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Seventh-day Activism

Nelson Ernst


Nelson Ernst

Literature evangelist with GLOW




  • September 6, 2009
    4:00 PM
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what is there really really quickly while grinning talking up today and is called some of the activism and were to learn how we can become involved in practical outreach disclaimer okay I'm in a reengineered this is not a sermon this is not a theological talk this is a seminar so that we can learn how to reject other people backward it was his lexical writer she says the best help that ministers can get to the members of our churches is not sermonizing but planning work for them give each one something to do for others and let all be taught how to work for God so as we think about what's most important for church today sermons and their place but what we need today is we need active laity and we need all to be out there working for the people that we are surrounded with day by day another story let him know in the New Testament about Jesus and how he wanted to desire Phoenician woman and what she said and she said I I I know I might be a dog but at least dogs get the crumbs from the masters table right so what were you doing today is more how to feed spiritual crumbs to those people who are around us because we face are facing up here at WIC right at as WIC so before we move on when we open up with a quick WordPress floor this afternoon we come before you just asking for your presence to be with us Lori want to come away from the seminar learning and knowing Lord how we can effectively reach out to the loss that are around us so Lord be with us she just guide us and we asked for your presence and your name and what likely get a quick story not too long ago I was at a school called souls blasts two-year Bible college in Arizona and when I was there there was a statewide affair that happens Phoenix Arizona record a million people showed up to the state fair not one of the exits to the state fair there was a man who had a gigantic white beard I mean this guy look like one of those ancient prophets of old was down on a rock and his review people is amazing right so I exited that one then I found this guy and he was standing up and the industry was doing was passing out these books called national Sunday law he pastels seven thousand of those books that you one of these books ended up landing in the hands of a man who hopped into his car and zero miles and miles into the city of Phoenix for whatever reason he is interested in the book he rolled down his window through the book out of the window and it landed in front of the house of a man named Aaron Aaron came out of his house one day he walked out to his front yard and he noticed this little white book laying on the ground he bent down he picked it up he began to read it and come to find out that Aaron just absolutely love this book and he read it from cover almost the cover and just as he was getting to the and he lost it he told me later that he searched through his whole house you lived under his so far the Torah 's garage apart he could not find this book I hate when you read you know and even wrinkles and about right and then you lose it here's anxious to finish it off right well anyway a few months later I combine and I'm knocking on doors on call Porter and guess whose house I come to Erin 's house right so not the nearest door he comes out I hand in the great controversy I start telling about the book and Aaron is looking anyhow I miss you don't like a cucumber to be more interested in what I'm saying I still am talking Aaron I realize I'm not getting anywhere with him so I stopped selling them on the book and I just start making friends with them no Aaron also he opens outsourcing with his spear choices nor was raised Catholic and in annoyance is the buzz around the ceremonies I tried Protestantism alone in their disciplines are hypocrites over there is a scallop is a civil time but many advantages claimed intentions as we got to watch out for these these seventh day activists one seven activists you mean Seventh-day Adventists right person handles a lot of the little ones many I watch out for those guys I set all day what's there and what's their deal their nonanonymous knocking on his door and he says Ullman is as intense he discusses the white vote from them and talks about the Paul Martin the beast six six six on the processes wow wow this guy got a hard-core stuff magnetism you know it into the floppy you know anything before and I said so what is unique about it you think was the reason home and everything was backed up by the Scriptures I said wow well Aaron I'm here for a special reason today because I'm a Seventh-day Adventist in his eyes and pump that is anything you will get what I said no I don't have the book but I have a book that is better than in the book and that one is based off of labor the great controversy back in his hands and this time he was looking at like this she was shaking and how much of the cost and I said well you know just as much and she traded ten bucks like he was trading pocket lint for gold no one knew there was nothing about and goes on that in using arena booking on a county below would like to have our church mistaken for seventh day activists and the light of our church was known for all being active whenever the door-to-door people just say are you Mormon or Jehovah's Witness others say are you a menace and I can probably say yes we are also I'm looking forward to so the question is though how can we get involved but it is cool with me this is from reviewing on July twenty one eighteen ninety six Mrs. Weiss is a great outpouring of the Spirit of God was like the whole earth with his glory will not come until we have a people that know my experience what it means to be laborers together with God when we have