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The Family: Public Enemy #1

Scott Ritsema


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries



  • June 12, 2016
    3:30 PM
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Let's pray Sheli Father in heaven we thank you so much for the gift of the family and we know that childhood and children and the family are under attack and as we discern the errors and deceptions that are going on may we be drawn more closely and love more fervently your picture your blueprint that you've given to us for our families and as we as we take a look at these these five eleven says to expose the fruitless works of darkness may we have discernment given by you not from our own insights but from you alone we pray in Jesus' name amen the three biggest history is that three biggest events in the history of redemption if you were in the session down in the Commons on Monday you heard this but I want to repeat it because it is fundamental is foundational as far as the way we understand the role of children in the family in the last days the three biggest events in the history of redemption are you could you could you could bring up a fourth and fifth I'm sure but but three of the biggest are the Exodus experience the first coming of Christ and the second coming this is the history of redemption God bringing his people out of Egypt giving them the law on Mount Sinai bringing them into the promised land the whole exodus story the first coming of Christ crucifixion resurrection ascension of Jesus that's the climax of it all right where all of our sins were paid on the cross then the time we live in now the time of the judgment which precedes the second coming of Christ these three biggest events all have something in common at each of these points in history we notice that the children are playing a key role first of all you have little Miriam save Moses life so that Moses baby Moses in that little basket boat then can grow up and become the leader of his people chosen by God Miriam played a key role didn't she at the first coming of Jesus it is the children and only the children not the fairest sees who are shouting the praises of Jesus in the temple when he comes in on a donkey into Jerusalem they're saying Hosanna to the son of David bless it is He that cometh in the name of the Lord with the ferrous these are saying keep those kids quiet God chose the children each time so do you expect also in the last days for the children to play a key role there are quotes all over the place in an Adventist Amen elsewhere saying watch for this pattern to be fulfilled in the last days just as it was in the time of the Reformation with the children playing a key role in going forth in Dubai the Spirit of God proclaiming his truth now if the devil knows this of course he's going to try to counter it isn't that what happened with Pharaoh and with Herod during those first two events do you remember the children there was that there was a death to create there was an edict to destroy them now. Today there's an even worse tendency and that is to attack the spiritual nature of children and their minds but there's also a physical attack upon children in our day today and it's something that's not talked about quite as much because it tends to become a political football but I don't bring it up for that reason it is important for us to take a look at this did you know that one in five children in America today was conceived in the womb and this protective environment that God has created for the nurturing of this child in his prenatal influences one in five unborn children are aborted in Arkansas in our society today one in five and I bring this up to show the great controversy is going on in front of our very eyes but never never never to lay a burden of guilt on anybody who has gone through that and as it has committed that sin Jesus Christ says he has paid every cent of the cross so don't let the devil the accuser come and say yeah you're rotten you're such a horrible sinner God can never forgive you no no no no no that's not true chief of sinners though I be Jesus shed his blood for me so the topic is not a just a political football or a social issue it's a very personal issue for a lot of people but in the same sense it's a big theological context issue with a great controversy going on just as Herod did it did it just as Pharaoh did it you see the deaths of so many children today with the attack on the family beginning even prenatally now the culture is tending these days to really prop this up as like something to celebrate there was a big controversy last year with a bunch of hidden camera videos and you might have seen this thing about these you know Planned Parenthood getting in trouble with you know bargaining for fetal tissue and exchange for donations and so on well after that the people who were promoting the idea that abortion is an acceptable thing they went out there with their what they called hash tag this is like Twitter terminology hashtag shout your own. Before Sion where they were celebrating and promoting it and saying this is such a good thing it makes us free and it makes us have something to cheer and then I saw an unbelievable thing I didn't actually watch this I don't watch television but I saw this reported on a on a news report and read the script from the T.V. show the T.V. show is called scandal I've never heard of it I don't know if you watch this I hope we don't spend a lot of our time watching worldly things or any of our time but this was right around Christmas and it actually featured in this drama this fictional presentation the main character the woman going through a procedure of an abortion and it wasn't to you know make people think and question and say you know is this it was very much to promote it in a song that was playing was of all songs silent night about the newborn baby Jesus right and then the voiceover of her father appears in the background as a narration while she's having the procedure done and he goes like this this is what this is about the family public enemy number one right family is a burden he says a pressure point soft tissue and illness an antidote to greatness you think you're better off with people who rely on you depend on you but you're wrong because you will inevitably end up needing them which makes you weak pliable family doesn't complete you it destroys you have you ever heard of worse lie than that in your entire life what absolute garbage we know from the Bible God created the family to be this magnificently important message to the on looking universe there was a controversy between Christ and Satan in heaven and in Jesus begins creating this world demonstrating his power in six days he can just speak things into existence totally disproving Satan's claim to be able to be in the seat of God I don't think so but then he wants to prove more than his power he wants to prove his character and when he proves his character he says let us make man in Our image you see God has three right and so he creates an ad is not good for Adam to be alone he creates Adam and Eve and he says the two shall be one just like hero Israel the Lord our God is ONE yet he is an us. Let us make man in our image and then Adam and Eve with the ability to procreate to serve and to bless a little innocent helpless child this is the character of God painted for the on looking universe it's a powerful image and this is why Satan so angry about it this is why he wants to snuff these lives out before they ever see the light of day and celebrate it and tear down the family and it's our job as the people of God to lift up the family how about this one this was a other hidden camera video thing where you know we have a lot of modern science it's