before him the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God when every other voice is hushed Is there a quiet place that you have you will burn out as a caregiver unless you have your vision constantly rekindled by Christ you will become exhausted burnt out fatigued overwhelmed frustrated on the last day by day the grace that comes from the most holy place of heaven sanctuary fills your heart and overflows so you can go and minister and serve that day every day Jesus loans to fill that well of your life ministry of healing page fifty eight in a life holy devoted to the good of others I am sharing tonight with a room full of people whose lives are wholly devoted to the. Good of others that's why you have gone into dentistry that's why you have gone into medicine in a life wholly devoted to the good of others the Savior that Jesus Christ found it necessary Jesus' life was holy devoted to the good of others but he found it necessary to turn aside from ceaseless activity and contact with human needs now there's a point in which it is necessary to turn aside from ceaseless activity there is also a point if Jesus did it that is necessary to turn aside from contact with human needs in a life wholly devoted to the good of others the savior for found it necessary. To turn aside from ceaseless activity in contact with human needs to seek retirement and on broken communion with his father are you willing. To say Jesus. I'm going to set aside time for you. I'm going to stop running and stop rushing. I want to listen to your voice speak to my soul. I want the grace that flows from the most holy place of heaven sanctuary to fill my heart. I want to overflow with your grace and your goodness notice medical ministry page thirty one every physician should be a devoted intelligent medical missionary familiar with Heaven's remedy for the sin sick soul. The remedy for the soul is the grace of God. Jesus lived a life with a purpose his purpose was to know God and His purpose was to make him know that leads me to a vital truth that Johnny Erickson taught to shared with me that day I said to Johnny. Aren't you somewhat distressed. That you're a quadriplegic Have you ever felt bitter or angry with God She said you know after my diving accident many of my friends said if you just pray God's going to automatically he's going to miraculously heal you I prayed it wasn't healed well if you pray and have enough faith you'll be healed I prayed and believed and I wasn't healed but then Pastor Mark I came to this conclusion. That the purpose that the greatest purpose God had for my life was not to heal me but for me to glorify him. And that healing was not the greatest purpose of God's life for me it was to me to core if I him and she said Mark Chapter One was the key that unlocked this mystery. Life for me if you have your Bible you have your text look at it please mark the first chapter and we're looking there at Mark Chapter one Simon is nervous Peter Simon Peter is anxious. The crowds have returned they have come to the house of of Simon Peter they're looking for Jesus and so Simon Peter goes and seeks out Jesus he finds him along the shores of Galilee Jesus is in that solitary praise Jesus prayed verse thirty seven Peter comes and anxiously says when they found him they said to him everybody is looking for you Jesus it's urgent Jesus come now Jesus are your work is not done Jesus there are blind eyes to be healed Jesus there had to be open Jesus there are deaf ears to be on stop Jesus there with their arms to be healed Jesus there are there are the hungry people to be fed Jesus there are children that are sick Jesus the town you did some work last night but Jesus come back now this is amazing Jesus leaves a town. With a lot of sick people that verse thirty eight but he said to them. Let us go into the next towns that I may preach there also because for this purpose I have come forth and he was preaching in their synagogues for a galleon casting out demons Jesus said in effect healing is important that healing of the body is important but there is something more important that's the healing of the soul Jesus said Hurin physical illness is important but there's something more important it's eternally significant getting people ready for eternity and Joni Eareckson Tada said to me when I understood that the healing of my body was important but there was something more significant something more important that I had a purpose in life and that was to know Christ I had a purpose in life to make him known I had a purpose in life to glorify God you have been uniquely called by God. To know God to know Christ and to make him know. We'll you say tonight in the depths of your soul Jesus. There are some things that are urgent. But there are others that eternally significant knowing you. Is the purpose that I live making you known is the purpose that I live three simple prayers would you like to bow your head right now and pray them three very simple prayer. Lord I am willing. To surrender my time my finances in my practice to you. Do with it what you want. If deep within your heart you are willing. To surrender your time your finances your practice. Or if you are not. A medical professional a dentist or a doctor you can make this commitment by saying or I'm willing to surrender my time my finances and my life to you if you're willing to do that just take a moment now and then we're going to continue our prayer through these three prayers but the first prayer is a willingness a willingness to be sold out for Christ a willingness to seek His will a willingness to understand his purpose more deeply for your life just take a moment and make that consecration as we continue in prayer. We'll ask Jesus to help you to know the difference. Between things that a temporal and things that are eternal between the good things and the great things between that which is important and that which is eternally significant which you do that just now. Father as we bring this prayer to a close and bring this meeting to a close this one last commitment that your spirit. Is working on our heart to make. Father sometimes our devotional life. Becomes quite shallow pushed to the side. But who are we know if we're going to give we must receive. We know if we're going to share. Your love that love must fill our hearts. We know that Jesus said that he is like rivers of water that flow into our hearts and overflow. Father we know that if we can help other people be full. If we're superficial we can help other people be deep. Father. We want to spend time in your presence. We know the solution to burnout one of the great solutions to that is getting orders from Jesus every day. And being so clear on his will in his purpose and receiving his strength and power. That it changes our lives. Or do we want to do that every day we want to come into your presence and father may Sabbath be a high day for us as it was for you and Sabbath be a day of refreshing a day of strength a day of renewed physical mental and spiritual strength to serve sure they'll be emergencies but Lord May we commit ourselves to the renewable of Sabbath. And father tonight we've seen Jesus who actually at times left people sick and that kind of baffles us but he spoke to His disciples and He said My purpose is to preach the gospel. Father help us never forget the ultimate purpose Help us never forget the reason. That you've called us to be gospel medical missionaries help us in our practices in our ministry. To be ambassadors of your love ministers of your Grace evangelists for your kingdom help us to know our calling is to prepare a people for the coming of Jesus and we thank you for the destiny to which you have called us we thank you for the privilege of being ambassadors for Christ send us from this place and send us from this conference to minister to serve to bless to share your love with people that are seeking in Christ's name. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service to visit W W W audio verse or.


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