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A Challenge to the Consecrated Physician

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • October 29, 2017
    7:30 AM
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Loving Father we're grateful once again to come back together this morning. Also at the conclusion of our conference here at a man. We're grateful for all of the things that we have learned. And we thank you for the many challenges that you've presented to our own hearts to come up a little higher we ask God that that same power that has been demonstrated from the beginning of these meetings will be revealed in double portion now at its close it was the closing words of Jesus. That was the most important to pay attention to you Father please give us ears to hear grant us your Holy Spirit forgive us we pray of our sins and thank you for hearing our prayer for we ask it all in Jesus name Amen. This does not look too bad for the last morning meeting. Tells me you hungry. That's all right I want to thank God for the opportunity for us to study we're going to recap we've got a good bit to cover. We reviewed Bible Prophecy at the beginning of our first session together in the morning we saw there a clearly that a time of religious aggression is getting ready to come it's a very real thing you know we can ignore it if we choose but it would be only to our own detriment there's nothing that we can do to change the reality of what the Bible has already prophesied through the pen of God's Spirit inspiring and touching the hearts of men and women there's nothing we can do the change that but what we can do is by His grace make sure we're ready and to help others to be ready and so it is that we were told very specifically and I always appreciate that about God's words and his his inspired writings is that he does not leave us to guess we have a little book called great controversy I would encourage you to read page five hundred ninety eight and it says in great controversy five ninety eight that we have a chart and by the way that chart is the Bible. It says we have a chart that points out every way mark on the heavenward journey and we do not have to guess at anything we don't have to guess what to do next or what should we be doing or try to come up with our own ideas God has laid it out and so it is he showed us a time of religious aggression is coming what does he want to do about it it says as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in what kind of positions unfavorable positions therefore says for their own sake while they have opportunity we should become intelligent in regard to four things what are the four things disease what else causes what else. Vention and cured now I would encourage you to read this whole entire chapter because it was written to nurses and physicians. Isn't that something this was written to the medical practitioners that we are to understand that a time of religious aggression is coming therefore like never before we should be educators and help people understand these things we're told all those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering ones plenty of them who will need help not only among those of our own faith but largely among those who know not the truth the shortness of time demands and energy that has not been aroused among those who claim to believe the present truth and so it is we began to be obedient to this council and we started to study it out so we looked at disease we remember that though there is a way that we can look at disease purely from a secular standpoint we don't want to disregard it holistically but we also want to make sure that it is inclusive of the inspired standpoint the inspired standpoint that we looked at yesterday on what is disease we learned that disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health I remember I was going to a hospital to see someone and as I was there you know you know a lot of times people people get confused by my eyebrows they think I'm like this deep serious guy all the time I don't get food by the thick eyebrows I was born with that I had no choice but I will tell you I'm a very friendly cool kind guy you know I like to have fun and one of these days I was in the hospital and I had some fun because it was a whole bunch of doctors and nurses that came in there so I was with a friend and we were in the elevator and the elevators going up and I was just like I said Have you ever thought of what diseases because it was quiet you know folks sometimes don't like to talk to each other so it was quite an elevated such a full advantage of us that you know diseases and my friend was like well. Just you know when people get sick something I said disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health. And then I started looking up and you saw all the physicians and nurses go. You know I mean it was just it was just all males one of those nice laughing moments it was just you know there was that was pretty good and never heard that before and they just walked out and you know and it's a beautiful thing my friends if we really begin to understand this it is a deep knowledge to understand that disease is an effort of nature we understand that when you think of a fever that's why you have heard that term a fever is your friend you have heard that term before fever is your friend because it's it's an it's an effort naturally that the body is trying to create an atmosphere that whatever that viruses or bacteria that's causing the problem can somehow be rooted out via sweating or whatever else the case may be axin to you know at initiating the white blood cells to get more radical in their activity etc The point is that this is our best way to understand disease so when somebody says what is hypertension Yes we're going to talk about Basil constriction vasodilation etc But before that we need to understand that hypertension is an effort of nature to free the system from a condition that resulted from a violation of the laws of health that is what we need to add to that pool of knowledge that we have now when this part comes up God did not leave us there he gave us continued counsel because yesterday we didn't just look at disease but we also studied its causes and so it is that we're told in the continuation of the council all coming from page one twenty seven in case of sickness Now listen you can look at this either as a suggestion or an instruction coming directly from God I believe it is not a suggestion it's an instruction and this wisdom in it look at what is this in case of sickness was the first thing that should be done. The cause should be ascertained that challenges a lot of us in the Met. Community because a lot of times when people have problems we deal with those problems from a symptomatic point of view. But a lot of times we're not going after the cause. And then what we're doing is we're providing that occasions and instructions and all these other things to deal with symptoms but if we're not careful we've never ascertain the cause so that person may leave the office and come back a few weeks later and I don't know maybe that's what some people want. But the reality is that the best reward to a physician is that they don't see their patient anymore at least not in their place of occupation. That the person can leave their get well and the only time we see each other is at a picnic or in a store or some other place but hopefully that you don't have to keep coming back to me as the physician Yes and that that's that should be the heartbeat of our desire to help others we want them to get well we want them to be restored completely and it starts by understanding the cause of the problem because I'm a let you in on a little secret the cure is typically in the cause. The sooner you find out what is causing the problem you more than likely have identified your path for cure so the first step is the cause of these to be ascertained but then what's the next step it says on healthful conditions should be changed if a person has lung cancer Well we know that one of the great things that can contribute to that is smoking so one of the things we can do is understand the cause but then if they're in an unhelpful condition then they need to change that maybe you need to get out of that place where you're constantly breathing in the smoke you understand that this was my mother my mother wasn't a smoker she ended up with lung cancer but how did she get it she was secondhand smoking my dad was the smoker but my mother was in the unhealthful condition she was in that environment you understand that and so it is says the cause should be ascertained the unhealthful condition changed and then Step number three the. Wrong habit must be corrected if you are a smoker you should stop smoking correct the wrong habit this is how got it's amazing to think that God's words of inspiration actually shows us how to deal with sickness and disease which our world is an absolute laser House right now and so it says the wrong habit should be corrected what's the next word after the word corrected. No no no no hold on no moving too fast a word I say words what's the next word then when you say then that means that the previous step should have been done is that right. That's the West why use the word then it is assumptive that you have done the previous that So now go to this brothers and sisters that the point is so simple then nature is to be this that in doing two things number one nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel the impurity number three or number to reestablish