an entire artery concentrations in the service of Christ God will recognize a fact-finding outpouring of his spirit without measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not laborers together with God so let me ask you a question will the Holy Spirit before now if were not active no so then the next question is how can we activate the majority of God 's church leaders about sixteen million Symbian is how can we all get involved does everybody have to be flown over from Africa and silent and always in the places to go to go for missing college arsenals was there they'll have to go to work for your universities and get degrees in doctors and causes no not necessarily this is why asked the same question she says let every something administered ask himself what can I do to proclaim the third Angels message then she answers by saying the distribution of our literature is one means by which the message is to be proclaimed let how late believers in every believer scatter broadcast tracks and leaflets and books containing a message for this so my raise of hands how many here today are believers whereas unbelievers there okay how many virus of hands you try to do right now all men is a problem suit Ricky Vanessa the following is a draft to us you know I is a wizard among our Lord is right out of a thousand just everybody here right argue like in the seminar is free literature amen I write now to pass out some free loads fast everybody if you haven't realized yet I'm the director of the globe program presented in California conference in today really thought about how you can get involved with this evening liturgy wherever you go the Globe program will have to let out just to let you know the statistics your blog has been around for about twenty three months and since the program is started we published four million pieces of literature more than half of which is then passed out of people 's hands fifty churches in central California as well as some other conferences and also started the program seven conferences of starting the program since it started on the conference level is starting in the Czech Republic this fall is spreading all over the place and why is not because of anybody's ingenious lists if that's a word is because this is just what God told us to do and when Kellogg was asked why he was so prosperous and successful with the sanitarian Z said well I just read what only has a and I do it and some were steps in advance of everybody else if it's not too hard a thing to figure out how we can have a program that can be blessed by God when the library can be become involved doesn't matter whether you young aware they are old everybody can be part of the globe program by raise about sums up how many of you here today have thumbs I think the majority was your son 's right you little thing about Tom's unlike many animals we as humans how was called opposable thumbs CR thumbs how they can do this they can come in and they can uphold the other singers trying opposition is good around if you have an opposable for you in the literature evangelist why because you can grip of his literature and you can pass it out to somebody and that's all tanks very very simple mail with a strategy have in your hands if you look on the back notice that there is a back panel that has contact information for each one of these chassis passed out some words on health was understanding down the Sabbath on the second coming or Daniel to me passing out not only can a person read about the Bible and understand more about the truth in there but they can also not back panel sign up for Bible study this is a long e-mail and call in or snail mail and they can sign up for Bible studies where they're at we've gotten people handwriting letters in requesting Bible studies of El Salvador and all over the place across the country to help win when they call in for Bible studies what we do is we get the contact information where they live and work in English and call the lows of the most local church and have been followed up so if you pass out and will attract in Pasadena or Los Angeles even though I'm from central California will find out where that person that you call into Bible studies and will refer the closest church right back to them if they want correspondence Bible studies will does for those over to me to stay I just remind you that disclaimer that I said in the beginning for those of you shortly this is not a sermon this is a seminar and silver to be going over some practical practical things now the question is now we are below tracks in her hands how can we get them out into our communities how can we get them into people 's hands throughout our neighborhoods in the streets and places that we let them well understanding a few simple ideas as were going through this year how to glow came to be on the paper pencil he might want to Johnson these ideas down these are some practical ways we can get literature and our communities and there are plenty of people who been doing this all over the place like I said more than two nine two million of these Jackson already been passed I was like citing sources our guys been doing number one is the intentional with your sharing K when you're in the grocery store line other people in front and behind you need to know about Jesus amen just drag a conversation with them about the notes of what you have in your annual new conveyor belt or something like that is very easy to start a conversation a summoning handle visa literature Walmart were a regal shopping is a great way to pass the great time to pass out literature whenever you're in the community surrounding a non- Adventist we got a call the other day from a man who went shopping at Walmart as he was shopping with a shopping cart he noticeably thought was some trash in his shopping cart he eventually picked up the trash and noticed that it was the Sabbath tracks