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Personal Preparation- Part 3

Carol Torres


  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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What you have in your hand now is a. A. Pictures of God. And I hope that I'll have a little more time tomorrow to be able to there's four of them so to help you really understand how to use all of it but the pictures of God are very important in terms of helping people to see what it is that you're talking about how it fits on the picture and so I'm hoping that I'll have a little bit more time to take this but if you would put it if you'll put yours in a plastic thing like this then I think you can mark on it I think maybe but with a dry erase. You could probably do something with that to. Make it stand out and so that you can use this. Also. There is. This. The. Wall Street Journal article that I mentioned before I don't know if you were here the first day but the first day I mention this article and thank you dear So if it's fairly recent and it talks about it's yesterday's So this is something that I think you will find extremely interesting and then the survey. That goes with that is based on this article so you need to either provide it or or give them a chance to look at it a little bit first and then do the survey because if you do the survey too quickly on it than that they may not understand what it is that they're that we're talking about. Then you can they can do the survey and then you need to arrange what's on the bottom of this survey to what is actually available at the the location that you are living where where you can where you can actually serve the people with this OK so those were the two things that are. Needed then I'm going to be giving you. Only when you're here. The God God's plan for you part one. Part two and Part three. The reason that I did this was because I would ask my students over and over and over again to please give me the plan of God for salvation. And almost always and I know part of it is because they went to the Internet. Almost all of it all the time they would give me the you know. We all are sinners we've all. Deserved to be. Not have life but God's gift gives us what life and now we have in Jesus Christ we have salvation and basically that was that little outline and I thought. They don't seem to understand that the plan of God is the everlasting Gospel What is it. The everlasting gospel so it means that it starts from the very beginning it goes all the way to the end right. The everlasting gospel and some of you have are familiar with this and so I'm hoping that you will just find something that you can add to your little. Bit of information and make it useful but other stuff you this mill may be quite new and so it's my prayer. If that's we go through these. One two and three. My prayer is number one that that there will be such a sense of urgency to get on God's side that they will want to study the scriptures further That's my. Desperate desire for this set of studies. Also that that. They may see a perspective. Of God's love and his desire to have us home again he loves us so so so very much and he wants us to be home with him as soon as possible. So that is something that I know that that's on his heart. And I pray that somehow it will I pray that somehow it will become something that will be on your heart so that you can positively help others in this direction to find safety in Christ and so I'm praying for that to be a reality. And. So if we can. Do the things that we need to do right now and that's to ask God's presence his guidance. To help fill our minds with his thoughts. And to give me. What I say will not cloud the picture but it will make it clear so if we can buy our hits Father God Again our hearts cry out to you. For your presence. For your. Understanding for everything that we need to be able to take this message and to be able to present it to someone else in its fullness and its beauty Lord give us your grace. And we thank you in Jesus' precious precious name Amen. There is very much to share about God's love and care for each one of us so I will divide this presentation into three parts to make each section build on top of the other like a transparent overly you know what transparencies are overly. I pray this will help you with vivid visualize vividly visualize God think a credible plan to save this world. And you. That's the prayer. In the beginning I can honestly say without excuse. That I am definitely a creationist. It's the only thing that still makes sense to me I heard the arguments I've seen the way that others look at the saying information that we are looking at and what they use to prove their point we can use. To a greater extent to prove our. Our understanding of a god that is eternal a god that is can take care of everything by intelligent being that's out there someplace that's taking care of us so I am a creationist. I. Remember while I was that Black Hills. When it was extremely cold and the moon hadn't come up yet I could go out in the sky and the skies were absolutely incredibly filled with stars. Filled with stars I mean they were so they were so full of it that I felt sometimes that I could just reach up and pick. The Milky Way out of the sky. It was soft so beautiful. And as I sat there and I took this picture in I thought and who in my. Whom this little person that is trying to to understand this god of the universe and I'm so thankful that he gives us this picture almost every night he gives us a picture of who he is he is a great God and yet he is interested in who. In me in you it's. About the role what God is willing to do for us. So his says that he is that God created the heavens and the earth. And in the beginning Genesis one one you will find this again God created what they heavens and the years and you will notice as we go through this study that god. Is a family naming God is a family name. So here we have God in the beginning creating and that's the very first first of the first chapter of the Bible. Now we go to the first verse of the of the. New Testament which is John what John one one two three. And what does that say. In the beginning again. Right. And I realize John's not the first. Chapter in the first book in the New Testament but it's it's it starts out the same way doesn't it in the B.. Was the what the word and the word is what. Capitalized which means it is the name of a what person. