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The Ninth Hour

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 6, 2009
    7:30 PM
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have a father I tremble before you and before your people to the Lord fearful of the inadequacy of words to express what needs to be expressed and understood Lord I am frail and I'm only human in the words that I have brought together to present this Lord our are simply inadequate to truly relay when you experienced on our back and so Lord am asking this night that you would send your Holy Spirit Lord to go above and beyond the mere words that the principal may hit the hearts of your people and that Lord we might truly be speechless as I great sacrifice made for us at Calvary thank you Lord for hearing this prayer in Jesus name we ask it a man like you to open your Bibles to Luke chapter twenty three Luke chapter twenty three beginning with verse forty four the Bible says and it was about the sixth hour and there was darkness all over the earth until the ninth hour in the sun was darkened in the event of the temple was rent in the midst and when Jesus had cried with a loud voice he said father into thy hands I commend my spirit and having said thus he gave up the ghost that's a powerful verse group of verses is describing the death of Christ slid back with me to the book of Matthew if you will Matthew chapter twenty six Jesus is trying to prepare his disciples for the great all were that is before him and then the hour of his suffering the hour of his crucifixion Matthew twenty six firsts thirty six the Bible says here then Jesus with them on to a place called Gethsemane and if they don't do that once the disciples sit in here while I go and pray yonder I took with him Peter and the two sons of the other two sons of that uncertainty and began to be sorrowful and very heavy then saith he unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death charity here and read those words with me watch with me while with me at Jesus is inviting these disciples to enter into the something with him do you think of them watch with me and it appears that this is an invitation to the disciples to enter into the suffering that Jesus was about to go through watch with me I want you to see what I'm about to go through for your sakes watch with me and you know the story that the disciples fall asleep in Jesus comes back and says he finds in sleeping since what could you not watch with me one hour pray that you enter not into temptation because the spirit is willing but the flesh ease we there was something about the disciples watching with Jesus than what I have prepared them for the crisis to come in I want to say to you today that the same is true for us there is something crucial something critical that we must recognize in order to prepare us for this final crisis to come upon your Jesus said watch with me and you know what I believe that not only did you say that two thousand years ago he's saying it to each and every one of us today watch with me you see Jesus was about to go through a great trial he was going to be sacrificed on across was going to die but have you ever thought to ask yourself what there's really that great of a sacrifice I mean Charlene God knew that his son was on the guide and Chardonnay he knew that three days later his son would be resurrecting every it isn't really that big of it I think that botanists on for three days knowing that he's coming back three days later you know if you have a child I got a new one is solidly died but three days that easily come back and would you really be that traumatized if you will did not suffer at the loss of his son what you think how much the think he suffered loss of his son I may think about it there's something and that that's actually does not makes sense of the way that we view the sacrifice of Christ how could God be exceeded how can God suffered exceedingly knowing that I thought would be resurrected again three days later is saying is not so really out of Ontario we understand the relationship between the father and the son if you all want to chat with me new in your Bibles first John chapter five verse seven first John chapter five and verse seven my professor there are three that bear record in heaven the father the Word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one these three are one so powerful statement about father got the sun got Holy Spirit were one by one also says that God needs what God is love so how long were God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit one all links from everlasting they were one now the Bible says that God is love and it's a very powerful statement it cannot be said of any of us that you will you why are allowed we so that's something that we do and our love grows AVR to anyone in here that children raised in his woman here at children went on day one when you saw your time what do you think to yourself did you think I love this child as much as I will ever love this child today that on day one did you think that there is there is no possible way for me to love this child anymore than I do today giving that come on mother Earth the elder children in physics it that's something that's as parents we see our children the first day and we are just like oh my this is the best thing on planet Earth and then we discover something shocking and amazing a day later again later we realized that we actually saw that child are on day until then we did on day one and had reached later and later and years later at the time goes by what's happening to that low it isn't falling and strengthening off as time goes on but you see God is not like and so when we think of the relationship between God the father God the son and God the Holy Spirit they love each of their as much as it is possible for ongoing there was no falling in love to get outside I love you more than I did not twenty five eons ago now they were already at the fall capacity on what love is from the very beginning of Nancy something when you are separated from one that you love and had a relationship with four to five years ten years fifty years how do you when that person is when you are separated from that person when death comes what how does it feel it's a painful experience please consider with me that the father son and Holy Spirit