not the one nine hundred seventy S. anymore where they they could say oh it's just a blob of tissue and so on and so forth but there is a abortion advocacy group where the speaker got up to a bunch of different providers for Planned Parenthood and others who were practitioners of this practice and they said basically we have to kind of change the discussion let me let me share with you just the segments of the speech that this woman gave at this abortion advocacy conference she said ignoring the fetus is a luxury of abortion activists and advocates you can't ignore the fetus right because the fetus is the marker of how well how good of a job you did right if you don't account for all the parts and don't look in you don't look carefully you may be setting someone up for infection or hemorrhage or whatever the foetus matters clinically to us not to mention that women know what's in there you know about two thirds over sixty percent of women are already mothers women who go for this procedure are already mothers and the remainder don't want to be mothers they're not stupid they know what's in there I actually think it should be less about denying the reality of those images of that the fact that this is a lot a life and more about acknowledging that yeah that's kind of true so given that we actually see the see the fetus the same way so in other words folks who believe this practice to be a moral thing and those who question this and say this is not right we actually view the fetus the same way. And given that we might actually both agree Listen to this that there's violence in here let's just give them all it's violence it's a person it's killing let's just give them all that and then the more compelling question is why is this the most important thing I can do with my life performing abortions I don't think it needs to be about correcting facts I think it needs to be about moving the conversation to a different place what an admission you hear this now from the side of things that this is an OK you know thing of liberation for women and they're saying you know what we kind of have to grant the points to those who are our critics that this is a life this is a human life and we are engaging in an act of violence and killing but now we must ask ourselves why is this the most important thing we can do with our lives so it's no longer really a debate over those things and again I don't bring this up to make this into some political issue but as Christians we have to be able to stand for what is right though the heavens may fall Amen and we have to be able to question and point out the evils of our age and call sin by its right name now how about this one Salon magazine took it to a whole new level they are now promoting from what you might call that the secular progressive left it says I'm not a pedophile I'm a pedophile not a monster it's actually an article written by a self-proclaimed open out of the closet pedophile who says this is just my sexual orientation now he says that I could not practice it but you need to accept me for who I am and this is just my particular orientation so remember those like kind of people that you thought maybe have been a little bit out there when they said if you legalize you know gay marriage and we go down this road you're going to end up with this this this and these are going to be normalized and sometimes I hear that either really are people really going to go that far they are going that far now. And not just that but you know that it's not just the secular progressive humanists but within the Roman Catholic Church itself bishops do not have to report child abuse that it can says Boy Is there an attack on the family in our world from every angle or what's this is the U.K. Independent reported a document that was published by the Vatican giving directives to their bishops just to handle things inhouse don't don't report these sorts of abuses now the numbers by the way one estimate that was compiled in a study that was done is that literally one hundred thousand American children were abused by priests in recent years one hundred thousand now America only has six percent of the world's Catholics so if you if you multiply that out I mean we're looking at huge huge numbers of hundreds of thousands into the millions of people of the children who were abused by priests and they sweep it under the rug right and by the way the current pope came out admitted I give him credit for this he he said he admitted that there are eight thousand upwards of eight thousand pedophiles still serving within the church today the Catholic Church today and I hope that they're on the march to to remove those from the world now by the way from from the from service in in the church of course but our world hasn't always been this insane there was a time where there were a lot of distortions for sure but they didn't quite get away with this flagrant of in your face like we're killing people and I'm a pedophile and we're going to let these eight thousand run around and not report it I mean this is kind of a crazy world we live in in two thousand and sixteen sometimes truth is stranger than fiction like when I'm reporting on these things I'm like this sounds crazy like I have a hard time even saying it because it sounds so unbelievable but if you remember back in the day did anybody come from this day and you know this is the for my time you remember these shows right and not that these were good enough that we should go back and watch I Love Lucy and she's lying to her husband is spiritualism and all that but back in the fifty's and sixty's the role of the Father and the traditional family at least wasn't being. Torn down everywhere you go there was actually a show called Father knows best which I found you know that how politically incorrect with that be today they actually had a show and got away with that Andy Griffith you know this this father son relationship and so it wasn't quite as flagrantly anti-family as it is today but then something happened I love to study the history let me share you some of this history what happened after that period was the emergence of the one nine hundred sixty S. and seventy's feminist movements right and of course we love the idea of good true progressive ideas like the apostle Paul put out there were he says there is neither male nor female in the kingdom of God nor slave nor free nor you nor Greek In other words everybody is an equal child of God and we have the same access to salvation but does that mean that we are no different no of course not in the time in the sixty's and seventy's particularly the one nine hundred seventy S. The idea was put out there that there is no difference between male and female other than anatomy that there are no fundamental distinctions between the two and so they dreamed for a genderless future and they advocated for this and they said we want to in order to make it equal we have to make women exactly like men and vice versa and so you know what happens what happens is in the one nine hundred eighty S. and ninety's the sitcoms start changing do you remember this is anybody watching this happen and I was a little I was a little kid in the eighty's but but you come to married with children what is the father promoted to be like in that show just as an example. He's a total moron right and he's the butt of all the jokes same with the two man Tim the two man Taylor you know everybody's always laughing at the dad and he doesn't know what he's doing and then I got really crazy with the cartoons with Homer Simpson and I don't remember his name but these guys Family Guy is what they call that yeah it's kind of like the family the family guy I never really thought about how that's a subtle attack on the family right there. With the title