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The REBELution

Joakim Hjortland


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • November 26, 2016
    11:00 AM
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Very proud of thank you for this opportunity to be here thank you that's you. You have promised to get it with us as we come together in your name secure to secure will and as we sang the Lord we once showers of blessing we want that you may bless us in a special way this week. Through this message in general and we know that's only possible with your spirit so we pray what you may you may live in a special way that you may terminate this message repaired if you may help us to understand. The things we will be talking about today help us to. Understand what it means in our lives. And Lord you know your word was given not so much for our information but rather for our transformation. And we pray that this message will not be information the rest put into our heads. But that it will lead to a life transforming lives. That you may that we may take the decisions you want us to change that we may take with us what you want us to think what else thank you lord that you hear on that you will answer this prayer with praying just name him. Many times by now in future that we offer you this is not. We talk about the word of shops already and something we should want some rights rights talk about finishing their rights and become very useful let's not stop running our rights but if that we can live in our personal lives and shocking. The band with them I want my ground that's all around us here. For me I also like the nights to run and get fresh so your mind gets. And now especially you that like running from probably. Related to this. Where you have been running like real races on nothing ever by especially if you if you're going to race as a special long distance races you run the marathon hard or. The first maybe or whatever I think that that you know how you start a thread is when I will have been impressed on how I'm feeling start from. Your attitude walking through this talking dime we will be many times very important for how we actually within this stuff Reza specially like think of running a marathon if you're going to that present moment not being sure if you will complete the race and not because it's quite long enough for you to point what is a popular person. If you're not sure that you would commit you with your most likely not complete the threads your attitude how we start the rest of attitude in the beginning of the rest where you want us to run at the same compound how are you going to finish the rights now. If we found through it would take us thinking you know after that how do we often put the rice couldn't the let's see how with such a sharp. Start. Could be important for us so that for how we can finish strong Could it be that we could learn from powerful lessons from from the other charges from our hardware from the beginning of the adult movement that will help us about will be important that will be crucial for us probably in order to finish the work to finish stronger think that could be the best I believe I think some of the valuable lessons from the beginning but the other side of the atoms. And their you know the mission statement of impact as you might notice and powered by the Spirit impacts fired members that were offended I mean the crisis together in this in Russia basically the nation in fact in Russia. Really won't work right sacrament because that doesn't want to convert want to be part of anything the rest fishing or is this a result of recent rigging up of the fish and there's messages in this in Russia. To finish the work. Now how can this happen. I want us to think I'm a bit of how it started our power how it all started. Because it started very strong the start of a very very well there are shops that ambulance sorry not with a group of very special group of young delivers. I very special a group of young Arabs. Don't have this. Special However they were they were they have really they started off really well Aaron. Many of them started very young as just well. As a couple of examples out of the war on terror founder when they were fortunate seventeen years old they started this virus Allen tissue society I think I read something purposeless usually works. John Hamre a scanner groups one of them are known by us that when he was twenty four young Harvey some thirty five articles he had he had me get to some of the New Testaments memorized he said and imagine forty four years old he envisions a thousand years laughing here Greek and Hebrew there are very promising outcomes to prove the history of the Sabbath to say five hundred percent are sharks that the Sharks he was on this is basically getting along but some of the charge there for me they're very very good he was elected as that first just president the first president of the sharks and on the first story he was elected Bush very well the person on trial there was. Only thirty years off he was elected the SUPPRESS of us everybody our way every forty five hid it was sent out as the first official missionary from your ass to your office with something far we're. Sorry we don't have a quarter of it by force of. People who are now America that doesn't want somebody to talk to many many of us today how awful things are going to shift our backyard at Christmas if it were before. Many many of our Tea Partiers who are very I'm very I'm very surprised you are from three years of time for everyone that's one seventh of the. I missed it was six hundred plus he's not time you're asked me for twelve say they started. Have they don't we start Iraqi heart they really how about our only harvest. However there were us are shocked group. That's really. Well and I believe we have the world to learn from Iraq to remind us and some of their active shooter their minds I think Carter about what's in the shack in that time I think that many very well that's from not really that's me think of the pie we're just you know when we think of the time your food we have that is pictured in mind this old people with long beards you know black man distribution very much the pictures of how they look in are but that they have these thoughts that somehow it started because they didn't wait until their hair