right conditions in the system this is God's program fails. No man can improve on this no organization can prove and improve on this this is God's plan God says When somebody is sick find out why they're sick then after that if there's an unhelpful condition show them how to change it if there's a wrong habit show them how to correct it then go to the remedy how many times even in the natural world let's say you know somebody goes to Herb ologist you know it's amazing oh I've got a stomach ache they go to somebody and say I have a stomach ache I've had a few weeks somebody says oh drink this tea you know I mean people all the time that call themselves medical missionaries. And if we're not careful we can disqualify ourselves just by the way we deal with stuff because as soon as somebody has a headache or stomach ache or whatever immediately we're running to the then and we didn't even do steps one to three. And this is done in the pharmaceutical world and this is done in the nutraceutical world and it's a problem because they're both extremes and neither one of them are God's plan. The Understand that really and truly understand that that's not God's plan it's man's plan but it's not God's plan God wants us and I'm not saying that you don't deal with an issue if somebody has a high blood pressure spike or the sugar spikes or something like that yes you've got to go to a remedy to control it. Before because you can't you can't say somebody comes in and their blood pressure is two hundred over such is that you can say Sit down now did you know this all is not good that's not the time to go into you know this mass form of education deal with the emergency that's understood but once that person gets stabilize we should be following that blueprint faithfully can you say amen to that So this is God's idea of how to deal with sickness and disease so to day we're talking about prevention and cure yesterday we talked about disease and its Causes we learned yesterday that the cause for Disease. According to scripture which is the Word of God which we said we trust you still trust the Bible. So according to the Word of God We learned yesterday that sin is the cause of disease sin what is sin is the violation of God's law what law all his moral ten commandments and His laws of health when we violate these laws we get sick. There are special cases where one can get sick where it may not have involved a violation of God's Law job is a great example of that the Bible says very clearly that job was a perfect and upright man etc But nevertheless he still got a disease and when it came upon him it was an opportunity for him to glorify God to demist. It is faithfulness and prove that what God said is true that the devil is a liar but nevertheless the general rule is that disease comes as a result of violation of the law of God Now it doesn't always mean that it's your violation certain parts of India today where a precious little young eighty nine year old girl will be walking in the neighborhood and as she is walking a man possessed with a demon can actually go ahead and violate that precious child and rate that child if that child ends up with a sexually transmitted disease was it because of sin. You know you sound like the next multitude I hear no and yes was it because of sin. Yes Was it because of her sin no so please understand that when we re diseases an effort of nature to free the system etc violation of the laws it is to and it is to be understood that it may not though most times. It's as a result of our violation. But there are times that somebody can get sick. And we did not violate but somebody else did I know of a family who was getting food from their garden and they were eating food from the garden is that a good thing to eat food from your garden as a great thing I was more of us did that well this person is eating food from the garden they got sick. They were wondering why they got sick because they were like I'm eating food from my garden but the food from my garden was making me sick so they didn't understand why that happened what they did not know is that not far away unbeknownst to them they didn't pay attention to it is that there was a nuclear plant. That was not terribly far away from their location of where they lived they were all sorts of chemicals and things that was coming from that plant that was getting into the air would create almost like a little fog over them. And literally that stuff was falling and resting even on their. Plantation and they started to eat their plantation they were getting sick they ended up selling their property they had to move to another location and they were far more judicious about where they would live and what was around them. Sometimes we can get sick it's not because of us it might be because someone else's grief someone else's neglect someone else's carelessness someone else's sin but never the less we can potentially suffer and so then is the root foundation as far as the cause for disease and its cause as a result of violation of God's moral law or God's physical laws we learned that yesterday but when somebody gets sick they want to cure Is that right they want to cure it now I want to go ahead and say this because typically. When a lay person comes before a group of medical individuals and and speaks about things with health and etc and quotes Bible and Spirit of Prophecy sometimes there's a natural thought that comes up in the mind I bet this guy's going to come up here and he's going to bash all my medications now if that's the thought. I want to let you know you're half right. Because the truth of the matter is is that there's a place for drug medication and I want to start there if you are not here to go around saying medications no and you should already know that with me did not have heart surgery last year they didn't put no herb on my chest they they had the you know they had to do some ads and I took it. And so you know there's a time and place for these things but I do think that we as God's people can do a judicious level of study that we can hopefully create a balance that is born of Heaven I attempt to do that in these few moments so watch this when we think about drug medication one of the first things I would do is say how many of you have this in your library All right very good book very very good book All right. DR MERVYN G. Harding and what he did was he put together a book a physician explains Ellen White's counsel on drugs herbs and natural remedies very good book I would definitely recommend that you add that to your library as a point of education very good book it helps avoid one of the things I appreciated in the book is that it helps avoid both extremes there are some people that are like pharmaceuticals only that is an extreme this some people that are like only the natural never pharmaceuticals no matter what that's an extreme Jesus was balanced God's people the followers of Christ Christians should be balance Amen so when I started to look at this I thought that this was pretty powerful Did you know that there were several times by which L O Y recommended things that were and two things that were of a pharmaceutical nature or were contrary to her general counsels give an example if I want to put these references up and this is where you probably want to get a camera out if you want to take some pictures I will show you that there were medications that Ellen White either used or recommended at different points in time here's an example number one we're going to consider seasickness when somebody was suffering with sea sickness did you know that Ellen why would recommend the drinking of coffee. To help battle the sea sickness or tea and I'm talking about regular tomato my peppermint Kemah to my regular black tea the kind of tea that we have writings in councils on diets and foods by which she would say this should not be consumed by God's people as a mere beverage this is being spoken of as a medicine and so it is that right this second selected messages three zero two and three zero three there were times that for seasickness she said take some coffee or take some tea then there was the tonic or a calming agent can you imagine that what was recommended wine. It says this is testimony on the case of the E.P. Daniels eighteen eighty eight there was a time that she recommended to take wine for this issue the same wine that we are told in the Bible that's a mocker and and strong drink is raging etc but there was a place for this was not speaking about grape juice in this context it really wasn't this was a thing that was at that time use as a form of medicine now when we know more we do more when we know better we do better but this was a time with this is what was there this is what they use so watch this stress and anxiety catnip tea is anything wrong with catnip T.V.. Catnip tea is perfectly fine catnip tea is actually very good for more than just quieting the nerves but nevertheless you read that second selected messages to ninety seven then you had insomnia hops today we still recommend Valarie and hops for individuals who suffer with insomnia insomnia that second so that the message is to ninety seven again then you had pain relief alcohol was actually recommended manuscript release one one thousand and thirty three the letter one thousand and thirty three then you had malaria that was when the father lost his son because of what he thought he was doing in the name of obedience I am not giving my son the quinine because that's a poisonous drug and otherwise has their way from drugs he didn't give it to a son his son died