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Schooled: The Deliberate Agenda to Reduce Intelligence, Destroy Individuality, & Re-engineer Society

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • June 12, 2016
    2:00 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for Kant meeting in a time to be together to love you to love one another to come to understand your character better and your plan for us may we walk away from this session and especially tomorrow as follow up to this with a renewed dedication and enthusiasm for your will for your blueprint for your plan for us in this area of education and understanding our children in the role you have for our families to play in these last days in Jesus' name. I should mention by the way as a as a business item the title of this session in the in the program is correct but the title in the seminar schedule it says media school in the attack on the family this session you've come to is just schooled the deliberate agenda to destroy individuality and so on and so forth so you've got it all right let's get into it I want to take you back to an important couple of years in administering that is eight hundred forty three to eight hundred forty four now you know there is something else happening at this time in addition to the great Second Advent awakening and the time where the cleansing of the sanctuary began on October twenty two of eight hundred forty four as prophesied in Daniel eight verse fourteen so God's movement is at its climax at that point coming up to the very last days of Earth's history you know what else happened at this very same time Horace Mann visited the nation of Prussia the kingdom of Prussia at the time was developing some famous world famous educational methods which later became known as Prussian education Horace Mann was an American living in Massachusetts and he said we want to learn what they're doing so we can pattern a public school system in America after the Prussian model so he came back in eight hundred forty four and issued his seventh annual report to the Boston Massachusetts School Committee now the important factor here is Prussian education was a certain type. Of education that we're going to be looking at as in a second you might say well this might sound good you know having an education system in America you have to understand the type of education that they were doing there somebody in the back knows where I'm going with that the rest of you and in a moment so far what we've seen is eight hundred forty four was an important year in God's movement and in the movement to bring public schooling to America what a good share another couple couple of factoids before we continue with the history this man on the screen is Vilhelm van't good German name from the Prussian schooling philosophy he's known as the prophets of modern schooling that's what historians call him so this is another of Count look at the number of counterfeits that you're going to see in two parallel stories going side by side eight hundred forty four something good happening something not so good the prophet of modern schooling take a look at this wrote fifty three thousand pages over his seventy year career proximately from eight hundred fifty three to one nine hundred twenty so we have a prophetic message with many many pages being written I think it's like two hundred thousand they also have the profit of modern schooling during almost the exact same time period isn't that interesting Now speaking of counterfeits he's a third example before you really get into it just as a matter of introduction take a look at this quote and then I'll tell you who it's by every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order the teacher always is the profits of the true God and the usher in of the true kingdom of God So modern schooling were only schooling public schooling said John Dewey the most important single thinker in the formation of universal public schooling he said the teacher is not merely there to teach academics No he is ushering in the true kingdom of God and He is the true prophet of God So in the one nine hundred century Have you noticed we had a true movie. And of bringing about ushering in the true kingdom of God and a counterfeit taking place we had eight hundred forty four and important dates for the Advent movement also an important date for this counter to the advent movement and then we also saw a counterfeit prophet if you will I think the devil is up to something knowing that God's people are on the March one thousand nine hundred four and thereafter there is a counterfeit in our midst now of course normally we don't think of school in these insidious nefarious terms like what do you mean counterfeit isn't the advent of modern education a wonderful thing in the public school system of our time it is educated so many people and certainly it has done some good and most of the people involved in the system today are not a part of the deliberate agenda to reduce individuality to destroy independent and dependence and independent thinking and intelligence and to reengineer society yes there is a plot and you will see what that is but I want to say out of the gates we're not trying to go after any human beings right our battle is not against flesh and blood but our battle is against the principle of these and powers of darkness so most parents in our land they send their kids off on the bus and age five they send them off into the hands of caregivers in the school with the best of intentions perhaps a bit of naivety thinking that this thing is acceptable and OK but this is not the session is not meant to be an attack or a slam on any people who are a part of that system or participate in the public school system nor is it even these these guys on the screen you're going to hear from you've heard from a few of them they are the founders of our system that we have I want them to speak for themselves so we can hear what this system of modern schooling is all about but the most important thing we have to realise is as it says in messages to young people it is the powers of darkness that strive to gain control of the human mind so that's the agenda we're exposing today take a look at this statement though it says in one character and personality now as never before we need to understand the true science of education if we. Fail to understand this we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God and you might have come into the session want to I'll learn a little bit about schooling and education and this may be something of interest in what is probably not all that important to every single person on this is a huge life or death salvation ill issue because the way the children are raised and trained and educated the way that their mind and character is formed is going to determine their destiny right and each one of us we're undergoing an education all the time now how about this I want to show you a picture from one thousand eight hundred five Scott Ritz of A four years old with a little brother there saying goodbye to my first day of school now I actually was age three when I first started going to school and when I was three years old I had was put in preschool and then headed off to the public school there Brookside school in Grand Rapids Michigan at age four and Interestingly I never really took to the whole school thing so I perhaps it's fitting that I'm doing the seminar questioning school as we commonly know it because my mom famously noted me as the third child for the first two were scholars of the highest order and then the third one never me was never interested in reading or anything academic in fact she caught me reading one time there's a picture. I don't know nine or ten or so and she says she said I'm going to take a picture of it because it's so rare she quotes me there as saying I hate reading so why share this well it's a part of my experience in my journey I ended up becoming a teacher out here them or more about that with you but I stopped teaching just a couple of years ago at age thirty three So basically from age three till age thirty three I kind of lived in school I was just kind of where my life was right nine to three or whatever eight to three five days a week most of the year from age three to age thirty three so you almost get blinders when you're that close to it it's like what is this thing that I'm a part of the last couple years I've been reached. Thinking and studying through more of that history but as I look back on my own experience I figured out this is just kind of fun the game of school the game of school because my older siblings were getting A's and I had to you know keep my parents happy and to get the scholarships and write it's about you know getting the grades so you can make make make money on that to get scholarships for college but I figured out you really don't have to learn in the system that I was a part of in order