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Hope in the Future- Part 3

Louis Torres


Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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We begin with a tax and it's first Corinthians Chapter one Verse twenty seven twenty eight and it says God have chosen to foolish things of the world to confound the wise and God of chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. And base things that were all and things which are despised have got chosen yea and things which are not to bring to nought things are let's pray together as we study how Father we thank you for your precious word that we pray that you were on anchor us deeper and deeper upon that which you have said is you would bless us in Jesus name Amen. Speaking about small things or foolish things to confound the wise there's a beetle called a Bomba be told how many of you have ever since heard of the one and they have you won the two three four and the rest of you have never heard of it or seen it with this is what it looks like and this call of Bombardier because it has guns in the back like I am playing with tar that has a gun said Shoot Now what's interesting about this beetle is that it has the ability in the from its. Tail to shoot different directions here it shooting on the from self to hard to frock you see you can see the sprite coming out can you see that can you see now the spray going down toward the MOTM and now the spray is moving and now is shooting directly to the back and so this be the will is an amazing little beetle it actually has guns that it shoots at us enemy when it's being attacked. And that the liquid that it uses. Is tempers and hydro Quine and and twenty three percent hydrogen peroxide. Now what's interesting is that when you mix those two chemicals they explode immediately they want explode the made it lead now if you believe in evolution then you have to think of this process these little Beatles were trying to figure out how to defend themselves and they came up with somehow with the idea that if they could mix these two chemicals then they would be able to defend themselves but there was a problem. You have to do something to mix them at the right time if you don't mix them at the right time. They will explode in other words they had to put them in separate containers so these beetles had to figure out number one which chemicals to find to be able to mix number to make sure that they did not mix until they needed them to be mix show these ingenious beetles then is a years ago were trying to figure out a way to the friend themselves and they first came up with the hydro quinine and then they came up with hydrogen peroxide and one time they mixed and the beetle got blown up so every beetle that came after head trying to make sense and that got blown up and got blown up and got blown up and blown up and blown up and finally the next bit of the side of we've got to do something about the beginning blown up show they decided that they had to separate the chemicals so the now they had chemicals that separated but it didn't do anything for them because while the chemicals were separated they didn't do what they were supposed to do so they kept these chemicals in these containers within them but their bodies. Millions and millions and millions of years have been eaten up and the not been eaten up and the not good they can't defend themselves finally decided to come up with a mechanism where. Where they could actually use these chemicals to defend themselves so they created two other chambers and but the other chambers had here they are you can see the picture of the chambers inside so now they had two chambers glands which produce a liquid mixture and then to connect in chambers to now they had to take the liquid into a chain but I was connected but because of the liquid to explore the minutely they had to push something to stop the reaction. So they created a substance to stop the reactions when I you had to liquids together and they would walk not explode because now they had and then tie explosion concoction by they wasn't save in them so Melanson minutes and years minutes and years again not for sale and then they figured out what they could do then they put it into a separate chamber in that chamber then they put the anti explosion remover and they had the explosion so think about it at the minutes and minutes and minutes that year they finally figured out how to perfect the system so that they liquids could be contained and then put in the right combustion chamber and then at the right time it could explode when they needed to. Eat Jack the chemicals to defend themselves you believe that store no. It had to be. Instantly put together it had to be won. Instantly who are put together that beetle and then had the brains to figure all that chemists out I mean even Einstein took them a long time to figure things out you understand. Yes And the you would you recognize that the taken mankind if they have been around for minutes and years it's taken mankind minutes and minutes and years to figure out where to get where we are right now and we still haven't gotten where we were supposed to get so. It is true then that God uses a simple things to confound. The wise he has a little beetle that it is unexplainable how that little beetle figured out how to correctly put these chemicals the right chemicals on the one with the Rye percentage that