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Eric Walsh


The modern food industry has many of us brainwashed and that has made our bodies ill.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician


  • September 3, 2017
    9:00 AM
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God we thank you Lord for this opportunity. To study your word and to look at your principles of health that Father God that you would pour out your Holy Spirit upon his place let me not be seen or heard and that father got us here word from the throne room of grace so our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. So we're going start the book of Daniel the first chapter. Story A very familiar wit. Reading through a lot of his quickly got a lot of slides to go through so just follow along on a screen preferably scripture says in the third year of the reign of Jehovah came king of Juda came never can as a king of Babylon integer on to Jerusalem and the sea should it. The Lord gave the whole of him king of Juda into his hand with part of the vessels of the house of God which he carried into the land of Sion are to the house of his God and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his God and the king spake on to Aspen as the master of his units and that he should bring certain of the children of Israel and of the king seed of the princes children who was no blemish but well favored and skilful along with them in coming in knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability in them to stand the king's palace and whom they might teach the learning in tongues of the Chaldeans So the story starts with the conquest of Judah the king of Judas taken captive and interesting Lee enough the princes are taken captive. Not about the audience had a methodology to what they were doing they wanted to rule but a very sophisticated way it's a reason that the Babylonian Kingdom is described as a head of gold because they were the probably the most thinking of all of the empires that would come. Much of our common our modern economic system lots of even the religions of our modern day are still strongly influenced by Babylon. What McCain as it was good at is he would take the princes of a con. Three bring them to Babylon and then he would make them Chaldean. He would feed them the food of Babylon teach them the language of Babylon give them the names give them names that were Babylonian and in doing this making them Babylonian he could send them back home their home country and they would rule their home country for Babylon. The ingenious strategy and this chapter is showing you his intent to do this so of course he wants the best and you can see ask for those that have no blemish their well favored their wise the cunning and knowledge they understand science. And so he picks off all of these young men and making a point of them a daily provision of the king's meat. And of the wine which he drank so nourishing them for three years. Then at the end of their of they might stand before the king now monkeys were of the King of the children of Juda Daniel had and I Michel and I was a riot one to whom the prince of the units gave names Daniel became Delta shares are had and I sat rock Michelle me shack and as Abednego So you see the transition happening first you feed them you give them the name that is Babylonian and you begin to turn them into Babylonians. But the Bible says that Daniel purpose in his heart that he would not defile himself but a portion of the king's me nor the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the prince of the Unix that he might not defile himself that God had brought Daniel into favor and tender love with the prince of the eunuch So what are the principles here is they understood that you just cannot become Babylonian. Daniel understood that there are certain principles that cannot be compromised and one of them was around diet and he understood that if he ate wrong he could defile himself based on. Laws already given him. In his in the first five books of the Bible. So the friends of the units like Daniel Daniel tells them listen I can't I can't do this and we won't eat this in a person who is afraid he says I fear my lord the king was appointed your meat and your drink for why should he see your face worse liking than the children which are of your sort then shall you make me in danger my head to the king then said Daniel to Mel's our home the prince of the Unix that set over Daniel had and I am a shout and as a prove the servants I was teaching ten days and let them give us Paul's to eat a lot of people don't know a pulse means pulses actually means it would be close to like lentils a bean based diet and by extension the whole food plant based diet is really what the Bible is saying and water to drink that are countenance to be looked upon before the and the countenance of the children that eat of the portion of the king's meat and as thou see is the ill advised servants so he consented in this matter and prove them ten days and at the end of the ten days their countenances appeared fear and fatter in flesh than all the children which that eat the portion of the king's meat the smells are took away the portion of their meat and the wine that they should drink and gave them polls. So they did an experiment because it's not a double blind experiment but it's a it's a double armed experiment one group ate the diet that God prescribes the other group ate the diet of the Babylonians and the group did it the diet I got prescribed came out with many many advantages one day look better they seemed to look better but not only that the Bible says God gave them knowledge and skill in learning and wisdom in Daniel and understanding in all visions and dreams not the end of the days the king and said he should bring them in then the Prince of the units brought them in before never can answer and never can as a community and among them was no body found. Daniel had an eye Michelle an as that stood before the king and look at what this Bible based diet did for them in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in his room and Daniel continued even unto the first year of King Cyrus so the Bible says listen they look better they were smarter they learned better and a lot and they were better in spirit sense because he compares magicians and astrologers but then he says and he lived a long life where does it say that he continued all the way to the first year of King Cyrus which is a whole nother empire so I'm a break this down I'm a build it back up and I'm a jump to show you where modern day Babylon really is modern day Babylon now really is in the wonderful free markets of the Western world I am an American and by default I'm a capitalist so I do and that I believe that you should be able to work hard and make money that's what my country is built on and want to resolve love the country I live in because I believe in working hard and and getting where you're supposed to get in life no handouts will give me anything let me work a lot of have an opportunity work I'll be fine but capitalism can also be corrupted. And you know I'm going to show you in this talk that from a health perspective it has been hijacked so this is Wall Street if you ever go to New York and New York is an amazing