grew grave as a reaction to long this hard I only have five aspects that start out as my list of where I don't have. That we all want our stuff long periods anyway but that's the way it was so crowded that. Time. OK so. Now I think it's helpful I mean for parents to realize that though it's not something most nice things become aware of but I believe it's important to realize that we are I believe that's just how it is about justice and what garish we are in many ways I think I said Christianity Today time to settle down to the shops that this crisis of especially in the western part of this well. You know you can't really restart result physics in the head we are living in a weird time and I think that we are living in our time we are living in crisis there are of examples of a cover up. In the head of we are you know right in our own in books wired to nearer to yours. Listen for him there is a fifty percent chance that Jerry gets baptized or fire me. Will that I want this charge completely by the time your system I can imagine fifty percent chance that sound that person meets and so they will if any man grown up in summer school in your youth of God So they are quite good but here is something that sometimes starts that's very sad six of them they will they will go there when the ten years or whatever and you have different numbers you know about seems like they're the subject of this type of studies are between like thirty five percent I liked some of the some of the answer but actually it's a big problem has been recognized by Mary the has been discussed a lot but the reality is here what I whether it's thirty five percent seventy percent lots of young people today growing up in the shops they live. That's a serious problem. That we are I mean this one in every five out of the structures in North America. Doesn't help us single child sitting at their oriental rugs. While every five charges have any side and it's there and being done a lot of us that average age at the start of the new generation this office is nearly sixty five but it's like twenty years old on the average of America. And and you can you know average present size factory in Norway raises of this takes on some other places but. I think for sure there were no one hundred cyclists are here we are still in our problem in Europe and across Europe it's not hard to realize if you go to like and just around my destruction you. It's not hard to set up the average age here is higher than the average age of just removing the fridge. We sit at something it's like literally the shark is dying out this paragraph of his leadership a trip to Norway one time and then they had they were shares on this of this again on the situation like mad and how are how bad situation we were in and how one of the guys has stood up and we show his picture here paint the obviously if you want to use I think that that this report of the trillion and they were not enough votes to watch I was there for all they were like going astray and they were trying to not fall down and down in the water for they have this broken Sharp's hand and in the boat they were rock solid rock really sick they were hired on us as I call them trying to suppress the truth and he set up this The police thought this thought of in this not just representing to the district court trying to fight they were tired they were what they called and they were just above the cliff of falling out and remember beside him out I remember house to leader and was sharing with Sears in his hands how are you know if you start where he was his focus on how they have a hard past of many years and many of the stuffs up there that there are you know have there been growing smaller unfold there and so on the markets and now we are in a crisis really hard crisis and this is you know we could talk about use of this a million studies also show something down the shaft of the prophesies or in general practice on trucks in general in the west and well the numbers are going down young people live shot one one study I read about. Seven in ten young people growing up attending shops regularly from such office that they start hanging. By a little credit for it we are in crisis. And I go. You know you could if you could there are many Starbucks but just this summer some parts of it is coming through several of the side of the stuff out generational pushouts today generational question today generational adding to its parents are really the Bible less than the previous generation or didn't sound so good and the generation before us read the Bible less with we are less generally less sharp under some criticism Russians spend less time in prayer under the Russians before us we're less involved in the cost of the mission the resurrections before us we are living in crisis. And. You know this has. Iraq has changed when we look at how the infrastructure Charlotte I want when we look at what is happening today we saw the normal sense was normal back then it's not normal today many things I sense we are one of the problems perhaps there but it's very much I think that the crisis a lot of traffic roof very specially on the boat on how strong the side of that that. I'm coming with how the stuff our generation growing up we have west west so many times very low expectations not only in the shopping world in general but expectations reacted very low character in Charlotte now to start with that I think both expect that we sometimes for low expectations in our personal personalized I mean our personal ministering to the service of Christ heart problems I believe the stuff we're experiencing in our particularly a lack of a sense of a personal quality you don't hear so many times saying our average shopper today are ashamed to be going up to the doctor said this person of course from God He wants them to go in this direction he wasn't a doctor wants them to do their hair and I prefer person how horny and it's it's like that the mission of the sharks you know about reaching out to the world just like this is something we're not going to look up on and some. Just takes so much individual responsibility for its place like it's lack of paying off on our seniors like OK for shock. Crisis what was normal for this is not normal today I don't know you know if you pick up a bit of because if you read a story book of Acts you