you hear that number two and know how to actually keep them apart and then combine them so that they could do the job that they need to be doing you know to shoot at the enemy when is being attacked and you know that that did not evolve it had to happen. Instantly some mastermind had to put it together. And the scientists of be fuddled there want to be fuddled because they can't figure this thing out and guess walk as long as they believe in evolution they never will figure it out because there's something to the call even read do simple complex systems what do they call irreducible that means you cannot reduce it you know like the mousetrap right you know in a mouse trap if you take one part off the mouse trap will it work no so all the parts have to be in place precisely at the same time in all the for. A mouse trap to work well in your bodies you have a lot of irreducible comp a system like the eye if the eye has one part missing you cannot see period so all the parts have to be in place at the same time in other for you to see and that's only one mechanism. Besides all the other mechanisms that you have in your system so it's called irreducible which means cannot be reduced complex systems and this will be those one of those examples so God uses a simple things that confound the watches Let's go to another thing how many of you have heard of theistic evolution any of you the istic evolution now if I had to confess to you that it's an oxymoron the word is the istic has to do with who. With God. The istic has to do with God and then you have evolution so you have to use to govern Lucian. They're not compatible terms but this in turn of been coined and is simply it is not a scientific theory but they walk a range of views about how the science of general evolution relates to religious believes in conscious or special creation in other ways those that find it impossible to believe that God created the earth in six days have come up with some means putting creation together what evolution so that it makes more sense to them and I think you heard the recent pope say God is not some Jewish it when he was addressing the issue of creation. God is not a magician and he was right God is not a magician. However he was only using that to explain evolution that evolution is true but you and I know a god does not have to be a musician musician in order for him to do what he has to do magician a somebody who actually does something by by. Deceit God is not deceitful everything that God does is true so let's consider. The theistic evolution simply as that rather than one day God made everything in a thousand years so he calls how much a thousand years so took a thousand years to do this a thousand years to do that and some of them use the tax where says that one day to the Lord is has a thousand years. You understand. Now I personally as a pastor and as a Christian have them a real problem with he has to come allusion and here's the reason or here are the reasons why I'm a one. The Bible makes it plain a god created the earth from six. And we know that it's a little six days simply because. Even though the French Revolution try to change the weekly cycle to ten days per week. They discovered that it doesn't work that way. And scientists not have discovered in all of us how many of us all of us function on a seven day weekly cycle your bodies are programmed that way that you know that. You did not know that. Your bodies are programmed to function at a weekly seven day week we cycle so when the French government try to change the weekly cycle to ten days rather than seven days it failed and they miss him but he had to admit that they had to get back to the original and so God makes it plain that in six days because if every day close a thousand years is there's not one of us that can keep the Fourth Commandment. Because of four commandment demands that we keep one day holding on any one day home and not one of the lives. Thousand he is not even a month those Let the thousand years he only he was shot a few years but he didn't reach a thousand that he the only recent one hundred plus so the Scripture is clear about the one one they we worship is also clear about the six literal days of creation so to doubt a literal six day creation would mean that all which was written about Christ must also be out let me make a statement and I'm not trying to be area just a statement of and I believe as factual you cannot be a Christian and not believe in creation week. Can I say that again you cannot be a question and not believe in the creation literal creation week. And here's why I'm saying this first of all Jesus himself believed in the creation week in Matthew Chapter nineteen verse four to six Jesus is making a statement. Concerning creation and He simply says he that made them made them male and female. Jesus said not at all shy away from his stand that he believed there was something called Creation he didn't use the word creation he simply use a simple word made he that made them made them male and female so Jesus does believe in creation whether you say that true so if you believe that it took a thousand years you are contradicting what Jesus taught and if you contradict would use a thought you are not a Christian the word Christian means that you are in harmony with him who is called the Christ and that is Jesus Christ so Number two if you if you believe in theistic evolution you cannot believe in the