but you see the difference how that changed in our culture today and so the disrespect and the tearing down of biblical masculinity is part and parcel of this effort to tear down the family destroy the family now if you were to think of like the most like from a worldly perspective the most manly part of society has got to be the guys that are like you know strapping on the fatigues and their you know go in and fight and die in for their country right not only to promote militarism I love our seventh day adventists noncombatants a tradition but as a cultural angle on this I could not believe what I was seeing when you got these tough guys right and they're going into there are O.T.C. Brace yourselves OK they required cadets in the Army to strap on red high heels as a part of this compliance training mind warping program and they said you have to all walk a mile in red high heels and well what in the world is going on in our culture today and it as it got even weirder in San Diego where you know who these guys are what do you call them the founding fathers but San Diego municipal government put out a directive saying do not refer to them as the Founding Fathers anymore because that might offend people who don't identify as one or the other of the genders and this is like making things gender related and we have to do away with what the Founding Fathers they were men right I mean that's not something that's really a controversy or point but we make big issues out of this and then what happens what happens when you degrade masculinity in the popular culture is you get a new creation a new creature who has emerged upon the world you might call this like devolution I guess he's called passive man and he descends into his man cave right where no longer are we the leaders and the forbearers of great movements and of our families in the priests of our homes we have a scourge in a absolute viral tendency among men in our call. To just check out to become totally passive to watch the game to celebrate other masculine achievements like this hyper masculinity that appears in sports so then we have no understanding of what it means to be a husband and a father would ensure masculinity and we end up in total passive the arse in ourselves celebrating competitive hyper masculinity and thump your chest I mean it beats you mindset in sports do you see how this is all sorts of messed up from every angle the devil really has his finger on the pulse here ruining many many lives and families now a sociologist looking at this from a secular perspective is name is Philip Zimbardo and he looked at this it said men are just falling young men are failing in becoming passive becoming socially inept becoming an interested in courting young ladies and and living normal male lives he said what's going on with the men he identified video games pornography and in just excessive use of media as as some of the big causes of this but then I've shared that in media on the brain but when I want to share with you more is he there was a little survey that was done after his TED talk Philip Zimbardo said talk on the sociological issues and they asked in a little survey Why do you think so many young men are struggling to become you know strong masculine male leaders and I don't mean that in like a you know sort of backward sense of you know drag drag the caveman woman around by her hair and stuff and we want to be careful not to be in balance with this sort of thing but you know secular people are looking at weight men aren't quite that what they weren't what they used to be what has happened you know what the number one answer was on their survey it was conflicting messages from media institutions parents and peers about acceptable male behavior sixty three percent of people who took that survey said we're just getting a whole lot of confusing messages the culture is mind manipulating people's viewpoint on this sensitive issue especially think about little kids now growing up and they see this as this. Person as the runner up for TIME Person of the year and TIME Person of the year is somebody usually you know who's who's making major political movements or you know something like this and this is a person who took an act of it having sex reassignment surgery and was glorified as a hero for it speaking of. Jenner What was the original name Bruce thank you I try not to follow this stuff too closely because if all you do is obsess on what's going on in the culture and you don't study your Bible you find yourself in the muck and mire of confusion yourself but we've got to really understand what it is that our kids are being hit with because we want to correct it we want to say this is the true way in fact what is the true way with regard to this in Deuteronomy twenty two verse five it says the woman shall not wear that which pertain it onto a man not a shell a man put on a woman's garment we're all that do so our abomination to the Lord thy God and that doesn't mean we want to run around like twenty people and say you're an abomination you're an abomination you know it's that's not the idea here but God does have a standard right and his standard doesn't shift and change with the cultural tendencies and trends of our age now speaking of those trends this is Will Smith's son. Jaden smith and he has now become as a actual male not you know gender dysphoric you know transgender all of us he just is just a young man a boy a teenage boy but he is the new face for Louis Vuitton women's wear and so directly against what we read here with God standard our culture says no we're going to wear whatever we want to wear We're going to push the boundaries of every sort of weirdness that we can find now it's a cultural attack Absolutely but there's also a physiological attack because there is an increasing number of people who are going and feeling this way and that and experiment thing in this way and that talking about bisexuality in in transgender and all of these things and you go why are these things on the rise part of that certainly is part of the programming when children from age five are put in kindergarten at a public school and they're taught Heather Has Two Mommies and this is you know that by an appropriate way to do things all the way from the early childhood it does start to manipulate the way that they perceive themselves in this kind of thing is celebrate and this is how you can you know become more independent and individual and all that I get that but you know what there's also a physiological attack are you familiar with the endocrine system within the human body the endocrinal glands release various hormones and regions estrogens being two classes. Predominantly male predominantly female hormones now of course both sexes have some of each and regions in estrogens but in vastly different quantities of course which which is what makes somebody feel and be more masculine or feminine in the way that their brain works in the way that they obviously develop physiologically in the womb and on and on through and so recently within the food supply and within the environment there's been a upswing in what they call Xeno estrogens and other sorts of endocrine system disrupting hormonal factors that go into our bodies and for example when you have a bunch of hormones in the meat and they they make the cow's fat in the chicken fat and we know they they they help them to grow and they shoot him up with antibiotics and all this crazy stuff I've never read by the way in ministry of healing in other places about how we're seeing an increase in the last. Unhelpfulness of meat and how it's going to come to so disease and so messed up so just a word to the wise there you know guys sometimes go on to be a real man and eat this big old steak right now and you don't