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What If I Fail?

Dee Casper


How does God view me when I fail? 


Dee Casper

Brand Evangelist, ARtv



  • September 30, 2017
    4:00 PM
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Father thank You for this privilege to come into your presence in prayer thank you for beautiful people for delicious food for a great Phyllis ship and above all for Jesus and I just pray that you would give us insight into something that cripples a lot of us of fear of failure and fear of how you view us when we fail so I just pray that you would speak to us in a powerful way that you would guide my thoughts in a way that will be pleasing to you that were adequately represent how you view us and I just pray that you would show us your glory tonight and I asked this in Jesus name. In them. What if I fail. I'm going to skip that So what I'd like to cover with you today actually me tell you why this message came about so I was teaching at an academy for three years intimacy and I had a student there who was like a son to me and was giving him bible studies and at the end of the Bible study. I could sense the spirit just had a hold of if you ever had this in person ministry one of you can just you can see it in their eyes that God's got them and that they're convicted and so I told him you know you can hear him can't you and he said yeah and I said we're going to do about it and he just paused. And then he honestly responded and said I'm afraid of disappointing him. That he had made this decision in the past to say yes to Jesus and he failed and he felt it would be disingenuous to make a commitment to Jesus being afraid that he would fail he was afraid of letting God down he was being on us he's being forthright and was really wrestling with making that complete surrender because he didn't want to hurt God by messing up and this representing him and. Just broke my heart to hear this from this precious young person as like a son to me and we were able to work through it he did make a decision and things are better for him but it's a genuine topic it's a real topic that some of us are just terrified of putting God through the process again because we're just going to crash and burn anyway and why put him through that so what I'd like to cover today is the story of a man named Alija and see how it is that God deal with him in the midst of his hardships and his difficulties and I think there's a lot of good lessons we can learn from this now I'm speaking to a group of people that I'm assuming are Christ followers want to make sure it's abundantly clear to can text realize the message Alijah was not a heathen right who is on the run and messed Alijah was a man of God who messed up while being a man of God I want to walk through their story so. Alija This is from prophecy in Kings eleven to thirteen places in Scripture beginning first Keane's in the teens but Alija has this amazing experience this guy is given a call from God and His call specifically is to declare to the king that it's not going to rain at all in this land and till I say so. Now that's pretty audacious isn't it to be able to say that it's not going to rain until the time concludes whatever it is that God says He didn't say three and half years when he was given that command but until I'm committed to pray again and God ask me to pray again there's not going to be rain here is not going to happen but a white mentions in this call that he's given that there's nothing about his surroundings that would make him believe that drought was possible the hills are green and rolling with Virgin or other streams and it just seems impossible the coal that God has given him that he's supposed to give a message to the king about something that looks like it'll never happen maybe you've been a situations like this that God has placed a call in your life that doesn't look feasible and you could look silly even for making this decision so he put goes for the call these give him and she says like a thunder bolt on a clear sky he gives the messages come like in Sucker Punch like by the time you have realized what happened. Why does gone he's nowhere to be found just drops a bomb and leaves man and so they have doesn't flow into what's going to go on here but then it does happen there is a drought that comes over the nation of Israel no rain does come and ends up being for three and a half four years in a lie just as he's running to save his own life is just Bill is not happy about this God says into the book sheriff and as he is at the book chair earth he is fed by Ravens they miraculously deliver bread to this guy in my mind's eye I would love to believe that this bread comes from a Habs table but I don't know the text doesn't say so but still Regardless it is miraculously provided for and eventually gets to a point that he goes to the widow's syrup and she is walking around gathering sticks and he says would you please make me a cake and she says look you don't understand ma'am like I'm taking a few twigs I get a little bit of oil I get a little bit of flour I'm making one last meal for my son and I before we die and he says trust me in this make a morsel for me first and then yes for water to his knees to come by he says make a morsel for me first and then go and he promises that God will provide for her and she has a choice just like a light she had a choice will they believe what God says in spite of what they see and she believes and she is provided for throughout the span of his stay there things work out powerful story that's great. But then the why just give us a call that the time of this drought