instant creation of Christ. In other words Christ instantly created things in for example Matthew fourteen versus thirteen to twenty one is a story where the people were due with Jesus all day long and finally taught the thing he felt sorry for them and he told the disciples have them all sit down and you feed them and they said where we are going to get food and they were there was a little boy with fish and lows and it took those and blessed them and completely bypass the normal process of growth in other words he made bread. Right instantly made bread which means that he bypassed the planting the growing of the plant the plant finally coming to fruit and the plant being gathered the end the fruit being gathered in that's the grain and then finally grinding the grain and then finally mixing it up with all the substances to make what we call ground so he completely bypass all that process and made instant bread so if you have a hard time believing in creation you certainly will have a hard time believing that Jesus can bypass all that's necessary for you to grow something in to cook. So instant creation you cannot be and atheistic evolutionists and believe that Christ was able to instantly perform a miracle where something was put together completely bypassing no more no no more processes of growth. Instant Brar and instant fried fish he didn't have to have the born with him. You see that. Well you can't also believe in the resurrection if you're the is think of illusion as you must deny the resurrection. Just took a man who had been dead for four days its name was Lassen and went to the tomb and after the sisters said By this time the stink of which means that the body was putrefying or decomposing by this time is think of means that he was already deteriorating which means then that all the D.N.A. had been affected and consequently the molecules that made up that man were being dissolved and in that situation in that condition Jesus went to the tomb and simply said last with come for and when he sent latter come forth and instant how fast in an instant there was a hearing of something inside and long behold a man that was dead got completely reconstituted and came out walking as a living man you cannot believe in a resurrection. If you believe as a the istic evolutionist or an evolution. There are many things that Christ did Christ restore sight there were some scientists that dog that they were going. Into duty and I transplant so they took a young man seventeen year old young man who was perfectly whole X. except for his eyes he was born blind and they decided they were going to put ice in that young man so he could see so they actually transplanted good functioning eyes of somebody who had passed away and they implant that the eyes on the ball and after the surgery the boy was still blind you could not see and they couldn't figure out why everything was working as far as the eye was concerned the eyes could move and everything else and what they couldn't figure out what was wrong and finally they realized what the problem was you cannot see unless the brain interprets what you're seeing and that boy had no interpretation no point of reference to use those eyes Consequently the brain could not interpret what he was seeing so in order for you to see the eye has to communicate to the brain and the brain has to tell you that you're seeing you understand so it's not just a matter of having balls and you can implant and people's sockets and all of a sudden whammo you're you're going to see now on the contrary as a complete process that must take place and then you cation that that develops as a child grows he is interpret his walk he has interpreted why they have seen and you cannot see unless your brain interprets what you're seeing So seeing as not about just having the mechanical eyes seeing is about being able to experience to develop that and show this young man in the Bible is born blind and Jesus comes up to him and he restart sight to him or give some sight instant sight and it's so marvelous that the Jews are. Shocked and they go to the parents and the boy and said Is this Yamaha it was he really bomb blind Yes he was born by well how does he see us all ask us he's old enough to go and ask him and so they went to ask him how in the other do you see where you really bombed by Allah born by then how do you see when I don't know who did it but the why were there they gave me sight and I can see. And so if you are the a sick I will use evolution if you must deny that Jesus had power to restore human sight. Uses walked on the law or not America how many of you have tried to walk on water because as you come to his being on jet skis right. True of standing on a boat and walking inside the boat while you won't go the boat was floating on the water Jesus walked on water another scientific. Paradox for people who believe in theistic evolution when P. the cut off the ear of that servant of the high priest is immediately just stood and the Bible says in Luke two twenty two fifty that Jesus replaced the ear Now I've spoken to people who are surgeons and they say that one of the difficult one of the most difficult organist to reconnect and on that is the ear because they have nerve ending to the extent to all of them the entire body and so for Jesus to instantly reconnect something that had been cut off from that man means that God performed a miracle where you have say and therefore if you