realize that actually that has hormonal imbalances and it's for many men Xeno estrogens will feminized that will have them taking on other characteristics that are not normal for their physiology and so on so that's part of it so we want to make sure to try to get as healthy and keeping those toxins out of our out of our lives but also people are pushing this as sort of the new rights agenda like Target for example you probably heard the more recent story about Target I don't even have a slide on it yet but the more recent one is that they they've opened up restrooms like the the Headline News every week is about restrooms and who's going to use what restrooms I want what in the world is going on in our society but of course they they didn't want to offend anybody and so they they said we're no longer going to have a boy's clothing section and a girl's clothing section because some people might not identify as one of the other or there is some confusion in dysphoria in there and you know what we just need. Get rid of this gender by an airy way of viewing things and this idea that there's two genders now there's like in surveys and U.K. high schools like what gender are you it's like twenty options now and on Facebook what's your sexual orientation is like I'm it's a scale it's a sliding scale on where I'm going to land know the Bible says God made them male and female right and so when gender says are sorry when the target says I should be the new nickname but when Target says we're no longer going to label things as boys and girls toys or clothes that's pushing forward that agenda as you see also in the bathroom controversy now by the way I visited this organic restaurant a while back and it was a little bit more of like a you know progressive type of restaurant where they do value health and we can find some common ground there and I like connecting with those people on those issues and you know more of a secular agnostic or spirit spiritualist sometimes angle that they come at it from but I noticed that in this in this restaurant they had to restrooms but they were both labeled as male or female or gender neutral and I'm going to restrooms usually are male and then female and then if there's a third sometimes you'll have like a unisex restroom or a family restroom or something but I've never seen it with two restrooms both being neutral so I went up to the person behind the counter and I said I kind of played it up a little bit not to reveal all my cards and you know get labeled as some sort of you know fundamentalist bible thumping person and have my food come out a little different than I'd like or whatever but I said to the lady I said you know I notice that you guys have the two restrooms that are both labeled as just male or female is that you know an effort to be sensitive to the transgender community and so on she got this look on her face like deadly serious and she goes yeah we are definitely not the kind of restaurant that would put male on one and female on the other like that would be the most offensive like rude horrific evil thing you could do and while we do live in a weird interesting time I visited that restaurant again and asked somebody else the same question I said you know why do you have those that way. And she goes Oh absolutely that's why and so yeah that's double confirmed there but you know they take it even further in Canada you know sometimes as a couple years ahead of us that you know the Ontario government their government forms they have removed talk about family public enemy number one you may not say mother or father on their forms anymore they remove that and it's Guardian Guardian one guardian to mother and father could offend people so we can't have mothers and fathers anymore that's for real I know that's just looking at that like seriously how is this possible we live in Crazy times indeed we're in the last days I don't know how much crazier can get before Jesus would come. You know this is a little crazier you have Kansas University student senate they said we realize that we live in the genderless future now and anybody that hears anybody that has you know gender confusion for themselves and then they hear the word he or the word she might hurt their feelings and so we're not allowed to on the Kansas University Senate board discussions we're not allowed to say any words like he or she or him or her know no masculine or female pronouns now a good thing then all of them speech space speak Spanish because in Spanish just you know verbs are announce our you know masculine feminine nouns and so we're going to have to just abolish McInnis I guess in order to do away with these what they call micro aggressions if you say he in the presence of a person that's struggling with these issues this is called a microaggression which by the way from a political philosophy angle that word is an important word aggression is an act of infringing on somebody else's life liberty and property and that is traditionally through common law and history passed always a criminal act and there appropriating that word and bringing it now into the political correct dialogue to say it's a micro aggression it's a very key word because we're going to look at legal issues that are coming down the pike on this issue now how about Boston Massachusetts a Catholic school hired a man and they did not realize he was to work in their in their cooking department a kitchen and they didn't catch the fact that he was on the. Sexual and they hired him but then that once they found that out they said well we really would rather not have you know somebody is promoting that lifestyle working here with our students and we're trying to teach something different well he sued and the school was fine with a one hundred thirty five thousand dollar fine and you've heard about the baker who says you know what I can't really in good conscience do you know a gay wedding cake because I don't believe in that right and we have had we had freedom of conscience in a free society to be able to say you know what part ways in you can do what you do and we'll do our thing over here and and but no now there's lawsuits and there's coercion and force employed to take away the freedom of religion and the religious liberties those are there was a family who had a farm and it was like a like a you know decorative type of farm where they would host wedding receptions and they refused homosexual wedding reception and as a part of that they were sued and thirteen thousand dollars later they were fined for refusing that now in the United Kingdom it gets even more interesting where they're removing all their moving to register all Sunday school so they can observe what's happening in Christian settings to make sure that there isn't hate speech going on and these sorts of things oh I was just talking with a friend. Josiah is his name from watch a tall hills the canvassing director down there and how they were actually prohibited in a town in near watch of the hills College in Arkansas they were prohibited from going door to door canvassing and selling books right and so religious liberty is under attack not just with this gender in family issue but a whole bunch of different examples Now how about this one from speaking of religious liberties this was reported by the website The Daily Caller news agency says the University of Texas at Austin Police Department issued a disorderly conduct citation to an outdoor preacher on Tuesday after students complained that his message had offended them the preacher who was by the way whether whether the. Words were offensive or not isn't so much the issue but do you have the right to preach something that somebody might be perceiving as offensive let's take a look the preacher who was standing just off campus