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The Cost of Forgiveness

Fred Dana


A closer look at the deeper experience of forgiveness for the Christian.


  • October 28, 2017
    10:45 AM
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When I was thirteen years old an eighth grade at Browning with moral elementary next to the Atlantic Union College campus in late Akunin college was having a brand new library built. And some of my classmates and I had noticed that there was heavy equipment we could see the site from our school. And you know being in boy. We would rather going over watch that than be in school so anyway as soon as school was out I headed over there to see what was going on they were working on the digging out the foundation and. There was just tons of mud there tons of dirt. And. I came walking up on a side walk and one of my classmates who I did not like. Was walking down the sidewalk kind of like he was somebody you know and I just went what a big shot and he just came right over Toby and he just he was six feet tall I wasn't even five feet tall yet and I was surprised at how helpless I was instantly but he just picked me up and he laid me down in the mud in the role be back and forth and. I was furious. But I couldn't do a thing about it my coat was smeared losing it was soaking into my underwear. I was a dripping mess and he was just laughing at me. And my feeble attempt for some self dignity was too angry really announce that he would be paying for a brand new coat for May and that big shot just laughed and walked away in my mind my thoughts were screaming he asked to pay for this. And later at home. I worked real hard on my mom tried to persuade her to call his mom and demand they buy me a new coat. My mom was unmoved. Actually she told me I needed to get along better with my classmates can you imagine that. She asked me what I did to provoke him. I reluctantly admitted that I'd kind of called him something. But wasn't that beside the point she just brushed off a lot of the mud it was dry and most of it just brushed it off easy and and she threw the coat in the wash and that was that I wasn't happy you know when we're wrong there's four choices in how you're going to respond to it. And that's what's on the little when you're rung for choices and they all begin with our. And. You know just think about the situation I was in I had to go to school the next day and be in the classroom all day with this guy. And I just couldn't stand the sight of him I was humiliated and I thought of revenge and that's the first are revenge retaliate get even but it would be risky because. He'd get me back again maybe worse he was much bigger than me. So that didn't seem to have then seem to be a good choice. I wished it was and then I thought well I probably can't get even. But I thought to you know just reject him just cut him out of my life I have nothing to do with him the problem is I knew it wouldn't bother him at all but another problem was we were in the same classroom all day. Wasn't too practical or possible. So the only option I could see at the time was to Jess hate him. Resent him. Just on the inside I mean didn't he justify my resented. Was there any other option. So our number four. Is reconciliation or reconcile and of course if you're going to reconcile what does that mean has to be done. You have to forgive forgive him. Make peace with them no way. Have you ever felt like that why would I want to forgive him when resentment actually felt kind of good and my contempt for him was so justified. I could be severe to him in my mind open your Bible to Matthew six. Matthew six twelve Jesus said to pray. Asking God to forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors but when someone wrongs us usually forgiveness isn't the first impulse of our nature is it requiring repayment getting even getting revenge. Those are usually the first impulses of human nature in fact. An unforgiving spirit according to them Amazing Grace three twenty eight an unforgiving spirit is one of the most common of sins but not forgiving has a price consider the cost of retaliation or revenge. You know spiteful words can lead to action and people sometimes get hurt physically as well as hurt feelings. I know this from personal experience because that's what I did my older brother he treat me wrong and I'd lash out at him and he was in that a punching me again you try to get even in it things just escalate and get worse I think you'll find this interesting there was a statistical review at one hospital emergency. Room that went back through the years reviewing all the cases of that had come into the emergency room and they found that nearly fifty percent of all the injuries were caused by family friends or acquaintances. The famous Quaker and leader of the Pennsylvania colony William Penn. He explained the danger of revenge this way he said not to be provoked is best but if moved. Never correct tools a few them is that for every stroke our Fieri strikes is sure to hit ourselves at last Jesus said it this way. All day that take up the sword. So perish with the sword. In other words what you give out usually comes back one way or another eventually Well you know OK so let's rule out retaliation it's too high a price. Consider the price of resentment that was my choice at that time bitterness poisons the life doesn't it it takes this bitterness takes the soul hostage and it stunts our human development. Psychologists deal with chronic human per dysfunction because of trauma that people can't deal with often some type of physical abuse or emotional abuse or sexual abuse quite often in childhood. Painful experiences that haven't been dealt with. And certainly not forgiven often result in repressed hatred and anger that create havoc in people's lives