is to conclude go back and tell a have that things are going to change and the showdown is about to happen while someone who works for a have finds Alija in a lie just as go tell him he had that even at the time here he says Do you have any care for me at all mad like if I go and tell a have in the spirit award take you someplace else he's going to kill me like they've checked every rock in Israel for you man and this isn't going to go well for me I fear the Lord I took fifty prophets of the Lord and hid them in a cave here and provided for them and it took another fifty province of war to hit him in this cave. Peter in a lie just said I'm not going anywhere tell him so he had shows up and then he literally greets Alija by saying is that you will trouble or of Israel Allied is the problem not the wicked pagan King right in his scandalous wife and so it just doesn't go well but Alija then basically tells him it's time for a showdown what I like to basically tells him is Meet me at the flagpole right I grew up in public school but you know when you have business you need to take care with somebody you've got into the flagpole for me it was a clothing store across the street from the junior high and not for me I was never in that situation praise the Lord Jesus but other people were and I heard about it and. You don't always have to participate when everybody else is doing some things you can't scale where you're from is a good idea so anyway he challenges in he says bring all the prophets of bail and meet at the top of Mount Carmel meet me at the flagpole if you will and he's got a business in his eyes and a had doesn't say hey on the no who is the king here how does it he have bays immediately they bring all the profits of bail the nation of Israel goes up to meet on top of the hill and then a lie just as how long do you guys tarry between two opinions of God is God worship him of bail is God worship him and then he lays down the goblet and says look you set up an altar and all set up an altar you go first and if you call fire down from heaven your god is the only god and if I call found fire from heaven my God is the only god and it seems like a fair request to them so they start the process they assemble their altar and then begins this scene of absolute madness they're jumping their leaping they're screaming they're cutting themselves they're bleeding all over the place and they're trying to get the attention of their gods so that this thing is going to be lit a blaze and she says the sacrifice remains and consumed him. And she says that Satan would have done whatever he could to make this thing blow up but she says God has set. His balancing them couldn't do it. So they are making fools of themselves for a while and she says that eventually the people of Israel they began to be weary of this type of religion they coming out worn out by this and didn't really have so much of an interested anymore and so they're trying to inflict more and why do you begins to mock them and says you know maybe your god is asleep maybe just maybe no speak louder or maybe he's on a journey somewhere and he's mocking them because their gods are not answering and eventually they kind of ramp up the ridiculousness it still doesn't get it where in the kind of get to a point like they're so tired they're just colleague. Do you think we should you do they just kind of quits looking like fools the sacrifice remains consumed and she says the contrast is stark because what Alija does is he I'm to this American election he actually reassembles a torn down altar to the Lord and He puts a sacrifice on top of it digs a trench around it and he says take water and douse that thing now I did I was baptized as a twenty five year old like seven years ago but I didn't do Pathfinders I don't fully understand what it is cut like the Boy Scouts I hear it's something like that of sorts but you know what every people in Pathfinders here anybody in this room or pathfinders do you know how to start a fire with your bare hands yeah. Don't know why you're laughing. And I used to teach disaster response and here it is academy and I said a few fires in my own bare hands too I was teaching had sort of fire with a magnifying glass and wasn't paying attention looking in the direction I caught my shoe on fire and so I've started some fires of my own bare hands to some intentionally and some not but in this situation what would you recommend as Pathfinders putting water on top of the thing that you're about to light yes or no no and he says douse that thing and they do it three times and that trench that he dug around the altar is. Well filled with water and she says the contrast is stark because what a lie to does she says as he kneels down and he offers a simple humble prayer No one pick God hears him that God is there. And as he prays father comes down from the from heaven consumes the sacrifice on the altar consumes the still lives of the altar and even licks the water out of the trench and she says that when a white a cold for worship earlier not a single soul would stand in loyalty to Jehovah and there's Israelites on that mountain top no one would stand for Jesus. But now once this whole fire consumes the top of the mountain top all the people fall down and say the war and he is God the Lord He is God Now God got some witnesses and then a lie just says grab the prophets of bail until it is a single one of scape and they kill all the prophets of male. And he looks a have in the eyes he says get from here because there is a sound of an abundance of rain and she says the same thing here that she says earlier that there is nothing