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the Word was God The same was in the beginning with God all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made and verse fourteen and though what Again word he was made what. And who is that. Jesus Christ our Lord and dwelt among us. And we be held his glory the glory as the only big gotten of the Father full of grace and truth so we can see again that this word created what in verse three all things were made by him and without Him was not anything made that was made. He made everything and the Word was made flesh and then we see in Psalms thirty three verse six and nine what does that say by the word of the Lord where the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his now for he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast that's the kind of power he has he has incredible power. And he he is he's letting us know that this power. Creates after he thing and if we go down to Colossians one sixteen and seventeen first part for by him were what. All things created that are where in heaven and that are in the earth visible and invisible whether they be Thrones Domingue INS principalities or powers all things were created who by him and for him. And he is before all things and by Him all things consist I think it's very important for us to understand here that God the Father and God the Son worked to get there from the very beginning. They they are. Well let's put it this way I'm a grandma. And I. Told my daughter I said you know what if I knew big grand kids were so much fun I would have done this first. And she said. I'd like to see you try that. But. What does it mean then it means that our hearts are with our children but it also means that our hearts are really with those that are their offspring. The bond is so so fair rate eight between the Father and the Son and the child. So fairy tight and when you think about it God the Father has his son. And we will find out that he also has the Holy Spirit within the Bush just the three of them right. Just the three of them. Are our are reigning over this entire human a verse this entire Universe their reigning over this and so on don't you think that the that the time between the father in the Son is so much greater than it is when you when you consider that this is who this is all they each other don't you think are you with me. The father and the Son are inseparable and so we find the close relationship with God God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord it is important for us to understand this because you see there are many religions that don't believe in the Son of God Did you hear what I said they don't believe in the Son as God Therefore for them they think God the Father is just being. That the God we serve is pick up pansy basically that he would allow his son to go to the cross. But there is something they don't know about the son. And that is that the Son is the one that created us. Are you following me if he creates you and it says they're. Created by him and for him in other words when a father is looking at his son or his children grandchildren so on there's a sense of joy in seeing what they accomplish. Is that true. A sense of incredible joy to see what they accomplished so if the father allows Jesus to create us what is he saying to us honey I'm so proud of what my son is doing obviously pride in his terms is different that ours but he's he's he's enjoying this completely enjoying what it is that his son is doing and when the world's in the in the you in there first he's enjoying it. But arst heart is also in it he's not just a. Stay away from father Izzy. His heart is in it his heart is in everything that the son is doing and so. Not only is his heart in what he what he has done is doing but it also helps us to understand how the son can have such influence with the Father Jesus the Messiah has such influence. Upon his father and he tells us to pray Our Father which is which are in heaven. He wants us to accept Him as our Father Yes well so there's a very close tie but it's even more than that if you follow down you will see that that not only did does does the son tell us to pray to the father but he also says pray in his name in Jesus name John fourteen thirteen is there someone that can read John fourteen thirteen. A bible study the Bible need to be out. There. So what is it that's sitting there then. Can your rephrase that. When you say. Yes he said that but he is they are two different people aren't they and he's saying if you pray in my name to the father what will what will happen. OK. In that and there are other verses of Scripture along side at that and if you are actually doing a Bible study it would be important for you to go through these other scriptures. So here we come now to the seven days of literal creation and again creationists I believe in the seven literal days of creation. Seven days of creation what what happened the first day created light and he said the darkness he called night and the day he call the the light he called day and the day and that night and the day was the first day of creation is that correct then what is the next one the firmament. Separated the waters from the upper waters to the lower waters right so there was a firmament and he called the firmament what. Haven't. Third day. So he so on the third day he has he has he he has the earth and he has the see these and what else does he have he has the vegetation the trees all in the what day. Now that's interesting because if you're truly an evolutionist you could not put it in this this direction could you you have to have the sun in order to have what the plants. But God made sure that he set it up in such a way that. There has to be intelligent being and has to be the