from below he began to reverse out of Jackson Coliseum for Bible studies I like the Santa Bible studies because I went on the Sabbath I said okay great things and that's not it you understand this is a miracle you said we just got done saying our son my ten -year-old son Slovenia 's program and their teachers some of the ten Commandments now they talk about the Sabbath and he came back to me my wife and said among them why are we keeping Saturday holy Hill we didn't know why and so we were just praying about keeping the Sabbath when we found distracting Walmart shopping cart and then forward in due season guys put in the Walmart shopping comes very easy and gas stations you can leave over there you know where that little receiver turns out that the perfect slapstick and will attract the next person in line can come up and read about Sue that will accompany S we met people I sat next to somebody in an evangelistic series coupe came there because they got and will attract at a gas pump is powerful restaurants leave them in your chips e-mail one time I was at the spaghetti factory and other waiter came up and started talking to me and I just made small to chat with him right to will start talking to people is open I was this young man broke down almost crying in front of me and this is a waiter know what was going on there's an ounce I'm sorry you understand this is the year anniversary from one my cousin got killed in a drive-by shooting uses and cheers again from me and I felt for this guy has set a manual and sorry hear that I recently hand in my pocket I didn't even know was contract I had I pull it out blindly without seeming and guess which one it was says does God care that I'm hurting a word in the season for that man there is a Baptist pastor who is in Michigan and that he went over to McDonald's one day great place to learn about the Lord and on the table he found the tracks on the spiritualism but when you have is as dead men don't talk this over on humor that track any call us for Bible studies and McDonald's evangelism that's what I call searing password one Mensa not live by McDonald's alone cements and I like the house probably bill payments whatever you send a bill out pale bill the Senate and snail mail right of the LoJack in there how many never get credit card offers in the mail is it just me all men the only change it you get the credit card is in and look forward to you inside the envelope is normally a prepaid postage return envelope right so even your blood checked in their e-mail it back at their expense what do you think this can happen somebody to get baptized for the Renaissance handles things you and him and you know there was a feminist woman who decided to mail and lunch onto her friend who lives in another state she got a state of the Netherlands is what happens when you die and when you have your packet she mailed it to her the friend I read about the state of dad loved it so much assuming a photocopy of it and then mail the photocopy to her brother who lives in yet another state that brother read about this in the day got on the phone with his sister who mailed it to him they had a Bible study about the state of the database often attracts on the phone and as soon as he hung up on the phone with her eating the globe for him a call and said I want to find the closest in the Adventist church amen I will check that went in between three different states and got photocopied along the way our people hungry for spiritual food what an end you know we we are so blessed to simply administer companies conferences and meetings and go to church every Sabbath and sometimes we would get very well spiritual effect right might tell me about inflow would value not the other people to write and let some problems follow the side of the table for low puppies to pick up desk holders if you work in an office you can idle just called her put your blood tracks right there to get everybody who comes in large gatherings like the promise keepers malls whenever there's a large gathering Jim is a great place to do some passing out literature in Clovis there's a close glow of churches doing below their team of people went down to a Christian rock concert where thirteen thousand people showed up I was in this game going out there remember driving up sitting in a parking lot and looking at nighttime and inching the exit doors in response to stand up as we had it all planned out no and there were four squad cars in front of the exit that I was to stand united as help handcuffs on my arms already you know and so we pray Lord please take where these top cars as soon as he sent a man gets on they drove away we got out our cars on that concert exited Pascal six thousand pieces of literature in half an hour amen Mrs. Weiss says in one window large gatherings need to have people there who can grab the attention of people to pass them out him credit for the gospel just this week is Friday Saturday will be you are and whatever is Dennis will and is a good product or store is awesome we can pass out on the literature just like Mrs. Weiss as tracts pamphlets leaflets and books contain a message for this time that he 's got a message for this time so check this out you can input your bollards on the table there was a young woman who went to a to a prayer of faith conference she set up file tracks on the table the Merced County jail chaplain came back to the table picked up the track this is the document I'm hurting he read it to London he call the globe program and said I want his literature for all nine hundred and one engine and because of one track settlement table when a literature than nine hundred people in jail let it daily until the lab with little stone garden is our humble efforts to bring Satan 's host down in moving on newspaper ads if you guys have free newspaper ads in the Pennysaver the anesthetic you can put an advertisement