there was never a time in the history if we can use that word that there was a separation between the father and the son Johan struggling up here because this thing is so heavy that the words I say I feel like handicap from eternity past they were want and how much you notice something because you know as we look at the trial of Jesus we find Jesus are at a certain point he's taken he is bound to these being and he is not he he he they discard him and it's interesting that the sporting didn't kill Jesus they spit on him and beat him about until Jesus commands his own cross at NYU 's already beaten-down in the Army does weekend and that didn't kill Jesus then down into the cross and Jesus is there a suffering on the cross and the Bible says he's suffering for some time there mocking him they are there they're just saying all kinds of things and Jesus Allah actually taught us that his physical suffering was hardly felt noticed with me Matthew chapter twenty seven once again Matthew twenty seven verse forty six so once again we haven't gone there yet were going there now Matthew twenty seven verse forty six the Bible says about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice saying Eli Eli lama 's about deny that is to say my God my God why hast thou forsaken me what you think happened to be what Jesus cried out at that time what happened at that time okay think about it it's right in the text why Jesus cried out at okay big five in the Garden of Gethsemane Montgomery while thou forsaken me know if you try when he was being tried by my pilot my dog I want him for taking the knowledge of the class why you why he was being latched no-no the Bible says he cried out as the night went on the ground that night how are you try out my God my God why hast thou forsaken me which indicates when the guys are thinking at the ninth hour the very time that he cried out you know if unsettling case you and it hurts the other something like this how did that make sense when something hits you hard you cry at that moment but not achieve this crying out at this moment it's like he realizes the piece forsaken me he's gone I cannot stand this practice anymore now please keep this in my wanted more than one chapter fifteen Mark chapter fifteen and ten please notice what happens here in verse thirty three and when the first hour was come there was darkness or over the whole land until the ninth hour and that the ninth power Jesus tried with a loud voice saying in organize a massive economic dogwood which is the interpreter my God my God while compensating me Jesus it ain't it it hits him with all its forms that his father that there has been a watt declaration please understand from eternity him the father and the chthonic have never been separating I now there's a separation culture night the thing that was to Jesus in other words is it possible that it was not that Jesus feared but this moment of separation howling senselessness listen Mark chapter fifteen verse thirty five said he tries not want to mistakenly want why has nothing to me not on the first thirty five and some of them that stood by when they heard it said behold he caught because Elias and one run and failed a sponge full of vinegar and put on the reading and getting a drink saying let alone let us see whether Elias will come to taken down and Jesus tried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost my God my God why has thou forsaken me somebody here is a always qualified if they run maybe not so far they brought a guest on his comeback offered up then he takes a step he cries out one more time and I the separation was so traumatic that in a matter of loneliness Jesus God what ever it was that Jesus experience is not final moment when he realized his father had forsaken him or so he thought that particular moment when he felt the separation between him and his father the separation was solid traumatic and that he did not ERA from across you should not open the strongman should last about three days anywhere from two to three days the moment this realization hit is on the problem moment before Jesus died one condos and ways could the son of God have been going through that it meant that it that that a shield in the in a matter of moments this army disputes and fifty four at the ninth hour the darkness lifted from the people but still envelope the Savior enveloped the fate am sorry it was a symbol of the agony and horror that wait upon his heart no Ike appears that boon that surrounded the cross and none could penetrate the deeper cool that enshrouded the suffering sort of Christ's the angry lightning seem to be hurled at him as he hung upon the cross then Jesus cried with a loud voice saying my God my God why hast thou forsaken me it was at the ninth hour when he drank the last break it was a moment of such incredible intensity that it killed the son of God 's amazing grace page one seventy old was there ever suffering and sorrow like that enjoyed by the dying Savior it was the sense of his fathers to displeasure which made the cut sole bidder it was probably suffering with the lady saw how so quickly ended the life of Christ upon the cross it was the crushing weight of the things on the wireless and a sense of his father 's wrath the fears temptation is always father had for Abernathy and all that piercing cry from the cross my God my God why hast thou forsaken me in all of history there will never be a time like the ninth again not only does this knife all were half the comprehension of humanity I want you to listen to what happened in Houston at the ninth hour five BC page one page eleven awaits the dark cloud of human transgression came between the father and son on the remember when does he say the dark cloud separated the father from the sun it was that the one hour at the wall the clouds over the entire place for three hours but other nights I work everything we arrest cleared up and the cloud remained over who Jesus alone and no one could see the ninth of the dark side of human transgression came between the father and the son the interaction of the communion between God and his son caused a condition of things in the heavenly courts which cannot be described by human language you can begin to understand like I'm sitting out there and I'm looking at you and I'm going maybe you don't get it but I think I'm thinking maybe