he sees a wife he asked her why should I have given my son the quinine the answer was yes you should've second selected messages page two hundred two in the footnote then you have Colerain the call never mixtures Now this is where we start getting into more powerful drugs far more toxicity OK with the Calabro mixtures manuscript released book eight page eighty five a white recommended the Calera mixtures at times then there was surgical procedures of course we're going to use that anesthetics that was something that was used. In the surgical procedures you can read that in second selected messages page two eighty four and two eighty five and Manuscript manuscript released book eight page eighty five she also recommended nitric oxide some of the stuff was poisonous You know this stuff was not the best for the system OK but there were times in cases in places where this may had been appropriate finally that we could disease number two running up to number one even in such a time as this cancer Ellen White herself used to recommend that people would take cancer powders do you know that cancer powders if you were to study the history of cancer card as it was high level toxic stuff OK it was it was not the thing you take for the norm it was under extreme circumstance under an extreme case but here we have a letter to thirty six nineteen zero six there are times and there are places where there may be a call to take a drug medication as specially if it is an emergency an issue of trauma or especially if there is just absolutely nothing else available there may be a time that these things are proprium today when we have to undergo major surgeries like a heart surgery lung surgery brain surgery even with you know your teeth I heard somebody tell me how they said I don't want any novacaine I'll just bare it. And as soon as that dentist that it exists is there weren't very good on overcoming and they understood this some people who might be able to take it but there's other people who understands Now here's the key when I got my heart surgery brothers and sisters I knew I'm going to have to take some percocet for at least a few days because if I chose if I chose to be a tough guy and say I'm not even a purpose that I'm going to overcome my heart disease naturally heart surgery naturally and so on my brothers and sisters if I were to try to bear that pain that would have put a lot of stress on my tender heart that was just. Surgical procedure was just done on it it would not have been wise and so what did I do I took the percocet but here's the thing I would recommend to every single one of you. In every drug there's at least a little if not a lot of poison straight up poison bad stuff not good for the body so here's the deal if you ever do have to take a drug for any reason emergency trauma etc Once your body through the grace and power of God or how he naturally made our bodies to heal itself once your body gets back to a state of normalcy you need to do a detox and you need to do a Clinton and you need to get a lot of that potential residual toxicity that remains in the system and get that thing out of you if you don't know how to do that I'm going to make some references at the end that we can talk about but the bottom line is you do want to detox because drugs can work like a mercenary they can hang around a little later on and cause later destruction. And it's good and if you don't believe me just read ministry healing one twenty six everything I just said is right there and so I want to make it clear from the jump that God is not saying no drugs under no circumstances there are times places and cases where drug medication will be used but we are told that physicians are to educate the people that drugs do not cure remember physicians are educated. There's a way you can lie directly and there's a way you can lie indirectly and one of the ways we can lie indirectly is when we don't tell a lie we just simply withhold the truth as you and I just said there's a way that we can live directly and there's a way we can lie indirectly the way that a lot of us can lie indirectly is when we don't so much you know not tell a lie but we withhold the truth you and I need to understand the human mind and human nature when people come to us they come to us for cure they're not coming to be treated they're not coming to learn how to live with their disease forever they're actually putting their trust in the surgeon in the physician in the nurse and the list goes on there actually putting their trust that you are going to show me how to be cured. That's what they're doing that is the understanding in their mind we need to help them understand if we're giving them a drug we have to understand the parameters number one Secondly we need to understand that we need to tell them the truth this does not cure even if you get well this did not help you get well you got well because of the way God made you and the way God made your body. You were healed in spite of the drug. Now if you don't like that again read ministry healing one twenty six those words I just said they are healed in spite of the drug that's an exact statement from ministry one twenty six so we need to educate the people and help them understand that if you're going to be God's Gospel medical missionary evangelists now as much as God says yes there are times places in cases where this may be a political but we need to understand the balance counsel I text my dear brother Norman acknowledged me this morning I said Brother please tell me you're going to be at the meeting this morning and he was like I can't be there I got to go and so on I said brother all right no promise that when you get already a verse I said you make sure you listen to this one I say you're going to love this. Because. That's my buddy that's my boy Seriously I appreciate very much we've had a lot of side conversations and talks about the Word of God and things that are happening in this world and it is very evident that the Lord is leading his mind and I want you to watch this yesterday we heard about justification by faith then when we heard about that beautiful beautiful wonderful foundational teaching of all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation God has shown us how man can be a recipient of his righteousness by faith that is revealed in the Life Now watch this when we typically think and this is week I can't wait to show you this when when when when we typically think of justification by faith what is justification by faith is the work of God laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man what man cannot do for himself we see that all throughout the Bible no we couldn't build that our. God didn't understand that God was the one that deliver the children of Israel God was the one he constantly did for man what man could not do for himself once man was willing to let God lay there glory in the dust and understand that all glory belongs to me we normally think of Justification by Faith purely in a spiritual realm many of us have either preached or quoted evangelism one ninety where talks about what is is the thirteen just messes Justification by Faith Oh yes the third angel's message is justification by faith and verity we talk about that with my brothers and sisters when Norman was preaching yesterday I said Come on brother bring it out bring it out because I got to tell you I got my Sabbath treat yesterday we should tell my children about that my children have four children the ages one thousand eight hundred seventeen sixteen now but you know when they were little children we would go ahead and give them a little Sabbath treat you know something special I got a Sabbath treat yesterday it was right at that table we were all talking together my brother Fred for Brother Fred Bishop he said hey did you ever consider the full context of the quote you know we often quote etc and I started to look at it and as I looked at it it's to start a bubbling over with joy watch this none but God can subdue the pride of man's heart do you believe that only God can do it we can't handle ourselves only God can truly give us that humility that we need we cannot save ourselves we cannot regenerate ourselves in the heavenly course there will be no song song to me that love myself and washed myself redeemed myself until me be glory and honor blessing and praise is there won't be any song like that in heaven now watch the continuation of this but this is the key note of the song that is sung by many here in this world they do not know what it means to be meek and lowly in heart wasn't yesterday's message about being who you militant and how the righteousness of Christ is what helps us see how humble we should be before the Lord because He is all of the everything and we are nothing when we see our nothingness so watch this they do. Do not know what it means to be meek and lowly in heart and they do not mean to know this if they can avoid it. The whole Gospel is comprised in learning of Christ his meekness and lowliness Now watch this and I say amen to that too watch this this letter was written to a sanitarium worker it was written to a physician. It was written to a health worker OK this letter that we're reading this gentleman had an issue with pride. This gentleman began to think more of himself then he should Ellen White wrote a long letter to him of which we're reading just a portion of it and she was calling him to a higher level of humility because he thought he was practicing it but he really wasn't and so Brother McNulty he's talking yesterday about pride he's talking about the