next day right the next day so what's on the fourth day. Sun Moon and Stars and I'm so thankful for the sun moon and stars. They've been blessing my life from the day I was born. And on the fifth day what do you what. About all in the fish. And. The sixth day what was. The animal in mankind so we have the seven literal days excepting for the seventh day and what is the seventh day of the wonderful holy Sabbath hours that he rested for you and for me and if we would do the same we would never forget that there is a God in heaven. And so he's he's gotten this far now and as he's gotten this far he wants to do something very special because on the day of creating mankind what does he do. The special creation. Genesis one twenty six to twenty eight What is a say there. Let us make man in Our image OK. Why is that important means we look like him that we have the ability to have the character of him what does the word us and our mean. More than one isn't it and in I think it's the second verse that the spirit moved moved in the waters. And that is where the Holy Spirit comes in though into the three. So here we have let us make man in Our image here we have the Son and the Holy Spirit verse two known as what the got hit so God is really a family they're together in this. And they're wanting to do something very very special and so what do they do they create man in their image this is quite interesting because we do not seem to find that. Angels procreate. Doesn't seem that there is procreation on the other worlds. So he's creating us in His image. So here he tells us in in first. First what is it one twenty eight he asked them to to fill the earth with their children and that what he says. Fill the earth for your children what's he saying to them he's saying look at your your children are going to be a perfect as you are now their words we can procreate perfection. Through eternity if we had not fallen. Wouldn't it I mean doesn't that boggle your mind think about it. Those are pretty strong genes. And that true. Very strong genes and what what what what God is saying to us is look I want you to be like me I want you to be able to to procreate your children in perfection of my character. I want you to fill the earth again with children what a privilege. Do you realize that we are the only ones apparently in the universe that have this privilege. That's correct it's his to do that so it is important for us isn't this that we that we are we see the need of of being being somebody that's very special to God very special to God and so. Procreate perfection and God gave Evan Eve a very special place to live a beautiful garden of eden all was perfect Genesis one thirty one says that he God looked on it and everything was good. And I would have loved to be in this place because the first thing I wanted what I was a child was a zoo. And in heaven there's a zoo isn't there there's a do of animals wonderful animals like you and you can play with you CAN YOU can they can be part of your life and run with you employ with you and do things with you so as there was very very attractive to me as a child and I'm still looking forward to it and so. So they they were able to to have all these animals all these all the birds and all these things that that could encourage and uplift their spirits all the time they have all this going on and you know when you're when you're sad what do you what does a little doggy cuddling up to you make you feel like. Doesn't that make you feel good. See KOD was trying to give them for you thing that he could give them to make them happy and you know they I'm sure Adam was addressing the garden and Eve I'm sure that I have all these little special ideas of what I want done in my little garden up there but I'm sure that they had ideas grandiose much better than anything I could ever think of. They trained the vines to to to look like other things in nature they trained the they could speak and understand what nature was saying to them. And you would think that that would keep them happy for eternity. Because it wasn't just that it was they they could they could do all kinds of things wonderful jams. The animals in the trees and the flowers and all of these beautiful things that they could that they could weave into their life and make them. Understand more and more the character of God. But true love needs what freedom of what choice he first loved us you know we don't have any concept exactly how long it took for our from creation to the time of the fall that we know. All we know is that set. That Adam was one hundred thirty years of age when he had set up so we know that there were two sons before that weren't there two sons that came before that and the two sons apparently were after the fall yes. Well it remains to be. With you Richard you say. It was so. Well it says that but it's also says that Adam was how old when Seth was born. About very patiently. I know that that is perhaps something that is. Planned into this but I think what God is saying to us is that he really wants us to to understand that. There's there's a time that we need to do. To. Reckon with time was we we were on probation. In this world is that true. We were on probation in this world so consequently. I think that you have another thought. OK You're listening. OK I finished. That Atlanta to. Rephrase your question. Sir. Refresh your question. The kids using it was twenty years already you know those years from the time when they were the what was that time when the bell winding down that's when the in Egypt. They were living on the street right the time is always for the time of the beginning of the curse. Of the working all the time said the father that was a lot. Of fun to bring their beginnings the other way. So the only conclusion I've come to because there's nothing. Really. But suffice it to is. If you have to be a system that has been established then you're going to get your say from the base and that's just a. Show every every time you're talking about it by coming just as you know yourself and he was one hundred sixty nine years old when he was five years of the