know. It's pretty different so I would satisfy my stripes you know how it is today myself and I would compare it with I sat for an hour with the goal of this obviously if you have receptacle yourself where words like this in a hurry let me know I got them with discounts of responses but guys doing there are nothing like things have changed things have changed. And that you know today you know Russian perfectly normal How do we know this of the five for a young man this grown ups are with most of the violence it's perfectly normal to not there to defend our faith from Scripture is perfectly normal not to hope for a life. Perfectly normal and not to be involved in mission where I was not the I'm going to stick mind and you could go on Things have said just now matter with me you manage to be with your mind the time we would go back to that Archer first century if you had seen or to that in the beginning of Adam and this time we could knock one of these villagers who pulled him out I'm not jumping down into the system rushing the structure that. Oh it happened. I think it's a good chance that they. Got back they were very very kind on how to balance it with the opposite he would take us around on dialysis to. Go back in time. For him and I think they would freak out because you know like that time what happened that in those days is like. It's weird. Package Manager people are walking down the street and just a shadow is touching someone there. And our like someone is coming up to you is. That what they want to split or something five years of experience and you know I recently started you know what I saw what happened what you didn't like is what we're putting to meet some of our spirit but if someone our house of experience up it's our county or that of the Charlotte their priests you would just you think are a bit weird Ross your life over quite crazy because you know many things are happening that those states will actually sit in the same way or they've got the ads and believe us. You know they they they were like they were. He was not we had to basically say everything you own just hear a single across he was wrong we have to leave my reading right now I mean a little more progressive on the grounds like or whatever like one of those are hoping to be able to disarm if you show me focus on the real beginning of many hours of those missions course I would start back in the those states that was like what he did what is normal today. What's not normal. And that. You know I think not only not only the sharks find general I think there are happened somewhere to some graphics anxious in the culture in the world in general but I believe it has had a big impact on Christianity and I am pissed off well and. I think that should sue that does tension us should listen to our Iraq or our and rush on Iraq war to young people going out. I think. It's like who was best. To be rebellious so there abouts I will explain what I mean apparently it's a bit of romance this country because romance would be an interesting past a fair. Bit of romance stuff to try out. For the romance of the twelve and would reverse the first one verse to. Her SO decision every brother by the mercy of God If you could stand there by some living sacrifice holy thought of the guard we face a reasonable sorry it's a little bit conformed to this world but it transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is stopping some of all her friends will off guard. So here it says quote here writes to believers that we should not become forum to this world. Obviously he's not saying your personal life if you've got a plan that's not what it's talking about it was talking about the scope of the world if it's going to go by just saying that we should not be. We should not be called. The culture of this generation we should not agree with we should not follow. The culture of the world we should or should not have the sense in mind such as the World Vision is not because of the sense down much the same philosophy it's the same the same perspectives as the obvious not I was basing the culture in lovely spot but what we should. Do well enough for was he felt I read a lot of these things there and Christians are expected to be the fire and the African culture goes against God's will God's eyes and. You know we heard about every bit of different cultures right there from the countries here and I'd be very particular what is our country or in our family culture whatever I think any Every culture has good things and valid. So by God's grace we should rather see what is good and if there are things that it's not good honest I guess what about we should we should not come for sure. Topic basically police here is calling for non-conformists. Not conform to their not not formal form with the prevailing at the practices behavior something use of the world around why some other word for not wired for non conformists Gosselin products because it only takes an area look for similar studies for anyone but the recent studies done non-conformist Center for us because they are right about. So basically the Bible is quoting or it was a very very. Private Who shall I guess said that while the minds of the other parts of the things in the culture that are having going against counseling services we are called to prevent the message that the days to rebel and. That's where it shouldn't be forbidden from public that's what the Bible is part of our example of article of this is interesting well you know it certainly that Pentecost and Christians powerful sermon right and three thousand people want to get baptized but before they get back I was basically just having them this is what he says to the very the same Peter says save yourself from this heard first generation X. or for me. That's the message translation process get out why you can't get out of this stupid partner. So you know that Christianity that I was sorry when someone were baptized they knew that they knew what they were like. You have that like Karen think I'm standing there telling them a lot of things remember get out of this culture get out of the culture of the world not become for their coverage of what they hear but they were making a statement that they would. They would go against the current of their culture. They would rebel against things in the world mindset such active shoots are