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  • September 5, 2009
    9:00 AM
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father in Heaven Lord as we gathered here together this morning on this beautiful Sabbath day is a humble prayer that as we constantly for the next few moments the pages of Scripture woods from above that you would truly speak to each and every one of our hearts I pray Lord that is a word is spoken eminently my words are spoken maybe yours in Jesus name we pray amen today I have a question you don't know the answer to what you do I had to go right you don't only thing you go to www. Google .com typing of course it can be any random question in a very legal estate in the set out within about two seconds about the gauntlet a friend of mine and he was with a little boy it was only about five yet all they look the reading something and at the data although quite know what that is little four -year-old boy says the value of tiny living that's what we do today if we don't know the answer to a problem we just simply gluing glitter custom when he was still getting on and says how quick instantly straight away we don't like linking we unlock the generations and eight hospitals about yourself and go to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and find the right volume and senses something I look for definition we just go to Google we what some people called the now generation we all are waiting for anything we like things straight away we like things quickly like things right now this morning I was constantly as a lifetime and the Google as you do now generation assault on the lyrics say this we are the now generation we are the generation that this is the now generation this is the generation now I want money I want it I want it want it fast and that has taken a Connecticut Wi-Fi broadcast blasting out an SMS text message you back check me on iChat is all about HDTV your VCR I once it's this is the now generation to generation sums up us today we like things now we don't like having to wait for answers we like things right away if that's how we operate in society this morning as we take a look without looking up a couple who can see what I have to say as it relates I believe the law society today on the way that we operate today tropical to get a new Bibles have a project the one with pretty much the same dispositive script it is morning within a read down through it and as a particular few minutes of the beautiful fonts in a few moments the book of applicant was written prior to the book of Daniel Daniel was written during the time of the Babylonian captivity of the people of the book of handbook was written how mice are exactly limited about fifty or sixty years prior to the Israelites go to Jerusalem at this time in Israel's history Israel was not a very good place to live it was not a nation that was following the law it was not a nation that was doing the right things of this week we pick up but in chapter one verse two with the group says read with regard to the Lord how long shall I cry and thou wilt not a even crying for your violence and thou wilt not saying Apple is trying to bottle up Dragon I'm guessing maybe some of them cried throughout life they know how long I might cry how long time I get a price and you don't have a pendulum relates parades are gone and it seems like the answer is not coming so please drank about a note is wasted investment why do you show the iniquity and cause me to the whole grievance adding of violence are before me I've been on the race of strife and contention is describing the situation in Israel this will be continued therefore the will is slacked judgment never go slow on the wicked competent about the righteous and wrong judgment proceed of these describing Israel what was taken place at the thought the more he slapped the wall wasn't being followed what wasn't being old baby judgment was not being executed the wicked will prospering while the righteous was suffering and the Bible says and wrong judgment procedure he was describing Israel after one of the time and he was saying for the blog how long do you know what they are and do nothing some of you may be up front about that I is you look out upon the world today and you see that the way the world is and you see the white society operate in the big picture it seems like the wicked prosper while the righteous don't in society as a whole you may even come close or you may look at the Christian well-designed it seems that in the Christian wealth is those that don't really adhere to the lower law and following seem to prosper while the other tribe don't seem to believe income of the insurance maybe a local congregation and sometimes you wonder how long is something to keep on going on and he seems like you are doing nothing about it whatsoever how long he had half the price last Saturday and gone seems like he's not Frank is right this site is in the court of heaven forgive him of the applicant to the one that they want to form any speaking about what happened within the New Testament let's live would be in red written in either compositions which is the wonderful couple going is meeting about how long he had to think I is I that the young visit of the young the fastest meetings like to do now is gone who is the one speaking is that outside of where the bogeyman will put John when everything right left eye is a way of not speaking I'm not just what God has to say we just want on a conversation with line clotrimazole and that's why the Bible says to hold you among the heathen and revive and want them obviously I'm gone soon I will working on days which you want to leave all and meanwhile the right on that it's how he wanted to just one in the inability to tackle that question for the adults almost all wanted to galvanize your question but I just wanted let you know before I answer you but you may not understand or believe what I'm about to these preemptive topical these preempted us know your you which you will not believe LB told you that's fixed now we have the solution to the problem pontificate in front unless Israel is insane I know what the Bangalore and how long it is good likewise but that's okay on the genuine answer available even now that you need a exact of the blessing and the Bible says well I raise up the account here that is an hasty nation which en masse through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling place about on Monday brings a lot of Chaldeans we know them as the Nevada alone is not a pleasant visit my aunt is a problem the solution on the race of the county in the Babylonian negative comes to the land that am my slew of negative is that everything that is not days I'm so there's going to come