city huge city very sophisticated but also very dark and the money that exchanges hands in New York and I hold other sermon on Revelation a team really speaks to Babylons a modern day Babylon's ability to exchange things and to sell and to trade and how the whole world really goes after it and one of the things that modern capitalism really does it has mastered the art of selling you things you absolutely don't need. In fact it has mastered the art of selling you things that will kill you. Because they understand a spiritual principle I heard of Dr James Coll one of my one of my mentors back home in the United States a physician and a preacher and a theologian and Dr Khalsa before our health and temperance they had our church once and he said. He said Your body will conspire to kill you. And everybody what it was that and when he explained it you see if you give yourself everything you want if every taste you develop you you feed your body will literally conspire to kill you. The very night you have ice cream before you go to bed. And every time you pass a McDonald's you stop and get you know a big mac. Your your body will literally conspire to kill you. So what are the foods about well the processed foods one of the major things that happen to food that is different from what the way Africans especially. Used to eat Hopefully you all still eat like this but in the west when we look around the world one of the continents we look at where food is still prepare properly is Africa where the food comes straight from the ground yams potatoes and their whole form are consumed. Where you go you know other parts of the world there are people who have no idea you know I when I was working in the health department in Pasadena we took a bunch of schoolchildren to urban farm and we started developing the urban gardening and stuff and a kid saw strawberry on on the plant. And the kid said that's where strawberries come from. And I said What did you think indicates that I just thought it came from the box in the grocery store. Processed foods as we distance ourselves from the soil we become more and more unhealthy. The closer you live to the soil the better you live and one thing I'm learning in South Africa and I'm staying on a farm now South Africa has the soil and the ability to use the soil so processed foods are bad the second thing that Babylon is going to push it is meat animal products so meat dairy refined sugar specifically so people say you're diabetic don't eat sugar. And then they say well you can't eat fruits absolutely not true fruits are fruit toast not glucose they are more complex form of sugar so to it's the refined sugars that are really dangerous but Babylon is also pushing alcohol and drugs. So we you notice that when the when the when the twin to twin Daniel and three were boys and looking at what NOT to do one of the things they give up is the alcohol the wine and of the king of Babylon. I don't know if you noticed Hollywood and the combine I don't know if you have commercials like we have in the States but every third commercial It seems like is from Bear vodka wine in the United States it is constant barrage of advertising around alcohol but not only that every movie every T.V. show even once the children people drink. Every character oh my goodness I need a drink I need a drink you don't actually need a drink you need to figure out a way to solve your problems so that you don't have to drink in your project to take your problems away but not just that there are other drugs marijuana is big now I talked about a little bit yesterday in America crystal methamphetamine also called speed cocaine is still big we have a massive heroin and opiate drug addiction probably not a state if you heard the current president the previous president talking about all of the overdoses and deaths in the United States around opiate drugs that came from an overprescribing of these drugs and we're going to get into this later so I'll explain it now and overprescribing of. Drugs like morphine Norco's Viken ins which are hydrocodone in color in the United States and they were all over prescribe because the pharmaceutical industry teamed up with one of the agencies that actually credentials the hospitals and said Listen pain is a is the fifth vital sign you've got to treat pain aggressively if you don't you can be sued your hospital can even be penalized so everybody all the doctors are starting right now these these high potency painkillers like candy. And now we have this massive epidemic of addiction and death in the United States and it's reached the teenagers now the last report on what how many teenagers are dying from drug overdose related to this and when they can afford the doctor's prescription or they can get a doctor to write a prescription they turn to heroin. Major problem in the United States right now thousands of deaths have happened well what does all of this equal of the well is it was up to what we call an obesogenic society where everyone tends to be overweight and what happens I mean you guys probably have K.F.C. what I mean is that A is K.F.C. from America that's what Kentucky is that's one of our fifty states the K. is Kentucky Kentucky Fried Chicken Burger King McDonald's Windies we have Dairy Queen in the States we have so many fast food chains and the best ones don't even leave the country there was a most popular like In and Out Burger Carl's Jr and California they don't have I don't think they even leave the United States U.K. sometimes they block traffic you can't drive because if there's an In-N. Out Burger on the corner the line is going down the street to get in and get a burger that's something I don't go to American go for is that you get off the plane to look for in and out burger not. Do it but my point is this is what has happened we have it's so convenient and I'm going to get into why the food is so dangerous and I'm in in a minute but Mike Michael Pollard Poland writes a book. Called The Omnivore's Dilemma and he writes a book In Defense of Food he has a few other books and he calls these food products that are so process he says it's actually not food what you're eating are food like substances that you get that it's not reform real food is an apple it's a mango as a banana it's a pineapple it's papaya that's real food rice beans potatoes yams a Twinkie is not real food. I hope you guys don't have to accuse him of them. So let me explain the twenty two so the Twinkie is actually made in a factory. It is not from a plant based background at all it is a food like substance you could take a Twinkie and put it on your shelf in your cupboard and come back three years later. That Twinkie be just as soft and spongy as the day it came out of the factory in fact they've done experiments with McDonald's and if you see this if you can see that picture there this is a happy meal from McDonald's They call up they call them Happy Meals are they right Happy Meal at McDonald's after one hundred and forty five days sitting on a shelf. Looks exactly the same so then you've got to ask yourself a tough question how is it that the McDonald's food the Twinkies all these foods don't spoil the food is supposed to spoil. Right was a biblical principle if you go back to man or if you didn't collect the right amount