messing them all up so they can't handle marriage very well. They can't handle parenting very well and maybe they can't even handle employment very well the anxiety and bitterness even affect physical health eventually resulting in disease resentment and bitterness have a price it costs our emotional and our physical health I'm going to give you a really graphic example. My oldest sister her husband was diagnosed with liver cancer a good seven years ago now. And he was given six months to live. Is a dean of men at Walla Walla University. And he's a very determined person with he's kind of a freak of nature his lung capacity is double the average human being so when he was in college he could run a mile under five minutes with no training so someone with that type of physical ability kind of has this I'm invincible way of handling life I can conquer anything and he approach liver cancer that way. And he was doing pretty good. He continued to do his job he said I can do it and he was he continued to be data men for three years and so all the sudden they decided to let him go now during those three years he was he was doing and he was researching doing natural treatments he refused chemo. And he had already beaten what all the doctors said by six times. And he felt like he was doing his job. And they didn't give him a reason for letting him go and when he pressed they said well you know some people think you're not up to it anymore with the cancer and all. He says I've been doing it and he was trying to find out if there was more to it and they weren't given a Mansur's and as he pursued he found out that his assistant dean had decided he wanted to be the full headed. And Assistant Dean had betrayed him all right but the college president the academic dean would not give him any information or answer any questions during that month when he was trying to figure this all out and he was feeling betrayed and he was angry his tumors begin to grow rapidly that makes sense. That's what bitterness does or anger or inability to forgive. And I was talking to him on the phone and I said you know if you don't forgive this is going to kill you. He said I know that. And he goes and I took it to the Lord this past week and I'm at peace now. That was four years ago. He's still doing fine. He wanted to or going to climb to mountains and one day. And he goes and helps relatives remodel houses and stuff like that because he's in rehab retired out of. The ability to forgive versus bitterness in some cases clearly life and death but even when it's not clear it still is in a more slow insidious way. Well. So retaliation revenge that comes back on you too badly resentment betterness poisons your own soul effects your own health. What about the rejecting someone just letting it go like I'm not going to be better I just don't want to be Who do with them you know the cost of rejecting someone cutting them out of out of your life. By the way this is the preferred choice in our contemporary Western culture. When someone is hurt us we just put distance between us and them and largely forget it but the effect still stays with us. In ways that we don't realize. Still stunting our character development damaging our personality and at the very least robbing us of what could have been a genuine friendship. You see if we fail to work for something that would make us bigger deeper more mature persons to actually build the relationship instead of just cut somebody off consider the spiritual cost of just cutting somebody off because obviously this is a failure to forgive right to fail to forgive stunts Christian growth. And it puts us at odds with what God would have us to do. The cost of not forgiving robs us of peace with God. According to scripture we must learn to forgive. Back in Matthew six look at verses fourteen and fifteen. Says for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you but if you forgive not mend their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses you know one who cannot forgive others. Actually breaks the bridge over which he must pass if he would reach heaven. Everyone has a need for forgiveness and to be forgiven our high calling one seventy six says The great lesson of forgiveness must be perfectly learned by all of us. It's not an option. Christian Life doesn't work if you can't forgive. Just doesn't it's a great wrong to allow our hearts to be hard and unforgiving to one we think has wronged us and one of my favorite books price object lessons to fifty to fifty one puts it sharply in focus the says nothing can justify an unforgiving spirit. He who is unmerciful toward others shows that he himself is not a partaker of God's parting grace. You see the grace of God moves in my heart in your heart so that we can pass it on because we forgive. But as we forgive you know if we have received God's unmerited love unmerited love our attitude toward others who will show whether we have made that love our own to be faithful to Christ we must forgive others. Unfortunately God Himself gives us the ability to do it now if you're struggling with resentment toward someone. Could be someone in your family it could be something from a long time ago. Or someone in the church. Currently or a long time ago if you're storing the resentment toward someone at work or school Jesus can set you free but what exactly is forgiveness. A study of the Greek words. That are used for forgiveness and I'm dealing with Luke first. Apolo. Forgiveness means to pardon to free fully. To let go. Let it die. It doesn't mean overlook and Matthew six a different Greek word is used. And I'm sure if I say write a female a female I. It means to lay aside. To put away or yield up. It's not pretending that something didn't happen. But the put it aside now I think we all know that the best way to