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3. Teaching Language Arts in the Outdoors

Angela Boothby



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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This is my special guest speaker Melissa Hartley she is actually the reason is reason why I have a masters in education because we were talking she teaches at Holland so and they have a school to start there for nine years so she was there when I came and we Ensley became really good friends and she talked about how she had a masters in order to Haitian I said What is that that sounds awesome and she told me about the adventure she went like on a boat for Alone two weeks and then what else you have to dig. Out of three weeks geology tour out West and what else did you do. We did a four day adventure based counseling trip in Tennessee where one day it was white water rafting another was backpacking rock climbing and caving and I just spent the night and it came before she slept in a cave like it they brought a five gallon pail into the cave and had to take the five gallon pail out of the cave. So I said wow that sounds like so much fun and then I did the Masters and I didn't get to do any of those things because the program was slightly changed with new leadership and they did it shorter so you now only there for two to four weeks and she was there for nine or ten weeks like the whole entire summer so the program a slightly changed but when she told me all the adventure that is why I want that master's and then I went down and said no this Masters is actually Biblical it sound that's what we all need to have education and so she's been teaching for three years in Tennessee to talk one year overseas as a student missionary and kind of pay and she's an extremely creative teacher you will fall in love with her and probably say she used to spend the seminar. Please give a warm welcome to Melissa. Thank you. Thank you as Miss B. as I call her said I teach children that. What I'm used to so standing up in front of a group of adults is way out of my comfort zone so if it it's going to help me and if you guys don't mind I'm kind of going to talk to you and I've kind of planned activities as if you were my class just to give you ideas of stuff that I do in my classroom. So Miss I don't know if I should call you Miss Boothby that's what I'm used to calling her from school that. Day and she has asked me to present some language arts ideas for nature activities so I don't know you guys at all I'm sure that you've gotten to know each other over the past two days but we're going to play a little game to get to know each other and it's it's an icebreaker and it's called Have You Ever and what you're going to do is you're going to get up out of your seat and you're going to walk around and ask people the question Have you ever and there's different boxes this kind of like being go have you ever gone hiking I'm sure lots of people in this room if you're here you like nature you've probably gone hiking so you can have a person if they said yes to have you gone hiking have them sign their name in that box you can only use the same person twice though so once you have the same person for two boxes you need to move on and find somebody else who has done have you ever climbed a tree or built a tree fort that's another one OK Now some of these are here really challenging so there might only be one person in this room who has actually done that. This is a fun icebreaker that I use I've used it at lift which is our seventh and eighth grade. Time up at Camp A SAGAL in the conference we invite the kind of the teen age group to go up there and that age group is kind of it's it's hard to get them to interact sometimes so having an ice breaker like this is helpful so let's get started on this activity the first person to get all of the boxes filled is the winner so if you guys don't mind just take one and pass it down and you can take a reading you can. Normally I would have a little prize for the students but I didn't bring prizes for you I'm sorry. But I had one candy bar at home that I thought of bringing And then I didn't. Listen to them and I have yet. To see a set of bill them all left to do is go out to the Civic one and then if they haven't asked another one and the have. I have I have. I haven't done scuba diving no. Reason to move that's all I did. Rather as well as your silly Trust me I know where we're going on the famous last words just me I had a very interesting comment at me and like how I had to go back to my childhood remember that any of the things that China sad because I should have been filled to mean. That is an interesting you know so raise your hand if you learn something new about somebody today. That's the point of this activity it's a kind of think about what you've done in nature and with some things that you might want to do or have your kids experience that you didn't get to experience I have been privileged to go on a lot of adventures in nature some of them were through my master's in outer education some of them were with my lovely friend Angie and some were just on my own and everywhere I go I like to keep a journal of my adventures so nature journaling is one of my favorite things to do also kind of travel journaling and I also have a camping journal you can get these at different stores or on line this kind of is an abbreviated journal where it just has the police the weather the people you went with what you enjoyed the most so this is a very. If you don't like to write much this is a really easy one that just keeps track of places that you've been national parks or campsites things like that. Here's one that I had students design at I think it was lift or. Outer edge occasion one of the two where you just take a piece of cardstock and fold it in half and inside you can just put some sheets of regular paper we actually did the game that we just did for the first day and then there was some scripture verses from from the Bible about nature and then I had the kids do a little journaling about that there's some blank paper