that the I would see that would tell him that this is going to happen in the same way that whenever he had to call for drought in the looks like nothing's going to happen now there's no hope of rain it's barren wasteland but again he chooses to believe what God says instead of what he sees and then he sent a servant to go look above the sea in the tell me if you find in the clouds what you see tell me what you see there I comes back nothing says Go back and he kneeled he put his head between his knees and prays each time what is your five nothing in the name eels are praising him and he sent them seven times and I remember speaking with about this and he said The more research he's done he said that he's left of the impression that number seven in this instance is not so much about the number of times that he went but the Hebrew significance it was until completion meaning that Alija was going to keep sending this guy until what needed to happen happened to make sense because numerology is significant. The Hebrews and not only this though the posture that Alija was assuming with the head between the knees which by the way is also the ideal position of lightning striking around you free public service announcement no charge to you. Now back to our regularly scheduled program so but if you like this is the way he was praying and it took a long time for Pablo go away to find what this posture meant to Hebrews but eventually was able to find it and it's a sign of her determination everything about what a light it is doing is demanding that God will do what he said that he would do so notice he's not saying God give me a Ferrari God give me a Ferrari God give me a Ferrari he's demanding that God Himself will do what he said he would do you understand the difference and that is not presumption right that's holding God to His promises not saying hey I really would like you to fill in the blank and I'm going to keep pestering you until I get it big difference here and so eventually the guy comes back and he says I found a cloud the size of a man's hand and you know what she says in response to this three words in my note it is this was enough Dolly needed. Some of us we want to see the whole meal before we go for with God doing something or doing something for God it wasn't a case for Alija he took God in His word and any evidence that God had heard was it was sufficient for him so then he says you better get outta here a hat than this that one little cloud turns into this large angry black cloud and it's dropping buckets of rain and they have is heading back to just reel in his chariot without windshield wipers without headlights and all that good stuff and Alijah it literally says that he girds his loins is like the folding of the rope thingy to run in a little more dignified fashion and as he is running he goes ahead of the chariot of Ahab to lead him back to just real and this guy's been fasting all day in his weary and tired but God gives him supernatural strength to lead a Habs chariot all the way back to Jess real life ever been in. A really strong downpour where you just kind of like get behind a similar because you know they're not going to mash on the brakes it is kind of write it out slowly at a safe distance because you can't see much this is basically the purpose that I just serving so they get to the city Alija curls up in a ball outside of the city in the rain and just passes out asleep and I can't blame them right just exhausted famished and have tells his wife just a bill what it is that happened and she is livid Oh my is she angry and she says God do so to you I forget how she phrase it but she basically says there's not going to be any hope with this guy living if I have anything to say with that word gets to Alija and this is where his story takes a turn for the worse because this man who who stands like a rock and proves that God alone is God Now embarks upon a very dark journey in his experience. He's terrified for his life and Alijah begins to run this rock for God It is now running from the wrath of an infuriated woman. And as he's on the run his assistant goes with him for a while and even says Look just go your own way and what we're told would have happened had Alija not run then it is heartbreaking we're literally told that Ahab would have been converted Jess a bill would have been judged in the Nathan would have been brought to reform. Would he do. He ran. So this guy is an absolute loser and a failure in the eyes of many people who just have common sense when it comes to the call of God what God wanted to do what actually happened this guy just blew it really bad a wise is running and running and running and running and he eventually gets to a point that he gets under a juniper tree and just crashes right just passes out of sleep and when he gets to this area god then begins to do something that's very interesting to me then let me only start with this and then I'll go into what happened she says that Alija had spect expected much from the miracle wrought on Carmel he had hoped that after this display of God's power Jeff the bill would no longer have influence over the mind of a hat and that there would be a speedy reform throughout Israel so he had time expectations on how God would work apparently and we probably had those too right where we gave a before the miracle came because we just got tired of waiting that's what happens in his experience and she says all day on Carmel's height he had toiled without food yet he guided the chariot they had to the gate of jazz real His courage was strong despite the physical strain under which he had labored. But a reaction