of spoiled why those foods poor because there are micronutrients in the food that bacteria and fungus and other organisms will devour if you don't devour it because the food has nutrients you see when you when you leave a happy meal on the counter four hundred forty five days even the bacteria and the fungus know it has no nutrients. So watch this your feeding your child food and that even bacteria and fungus won't eat. It is food like substances and what you have to understand I don't know I won't have time to get into this fully I want to time to get into this fully but you have to understand is that this affects how you think so if you want your child to be intelligent and learn they need to eat whole food real food if they're eating junk food and fast food your child has a learning disability that you have given your child. You have literally fed your child a learning disability the science is overwhelming on this I will mention a nurse or child for at least six months exclusively on the breast and then the child that whole food if you don't. Follow that pattern you give your child a distinct disadvantage in life start formula feeding your child and then give it a McDonald's your child will be slower than other children. So some people say well those people us they're not as smart as these other people which you to look at is what are those people eating. First Second of all if you don't eat the right food it clogs up your mind in such a way it damages your ability to connect to God So when God prescribes food it's very different than when man does for example he gives Manna the people cry for quail doesn't work out so good in the garden he gives them a whole food plant based diet in the garden even after sin he goes I'm just nuts and seeds and grains he adds vegetables and for two thousand years God offers no other food source and when you get to heaven mercy. Yeah I got me running around chasing no chicken and haven't. Even a line is going to lay down with a lamb even a lion is going to be a vegetarian you get the glory. I thought I told that to a guy once and he said well I don't believe you is that I'm going to eat chicken and haven't you eat chicken nothing the diet number one number two you can't kill nothing in heaven is what God will make a soulless chicken for me to eat. As it is not a line on God that would you do to stop doing that I don't make that and solace when you talk about men. So the king of Babylon says you know let me show you how diabolical this plan is to give you these bad foods there's a massive profit to be made so there's all everything on T.V. and you can see you know you Coca-Cola all these things that are teed up for us and this was his Coke Diet Coke no sugar you know that the diet sodas actually make you eat more because your brain is waiting for sugar to your brain only functions on one fuel source that's simple glucose that's why when you eat complex carbohydrates slowly release the sugar you bring it's a store a steady stream of fuel when you eat a Snickers bar or twenty's you get rapid I'll talk more about is that a minute rapid uptake of sugar and you get the sugar high and then bam insulin comes in and you drop right back down not good for your brain not good for you but when your brain gets a diet soda if they want to lose weight I'm a drink diet soda your brain's waiting for the sugar never comes so your brain says eat more and the studies overwhelming that not only are things like aspartame that is used to sweeten diet sugar is a carcinogen in fact the guy who got it pushed through was working in the White House I won't say which one and he was working for US President and pushed to us aspartame after that that artificial sweetener was banned by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States because it would add. Too much carcinogen a potential meaning it could cause cancer potentially. So the blue food and beverage industry spends approximately two billion per year marketing to children two billion dollars every year in the United States alone the fast food industry spends more than five million every day marketing unhealthy foods to children nearly all ninety eight percent of food advertisement viewed by children are for products that are high in fat sugar or sodium most seventy nine percent are low in fiber which you need for good cold and health so you don't get constipated and overall reduce your lifelong risk of colon cancer if he's high fiber foods nearly forty percent of children diets come from added sugars and on healthy fats only twenty this all American kids only twenty one percent of youth age sixty one thousand eat the recommended five or more servings of fruit vegetables each day how hard is it really five fruits and vegetables a day imagine only one out of every five Americans are actually does that one study found that when children were exposed to television content or food advertising they consume forty five percent more food than children exposed to content with non-food advertising. That you get that if you advertise food to people they eat more food it seems like that makes common sense when you are doing something say well it's just a commercial It doesn't matter if you think they spend all that money to produce and make a commercial put on T.V. and they didn't do the research to know if they put the commercial on T.V. you're going to eat it that's BABYLON That's very Babylonian it's a return on investment the ancient economic system of Babylon. So interesting enough United States black children see twice as many calories advertised in fast food commercials as white children and I said well how is this possible because on average in America black children watch more television. When I do these talks and I go around to different churches and I want a black church and say if you want your child to do well turn off your television. Do not allow your child to be brainwashed by the television number one and then don't turn around and feed them the food television tells them eat so from the book Eat to Live By Joel Furhman if you want a excellent book to read Dr Joel Furhman a M.D. out of New Jersey someone I follow a lot of listen to read a lot of his stuff he says the modern food and drug industry has converted a significant portion of the world's people to a new religion a massive cult of pleasure seekers who consume coffee cigarettes soft drinks candy chocolate alcohol all processed foods fast foods and constant seared concentrated dairy fat cheese and a self-indulgent orgy of destructive behavior when the inevitable results of such bad habits appear pain suffering sickness and disease the addicted cult members drag themselves to the physicians and demand drugs to alleviate their pain mask their symptoms and cure their diseases these revelers become so drunk on their addictive behavior and the accompanying addicting addictive thinking that they can no longer tell the difference between health and health care. Some of us have joined a cult. And it is a very difficult cult to bring itself out from under Why did Daniel and the three were boys not eat the food well because their ancestors specifically King Solomon told them not to when you sit to eat with a ruler consider diligently what is before you and put a knife to your throat if you be a