for when we go I made her walk to just do some sketches there is in the middle a piece of watercolor paper for them to do some painting we usually like to go down by the stream and actually take water from the creek and. Find something from nature to draw and paint hopefully we'll have time to do a little bit of that today I'm not sure we'll have to keep an eye on the time but this is something that students or your children or you can create on your own I made this one and I haven't written it much but. I do enjoy the art part of it and. Yet just this is a collage on the front and the back just collect I like to collect magazines and people give me calendars and things like that for my classroom another kind of journaling that I like to do is photo journaling I when I go places I take pictures of the places I've been and you can do these digitally or you can print the pictures and just scrapbook them this is some of the pictures that I've taken of nature so you can just do this on the computer I don't remember which program I use peekaboo but there's Shutterfly there's a lot of different options for that off the way that has been published it's called My student publishers if you just Google student published books they send you these white pieces. A paper like that would go into the book directly and have like a square box on the top and then lie underneath and they can publish their own book and actually be published and it's not too sensitive. And that's really cool so you could just put photos there and then they'd write about their photos or they could do the drawings themselves. That's a good idea I had and I should have brought one I don't even think of it this is one that I took to Africa with me I went to. Two trips to Africa a mission trip with my dad and his high school group I was a chaperone for teenagers which is my least favorite thing to do other than teaching adults it's so scary teenagers are so scary to me but I survived it and the second time I went back to Africa was just on my own for three weeks I enjoy traveling in the summers when I'm not teaching and I had incited I had kids from the school that I was volunteering at draw me pictures and then write the words in Swahili so I could learn their language. So they did some awesome drawings they had never. Used any kind of art utensils at all they just had a pencil and and sadly they sharpen the pencil with a razor blade and they kind of pass it around they don't have pencil sharpeners but they had never used colors pencils crayons paint and I brought a whole suitcase full of it and I just put it all out in their classroom and they loved it and there's something really awesome about letting kids use their creativity especially if they've never tried it before and I didn't even give them pictures to look at they were just from their imagination creating the beauty that God has in nature all around and in Africa they're surrounded by it. Unfortunately our kids in today's society. Are so overwhelmed with technology that hardly ever do they go out on their own in Leicester encouraged to so that's one of the things that I like to do in my classroom is intentionally get the students. Outside on purpose. I have a book here that I was looking through yesterday and I won't read the whole thing to you but it's about a boy who grew up on a farm and it's talking about all the places that yes. It's called All the places to love by Patricia McLachlan And it basically talks about all the places that the people in his family love there's the meadow that the mom loves and she carries him when he has a baby through the meadow on her shoulders and. There's the field that the papa loves because he plows and plants the seeds and there's the the stream that the grandma loves and so it just goes through about all the family members in their places outdoors that they love and I just think it's kind of sad that kids in our culture often don't have that experience I grew up in the country and I know and you grew up in the country and I wouldn't trade that for anything but a lot of kids don't have that privilege and so we need to specifically get them outside even if it's just under a tree in the middle of the city and see what they can find under that tree see what they can observe. Along with the observation of nature I like to have in my classroom what I call the Book of Nature and of course we know that the Bible is obviously the first book that we should read but the book of nature contains so much wisdom for us to learn about God and I have my book of nature here and there are some special items that I have inside saw Have the kids come up and can I get a volunteer because we'll just demonstrate this. So I'm going to open the lid to the Book of Nature and she's just going to pick an item she's not going to tell us what it is she's going to describe it for you using words that she can't say what that is it's kind of like the game taboo if you've ever played that you can't say that actual. I'm not going to give you a list of words you can't say but and if you think you know what it is just raise your hand or just shout it out if you think you know what it is pick anything and. Just describe it words why something right off and then decided I don't know how did OK so outside. Insects. Are there. Ha OK she gets it correctly so she gets to come up into our next one I say Kate I shall I'm sure you guys have seen me as sometimes people like to stick them to themselves as a little pat my students like to do that. And the sentence just don't exactly OK. That's why. This is the home that make sure their little. Labs are people God then they put these things in another crack open. And if you get that. You want to give your turn to someone else you want to come up. She's sharing this is good you should. Think. This things you found on the beach. And. Started. You know not come out as. This is a thing. Always admired for its. I just think it's so beautiful. And why. Yes. All right. Come on up. Well do two more but this is kind of a cool activity you could have this box in your home or your classroom and