dangers of uplifting ourselves and all these other things and how the righteousness of Christ is a tool a key that God has given to us that helps us to truly understand our position and our condition go to first Chronicles twenty nine before we finished the quote Watch this in first chronicles the twenty ninth chapter if we could really get this verse in I would recommend that you pray and ask God Lord help me to believe this and receive this in my heart first Chronicles we're looking at Chapter twenty nine and I want you to see what the Bible says and when you get there just let me know by saying amen. In first Chronicles twenty nine. Offerings were being made for God's temple. The cause of God and as this was being done it got to a point that a beautiful statement is made in verse fourteen the Bible says the first Chronicles twenty nine fourteen but who am I and what is my people that we should be able to offer so willingly after this song. Now let's read the close of the verse together for all things come of be and of the line own have we given the. That is a very very important verse how many things come of God all things and when we give back to got how much of it belong to God of the first place oh all of it all things come of the end of thine own have we given the so even when we give our service to others why would we boast about ourselves if we only understood that were it not for the grace of God you couldn't even open your hand like that we're told that God oversees every nerve every muscle every heartbeat every privilege we have to think the ability to even remember scripture. That's because it's not just in the within us it's because we have a supervisor. That's looking over you and looking over me and able in you and I every single moment to do as the Book of Acts seventeen says to live move and have our being. The grace of God there should be no boasting amongst God's people and by the way to whom much is given it just means that much more shall be required so what is trying to reason with this brother she saying you are a physician you don't fully understand our truths you don't fully understand our message and therefore I need to educate you on the inspiration of God So she says this to him Now watch what she says next didn't we read this yesterday what is justification by faith it is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that which it is not in his power to do for himself when men see their own nothingness they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ now watch this when they begin to praise and exalt God all the day long then by beholding they are becoming changed into the same image watch this what is regeneration next question it is revealing to man what is his own real nature that in himself he is do you believe. You see until we believe this we won't be able to be used by God the way he wants to use us it says we are to understand that in ourselves we are worthless these lessons now she's hidden that now she's gone from general to specific She says these lessons you have never learned she's saying this to a physician these lessons you have never learned all that you could realize the value of the human soul now watch this get to the point it. Watch this she's she's she's disciplining if you will lovingly always but never the less forcefully to get the point of cross when she made these points here is what came next when you understand physiology in its truest sense your drug bills will be very much smaller and finally you will cease to deal out drugs at all. It says the physician who depends upon drug medication in his practice shows that he does not understand the delicate machinery of the human organism it says he is introducing into them a seed that will never lose its destroying properties throughout their lifetime have mercy. This is very appropriate to read a man. Very appropriate. Pay attention to this family because this has a very very direct You see we understood there is trauma there are emergency situations but my brothers and sisters we must understand that when we understand physiology in the truest sense when we really understand it well our drug bills will be very much smaller and finally they will actually cease to deal drugs and all the physician who was that word the physician who depends upon drug medication in his practice there are some places that people can go where they know I'm going to come in empty handed and I'm going to leave with paper. They know it I'm always going to leave with some prescription for something. And what happens is a lot of times there's a whole lot of council that's left out. And we just simply deal out drugs and we give drugs drugs drugs and here you need to take this you need to take that but we need to understand what inspiration is saying it's as if we truly understand physiology if we really understand how the body works then we can get to a place that we don't have to be about the drugs anymore and the physician who depends upon drug medication in his practice shows that he does not understand the delicate machinery of the human organism why because he's introducing a seed now this seed is going to come up in the next statement notice I tell you this because I dare not withhold it otherwise is I dare not withhold Christ paid too much for man's redemption to have his body so ruthless Lee treated as it has been by the drug medication years ago look at this family. Years ago the Lord revealed to me that institution should be established for treating the sick without drugs now is that hospital All right so I want you to just understand it family just understand it we're going to clarify. But if who revealed the cellar Why does God make mistakes. No he doesn't years ago the Lord revealed to me the institution should be a status for treating the sick without drugs man is God's property and the ruin that has been made of the living habitation the suffering caused by the seeds of death toll in the human system are and over fence to God manuscript released book twenty page one seventeen that is what in the words of Jesus is called a hard saying that's a hard saying we got to know how to strike that balance emergency trauma yes there may be a place that we have to use this but on the regular DAY TO DAY This stuff should not be dealt out to the people as commonly as it is when they visit a clinic or hospital it should not be dealt out it plants out seeds of death why because it puts poison in the system that can have another effect upon the system at a later time so we need to understand that when with thinking about cure drugs don't you why is it so quiet in here can you say amen to that drugs don't cure we have to be OK with that it's time for paradigm shift that a man a man. We got to understand a family cause us and I understand you know this and we make an income we take care of ourselves I was just like you I was on a roll I was in a mood doing was preaching the word is traveling all over the world train is doing this in schools and colleges and go before a whole bunch of educated people he has a GED to his name is an ignorant fisherman but he's gone before Mass is a very intelligent people in high places and he's teaching the work and I'm thinking Lord this is incredible and God says this still something higher that you need to understand God says doing. This still things about your character you don't even recognize. Your name if I were to let you die. As you are. You'd be a castaway many others may have come to me but you'd be a castaway. So as much as I pleaded with God Lord please take away this heart situation Lord please fix my heart Lord please I counsel with every doctor that I knew of this and that Hotshot called you that your dad your dad my dad I mean brother Neville it was just such a blessing to me Thomas Jackson absolute known as my dad blessing to me. I talked with so many people in our movement some of you who are here they meant I mean you have been a blessing to me but when I woke up December one thousand two thousand and sixteen and I woke up God did not just do surgery on my physical heart God did surgery on my spiritual heart my brothers and sisters I see the gospel more clearly than I ever have before. And if we are going to be instruments in his hands to finish his work it cannot be by status quo we must understand that there's a need for radical change it's time to change family and God has given us grand and wonderful opportunities and it will have to be by sacrifice. The glory of man got to be laid in the dust before the righteousness of Christ can to truly take possession of our. And so it is that this was a council that was given to this position and my brothers and sisters if you are physician a nurse or any type of health practitioner pastor whatever it may be a child of God we must take heed to this counsel you can read it you can ignore it but it would be to your own detriment. It's decision time so when we're talking about cure we're not talking about drugs because drugs don't cure. But that's what you were called to do to be an instrument in God's hands to help people to experience cure. Not just disease causes and prevention but cure that that scary word that word that government says we will penalize you if you use it. That same word my young sister tried to help you understand. There's no way any of us are going to get out of this situation without battle scars. Is just not going to happen there's going to be people who are not going to like you you will suffer financially and you will going to go through losses you will be defamed to some degree everybody's always trying