such as frequently follows high faith in glorious success was pressing upon Alija he feared he feared that the Reformation begun on Carmel might not be lasting. Ever been there he had this mountaintop experience with Jesus and you're just so distrustful of having joy in the Lord that you just don't think it's going to last a lot you had this battle here and she says it might not be lasting and depression seized him. A lie just spirals into depression but it gets worse he had been exalted to pistis top and now he was in the valley while under the inspiration of the Almighty he had stood the severest trial of faith but in this time of discouragement with jets of those threats sounding in his ears and Satan still apparently prevailing to the plotting of this wicked woman he lost his hold on God. Alija lost his hold on God and he's seized with depression. How can this even happen like this guy just called down the fire from heaven and was a rock star for Jesus and now he's depressed and has lost his complete hold on God. It can happen can it some of us have had that we had these mountain top experiences with Jesus and then we just crash and burn and we think was any of it even real was the whole thing a lie. His story continues. He had been exalted above measure and the reaction was tremendous for giving God Elijah fled on and on until he found himself in a dream waste alone utterly wearied he sat down to rest under a juniper tree and sitting there he requested for himself that he might die I don't want to fight this battle before you have been there. Fight the battle for the Lord the enemy strikes back and you think Will is. I'm not going to make it. And you even feel like such a loser because I did something for God and I just left God like if the shame is just insurmountable in moments like this and so he forgets God and he fled on and on and we released weary waste alone utterly weary he sat down under juniper tree he says take away my life for I'm no better than my father's a fugitive far from the dueling places of men his spirits crushed by bitter disappointment he desired never again to look upon the face of man and at last utterly exhausted he fell asleep he wants nothing more to do with ministry he's forgotten God he sees with depression he's lost his hold on God and he's on the run from the call of God in this life and by being on the run Ahab isn't converted just a bill still doing her thing she doesn't get judged and the nation of Israel isn't brought to revival many of us would think Jesus should just white wash his hands of this loser in. Move on to somebody else he obviously isn't cut out for it let's move on to somebody else. But I want you to see how God deals with this man. The next thing that happens in this chapter is that God sins again an angel from heaven. To make the guy lunch lows of bread baked upon the coals of fire a loaf of bread in a cruise of water is placed beside him the angel wakes him he gives him the food eats the food he drinks the water he falls back asleep and then the angel comes back after a little bit longer gives them more food and more water and you know what the angel says to him he says you need to take nourishment for the journey is too hard for you. What journey he's running from God with everything that he has and that's precisely the point God literally since two miracle meals from heaven for this guy to give him strength to keep running for himself from himself God gives him sustenance to keep running from himself. And then in this meal these two meals he's able to run forty days. To venture where he ends up as Mount horrible it is actually Mount Sinai and when he gets to this mountain he is greeted by God Himself and that is God doesn't say oh I just I'm so disappointed in you. You should be ashamed of yourself you failed May He's not greeted was shouting He's not greeted it with rebuke. He's greeted with a still small voice. How God deals this man is beyond my wildest understanding that's not the way that I would deal with him and I'm very glad for that I'm glad that I'm not calling the shots in situations like this but she picks up on this she says into the experience of all there come times of keen disappointment and utter discouragement days when sorrow is the portion and it's hard to believe that God is still the kind been a factor of his earth born children days when troubles harass the soul till death seems preferable to life it is then that many lose their hold on God and are brought into the slavery of doubt the bondage of unbelief how many people go through this many. Could we at such times discern was spiritual insight the meaning of God's providence says we should see angels seeking to save us from ourselves. God sins angels from heaven to save us from ourselves in the moments like this to keep us going. Striving to plant our feet on a foundation more firm than the everlasting hills and new face new life would spring into being but listen to what she says here. To God for sake Alijah in his hour of trial Oh no she says he loved his servant no less when Alija felt himself for sake of God and man then when in answer to his prayer fire flashed from heaven in the movement of the mountain top God loves you no less when you crash and burn the need does when you have your mountaintop experience with Jesus. He loves you no less. We don't feel that way who do we in fact what we do is we project our unbelief and our selves upon God. God looks at me in the way that I look at me he's disappointed and again we're talking about the context of converted people here. To be abundantly clear he doesn't view us that way. And God shows up and asks