the kids could find stuff and put in it and try to describe them to you or you could put something new in it every day kind of as a a find something to look forward to. In that. Regard. I don't know who got it first. Someone over here. Hey this is our last one make it a good one. Well. Some people say it's worth money and. Now raise your hand if it was easier to guess if you had already seen the items in the box once you see them it's easier so sometimes I like to pass it around to my students they can kind of look it's kind of like a memory game and then I close it and then I pick one thing that's inside and see if they can get it so there's different things you can do with the book of nature these are pretty easily found at any craft store or T.J. Maxx or Hobby Lobby or Michael's So there they come in different sizes also. All right so I wanted to play another game with you I like activities that get my students up and out of their seats and since today is kind of yucky out we're not going to go outside unfortunately but I brought the beauty of nature inside you can see along the wall I have different pictures these are just calendar pictures that I cut out of some of the supplies and there are eight pictures around the rooms and I want you to look at them and think about which one you think is the most beautiful and once you have picked the one that you think is the most beautiful I want you to go stand beside that picture. Well we're going to start back here at this picture because it looks like only two people chosen I think that's the smallest group I want you guys to tell me why you think this one is the most beautiful. And the other I think my family don't see over here is that over Christmas the red rocks that we divide I think reminded me of the fish and I guess. We lost of a question like this a lot of I mean hope for new and. And just the way that the rocks are formed and trying to imagine what made them get that way and just that whole I mean. The shape of them is so I mean imagination and. See the different layers and stuff it's really something that I could study for a while and the sunlight coming through there. Thanks to its very beautiful All right thank you for sharing OK I will go to the next one this is the one I would have chosen How does anybody want to share why you chose this picture water is so clear crystal clear and prestige and as your we just did the book I am pleased that some of the sharks in reminds me of Sally strike. Anyway it's just so beautiful and other places I've been to too. I never knew that water truly was that clear so I went to fly year ago and to actually see the clear ocean in the perfect weather and all the color. Was amazing. Nobody helps OK moving on to the waterfall Does anybody here want to share why you picked this one. I think it does matter and time you were like spring to me but I've always gone to the Hall of the Mohawk to listen to want to visit. It was a laughing. Thing. Yeah I had one back but it was always. And I'd like. To. Even all the members to hear. Something calling about what had become noticeable thank you Anybody else want to share. I don't own part of the water just so one of those are very powerful. But yet very soon. In the trees. It's never noticed that sometimes it gets a little louder as a hitch. Reminds me of once. You get all right we have a picture of the cherry every big tree it looks like anybody let me share why you chose this one well I live in the woods. And we hear you choose so we go right driving around a lot. Like in the first thing in the morning you see the signs are and the Rays kind of the man through the trees it just reminds me of God's creative power how he gives life to every thing and how his Holy Spirit works now I think yes. Well I kind of got the same concept that's looking up to God you know and him sending these special blessings to us and it just reminded me of peace conference. So it's kind of the perspective of this when the looking up. All night the next one is the Bluebird I know my lack of you want to share. I like birds I like for photography is very hard to get birds in a nice background good brands good pose where you can see that there's no on that and also from all the pictures I mean they're all beautiful but this one has a live element to it beyond just the flowers of life you know the water is flowing and so forth but the bird is just never split second and it's gone you know which is of the small time where you can see that picture because it's gone so we tried I think also it really shows a lot about left to the person always thinking he's never on had he said I'm here man happy and they don't worry about where they be how they're being fed how they're being taken care of and so I think it's beautiful lesson of what we should be. OK Thank you all right nobody chose the plumeria this is actually my favorite island it's so beautiful no snow or just but nobody chose it so sad and Alaska is the mountains you but you want to share that belief I have a grew up in the West and I love the mountains and that's. Montana Glacier National Park that's been their love of. The little island so you need to camp fun you know to get to that I wonder what the night is going to be anybody else going to I choose this picture because of the magnificent color than the I mean this is a very unusual color I mean you only can find it at this sensitive and I think this is the best of. Everything is great that this is great and great because you know. All right well thank you all for sharing your perspectives and you can have a seat. While you're going to see it's one thing I want you to take note of is two things one of the reasons why you picked the pictures was either because of a personal memory a personnel divest experience or a connection without an emotional bond which is what we want to create because we want them to care about the environment we live them to care about each other so nature just naturally makes you get a little bit of mess thousand you're right it's just kind of almost impossible at the end I think that you could have a deal