not one of the grounds of love with God's will. Or the. Value. To repair those things after peace in the world are often quarrels with God sort of Air Force bases I guess the prevailing current of our day. Now. I think what we do says that our generation and it has been in many ways impacted by the culture of the world and the culture of the world and how that has changed in the last two hundred years especially I think many West has impacted peckish area as a whole and am different from our own and it has helped I mean I think. That's one important reason for this of this is we already beginning for the problem the crisis very is because of the process the values ourselves from these developments now arctics them law required of me without. Now our generation I think that in fact if I was the first. Generation for several reasons one of the reasons for our is that we are a first people ever in history our direction basically identifies a group of people from like twelve to twenty something asked how the lessons are senators. That's actually and you think this actually marks the first time in history we have this concept of cigarettes he said when you look in history doesn't find it very subtle some new modern concept is actually our twentieth century. Western invention not very interesting we're seeing history for us to decide what really you know want to hear us because that's like that's what we are born into you know that's up that's the. Well obviously in the mind that's the concept right but I think this very day before I did it was you know. You had superiors child. But now suddenly we have like an extra second of the minute when they're having What are the lessons such an adverse you are not I mean that this period of time like the running time your friends your child. But your. Breast cancer might. Kind of like they're not expected so much from you know you're just. Like I think this development person. Or states that patients. There's the potential to put down every young people so that he has serious consequences I mean. Now let's let me how to start is good recipes like a good summer about how to put it in this for America and some of the graphics and this is really interesting in the first part of the country nineteen hundreds. In discovery. There were some. How did we have thought of just. Whiteside my tyrants from the moment they got the child to go down in order to enjoy the opportunity. To go on the garbage and want from the board how they came out. It was that simple and significant. There are forms of the twentieth century liberal have goals here in our lifetimes a person missing a boat size thirteen or fourteen was ready to go to work. Now adult size was such a small center but preparation for about this possibility this lasted until it's a. Letter from Interesting pretty good summary I think I've seen it in the column about what's happened. And I think from December. And here's another piece not a graph from a different story I'm. Finished here. And I through it was like a carrot. For a. Very think it in high priced business number to give up description of how did you know bottom line height I didn't know the rug down the block about sexist Congrats on the exit also soon I step out for signs of activity maybe there are parents. Married about fifty. Voice who John the person army officer cuts of the recent among the upper classes and sits on university or truck professional must constantly after a possible I think edge off incident or sit still and I suppose actually from the book and a few begin to write the party's signature about them I see no expectation not behind how do you hire a savings of his recent period he also lost all of us have some savings. And work a could you imagine your your brother or sister. Like you say your sister or brother seems like it's fifty seven being ready for marriage and you are there are fifteen how many you know when you were fifteen or not. That's how it was back then you know what about what about this did you not remember. Having your brother or sister being ready for going to study and university fifteen or system. And I don't think that's rare today is rare by the time back then so some of us back. Then were not only size time but they were also more. High. Tech than more. You know if they are expected to be IMO that would help them to actually go out fast their rights as a beginner the fact that I had recently heard of my song of his brother was this same. Problem when he was like fifteen on his I think it's an hour so he was like fifteen sixteen like the last year or so he has basically on his own he has built this last summer part. And he was standing there this having you know. My brother not exactly building I was like you have you know you have. Also not only the captain was nicely built but it was also an actress and you know it like there had been something for water time you know whatever it was like wow this is this is amazing this is this is this dance you know like I've never seen any one time I just love the other corner best it doesn't exist today but you know in that time those kind of things was normal course maybe not that preceded by you get a popular one of your own but today it's like whoa where is this a promise from Alabama like I was nuts for so. I think some drastic changes happen and thus have strong influence on how I bore the expectations and how abrupt young people in the world are how what they the pension the Republic our hope is not really going to Europe but. Big consequences scenario where you know the security of the Bible. You don't find nowhere in the Bible the final word I will have the lessons for ten years is not there really barratry you will not find a word to wonder where are the lessons not only just the words not exist there but I don't see the concept there is or I would say that there are now some it's not a basically I think from a spiritual perspective we have we actually man's actions but really are you know it's too bad become redundant it's really for you know for. Basically you have high rollers out on the sections but you can break down about thirty to parse young adult. And soon they are old. OK So basically a problem from infancy and hero to life well. That's how you know when you're a child out from a scriptural perspective but from paycheck twenty four star it