the man a very simple question What are you doing here. Now I'm so disappointed in you Alija I'm so angry with you or lied to he just asked him a logical question in a still small voice. What are you doing here who sent you here. Certainly wasn't me. I have a plan for you Alija I want you to go back to the nation of Israel they need you. I need you. And this is amazing to me God can choose somebody else but he doesn't he awakens Alija he encourages Alija and then he sins of right back to where he left him you are had these moments of just bareness in your Christian experience go back to where you left God. Go back. And start the process all over again where you left off just go right back there and pick up the journey where you left off this is what God does with Alijah is the start of the beginning again he goes back and he says I want you to quit a life in jail who to finish this work they need you and I need you. Go back. Some of us are in the midst of darkness despondency and we ourselves are on the run from God the call of God is leading to hardship to difficulty and didn't come the time that we wanted it to and so we've bailed we may be here in body but we're not here in heart or in mind and God asking me the very same question. What are you doing here. This isn't what I have in store for you. Go back this is God's desire for us. I didn't call you here and I'm not giving up on you because you are here go back. This is what she says God met his tried servant with the inquiry and first king in one thousand nine hundred do isto hear Alija I sent you to the book Cheriton afterward to the widow of syrup I commissioned you to return to Israel on the stand before the idolatrous priest on Carmel and I girded you a strength to guide the chariot of the king to the gate of Jess real but who sent you on this hasty flight into the wilderness what errand have you here Brace yourselves for this to every child of God whose voice the in the knee of Souls has succeeded in silencing the question is addressed What do is now here. I commissioned you to go into all the world in to preach the gospel to prepare people for the day of God Why are you here. Who sent you. Young people adults what are you doing here what am I doing here go back he says. I need you I'm not done with you go back through a lie just inspirational leadership reform does eventually come to the nation of Israel to a life to jazz a bill is judged and everything that needed to happen did happen right revival started to come to Israel for spam. But God we did this work by chasing after Alija he reasons with them in calls him back and some of you in this room he's chasing after you to God loves you so much these are going to give you a meal to strengthen you to keep going from him for a while if you have to that's what's going to take for you just run it out your system fine but here's the beautiful thing he can keep up with you. You can't run faster than him. And he's going to track you down and he's in to ask you that very same question What are you doing here. Why are you here. And he's in the ask you to go back because God still needs you. But I failed so what come back. I still need you there is still a work to be done we're told the steps to Christ that will be many times that you will have to bow down to weep at the feet of Jesus and then she goes on to explain how the battle is won is the battle of the will and I'm fully convinced that Scripture teaches that we will overcome. There's going to come a day where you lay that thing down for the last time and you don't go back but the only way that happens is if you answer the question what are you doing here and if you go back Peter answer that question Judas did not. Alija did answer that question I praise the Lord Jesus for this will you. That's the question if under trying circumstances men of spiritual power pressed beyond measure become discouraged and desponding if it times they see nothing desirable in life that they should choose it this is nothing strange or new going to be a loser for thinking that says there's nothing strange or new. Let also to remember that one of them ideas of the prophets fled for his life before the rage of an infuriated woman a fugitive weary and travel worn bitter disappointment crushing his spirits he asked that he might die but it was when hope was gone and his life work seemed threatened with defeat that he learned one of the most precious lessons of his life in the hour of his greatest weakness he learned the need and the possibility of trusting God under circumstances the most forbidding and it usually takes moments like this for us to learn that lesson and God knows that and that's why he doesn't give up because a class is an over the class isn't about you calling down fire from heaven the class is about this when things are going well it's easy to stand for God but what do you do when the whole world is falling apart around you is not going as you thought it would or you get mad at God and run away or are you going to trust him and circumstances the most forbidding That's the question but the good news is even if you do run he's going to track you down and ask you the question what are you doing here. Those who are standing in the forefront of the conflict and are impelled by the Holy Spirit to do a special work will frequently feel the reaction when the pressure is removed and I've had this after big campaigns and so forth that's when I get hammered and nailed. After the mountaintop experience is the Jesus that's when the he comes you feel that you're bullet proof and say they want you to feel like you're bulletproof you can't stop the