to preach enough truth just to keep the people lost I will not do that. When I love you too much there's a lot of people playing friendly right now. And they will go so far and there's a line they won't cross pastors are doing that preachers and teachers are doing that and physicians are doing that we will goal just this far. But even though God shows clearly from his word goal forward we are saying Lord just make my plan work and go in just this far I don't want to step over that line why do we want to step over that line because there's something scary we think that's going to happen to us and you know that means that we've been lying. Because we said we trust God. Lord I trust you but I'm not going to go all the way with you. That is a contradiction you have to embrace that family that's a contradiction if you trust God you go forward. And you leave consequences with him you don't be fanatical. But you go forward prevention God's way of curing is very powerful and we need to talk about it when we think of prevention we think of the laws of health I understand that we are in a new start environment here but I like the other acronym God's plan as you can see G O D S P L and God's plan OK there are reasons I like it I believe that everything starts with God you know now I'm not here to condemn to start it that's that's that's a silly fight to even get into some I want to get into that if you use new start you're not of the past that you find if somebody uses God's plan they're not of the prostate you're fine. I don't see Heaven say we trademarked this name God can use all sorts of acronyms it's fine the bottom line is get out the laws of health when we think of the laws of health we have God we trust we have open air we have barely exercise we have sunshine we have proper rest we have lots of water all ways temperate and nutrition Now this is what we call the eight Laws of health is that right is that we call the eight Laws of health you know I heard my brother say that a man still could use the money he said that right the game is to use some offerings how would you like me. To write a thousand dollar check to him and would you like that OK he said sure he hasn't paid it he's like do you got it. Now I got it I think talking my wife but nevertheless. Watch this. I will write a check four thousand dollars to a man right now and I know you want a man to be supported don't you and then I will write a check for thousand dollars right now right now. If you can give me one Bible verse or Spirit of Prophecy called Oh let me preface this thank you lord he reminded me. Anytime I do a question and answer session at a church. I always for one the people ahead of time I say listen as we do this question and answer session sometimes you may ask questions that I'm going to answer but when I answer it there's a possibility that you might not agree with what I give. If you disagree that's open Katie but. We should not be disagreeable. To get that difference to that line so we can disagree but we should not be disagreeable it would you agree with that is that all right here am I safe. Amen. Now. Lets get back to the thousand dollars. I will write a check. For one thousand dollars if you can show me anywhere in the Bible or the spirit of prophecy where God limits. His laws of health. To eight give me Bible and what I would not recommend is that you just give me ministry one twenty seven as I already got some for that. We said eight laws a health like that thing was written on stone by Jesus himself. There are some potential dangers with that thought process I was in Oklahoma I was and Emanuel Beck's church in Pastor my brother Ned Lee was their very kind and wonderful man sat with a talk with him and we were training physicians in his church to tell you this humbly don't even make sense but here I am and I'm instructing all these folks on different principles of the Bible in a spirit of prophecy and etc and medical missionary work one of the thing I remember when I went through this part because you know this new start. You know kind of that's a we mar baby you know and what have you so when we were talking about this I said Did you know there's more than eight and they were like whoa what are you talking about and I said No really there's more than eight. There's more. And I'm going to prove it you want proof. Let's go. I want you to count with me everything that's in bold OK Count with me everything when I mention it say one thing to all right here we go pure air water cleanliness proper diet. Purity of life. Firm trust in God. That's six now I says are remedies what are they remedies OK are remedies for the want of which thousands of die and yet these remedies are going out of date because they are skillful use requires work that the people do not appreciate fresh air. Bad students fail. Remember you're only supposed to count that which is in bold fresh air was already mentioned at the top left see that is just called Period same thing so we're still at what number six very good so fresh air exercise seven pure water. They're good class. Clean. Premise is. Eight Now watch this when leanness deals with you a person clean sweep premises the eels with your property I did a consultation at the man's house not long ago and when I went to his house I shook his hand shook his hand gave the Brotherhood he smelled very nice. Just happen to notice it came up. But he said Have a seat so I sat down and as I was sitting down in the house we started going to his lifestyle consultation he had seizures and some other problems we started going through it and then at a certain point my peripheral said I see something. And then I looked. And it was a roach and I was like Oh boy OK. I had a colleague with me the collie. Starts itching and I was like oh boy. We're in the house now going protect us OK we keep going at a certain point now use your bathroom Oh absolutely I go to his bath because I've had to just so I go to the bathroom. I saw roaches crawling all over his toothbrush I saw kicked up dirt in different parts his house had a very foul smell. His person was very clean his premises weren't. Going to stand that kind of environment like that makes somebody sick you better believe it. So what number are we up to we're up to eight now watch this it says please we premises are within the reach of all with what little expense but drugs are expensive both in the outlay of means and the effect produced the pun the system counts on health three twenty three so how many did we counsel far eight Now let's go to the popular ministry healing one twenty seven notice what's in bold pure air we don't count that because that was in the other quote already sunlight nine abstemiousness that temperance ten rest of leavened. Exercise proper diet the use of water trust in divine power these are the. True remedies so my thinking brain says Father Why is it that council of Health says remedies Why is it that ministry healing one twenty seven says true remedies the Lord says Blayne How do you read context go up the paragraphs I went up the paragraphs you know she says many people dispense of drugs they perceive these as a remedy. But then she shows but it is not then she transitions into these laws as he says these laws are up true remedies so she was simply saying that to contrast a real remedy from a false remedy. You get that see that difference a real remedy from a false image so there is no difference between remedies here and true remedies there they have the same effectual power and they come from the same God So we counted how much eleven now watch this the use of water trust in divine power these are the true remedies every person should have a knowledge of nature's remedial agencies and how to apply them it is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will and able one right need to use this knowledge so how many did we count. Eleven But wait what I'm about to show you right here this is when we had the movement. I was there with all those doctors at that church in Oklahoma we're going through all these different principles and we're going through it we're talking about practical ways that this can be practiced and lived out and and we can receive all the benefits then I say Now watch this next one. I showed the next one when I showed the next one that said this is a lot of health too many of them were like. They just didn't you know they were just floored like can you imagine that I never saw that before. You know and they were just floored by this what was it that they were floored by knowledge must be gained in regards on to out to eat and drink and what else and what else and what else dress. So as to preserve what health sickness is the result of violating nature's law our first duty one which we owe to God to ourselves and to our fellow man is to obey the laws of God These include the laws of health what is included in the laws of health dress. Twelve. Christian Temperance Bible hygiene page twelve paragraph three my friends. I think a man will be getting that thousand dollars my brothers and sisters here's the danger if you talk to people about eight you might neglect the four and while we're trying to help them get well we've neglected other things that we should have been teaching and those things that we're teaching them they need to understand that that can impact the health so somebody could drink water get sunlight get proper rest and a lot of other things but because they're not dressing in a healthful manner or because they don't have clean sweet premises their place is filthy or because they're not taking proper care of