was related to God that was also why you were drawn to that picture and so I want to share something I'll teach you a bit more about this on Thursday and Friday if the reason why I love the waterfall is because there is that verse in the Bible says that if anyone thirst after me then I will. Give him something to drink rammed loosely quoting it but when I don't know why I fall and I sit there and like Jesus doesn't want me to just a drip Oh I just want you to get to know me a little bit I just want you know something about me just a tiny bit no he's like a waterfall I want you to know me so well because even if you go to a little LOT of all there's a fair amount of water going over right so every time I go to a water fight this can help to turn my bow if that hurt that Verisign to say the Lord wants. The to know him know him like a waterfall horrors overfly sit on that waterfall that's how God wants me to be intimate with him and know him I think it's neat that everybody sees beauty in different settings some of us may go to a desert and think it's barren and boring but another person may have a beautiful experience there and have a memories of a family vacation and every time they go to a desert it's beautiful Some people may go to a beach and they think it's hot and they're salty and Sandy and they hate it and other people it's their favorite place to be they get it they get to relax and enjoy the sound of the waves and we all find beauty in different things and nature and I think that's really neat that God has provided such a wide variety of settings that can touch different people in different ways. So I have brought some art materials that we can create beauty and you can either think of something from nature that inspires you that you think is beautiful there are some items on the table I did bring You can choose one of the pictures on the wall I have a bunch more pictures so I'm going to give you some time to make a work of art God has given you creative abilities some of you may not think that but we all have creativity in different ways it's not all an art if you'd rather look at something and write about it you can describe it with words you can draw it sketch it or paint it or color it however you want to do that I I enjoy this activity with my students because we can go outside we were blessed in Holland to be surrounded by nature we have woods all around us we have a little park we have a stream so I try to take my students out and we'll just have them separate from each other so they don't get silly and crazy and they can kind of focus on something that they think is beautiful and either write about it in their journal or draw it or paint it so we're going to take a little time to do. The distributing of materials will be a little tricky. Raise your hand if you're interested in just drawing an item or writing about it. OK through this is the drawing paper and the writing and if you'd like to try painting. Something like watercolor paintings but I have. One thing I want you know while you're doing this. Is thinking of other places if you know where you can include this so in the science journals when they're going out and taking their observational data they can be drawing pictures next to it you can incorporate are into a lot of things in your curriculum whether it be Language Arts where they're having them write stories and then they're drawing pictures it's also once they draw it they're having to look at the details. Another thing that I've had my students start doing is drawing pictures every time we have to one of the members they have a doll a picture of that memory verse so drawing pictures extremely helpful to help them actually picture what that verse is talking about so you can use drawing in your science or your fossil studies or your language arts any time because they're having to then put themselves in that situation in social studies or history or they're trying to understand more about all the different. Pieces and things that make up different things in science. There are some secret artists in this room hum alright what anybody like to share what they wrote privately brave souls who want to share what they wrote or part of what they wrote a paragraph out of what they wrote. And I just. Wrote about culprit is year round where it's my favorite thing about where I was in the springtime watching super trees over the first nine. How long it takes between first part of the tree first tree and first part of the last two times it takes forever and sometimes it's really short. And then all of a sudden almost overnight the trees go to foliage then all at once there are green there of uniform green and that canopy almost seems protective. Hossam thank you off. You may also want to share what they wrote. Oh I wrote about the birds now just sit right here and I just tried to describe it the best I could hear the birds nest is the birds home and needs to be protected so we don't destroy the birds all the new mother bird lays eggs in the nest none sits on the edge to keep them warm so they will eventually Robins oaks are like blue and that is why we have the saying robin's egg blue is some birds lay spotted example or various colors Birdsville there are no soldiers means that your courage to a certain degree they used twigs and mud to build or knows there is a depression down in the nest to hold it and keep them saved our Father in heaven guides the birds to build a nest properly Our Father loves all the animals and all of them like he does. We can pray and ask her father to stay by our side and guide us here is always there for us and protect us as we go about our earns times I have avoided accidents because of my heavenly father protecting me and care very much. Already And interesting story to add All right these my son in law had a massive stroke he and so is kind of home bound and the robins have built a nest outside his window right where he can see it so he's like them hatch and fly away. All this stuff been that God provided for her and that is all you may need. To know I offer some hope to watch that new life began. And