back for a little bit he stops the scratch of technicality and confidence stories about is even paid a nation that does not only going on stories about how they sacrifice is the sacrifice that can want to sit on the high Lord Almighty will raise the the Babylonians to come to Israel to come to Jerusalem to come to the temple later Shekinah glory rest and possess it we doesn't belong we don't they are generic charitable and dreadful that judgment and their dignity proceeds from the Devils and dust was the quickest and most cost this uneven walls they lost myself spread themselves and the horsemen come from aquatic life the Eagle the hatreds that eat they shall all come for violence their faces will suffer these would and they shall gather the captivity of the Zen and they will scoff at the princes of the French is obvious confident they shall derive every stronghold with a shopping dust and take it then shall his mind sayings and he will pass over and offend imputing this his power on Sulu was an unreasonable remote Babylonians if you come to possess the safe thing on my sleuth Nick and arranged that a plunder they didn't feel that it destroys the enemy with eleven at the end of it I guess that and because they had gone is more powerful than your God bigger impute all of this power lines that I bought been in the blancmange is greater than one of Israel Israel school year ago the Volokh the leader in Jerusalem the moment one better understand my the Babylonians and never really paid on the world scene before anything feelings about who will intervene in Israel do something new every other time that a prophet had into had interceded on Mohammed himself completed about to do something he would often in in-house raise of pain shots who was righteous would execute judgment in Israel or he would raise up a prophet and called Israel to come back on track unless one probably was accustomed to and Hindustan when Havel who cries about it as long when he got been evolving at the judge is again a focus on the results the Babylonians are literally for the county and another company will possess the land that is not bad and he can't quite make sense of knowledge of the best wealth and most while the conversations which is most like eleven is going to be getting a verse twelve on which of them have a hooks meet him again and asked for another question he's talking back to want to notice what he says he says on you not from everlasting old Lord Michael on my holy one these appealing to the goodness of Montevideo from everlasting but you understand all being you understand the history you know the end from the beginning we shall not announces the next sentence is sometimes you can ask a question that is a click sometime even if you question that is not a quick question but the question in the intonation of your voice is that was a statement that because the Whitehill voice intonation goes it becomes a question notice how horrible cook reasons although this twelve thou hast ordained them for judgment and Almighty God thou hast established them for what can you hear the question is what you a lot your everlasting and you will gain him the judgment you can use them for correction you can almost any incredulity it was a lot like you doing this it makes no sense God help any of the Babylonians the judges are when will your people not it makes no sense is that they are now the level is raised his question the impairment in the vicinity now all of your eyes than to behold evil a single listen your appealable how can you look at evil Yorkville and you cannot look on iniquity with law milk is now upon them that deal treacherously and hold your time when the wicked the amount was the man that is what Martha Cindy I thought your appeal how can you establish gentle correction how can you use them for judgment and how can you hold your time when the wicked give I was the man that is more righteous than he is it make sense of the wicked one is the righteous red most times in the Bible is the right of the punishment David and who is righteous and golf life for Joshua Kayla and the armies of Israel going into the promised land is the promised land all the heathen tribes on their rights as punishing the wicked Israelites leaving you get it and punish them directly by the Egyptians dying in the Red Sea righteous and wicked schemes with what today in society is supposed to be the case that parents punish the children old discipline their children when the child is something the department doesn't agree with doing and does not do supposed this to me parents that it is they do as I say but don't do it by the wonder why that would have no impact specialists you discipline when someone does something that you don't agree when doing me that he believes us post a executable notice society because they are vulnerable we're supposed to be always in Seattle Cook is questioning the way the law is processing is almost seemingly natural order of things is supposed to be the only round is supposed to be revoked and he is not a question as a pretty good question now he waits in the data that is the question centers on seventy three they got a similar question some simply remember this before sunset the seventy three have a question that my favorite season as he's talking about something Psalm seventy three invests one to three the Bible says surely God is good to Israel even so those on a McLean hot baths and a my stepson almost gone my feet almost gone my stepson well my slit he says in verse three was an abusive always when I saw the prosperity of the present of things I was envious when asylum applicant prospect and real Natalie on down you come down there is is there advanced said there invests that the twelve behold even the ungodly who prosper in the world the increase in rivers and verily I have plans my heart in vain and washed my hands and what they've is like I'm envious of the link in my feet across their prosperity a set of a study it seems like I am friends my hot invasion like this in the July winds of the century of God and understood therein apical chapter one oh one this is wonderful I have a question development on Israel is instead what you doing about it please do something have just the one that is five eleven thoughts as I can do something for you not that I believe what I'm about to tell you the proceeds of that and even among the Babylonians into Israel Thomas Cale plundered destroy they called the Jerusalem and that's what can happen this is backed up on larger how can you do to it makes no sense your righteous the defendant attempted to become that Chesterton probably still speak until the tube is one the theme for this as WIC is what what's important to have objected to this one the Bible