recorded his interaction with several university police officers who explained that it was illegal for him to offend the students here's the conversation the preacher says does freedom of speech or in other words does the First Amendment protect offensive speech and the officer says it doesn't matter freedom of speech someone was offended that's against the law now the preacher asks to clarify says it's against the law to offend somebody and the officer says yes so we once upon a time had the idea of freedom of speech freedom of conscience and you'll hear things you disagree with and it's water off a duck's back and we all can be grownups here and move on and believe what we believe and exercise our our religious liberties but now apparently it's becoming illegal to offend somebody misery Missouri University police actually put out an e-mail to the student body and it said call the police immediately if you hear or witness incidents of hurtful speech or hateful speech or actions so if you hear anything where somebody has feelings might be hurt call the police. I don't know what to say about that we just got to move on OK University tells students to report incidents of discomfort that's just another example we don't want anybody to have discomfort I want to say as an important disclaimer the much more important thing than understanding religious liberties correctly is making sure that we are not deliberately and overtly and intentionally being provocative and caustic and rude and offensive and hateful right and so when we say we have to we have to defend freedom of speech no matter what kind of speech it is as a principle of religious liberty that's important but also it's much more important to ask ourselves Are we living in a crisis like way because that's that's that's how we reflect the love of God to the world but also. Something. There was there was a rather what you might say provocative event that took place last year after the Supreme Court ruled that no state in America may prohibit homosexual marriage that was a Supreme Court decision nationally every state must accept that now you remember what they did on the White House. That put the rainbow right up there right and this is I think that this has tremendous prophetic implications this is not only about religious liberty this is not only about the attack on the family this is also a precedent setting thing where you're seeing deliberate like in your face trying to rile people up kind of stuff like that where the rainbow flag is imprinted upon the White House or when they publish the queen James Bible this is not made up where they change all the verses about homosexuality to defend it and they add words to the Bible like in the Vatican which says Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind as it is an abomination the queen James says thou shall not lie with mankind as womankind in the temple of Molech it is an abomination so they just add the words in the temple of Molech to completely misconstrue the meaning of the text and you can see the Hebrew there transliterated there's nothing there about in the temple of Molech but this changes the meaning of it doesn't it this means well you can engage in this behavior as long as it's not in the temple of Molech wait a minute that's not what the Bible says Bible says do not do it period right so again deliberately provocative where it takes us to a point where you kind of have this coalescing of this rabidly you know reactionary group who are going you know we need to take our our communities back in the end this is this group over here and then over here you've got this movement of we have to stamp out all hateful fundamentalism in fact listen to what the pope said about this the pope the current pope Jorge Bergoglio also known as Pope Francis said a fund. Mentalist group although it may not kill anyone all they although it may not strike anyone is violent the mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God So what he just said was a nonviolent noncombatant believing fundamental Bible believing group is a violent group do you see where this is going prophetically speaking yeah yeah I mean this is talking about us in the end and right now you have the precedent set with crazy radical jihad as demon possessed insane suicide mass shooting people right and then that's going to be imprinted upon him projected upon others in the future where it's like we can't let anymore of those those reactionary fundamentalists arise because you see what that can do in the context of religious fervor who man prophetic implications Indeed Kathleen Taylor a neuroscientist says religious fundamentalism could be treated as a mental illness so not only a violent group but a mental illness let me read some quotes from her from her speech she says one of the surprises maybe to see people meaning in the near future we will see people with certain beliefs as people who can be treated someone who has for example become radicalized to a cult ideology we might stop seeing that as a personal choice that they have chosen and we may start treating it as some kind of mental disturbance in many ways it could be a very positive thing because there are no doubt beliefs in our society that can do a whole lot of damage so you see the direction this is going right in fact there was a news report out where they want to from the federal government on down have every child twelve years old and over have to have mental screenings every year and I remember back in the early part of my teaching career in two thousand and two when I was brand new teacher this this thing called the new Freedom Initiative was launched where they said we want universal mental health screenings for every child in America and then we can eventually be diagnosing a cult ideology of fundamentalism this is a violent group here we've got to raise a red flag and this might sound like some sort of dystopic future this sounds impossible but folks remember the kind of world we're living in today you had two years ago you would have thought that's insane that's impossible that would never happen and now we're seeing it all happen right about this one from Hillary Rodham Clinton's It takes a village book she says Imagine a country in which nearly all the children it's like this glowing utopian vision of the future nearly all the children between the ages of three and five attend preschool with sparkling classrooms with teachers recruited and trained as child care professionals more than ninety percent of French children between ages three and five attend free or inexpensive preschools even before they reach the age of three many of them are in full day programs before the age of three to two year olds in full day state custody programs with sparkling classrooms and state trained teachers at such a way. Wonderful happy ending no this is the most insidious dark destructive the family you can imagine sounding so nice right oh men so much to say on that one but some textbook sales leader says National Common Core is quote all about the money this is another one of these hidden camera video things and this guy by the way they have to engage in deception in order to get these so I do not endorse that just as a quick disclaimer but this this journalist gets this top sales executive for one of the top textbook publishers to open up and say what she really thinks and she says in the in the interview I hate kids. And she says I'm in it to sell books. She says Don't even kid yourselves for a heartbeat you don't you don't think that the educational publishing companies are in it for education do you know they're in it for the money she says I hate kids she's one of these sales people pretty interesting there but remember the effort is to get them young in fact that's the