man given to appetite be not desirous of his dainties for they are what deceitful meat this is prophetic that in the last times we are going to be set before in front of us food that will cause us to be deceived. Lower our spiritual resilience and allow us to be deceived in fact Solomon also says in Ecclesiastes ten seventeen blessid are you all end when your king is the son of nobles and I princes eat in due season for strength and not for what. Do you know you can eat for drunkenness tough stuff but let's look at some of the some of the proof of what we're talking about so the life expectancy in the G seven countries these are the ones that the great economies of the world along with a life expectancy predicted based on a standard of living and expenditures on health care. We the United States. Have the longest predicted lifespan the shortest actual lifespan you see that they go to Japan they have a shorter expected predicted lifespan they actually live a lot longer and there's a lot of reasons for that but that just to show average Americans that we're not number one in everything we are number one and dying early of all the developed countries but otherwise and that we're not number one let's break it down Americas a very race based country as you know all our statistics come out and race so I showed us that the to stick that in fact if you want to live a long life in this is Los Angeles County where I've lived for a long time in L.A. and Los Angeles California if you want to live a long life in you need to be born a Asian woman. Because Asian women live eighty six point nine years on average in loss and that's the expected life expectancy if you want to short life be born a black man. Sixty nine point four in fact although whites in America do very well they don't compared to Asians in America Asians in America do better than white people in America why here's the thing white people and black people in America eat the same food. Aid in women as always women they eat a totally different diet far more plant based far more tofu much less meat no dairy if you have to go to China where they don't they don't eat dairy right most of the Asian countries know a lot of dairy so when you start to look at this you start to realize there are patterns that happen not based on what race you are but based on culturally what you've learned to eat. Process of smallness of cell damage and I could go through a lot of this but you know to yourselves get damaged whens ultraviolet rays from the sun head it is why skin cancer can be a problem and some. Of his atmospheric pollution is stress stress we talk about stress Friday night a poor diet so what happens your cells get damaged because free radicals are produced antioxidants come in and protect it and protect normal cell membranes so here's what you have to know so how is it that plants get all the ultraviolet rays that they get all day every day and are not destroyed because God designed a system where the plant produces and to accidents that capture and remove the ultraviolet the free radicals produced by ultraviolet rays so the plant has a built in system to deal with the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and what it is our antioxidants which we'll talk about more about a little later what does that mean if you want to protect yourself from all of these things that produce free radicals stress about you know. Pollution ultraviolet rays if you eat a lot of plants and you get rid of the meat and we're going talk about later on how your diet to plant consumption will naturally protect you from the damage that will be cause your cells by all of the things that create free radicals What does that mean literally it will reduce your risk of cancer cancer is a disease of lifestyle only about five percent of cancers can be attributed to genetics ninety five percent of all cancers are how we eat whether or not we smoke whether or not we drink alcohol or alcohol is a strong carcinogen Nobody likes to talk about it but it is a chew carcinogen as of course as nicotine and cigarette smoke. So what happens you get inflammation causes all these diseases are immune diseases like Lupus and foods can be quite inflammatory arthritis cancer cardiovascular disease diabetes so what are some of the top of the top five inflammatory foods table sugar process refined white sugar trans fats which are often put in foods like donuts white bread and pasta why because the white bread and pasta means that they stripped all the nutrients so that it would be white why do they want these foods to last along on a shelf Well if I strip the nutrients from the food the bacteria in a fungus only did it won't spoil what does that mean for my bottom line if I'm running a business I can sit that bag of rice on the shelf weeks longer I can sit that loaf of bread on the shelf weeks longer and what does that mean I can say I have more time to sell it and less chance that it spoil before I got rid of it so they strip the food of nutrients because they're not concerned with you being edified they simply want to make a profit off of you and when you understand it is a conspiracy to destroy you by feeding you food it actually isn't good for you telling you it's good for you but it's not good for you lot of times that's enough to make you think differently about how you eat so why bring a process because one of the worst things you can eat and of course alcohol is a very inflammatory food and White says I like this many even of those who profess to believe the special truths for this time are love mentally ignorant with regard to health and temperance they need to be educated law. And apply online precept upon precept the subject must be kept fresh before them this matter must not be passed over as non essential for nearly every family needs to be stirred up on the question now watch this she says the conscience must be aroused to the duty of practicing the principles of true reform God requires that his people shall be temperate in all things unless they practice true temperance they will not they cannot be susceptible to the sanctifying influence of the truth. Hard stuff are known. So let's talk about sugar first. The United States we watch sugar consumption in eight hundred twenty to go from way down here to with here I want to tell you the units except to tell you it double triple quadruple the amount of sugar the average breakfast cereal we eat when I'm going to stray you know these bricks of wheat. Things actually quite delicious very low in sugar the United States ban wheat big six. So when I go to Australia Philip a suitcase full of the stuff and take it back home is made body had been his company in Australia Yeah you guys have it as I take them back with me but. You can't get it in the United States because the United States wants to sell you Frosted Flakes and Honey Nut Cheerios and the sugar snap crackle and pop and all these sugar filled cereals for children and then add milk to it and we're going to milk in a minute so this is what I was showing you earlier. If you take a child and when I grew up a poor child this is what a lot of my friends my parents did to them they give you a simple carbohydrate for breakfast like I don't it would you know orange juice or something so just of sugar rush up Rush