to achieve good grades and G.P.S. So here was the game of school step one figure out how the teacher calculates the final grade and work proportionately within those categories and of course do not apply effort outside of those categories these were my several rules six rules herself or how to do school and if there's any kids this is I'm not recommending this OK this is just what I did in it and I look back and I look at kind of how silly this was figure out which tasks in the class earn points and only do those tasks which earn points no kidding right to assure full credit on assigned tasks submit exactly what the teacher is looking for and when in doubt ask her don't try to be creative or independent or go outside the boundaries of the assigned task you work exactly as it has been required of you also to assure full credit Be sure to do the tasks a little better than most other students as long as you're beating most of your peers you'll get good grades almost all the time there's a competitive element in that isn't there and I'm not sure that's a healthy thing in fact I'm certain that it's not having read in the spirit of prophecy on that and the Bible which says Do not compare yourself among each other and that's not wise pay attention to and take notes only on that which the teacher indicates will be on the test and when in doubt ask is that going to be on the test OK submit it to the garbage man if not number six submit the test information to short term memory through minimal study in order to score well on the test and last of all calculate your grade as it's going along calculate and keep. Track of all your points down to the second decimal place and then note how much extra credit you need to do in order to get it up to the next grade and do those simple extra credit there were always very generous on that and you can get it up to the next highest So anyway after playing this game for a number of years this is mainly in high school in middle school in about eighth grade I learned your grades don't matter for college and I started to totally flat and then my parents came down on me so then it was just to please the parents then. When you get to high school you can play that game all the way through and I had a goal of getting the three point five G.P.A. because that would were earned the honors scholarship at the college that I was planning to go to and I remember as a senior I had become so accustomed to how this game works that I would know what grade I'm going to get on the test before I took it and I would study exactly enough to get the needed grade and I actually planned my G.P.A. to land at three point five zero zero I did not want three point five zero two that would mean I put in extra effort I don't want to have any extra effort I actually did it Chief achieved through this game three point five zero zero got the honor scholarship and that's all history now this is silly it is something you can laugh at a little bit but here's something important learning is important our Savior did not ignore learning or despise education education true education is good and important to Jesus he thinks it's important he doesn't despise learning yet interestingly he chose an learned fisherman for the work of the gospel because they had not been what's the next word school that's where I got the title from in the false customs and traditions of the world so we're going to take a look at false education today true education tomorrow in the in the chapel but I want to take you back in the history I told you were having a history lesson today but I know I know when I said that initially about eleven bunch of people went oh no history was like my least favorite and most boring class this is going to be torture is there. The way I can see there's no way I can get out of this room with nobody seeing tell you something when you see that history is a story and it's a story taking us through the great controversy between Christ and Satan and every element of human involvement in this world we are placing ourselves on one side of the other of that incredible conflict and this this real drama this this this this narrative that what was weaving all throughout this ages of the past this really matters on a spiritual level when you see that it starts to become interesting I want to take you back to eighteen seventeen eighty seven seventy seven the Federalist papers were written I had to slog through these in my Master's program when I was studying political science and oh by the way I did end up going into teaching because at about age eighteen I started to find the Bible interesting and I started to find religion religious things interesting and once I started learning from a spiritual angle I started started to awaken the mind instead of just being this robotic routine that I described earlier so I started to love learning when I got to college I studied history I was studying the doctrine just for a hobby staying up all night sometimes to studying through these things that I want to share right now but I didn't end up going into history political science economics and as a part of that reading the Federalist Papers is really really hard I don't know if you've ever done that but these were written in seven hundred eighty seven to try to convince the country to adopt the US Constitution we didn't used to have a constitution we were a loose alliance of states under the Confederation the Articles of Confederation Well James Madison and John J. and Alexander Hamilton got together to write some political treatises of persuasion Here's one of them it may be objected to this that not seven but nine states or two thirds of the whole number must consent to the most important resolutions and maybe that's And for that nine states would always comprehend a majority of the Union but this is not obviate the impropriety of an equal vote between the states of the most on equal dimensions of populous ness nor is the inference accurate in point of fact for we can enumerate nine states should write. But I stopped as anybody lost that was halfway through like the sentence there. Is a sounds really smart and like I got this is but wait a minute I have no idea what he's saying because our level of in it of literacy today pales in comparison to that then you might say but these guys were so smart and yeah they were smart but you know their audience was for this the average New York State farmer. Farmers would go to work through the day they work with their hands and then they would study and read and discuss in the evenings the ology and political philosophy they were able to comprehend clearly what these guys were talking about now did you also know it's not just farmers when we fast forward to the eight hundred ninety S. these guys of course also founding fathers in the seventy hundreds but the eight hundred ninety S. children in the fifth grade were reading George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's writings as a part of their their reader their fifth grade reader through for learning reading and I want to share with you remember fifth graders were reading this this is George Washington's farewell address the acceptance of an continuance hitherto in the offer its office to which your suffrage is have twice called me have been a uniform sacrifice of inclination to the opinion of duty and to a deference for what appeared to be your desire I constantly hope that it would have been much earlier in my power consistently with motives which I was not at liberty to disregard to return to that retirement from which I had been reluctantly drawn on the strength of my inclination to do this previous to the last election had even led to the preparation of an address to declare it to you but mature reflection on that then perplexed and critical posture of our foreign affairs with foreign nations and the unanimous advice of persons in title to my confidence impelled me to abandon the idea I won't call on any students in the classroom today to give a concise summary of that because I'm having a hard time understanding and I've presented this a number of times and read this a number of times that by the way it was forty five words percent and that was three sentences right there George Washington was. Read By fifth graders in the eight hundred ninety now we've had a century since then one hundred twenty six years since the eight hundred ninety S. after a century of law lots and lots of schooling all children required to attend school from age five through we have had a lot of education since then or schooling I should say as after kids have been schooled full time for thirteen years in our society after spending about fifteen thousand hours in school and on school work by the age of eighteen and after spending an average of one hundred fifty six thousand dollars per public school child for thirteen or of years of education today here is the most recent farewell address that is written