you know you have to take it from there again so even though you do not know precisely how long our lives until he fell. It is obviously give us a beginning from the time. He was up wouldn't have been years ago. But like all everything everything to these tragedies they had five years. Well I know you know he just did the. Right that he could live very tricky if he had. The guts to you know that truly does not fall into the question of the question your. Question to us is relative to time. And I love suggesting this in the Bible everybody comes in this is even Jesus. Jesus is gone. From there. Is. The definition that he was about thirty years old when he began a ministry so you have to take it from the time that he was talking born even though again from right to. Day Jim from the time that he came to just so every birth in the Bible is dated from time to come just. As so that's a that's a. System that shows it's going to. Show you how to do that. Either can do a conjecture. Will just simply say based upon every other evidence that we have a version of the going is dated from the time this started therefore we must date the time we started the question it is more a poem roughish to how long was it for the time that he was created to the time to be felt in the Bible is not shared so we have to then assume that one hundred thirty years is rather than that it was to get it done one hundred thirty years later. Which I think says that it will. Yes and we don't have anything in Scripture or in spirit or prophecy that backs up that particular statement if we had something that back that up then we could we certainly could take a. As something serious and something that we need to take into consideration but since we don't have that then it is important for us to take what the Scripture says and the Scripture says that that when Seth was born Adam was one hundred thirty years of age so I don't know how long it was but I can I can I can kind of. Understand Eve's situation. Because she was living in a garden that was perfect in a garden that's perfect you don't need to be afraid. In that term even though the angels and God himself had shared with them that there was something that they needed to be careful about we don't know how long it took. For them to do side to do something different and so. Adam and Eve are in this beautiful garden there's so many wonderful things that they can do they're enjoying life furrowing And you know Eve's going around and she's saying this is so beautiful oh I think maybe after. Who knows how many years. She decides to take a little walk. She goes a little ways she comes back. Another day she goes a little ways she comes back but this time. She walks. Away from Adam she walks away from that that's there to what. To protect her. To give her. Give her. Protection and give her so and give her strength and give her give her all the things she's going to need and they are walking she is walking and what has she find herself. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and I don't really think that she was thinking that she was pushing the limit that's my thought but what we do know is that she comes to the tree and she finds our village really beautiful creature in the tree something that she hadn't seen apparently before. So P.-O. to fall. And she she is kind of in outward by this and this being this this creature in in the tree is is taking fruit and eating it and what does he say just of three What does this say. It says Now the serpent was more watches the next word subtle What does subtle mean have you actually looked it up cunning. Difficult to analyze delicately complex. Understated making a clever indirect methods achieve something fun dissed distinction ingenious elaborate parquet crafty. So what's this. Creature doing. Serpent was more what subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made and he said under the woman yea have God said Ye shall not eat up every tree of the garden was that a correct statement. What way. Are you looking at it. With. The god seven hundred eight any fruit of the tree all the trees now what did he say only one tree and I think you know because here you here they are. Here Lucifer is exaggerating right. And because he's exaggerating what what see thinking. He's lumping everything into one thing and I think Eve kind of brought herself to her false doctrines that that's not true. Not true we can eat up any fruit that we want in the garden excepting the Tree of Knowledge of Good and needful and where was she standing. She standing in front of it but what happened immediately as soon as the the the serpent challenged God and it came to his defense wash was she doing. She was engaging in conversation with. The enemy often times we all try to come to the defense of people when in reality we shouldn't even be talking to them Are you following what I'm saying. We understand that where they're coming from is something dark it's something cynical there's something not right about it instead of engaging them in conversation we should say I'm sorry. What the Lord said to you in Jude over the body of Moses I rebuke you. Plain Ansen. It's all for I'm not going to discuss it. But she engaged in the conversation and that conversation she comes back and says that and the woman said unto the serpent We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has said Ye shall not eat of it neither shall ye touch it lest ye die now was she also overstating. It. Doesn't say anything about touching it does. Are you are you following me. So here Lucifer the serpent is overstating and then she comes back with an overstatement herself. Interesting. And the serpent said under the woman. Surely die why things saying that he's touching the fruit. For God know that in the day you eat there of then your eyes shall be opened and you shall see be as gods knowing good and evil. OK How much of that's true. You say its faults. What what of it is faults. I'm sorry. It is. Definitely not like God is OK but look at this now. For God does know that in the day you eat there are then you shall be as your I shall be opened and you