you just so getting that you look like you don't get it and now wondering do I get it you know it's just failing to describe what happened at that night Howard she told us that it was a condition and happen that cannot be described by human hand weights simply for a moment of interruption how lightly you and I take seen how lightly you and I think those things that separate us from communion with the father Jesus said to his disciple disciples watch with me there's something I want you to think there's something I want you to understand I want you to enter into what I suffered because all you as you enter into what I thought for what you truly understand just how much I love you and when you understand just how much I love you to do something for you that will prepare you for the time of trouble Jesus and the father they loved one another so much that a moment of separation caused the death of the son if God could die at that moment he would but God cannot why tells us that God it was as though God died when his son defendant seesaw for because of that moment of separation of imagine someone ripping your arm from you just ripping big about the physical pain someone ripping you would have and then consider amplified that I consider the mental anguish Jesus went through when he was separated from his father our human minds cannot comprehend what depth of love John three sixteen suddenly comes the greater life for God 's soul love the world that he gave his only begotten son I want to knows if he second Corinthians chapter one second Corinthians chapter one second Corinthians chapter one and verse seven and our hope of you instead facts knowing that as you are partakers of the sufferings so shall ye be also of the consolation do you realize that Jesus calls us to be partakers of that suffering is I want you to see what I went through for you because when you see what I went through for you you will have a greater appreciation I promise you when you see what I went through for you you will not fall asleep enter why couldn't disciples asleep because they did not have an appreciation of what Jesus was about to end your underpass speaking of these words remember Jesus yes no want to free the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak statement of these words as well Mike has read these words carefully donate today are asleep as were the disciples they are not watching and praying less they enter into temptation that has read and study those forces of God 's word that has special reference to these last days pointing out the dangers that will threaten God 's people we need team sanctified perception when used for session four two one okay or two to see or to watch we need she sanctifies perception so that we can watch I want to listen to this next sentence is the bundled with a reference for this is as eighteen page one hundred there was a reason why Jesus is in Jesus what is a thoughtless watch because they were going through something at that time with what which would leave them unprepared for the final crisis Jesus is not FAA would want to come what I'm going through and he was trying to take their minds as it were off of one thing and to get a focus on something else that was something the disciples were going through that would leave them at altering targets for the enemy to listen to this next sentence right the contents of what I just read after saying we need keen sense of my perception student was upstate this perception is not to be used in criticizing and condemning one another but discerning the signs of the time what was going on with the disciples at this time apparently they were sizing and condemning one another listen to this statement from the book are sorry for manuscripts on page one oh six it says here managed one oh six rather says here on that on this last evening with his disciples Jesus had much to tell them if they are then prepared to receive what is wrong to impart they would've instead of from a heartbreaking anguish from disappointment and unbelief but Jesus saw that they could not bear we had to say he looked into their faces the words of warning and comfortable stay upon his lips moments passed in silence Jesus appeared to be waiting the disciples were in the east of the defendants the glasses they cast at each other told the jealousy and contention that a cyclist Carlos of their favorite idea that Christ and what I start his power and take his position on the throne of David and in our hearts each still long for the highest place in the kingdom is another instead of the disciples keeping an audit on Jesus they were keeping an eye on each other watch Jesus said the demo also wants us to watch because he knows that if we do not watch what we ought to be watched scene will be unprepared for the final crisis Matthew chapter twenty four verse forty three one two please listen to this Matthew chapter twenty four breast forty three Jesus begins one of his parables with this with his word Matthew chapter twenty four and verse forty three the Bible says here but know this that if the Goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would calm he will have lots and lots and wouldn't not have suffered his house to be broken up therefore be also ready for such a large effect not the Son of Man cometh who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord has made him ruler over his household to give them meat in due season when asked isn't the food of God made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season wasn't talking about what his household the charts go to the appoint to give me to the people it is also the freezers the ministers the also ES call to ministry not only does each one of us as individuals who have a bargain for souls of God for God 's people out there in the church as we are is starving but I want to know what it says here verse forty six Blessed is that servant whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing very asked them to you that he saw make him ruler over all his goods but and if that evil servant something is not mine nor delayed is coming and some begin to my his fellow All-Star Vince and to eat and drink with the drunken the north that servant shall come in and in a day when he looked if not for him and how are we all were and shall cut him asunder you point him his portion with the hypocrites