work that God wanted but it's in those moments those LOL of inactivity that he just brings that left hook that we're not looking for. But the story's not over despondency which is hopelessness may shake the most heroic faith and weaken the most steadfast will and then she says three words that I could not believe. But God under stands. For what. God should be disappointed God should be frustrated but God understands. We're about to see why but this is good news for us very good news because not excusing sin God is not excusing failure but sin and failure don't keep you from God redeeming hand them from him still being able to use you if you come back if you repent of your sin if you ask to be put back out you'll do it. You can get off the mat you can turn to Jesus and you can go back and that's good news. God understands and he still pities and laughs he reads the motives and purposes of the heart to wait patiently to trust when everything looks dark is the lesson that the leaders in God's work need to learn heaven will not fail them in their day of adversity nothing is apparently more hopeless yet really more invincible than the soul that fills its nothingness and relies wholly on God when your life is filled with failure you can come to a God who knows no failure this is good news pull of it and he loves people who are filled with failure. You can come back it's not over you can come back and start the process again but the amazing thing to me is that a lie just story in in a way that no one would expect when you see this crash and burn right after this great success story God literally sins of fiery chariot from heaven and takes this guy to heaven without tasting death it's amazing. And if God can do that for so on who crashed and burned but came back he can do it for you. When those when the when the skies are split open like a scroll and Jesus comes back you can go with them. So you crash today go back. And you can be ready then and then. It's good news. But it gets even better. Moses has a very similar story Moses was given a call by God to lead the Israelites and he got so frustrated with these obdurate people that he literally at one point I think it's in the Book of Numbers he says he Moses speaking to God literally says if you have any care for me at all kill me right here right now because these people are driving me crazy. He wants a drop his keys of the door and leave. And he ends up getting really frustrated and he says must we bring water for you I did this rock you obstinate people and this isn't good because he's claiming something that only belongs to God Moses isn't bringing water for these people God is and God His dealings with leadership is firm it has to be. Because they have a greater responsibility they're an example to the people and he says Moses you cannot go with them into the Promised Land and Moses begs him please reconsider police and God literally tells him I don't want to talk about it. Don't talk about that anymore I want to talk about that I'm not going there. God gives Moses experience right before his death ray takes him up to Mt neighbor and he gives in this beautiful picture of what the Canaan lane is about to look like and then he gives in this this futuristic panorama of what's going to happen with the nation of Israel and it's depressing because Israel is going to make a mess of life but the good news is the promised Messiah will come the true fulfillment of Israel is going to come and he will succeed he will overthrow the forces of darkness he will quit the people of God to stand in the righteousness of the in the tide of people clean and spotless who fall the land where ever he goes a people who overcome he will do it he lays Moses to rest and God buries Moses himself but we're told in the book of Jude that when Michael the Archangel when Jesus is Warren was seen for the body of Moses he rebukes the devil and takes the body of Moses he takes him to heaven. It just imagine two losers who crashed right on the verge of receiving the promises of God and both of them get to go to heaven before anybody else apart from eating this is good news for us this is not justified failure but it lets us know that failure is not the final thing it doesn't have to be are you with me. It's not the end it doesn't have to be if you refuse to get off the mat it's going to be. But if you hear the call of God What are you doing here and you go back the story's not over now what ends up happening is amazing to me in the Gospel of Luke turned to me there would you go to the book of Luke Chapter nine. Now that we have this context good Aleut Chapter nine. Beginning of verse twenty eight. Oh man. Luke Chapter nine in verse twenty eight. Beginning in verse twenty eight I should say. Luke Chapter nine beginning of verse twenty eight it says this Jesus is on the Manage Transfiguration James John and Peter had gone with him and Jesus was transfigured in his powerful beautiful way using a glorified body and two people come to visit Jesus in these verses twenty eight to thirty one Now it came to pass about eight days after he said that there are some here will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom but eight days later Peter James and John go up on the mountain to pray and as you prayed verse twenty nine the appearance of his face was altered his room became white and glistening and behold two men talk with him and who are they. Moses and Elijah the two losers the two quitters the two people who crashed and burned right on the verge of receiving the promises of God seeing the power of God in even greater way. Is amazing just imagine the conversation happens