title of the Christian news headline get them young evolutionists praise new book teaching children about their grandmother fish he says aren't kids N.P.R. journalist asks him are kids too little to be taught about evolution and he says My answer is No not too young we all know by now that more than forty percent of Americans say that God created human beings in our present form in the last ten thousand years this dismal situation cries out for big efforts in science education science education but that in big fat scare quotes he says there is hard evidence to show that the storybook route can be effective in kids mastery of evolutionary scales so we're going to get them young he wrote on his blog now this one really really really rocked me to my core OK I've been studying trends in history it's that's just what I did for a living for years and studying political science and history and economics and all this and you read government documents and some of it's like the. The eye opening like Wow they actually wrote that and said That man that's actually the policy when I came across this one I literally got chills and my jaw hit the floor figuratively speaking it was called the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education draft policy statement on early childhood family engagement and they call it from the early grades early years to the early grades now what in the world is that a lot of a lot of big big words and jargon it's sometimes kind of hard to read like public policy statements from the Department of Education because they use a whole lot of you know jargon and terminology and big academic you know ways of explaining things and a lot of the time it sounds very innocuous it sounds very harmless because it's bathed in this very you know official sounding language but when you scratch under the surface of this about a millimeter let me give you some quotes out of this draft policy statement that came out just last fall when I when I read through this I'm highlighting highlighting how they don't like this is code for that I know exactly what they're going for here there now here's where the quotes come in OK they call it family in Gauge meant where the state and the county I S D and the local social services of the state will quote engage families now that might sound nice like we want to end we want to get engaged in you know a dialogue in a relationship but time out we've got to be careful who our children are our families are forming open relationships with because there could be an insidious at play that could put that could play out in the future in fact they write in the book in the in the document family and gauge Mint begins not at age five anymore when school starts are four when preschool starts or three like the French do it and it takes a village book dreamed of doing no family and gauge Mint begins natally. And they said that there is to be a relationship between the officials and the parents a formal partnership with social services and mental health consultants and they said that there will be a equal partnership between the states and the parents in the raising. The children I go away I'm an equal partnership I don't think so but I also ask the question is it really equal like who's the head in this relationship really well in the document it says that the state will include parents in the rearing of their children so who is the head in that relationship yeah this is not really an equal partnership after all is it's just called that in the document it says that they will conduct periodic home visits that professionals and specialists and mental health consultants we will ensure constant monitoring of children social emotional and behavioral needs and that they will even be overseeing the diet making sure that the food is quote nutritious as they define it of course they put special emphasis on early childhood because that's where the gap is that's where they're missing parents actually are raising their children to like age four and having some you know autonomous influence on them exclusive influence on them and so they say we want to get them very early prenatally and on up in the goal is preparing children for school after all we have over two million homeschoolers floating around and they're totally out of our grasp here and by the way I'm painting this as a nefarious thing because that's what it is but that doesn't mean every person involved is necessarily on some evil plot to like indoctrinate our children with evil things that will be the end result and that is part of the reality very much but I don't mean to pin this on every social service person or you know County I guess the employee most of them don't wake up in the morning reading this document going yes we're going to do this but the plot is still there and it indeed is the devil so continuing on that and then preparing them for school and transition them into kindergarten fostering positive attitudes toward school so hopefully they have not attended Scott writes them a series called a schooled and learned a whole about the nefarious aims of modern schooling and the agenda to indoctrinate the children and to warp their minds because we're supposed to give them a positive attitude about the local public school where will they will the parents will be taught the learning goals and the curriculum and the assessments and the instruction. Approaches and this will all come down from prenatally on up through the early grades and transition them into the public school where get them young as the evolutionists said right Wow OK So that was an eye opener Now what does this all have to do with prophecy though you know we see these moves afoot we see things going on with the provocative moves like we saw with the White House being plastered with the red white and blue you know where is this not the red white and blue I said that incorrectly with the rainbow flag of the gay agenda where is this all going to take us in the near future Well let's look at history because sometimes history repeats itself and it's kind of like a tire with its tread and entire rolls over like this and you look back and you see that was kind of the trend of what the what the tread looked like in the past so that next time this thing rolls over it might look like that again well in the sixty's and seventy's there was an attack on the family right there was a controversial Supreme Court decision that said you know legalize abortion and that got you know the Christian right really up in arms and then there was also a cultural movement called the you know the counter cultural revolution and free love and the hippie movement and all that and so there was a cultural degradation and a controversial Supreme Court decision does that sound kind of like our day we're living in like part two of this in the two thousand teens Supreme Court decision last year on gay marriage and definitely a attack culturally taking everything into total moral relativism and totally denying the existence of gender the biblical marriage and everything so cultural attack legal changes what happened after the one thousand nine hundred seventy S. Well the one nine hundred eighty S. came around and this was the emergence of what was called the religious right or the Christian Coalition the Christian right emerged and they had a whole lot of correct things to say like you know this is wrong what's going on in society but from certain sectors of this movement from this wing of the reactionary political spectrum certain sectors started saying things like we're going to take America back for God by. Politically in forcing God's law our red flags go up right there don't play like we agree Biblically and morally on what's correct but what sorts of methods do we use to foresee God's