at the level of people's understanding this is not a comment on president's intelligence the George W. Bush doesn't write his own speeches Obama not none of them do but here is his farewell address that was written by a speech writer for the average intelligence level of America I have experienced setbacks there are things I would do differently if given the chance yet I have always acted with the best interest of our country in mind I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right you may not agree with some tough decisions I have made but I hope you can agree that I was willing to make the tough decisions do you see the difference you can it's black and white contrast here by the way I was curious what grade level reading level is this you can plug these in on line readability scores and it'll give you a bunch of different indices and it takes the average of them all fifth grade reading level. That was what George Washington's reading level was in the eight hundred ninety ninety S. right so one hundred twenty six years later fifth grade reading level went from here to here and I'm going how did that happen where by the way George Washington's today is nineteenth grade reading level so what used to be a fifth grade reading level is now considered nineteenth that would be seven years of post-secondary education which is exactly what I got and I said I've had enough of that. Wow So what's happened to us. The initial thought is we haven't been doing enough school but wait a minute we've been doing so much maybe that's the problem not the solution how about these statistics between one nine hundred forty in two thousand black illiteracy doubled white illiteracy quadrupled in one thousand nine hundred seven by the one nine hundred forty was right when cultural Like com comprehensive public schooling was finally becoming in place where there were a lot of people slipping through the cracks and they were virtually having everybody in school from age five in one thousand nine hundred seventy only fifty percent of the population was either illiterate or functioning at low levels of literacy and only eighteen to twenty one percent were fully functionally illiterate if you think about that statistic right there that's alarming being able to read and digest and comprehend a paragraph and idea and understand the main points and then the flow of the argument one fifth of Americans. This is us yes very good question does it leave our U.S. statistics between one hundred seventy five and two thousand there was a thirty seven percent decline in the numbers of those who were scoring above six hundred on the S.A.T. and by the way the test has become easier each decade as well thirty seven percent decline of high achievers American students who used to rank at the top internationally now ranked twenty third out of sixty five industrialized countries in that and it also objects the longer American kids are in school the worse they measure up to other countries Isn't that amazing so more of what we're doing makes them fall further and further versus their counterparts in Europe in Asia cetera Finland who ranks near the top of all categories their kids spend almost fifty percent fewer hours in school than American kids. The this is starting to challenge the way I previously thought about school and education by the way in the last half of the twentieth century teachers' salaries rose fifty percent class sizes dropped forty percent the non-teaching the rocker. So administrators and so on grew five hundred percent and money spent on public education increased threefold kids now spend longer in school than ever before and young adults are getting college degrees at higher rates than ever before but only thirty one percent. College educated Americans can fully comprehend a newspaper story according to the National Commission on the future of higher education which by the way newspapers are written typically at fifth or six sometimes up to eighth grade reading level so college only a third of college educated Americans can understand and comprehend newspaper stories now when you look at the lower end of this it gets really scary thirty percent of Americans can't find the Pacific Ocean on a blank map they would not be able to point at the Pacific Ocean and I'm like in shock and horror and this is you know you pity the situation it's a serious societal breakdown when a full twenty six percent of Americans actually believe the sun revolves around the Earth so you know they're like we're back in the dark ages folks and these aren't the like sophisticated conspiracy theorists who are like believe in a flat earth you know these are people just don't know they just haven't they're just they're not clued in so why does this matter on a spiritual level Christian Education says coast reasoners and logical thinkers are few for the reason that false influences have checked the development of the intellect you see the devil doesn't want to be able to think and reason he doesn't want to be able to discern truth from error in the Bible and in the popular doctrinal teachings of our time and of course we're not saved by our intellect if you're going why I feel dumb because I can understand Washington does God not love me no of course he loves every person equally and it's in ourselves our salvation is not going to be based on our test scores OK so let's completely remove that from the equation however we want to be intelligent in the scriptures don't we we want to be able to be thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts and we'll get into that one in a minute but sue under. Stand how we got where we are today we have to understand Prussian education better it's the style of public school that came into America and it's being practiced universally today pretty much let's go all the way back to the time of the Dark Ages OK this is a time where the people of Europe were controlled through ignorance they were kept in the dark the dark ages do not allow them to read Do not allow the Bible to be printed and the common tongue and so people were kept ignorant of the Scriptures ignorant of truth ignorant of being able to think and reason and read and become intelligent while something wonderful happened the Gutenberg printing press totally rained on that parade of social control instead of keeping the people ignorant now people could inform themselves they could read Luther's writings they could read the Bible in their own language this was revolutionary and lead to the Protestant Reformation and a general great enlightening in people in Europe being able to think and question the powers that be the priest class that for so long had held a grip on the throat of society people being under their total control no war in the in the fifteen hundreds after the printing press and the Reformation Now of course the devil doesn't like seeing that kind of thing people becoming enlightened he says no no no we're going to stop that we're going to put a real quick stop to that so the Jesuit order was formed as the counter Reformation now the Jesuits were known for many different things for their nefarious plots of you know sort of worming their way into Kings courts and into you know various different positions of power but also what the Jesuits were most known for was establishing education systems establishing schools throughout Europe and according to Bertrand Russell the Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world and another for those who were to become the members of the Jesuit society ordinary men and women would be expected to be so here's their education you're ready for it and the European. Educational system was to teach ordinary people the masses to be docile industrious punctual I can by and industrious and punctual but docile notice this and thoughtless and contented meaning contented with the lot in life that we've been delivered the ideas that have been transmitted not to be thinkers but to be mere really reflectors of other men's thoughts it says to be thoughtless and you might say what kind of education system is that well it wasn't truly trying to build up people to help them to have true education which by the way is synonymous with redemption We'll talk about that tomorrow sure education and redemption are one and the same thing and the devil doesn't want that so he wants a counterfeit form of education that will simply indoctrinate that will simply cause the learner to think have the illusion that they're receiving an education but really they're learning to be docile and thoughtless Now this was imported into the public schools in Prussia OK So when we say Prussian education we're really talking about Jesuit education because the pressures we're just borrowing from this what you're about to hear is a quote from your hundred Gottlieb fix it and he was one of the philosophers at the forefront of Prussian education who wanted to help establish a system of universal