believe in theistic evolution you must deny that Jesus had the power to reconnect that it had been cut off there are too many things in the scriptures concerning Christ that betray this thing that's called evolution. In the book of Luke twenty four verse thirty six to forty three Jesus had conquered death but the disciples did not believe and when Jesus appeared to them they thought he was a ghost or spirit and Jesus said Come away then handle me for Spirit have not flesh and bones as you see me have they still than believe it so he said the app something to eat. Well they gave him some to eat and after he ate then they Marlon realized that Jesus indeed had conquered death when he was say and so if you believe in theistic evolution you cannot believe that there is such a thing as a resurrection from the dead and that Christ actually did rise from the dead after being dead along OK you can't either believe in ascension Jesus of send it up and to happen and you know that mankind has not been able to fly until the Wright brothers came up with the genius idea that maybe they can figure out how man could fly so today people are figuring out all sorts of ways they can fly but in those days when distinct was written nobody ever saw anybody fly. Jesus actually. Defied gravity and no one has been able to figure out how to do with Jesus and then you can do it in a plane but bodily speaking you cannot do it. You see Jesus said I am going out to my father's house and I'm going to come back again and if you don't believe in creation you cannot believe in the creator if you don't believe in a Creator you cannot believe when all that creator did when he walked in this firm and so he was born in as it's a miracle baby. Without what we call normal insemination it was we would call spiritual insemination and I don't want to use the word normally is used when they say auto official insemination question was not old officially but by God's grace he was inseminated and was born of a virtue. In many things that the Bible states that make it clear that there is creation you cannot believe in the second coming of Christ see that of a person who goes to heaven and cons back bodily to rescue those who have died and you cannot believe in the final resurrection of all the myriads of people who have perished who have died have gone into the dust and basically have disappeared as far as matter is concerned folks if you believe them ts to come on Lucian you cannot accept the teachings of the miraculous power of God to do that which is beyond human comprehension I was said that divine being can come back and all he asked to do is shout and everybody who has ever lived gets reconstituted and comes back to life. And how long does it take the Bible says in a moment in a twinkling of an hour if you cannot believe that the master fashioned the body out of dust there's no way shape or form you're going to believe that by shouting in the twinkling of an eye everybody who has ever died comes back together hold on here you understand you cannot believe that and so you either believe evolution a theistic evolution and completely disregard that there is a God or you must believe God and completely disregard all of these ideologies or ideas that people put out concerning where you and I came from I'm playing for that the Bible is clear that I did not come from some monkey much as I love monkeys. But I'm thankful that God created us in a higher form to be able to reflect his likeness and his character and his love and so. We creation of the earth cannot be believed in either by people who are theistic on Lucius because the Bible says Stan that God melts the Earth destroyed every element and then he creates a new heaven and on the earth and so if he creates a new heaven and a New York the word creation simply means that God puts it together instantly he has the power to do so I'm glad that you don't and I will not have to wait a few million years before the Earth gets Rican constituted so we can live back on planet there but rather God says very plainly that he creates a new heaven and in the US and walk a joy that will be for all of God's children to actually be in that hole is shitty and because the walls I made the transparent gold you will actually be able to see right through the walls and watch as God recreates the YOUR that will be an amazing experience what do you say how many of you are looking forward to that can you imagine that I actually saw being in that city and looking through those transparent walls and there he had a master say that there be an earth and all of us the SUV to truth I'm not sure how it's going to happen but it will happen when you say the fact that we're here reveals to us the reality that everything that God says school transpire and so you cannot be at the istic evolutionist and believe in an instant recreate after the or if it's dissolved so you either believe in Christ in creation in His Word or you will have to disavow anything that has to do with God in creation I remember Bruce price he price pastor who just passed away two years ago the A friend of mine. He got a call from a Wesley and that is a pastor from the Western church concerning a certain man by the last name forward who was in a meeting in Sydney and that Wesley and called the pastor because they were friends and the West and said I was in this meeting with a doctor for who stated that he did not know any geologist who believed