understand forgiveness is the look at Calvary right can any of us fully grasp the love that led Jesus to suffer to give us forgiveness of sin with his own shed blood I don't think we can ever fully grasp it. If Eason's for thirty two says it's on OK if he's in for thirty two says we should be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you. Now when you think about what Jesus went through on the cross. Do you think it's easy to forgive others as he has forgiven you. Providing our forgiveness really hurt Christ didn't it. Does forgiving others ever cause us to suffer is this why it's hard to forgive even for followers of Christ and this is a quote from T.M. Kay that I may know him when eighty for followers of Christ it is most difficult to forgive as Christ forgave us and I'm going to give you an example. Of someone who thought he had forgiven. And then concluded he really didn't. Amanda pastor. A church member of mine at church I was pastoring in Iowa. He and I become really good friends he was an elder in the church. And before I came there is the pastor there was an incident where his wife had committed adultery and maybe two years before I arrived. And she was repentant and asked his forgiveness. And he said he forgave her because he knew Christians are supposed to do that. And his work took him away from home most of every week he was a truck driver sometimes he didn't make it back for the weekend and she tried for several years to get him to take to make a job change so that he could be home with her and with the kids. And he never really responded to her effort I worked on him kind of. Guy got him to see that you know your wife personality type is the type she needs you around more than that and she feels forgotten you know some women could cope with that. But some can't. And that was why she committed adultery so anyway he didn't make any change. Ten years after the adultery. He divorced her. And I had a conversation with him on the phone. About forgiveness. I said because he brought up the adultery ten years later. And he admitted he was I guess I wouldn't change my job because that was my way of punishing her he's having this conclusion why we're on the phone. It wasn't his conscious intention to do that he really believed he had forgiven her. But his actions showed. If they were understood but nobody understood it at the time in reflection he thought he had not forgiven her he knew that was the truth. And he said. Yeah I really don't forgive her at all adultery was his official reason for divorce. Why is it so difficult to forgive. You know we've already seen that our natural feelings you know they go to resentment retaliation. But another reason for giving is hard is that we easily accept substitutes or counterfeits over forgiveness in place of the real thing you know he thought he had forgiven sometimes we just have memory fatigue that's what goes on those two blanks on substitutes memory for T.V. You know it's just you know it fades away over time like we might get tired of holding a grudge or anger cools and I mean that's what happened with the guy that put me in the mud you know life went on I kind of like got over how angry I was about it and sometimes things happen and you know it's cool that was fun and we're having fun together. And I just kind of a you know time helped it fade away. It helped me forget the anger but true forgiveness and reconciliation didn't happen with him it doesn't forgiveness reconciliation doesn't happen just because now you can do stuff together and you forgot about it and you know it we were getting along better but we never became good friends. Because there was still a barrier there now does that describe how you get along with somebody in your life I think probably if we're all honest maybe some of us don't wouldn't wouldn't don't have any situation like that but probably most of us that's there is somebody in our life that that's how we relate. It's polite sort of friendly but we never made it right it's more of a tolerance and maybe even a somewhat pleasant tolerance. But things were never made right not fully So are you willing to pay the price to get and give true forgiveness you know sometimes forgiveness doesn't happen because we confuse it with some kind of denial. That allows us to pretend that all is well. Instead of talking things through recognizing true repentance. For what was done in restoring the relationship denial just says forget it it was nothing we don't need to talk about it was nothing. Now if it was really some little thing. That might be OK may not form a barrier but when a person responds to your request for forgiveness. Like this but they still keep their distance. You know they're still avoiding you for the sake of peace. Keeping their distance but they said it was OK. Real forgiveness didn't happen not fully. But they think it did you know think it over. Some time is when people. Forgive effortlessly they're just fooling themselves so what's the goal of forgiveness. What's the goal of forgiveness anyway. Does it cost something does it cost something regarding our pride. You know if we try to forget a wrong that was done to us without properly dealing with it it really won't go away forgiveness and forgetting are not the same thing right. Forgiveness requires us to deal with the facts of what was done to process things so you know that sometimes often forgiveness is more of a process than it is a one moment in time it's a process sometimes it's not possible to forgive in one moment in time there are some emotions that need to be processed. Things to be understood better. Lessons to learn. So proper forgetting. Is the result of complete forgiveness. However forgetting never causes forgiveness. Never sometimes people tried to forgive but really just went through the