ways merge into society evangelism right Soul to Soul person to first person family transformation but there are some taking their cues from the dark ages that we're going to use coercive force and pressure and the laws of the state to enforce mortality that would violate freedom of conscience and the First Amendment and ultimately bring us to this did you ever hear this statement in two thousand and actually I think it was fifteen two thousand and fifteen we are slowly eroding said Senator Sylvia Allen we are slowly eroding religion at every opportunity we have and that's correct gotcha Yeah probably she says though we should be debating a bill requiring every American to attend a church of their choice on Sunday to see if we can get back to having a moral rebore you think that's the biblical way to have a moral rebirth or to pass laws forcing everybody to attend church on Sunday if you read Revelation thirteen you know that this is coming and it's coming perhaps nearer than we ever thought so what does the Bible say about all these things you know we've seen with the culture says about it what does the Bible have to say about it well it says God created man in his own image in the image of God created him he him male and female created He them take a look at this statement from Ephesians five there is a difference between male and female between husband and wife OK It said this is why I love your husbands and husbands love your wives as that would assess No this is a why is respect your husbands and husbands respect your wives is that what it says No By the way should husbands respect their wives yes should wives love their husbands Yes but what how does the Bible put it where is the emphasis placed wives respect your husbands husbands. Love your wives Isn't that something there's a difference there is absolutely a difference take a look at the statement for testimonies Volume one the husband is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church now that's some politically incorrect hate speech right there right in our culture today this is unacceptable but it's true and we've got a hold to it it says in any course which the wife may pursue to lessen his influence and lead him to come down from that dignified responsible position is displeasing to gone it is the duty of the wife to yield her witches and will to her husband by the way that means under God's authority that doesn't mean he is in the position of God but you got that both should be yielding so I got that guys like you know that's what it means to be Christian is to be humble and yielding itself sacrificing but the Word of God gives preference to the judgment of the husband and it is not it will not detract from the dignity of the wife to yield to him whom she has chosen to be the to be her counselor adviser and protector the husband should maintain his position in his family with all meekness yet with decision and we have a hard time getting both of those right we either turn into passive man and we have no decision and firmness and leadership and strength or we become this like dictatorial maniac and you know I am going to rule with an iron fist no we've got to get this thing right but the way is that there is a difference that you see there's a difference even the science is telling us there is a difference some scientists are willing to say things that are super politically incorrect because they're like it's just the science I'm just a scientist right some like this one Stephen B. Johnson and he says the following the genetic differences between the sexes are hundreds of times more significant than the difference between the races for example you can't look at an F. M.R.I. of someone and say that's an African-American brain or that's a Caucasian brain but you can differentiate between a male and female brain you see there's a difference between male and female and not just with the anatomy and rigor with regard to the sexual reproduction but also with the brain but then there was this this headline I scan the news headlines and I sometimes come across ones like this I'm like OK they have a. In one fell swoop totally overturn everything we knew about gender in the brain the headline says thank you and I appreciate that the headline says Skinny ends prove there is no such thing as a male or female brain and if you read the article this is one of the lines in the article if a neuroscientist was given someone's brain without their body or any additional information they would still probably be able to guess if it had belonged to a man or a woman. OK scans prove there is no such thing as male or female brain and all the sciences in very early in the womb the presence of a wide chromosome triggers a burst of testosterone that makes the boy's development in his brain different from a girl's at twenty six weeks pregnancy the disparities can be seen in an ultrasound the corpus callosum in the brain I have an image of that in a moment but it it's the bridge the nerve tissue between left and right stronger connections in the female brain totally debunked the ideas of the sixty's and seventy's that there's no difference between men and women male and female baby girls and sociological studies are found to be more interested in more this isn't like a rule like absolutes black and white but girls more interested in smiling communicating people and security boys more interested in objects actions and accomplishments boys tend to have more developed parietal lobes where they use three dimensional movement throwing and catching balls and things like this and again this is not to me this isn't a moral issue like you should throw a ball to a girl don't take this to an extreme but we do see a distinction in a difference there we also see those of that's a that's going to come back to that one later but within girls brains the what they call the verbal spatial areas of the brain or the left and right areas of the brain are more developed in girls verbal development by age three is more more prominent in girls on average than boys and by the way if women have more developed verbal areas of the brain than men is it any surprise that on average you see women using more words in a given day than men that's just that's just how God made us and that's not like if you're a guy who talks a lot that makes you feminine or something let's not take this to extremes and I don't think I need to say that anymore but you got the idea there but isn't it interesting that God gave women the role of birth in the baby of nursing the baby of taking care of that small child till age three because who is the baby going to hear more words from mother or father mother and verbal. Well it is huge for early childhood development and so there you go God's design the scientists even acknowledge it Daniel Amen says there's not one human society now this guy has looked at like hundreds of thousands of brain scans more than anybody else and he says there's not one human society where men and women are more and where men are primary caretakers for kids men and women are wired differently women have a larger emotional brain it doesn't mean that men are not essential in childrearing or that they won't help they just have different roles better bonding taking place with mother and so on and so this is very very beautiful to see God's plan in action that's the middle part of the brain that corpus callosum And also you read also from Martha ridge that female seem to have language functioning in both sides of the brain this is that article again one that says proven that there is no thing such a thing is male or female brains it says sex differences in brain structures do exist so that's another quote showing that all those things that have been discovered still are the verdict is in on that