in the literal week days cycle seven day week and a sign Well there were some people in the audience who raised their hand and said and we got a telephone numbers that we can give you. Who of geologists who do believe in the seven day week recycle and they said and then Wesley and pastor told last surprise that Dr Ford just simply said Bully on you. Run as you either believe exactly as the Bible teaches or you must discard. The truth of God and the reality. And you make ship wreck of you. Now. What is the real issue then the real issue is is not creation that cannot be changed no matter what people want to do You cannot change creation it is an attempt to change and why. The word go. The temp to change one the Word of God. And the Bible makes it plain then that there would be an attempt I don't want to change the law but be an attempt to change the word. And show let's consider the inspiration of the Bible for a few moments of on Jesus used the scriptures to correct wrongs and or ideologies if you read to chapter four of Matthew two seven and the great great sermon of the mount you will see that he is correcting wrongs that have been creeping into the Jewish faith. And he was correcting culture Jesus was not a cultural and by the way with all due respect to those who use the word of culture culture is simply a word that compass what the Bible teaches the Bible teaches to reject traditions and customs because traditions and customs divide people and what. They divide people. Jesus and the Bible always speaks about customs and tradition so what they have done is they have taken custom and tradition and put it on a heading out of culture and now culture means refinement So now you can't speak about anybody's culture because that's offensive but even though you shouldn't speak against culture you should not accept culture if it contradicts the Word of God whether you say. You should accept only the Word of God and all of us should be and culturally that into the heavenly culture what do you say you know when I was a Puerto Rican Brame brought up as a little boy we ate pork chops we had one. Chops but when I studied the Bible I found out that that was I'm clear. Me and I couldn't I couldn't believe that my mother would use. Cook for us what was call pork feet and I still remember the pork feet kind of the hooves kind of sticking out of the water and this white foam that would come up on top of the water and I didn't know what that was until I went to Loma Linda School of Public Health and studied how fulminant discovered that fall not coming up at peoples when they cook the pork the pork is pasta that this in the in the legs of the feet of the pigs and want to be in by it is actually a screech out and I didn't know that but here's one thing I can tell you I never liked that stuff anyway so even though my mother would beat me I would need to understand I didn't love pork chops but when I became converted and I put away childish things now I'm a very good Terry and I praise God I've been a vegetarian now since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and I thank God for the health message of the Bible of one on the by Jesus used the scriptures to do away with those things that divide people he also pronounced the word as the only source of power over temptation when he was tempted he kept on saying it is written it is written it is written He didn't say some parts of the Bible you can use he simply said it is written now here on the equipment who stated that that it proceeded from whom. An amount of God it proceeded from whom from the mouth of God He had no question no doubt where the. Bible came from. He said it proceeds from the mouth of God and by the way he was quoting from the Old Testament and he was quoting from the old test. It will be to those people who say that the New Testament the only book for us because our Savior believed in all of the miles just part of. So. Confirms that the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life if you want to have eternal life you must have that word for for me in you that lie that only comes from the savior you cannot find salvation apart from the power of God in your own lives next pointed us through the exceeding great and precious promises according to second Peter one for that we become partakers of the divine nature not as it says. Whereby a given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by the way you may become partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through a lot my friends you and I have corruptions other in the world through Las in our bodies and the only way to escape those corruptions is to accept the in corrupt the Word of God to push out the corruption that's in the US So you want to become Christ like you must believe that the Word of God serves the purpose of putting in you a likeness of God What do you say that's why A says whereby a given unto us something that they say exceeds greatness that's why he's uses a prerogative exceeding great. You understand something that sees great and precious something of the Seas precious. And what is that the promises of God that through them you can become partakers of the divine nature. For you and I to take a flight to space you and I must partake of the divine nature and. That is done in knots through his words if you have no confidence in the Word of God You will not partake of the divine nature and you will be lost you must believe in this