state schooling in Prussia an effort to develop a more compliant citizenry they wanted citizens who would become good obedient soldiers because they wanted a well drilled army they had just been defeated by Napoleon and they said never again the Prussians are a proud people we will have you member the pressure drilling that they're famous for we will be the most strong Empire most strong military in the kind of Europe and also we want to have strong industry so we need also compliant non-thinking obedient colleagues in our industrial machine workers who will be of the type that the Jesuits were trying to produce also so here's a quote from thinks to himself in his address to the German nation he said education should provide the means. To. The rest of the quote you could fill in with lots of good things right help children to become thinkers as we said help them to come to know Jesus as their savior to as their friend help them to understand Bible truths help them to understand practical things to help them be a blessing to others in their lives we could go on what will do some of that tomorrow but education should provide the means to do a lot of wonderful things but according to crush and education it should provide the means to destroy free will. He goes on and says if you want to and influence a student at all you must do more than merely talk to him you must fashion and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will destroy free will and alarming quote When you look into the history and you go OK now I start to understand a little bit more why we ended up what we ended up with one hundred and thirty years later in Germany and in no Prussia was the predecessor to Germany depression states where the unified in the late one nine hundred centuries under out of and von Bismarck ultimately culminating in the one nine hundred thirty S. movement of a whole lot of Hitler Youth and many people who were happy to follow along with this great leader without questioning what was happening before their very eyes very sad thing now of course Horace Mann thought this was a great thing he went over there all the kids are going to school and there's some altruism to also hear not everybody involved with this is some sort of nefarious no conspirator of evil Horace Mann You know he wanted to copy the precious system were given the benefit of the doubt because he thought it was a good thing but bottom line it came to America beginning in the eight hundred forty S. and what you what you read about is a number of quotes that if you didn't know the history of Prussian education coming to America you might not realise that these quotes were addressing some of the problems inherent in Prussian style schooling I want to share these quotes with you in a moment but just to give you a little bit more of an understanding of how the Prussians did school every child was to be essentially. Raised by the state from age five on up and they want to really really early like age five right because that's when the most malleable that's when they can become the most. Influence of all and by some I raised I mean not necessarily they were they would be staying and living out the at the school they would still have the the appearance of family and home life that if they they didn't they couldn't get away with totally just abolishing the family but what they did is they say we'll take the kids in. A long school year with a few weeks off in the middle and little breaks here in their age five they enter into school have a school day and it will be very routine ritualistic when you get particularly to the older students that it's large tracks of students being taught by one teacher in that kind of file in a now in selected periods of class and a lot of what you see coming to the fore in American version of school is copying after Prussian style things and not of not of course that there's nothing wrong with a schedule but the idea of it being very impersonal when I used to teach in the public schools for example I would add that in many cases in a couple of the schools I would have over one hundred thirty students in a day over one hundred thirty now there's no way I'm getting to know any of those kids right unless they come at lunch and me you know get to know each other Jesus had only twelve I had one hundred thirty so I don't think I was doing education I think I must've been doing some sort of Prussian you know American copy of that but also the pression model was very regulated in terms of the standards and the administrative layers and dictating exactly what the teacher training system what ought to be taught so that it was all very uniform OK that's a lot of the direction that America has gone as well in our public schooling system now you might say OK this was going on Prussian style schooling is coming into America in the latter half of the eighteen hundreds well wait a minute we have a true education system coming in also at the same time don't wait through the advent message of the Advent movement. And so notice this in second mini script release two fifteen. Mrs White wrote the system of grading and by the way this is not like A's B.'s and Cs this is the system of age grading the student so six year olds are with six year olds nine year olds with nine year olds etc She says that system of grading is a hindrance to the people's real progress some pupils will slow at first and the teacher needs to exercise great patience but these peoples May after a short time learn so rapidly as to astonish them others may appear to be very brilliant but time may show that they have blossom too suddenly the system of confining children rigidly to grades is not wise then a T. Jones responds the sooner grades are done away with so that the teacher can get close to the children the better isn't that a radical statement like these guys they think outside the Prussian box right then Mrs E.G. White says I know that some better system can be found just as soon as our instructors learn the true principles of education so Prussian style schooling did not mimic Jesus Jesus had twelve and a lot of times there were brothers together right James and John Peter and Andrew They were probably different ages I don't know that these guys were of the exact same age Peter and Andrew in the same class and in Jesus school so age integrating having various different ages in the same context very good I was just talking with Jeremy Hall about this actually down in the tent and he reminded me that in cognitive Genesis the study that was done of admin to schools smaller schools where there's more involvement of various ages of students do better academically than the schools where you have a more age segregated I found that to be helpful that the research is very not what we read here from inspiration that the Prussians weigh all five year olds in classes with just five year olds and I mean who are they really being raised by then you know if you've got giant tracks of students who the teacher. Really be interacting with each one like Jesus did with his twelve they're away from their parents the teacher is kind of this isolated figure to the students who are raising the children then their peers right their immediate age group We'll talk more about that tomorrow here this is another statement about Prussian education not not naming it of course but in education page two or seven we read here in the speaking of in the classroom here little children have to spend from three to five hours a day. Breathing air that is laden with impurity and perhaps infected with germs of disease no wonder that in the schoolroom the foundation of lifelong illness is so often late can you imagine a society where little children were in a classroom for three hours a day this was the she was aghast at the thought three to five hours a day well we've got some learning to do I think Boyd by the way I like if this makes you feel uncomfortable embrace that feeling that might be called conviction right that might be called challenging our preconceived notions and if we're not willing to let the Holy Spirit do that then we're going to not have that growth mindset of developing and following what the Lord asks I don't have all the answers certainly but I do have that quote that really spoke to me when I was thinking about my little children we're going to talk more about this tomorrow when I was thinking about you know at what age is school appropriate boy we've got to get into that we've got to get into that tomorrow I want even do that now because we've got so much more to cover here but how about this one in Christian education another statement oh first before I do that this one about children aged three to five children little children spending three to five hours a day in the classroom this is an idea that was handed down by the Prussian system early on age five on up early schooling was a was very much oppression. Invention actually came