their bodies or because though they might have a trust in God's power they don't have a life that's pure they can still suffer with sickness and disease and then when they die will say oh well that must have been God's will rather than being like those disciples and saying Lord why couldn't we have mentors Jesus you went through whole villages. It is true as all the family said there are some cases where Jesus did not heal everyone but there are other cases where he did. There are other cases where he went to a village in the Bible says not one person remained that was sick. So it's a balance there are some cases we're not even one person has to leave you with their ailment anymore. You understand that but it's up to us I believe that God has so much power that he wants to avail to us it's just that we're not being like those disciples and humbling ourselves and letting our minds unite with God and to truly say Lord I trust you by demonstrating that I will live your words. That's the issue I need you to understand what I'm saying family we talk Bible the Spirit of Prophecy so much and yes there are fanatics out there I understand that but there's enough analysis and I'm telling you you can test it I expect you to be a good test every single thing I'm saying to you and my e-mail is lemon Duane at G. Mail dot com You send me an e-mail you let me know spend a correction for the lemon that up because another thing is that the Lord has taught me to be teachable you give me balance in quotes no problem but my brothers and sisters. Often before I teach something publicly we do our best to do a thorough study on it share it with other leaders and other people let them take a look at it and get back I've been teaching this for years and not one person has come back to say there's more than one I've heard people say all they overlap I said no they do not overlap that's you saying that that's not what inspirations this was all temperance Well then why did God say nutrition you got to be tempered in eating. God labels them specifically because that's what they are there specific principles of help and he wanted us to follow them and it's so that we can enjoy the blessings that have and wants to give and I respect the fact if anyone disagrees just remember let's not be disagreeable about it the key is study to show that self-approval family sometimes we neglect these laws of health we neglect it neglect it neglected and people are being hurt by it getting sick by some of the even dying I if we had like last time literally I go through each of the Forgotten laws or the neglected laws and we show Spirit of Prophecy we show bible and then we show practical application of reality into science today of how if you don't dress right here's what can happen to you. This is what the medical science is saying because I know we love science. What I'm telling you is that this is real. God is always proving that he's way ahead of science he's way ahead of humanity He's the author of Science true science not the falsely so-called And so it is that God wants us to understand he has a plan to show people how to prevent the laws of health are designed to prevent sickness and disease if we dress healthfully eat healthfully and do all of these different principles my brothers and sisters we put ourselves in the best advantage that if we get sick anyhow it's almost as if we can say Praise the Lord this must be a job situation because God has helped me to understand his principles of health and by His grace I want to love him enough to live up to it. Cure when you think of The Cure remember what the Bible says. I remember the physician who talked with my mother when she had stage four cancer he said to her Mrs Lemon I have bad news. He says I cannot cure you you know under my breath I said tell me something I don't know. Whatever made you think you can cure anybody there's no physician in this room that can cure anyone and if anyone got cured under YOUR HELP you didn't cure them it was God that cured them you were God's instrument and we should be OK being the instrument in the Lord's hand without taking credit for him because even that is a species of stealing which is a violation of the eighth commandment God wants us to be humble servants God says Behold I will bring it hello. And cure now health is prevention cure is overcoming God says I bring both so I would like to recommend to you this. Start praying a lot more about God helping you to be obedient to His laws of health. Because God brings us health God and Abel's us to get all the water and we're supposed to get to exercise all the time to dress properly and to have true thorough D. vital connection with him that produces deep trust it takes Christ's help to live the laws of health the laws of health are just as sacred as the Ten Commandments you cannot just say Oh I'll do it because I said I'm going to I'll do it because I want to. Because I think a lot of us are probably living failures in this room right now a lot of us know how much water we should be drinking every day but a lot of us can go days without drinking all the water we should A lot of us know we're supposed to exercise every day but we're just not getting it in because we say Lord I'm too busy a lot of us know that we need to go beyond a one page devotional in the morning and to have deep vital communion with God where we devote our heads ourselves to him as a result of the communion but a lot of us are always in a rush that we can only get in the quick little one page of reading that it is in and then we're gone a lot of us are living this kind of life we were violating the laws of health we're violating the law of God and God has been merciful to us but my family didn't come a point in time that we can't keep teaching people to violate the laws of health a sin we teach that hopefully you do if you teach to violate the laws of health sin. Then we should have Jesus give us victory over sin before we start telling everybody else about it we should cooperate with him better and stop making excuses that because I'm God's man I'm God's servant Surely that's the mistake that I made when my when my heart started going down and they told me what was wrong I literally retaliated back to God I said Lord I have I have dealt with people that smile in my face and talk behind my back I've had divisions say that I can't come to preach and I asked them why and they say figure it out I've had people who literally smile Hi Brother lemonade you know they fake smiles and everything and then at the end of the day they're in rooms talking with their spouses or talking to other people talking about their brother rather than picking up the phone my numbers a worldwide number. I get calls from all over the planet told me if you really see that I'm going down in a dangerous path don't gossip about me because you don't go to hell with me it's like call me. I told them before but I browse I'm very approachable. I'm preaching we pass those right now but I mean you know this is preaching when I come down I'm not like how are you doing then that's that's how I talk to people I'm like brother how you doing that you know I mean I'm a normal person I do cartwheels and everything my point is very simple. We got to learn how to be brethren and if we identify each other's weaknesses less be a Proverbs twenty seven seventeen type of child of God iron sharpening iron. Help each other then we're all on the same journey Let's get caught up in this foolishness. And so it is that God is just simply trying to say we we're not being consistent and I remember I said Lord I have dealt with backbiting backstabbing I've dealt with this I've dealt with that and so on and here it is you go let your servant go down like that all that service I've been given you. And now you don't let me die on a surgical table brothers and sisters I stand as a man and repentance before God because I was not like job. I was not like I will not charge God with folly no matter what I was charging God with folly I was saying what are you doing I'm your servant I'm throwing out what I've done before God as if he owes me life God could have said son you know you don't sleep. But God is. His loving kindness. And his grace is so in calculable God says in the midst of all of it somehow he saw a little bit later the future he's going to snap out of it Miss. And I will better use. And that's one tell me if it is from the love of my heart that I'm telling you we've got to get to a place let God be God we've got to do his words exactly what he says we must demonstrate our love and stop talking about. And Jesus said If you love me keep my commandments another word for Commandments is word keep my words when Jesus gives us his words keep the. Greatest where you can demonstrate you love him. He says I bring health I bring cure that's my prerogative we don't cure God does now what are the means and methods and methods immortalities watch this special gift of the Spirit did you know that the Holy Spirit is instrumental in healing. The Bible says it right there first Corinthians twelve verse nine to another faith by the same Spirit to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit the Holy Spirit is so instrumental in. The healing work and so I agree with councils on diets and foods page twenty five where it says if we are going to bring healing to others we must have the Holy Spirit in our heart and in our homes. Councils and dies and who's paid twenty five Write it down if we are going to be instruments for healing to others we must have the Holy Spirit in our hearts and in our homes. Now