precious word what do you say Romans and then Psalms says the following by taking he to the word of a young man can cleanse this way. And cleanse this way by taking heed there to according to the word and then verse eleven I word have I hid in my heart and I may not sin against you. I word and I hid in my heart and then Romans ten seventeen is said by fav come of by hearing and hearing by the word of without the Word of God You will not have an increase of faith you must increase your trust in God Your faith in God if you're going to be saved if you don't then you will be lost I'm glad that God provides the avenue you by which you are not could become all that we can become what do you say think of it you don't have to cry and some steps on your knees grueling and making all these exercises all you have to do is take that precious word and open it and pray that God through His Spirit will enlighten you and that word becomes part of your thinking and that's a big concert party you're thinking as a man think of in his heart show wizzy So if you take divine thoughts and you allow them to saturate the mind you'll become like your savior hallelujah when he a say and it's not complicated and not difficult that's and have to be a surgery performed upon you to put something in you. There has to be an incision in you made by the Holy Spirit. You put in you the Word of God. Christ never made his words subject to dissecting In other words Christ never gave anybody the authority to take his word and dissected and say this is inspired this is not inspired. On the contrary he made his word that this by sector. For twelve years says for the Word of God is quick and powerful and walk shopper than any two edged sword pissing even to the dividing us on the soul and spirit in the joints and marrow and it's a deserving of the thoughts an intense of the heart as a person comes to the were all of a sudden he begins to see himself as he really is God begins to open up the end of the circle of the heart and one begins to see himself in the true light and through the same word God provides that healing power. To change the heart and make you all that God says you can become. And since Christ the Qur'an and all the scripture is to be the Word of God it would be modern blast seamy is for anyone to assume the impossible task of determining what peace is inspiring and which is not. In Timothy as sad as when the child has known the holy scriptures which are able to make the Watsons of salvation through faith which is in Christ all scripture is given by. Inspiration of God How much. All Scripture Peter says. That man inspired all says that man and spire and the word inspiration simply means. Well they did mean. God inspired people to write his council or now Peter Shann the prophecy came not in the old time by the will of man but the holy man spake that they were moved by the Holy. In the recent convocation there was an attempt to change the wording of this and make it non gender neuter In other words rather than saying the holy man spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost they put holy person speak as they were moved by the Holy. When I objected to those theologians and I said you cannot do that it says only man spoke and said Men wrote the Bible as you know there's good evidence that asked to wrote the book of Esther and I was shocked to hear theologians say that and show up I wrote to them and I said Please provide for me the evidence where I asked her wrote the book about Aster I have looked high and wide I was talked at the logins and I haven't found anybody on any source that tells me that Esther was written by Astor. Well they wrote to me and said Well it's true that it's controversial debatable whether Esther wrote the book of Esther but Deborah wrote in The Book of the Bible and Mary Mary in the magnifica wrote in the book of mine I couldn't believe the theologian writing that and I wrote him back and I said Deborah did not write them or it was a subject of the writer Mary did not write Mary was a subject of the writer Luke wrote and quote it with Mary said as given by the Holy Spirit I said there is no proof as to wrote the book of Esther ever it didn't suggest as the Bible clearly states holy men spake asked they were by the Holy Ghost Now that doesn't mean that I'm a chauvinist is simply means that I'm a child like believer that believes that of God says that settles it when you say I don't have to quibble with God over saying well wait a minute God why are you telling me that woman cannot write the Bible as not the issue God chose men to write the Bible and I have to accept them what do you say and when I accept that I'm standing on the plays that Jesus all Scripture how much of an Oscar to give my inspiration of God I can't believe that the intentions that there are out there to change the word just to. Make ladies feel more comfortable with the Bible I think women who are Godly are comfortable with whatever God suggests they're even very uncomfortable with a donkey speaking. Simply because God said that it is so what do you say any of you women have said that a donkey spoke in the Bible I don't see any women raising their hand which means then that you have accepted that God is Sable to do all things even Jesus said If you don't cry out the rocks will cry out and so we don't not quibble with what God says we simply just accept and say of the Lord well to the Romans Paul wrote the