acts as like a shack while the action until like thirty eight that's young adult. I remember now regardless of my answer to the question Mr. President Mansour I asked you what I say I'm not well educated and I think of how you sit late it's like I think based on the back and my. How I perceive it as well and I question that when we say young adults don't like it into thirty plus monetary or maybe even thirty five sometimes that's like an art it's a set in the area but they're not enough time and profits are affected I believe that we should be our foundation right on the cover is that one of the things that's general cause and then from like sorry I'm not saying you're also. I certainly think you know. I think when you look at a lot of the good news and viral. We see this response we see it in the I think just us which you know he's the example of what it means to be a human being right how we should limit surroundings and I believe it. Also in this area I think he's a good example for us that's very thing when you look at the look of the move. Basically we see a one two three stop. In the chapter in the chapter to this is on campus and you have anticipatory transit support and then you know you don't hear much from him like. Pops out of a story on and then you have one person later in the shop there he comes back in into this interview and how at least in our twelve rounds as well like best you hear nothing of him very distinct from zero to act on is very obvious what exactly just nothing silos and then his ear like if we're out and then he pops are up again and then the others are going to sound very heavy three steps I think Think what do they really thought when he comes into this and this is some importance in his life. Remember he's in the temple he's not he's not this crazy out in paradise with Ari being rebellious teenager that's not that's not the just is really not his that's not stuff that's not in there here are his dear I mean really really important things you have a sense of hey now he gets his son it really don't stop him. Son of God He realises life or he realises why you know he wants to be about his father's business one of the reasons why his dear he's. Walked on. Like moment just like you were. I was very thing retiring yes with this gushing out of that heroes the popular press conference but few questions were like that either. I mean Harry basically says you know something Sarah said that time the doctor's tired of me with questions and they were amazed that this house or. Gave them a depth of living up to the Weissman had not considered I was interested says Page seventy nine says if follow their follow basically of a situation like this it's kind of little. Expense or hope and some light on if our lines of truth he pointed out have worked I reformat in the religion of the then. Interesting things would have been awakened I would just began this ministry mentally. Prepared to sing it's not a message he's twelve years old I think I follow basically that down which time he had a scripture that time the little like a great revival and many people would accept the siren character are. Just dancing around the final caliber here because he was walked back from that from time to when he tried hard to talk about it not challenge how much time. Passed they are. So young about. Getting ready for his life for. Now I know exactly what they are just very hear by then your doubts about his offer tell you that there are young adults. There are lots of the time. There of him pretty much off here. Now look at time of need to just look at our example it to first grade on Staten. First grade down fraction. And. First Corinthians thirteen well in Chapter fearful chapter. Verse eleven. Florida by car. Poor He writes very thing he says when I was a shining. Focus to shine. On the street as a sign I thought myself. But when I became up to no. Good I wanted the scenes as I was just. Now when I became another lesson but not when I become now. Like. Wow I. Got something you know if you're lucky. You don't find it as good for the final child. I don't know one more time I think. We could look in worse more examples but with something. I'm getting mentioned basically the West in particular county and I have not only the world but Christianity I'm an absentee son. And I have great consequences I believe to the negative. Values one of us today God and it's what is calling us to not conform to what's not conform to that part of the cult goes against every and every little bit because the power crisis through then. Join the revolution against low expectations of the world is placing on the young people growing up today when God is so much higher plan some potential for young Russian I answered why this is. Part of me it's why. From the very massive. Jewish group. It's. Just this house maybe three separate threads basically. I just becoming a lot of very interesting. That happens I started actually it was interesting you guys it's like having like five children because sometimes for example it's a little bit different which part of. The Orthodox so for the reception it happens basically for some enough I'd probably say they are like that basically sound off the commander of the Lord they're now responsible for their own actions they are. Under enormous everyone else they are now allowed to marry their lives are basically similar sounds similar to like what happens when we get to that's what happens when they're like twelve and five years old. I mean that's going to happen again and I'm here for people I'm to shuck it in and start my sister I want to care for this for about half a year I was communicating her power for their charm and they're doing this also that this child. Cannot this is a ceremony that's as welcome to to manhood my son welcomes a woman of my daughter and of course if I want to come with. How to live how people think I will study work time. Runs on their lives. Count me to the first name of the. First. Shot for basically let me see the theme of this is written. By guy you know how old was when you got the settlers out of fifty you know the fact that you know it was all of your. Stuff in office he was a young man was a young Ron Paul trained or worked together with and basically here in theater it's a direct is the theme of the which are really what the last and second letter