is the sugar food insulin that has the rush up after it and the insulin drops down super fast once all the sugar has been pushed into the cells so what happens to a child. He said it's out of school to give them sweets they go to the first few classes the first two hours of school they're wired up there's a lot of energy because they have all the sugar by the third and fourth period of the school day the sugar levels have dropped and what happens are energy. And people say well these kids have attention deficit disorder they've got A.D.H. these They've got all these other diseases they don't have a they don't have it or they got a bad diet you feed a kid sugar which is edible crack basically. So you feed the kids of that with the sort of you know you guys got the job as good I'm glad that I'm. Right you can just see that so again you want your child I mean take them if for no other reason to change this thing especially for parents you've got to want your children to want have an advantage you can't feed it to our garbage and expect something else to come out of your child. So if you give a kid complex carbohydrates and plant proteins like tofu in the morning you have a steady release of sugar throughout the whole day so the child's mind doesn't go up and down up and down you can concentrate better so you've got to look at what is happening to the average child in the western world what is happening is you're feeding them a diet high in sugar and sitting them in front of a television where the screen changes every thirteen seconds and then you said I'm in front of a teacher Well a poor teacher has no chance what is he or she going to do they get change every two seconds they go stand in at the same all day. Then you say well your child got your child got a learning disability your child got attention that no you've trained your child to not be able to sit still by feeding them food that fluctuates their energy source and sitting them in front of a provocative highly stimulating source like a television and then you give them a tablet or a phone to play with. Pastor I need to pray for my child he won't sit still he doesn't pay attention in school so you don't need prayer you need to remove some stuff from in front. And spend time with your child in a book. And you'll be amazed if you just read to your child I was very much I would do in school. The reality of the science of this issue so what are the harmful effects of sugar there are many it suppresses the immune system on the top of the list every time you eat a donut a Twinkie you guys have to think you have to stick a bars when you all get up on the Isle of America every bad thing Snickers bars Milky Way bars Mars bars. All that sugar every time you eat it your immune system drops you haven't noticed a diabetic gets a lot of infections you know why because the sugar levels are always high which means they're Muse's them is always low so if you feed yourself a diet high in simple sugars every time a sugar rush goes up your Muse's them drops in fact your white blood cells which are kids or immune system are paralyzed for four to six hours. And what does that mean when your muse is the most oppressed you get more coughs more colds you can get pneumonia more easily skin infections but also what happens is you're more susceptible to cancer because your muse system that finds mutated cells and destroys them before they can mutate and metastasized and develop and spread all over your body. Sugar will help you get cancer. You want to know why so many people in the West have cancer people and I thought as a cat's happen to make all the stuff it's sugar and oil is another primary reason why because oil does and I hate it I don't often hear what oil and fat does especially animal oil and animal fat it blocks the receptor for insulin to plug into your cell so the sugar goes into your muscle cell. Into your fat cell or wherever in the seventies the go to be energy oil blocks that receptor sort of sugar doesn't go into your cell it stays in your bloodstream and one of the sugar stays in your bloodstream and you click we prick your finger and test your blood sugar was your less are going to be high that is the definition and the etiology or how diabetes actually happens it is not simply eating a lot of sugar it's eating sugar in that in the context of a lot of fat so sugar by all by itself is bad but you guess what sugar is really used for in western food it is a delivery system to make you eat fat. Because guess what they make a donut out of butter or oil they fry it in oil so you get the sugary sweet and you get to fatten them up talk about fat sugar and salt a little bit later on but the combination of the three is deadly. Right so of course because of the weight gain fatty liver disease headaches including migraines I've a lot of patients have a lot of migraines and actually what you eat they eat sugar all day long as they stop at the sugar migraines go away. It contribute to hyperactivity in children anxiety depression concentration difficulties cause premature aging wrinkles gray here tooth decay increases the bad cholesterol contributes to diabetes increases your risk of breast colon and prostate cancer. Sugar simple sugar. So it's coconspirator in all of this is of course meat. And unfortunately in church now people don't want to hear this anymore but fortunately for me I live on a I live on an entirely different continent so I'm going to tell it like it is I want a truth and you can do with the truth what you want to do with the truth so meat first of all you know what the blood of the means are going to come back around or the fat of the meat or the animal so even the blood in the fat you are going against biblical principle old and new testament but let's talk about me so in. And I don't know what it's like in South Africa. But in America they don't figure out how to trick nature so in the one thousand nine hundred fifty sixty eight days later a baby chick would look like this. Today forty seven days later that same chick looks like this. What did we do to get the chicks so big so fast. Hormones sort of quality of the chicken. Is different now never mind the fact that the chicken really wasn't good for you God never intended you for the do you eat chicken from the beginning for the first two thousand years of the world's existence chicken was not to be eaten no wasn't roasted no chicken on the ark. They got permission after the ark to eat the chicken right but on the article needed Emma for that he couldn't eat it so the chicken was bad before what do you think happens when you eat an animal pumped up with hormones and if you don't kill the animal right it releases a cow a day or whatever animal is it releases stress hormones into its bloodstream as it fights for life as it dies when you eat the blood and you eat animal you get all those stress hormones from every other night I talked about stress you can eat stress into yourself by eating meat. Never mind the fact that in America and I get I don't know what it's like down here but in America they see of me a beef and has cancer you know they do they cut the cancer out of the cow and send the cow on to slaughter so they do eat the cow. No one knows if you know what happened cancerous meat cells. In the documentary what