following he said which he had promised of four by of prophets in the Holy Scriptures now that he doesn't say in some of the Scriptures he says and walk in the Holy Scriptures or watch our breath. Things were written afford time and were written for our learning that we through patients and comfort of the scritches might have walk home I praise God for His Holy Word listen heaven and there shall pass away but my. My what my words are those only words to the right just said in the four gospels. Now when he says my words what is he talking about. Is talking about the entire book of the Bible he inspired it all it is Christ who gave the inspiration to the Holy Spirit it is Christ who is actually the author of the Bible that's why he said Search the scriptures for him then you think you have eternal life and then they wish to testify of me and by the way I run a little book called The Angel who is Jesus. To prove that Jesus is through the entire Bible you can find them from Genesis all the way to revelation he is in the center of the scriptures and is called The Angel who is Jesus I don't have the time to give you all of that but you can read the book yourself. John six sixty three it is a spirit that Quicken and the Friends Provident of nothing the words I speak on to you they are spirit and they are life. My friends when you read this book you are not just reading and not a book you read in the words of the life giver we are told that in every promise and in every command this S N C O. L. crisis object lessons page thirty eight it says in every promise and then every command is the life of God the power and the life of God by which a command can be fulfilled and the promise rely. Here that. So when every command and promise is the power the very life of God by which to command can be fulfilled and the power are a part of me and the promise realize so when I read this I must recognize that I am standing before you know holding God who through his word can and they've only through his promises to become all that he says that I can become there's some people today who argue about perfection it will never get perfect but France in the Bible is clear that there are people who are perfect the Bible says Knowledge is a perfect man the Bible says Abraham was a perfect man if there were a perfect man before certainly there can be perfect man today what do you say not in our own standing but by the Spirit of God Would you say meant that all of us can grow in grace and become more Christ like and that is done through the very life of the Word of God when I'm tempted What do you think I turn to in my mind I turn to the promises of the Word of God when I have thoughts that I shouldn't be there what do you think I turn to I turn to the promises of the Word of God and through the power of the Word of God knows thoughts fleecy I thank God for his precious word what do you say lesson the saw that conversant with God through the scriptures you hear that the souls that converses with God through the Scriptures who prays for the light and opens the door of his heart to the Savior will not have. Evil imagining worldly scheming or ambitious lust after on there or distinction in any line he who seeks for the truth as God As for hidden treasure will find it in God's me a communication with man his word which is means of communication. His word. David says the answer so that I words give a light to give us on his standing on to the simple friends. Now this is as a god place his work in such a careless manner a man can fashion it to suit his own inclinations receive that which was agreeable to him and reject a portion would God give vision to correct his people of their errors and then trust to the erring ones judgement to receive who reject what portion of them he please God doesn't work that way God gives the message and then what does he do. And then take special care that it is not corrupted that you hear that. God gives the message and then take special care that it is not corrupted good news what he's saying and by the way you don't have to have a Ph D. or four D. man or anything like that to understand the Bible a child can on the stand because God is not limited his scritches just to the intellectuals anyone who in their hearts desire to find God All they have to do is turn to the Scriptures not some people say would but you know the it's the old King James who can understand it well. The problem is with all and all of us who are older. Kids don't have any problems understand the King James you expose a child to King James from the time to child and he learned. Promise not. Even the the Bible promises the cup cannot get that which we have up here gets grey with matter. You understand what I'm saying in other words in Europe you go to Europe and they're little kids four and five years old speak in three languages five languages. What does that mean if you and I as adult can and the King James Version and the kid of four or five years old can learn five languages and make that kid more intelligent than us now just simply means exposure does that mean exposure you expose yourself long enough to something and you will be able to absorb it that's all it is and some of us just get too lazy we get one too lazy we want to dish away if you trust in the Spirit God will look enable you to understand it now here's some quote quotations and I want you to consider that there are some that may think they are fully capable