of the last quarter of a phrase it's basically a message from the spiral the spirit to him first. And I believe it was the Holy Spirit's purpose not only that Timothy would do this in real estate or something plus I believe they were also intended after him and especially for young Kerrigan the thing that makes us I think in this letters we constantly in a way what is communicated to the team of that is how we are some of our God wants to tell our generation today so I mean it's a very interesting book for us exactly what the study now I want to read right if it works it's also one of the few verses of those where there's a hole in the water. Personally for verse twelve powerful powerful verse and that's such their first imagery for them verse twelve here it says. That no one this time. Or you. Must be an example to the believers in. The spirit in. Your. First part sorry for Probably not on the Spicer you and I watched but no one underestimates you because you're young because of your age but no one on the rest of your lives. That's why you guys are getting to Timothy and well here I think constant communication about exactly who they are no one size but you're a young man resembling. What is very interesting if you just really shouldn't books that matter to me before and that's what preparing is my search I starting to think through not the something for left out but he. Forgot if you wait. And that is if you really have to simply you don't find excessive flattery there in there or find poor writing like man Timothy it's so great that you are you're so young and you're so so committed that you love justice and here you are you want to start and it's great to see your young person on your list so you don't find out what's really for you can figure this out you'll find why. I believe. That. Timothy as a young person is expected to do great things for God and ministry did you see how. He thinks. More of the words. He says but the song for. Example. True believers. In wording come out of the last. Segment pretty basic terrorist life. Now in order for their example. Not to be looked after her have to be out of their sorrow. For people to look up to be able to afford to to be an example it's a he's expecting. A great. Christmas nothing more of it's usually should be normal. Used to being. Normal. So. A message recent really stuck out that I think Richard truly first interest is not in their garb expect. From town. God's best Christmas from. Higher than the high esteem of prosperity by chance I'm yours for. Here right. Now. I want to share. Basically I have all of the characters. Very quite briskly but I think it's like what we can take with us from from this massive some very very fine print. And. I'm going to go really long passages get around I was tough I'm awfully sorry might be a long hard on the ARA Sharon member of a I think everybody got all safe and they can take this they are. Not only on or off about this are trying to variables right off. So hang with me it's about. You know all this is very far from the noblest prosperity and. So the first thing I thought the matter is I think what we should you got to do today and what we ourselves off of the. Substance. And it's not substance about how to Bible study sermons. You know to often we we serve young people today. Baby porch when they want to be ready for being. Sarcastic of course I think you're going to find that a lack or it's that we serve him you know of course sometimes you know you need rather limited to just of the fact I think from my perspective the grill which should keep more substance and if we do they will get us much stronger foundation they will grow they could be powerful just by God they would then not be poor they would i know like a friend of mine he when he was like that important I was reminding myself that I was often here recently about this I remember he told me he was a cardinal court and he basically is not going to satisfy all I was not because he was a young prevent is not interested he he was actually very interested he loved the Bible class and scored something like a really excited about he child I don't and I mean specially stuff is valuable to love the messages there but you thought going to summer school because he didn't give him anything serious playing they were just talking loosely they were like that they didn't really open the world this really started very public why should I go out I go there. When I was getting at him he went to the my service but he skipped the saddest book. And he was like he was thousands and I thought intellects I don't know six and seven seven he stopped like when he was talking like man this is probably one hundred others and why because of English they brought this ship what is certain or air can on The View But should some boards or one of the rest played it very much the whole thing and I think those are very practical lessons the grandmother from if I'm sure not you know anyone really thinking that they need to we need to connect with the young people are not about the always valid stuff but I think that's a very wrong. And I consider myself as a grown up in the shire having to make your demands in advance and I remember when I look back most of what I remember very much faster just gave us all this you know the show this movie some just get it sounds like something I don't remember especially but that's really impacted me when I look back personally but I remember when I came to press has been against pop something they gave her five stars they came with wrath of course we found out to be serious about their faith and I remember us out of thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen years so that's what changed my life. When he was asked. How much of religion extract. Friends. From Iraq very important. Business but back to particle therapist a lot funner their first one is from family operational pension which they think some you might go to court really really hard for us if we wish to live good sauce our success. So we're being pro-choice and we want to do the stops you want to successfully marry I think you know that's why we're here if we want we want a class ticket partnering for success of this of this powerful trip we need to take it apart our success will be in proportion to their belief in our belief. On that. If you think that say