in heaven. A Moses can hear. I want you to encourage my son. He's struggling with his mission right now he knows it's going to cost him is going to be difficult and you know what that's like don't you. Go tell my son. Tell him what I did for you and tell him that this is worth it and Alijah you're going to you know what it's like. This is so amazing to me to see how God deals with these people and he uses them to encourage Jesus of all people he says these two men to go and encourage his son. Your story's not over yet doesn't have to be. You can go back. They went back in their story in that far better than anyone would have imagined if they didn't fall and they were given this mints Lehi privilege to go into minister to Jesus. Who is about to make a way for your celebration this is good news very good news what I like to close with you is close with is some promises. And. These are found in a few different places also in these notes to again the but this is from steps to Christ there are those who are sixty four point one seven a crisis of four point one There are those who have known the pardoning love of Christ and who really desire to be children of God yet they realize that their character is imperfect their life faulty and they are ready to doubt whether their hearts have been renewed by the Holy Spirit to such I would say do not draw back in despair we so often have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus because of our shortcomings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we all overcome by the enemy we are not cast off not for seeking the rejected of God no crisis at the right hand of God who also make intercession for us so the beloved John these things are right I am to you that is to nut and if any man sin we have what and advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous and do not forget the words of Christ that the father himself loves you. God the Father himself loves you. Right now. In your deepest darkest ugliest grossest moments God the Father loves you he doesn't endorse what you're doing but it doesn't mean that he stops loving you either he loves you enough to chase you down and ask you the question. He believes in you God needs you and he wants you back in the fight. He desires to restore you to himself and to see his own purity in holiness reflected in you and if you will yield yourself to him he they have begun a good work in you will carry it forward to the day of Jesus Christ prayed more fervently believe more fully and as we come to distrust our own power ledgers trust the power of our Redeemer and we shall praise Him who is the health of our countenance. And I want to close with this thought here from Tim him our one seventy five point one she says there's someone who's wrestling with assurance of salvation or the God could actually believe in them and says what she says the message from God to me for you is him the come of them to me I will in no wise cast Alan Jones six thirty seven if you have nothing else to plead before God But this one promise from your Lord and Savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away it may seem that you are hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that one promise it will open to you the treasure house of the riches of the grace of Christ's cling to that promise and you are safe Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast doubt present this is the surest to Jesus and you are as safe as though inside of the City of God. If that's all you've got. I'm not worth being read received I'm not worth being accepted I've done nothing right in my life at all if all you have is this promise him that come of and to me I will know why is cast him out that is your ticket in she says you are as safe as the inside of the City of God and God will do work a transformation your life that you will not be the same person when you started this process what happened. You were not to examine your feelings input any dependence upon your emotions for they may be as varied as the wind but take to your heart this one promise and you will find it a passport to all the rich treasures of Heaven you are precious to the heart of Christ and He speaks saying unto you come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest and some people get freaked out by this word rest is not inactivity it's not in this sense that people who rest in Christ do more for Jesus than the people who don't. Because they don't take responses they don't claim responsibility for they realize that it came from God and they're fully surrendered to God and God can do more through them than anyone else is that makes sense so rest is not an activity Don't be afraid of that word is good news now come unto me all you that labor in a heavy laden and I will give you rest and then she says there is no perhaps or maybe about this promise the I will meaning I will give you rest of Christ is an assurance that cannot be made any stronger he speaks further saying take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I a meek and lowly of heart initial final rest for your souls for you my yoke is easy in my burden is light. I don't know what your experience is right now I don't know where you are in your journey I don't know if you're someone who's come you're in the middle of a mountain top experience the you're just arriving for Jesus right now and you just feel bulletproof maybe your seas with depression you forgotten God you've lost your hold on God and you're on the road. You're going in as far as you can from the call of God and you're running them outside not to speak with God but to run from the call of God in