their health a document right now what the hell is going to flex and watch it what the health will blow your mind that's how Neil and all of these singers and everybody celebrities in the states are turning into vegans they watch the documentary what the health what the hell they show it when the pigs a big abscesses a big plus pockets they cut it drain the plus and send the thing straight to you no limit isn't what's amazing is how much trust we put in. Industries that aren't looking to make you healthy they're looking to make money. And of course I have to put this up because it was a time when seven is didn't eat pork you said we don't I've seen when I order pepperoni pizza. And I like wait a minute you mean pepperoni pepperoni comes from a pig. We're did you think up early comes room. You know chicken producer pepperoni man. Cleverly come from. The Bible says and the people stood all of that day and all that night and all that next day and they gathered the quails of talking the story out talking about he that gathered least gathered ten homers and they spread them all abroad for themselves round about the camp and while the flesh was yet between their teeth ere it was choose the wrath of the Lord was killed against the was kindled against the people and the Lord smote the people with a very great plague and he called the name of that place rough. Because there they buried the people that lusted God wanted them to eat manna angels' food David calls it and man was like in such a rebellion against God they required me don't be in rebellion against God on this issue. You are only two of twenty three but be sure you do not eat the blood. Because the blood is the life and you must not eat the life with the meat how many of you make sure that meat you eat there was no blood in it before you eat it. What are the best reason to be a vegetarian you have to worry about the blood of the meat the Bible for bids its eating in fact even the fat speaking to the children of Israel saying you shall eat no manner of fat of ox or sheep or of goat why because God understood if you eat the fat of the animal it would block your insulin receptors and cause you problems. God gives us all is instructed not to try to punish you. God knows when you bite into Kentucky Fried Chicken to taste good but guess what sin itself tastes good. If we drive we live based on what feels good we are a hot mess. I don't know your use that phrase on here but I'll introduce it hot mess now so meat consumption the United States again I don't even get it you can just see in America we didn't used to eat so much meat you know why meat was once expensive but not of a mass produced meat they have I mean tell me I've been to some of these chicken farms and it will be a thing just like this to those chickens are so tightly packed together they can't move. They can if they so pumped up with hormones they fall over because they're so fat their little legs can't hold them up the pecking on each other attacking each other for space eating each other's dung and then they clean it up cut up the disease parts deep fry it and everybody in the hood is walking around with a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken it's slave food as what I tell black Americans Islay food you have no business the God never intended you to eat this food in fact it's become an addictive things if you go to Las Vegas Nevada. If you go to Las Vegas Nevada. What I call a Las Vegas. Sense it is even living sensitive and one of the things they want you to do in Sin City is eat bad if you ever go to Las Vegas there's all these massive all you can eat buffet with with every kind of unclean food and all the alcohol you can drink and all that right one of the places called a heart attack grill that's the name of the restaurant. And not a watch this and there are people who have by heart attacks in a restaurant eating a burger and this is no and these are real burgers from the Heart Attack Grill this one is the triple bypass burger which is the procedure you do when you bypass heart our heart vessels and this is the quadruple bypass burger why now watch this why does eating the burger cause an immediate heart attack because when you eat that much meat you get all the cholesterol want to most dangerous things about me and you can organically do away with the cholesterol in the meat is cholesterol so when the cholesterol goes your body it clogs up your arteries turns your blood into sludge and so if you were predisposed because of a bad diet and you had already narrowed arteries because of atherosclerosis meaning the plaque build up around are does not show you some later then all of a sudden a sludgy thick blood is made by one of the burghers it can't pass the blockage point and you have a massive heart attack and you can die very very quickly. The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made say in knows this so he has designed a modern diet to cripple the people of God and the world in the last days. So colon cancer incidence again more statistics more proof female colon cancer incidence and deli meat consumption I don't think South Africa's on anybody's on anybody's you're lucky because I'd love to see where you came up but look where Nigeria's way down here Japan's we don't air the good ole US thing so the more meat you consume born this way the more colon cancer women have New Zealand beach the United States is the only one Canada our partners up in North America right up there with us the more me. The more meat you eat the higher the risk of colon cancer this is not admin is this these slides don't come from any advantage book is comes from regular science books animal fat intake and breast cancer right the more animal fat you eat book with the United States the more you have still you know I should have found someone South Africa when I was in South Africa anywhere. But New Zealand the United Kingdom Canada all other countries that are similar to the United Kingdom Canada New Zealand US Australia Look how high up they are for animal fat intake and breast cancer you see that here is one animal fat grams per person per day and a percent of deaths from cancer after the age of fifty five notice that the more animal fat grams that person eats each day the higher is the percent of deaths from cancer after fifty five years of age United States we have here has the U.K. And you see all of these European nations what are the nations way down here poor countries where they can't afford a lot of meat Costa Rica Mexico Chile even Israel where they have of course kosher what it separate the meat from the milk different but wait. And at the bottom a country that they can't afford a lot of meat. So the United States is in trouble there too and we're in trouble here as well so here is when I show you the percentage of deaths from heart disease and cancer you see that sentence of death from heart disease and cancer is the white bars percentage of calories from an refined plant food in other words this is whole food this is what you're supposed to be eating plant food Laos Thailand and Korea eat Mexico is high levels of it look how low their percentage of deaths are from heart disease and cancer when you come to the good ole US of A. The percentage of calories you get from whole plant