shall be as good as God's knowing good and evil to God want them to know evil. Had no intentions of them knowing evil and then when the woman saw that the tree was good for food because what was he doing. Eating the food when she says it is good for food and it was pleasant to the eyes and he treated B. to what the next word desired to what make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also under her husband with her and he did eat now was Adam actually with her at the tree. How do you know that. You say it says that Adam was with her at the tree that's basically what is this but he wasn't with her at the tree he was with her in the garden. So she takes the fruit and she runs back to what Adam right. Now I want you to notice something in James. I love this verse. Are you going to it James. One verses fourteen and fifteen. What does this say there. And I'm if you have a King James Version Can you read it for me. Try the new king will see what that says. OK. OK I'm going to read it out of the King James. But every man is tempted when he is what. Drawn away of his own what lust. Is there any temptation is there any sin in temptation. You sure. Of course it's not why Jesus was tempted. So temptation is not a sin but if you stay in this presence if you think gone it if you consider it then what does it say. Tempted when he is drawn away of his own what. What does it say about she what. She desired it. It was presented to her in such a way that she desired to be. Given greater understanding and then she was given this this picture of being being able to have greater understanding she desired to have it. And as she desired to have it what what does it say then. Then one last half can see it bring up for sin and sin when it is finished bring up for what. There's usually a reason why we draw away usually a reason that we try to throw away and when that happens we place ourselves and very very. Bad situation here we have certain speaking to her this was a medium it was a first medium she feels exhilarated she takes the fruit and she starts eating it and she's feeling exhilarated what in the world is happening to her I'm sorry. The excitement a sin has anyone in here smoked before OK when you took the first There's a couple of you when you took the first cigarette. How did you feel sick. But as you started smoking it what happened to you I just had to it and you felt like you were being. Uplifted in that true that uplifting experience is actually the body dying. And you hearing. Of course. You were getting away with something do you think that he felt that way or was she still innocent enough to just feel the experience of what was happening to her. Because she ran right back to her heart to her husband. She wanted to share it with her. So I think probably she probably didn't didn't think so much about that. But maybe she did I don't know. It was a fruit that they had not tasted. Right right right so she runs back and she says she gives it to Adam what happens immediately. She feels exit or only she runs back to Adam and glory of God is fading. She's feeling out of her mind this is create. Isn't this what drug you say to you you want something that just blows your mind fabulous but Jesus is doing something else what is Jesus doing. Jesus that mediately enters into the throne room with the father he needs to stop what does he need to stop. He needs to stop the nuclear reaction of the universe convulsing in horror and sin. First Peter one twenty what somebody read them. If I don't finish it today we can finish it tomorrow OK. So he came here to be manifest but he was ordained when. Before the foundation of the world began so Christ goes into his Heavenly Father Why is he going to a seventy father because they have a plan. Do they not they have a plan and that plan they recognize needs to go into effect immediately he has sent Adam sin and Christ goes into the Father and I'm sure that there was. An emotional tug of war there. Because what did it mean. There was going to be a separation Jesus would have to die so immediately. He goes in he gets the blessing of his father. And he comes back out looking for his children they've chosen another way. Why doesn't he just leave them because he loves them. He loves them and so he is looking for them and immediately the dignity and worth of that was that they had was gone he comes looking for them naked it's interesting because because big week we become uncomfortable in our own skin isn't that interesting so it's interesting we become uncomfortable in our own skin and when we do that what are we looking for we're looking for something to cover us. In that right Adam and Eve So fig leaves together right. But some of the rest of us don't think about the glades we think about crazy dress we think about what else paint tattoos ornaments etc right we need to cover the skin interesting letter on Christ makes them coats of skin right. It brings what guilt. Isolation separation where are you Adam cool of the evening he always came and talked to them. Comes and he wants to talk to his children where are you Adam does he not know where they are. He knows exactly where they are. But why did he ask the question. I'm sorry heart. His heart was definitely broken but why is he asking Adam where are you. To to he wants them to have the opportunity of can first but to think about where what condition they're in. They are not in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ right now are they. There suffering sin they're suffering separation they're suffering guilt they're suffering all those things that they never should have had ever have to happen. God did not make us to withstand sin we are made tough as nails in so many different ways but there's one thing that's the weak part and that is sin. When their sin in their lives it makes it March more difficult for us to deal with anything and everything else is that true. So here's the father. Look aren't that Jesus looking for his children. And. He says to them Adam. What happened and what is it got to Adam first. Adam's responsible. He was he was king of his house he was he was