down from the Jesuits as well but here we have another one so not just the length of the day being up to three to five hours a day for little children not just age grading the children as we saw these two precious things were spoken out against in the spirit of prophecy but. So this one many parents have kept their children at school nearly the year round the monotony of continual study wearies the mind so another statement about the school year concept coming down from Prussia Now this didn't happen overnight in America you don't just totally transform the way the whole society does education and back in the old days in the in the colonial times in the early Republican America the schooling are most often happen in a pretty informal way there were often be private tutors there and often be home education not called that at the time they would have a one room schoolhouse situation at times but it was usually not you know it was never the kind of public school vast compulsory universal system that came in later that came in in the second half of the eight hundreds and by eight hundred ninety every state but one had a Horace Mann inspired Prussian modeled compulsory schooling law on the books compulsory meaning required parents must require to have their children going to school in the public school system and there wasn't a whole lot of Christian education at the time but you know what you think God knew that was happening what happened in the eight hundred ninety S. in administering Who's that man on the screen do you know. A Sutherland. He was the president of the principal came up with a call in a Battle Creek and in the eight hundred ninety S. He had all these students in teacher education programs and they had this revival this is wonderful revival of we've got a message we've got a mission we've got to bring the three of those messages to the world and they look to their inspiration their leader in a Southerner and I for one of my favorite Adventist pioneers Sutherland actually had a chance to meet his granddaughter the other day and it was it was so exciting knowing that we are that close right to this history he said to his students here's your commission go out throughout the land and start church schools start situations where we can. The raising up and training children for this final work because after all as you know from the history that you've just learned compulsory schooling Prussian style is on the march God has an answer to that he's not going to let that just go and have all of our kids and in these public schools which were becoming increasingly secular in the twentieth century ultimately to get to the point today where there are indoctrinated children with humanistic evolutionary secular humanism and postmodern moral relativism and and sexual deviancy and you name it I mean there's a whole lot of absolute indoctrinating propaganda mind control going on in the public schools of today it's horrific and God knew that was coming so he said eight hundred ninety S. get out there by the way eight hundred seventy two was the year that Ellen White received her first vision and wrote her first testimony on true education and how we should do education differently what year did I say eight hundred seventy two watch this also an eight hundred seventy two the U.S. government put out a circular of information from the Bureau of Education and it referred to the quote problem of educational schooling they said people are learning too much they're not sufficiently Prussian eyes because Prussian education dumbed down the curriculum big time they want to people to have the rudiments of literacy they wanted the ham to have an illusion of education but mainly they're learning state myths of history indoctrinating them with ideas that they want to adoption ate them with and similarly in America the the Prussian school lists wanted to push this forward and they said this is this is not good eight hundred seventy two people who are attending some of these schools in the traditional one room schoolhouse style some of this is sticking around here and there's too much education happening they call that the problem of educational schooling and they said they decried the fact that quote in co-creating knowledge and Abel's the masses to be able to perceive and calculate their. Grievances In other words they won't be thoughtless and contented are. Such an enabling is bound to retard the growth of industry we want to be like depression industrial system were you know we're kind of late on the scene here the British had their industrial revolution America is going we want to be great have an industrial power and we've got to have a core of compliant workers but there's too much knowledge and education happening and this will proceed and able to masses to perceive their grievances eight hundred seventy two that's moving forward what else is moving forward through education testimony's been written in eight hundred seventy two now the coincidences they're not coincidences the occurrences continue we had eight hundred forty four we are the prophet of the Kingdom of God we had we had the eight hundred seventy two we had how about this one thousand nine hundred eight there was a movement afoot of some biblically minded individuals who were willing to question the status quo that prison was presented to them Jones and Wagner you heard from Jones a minute ago the eight hundred eighty eight righteousness by faith message was coming out what else was going on in eight hundred eighty eight the report of the Senate Committee on Education said we believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes we've got to give them a good schooling not a true education it's going to cause them to be discontent now by the way as I was studying the history and looking at all these quotes it's just so happened that these quotes landed on dates like eight hundred to eight hundred eighty eight eight hundred ninety S. was the decade it's amazing to watch these two histories parallel each other now even among secular people there were folks decrying this they were saying this is not OK what's happening with the Prussians ation of schools in fact the National Education Association let me skip that because I what I wanted to do was to show you this in New York City in one thousand fourteen they were literally rioting over what they called the half. Rations of education that their children were getting in the Prussian ised schools of the public school system in New York City the most angry people and we shouldn't you know promote that like these are the heroes because they were going against Russian school you know rioting and smashing windows and like stealing their kids from the school and all this you know violent behavior not not good although not stealing that's the smashing of windows in the riding was not good it's appropriate for our shift our if your children are being indoctrinated with Darwinistic evolutionary theory I would say that removing them from that context would be the appropriate thing to do but anyway just to this it clarify that but they had one in one instance they had five thousand children marching in protest against this and the most common people the biggest represented group of people were Germans because they knew Prussian education the German immigrants were here and they said we heard of this thing before even the Congress the US Congress commission on industrial risk Relations spoke out against this and they said the domination of men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is being rapidly extended to control the education and social services of the nation So in other words the big industrial Titans the Rockefeller's in the congregation these big money deletes they are controlling our education system in the Congress said this is not a healthy thing it actually did happen that the majority of the administrators of the public schools throughout America came out of Columbia Teachers College which received all of its funding from the Rockefeller education board and so there is a you know a pathway there of what's going to be happening down the line the Congress was blowing the whistle on it also as late as one nine hundred fifty four they were still blowing the whistle on this they said the power of the individual large foundation is enormous its various forms of patronage carry with them elements of thought control it exerts immense influence on educator educational processes and educational institutions it is capable speaking of the large. Industrial foundations are capable of invisible coersion other words are controlling the education system it can materially predetermine the development of social and political concepts academic opinion faught leadership and public opinion so the Reese commission just as well in decades later said the same thing the money that's tied to the control of the public school system is influencing the content of the ideas