souces is this low def. Look at. Problematic this is science not a spirit of prophecy warned us the Bible gave us all the cues we'd ever need so maybe we'll listen to the science the science is overwhelming on these issues so people say well I'm going to eat fish. Oh Lord have mercy because you're live near the ocean probably like fish. Tell your boy to get a truck ready I might have to run out of here in a minute. So why is fish a bad idea because we have polluted one we've polluted the ocean so we have vial cumulation of mercury so it's a little bit at the bottom and by accumulation it gets big as it gets up into animals and into humans Mercury is a devastating substance to consume so the fish that comes from the ocean in most parts of the world are tainted with Mercury and so people said OK they started farming fish never heard of that so we have to take this room and turn into a big giant fish tank but of course they want to make money so they overpopulate the tanks with fish and have to dump antibiotics into the tank so caught the fish now get infections and you eat the fish you get the antibiotics same thing with a cow same thing with the chicken and guess what happens now we have all these resistant strains of bacteria that all antibiotics don't work on and I blame the doctors this is the doctors prescribe too much antibiotics probably true but outside of that people are eating a lot of antibiotics in meat and fish. Would increase Mercury increase risk of heart disease although make it through can be derived as we will need omega three S. that comes from the algae in the ocean not from the fish the fishy the algae get your make it three you can get out a make a three from Chia seeds and from. One of the other seeds Chia and flaxseed right so of the fish very polluted farmers have about ICS So you really don't want to eat tons and tons and tons and tons of fish in fact you really don't want to eat fish at all if you can help it if you can help you don't if it all the other problem of fish a lot of you don't stand is fish is also full of cholesterol some fish has as much cholesterol as pork. So if you like what I mean eat fish is leaner fish can have collectors as cholesterol to cholesterol is produced by liver any animal in the world where the liver produces cholesterol but the reason plants don't have cholesterol and a miss broccoli doesn't have a liver right so if you eat stuff that comes from things what a liver the meat or the milk of that your going to have cholesterol and what is cholesterol do creates plaques in your body and your arteries and is the primary source of death in the developed world counsels to the church among those who are waiting for the coming of the Lord meat eating will eventually be done away flesh will cease to be part of their diet we should ever keep this end in view and endeavor to work steadily toward it the intellectual the moral and the physical powers are depreciated by the bitch will use of flesh meats meat eating the ranges the system because the intellect and blunts the moral sensibilities we say to you dear brother and sister your safest course is to do what let me alone now here's the problem some folk turn this into a salvific issue so they become fanatical and if you eat meat you sin that is not true and that is not what I'm teaching what I'm telling you is what equal even said the great preacher from Open University he said I don't eat meat because I want to be around as long as possible to preach the gospel. And because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit I need to take the best care of it possible and any instruction God has given me Rick of regarding my body I'm going to follow it. So you leave me alone so let's get into dairy and it will pause and it will come come back and do the rest of the talk so there are no this is a rough talk going to be wrong that you know and it's tough stuff but you know what I'd rather know and have a choice than to be told it don't matter because ignorance is not bliss. I'm telling you I see sick patients all the time and they smoke cigarettes and think anything was wrong was smoking cigarettes to somebody or pull out one of their lungs is not bliss so what's wrong with dairy first of all as casein casein is one of the proteins in milk and this again you can't forget you can make your milk as organic as you wanted to it doesn't remove casein from the milk so cow's milk is about eighty percent casein twenty percent way human milk is like sixty percent casing forty percent weight but human breast milk and cow's milk are not at all the same because their species specific is milk only human beings. Continue to drink milk after their wean from their mother's breast you don't see you know grown cow looking around looking for milk to drink you know it all below a lion walking around looking for milk to drink. All only human beings do that now and there's a reason because the casein in milk is a growth promoter The purpose of cows milk is to turn a calf into what and it doesn't happen quickly you have a lot more cows around here than we have in Los Angeles so it looks like you understand that cows milk make stuff grow fast here's the problem with that casein protein hits a mutated cell in your body that is potentially cancerous the protein from the cow's milk makes your cancer cell grown like a calf grows into a how you want to or you want to reduce your risk of cancer stop drinking milk do not eat cheese we know this because the countries in the party were based on the China Study which the documentary folks over Knives is based on and it is a massive study of people in China they found those villages and tribes there was no meat no dairy consumed they basically had no cancer it didn't exist. Why is Loma Linda a blue zone. Because Seven Day Adventists followed this biblical plan the whole world heard about our religion when that man wrote the book and we were on the cover of National Geographic magazine that people in Loma Linda California the most densely admin is place in the world at the time lived longer than everyone else on average ten years longer than the average American you know much of a testimony that was. So Casey number one number two cholesterol number three steroids. If he was a why are these young kids developing. Bodies like they are so fast nowadays. If you feed them promoters in the casein and hormones in the milk Yeah At thirteen she looks like she's twenty five. Because you've given her exactly what it takes to rapidly developer The problem with that is you rapidly develop or you also rapidly increase your chance of breast uterine and ovarian cancer later in life based on a rapid growth principles. The average girl in America begins to have a period at twelve years old the average black girl in America it's nine years old the earlier you begin to have your period the more risk you have a breast cancer because you're the woman's body is exposed to estrogen longer so every time a woman is pregnant she's protected the longer she breastfeed she's protected it's to reduce your exposure to estrogen but when you speed up puberty and you have a precocious puberty really the average age of men Arky or when women start having a period if you go back in the eight hundred the United States was seventeen. Now it's