motions. Because they underestimate what true forgiveness is. Super forgive superficial forgiveness doesn't work. It's a poor substitute. Take Marty for instance Marty was a grown woman. With a family. But she couldn't break her dependence upon her mother her mom had totally dominated her life as a child and youth she had had few friends and as a married woman she was still controlled by needing her mom's approval yet she felt such hostility and resented toward her mother. Marty struggles with insecurity with fearfulness in her own life. Her husband and children were very frustrated with her Marty decided to try counseling. Fortunately for her she got a very good counselor. In the counseling process she began to become aware that her mother's control of her life had damaged her. And sometimes she expressed anger when she recalls just the civic things her mother had done. And one day she turned to the council and she said she said where is all this talk going where's it all going. Yes if she really wanted to know. Yes she snapped he said Marty if all goes well you'll come to the point where you can forgive your mother for the harm she has done to you. Forgive her Marty cried I will never forgive her never just a few minutes later. The amazing thing is Marty said you know. Now that I think about it I have forgiven her hundreds of times every time she did something that hurt me I forgive her I guess it didn't work so well did it it didn't work. You see what passes for forgiveness among us some much of the time really isn't forgiveness at all at best it might be a social convention used to smooth the ruffled feathers and worse it's something that buries the hurt deeper inside of us you see forgiveness must process our emotions. Or it just ends up being excusing going through the motions of forgiveness is superficial and it doesn't work forgiveness is far more rare than one assumes that first thought are you kind of get an idea why this woman wanted to kick me for two weeks she knew she needed to deal with some some somebody that she didn't want to deal with it was her own sister. It's very difficult to forgive as Christ forgives. It's very difficult. Something more thorough is supposed to take place Christ did not say you may tolerate your neighbor as yourself but love thy neighbor as yourself. So are you just tolerating somebody and you know the truth of matter is you might be deal with a person so difficult that's as best as you can get but you can't be satisfied there OK What is the goal of forgiveness go to Matthew five. Twenty three and twenty four Matthew five twenty three and twenty four. Says Therefore if thou bring that I give to the altar and there remember that they brother have Audi against the leave their they give before the altar and go that way first be reconciled to the brother and then come offer the gift. So in Bible times going to the altar was pretty much the same thing as going to worship so for us to interpret this passage and apply it it means going to church. Going to worship OK so this verse means that our worship services are not accepted by God when we are avoiding reconciliation with those with whom we have conflicts or hurt feelings. That pretty solemn in fact even in this is from this day with God page on page nineteen even our prayers are not fully acceptable to God why we leave this duty undone. And you say how could that be so often we have trouble going to the one we should go to. And instead we go to other people and we talk to others about our difficulty with that person we might be tolerating them. But we're certainly not loving them as ourselves as Jesus commanded the counsel of Matthew five twenty three twenty four is to be reconciled. The Greek word for reconcile dial Aso means to change thoroughly. True reconciliation is a level of forgiveness that leaves no more reservation or Reserve about the other that's pretty big isn't it it's to get us ready for how it will be in heaven can you imagine in heaven just kind of avoiding somebody. Having a little reserve toward them you know below cool down you don't know what they're going to say so we have to be getting prepared for heaven and we have to learn how to make things right with one another here it's no longer a keeping a distance or a mere toleration it's a restoration Well it's a thorough change let's go back to the scripture reading Matthew eighteen fifteen it's a thorough change remember Matthew eighteen fifteen. Says moreover if my brother still trespassed against the go and tell him his fault between the and him alone if he shall hear the that was gay my brother so what's the goal of forgiveness. Is to gain a brother it's the restoration of a Christian relationship is to gain another person not just find some truce a way of getting along even though you don't like each other. So is there a risk in going to someone who who feels some alienation towards you he had some huge risk big time. So obviously if you're going to go to somebody there it must be done Prayerfully in a loving nonjudgmental way. Without coming across like an accusation or coming across self-righteous arse of Piri or and in order to avoid all those things it might take time in prayer before you can write is that is that easy to do. Might it cost you. Yeah you might even get worse look seventeen three says if your brother sins rebuke him or when translated as confront him and. This would be redemptive confrontation or otherwise it's always going to do is blow things up worse right it's got to be redemptive confrontation can you do that and still win him over not very many people can people have in the church all their lives there's some people never even learned how to do this a leaving a little bit. Even with your best effort there may be retaliation there may be talking around to others about you