in the form of education that's taking place but you don't have to take the words of the Congress let's listen to the Rockefeller Education Board one thousand nine hundred thirteen they were the ones that basically created what we know as today's public school system through their financial and down months and control of the Columbia Teachers College in our dreams they said we have limitless resources and the people you'll themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands does this kind of sound like Johann Gottlieb oppression education the means of education is to destroy purpose is to destroy free will and they say we want them docile thoughtless and contented here we read again our in our dreams the people will be perfectly docile in our molding hands and again this can be nefarious and evil in its purposes and for other people who are a part of the system they thought you know these unwashed masses these ignorant people need help and we're going to help try and lift them up so not to make everything a Farias plot but certainly this is not good Take a look at this the present educational conventions fade from their minds so we're going to forget about traditional modes of education in the family in the community and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk so we're going to let these rural folk leave away leave behind their ways and their industrialized urbanized now coming into the urban areas into the factories and we're going to teach them a new way and it's they're going to be perfectly docile in our molding hands then we read from the Rockefeller Education Board the rest of the quotes. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science we have not to raise up from among them authors editors poets or men of letters we shall not search for embryo great artists painters musicians nor lawyers doctors preachers politicians statesman of whom we have ample supply is that not amazing now most teachers that I've ever worked with would say that's what we are trying to do right who were trying to help their children become you know wonderful things to serve their community and their country in the world and in a Christian setting I taught in public schools I also taught in the admin to schools the last couple of years of my career were saying we want them to become these things so that they can take the for the message to the four winds of heaven the three angels messages to the four corners of the world we say this is the purpose of they say No the purpose of education is just to make them docile we don't want them to become all these great things we have a mass of people just like the Jesuits two forms of education one for the masses to teach does still it see the others just as the select elite will become the you know Coke rulers of the priest class of Europe which was what they were trying to establish now in America they of course didn't call it a priest class but this was an industrial move this was a move of social engineers and idealists take a look at this one from will talk William Tory Harris he helped really to pressurize American schools in the eight hundred ninety S. He said ninety nine students out of one hundred are automata automatons that would be robots now when I first start reading that quote any educational people who believe in true education would say and this is a really bad thing ninety nine students are incapable of thinking for themselves they robotically follow the cultural propaganda programme that's given to them through M.T.V. and through the popular culture and through the world education system and through the trends and coolness of what's going on in social networking if we have a robotic. Youth and citizenry of children that's a dangerous dangerous thing not only for their own souls but the for the future of society so we would decry this right we would go ninety nine students out of one hundred automatons or robots and this is really bad we've got to do something about it no he says they are careful to walk in prescribed paths careful to follow the prescribed custom and this is not an accident but the result of substantial education which he calls it which scientifically defined Are you ready for the definition of education according to the most prominent Prussians coolest in American history education scientifically defined is the subsumption of the individual. The subsumption means to subsumed their individuality into the collective to alienate them from their individuality as an image bearer of God and to bring them into a robotic hive mind when I read that I'm like now I understand why the system that we have failed so much to help children become individual independent thinking you know accomplishing young people why we have such a society of followers is because the system was designed to keep them that way and it's a sad sad thing by the way you can break free from that don't be their own oh well that means since I went through these systems I'm somehow sort of an all and helpless condemned situation no Jesus Christ can give us a new mind right we don't want to be conformed to this world the conformist mindset is not good we want to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and then will be will we will be transformed to a heavenly society that's who I want to be like you know it's not like we have to all be rogue individual you know free thinking anarchists No that's not the case at all in fact there are some humanistic atheistic free thinking hippie type of people that will quote some of these same quotes and we've got to be careful not to go down that road OK because our children need to be learn to be obedience Right OK and. And so they would want to bring that in they all the child just knows right from wrong naturally and let them freely explore all truth for themselves and don't teach them any absolutes no no no no no no there's a bit on either side of this balance beam OK there is a total thought control and then there's the free thinking anarchists mindset let's not let's let's go down the path of Jesus wants us to be Image bearers of him that means we have the power to think and to do a Power akin to that of the Creator so that we will be thinkers not merely reflectors of other men's thoughts but always always under the sovereignty and ultimate authority of God and legitimate parental and authorities in our land and so we always want to have that submission mindset not I'm going to break free and just you know be a God and to myself OK I hope we're clear on that but one more quote and then I got to show you an amazing finding actually there's a couple of quotes that bring this more closely home so you heard it from two of the founders saying we want them docile we don't want them to be all these great things we want to be robots we want their individuality subsumed in the collective Bertrand Russell was one of the top social engineers of the twentieth century and he said education in a scientific society what he called the scientific dictatorship he said we're coming upon a time where people will be so controlled by the culture by the entertainment industry and by the education system that we won't even need a dictatorship anymore we'll have a socially engineered scientific dictatorship he called it and so he says education in this kind of society which which to him he said is coming in the future and I think we're living in it right now because he says education in a scientific society may I think be best conceived after the analogy of the education provided by the Guess Who the Jesuits in like manner the scientific rulers so he's saying in the in what we would call the last days what he says is in the future he was writing in the one nine hundred thirty S. forty's fifty's he says they will have the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power ordinary men and women will be expected to be this is where that quote came from. Dustiest punctual thoughtless and contented of these qualities probably contentment will be considered to be most important in order to produce it all the researches of psychoanalysis behaviorism and biochemistry will be brought into play boy you could do a whole seminar just on that last statement about psychoanalysis behaviorism and biochemistry and I have time to get into it all but here's some more Harold Rudd referred to what they were trying to build as the scientific reconstruction of the social order were tossing out traditional ways of agrarian society and were bringing in a new social order and here's how we're going to do it he says we have to create a new public mind notice singular mind if you get groupthink going then you can sway the mind of the mass group group brain if you will and he says we do this by creating tens of millions of individual minds and then welding them into a new social mind and how do they do that he says through the schools of the world we shall disseminated new conception of government one that