watch this other statement if somebody was sick and you had the best medicine to give them would you want to give them that first. If somebody was sick and you had the best medicine for them would you want to give that first before you give them the not so good medicine of course so what's the best medicine the influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine that can be received by a sick man or woman medical ministry page twelve. The influence of the Spirit of God All Lord every morning you should ask God on your knees Lord fill me with your presence give me your spirit help me to have your mind that if I see someone today and I become an instrument of help I pray that I'm so filled with your spirit that his influence will exude for me to the precious soul that I ministering to. You when you think of the influence of the Holy Spirit we know this love is also what else joy peace and long suffering is set or I want to talk about Joy for a second. The Bible tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength neither my eight verse ten if there is one thing that we can do is bring a little bit more joy into people's life. This is some of those things that's why I appreciate I mean seriously I very much respect the health clinics etc I would caution us please don't limit it to that is much much more that God wants you to do that a health clinic health clinic should not be eliminated health clinics just should not be understood as that's medical missionary work. That's that's very important for you all to understand that is not in and of itself medical missionary work just simply doing the health clinics is an aspect of it but God wants something much much deeper it is great that you can talk with people and pray with them and my brother say you and I all know that you know one prayer may not always have the long lasting effects that God desires so again nothing wrong with praying with the patients just don't limit that to saying now I'm bringing spirituality into my medical practice I don't limit that you're limiting God. God wants me much more than notch more than that it's great to do that but God wants much more than that can you say amen to that all right so the joy of the Lord is our strength so when we touch those precious souls lives we're bringing a lot of joy into their heart now look at this I love this statement did you know in order to have perfect health our hearts must be filled with hope and love and joy counsels on health five eighty seven this week. You and I should be instruments to help people know what love and hope and joy is in Jesus. This is the only way they can have it love hope and joy in Christ this should be our instrument then the Bible says a merry heart. Does good like and that's easy to say for those pills you pay attention to it. Took time to find that picture. Little hearts and their heart does good just like medicine. I've met I had one brother he had renal failure we were talking about some things you can you know just continue to live his lives kidneys fail and he was this I for them he says and I just wish so much I could have my kidneys you know functional again I said my brother all I could say is this Gaza in control of all things. And the Lord never makes a mistake but I said but I will give you a little previewed to what's getting ready to come. God is preparing to pour out His Spirit without measure. Upon a people. And if you are willing to be a recipient of God's Spirit without measure there's not only spiritual blessings that will come under this ladder in power this physical blessings that will come. And I said and I just want you to read this with me and I gave my little book use of the advantage gave my little book and here's what the book said the book said the Holy Spirit will make all who are willing are you willing. It says the Holy Spirit will make all who are willing to be educated able to communicate the truth with power it will renew every organ of the body that God's servants may work acceptably and successfully. God's Spirit can renew how many organs does that include the kidneys. I said Brother you hang in there I said God me appoint you to be one of those that receive that unlimited endowment of His Holy Spirit by which there is healing as we read in first Corinthians twelve. That organs that man has said cannot come back if God can resurrect a whole body I think it's nothing for him to resurrect an organ Oh if only we could have faith and so it is when we think of cure we should help people understand that joy that they can find in Jesus but we also need to understand hydrotherapy it's not always about drinking water it's also about using water we must become educated if your physician in this room you should know how to do hydrotherapy treatment you should know how to do a hot foot bath you should know how to talk about contract showers you should know how to walk people through these very simple steps. But not just hydrotherapy massage. We should understand how massage benefits especially circulation we're told in the book ministry healing perfect in order to have perfect health we must have perfect circulation massage is one of the instruments that helps bring that husbands and wives This is something we should definitely know. When the husband comes home as I have a back we should be like will go find a medical missionary somewhere down the road we should be able to say come and we know how to go ahead and relieve you understand that massage we have to learn the these are all heaven ordained principles Yes Can science go ahead and mess with it can you know people go out there and do all sorts of strange things to it sure they can but my brothers and sisters there's a way you can learn massage without the witchcraft attacked attached to it. But you need to learn massage these are things we should learn we should find places and institutes That's why I'm thankful we have Wildwood here we have U.T. pines we have even valley we have meat ministry we have organizations here that teach these things so if you don't know what I would recommend want you go to some of your brethren and get educated if you are willing. To be humble and realize you can be shown some other things. Herbs. You know it's funny. And cute org well. There are things that are said at Ayman that a very interesting when we talk about herbs you know you know what a lot of physicians often say maybe not you but a lot of physicians say stuff like this if you say yeah you know we show people how to get well sometimes using herbs physicians go hey be careful with that stuff and I'm thinking to myself. I agree. We should be judicious with herbal supplement Asian too much vitamin A can become toxic to the system OK too much Vitamin D. can cause calcification in the arteries OK So there's definitely a need to understand that you need to be careful but here's what I find most blowing somebody says herbs they say be careful but you say drugs and they say Come tell me about it that makes no sense that makes zero sense you know I'm exuberant sense because. Clinical talk Journal of Clinical toxicology. No deaths from any dietary supplement including calcium magnesium chromium zinc colloidal silver selenium iron or multi vitamin were recorded by the U.S. National poison data system in two thousand and fourteen the latest data that is available there were also no deaths from any amino acid or herbal supplements including blue cohosh Ecan Aisha ginko biloba ginseng cava Kaba St John's Wart Valeri and Yohimbe Bay and any Asian Oh I have at it medicine it says the data system also recorded no deaths for glucose I mean or from any other homeopathic remedy but let's notice the closing one it says in reference to prescription medication around one hundred fifty thousand Americans die each year from an adverse reaction to a drug properly prescribed and taken and a further three hundred fifty thousand die from a drug incorrectly administers either because of error or from a deliberate overdose with this type of statistic we should be far more open minded to herbs and a lot more hey be careful with them drugs that that salesman comes to the office with according to the data that's data. We don't have any record of the people dying from taking nerves yes there are some people who go to the E.R. because they took too much of some herb and now they've got a tech a card or maybe they took some urban Now they might have had in the Q. liver reaction a kidney reaction I understand that those are things again we have to be judicious and knowledgeable when it comes to the herbs but you should be afraid far more of drug medication that that's why some physicians they make me it's almost like sadly humorous it's like hold up you're so careful. With herbs when they don't have half not even my nightly close the data that a lot of these prescribed medicines. Have done to people we should be balanced in these things family member got life balance you like Babbitts Why are you so quiet. This was the love truth the Bible says Love rejoices in the truth I was rejoicing when I was put together. Oh Lord it's a sweet because it's a wonderful organization to say these kind of things. VIDEO CLIP you ready watch this two minute video clip. For me to. Read read. Read. Read the letter carrier and. Count how. Well it's an unusual. Case in the United States maybe not corner everybody in the country. And yet he hears. About the arrests there are a small but we. Get more information. They're all going to be a warning. Not just with a problem is that they can call this. Just. Me here her name. And. The E.U. where you