there maybe stirring up trouble. Can you see why forgiveness can be so difficult and so costly So what about when the other will not be won. Or the situation makes reconciliation impossible at least for the time being. You know what if like say abuse in marriage that's pretty complicated You don't just fix that for the snap of finger say OK on ellipse have forgiveness and it's over it just doesn't happen that way. Things run too deep into your psyche. So for reconciliation may be thwarted because the person isn't ready. But we can still have the first stage of reconciliation which is forgiveness so that we can have peace with God and peace of mind in a clear conscience and sometimes we have to do things just so we have a clear conscience even though you can't fix it because people don't want to fix you can't force it. But the problem with most people is they make that judgment without trying and that's not acceptable there's a statement and Fossum on a blessings that says that we can't go successfully to somebody. Until we're willing to die in their place and so it could take some serious agonizing and prayer and time before you can do what you know you need to do but you've got to move forward. Like Lord lead the timing all that. All right so and how often. Does Matthew eighteen twenty one and twenty two say we should forgive. Seventy times seven so what's the point there you know the rabbis in Jesus' day thought they were very gracious if they would said you know they said you forgive somebody three times Peter was catching on that had to be better than that so he said seven the perfect number and that was the maximum of human patients Peter thought and Jesus shocked him when he said No seventy times seven. To Peter that was like no limits at all. Well that was pretty much Jesus' point. Do you get the impression that Jesus is very serious about us learning to really forgive. To forgive as Christ forgives. Now if you feel like I do you are realizing that this is an area that many of us need to grow. You might even be thinking about someone you resent and wondering how is it possible to forgive that person it could be a parent it could be a sibling. Someone at work or a boss or a former boss. Perhaps raise story will help you Ray hated his father there it is teenage years. Is hatred was so strong he wanted to kill him. This was no game when he was eighteen he asked his dad to go for a walk with him he had it all planned out where and how and when he was going to kill his father but he wanted to know something first so without his father suspecting anything there on this walk together that's going to end in a murder. Without his father suspecting anything Ray asked his father. He just came right out and said Dad why have you been so brutal with me why if you beat me so badly why and I guess the situation caught his father by surprise and they must have been his father must have thought they were having a nice walk tears welled up in his father's eyes and Ray was totally shocked he didn't know his father had a trace of softness Ray said Dad told me how his father my grandfather had done the very same things to him when he was a boy. His dad used to beat him with a horse whip and he even whip grandma once when she tried to stop him from hurting my dad Ray his dad walked in silence. And then his father turned to him and said You know Ray There were times when I just wanted to kill him. That's a true story after that conversation the murderous rage inside Ray's heart started to subside the question is why. There were still many things that didn't make sense he still had the Ainger but he had something else now that he didn't have before he asked that question and heard the answer. He now felt sorrow for what his father a gone through he could relate to it. He now recognized that the one who had wronged him. Was a fellow human being was real feelings and needs in a being of worth and value who had been wronged Austar you see when we look for and recognize the humanness and humanity the worth and value of another person that's when we can begin to let go and forgiving can start. In fact if we can do that the next stage will be a surprising discovery of love it can start as small as anything but it can start if there is an understanding love can start and we can love our enemy and not just tolerate them. As Love grows forgiveness can grow with it this is what we should ask God for. A new look at the person who has wronged us. In for Jesus to put love in our hearts for that person always gotta ask for that the supernatural intervention of God. And finally we can have that. Letting go. So that that forgiveness that surrenders my right to her you for hurting me. And then we can move toward full reconciliation. A fellow by the name of Will Norton came down with terminal cancer he was only twenty five years old. He took a trip to spend time with a college buddy he hadn't seen for a few years and his friend asked what do you do when you realize you're about to die Will Norton said it's really simple you get right with God You spend as much time as you can with those you love and you settle up with everybody else. And then he said you know you really ought to live live every day like that like you only have a few more days. Imagine when I was a ninth grader in Academy I went to a boarding school and there was a guy named John. Good in sports his father was the principal he was very confident and I didn't like him. We were rivals as freshman and it didn't help that I found out he was cousins with the guy rolled me in the mud. I said oh man it runs in the family they're cocky and they think they're better everybody else so we were rivals as freshman. But over the next three years we were never close but we shared good friendships with the same people so you know we