then that my granddaughter is a blueberry I think is Blue Jays. Built a nest and so she's been watching dolls you know I thought this awesomely. As I Do you. Are we are. This is a change in. The not of January is for those like yourself in this Marcel's but I'd love shows. And paying more because I'm the only victim. Or lots of shows and I wrote something about this disease is there Here's Judy he. Reminds me of my childhood and the chapter two thousand now this is the spider Kong. National I don't know what with regard to. Things that I thought of that my childhood my eyes and your perceived or expect a boy's attempt about having some of that I got to live there and I love the beach and I collected all our harvest shows Amber do you believe I'll support the gentry's who have sat beside. US not just saying it is OUR you don't. Have to visit. Me in our last year in the Sounders and the larger than because it sounds like the ocean on her like a lot of all I hear. You there is something interesting. And you know you already know to me they got. That right because. You not only here is the me that if he. And. He did not just. How he or she were his duty. To police to the other well I didn't go to war and. That he was near the US but I love the British. And it. He says. Excellent thank you when we talk about the first day about how taking our kids outside just naturally makes them realize that there's something bigger than they are. So here's a couple of other ideas that I have a sister couple with language arts I have been asked to move two days to Abbott's Academy and Utah and I'm going to be teaching English to high school students so this is a totally new ballgame for me and one of the ideas I have so far was reading prize object lessons from my devotions and I just having lots of English teaching ideas just from reading that book and so one idea that I have so far is simply writing and Alan White quote a simple one one sentence one on the border when they come in they have to journal about that quote for ten minutes and what I would really like them to do is equate that quote somehow to something in nature what in nature didn't demonstrates that principle so I would love to take them outside and have their fifteen minute journaling outside so there's a simple ideas take them outside and the start of an English class and have them journal for fifteen minutes and you can make it longer if you want them to draw something with their journal entry. Another idea that I have is you go outside and you have them reconstruct something from their childhood memory only using natural materials so using sticks and leaves and rocks have them make something from their childhood memories so when I did this activity I made my farm I had leaves going with for the different fields I had the creek in the back with pebbles and I and I made my farm I reconstructed it using natural materials and then we were asked to write a memoir as if we were reliving that childhood experience so. He'd write a short story staring at that little world that we just reconstructed using nature. Another idea that I have for you is a really awesome one I think it's my favorite but it takes two things takes history our social studies and puts it with language arts so you have to take them into historical site when I was in Tennessee we did this we went to an Indian. Historical Site and we walked around we read the Platts we read all the information for you guys you could set it up I have been reading a book studying that event you take them to a lighthouse has some really awesome historical events that's happened that lighthouses battlegrounds mansion's Michigan has history to. Have them research what took on in that place and then take them to that place and have them walk around as if they were there jury in that time period and then have them write a historical novel novel using as if they were there experiencing that story of an order to write a good one they'd have to do a fair amount of research right to know what historical characters were experiencing during that time what exactly was going on but actually having them walk around or make them feel like they're reliving that moment. If you've been to Greenfield Village I love that place Greenfield Village is an awesome way to expose them to all sorts of historical characters because they have Thomas Edison's laboratory there they have well where all rights bicycle shop there they have all these awesome and I think it's so awesome Henry Ford was probably the one who really flipped the completely the way we do things and so much innovation into our world but he was the one who said we need to preserve and he was one who bought all these houses to preserve history so. We have nothing to fear except that we forget the past in the way that the Lord has led us in the past so studying history history is a very important thing to do another. They can do is take them to the Adventist historical village study some of the early pioneers have them walk around have them both on the tours read all the plaques and then write as if they were a child of an early Adventist pioneer what would that have been like what would they have felt what would they have seen what was going on in history because there are some big historical events going on at the start of our church. So there's just a couple of ideas that you could do to include language arts what I want you to do now in the last couple months that we have left is you can finish up your art and also maybe get in groups of four and think of ideas together that because you guys come up with a really good idea if you get your we all starting to turn to think about how you can incorporate language arts and to nature. How could you enhance a grammar lesson how crucial. How for them write short essays or research papers or poetry poetry would really occur naturally probably doing outdoors so you have about what I gave you five minutes to brainstorm So this set across a table and see if you can come up with any other ideas. Are right if I get your attention when I hear some really good ideas going