that this. Because you really wanted to. How much we believe in our But I actually suspect how much they believed outwardly So not only to expect from me by me to make them actually believe that when they can do great things they can be part of your spine that can go forward in overcoming scientific tension that can be powerful like a. Powerful principle that will stick with us shape the current of our culture the. Transformation of the culture within on to something so that you know it's us up with such a hard worker Right right the trend will finish the work we want right to happen when it's some drastic with it to join group. When it's a shame to try to. Go against the current of the populace long line without. Second cause this is from Mississippi article from Caroline this is basically I called especially for our story article for you for our generation this is really about is a longer and they're really really good. God Cyrus to make use of every option for securing a progression for his words not spread so many months before yesterday right now are being fed up I mean that's one powerful way you can. Look for a guy spec'd Cyrus that loved him expects us to put all our generous performers got expect us a job to do. What any We have everything we have into the Word of God That's what it wasn't just one hundred fifty our hearts and life is sacred nice nice. Man isn't a businessman I mean who are qualified to take someone's word. Composition little while. Because you have the money. Because they maybe think that there just might have a fish in there between age twelve or twenty or maybe where you are finished or you question everybody come on. They expect some little house of cards for nice if they have no great object for which to live not I signed up to receive one reasonably system books three which they placed on the side of Christ pay one price for us I poured into the price. Science house. Outside of Dallas and one of the sons of those low expectations he watched. The whole satisfied with preaching of funny business and by coming over and over and over again here we are not so well through God's providence for this interaction right so does most of us especially for young people today we are not like me my dear why this is God's will that we should really just give us reason powers not through any active or to be provocative are rightly for the person. But that they may develop to the uttermost resigns right and nobody gets done right sitting in front of his King on ice in the east and then heads back but the Lord when you were in by truth. One receives. From God. So you only just. Got expects Christmas from here right now it's probably time you want stuff expect credit because other people forgot when I said you know it's not bad with expecting sides are good but they're not part of the way really hard stuff so we're not quite there. How good I was at it if you want this to go back a bit you know he gets not only to expect read this and I love it but I'm so engaging that. Work. In the work of the family so. Whatever. And I know. Somebody bought that somewhere but I really it's not competition actually became much more real much more. Because if you're sitting there you get more but when you're it's like you know the Holy Spirit when you sit in your nice hair in front of the television at home when you go outside the seven or eight service you got to work and that's when it gets exciting and that's when you actually want to be. There with corporate OK started to notice it go with it as a caramel sauce without going to see it go from the cigar box Chapter thirty seven for. The sake of Chapter thirty seven some part post shock after having gone through all of it but. With part of it here a second softer side of how we get from the beginning in progress. Here it says the hauen or tell your partner to say here I'm dropping out of the spirit of the Lord and suck me down in the midst of the valley of the fast food of the poem through faces like metropolises eyes that go all right and then he says then cause me to pacify them what are under the whole day was very many in the open valley the they were very dry so close the very dry bones coincide they are here and the size of Earth pretty interesting question comes here he said to me because I think basically some amount of how this foam sleeve. Interesting question and interesting answer to the SO outside oh Lord God. You know somebody that's right doesn't that's not something that's not exactly this is actually what John Barrow grows around so in that direction what is it some important I think when he's off about a great mafia hit the South you know who you are just you know three percent over anyway therefore I get a sense of the prophesies of this nonsense that right once here where the Lord. And there and then become ground down to earth side I'm sorry prophesied as I was commander and as I prophesied there was a noise and suddenly I rattling on the boats came together bounce about in the past hundreds the same year some of the flesh came upon them and the skin covered them over but there was no wrath in that So if focus if it could prophesied to you that dogs. You know it's not the list always appreciated if you Christian I was one time I was a quote in this program for example cameras you didn't see any people there was like just that's not so is it or if you go to a shark for a No response just blank looks so insidious about this stuff the washing machine must reach the backbones by that's what it told them and as it does the both coming together you start to form something but there is no knife no breath in the other we don't. Resign because of the reports of the drug problem South America and celebrate us at the door. From the Koreans Obreht and responses that they may leave so I prophesied he commanded them breath coming to them and they live I stood up beside this powerful and stood up there if I mix them you. Great harm. So this that comes by God's power becomes such a powerful big army ready to go and conquer all the enemies and be domiciled I don't then he said to me some amount of response are the whole house of Israel then is have the city this is I think what this poses a symbol of the shock this is the shaft it is governed it broke and they said they did so you are born for prior hopeless lost and we ourselves