there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth loosened who is a fellow servant if the assignment is a minister or or someone who is called to share the gospel of the novel is a self-serving a fellow minister a fellow worker for the Lord and what were designing here beloved is that God is telling us listen I want the chance to be unified to be prepared for my second coming we arguing a five by single season however and my star Vince begins a watch one another and begin to my home the beloved the devil knew he can get the disciples to smite one another to talk no element is Jesus on this I just wanted to know this guy I'm the one it wasn't as very out of sorts that left all of them unprepared for the crisis that they face Jeremiah eighteen verse eighteen speeds about smiting with the Tonga love and listen to me when I say when the Bible says Mike doesn't mean he went up to somebody else and he don't it means smiting with the tongue it means gossip it means those words meant to damage said to destroy one another to destroy one's reputation and beloved listen to me if there was one thing that is poisoning the charts of dog and making us ill prepared for the final events in eighth and off my off several servants this they would guide page ninety nine the displeased that a cleanup on Christ's sufferings forever what was once we been meditating upon into the next sentence in the place I want cheese to find something to accuse and condemn in others thank God there is forgiveness with him Christ is created when we criticize and accused for this is the work of Satan he has been split up together I want and what I don't spend your time watching our thoughts and condemnation in others this is the work of Satan and this is the work that Satan was doing among the disciples on back very intimate them on people here for the price it's interesting how big the story of David and Saul and what happened when David went out and slew you know he is ten thousand and the later singing in a flawless slain his thousands and David his ten thousand you know what happened the Bible says that all the facility go with the first annual eighteen first Sabbath after eighteen and is this is a yeah first Samuel eighteen first Center Chapter eighteen verse six and it came to pass as they they came when David was a term from thought of the Philistines that the women came out onto the cities of Israel singing and dancing to make install with tablets with joy and with management of music and when the weather is one another as they played and sent five has made a thousand buildings ten thousand on song was wrong and the same displeasing and he said that describe the data ten thousand and entered me then ascribed by thousands and what can you have more about the kingdom that is mine and thought I need there who slowly and not like the strong concordance on the word I and found that it simply meant watched yet so I just gave the phone that moment on varying sources that are it came to pass tomorrow that evil spirit from God came upon Saul and he prophesied in the midst of the house and David played with us and as at other times and there was a job for the insult the Java Limassol needless to hold in the job and the soul you know waiting to appear some waiting to find for waiting to criticize someone or something so that we can be at peace with ourselves this is exactly the work the disciples were doing when they were criticizing one another the neglect to cultivate a believer that the references heavily alcohol increased to thirty seven the neglect the cost of a tender consideration and forbearance for one another has caused dissension distrust all finding and general disunion God calls upon us to put away the strength and I just strive to answer the prayer of Christ that his disciples may be one as he was one with the father is a special work affecting to cause dissension that the warehouse of being deprived of the most powerful testimony Christians can give it that God has sent his son to bring into harmony turbulent trial envious jealous bigot minded people stronger strong were Jesus pray that they may be one design I want you to watch what's going to happen to me because my father and I are willing to be separated so that you can be one and so you understand that when we promote division in God 's house we are spitting in the face of the separation that killed Christ you remember it with acts chapter two where the disciples walked working eighty but the spirit of God down upon his people but I don't get me wrong we cannot deny with Eric and where Eric is we should call it out if someone is in Eric Jacob that person but that is the way that the devil would work is to create what I call an atmosphere of suspicion notice with me first Peter chapter four verse one first year chapter four verse one listen to what the Bible specifically tells us here first Peter chapter four verse one the Bible says forasmuch then as Christ has done watch suffered for us in the that's all I found likewise with the same mind for he that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from one thing that this mind be in you arm yourself with this mind the mind that was willing to offer for the sake of truth for the sake of God for the sake of us Jesus was willing to go through all these things let his mind be in you what kind of money Jesus taught the Bible says that Jesus did what he humbled himself even though you will did was gone he wasn't sure to find first-place that's a very opposite of the mind affected what was same as my fangs I will do a lot I thought to myself do you know that that's exactly what the disciples were doing when Jesus was trying to say then please watch with me they know what I'm telling you on tonight audited and the training you know Peter sent Peter was like even though I do not be sorry guys but I am your true servant I am the one that had the understanding I am the one Lord that is you can count on me about my fist thing without Simon Peter he addressed them Simon Peter 's sleep is now could not watch one hour with me all assignment where his mouth I boast the devotion thou who didst but lately declared that God could in school with the Lord to present Autodesk have left handed out out of agony and temptation and software polls in sleep the spirit of self exaltation or desperate or and other degradation