for literature or DVDs is a great way to do a great way to find Bible studies etc. moving on laundromat and Taiwan in the laundromats in finding you denominations literature and now on analyzing that analysis I I me I I I I dispose of the and we actually have a Samoan church in San Francisco I was supposed by the way these guys are young there being no less of these guys and they are gung ho about below a thousand hours ago Donald Glover where they don't and him and they then I heard a story one time or one of the Samoan women was in the laundromat and she has set her pallet jacks there and she saw a will take about traps and just about drop them in the trash can and the Samoan lady intimidating as she was sent when you really like what I just said just for those that and maybe I get the gospel out there and cannot so you know someone's been doing a different way than I can praise God moving on hotel rooms and there was a hotel room will attract make a great little marker in the Gideon Bibles put it right there in Exodus chapter twenty ten airplanes every time you write an airplane it's just inevitable you sit next to somebody who not want to talk to about the Lord is his amazing advertising isolating airplanes almost always appointment and so airplanes are great place to share literature with people you can put it in in the little magazines were the cells will be a cheesy gadget necessity much of something substantial to read after what was sitting in the plane hollowing giveaways instead of passing out candy to give the computer door to get them to act cavities what do we do we can fast out literature and man was it implements all of my hand along my life everywhere the proceeds of a mountain that guys this last year three quarters of the Pathfinder club in central California conference Nunnally went door-to-door to collect cans also passed out our new spiritualism tracks to people we called in from all over the conference because people were getting these tracks in there is one night to go door-to-door day during the year guess what it is following because everybody's already expecting you at the house of Israel it is dress up like a church member deviant costume and then you go out there and trigger truth at any given track payment and upsetting I know what the dark of the night right so we can go out there and we can blow I am on Halloween office waiting room ceiling literature in the waiting room cashiers or stores a story go to cashiers are great people normally very humble kind people say he is also the reason I went aboard just keep on prison we actually had a woman called in works of the Taco Bell drive through and as she was handing and Granada or whatever it was unsure as in the changes to anatomists and the drive-through she in exchange handed back to her Anglo chart on the second coming and just because in a single exchange she called in for Bible studies I was actually from Sacramento Taco Bell evangelism while Orchard 's hardware store we got a man who e-mailed in the other day because he had gotten a state of the dead tracks in a barbecue grill at Orchard 's hardware store amen now what an interesting if it was a draft on the truth about hell in the barbecue grill but is flames anyway but he e-mailed and said no I just really I really like the way that this tract is written I'd like to actually get some more literature and thanks to the person left in the barbecue grill for me over at Orchard 's hardware store now and I don't recommend leaving in a merchandise of seventy souls but hey you know what you do genitive day I'm going to be there watching over your shoulder know here those are just a few simple ideas you come up with with better ideas I'm sure as you move along capacities out in your neighborhoods but we ask ourselves a question out any good habit takes a little while to establish cell if these documents and papers let's write these things downward and again at the real practical out how you can get into the habit of passing out literature wherever you go okay real practical how you can get into the habit of asking a literature review go and install the glow oh seven okay number one choose a location in your house or car where you place your literature okay but it normally when I pass out literature I always went up to my car I have lying a little a little of the outlet in extending center console there's no pockets and the NSF how does the soul console pocket popout thing whatever it is an analyst at the blood Jackson has always stopped so I step out I cannot grab three or four months ago in my pocket and I'm ready to go I'm ready for those casters I made a lead on a table somewhere I'm ready regards when it's potentially the amount of times that I've neglected their data I walked into the store I talked to the cashier and it's been an amazing when I got in line one times asked me what I did and I said the less-than-perfect set up by the way behind I argue Bible studies people illness I get a poor Eli Eisele bookers and books or whatever I'm on the Mister and I didn't have a butcher it was terrible I have safely hold that thought and renounce my car ground attract and bring a vacuum and exercise do not but is there a just bring it with you all the time and number two how to get into the mindset number of first Baltimore once you look at your house your car number to make a plan to exit your house your car without first taking at least three of four pieces of literature with you this is almost synonymous with number one but you need to get into the mentality of essays I am not generally use my house and my car without taking these letters are with meeting and assessing kind reminder e-mail like maybe I was string across your door take the humble site or something slowly walk through it you remember only where the tracks you know whatever it takes just into the cabin do this for about two weeks and