says most of these differences are complementary they increase the chances of male and females joining together it helps the whole species you can hear his evolutionary bias there but he's saying these are complementary differences isn't that beautiful how God made the male and female made a helper suitable for him and so on and so for now this was a funny one when I when I came across this when a man's brain is resting OK this guy's not sleeping he's just kicking back and resting OK listen to the birds sing in the the water lap up upon the shore of beside his dock there enjoying the sunshine when a man's brain is resting his brain is seventy percent in active so seventy percent is just not doing anything OK when a woman's brain is resting her brain is ninety percent active. So instead of amazing it's an amazing difference. And God made this so beautifully when a man exercises it wakes up his sometimes you know overly restful brain where it's like you know OK non-gays you ready to do something right and when a woman exercises it can call him down what might become a tendency to you know and. Anxious feelings and overly active calms that down so women are tended to tendency to have more active brain then breast than men and then and then it flips right isn't that kind of cool how that works how about this one the Lord has constituted the husband the head of the Y. to be her protector he is the house band of the family binding the members together even as Christ is the head of the church and the savior of the Mystical Body let every husband who claims to love God carefully study the requirements of God in his position crisis already is exercised in wisdom in all kindness and gentleness I like that part in gentleness Jesus was was a true man in that respect wasn't so let the husband exercise his power and imitate the great head of the church now by the way I've had a couple of quotes about about what it means to be men and those quotes were pulled from a seminar I did for G Y C This past year called Biblically correct how to be male in the twenty first century so on biblical masculinity a lot of the stuff and. Woman women had in femininity is in raising the remnant so I comment a lot on that on that that nurturing role that doesn't even mean just for moms that when it says be mothers and fathers in Israel right to have that role of of caretaking of blessing of serving others and that's why you find so many more women in and caretaking industries of child rearing and we carry for the elderly and so on because that's a special gift but again don't feel that like if you're a guy who hangs out a lot in his right brain and you're like what I'm supposed to be just left brain to be a real man a no no no no let's not make these things absolute rules these are tendencies within the genders and God has made every individual unique as well and so I like to talk a lot at least when I'm up front when I'm at home this guy hanging around it's like you know I don't do as much but let's not worry so much about fitting within that but I want to close with something really really cool OK this is the husband is to be the protector right so you've got this this this impasse. Else to be this strong person in the family and little boys can catch that and Slike wired within their D.N.A. right it's right wired within their you know their brain in the way that they're built and this story from Christian news just touched my heart so much it goes like this a little boy in California recently stood up to a man after witnessing the stranger catcalling and cursing out a woman who was out for a run the woman happened to be secular singer songwriter Julio Price who shared her story on Facebook last week this was last fall when explaining how much the child had made an impression on her she explained that when she was out for a run on Nov eighteenth A man began loudly cat calling at her sexy lady hey hey hey sexy lady well price ignored the man and kept on running which in turn made the cat caller angry he began to curse her out spewing profanities price again ripped off her headphones she says and I was prepared to stand up for myself but a little boy nearby only identified as James was watching the incident says he walked with his mother and younger sister James spoke up to defend Price who was just a stranger to him thinking that a man should always protect a woman hey that's not nice of you to say to her and she didn't like you yelling at her you shouldn't do that because she's a nice girl and I don't let anyone say mean things to people James declared to the to the man she's a girl like my sister and I will protect her the man who had been eating lunch outside then became embarrassed and gathered his items to leave price asked the mother she could hug the child to tell him thank you I told him how grateful I was for him she recited and he just shrugged and said well I just wanted to make sure your heart was OK. You have all God's design I mean that's compelling to anybody even a secular. Singer-Songwriter Maybe she's out there promoting all these other things but when she sees it face to face it's like this is a beautiful thing this boy understanding a little bit about God's design and that's not the only way to express our our unique gifts and our individuality but I found that to be a inspiring story that we could close with today on a positive note as we see our culture just crumbling around us right and let's gather our children and let's teach them God's ways and model what it means to be a true family because right now the family is public enemy number one and if the devil can tear down the family he can tear down the souls in the salvation of children and those that they would reach with this final message but our children as for me in my house we will serve the Lord and we will stand strong for truth in the last days not in a deliberately and intentionally obnoxious way but in the most loving and truthful way speaking truth always in love knowing that when Jesus comes again he will not say did you do a good job fitting in with the culture around you in pleasing others and meeting their expectations he will say well and done good and faithful servant you were faithful in the little things and now I will put you in charge of the bigger things but there will be also those who he says that come to him in the end and they go Lord Lord we did your work and we were Christians when we cast out demons and all these things and he will look at them and say I never knew you you practice lawlessness so so much of our world even the process of proclaimed religious world knows nothing of God's law and it is our job to maintain that standard of biblical truth and to never waver from that let us rededicate ourselves to that into our families and to the truth of the Word of God Let's pray. Father we thank you so much for the design that you have put into our families to reflect your character to deflect to reflect so much about the Godhead and about what it means to be like Jesus may we be that way to our children may we teach our children the truth so that they would not be. Carried away into these shifting sands of moral relativism and an absolute insanity and Lord we know that though our culture is going mad prophecy is being fulfilled and for that we celebrate the near miss of your soon coming we agonize over the degradation in the the sin and darkness that is enveloping our land but we also celebrate that we can see you soon may we do the work and please empower us in with the inspiration and with the motivation to do your work to hasten your coming so that all of this pain and suffering and deception and confusion come to an end and can be in the light of the Heavenly King in Jesus' name. 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