is a dangerous spirits this is what Peter was the wink this is what the disciples were doing in fact I want you to notice that the first drinking chapter three verse three and four first Corinthians chapter three verse three and for the love if this is not something new this is something the enemy of souls have been trying to accomplish in the Church of God for a long time first Corinthians three verse three twenty there with me saying that the Bible says here for you are yet carnal you are yet what on a watch for where there is among you and being I strive and divisions are you not yet want carnal and walk as men for a while once that I am of Paul another says I am about follows are not yet carnal you know that we have been as gains in the church I dance with your later on my leader is goes your literal minded eateries and Maya since this so I'm watching out for you oh yeah I want my leader his essays and so you and your gang is wrong Adventist policies that's what I was happening the love and that as people watch the that the strife and the whole year this one says that the length of the evidence in the again our nation he called on as ever amen however when the W gets his candidate incentivized going to one another as brothers we start writing stuff and re-create what what is an atmosphere of suspicion and what happens at the chart it becomes more I want to have a chance to unite the concept of watching Jesus we are watching one another first Peter chapter four verse twelve first Peter chapter four verse twelve listen to what the Bible says love first Peter chapter four and verse twelve bit.ly think it not strange concerning the walked fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened on to you but rejoice inasmuch as you are partake are is all Christ's sufferings then when his glory shall be revealed you may be glad also with exceeding joy we've read this verse and misunderstood I've read this verse and misunderstood I found his first felony hey you know like when you go through your sufferings you know be happy and rejoice because you know Christ suffered to Canadian SSF of a lot of the Bible says you cannot strengthen find a fiery trial singular watch fiery trial are we talking about itself as either an MS regionalized inasmuch as you are partakers off Christ's sufferings during Saudi Arabia and that I should be rejoicing about heartache of Christ suffering and not my own sufferings of you you agility stated in duty to tell me that I should not be focusing upon my sufferings to be focusing upon Christ suffering home then focusing on myself regardless I wonder that if we wouldn't add anything with lots would focus on what tries went through for us that our sufferings which shrank into insignificance and understand with you Jesus is like the other ones is by using not by my wounds by his means we are you our attention our energies should be focused on seeing crimes your meddling when God told Moses to put a separate upon the poem is in the Bible says that I have had to have been watched that started on the pole they would be walked here you by his stripes we are to be united there are people that did not look on that's look at that circuit that is a look at the starting line you think you know I mean if you get bitten by me and all you have to do is look at a certain monopole problem you would love to try like men are stupid if I were gotten right some of either scenario and suddenly the one thousandth they just try from the ceiling except for this part right here tonight as they had gone I didn't hang around to looking at me inevitably find committee would look come on now you wouldn't be looking with you what would you be doing you a DDC is looking at the serpents on the graph you would be busy trying to save yourself wouldn't you you'll be busy trying to destroy what you thought was out to destroy your beloved gone is trying to tell us in a feast is the instead of looking at and eighty yards smartphones on the ground young again this morning I read this one better and holiday and this one there and say this about that one and that one thing about this election process if you are just looked at me he would be Hugh and so the devil have to keep our eyes off of patrol and keep them on one another you understand when Jesus tells us Matthew chapter three verse eleven that we must be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with what Finder you understand what the purpose is of baptism of fire and we just read think is not strange concerning the what are your each row you'll find that fiery trial is none other than the suffering Christ went through when he was separated from his father in other words without it is my baptism of the Spirit of God a fighter that is the only way in which we can begin to comprehend what the agony was that Jesus was thrown on the cross on our back we are baptized by fire the Bible says now don't think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you Jesus went through a fire reach child on the cross piece of the data be because when you are baptized without fire you may now enter what the Bible calls the apartheid during all the sufferings of Christ now I can begin to understand what that suffering was all about I can begin to comprehend it in a slight degree unlike tells us on the Times June second nineteen ninety those who stick with twice on his throne must be partakers with him on this offering they must drink undercut that he drank off and be baptized with the baptism he was baptized from you what would happen the Bible tells us we must be partakers of his suffering he was frontal disciples listen guys look at me I am the fulfillment of all that started on the pole start looking at one another and what I'm about to go through for you I'm about to be lifted off for you but they were busy looking at women it would be well for us to spend the thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the closing line as we just want upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constant our love will be quickened and we shall be more deeply in viewed with his spirit if we would be say that loss you must learn the lesson of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the cross as our pages page eighty three eleven in the last days there will be people who do look at the serpents on the ground there will be people