says I will stand upon my watch and set me up on the tower I noticed what he says then and where was the Watts did a lot see what he will say anything me and what I saw as that when I am reproved for you but a question going into Manasseh the rest thought another question and chapter two opens with him saying let us set up on my watch on the Singapore my towel off and I am little while she is the one blog will say to me what I said I can remember proved I wonder what was the exact minds at the time I wonder what he is exactly she was at the time maybe he was sometimes like you and I sometimes I was going we ask one question complete clone but an English rock and soft thinking we has gone Almighty himself God you smokeless makes no sense to me explains we sit and watch finance we sit and wait for an answer from global Mike the fifth way some powerful bonus pilot in the works of the mind of God Bible says investing and the Lord did what has it made me say right vision I make a plan was able to any major lot that he may run the reason will not give the answer the instruction was his right commission down committee playing because the Esplanade they give you if you have the applicable to upcoming generations what I want on the less similar concept to a similar question to write about how this is an important instruction before I give your answer is God 's people of the book was semi- experienced time and time and time and time again and I need you to write down what I'm about to tell you so what I write now can encourage the people in the future the community and the time to write it down to the McLean on tables you may run the review not be the language comes from the unit went when they have the cities of refuge in Israel and you killed someone when the state will be golden we man's look that you could go to a secure refuge of the sites on the way to the city of refuge of your running and the person behind you would like that the brother of that that the pleasant utilities on a catchy and eventful crossroads you have time to sit and wait to see what the Pirates and what no GPS but then know the sign on the right is a secure refuge his wife and has any soul plane and so collapsed before man was running his life depended upon it even if the destination site with his right the vision down make it plan up on the tables that whoever is running mate listening for the vision is yet for an appointed time but yeah it was sweet and not live the will it was the Craig Parry wait for it because it was to become it will not let the carry either you look at most one was due mostly to transfer me know what seeing and carrying go hand-in-hand he's watching to see what is a global Dragon and the answer you Kevin is tiring but before it will solely emotionally is not like our societies away as I said at the very beginning we are the now generation we want things right now your question you don't know the answer to you want to have the right Internet if you can't give an answer Google will give you the answer we like things right away we don't like having to wait for things we have a question answer we need something we went now you want to eat you just go to the had the drive and your food is ready-made in a bond that you are done the buying ingredients no cooking is that the earthly is given is military wait for it because it was solely come it will not notice a difference waging that you can do different types you can wait in anticipation of grams incompetent in anticipation some think with you Kuwait in resignation you can wait in rebellion you what you think is you have to wait you have no the choice is the only thing you're in rebellion as you are wasting is the same thing upright life is the Ms. Watson right we can try different ways we can pray almost in rebellions about selling what you are going to do all you are not going to do regardless of what God says we can pray and surrender the disparate warehouse writer is not based upon our understanding of lots of the speak but is based on a conviction of our own weakness and inadequacy knowing that answer is that I can't soon relate and here he is waiting for an answer we come to blissful once I than as a topical get busy again you get a justification for not but again exposition as that of future events that will come up to get an interpretation is gone and I clarified what he has previously said that all I know you can understand how good the legal backstretch that you step back and present all of us even understand what I'm talking about what is not safe out he's just out of the way ANOVA 's lawyer says behold his soul which is lifted up is not up right in him but the just shall live by his faith the just shall live by he is five random things Israel's incident to some okay on the when the Babylonian God can't do that doesn't make sense adjustment adjustable maybe you see it utterly pseudo- auto seagull given at least one who's doing what he's doing maybe you can see our current iPhone seagull given a clarification as to advancement the Babylonians I can't see God expounding upon the point as to why he would use a wicked nation to punish a righteous nation I don't seem to going into in the exposition asked him why he's doing what he's doing maybe you can see the slot car set I bought from heaven the just shall live by his wife Jocelyn what is the as we look at this data would think as a questionable display community and for most people spot I was even in this one faith is the substance of things hoped for and the organism of each of the five people at decentralized the speaker would only am I seven will be here without faith it is impossible to please God Rita comes to God must believe that he is and he is a rewarded of those that immunization and now I believe we have another definition contextually on what it means LeBlanc Cazares the question how can you go to the access opening is the Babylonians the question how can you use the Bible alone is the answer the just shall live by faith so I want to thank up into chapters before the definition and explanation of what rape is I is kind of silliness and a lesson that is good for us alone today being the now generation when we want everything now when God says that you got to wait for the answer is going to come the just shall live by faith he's not explaining why he is doing what he is doing these are given explanation of all these events but he's telling applicable is the gloss people you are going to go through some times that you cannot understand difficulties and hardships that you don't know what you're going through them even go through an experience that seems to make no sense to you and you'll need a finite minds but when you're going through that experience when you're