you'll always remember from that time on silly always have them with you the Bible says that worthless to be ready in season and out of season and I was also given a word in due season to those who are weary and sometimes not as novel word but it's also a written word number three how to get into the globalized at number three take some time here during your devotions in the morning and pray for divine appointments I can't tell you how many times guys directing me to just the right person and just the right time is it to speak to them or to give them a piece of literature is amazing how songs chapter thirty seven says that the steps of a good man are directed by the Lord God will direct our steps if we just ask into and other urban days when even exists I got how can you direct my steps to Daniel many surrounded by adding us all day long he'll say goodbye people don't need any talking down in a single address money always connects he was somebody that I can talk to and this is what we want to do number three just greater evils devotional time for divine appointments this is in helping the right people the right time with the right literature helps you get into the minds of distribution timing is so important not too long ago Pastor Iver Myers and his Bible worker Cameron Sanders they were going to follow the Bible study and Templeton and as they came to the door the woman came out frantic in tears she said my sons is about to commit suicide she did not commit suicide for the house is where you so I ran onto the back to the house they found is this young twenty five no man weeping on the back porch became up with her arms around and try to console him Cameron pulled out chunks of this guy can bring unity to when you need a natural and young men began to cry even more heavily and any says Walpole did I do something wrong the young man understand this is the third time I've gotten this exact track in the past three consecutive days that young man is now an active member who is going to did arise training school and brought eight of his friends into the church with them and he could and then just six feet under without hope and without Christ but because somebody because some church members are out there actively passing out literature that man had just enough hope to keep his head above the water until he joined us from the church in all about signing ill matched at one church in in Fresno the pastels so many pieces of literature they passed out to hundred thousand pieces of literature heart download tracks and in the whole city is getting saturated it's amazing one of the church members he went to court Monday to deal with a few things and as he was passing through one of those x-ray machines are in other ones that you got guns and step on you feet he got rid of all the metal on himself he took a step with pockets and put it into a bucket for the security guard look at the evanescent glow trapped in his pocket so that those evocative so here's a thought in the security guard did he looking at it and he says hey can I have this one and this one had the answers never said he actually wants to the other wants to security guards that not only does America have saturation brothers and sisters saturation in the same town one of the coal porters is going out he found a bomb in the blood track Google tracks at that level check the bottom season the homeless man he said all things on collecting leads anyone down he had a little brochure form objects remaining is all about saturation also timing like I said another story here I just heard this one for weeks ago there was a young man in his girl she had just happened started her church so she what do she was on the bus riding school or work she felt the overwhelming convention by God to hand and attract the man sitting next to her but she was afraid I just can't help back but finally looking to the point where he was just about ready to exit and she said home in El Paso to me don't never seen again so she mustered up all records she went out about Jack she gave it to infringing and he said it was one's as his doctorate I'm hurting and said no I was just praying that God would give me a sign if he didn't want me to commit suicide I think this is a sign of what would happen if she would set out Mrs. Weiss says let every believer scattered broadcast tracks leaflets and pamphlets containing a message for this timely manner this is a work for everybody doesn't matter how young are you are doesn't matter how old you are all of us can get involved in doing active literature distribution will assure you right now something that I get here all the time when people call in for Bible study they often timely they leave voicemails and we get to hear these people asking for Bible studies because of the tracks of a gotten a hold of you thought you guys might enjoy listening to some of these one of them is actually of a the will and will and will will he a a a a will and in and in our and in he and he will and he and he and he will and he he he he you was you another one here this is actually a knee voice recordings of this calling is announcing these men are actually not as pastors ordering literature to get into their church members will will hear a man on I will hear and I and yeah you order this for my church is not a is a a and I you have her in a will and are as a result this will certainly just as abilities is also an gospel seed in his whole churches and in result because literature distribution and help everybody can departments work you know that that's that one where the guy he said that he got the tracks where the train tracks help is at this as this pastor it was down in Southern California he was passing out his own literature right on the train and some of the one on the big lighthouse of the Pisa literature out to happening and an atmosphere exchange handed inductive loads she said well I'll