with their finite judgment to take the word of God and to state what are the words of inspiration and what are not the words of inspiration I want to warn you all that ground my brethren in the ministry. Buy shoes from all died for you for the place where now stand that is holy ground there is no finite man that lives I can not who he is or what ever his is his position that god S. authorized to pick and choose in his word. One of the things that the shocked me recently is a new Herman to this that is being offered as a new way to interpret the myddle based upon. Culture. And call a historical cultural hermeneutics and the essence is this if Paul makes a statement that sounds like it's cultural like that women go home and ask her husbands that's not inspired. And the reason why all this is going on about is because of this new issue about women ordination. Trying to find some way to to establish that but friends. You don't have to twist the Scriptures to accomplish something it's dangerous to do that is what. Dangerous to do that and here is says I want to warn you off that ground my brother in the ministry who is what she's speaking to. The Civic rate to whom. To ministers now there's a sense that all of the issues from all died feet for the place wound down stand is holy ground there is no finite man that lives I cannot who he is or whatever his position that God has authorized to pick and choose in his word once you start dissecting the Bible and saying this isn't by this is not inspired you are on dangerous ground. The safest path for all of us is to accept that God inspired all the skiff choose what he would say how much of it all of it and it is something that all of us must remember Jesus Himself uses scriptures to establish who he was as one of us what the truth was he said in one of the parables talking about last year attend rich man when the rich man supposedly asked. Last who to send somebody to apartment to Abraham to send somebody to talk to his five brothers the response was They have Moses and the prophets most this is the first five books of the Bible whether the. First five books in the Bible in German they say First most A second most a third most is for most of the most in English we say Exodus Genesis partly Genesis next and so for you understand so when it says Moses is referring to who. Do the writings have most of which are the first five books of the Bible so he says they have Moses and one else the prophets and includes how much in time Old Testament. Let them hear in them and he said if they hear not Moses and the prophets need it will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead and that's true and the last with this rise from the dead and they did not believe they rejected even purpose or killed the main evidence that Jesus was a divine to get them out of the way so that people will not be able to look at last through and be reminded that he was resurrected and so. Timothy says for the time will come when they will not endure walk sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they. Heap to themselves teaches have been itching is and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned on to fables the life of Christ said gives life to the world it is in His Word it was by his word that Jesus healed the seas and cast out demons by his word is still the sea and raised the dead and the people bore witness that His Word was with. Our my friend as he spoke the word of God as he had spoken through all the prophets and teachers of the Old Testament the whole Bible is a manifestation of Christ and the Savior desired to fix the faith of His followers on the word I present to you then. The Word of God Take it as it reads very earnestly that God will keep use table on the word Don't allow yourself to be moved this direction of doubt there were action there are many many many ideas floating out there but I'll safety is to be anchored upon the. Word What is that song say give me the one. Give me the Bible holy message shine my light shall guide me in the now away precept and promise law and love come behind that wonderful. I want to ask you then. You who are living in these last days you now recognize that there's an attempt again to attack the Holy Scriptures to Londa minus teachings to get you to accept ideas based upon human ideology rather than upon a dusty anthem would you who are today standing here listening where they use stand concerning the Word of God. Is it that which you base your faith upon or is it only something that you base your face upon Will you accept it as the entire inspired word of God and will you stand this morning and say I still believe that this is indeed the Word of God and that it's the inspired course for May to late me from where I am all the way to the kingdom where you stand to then. You convince that is still the Word of God and I you willing to stand for it irrespective of what happens at this play. Father. We know that much blood have been shed in the past to give us what we have today we know that people were willing to be cut asunder. Wandering in animal skins hiding in caves just because they believed. In keeping your word. And now here we are today the last defenders of the truth. And we pray that you will not allow us to accept Connelly device fable. That your helpless to stand on line. Thank you for in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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