in that circumstance I want you to remember that John slipped by faith as an element of faith but we see at the one into which an elemental persevering is the gnome of hanging onto golf moment so what when you don't have an answer to the question you raise the bar was walked only one answer that is going to answer our question we lose like plot of faith is holding on when you don't have the answers to your questions the just shall live by his faith like Abraham when he was marching up the mountain for three days to go and sacrifice his son his only son his son the love and yet he was told in any a father of many nations and made no sense to him it makes no logical sense and makes no rational sense it makes no reasonable site and you have a cook hung on claims of the promise are going to give it to you live by faith the answer was that it was right at the end when the round was fifty my feeling effeminate I know maybe I'm old is when he wasn't allowed into the promised land and yet he's still out on amount fifty first see it all place and yet he was told he could not answer faulty administrative faulty as living in a desert and he gets the water think out of the live like Sarah when the child like Noah leaving for the just shall live by call doesn't always explain to us step-by-step on life in one Beagle two will be go through you'll find you go through life the hindsight is always twenty twenty hindsight is always twenty twenty Google back when only constant now we know what he told me to go to the school and the school didn't make sense of the time I couldn't understand what was difficult in this school and estate I do want to live in and a place I get one of the left have no faith is seems that make no sense but I went anyway just send it by watching his link the weight which is linked to fight club as well as explain why you may get a jump of about one half full best job opportunities annual back to me about the company folded six months later I think you'll remain understand what God says don't marry that person X but maybe your labor as you look back and you see the cost their life to come of course your life that you realize wasn't supposed to be you know the time seemed to make no logical sense but now it does often we have to understand friends is going to have to explain himself he's going it's nice when one explains to you why he's doing something is is nice and rational is logical what is reasonable and what it actually but as my something to also plan is also rational you still know the book was a computer desktop and that's where faith takes a dozen takes faith to follow something that is reasonable doesn't take much makeup on a something that is logical phase kicks in Racine playboys clouded over the absence the just shall live by faith into Hebrew text and it affects the just live my click on the three of the findings conflict with others which in a comes up in Romans seven one the company was to attend in Hebrews chapter ten invests thirty five the Bible says cast not away therefore your confidence which has great recompense of reward for you have need of patience that after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise for yet a little while and he that shall come will come and will not tarry and why was it an associate not the just shall live my wife face and he goes on and says if any amount of water drawback my thoughts I want no basement and you get what you can see the Johnson in my place and no drawback hold onto the Klingons are going no matter what the therapy nine we are not of been the jewel back on the addition would've been the believe that a lot saving of the soul he just adjusted by big he just is no drawback to how to be explained in Hebrews Chapter 11 explains a whole closet example after example after example after example of how we live by faith how we wait on God how we watch will always know when the answers beloved we are both people I believe will go through some experience what is Roman elements and went through in the future spiritual Israel once again be persecuted by spiritual battle we will not understand the whys and the one with force we will understand why so long at all to be a time of trouble such as what and how such wool in the guest 's stood in front of the ovens that and a human from bone and flesh into smoke and ash and you wonder how that text will be real you wonder how the text is actually a movie fulfills God 's people us he wants to prepare us was coming up in that he's not always been explained to us right to his second coming everything that takes place he wants us to watch for weight to hang on Roman city of us for enclosing thousands for so things will aforetime were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort all descriptive might have what everything ran before the Bible as it is written from learning to give us patience and hope for the future is a look back at a pass somehow block that is even the past figures and encouragement for the future known informally discontinues presently look at the past we see how Bartlett his people in the past in the literal story of Jerusalem and Babylon it always understand why what was going on was going on obesity and the story of Joseph and Pablo VCM Daniel Rizzi 's judgment music and Abednego we see God being with his people in the past as I went through the firing and we see God protect his people in the class that in the light of the body about it but they have to make the claim of the blog knowing he would be with them no matter lots at the end of Daniel 's life as an amount of eighty five eighty six eighty seven years old we see Dino go into the lions den when the greatest test of his life at the very end of his life he's now hold onto bought goodies built up to the cost of his life habit of trusting God no matter what habit of clinging arms of God no matter what Gore put you I pray that we are God 's people today SWS we are people to watch and we are people the watch Wayne and how England's of the no matter what no matter what as well as for Brant father in heaven we pause for a moment to thank you for your faithfulness in the past how you lead carbonate your peoples throughout the course of human history but I pray as we gather together this morning as each one of us contemplates life than that planned the course you have for us we voice is this way about William always we don't understand below what I pray the superseding that we may have a face that watches that waits on you I know my times are this is going to buy for this is not a Spybot and of course is that God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life this is more so than if please visit www. .net verse .org


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