had fun doing stuff together but I never was close to him. And my senior year he was the head R.A. and I was one of the R A's and I don't recall for the life of me why there was tension between us toward the end of the year but there was tension. And I he was I don't know he was kind of avoiding me like he thought I hated on or something. And I don't know I just don't know but about two weeks for the school year was over we were both up kind of late doing our a work. And we just kind of sat down in the hall. And we talked everything out how we were rivals as freshman how we had the same friends but we never been close. And we came to this understanding it was incredible. The last two weeks of school year I felt like he was my closest friend in the school. And I kept thinking why don't we have a talk like the hell long time ago he was open. That talked change just thoroughly It was a genuine reconciliation Jesus paid a heavy price on Calvary so that we could be forgiven right. And you know sometimes I've wondered why God couldn't have forgiven us in a less costly way you know why couldn't he just declare us forgiven no cross no suffering you know if for racing our sins was all that was needed he could have done it that way he's got the fact that Jesus went through the suffering on Calvary proves that forgiveness is not merely a way to a race in. But that forgiveness is meant to reconcile us to God to change us thoroughly Romans five ten says that when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his son the forgiveness Jesus provides is not complete until we are reconciled. Changed thoroughly That's why Jesus said except a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God because a racing sin is not enough to solve the problem. From the mount of blessing one fourteen says that forgiveness has a greater meaning than many think it isn't merely a covering of sin but a transformation of the heart and it says David had the true conception of forgiveness when he prayed Create in me a clean heart oh god every new right spirit within me quoting Psalm fifty one ten to be reconciled to God we must first see the damage of sin. Jesus showed us what sin is by what he allowed to happen to him on the cross he did it for us. He counted the cost of forgiveness Jesus went for full reconciliation with us. He wants no barriers between you and him. And he asked us to be reconciled with all others to forgive as Christ has forgiven us. While I've been preaching. I have no doubt that the majority of you have had people come to your mind. That you wish you had a better relationship with. Her You wish there wasn't a barrier. As you struggle with feelings toward them. You know I don't know who God put on your mind but you know you know who you need to. Come up with a plan for who has God put on your heart this morning question is will you go. And as I said before many may have to agonize in prayer with the Lord to just to be ready to do it. Because if you go before it's right time it's not going to be very successful it may take time you ask God to give me a love for that person is willing to die for them. So that they see when I come that I'm not being superior that I'm not having an attitude God will guide you but the question is will you forgive. As Christ has forgiven you. Will you really or will you ask to be forgiven for something you have done maybe you need to ask somebody to forgive you do you want heaven. Are you tired of conflicts and problems here you want nothing between you and anyone else and I don't know if anybody is sitting here who has nothing between them and anybody else but if there's anybody sitting here like that. You have a treasure and we should all have it or at least forgiveness because I you know sometimes people won't be reconciled. But if God has put a burden for someone on your heart. And you know that you need to go to them. And you're willing to make a plan pray through it and take care of it. We used to and I was didn't say nobody has any issues with anybody and I could have just made it easy and say Would you stay with me for prayer and they would bow their heads and everybody stood. But you know think about what God is telling you. And ask will I forgive his crisis for giving me or will I go and apologize if I'm the one that needs to. Usually it's both. So I'd like to invite everyone else to stand for closing prayer and we'll ask God to give us the courage and the love to gain our brother again or sister. To forgive as Christ forgives us by our heads Father in heaven or I've not asked people to stand to do something easy. And maybe someone here will want to kick me for the next two weeks. But that's OK because. Lord I think what we've seen this morning. Is that this forgiveness thing has to be taken more seriously and many of us we've got things we've got to fix. We've got people we've got to win so if you love them and forgive as you have loved us the Lord we're so fearful to do this because it could easily go wrong and get worse and so we pray that you would give us supernaturally a greater love in our hearts love from heaven love from Jesus. Love that will there to take the risk and we pray that you give us courage and wisdom. And help us to be willing to go through this struggle in our in our prayer time as we try to figure this out because with some people. That's going to happen. Because they have some really. Difficult relationships. So we thank you that you give the ability to forgive help us to surrender our hearts to you so that you can work your will in our lives the way you want to so that we can be better people we can be more loving people we can be greater and greater use in your service. For you isn't Thank you Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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