will embrace all the activities of men. So do you think that the state will then also have authority over maybe matters of religious conscience you see this has prophetic implications big time he says we're going to create a singular unified societal mind and we're going to we're going to inculcate into that mind a new conception of what the role of government ought to be so instead of protecting life liberty and property no not all the activities of men are going to be postulated here under a need of scientific control so now we see the likelihood of Revelation thirteen coming to fulfillment as you have a society that's been created in this order. Now they did a study. On what they call divergent thinking and divergent thinking means the ability to think creatively outside the box as presented to you OK So children aged three to five naturally think independently on their own if you are one. With three to five year olds are some of the most interesting people in the world right there so much fun because you think you're taking them that way and they go oh what about this it is so much creativity it's great. Need to teach obedience to this to get the balance there but I just love the creativity ingenuity divergent ness of a young mind it's natural within us because we're image bearers of God almost all of them score as creative geniuses after five years of schooling they retested the same children and only thirty two percent still had that same ability what have we done to them and after five more years of school only ten percent have that same ability that all children had naturally were educated were schooling it out of them I was going to say educating it out of them the system is is eliminating it from them creating robots by age twenty five only two percent of the population remain as divergent thinkers so it went from ninety eight percent having that ability to ninety eight percent not having that ability and you see the dramatic shift that takes place in the years of childhood when you are exposed to worldly schooling and I would add modern media which does a whole lot to brainwash them as well in turn turn them into automatons I like this statement from fundamentals of Christian education it says the very atmosphere of these cities this is during urbanization is full of poisonous malaria the freedom that's literal and figurative the freedom of individual action is not respected a man's time is not regarded as really as OWN he is expected to do as others do all this is false education now the journey continued as Al's words were Edward Alz with Ross brought in the concept of social control into vogue it became very popular in the early twentieth century during the Progressive Era and what he said was their goal was to collect little plastic lumps of human dough from private households and shaped them on the social meeting board you see if you're going to create a new social order if you're going to shape minds and plug them into this welded social mind you first have to collect them from that. Place where they are receiving a developments in an understanding of their traditional ways our family's ways their culture their religion their patriotism you name it if you want to create a new society you've got to get them away early right that's with oppressions tried to do so he said same thing we're going to collect them from private households and in fact they were predicting and we're facing that right now we're going to talk about this more on Tuesday also in the in the chapel but they were they were saying they are the age of the family is gone it's over we're seeing the destruction of the family in fact they said the child passes more and more into the custody of community experts who are qualified to perform the complex or functions of child or of parenthood you see when your child becomes five they become so complex that you'll need the professional state authorities to take it from there just please we will collect them from your private households and we'll take it from here this is the way our culture does it and by the way isn't it amazing how we don't often think why we do what we do where did this come from why did why did why does everybody do it the way they do it well there's a history to this right and there's a purpose and a motive behind it nefarious purposes indeed Ellwood Coverly wrote in particular attitude toward control of the child is likely to change each year the child is coming to belong more to the states and lesson last to the parents the plea in defense of the child is my child will not be accepted much longer by society and I saw a little news segments on cable news station a while back with a state official announcing and it was like this little propaganda piece like a little thirty second blip on like an advertisement and she actually gets on and says to America she says we need to get past this idea that children belong to their families to belong to their parents and realize that. These are our children and we need to have a collective view of parenting. That is not as for me and my house like we shall serve the Lord right I mean as a father that kind of thing gets my blood boil I got to pray remember our battle is not against flesh and blood this lady is not the enemy but she is voicing the ideas of the enemy right and so this is on the march it's happening in our day it's not just history. OK how about this one yes behaviorism remember that word Education says the Department of Education in one nine hundred sixty nine Some continue in the history here this continues forward all the way through the twentieth century the education department of the United States said education does not mean teaching people to know what they do not know it means teaching them to behave as they do not behave now we can we can agree that character development is much more important than the implication of knowledge and I mean you know ideas that may have no practical application but what they're talking about is not character development they're talking about conformity social engineering the new social mind coming forth and the guy who had the most influence in this movement called Behaviorism was the famed scuse me B.F. Skinner he took Prussian thought control to a whole new level Here's what he said he said we can achieve a sort of control under which the controlled never the less Feel free. So people think they're free and they live in a free country and they have no freedom to choose and freedom to think but he says we're actually achieving control over the minds they are doing what they want to do not what they are forced to do there is no restraint and no revolt by a careful cultural design we control not the final behavior but the inclination to behave the motives the desires the wishes that is a deep level of control that the social engineers want to have not only were only over the children but over the whole society Bertrand Russell said the populace will not even be allowed to know how it's convictions were generated He says we'll use the film industry if you've seen me to. On the brain a seminar I do on media I've got a quote from him saying through the cinema the youth will come to believe various things about love and honor in a way to make money and the importance of good clothes and they'll have all of this downloaded into their minds from the evening spent in seeing what I would think is good for them he says the churches and schools all the influence they have combined pales in comparison with the cinema so he says people have convictions and beliefs they'll feel really strongly about things they'll feel really indignant about something that they see in society but they have no idea where they got that idea from it's been given to them somehow through these systems of thought control but they are they will not be able to identify the process Huxley also part of this movement wrote We are in the process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably always will exist by the way that's an important point a lot of people will say Well come on you know we live in a free republic in a democratic society what are you talking about social engineers controlling things and you know each individual you have freedom to follow God's law and his way in your life but historically speaking throughout history as Alice Huxley just says There always is a ruling elite and they have power and influence to varying its extents but they always exist OK So some people have said well it's a conspiracy theory to say that there's anybody at the apex of society seeking to dictate and control what goes on in that society that would be the most naive thing to assume that there is not a powerful elite seeking to arrange things for their benefit and for the benefit of their dream for society but back to the quote he says we're getting to the point where we can get people to love their servitude so they will think they're free they will not