need to focus on what. We're talking about. All these problems what really tackle. The real concern here is that they are. Releasing that what were the families. Or. They can be used. And that's why. If you're rich you're really talking and he says Don't you think that the Haitian impacts on the city we. Are seeing right now war when people don't really know. About anything like the person. That you. Well the style turns they're not easy peasy for they're usually just you know. Usually something you. Get your disease you see he says you know I just. Met his mom says this is America and you know me. From this says this is a good alternative this is what's inside his or. Her mind this is probably. Not safe medication or even half and this is. Why. There are a thousand videos like this that are out there tons and tons of data tons and tons of information and it's what I think what concerns me more than anything else is how something can be approved and then next they go to say oh they have to further research we realize we need to up the warnings or just withdraw it altogether I believe with all my heart we need to learn how to take that charge of our health we need to understand that God has a plan we need to understand that this is a this this plant right here is limited in many ways but God has a plan that even works post mark of the beast and so the sooner we can get on that plan the wiser in the better off we will be for that when you think of an herb a plant a plant part valued for its medicinal savory or aromatic qualities planted parsley basal Rosemary. I mean these are these are simple words these are the things that God wants us to become more intelligent and he wants us to understand that and I say that even to some of our medical missionary institutes because sometimes we are still a little reluctant to use certain herbal medication again we need to do it you dishes intelligently we need to understand it and there is data out there for those who are willing to search it but the bottom line is this for many of us here it's probably going to be a major stepping backwards to go forward and do it God's way. The Bible is very clear in this herb of the field. Genesis creating God also makes it clear right there in Psalms one zero four he says food is your medicine he causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herb for the service of man that he may bring forth food out of the earth the word service literally means to minister God give the earth to minister to man why we so afraid of it probably thirty percent of even pharmaceuticals comes from an herb. Aspirin comes from white willow bark Yes And that's I mean there's a lot of things out there that we don't have to be as afraid of the herbs as a lot of people are we just need a deeper level of education I'll give an example with the heart issues cardiologist may not be a president he's a cardiologist God bless him had a wonderful time sitting down with him at the meal yesterday but when you think about herbs for the heart cardiologist all cardiologist should know this you should know about things like Mother wart you know Leonora's Cardia that's what motherboard is called cardiac it's for the heart then you have cayenne pepper excellent Basil dilator coenzyme Q ten and Hawthorn Berry I mean these are things that if your cardio didn't even know about that there cardiologist who have decided I'm not putting my trust into these drugs I'm going to look at other things and these things have been finally verified to help the heart from blood pressure to you know dealing with tech a cardio or bradycardia I mean deals with so much it's all of there this is information people no value or issues you can't go wrong with or Thornberry. It actually helps tone up the bow out of. These things a document is true. And so what happens is we're scared of it because like anyone you're scared of what you don't know what God says is know it. He says learn it get educated I can't get educated I'm already educated Hey we just talked about that all pride thing. We need to treat it like toilet paper and flush it. We need to really understand that this pride Lord please help me surrender this thing this is going to kill me because pride always comes before a fall you've got to get to that precious place that you can say Lord help me to be humble help me to be a student. Help me to learn how to be teachable under a good instructor but we must be teachable if one of these scare you then at least I'm sure you can handle this can't you I mean can't we just at least tell people eat some garlic you know OK fine if you have thrombocytopenia I understand your platelets are not you know coagulating well and yes eating a whole lot of garlic Yes it can have a blood thinning you know effect that's true but my brothers and sisters come on come with a few pieces of garlic every day I mean the thing that does wonders for the body we need to just simply learn it we've got to take the time and learn it full preparation healthy food as a raw pizza. As an example total nutrition food prep these are things that God wants us to do and somebody says Brother LEMON OK you have talked about disease you've talked about causes you've talked about prevention you've talked about cure and hardly any of this I can ever see happening in the hospital or clinic or even in my private practice how in the world can I start implementing these things more carefully but there are several options one I'm going to talk about is the great idea it was a Christmas gift. The Christmas gift was given to us by God I call it the Christmas gift God didn't call it that Christmas gift I called the Christmas give only because it was on December twenty fifth that God gave it to his people what was this gift it was called the sanitarium work. December twenty five eight hundred sixty five precious gift that God gave to no problem precious Kiff gift that God gave was a sanitarium work when you think about the sanitarium work you think about home like structures. It was in big buildings like today we see with many of our hospitals simple little home like structures and here's a couple of things it says as we get ready to close in the preparation of a people for the Lord's second coming the great work is to be accomplished through the problem of health. Principles the people are to be instructed in regard to the needs of the physical organism and the value of healthful living as taught in the Scriptures that the bodies which God has created may be presented to him a living sacrifice fitted to render him acceptable service there is a great work to be done for suffering humanity and relieving their sufferings by the use of the natural agencies that God has provided and in teaching them how to prevent sickness by that forgive me how to treat sickness by the regulation of the appetites and passions very good the people should be taught that transgression of the laws of nature is transgression of the law of God The people should be taught this it says they should be taught the truth in physical as well as in spiritual lines that the fear of the Lord tended to life if thou would enter into life crisis keep the commandments live out my law as the apple of mine I God's commandments obeyed our life under those that find them and health to all their flesh our sanitariums our and educating power to teach the people in these lines. Sanitarium work. As we are closing my question to use this going to go past that this is a deep quote past that. Are you willing are you willing to change. Are you willing to learn how to approach diseases causes prevention and cure according to God's plan that's my appeal to you. And so my question my brothers and my sisters medical practitioners in this room are you willing to change because you know this and change. If you willing to learn how to approach disease causes prevention and cure in the matter of God's plan. If you are I would rather McNulty said yesterday. Don't everybody stand for it if you're not willing to do it but if you are I'm right you to stand because I really want to pray for you because you going to need your brothers and your sisters prayers if you're willing to do that please stand to your feet if you willing if you're willing if you're willing. If you're willing it's going to take a lot of courage it's going to take a lot of wisdom knowledge understanding but God is able or God can do wonderful things and as you stand I want you to know that Christ stands with you he is your friend that sticks closer than a brother the powers that be in this world are powerful. But they cannot touch our God. God is calling us to be radically faithful he will give us wisdom how to do it. But everything starts with the Will everything depends on the right action of the will. And so as you are willing let's prepare our hearts to see God to America let us pray. Loving Father we thank you so much for what you have taught us today. You have spoken your words to our hearts we thank you for giving us ears to hear help us oh God to be faithful We thank you that this Amen conference has officially come to its conclusion we have been charged Lord we have much to learn and to an learn and to learn again. Please the Lord grant us the humility of Christ that we will go forward in faith letting not our will but your will be done bless the leadership of Amen continue to guide their minds bless the various health clinics in preparation Lord. Truly may all things be done to my needs honor and. We ask it all in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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