around. And I think some ideas are really still going around the so. Why group would like to share some idea because I hear some really good ones yes I'd like to share what merging with my group here. So networking and I was listening to I'm of age in right off. And so many to just even a little murky to go into a chuckle in the woods. What kind of animals go by. The trees or whatever you want to look in just write about yes it spots we've been talking about that just having a sign sit spot. Suggested generally thought was a great thing when learning about nouns and verbs and all that just go outside and identify all the now incident. Yeah actually seeing it having it so that B. is lying or buzzing and that would be. Excellent. Direct experience is how they learn things they have a grammar lesson with direct experience. Anyway I only want to teach you what the elements of literature for them to understand the different tack in. Nature is a good maiden to find those first and should point out who's helping nature with unions and let them decide who is a good who's the that and then they can come here start writing of that for you and that when you're introducing the elements of. Writing but yet you're not telling them they're fine or even if you're telling them don't want to have and searching actually they can see what it is and how it's working together and how it's not working together we did the same thing which I'm at now I have little to. Do with the little ones. The other. Ones and then we bring them back in the classroom they have drawings and then we cut those where they have to mix finances first with them was actually. Created and then must have pictures created and from there they had always been a country and then a transition where they had to countries and write a sentence to go with that and then we could get all the pictures and I was right. And then at the end they just had to write their abstract so that we gave them a visual First of where we were going and then they do it and it took away on models that. Were not you can do it are elements little. Anyone out. There was saying is you can do it like newspaper article. So listening if you wrote a little nature. Yeah does a very good idea they could enter view and if you are B. and if you are a flower and if you are a tree so Mr Tree works a lot to CERN here for fifty years whatever you observe what's been going around you know you could interview something in a major So literally if you think of all the different types of writing you could take any of those types of writing take them outside. Which is not howling or come close to having to describe it you might get two or three sentences at the most to describe this but then if you help them break down that there's something different topics about you know the size you can talk about shape you can type texture or even time about you know what the point of kind is where kind of comes from happens to the kind known as it breaks down all of these different observations just from one can actually start out into more than just two sentences but you can get several paragraphs of just one object if you look beyond just you know it has spikes that you can you know. Have more top of another one I was thinking too if you could do life as so life as a pine cone Have you ever I don't remember as a kid we were read for a story time about a dog and there was this entire His dog's life on the farm so what it was like to be from that like oh now my pet to me was called the owner of his hat now my pet is coming to feed me now my and it was so fun and I remember as a kid thinking that what it would be like to be a dog and I was really connecting in there was really fun so why not life as a pine cone you know I stayed up in the tree and then I felt. Then where you know that I roll around and I roll into a bear and you could just totally let your imagination go wild and life as a as a flower Knights coming always. Call them and they come back out and what it what do I see what I experience. All right time is up but do we have any other ideas that wanted to be shared really quickly. And should. We have as the Oriental Trading Company they have little ten plastic treasure boxes and so we had to go out and collect something unique to some treasure and then actually for the sermon heard of her closing of it that's a church they've actually got in with some of the adults in the congregation and they had to come up with just a simple and spiritual application of their traditions and they found so they got to describe their object but then the adults were able to mentor them and with scripture. Yeah I like to challenge you in everything that you teach to how to encourage your students and your children to look for the spirits application because when you start learning to put those glasses on you really honestly ten see all the ways that God wants to teach us about him since favorite lie is that God is too hard to understand God doesn't make sense and if we start giving them these glasses that one that they destroy like they can walk around and they can see examples of God's love towards the patients of God's Peace of God store you know there's so many things out there and so on all things that you do encourage them to write a speech application encourage them to write a Bible verse encourage them to think of a story even if it's just every time they see a stone they write down David and Goliath just so they're just getting that pattern in their minds of things can go back to God I can see God and His love for and all things all right let's have prayer and then you know we just fill out I praise you so much for this day I think you for the lessons that you have for us I think you for the gift of art for the gift of writing I think you for your words and I think you for Miss Harlee and her. Come down and share this and I think if all the participants here. Fire. Are our students our children and our south closer to you and me love you. This media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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