whose full 's to use a job in a song it will be people who told us to look at everything off except what Christ told him to look at look at me watch with me as a result they will never understand the sacrifice that God made on their behalf I need to rephrase a statement because in fact everyone will one day understand the sacrifice that God made for them you see beloved window when the wiki finally resurrected God is going to demonstrate something so amazing so amazing you see God is going to let the wicked know just how much they were not and because the wicket are no think there is no spiritual mess about them you see when when God 's people repent event and were baptized with fire your that baptism of fire is done to understand the sufferings of Christ and they had an idea of what Christ went through on their behalf because they were able to entry sufferings but the wicked never had that experience though no doubt that I'm going to demonstrate to you the anguish that my son went through that I went through to save you I thought in the fires of hell the pain that the weekend will feel are you following the pain that the wicked will feel will be are you ready for this a few lines small tiny representation on the mental anguish that Jesus suffered on their behalf as our enough fire that it will say they won't realize when a minute Jesus suffered us to say me and I rejected this is this beyond what she went through and I wasn't even though this is not the embassy went through if I were to demonstrate to you the full anguish he went through on have to burn you forever Jesus suffered infinitely not eternally infinitely to see man car closing here review and Herald September fourth eighteen eighty three all that God could do has been done to save man those who reject the mercies so freely pro- offered will yet be need to know the more of that which they have to spy they will feel the agony which Christ endured upon the cross the purchase redemption for all all who would receive then they will realize what they have lost eternal and immortal inheritance is also in the family is gone I just want to read if you can than when I say it any other way so the hopeful quote is under the Seattle market in the fires of hell are God 's mean of the final demonstration to the loss of their worth in his ice when they experience a small sample of the infinite sufferings of Christ they will see what magnificent love they have rejected they will say Christ mentally suffered us to save me they will realize to some small but sufficient degree the sufferings of infinite love under the half they will die knowing that they were infinitely love they will die realizing the infinite love that they have rejected another we have two options before us those who partake with Christ in his sufferings would also be partakers in his glory we can either watch Jesus only can watch everything else but Jesus Jesus said to his disciples watch with me the spirit is willing flesh is weak God is waiting for his search to unite in the trust me I understand they've got is this point over here and that's one of the year and what you think about the hundred and forty four thousand and what you think about you know they and we can go down beliefs but I believe it's time to focus upon the cross and if our hearts are truly converting we will see eye to eye on all that is important we will put away dissension and strife charges are falling apart instead of coming together we must stand for truth that is a necessity but beloved we ultimately are joined together when all eyes are on the cross I want to make an appeal when asked tonight you realize to a small degree the sufferings that Christ went through for you because I want to I want to to watch with me I want you to forget about all your wounds I want you to focus on Marvel 's I want you to forget about your sufferings I want you the focus on my suffering I want to delete everything aside and let me be the center of everything you are I want to demonstrate to you how much I am what I was willing to suffer for you Q but I need to to keep yourself fully to me there someone here today who has not fully given themselves to him when she does stand where you are you is not fully giving yourself to Christ and now you're saying Lord I can't comprehend the seven you went through for me but what I is what I'm going through compared to what she went evidently this is a halt this was a hard message for me to preach for a number of reason I'm telling you something I want to see Jesus come and doubt I will preach whatever I have to preach to help usher that being in to help bring about the second coming of Christ and of God says there is division in my church it may be an unpopular thing to preach a little redoubtable forward we've got to move forward there is nothing else that matters in this world than what Jesus was willing to go through forests is there anyone else that needs to sense the Lord I'm given my life I want to read dedicate my life to I wonder if we dedicate my life to you Lord praise you God for what you have done for me Lord help my mind to expand so that I can wrap my mind around that moment of separation that indescribable moment that caused an indescribable scene in heaven Lord enlighten my mind thinking capacity so I can see which he suffered for me and I can lay all these things to the side heavenly father what pain your son must have endured as he watched his disciples sleeping as he was about to enter upon his suffering nor I can only think now what pain you must be going through as your church which is supposed to be moving forward for one purpose and one mission to see that search divided in so many different ways and yet all we know for all this the church is a supreme object of your affection on predator or lower only help us to get back demonstration of your suffering through the baptism of the Holy Spirit rather than experience that demonstration in the fires of hell baptized us now old Lord that we might have fellowship with the sufferings of Christ thank you for speaking to us and for reviewing in a small degree I found one rule you really rule mainly through an error in a number of this media was brought as my audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more certain that you visit www. .com universe .org


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