take is the dateline and so that's what he called and he is really really like that attract and want to order some for his church we've had one day were more non- Adventist churches called the global room requesting litter sure will administer justice the stones are crying out brothers and sisters this is a work that we can all doing we should all have bargaining who actually had some people down here in Southern California and interested in talking to us to talk to me since I've been here as a view I see and share with me this experience where they went down to the Rose Bowl Parade they began passing out thousands of low tracks what we have to get a call from one of the women who receive those tracks of the Rose Bowl Parade she called and she said now noticeable tracked on nine ancient prophecy reveals a future in other words Daniel chapter two and she said this is really really good she says I'd like to get some of these the past outlines my friends in and get some online church will be counting down to Susan what kind you have we told her the different kind of literature that we had including the Sabbath one she ordered one hundred of each kind in order to hold eight hundred tracks for herself to distribute an amount powerful powerful closing quotes here review and Herald November ten eighteen eighty five she says that more than a thousand will soon be converted in one day most of the entries are first connections to the reading of our publications and now not only does he say that the ligand is this is even more powerful in a large degree throughout publishing houses is to be accomplished the work of that other angel who comes down from heaven with great power and the earth with his glory you don't talk in our revelations Chapter eighteen verse one is is a picture of an angel coming down and lighting mirror the glory that is a symbol of the latter rain the last message of mercy that they go out to ourselves sick worlds and a large portion of that work is going on throughout people like you people like you passing out literature into people 's hands in your community is not is this work which is ministers going out there and doing work we have to rise up and take the work into our own hands and in the past a literature wherever we go and some of those pieces of literature it is no way on a cell phone while the clicks and docile you know what somebody's been taken up just at the right time the Holy Spirit is minimum upon them until reading so they can make a decision that they need to for Christ when the moment is right you know it's amazing to me to see what God has been doing and NIC you here today it reminds me of all the rest of the people in our church that can be doing this to I wonder if today there's somebody here who doesn't just want to pass his literature of themselves but they also want to activate their entire church maybe there's somebody here today who wants to go back to their home church and get this program started so that not only you are passing out literature about your multiplying your effort and you're getting all the old grandma 's and wheelchairs to pass out literature through their mail all the young kids when they gone down to their trick-or-treating to pass out literature you know you can do that at her with actually have something here that you can come and look at later installed Google action-packed this actually now has literature and it's a start your church off with the step-by-step process on how you can begin this program in your church and get everybody activated so I encourage each and every one of you when we were done with the seminar number one swing by Ryan on here in this little of little entryway where the stairs go up and were to have literature out there for you immediately after this for about fifteen minutes were also selected literature the booth so you can get more you just got a little packet of about ten pieces of silver to last you for about a day my categories and half an ounce of fat I also have tested the Lord has been living upon you to get your entire church motivated and activated and passing out literature wherever they go and talk to us about the actual facts and we can teach you how to use them and how you can get your entire churchgoing guys are not in this work by my edition ran to my multiplication in when you activate everybody so that Jesus can come back brothers sisters and allow you but I feel like praying that the Lord will help us to be faithful in what we learned today so this isn't just another seminar but this is something that is a benefit our neighbors we go back home and I preach this today or present a seminar that we can be filled out I presented it so that for the sake of the people that you have a spirit influence with vacuum home communities it's for them that were sitting in this room it's for their salvation that were to keep these jacks in our pockets so they can be in heaven that we need to pray that the Lord help us to be faithful in soil because of the worker for this afternoon we come before you and we've seen one of the amazing avenues for just one of the avenues that you've given us to become involved with with spreading the three angels message and Lord we just looks you right now for faithfulness our promises are like ropes of sand the Lord you can make us faithful in small things but please be with us as we go from here and Lord may we just find the right people at the right time to get attractive one so that they can learn more about you and your saving grace thank you so much for being with us and we asked for your blessing the park here Norman and this media was brought by audio purse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word three audio and much more than we would like to know more about our universe is good like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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