the he was the one that was to to to take care of Eve he says to Adam what happened and what's Adam's. Immediate blaming. The woman that you gave me the woman that you gave me. And saw him turns to the woman and he says Eve what happened here with that beautiful creature that you made that was up there in the in the tree he was hope. Feeling. Guilt often times cause us to feel like we need to blame. The immediate loss creates an immediate vacuum of life which calls forth the great promise Genesis three fifteen and what is that promise. What is it and the two. OK Now when she between the and the woman and tween die seed in her seat. And I will put an end to between the end the woman between the eyes seed and her see it shall bruise that I head and Bruce his heel so what is God saying to them right there. Right. It is a great promise isn't it. That's a great promise. Says there that the seed is going to do what. I promise them the Messiah the seed that will bruise the serpent's what had put yourself what. Is that when when you when you hear serpents faired What does it do. That's the that. Destroys but the serpent will merely bruise the see. The heel of. The Messiah. How important it is that we recognize that this promise was given and it meant. It meant what. Destruction are saying but what also didn't mean. Salvation how. Through the sea that was promised through the sea that was promised their salvation through the seed that was promised and but you know what Christ was not the only one giving a promise that day because the father had already given a promise what was the father's promise John three sixteen and seventeen What is this a God the Father promises a son. For God so loved the world that he gave. Them the unequivocal term he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have fought. For lasting life. Everlasting life. God truly. Was in this promise was he not the father he was giving his son the same time that the son was giving himself don't forget it the father is in this with the Son I'm there I'm with you all the way. What about perfect procreation what happened perfect proper appropriate procreation. Certain rights it's number. On our. D.N.A.. You know a while back we might not have understood this but today it's very clear isn't it. Today we want to. We want to. Close put people's D.N.A. on their. In their records why. Because you can see what tendencies they have by their D.N.A. So when God says that he wants us that he's a jealous God and they will visit the iniquities of the fathers and to the third and fourth generation is he just watching to see what we're going to do he can he can count that against our our children. Is that what it how it happens no what happens is that when we sin it actually creates a problem with our our makeup it changes who we are it changes our D.N.A. It's not something that he's doing it's something we're doing to ourselves it changes our D.N.A. And because it changes our D.N.A. then that is that is procreated to our children and to their children to the third and fourth generation but then with the next promise on the saying in the same place. What does it say. Oh. Visiting the end it could do unto the third and fourth generation and showing mercy unto what thousands that love me and keep my commandments thousands that love me keep my commandments. So here we are really facing a. Terrible challenge aren't we. We have put the D.N.A. in our systems that is our D.N.A. of sin and because we put that D.N.A. in our systems it procreates to our children but God promises what. I will show mercy unto you thousands of them that love me thank you my commandments another words if we're following God If we're following his commandments he will receive two or. Who we are. It might not be instant we will suffer the consequences perhaps even till Christ comes. But he will restore what he can restore now and he will restore it completely when he comes and that's why we are looking that this promise is not just. For the Messiah to come the first coming this promise is for for the coming of Christ in the future. The Second Coming of Christ the new earth it's restoring us to everything that we have lost what I promise. And I'm hearing lots of chatter out there. But I like where I'm just come to. I'm going to start next time with the bottom of this the rest of it will be pretty fast and next time I don't have to pass out all the materials and we'll just have one next time and. We'll take it from there but. What can you take from this. What can you take from this. It was planned before. And the promise was the same when. The promise was the same the promise is not only from the sun. But it is also from the father that they are both in this together and the Holy Spirit is in there with them we don't know exactly how the Holy Spirit working at that point but we know that the Holy Spirit was there as well so we know that the Godhead is in this with us and it's so important for us to be sure. That we can fully fully. Understand what it is that God is doing for us so that when we go forward that we will not we will not be. Not not have the understanding of what has gone before us. Because we have nothing to fear for the future except we forget how God has led us in the past and his teachings. So the teachings what has happened in the past is so important for us to understand what it was that happened in even though I recognize that for most of you this is just going over new things. Going over all things. As we go along I think you will find that there's many more things that I think will help you to really help others understand what it is that they're making a choice between. And that's my prayer with our hands. Heavenly father again I say thank you. Because you have promised us. The sea. That will take from our lives. The sin and give us life eternal. Lord please. May we understand this. But when we take it clear into our hearts. And use it to say and seek those that are not. And we thank you in Jesus precious. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W dot. Org.


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