your life. Where ever you find yourselves today there's very good news for us there is a God in heaven who desires you to be saved even more than you do. And it has a way prepared for you and is not limited by your failure Here's what is limited by. The people that God has to say no to at the end of time or the people has said no to themselves the people who refused to believe the things about them that God believed they chose to believe a lie instead of accepting the truth that this hasn't this alone eons they believe the lie. They chose to not accept that they could be saved in the God they want to work through them they rejected God They rejected themselves and we're going to be lost and they will be destroyed I'm not not turning into a powderpuff here but you have to understand today that God is not giving up on you. But there will come a day to which God has to yield to you giving up on yourself. And you don't have to. God loves you enough to chase you down and ask you the question but what are you going to do with that. God is asking you to day what are you doing here. And he's asking you to go back. Go back to where you left. You can pick back up you can repent you can come home. And the Bible promises that he who began the work in you will promise to see it through. She says another place that we can please God by believing his promises. But what does the Word of God say about me that you're his beloved you're the love of his life the you're his wife that he's pursuing tenaciously. The problem is we don't view God is our husband we do Him as our taskmaster but Jose actually addresses this he says you will no longer call me my master you will call me my husband. God has India got a love for you and he's asking you to respond he's asking you to believe the things about yourself that he believes it when this becomes a reality when we come face to face with the expectations of God and the things that he asks of us we're not afraid of surrendering to him because we know who he is we know how he views this we know that he has our best interests at heart in why would we run from him. We can say like Peter To whom else am I going to go you're all I got. And if God is asking me to surrender it must mean because this is for my good surrender is not a bad thing. When it's the right person. And many of us had these awful grotesque pictures of God in our heart in our mind that he's this disappointed parents that is ready to be done with me and is holding his finger over the red button that's not the picture of scripture there is a real judgment there are real people who will be lost but every single human being has a way prepared for them to be saved all of us every single one we're not Calvinist we don't believe in God predestined some people to be lost from the get go that's not true. It's grotesque and it's ugly you can be saved you can come back and you can come back today right now. So I want to invite you to stand with me and I'd like to have a closing prayer dedication over you but I have to ask the theme that we've been asking of the last three days two days is what if it's better what if god and religion are infinitely better than we imagined how many people come to find that to be the case of the last two days in the last three messages it's good news. Doesn't mean it's over there are real expectations there's a process sanctification is real God needs of people to stand in the day of God who will stand victoriously that's all true but the bedrock on where we start and how we read scripture and apply the promises of God start with our picture of God. More time before we go even further with this but we're going to start with this and I trust that you'll get more as we go OK but I want to close to the word of prayer and have a prayer dedication for those of us who are coming on the off the heels of failure who are failing even now and maybe for those of us even our MT top experiences that God would protect us and pursue us in the valley to come God in heaven I think you that the gospel is good news that the things of the Word of God says about you are in during there are attractive and they cause us to be drawn to you but Lord I just pray that you would that the cross of Jesus and the actions of Jesus would eclipse the lies of the devil in our heart and in our mind that we would not act out of sympathy to the one who uses us like a plow mule and reject the one who gave all for us I pray that we would be willing to give all for you to make it complete surrender and to recognize it for every good deed we do are entirely dependent upon Jesus we can't do it ourselves but we can trust you we can yield to you we can surrender to you and find power from heaven to obey and not only to obey but to love obedience and for it to be our natural impulse we want that. Lord Jesus if you can transform the life of Moses in the lied to you can do something with me and I'm glad for that and you can do that for people here so I just pray that you would cover our sins of the blood of the. Jesus that you would fill us with your Holy Spirit and Lord I pray that you would not stop pursuing us that you would not give us rest or peace if we were running from you that you would not give us rest or peace if we're trying to avoid the call our life in the convictions you have in our lives and I pray that we would be saved and that we would recognize that you are what we had been looking for all along and that we can rejoice the fact that we are what you been looking for all. Make that our realities and I we pray we ask these things in Christ Jesus name. Him in. 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