twelve. A black girls even younger because stress and other things can can cause that if you're not feeding your children right you're really doing your children a major disservice we spend all that money on toys and phones and tablets and computers and feed the child garbage fat lactose intolerance of course so what else about dairy Here's one increasing rates of childhood overweight and obesity increased animal protein intake high dairy consumption is associated earlier age than average men Arky exposure and the can disrupt and chemicals E.C.S. which disrupt the normal hormonal progression of a human are found in milk and can cause major problems or get into that except to say that dairy and again this goes back to Babylon what in America I don't know if you guys have the same commercials but in America no one advertises better than milk people in fact the few hours about four hours of nutrition if you watch the documentary folks overnight before hours of nutrition training the average American physician gets is funded by the meat and dairy industry and so when you are a doctor in America like you are you're anemic you should eat more meat you have you have your eye fin bones drink more milk when in fact eating meat and drink milk will not only make you more anemic milk makes your bones more thin how they say milk is for the calcium until we have to drink it in America the campaign milk it does a body good Got Milk I don't know if they have those commercials down here huge all the celebrities drink milk and have a little white mustache and all the magazines. But when you drink milk in acidifies the protein acidifies your blood the blood becomes more acid like the ph goes down in order for your body to neutralize the acid in your blood it goes to your bones and get calcium to neutralize the acid in your blood so I don't know if you guys call it Tums here but when you have heartburn acid reflux we have a capsule called Tums and it has calcium in it it's probably got a different name was the name. You guys know what it is and so you take the tablet and it neutralizes just on the gas in the way again the Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the devil is in the figure how to hijack good system when I talk about addiction the devil to figure out how to hijack the normal systems of the brain he can hijack your bones calcium by making you acidify your blood with the consumption of meat and dairy that's why Africa asked you process rates are super low among native African people. But if you go to place which is a lot of milk that's your proses rates are super high. Milk does that. So. Yes most of the world is lactose in town it's a good point only a few northern European peoples and I think one to one group are like asking Isaac Jews but the rest of the world Asian Black most whites the rest of the world is lactose intolerant if you just stop drinking milk long enough you become lactose intolerant and stop making the enzyme that breaks down lactose and milk I want to give you a story though this is a prison that was started in in California I met the chapel for his kids prison it was owned by seven Adventist it was called America not the prisons have you heard of it it was in Victor Ville California and they had a system where they said listen when inmates come in they can choose two different routes to take either they can take the route where. They follow the normal department corrections diet and plan or they can take the route where they follow an Adventist lifestyle no meat no dairy no processed foods worship daily the Sabbath was a time when they didn't have to work and they got to rest. The state of California said these people are idiots no inmate is going to choose to not eat meat. The majority of the prisoners chose the Adventist side of the prison not ave only hope prison but they ran one side like the typical Department of Corrections this was a modern day Daniel Chapter one experiment true story you can Google it and read a story for yourself. When they went to that side what they found is that the inmates who went to the admin aside of the prison. Were healthier they cost less money to take care of and less medical problems but what really shocked everyone was race based gangs in the prisons disappeared on the advantage side if you were watching any television program about the men prisons in California but all over the United States everybody because there's up in race and they fight. Right it's all about race but when they followed a vehicle in plant based diet everyone got along. They worship together studied together played in the yard together there were no problems and what was most critical Let me read this. Not only did a friendlier non-defensive environment exist in the prison yard but the inmates gradually became less aggressive in general most importantly the percentage of former inmates who were later rearrested dropped to less than two percent watch this compare this to the state of California as average rate of ninety five percent and it becomes apparent that something good was really happening here so normally in California if you go to prison ninety five percent of the people in the prison after you let him out they will come right back ninety five percent California incarcerate more people than probably all of South Africa we have the largest women's prison in the world in California I do prison ministry are going to speak at a women's prison two times three times a year it's horrible but this program when they follow the advantage of stop and meat and dairy was taken out of the diet. Less than two percent of them came back so what do you think instead of California did you think is that OK we're going to spread it all the prisons in California they shut it down. The state of California wait a minute this is going to shut down the reason I gave was that this is the admin is prison didn't pay their phone bill. You can Google it there's articles on this. The reality I believe was America has what we call the prison industrial syndrome system and this system makes money off of inmates It is a loophole in the thirteenth Amendment has freed the slaves that says if you're a prisoner you can actually be treated as a slave again so there's a need there's a great documentary on Netflix or thirteenth watch it or blow your mind there's a need to keep the prisons full because all the private prisons in the United States is a big big money industry when they found it as a prison that actually saw all of the problems I think they said hey we got to shut this thing down we can't let this get out. That an admin as life style can actually reverse criminality let me ask you what are we waiting for to follow this lifestyle if it has that much power guess what maybe our churches would get along better along racial lines if we were eating differently. Maybe there'd be less tribalism less the vision in our churches if we all ate like Adam and Eve were taught to eat maybe we would be a different people we wouldn't see color so much if we work so fed on the aggressiveness of what carnivores become something to think about this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you'd like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W. Dot org.


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