know how they're in their convictions are generated and they will just love being a part of this mind slavery Bertrand Russell said it. Is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality then they now have even in totalitarian countries now that's an amazing statement he says we're going to have we social engineers when you all think you're in a free society are going to have more control over the minds of the children and you particularly then they can they can have in communist countries and totalitarian governments. To lay down that education should aim at destroying free will so that's after pupils have left school they shall be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished and he says diets injections and injunctions by the way did we hear biochemistry do you think the health message is important you think that the diet matters you're hearing from social engineers here saying what we do biochemically to the children will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character in the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and by the way authority is appropriate and good when it is godly authority OK so we don't want to take that and be like you know I've already and always will right I'm going to not going into that not method sorry to quote the popular culture you have you knew the song there on echoing up with that stuff it's like then that was my mindset I mean I was into punk rock I was into like anti-establishment anti-authority Yeah you know and it's like wait a minute when you when you dial that way back that's sort of postmodern moral relativistic Free for All is not going to bring about happiness and peace and joy in the family in the community and certainly in Heaven God is a God of order and I got of authority but his so called authorities here this would be the powers that be that are seeking to bring about the final deception and go ahead. Yes. Yeah. Study for yourself OK And by the way with everything that I'm sharing always I usually say that I forgot to say that. You know we always want to be thinking for ourselves as a teacher I always want to work against this kind of thing right and so even if you feel really excited about something and you want somebody to believe it right we would never want to enter into methods and systems of thought control like these guys are talking about using We want to get people to draw their conclusions from the Bible as led by God not because of some compelling anything right and so absolutely study that issue for yourself regarding diets injections and injunctions I always get that question. And I don't know what to say about it because well I'm not a medical doctor and I won't comment on vaccines although I will say this we have seen a alarming increase in the frequency and intensity of the early schedule for vaccines that has led many people to question and start exploring this and I know this is a hugely controversial issue and so I'm not going to settle it but I do want to throw that out there that I think we should all feel that we have permission from the Lord to explore even things that are outside of the mainstream to seek what is His Will OK because if we just go along with everything that we're told and do it the way that even the medical industry or whoever I mean have they ever been wrong in the past oh absolutely right OK. Now I'm going to leave that one alone for now but I'm my main message right there is study study ask the Lord ask good godly counsel from a number of people regarding the issue of injections now by the way. You should also know what's in them I am shocked by and I didn't even plan to get into but what since you brought that up I'm shocked by how many people eat things and inject things into their bodies and their children's bodies without knowing what the what they're doing what it is that they're putting in their bodies right and so study that out you know don't ever just do it because somebody has advice and they're credible and they're you know an M.D. You know I love I love doctors I mean there are such important people but you know they're not infallible and so we want to we want to pursue truth for ourself on that now after I'm done with this I want I want we may have a minute I want any comments on that topic that if I didn't get the balance right and if you know it all I want to open that up for a couple of minutes of just hey you know let's think through that a little more deeply because that quote does kind of open a can of worms I should probably just remove that quote If I'm not going to get into it right but anyway die you know die I mean health message super clear right we don't want to put anything in our bodies that is not going to be helping our health OK So diet injection and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character in the sort of police beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible that amazing that we have that with the children will not the youth the people coming up in society and then as adults will not be able to question the powers that be or the establishment status quo that is being incorporated into the minds of the masses in this group think automaton world we live in today so I want to close with this quote fundamentals of Christian education what was the point of all of this is sort of sets the stage to get us even more excited about your education tomorrow but to conclude today I beg of parents says fundamentals of Christian education page four seventy I beg. Of parents to place their children where they will not be be which by a false education you see the devil is the true one behind this this is a cult terminology with witchcraft there's a there's a there's a spell over the minds of the people as they come up being raised by screens and raised in desks by state officials so the parents are completely strangers to this is a B witching experience this is an experience where if you read in Child Guidance it says that parents who are derelict in their duty are handing their children over to Molech or handing their children over to Satan just like the Israelites handed over their children to Molech and so when we say I'm too busy right I mean boy I want to launch into our parenting seminar right now on a guy I've got a session actually if you came in think you're going to hear about media that's in the tomorrow at nine thirty in the Commons So Monday at nine thirty in the Commons I'll talk a little bit about media but when we outsource our parenting to worldly schools and the media we're handing our children over to Satan like the Israelites handed them or over to Molech that's a really really really really really big deal OK and it says I beg of parents to place their children whether one not be bewitched by a false education their only safety is in learning of Christ he is the great central light of the world all other lights all other wisdom are foolishness can we say and amen to that can we gather together tomorrow again and see how do we receive from the great central light of the world I just gave you like a one hour summary of three hours of history on worldly schooling A.B.C. has the whole series called school that some two disc set you can view that share that this very same information you've heard here plus another fifty percent more you know another the version of that Scuse me but tomorrow we're going to get into the good news and I've got a series on that if you pick that up at the A.B.C. It's called undocumented because the worldly system is indoctrinating our children and it's time for us. To completely divorce ourselves from letting the devil raise our children let us not be indoctrinated by that let us be undocumented from that and step into true true godly methods of child rearing parenting true education and that one is available also as for D.V.D.'s up there they got a discount at the A.B.C. for for the week as well but tomorrow we are going to see how we find safety in learning of Christ as the great central light of the world of calls and prayer shall we Father in heaven we thank you for warning we thank you for the pen of inspiration that has drawn us back to the Bible in the reminder that we are your image bearers which means that you're our Creator and God in authority and we surrender and submit our will and to your divine will that we might choose your ways we thank you also for reminding us that we have individuality and that we have gifts and unique abilities and that each child has creativity and something to offer in this last days cos we know that there is an attack upon and we want to not only escape the clutches of the enemy but walk into something much more beautiful the true light of Jesus Christ and we contemplate him and well upon him today and draw our children in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio first a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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