are cut off. Therefore prophesied and so to that process that your garden but hold over my political I would openly criticize corset to come up from your grandson bring you into the land of each of them. You should know that I am the Lord I have opened your grace oh my people on ROFF depart from you were. My spirit. You shall leave I'm. Only. Then you shall know the I'm the Lord's and performance. Or. Not our story might be discouraging read Paris up to sixty harder harder because it's actually hard to go north right yesterday and today might be discouraging our prices yes. But we should not be discouraged because the garbage could the rest that both are powerful vast comprimario. Hundred wives charge that my activity today. That's a loveless sort of good. The first of the. City to be seen. To join the revolution. To join the revolution against a low expectations that would place my family life to join the revolution. And to pray. That God will help. That God will help you to understand this message I want Mr. Price but I love how God can help me to do the same. Hearted to give such sites are staying out of the way things get. So that they will become of the army not scouts raising up to finish before. We want to join the revolution. They want balance of course the guys who are true. I guess. That's a desire. I might be right. But no rush of ten seconds they can happen this time they don't want to talk they blow off the whole memory but you want to enjoy their. Lives sound like they are to put your name on. There I put it kind of feel like we are acting like we want to be part of there are some we want to share as part of changing the. Economy if you work and go home we don't expect to happen very often we don't make them understand what they can actually are Shereen the second coming they will probably not do it or. Second of the last of the. Personally. Some individual. Want to accept God start. Your life one class. God SR teach us on the personally want to reach. Terms of. How great creator created their own tradition or rites of a scum haven't you want to accept his style of life do you want to. Reach your terms about a healthier personal life the person operation life your walk with Christ. You want to accept to stand beside nice comfy or for you or your sanctification overcome by his crisis you want I've said his. Attention on personal life and you want to accept his is his plan so that he spoke how hard it was when it comes to this is the place he has for you in his course. Was my counselor reaching your potential in ministry service in what you can do with your gifts with your talents to reach out to people we think read this message this was. Perhaps someone here today perhaps someone they think of this one. Thing. For greater or less they really. Are feeling right now or spiritually that. Perhaps some of you stand here in America you can be in whatever involved with the Middle School of. Sound because the credibility really very spiritually that you are feeling that you are not where you maybe once were in every restaurant what because of your maybe not where you should be or could be or would like to be my house to your devotional life your personal life with God. One person perhaps there is someone here for that or. Someone here in this where I start right now maybe in your life you're facing some trial surfacing some some obstacles in the right. Maybe right now you're striving striving hard maybe your speed your schooling or cage. Maybe someone here today maybe some on strike are struggling in their work your workplace has there's someone I have financial officer. Or maybe struggling with something I certainly for the future maybe problems and family were no relationship or for want of it is a simple habit drug addiction and I think you're struggling. Or perhaps it is struggling in your service for values that are your First Lady Markland or unfruitful or or maybe maybe you feel that your Perhaps all that's been asked is engaged in God's work you could have been shopping and it was you who I'd like to be whatever it is. Wherever you are you experience what I love to buy food today personalization every one of you as an individual I one thing buy today basic being to counties. To keep it all to him. To let him fight your battles so only one can win anyway. And if you provide for the great provider. So that him work through that him completely good work he has begun your so let him. Do that you know he can do it it's hard to think of something more difficult than time value of dead bones into a great army powerful army if you can do that you can have three or whatever it is I can guarantee you. That God created this world from the great planets to the siding above. He will. So. Today. I want to pray for Sam yesterday taking your. Own. Men plastics. Yourself. Do you want to make sure. Both and cause your personal. Enemies from your life. Poor guy. I mean much the same. Sort of. Side one. Great. Great. Great man. Jesus Christ that's pretty. That's a. Funny way to go right now. Because it's all. Small We have been here before God. But we can stand against ground. And are about. To cause us to. Guard. Our hearts harvest. Recorded in heaven let's pray there on the father want to thank you. For the great plan you have for us. The great love you have for us for YOUR never failing promise us never failing Thanks for. Any mountain comes in a way. Their make a way. Around it over it is true it or. You can. Thank you that higher than the how you. Love. Lark you are the same yesterday that you know forever a success in your work. Help us to experience the guard on a sharp. Stick golden days out and. You know what we want to follow your plan. We want to reach the potential you have for us and I personally question lives and in our ministry. Thank you or if you wanted us that you would help us you will empower us to rebel against that the bad things in the culture that surrounds us in the world and in the shop sometimes. Help us in a lot in our humble way and not enough in the stuck fast way but in the Christ like Way to go and help us Lord. Gives us. A positive way. And. Young adults growing up in Russia. May wish. To Frist anymore. Thank you. You're with us and. That you have Starr. Thank you that's your promise finally. Finally. 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