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9. Bible Docs 101 Overview- Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • June 12, 2016
    5:00 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you for the privilege of being here and having this time to fellowship and study and to be led by your Holy Spirit we thank you for the different offerings we have here at Camp Meeting different seminars and speakers and just a spiritual fellowship and now Lord we pray that you would be with us in this class time. Lord we want to be those laborers that you need. The labors that there are so few. And I pray that you would help us to fill that position by your grace we ask it in Jesus' name and them OK now if you look at your schedule says topical overview which is not something I think we've done before and actually was looking for a member of the gym because we. I mean let me look at this again Oh it does say M H doesn't it was going to be a little bit of both of us but I guess we had toyed back and forth with that. One of the reasons that I decided to do this. Is. In the Bible study offer dot com You see two different. Studies you can use Ok now this is one of the challenges when you're doing Bible studies when you're let me rephrase this when you're coordinating Bible studies and we'll talk about this later this week before we do outreach we're going to have a segment of course of class on how to organize outreach because our desire is that you won't just go from here and get a study but you will become proactive in your church and having regular outreach in your church so other people get involved in studies so we're going to talk about how to put that together but one of the things you need to do when you're going to is not reach is you've got to decide a lot of things for your group and what I mean by that is. When I first started out in ministry I really didn't want to be bossy and tell people what to do study guys I didn't want to and these two guys Richard members of my own they're like That changed but at any rate but I when we do outreach I'll be like well you can use this study you can use this study you can use this study what I learned is when people are just learning to do stuff that's the last thing they want is have to make another decision so I look just give us a place to some direction now there are other people that are like Don't tell me what do you say use what you want but I'm going to recommend something and that's what we're doing with the conference of get two different studies that we have decided on for this Bible study offer dot com the landmarks of prophecy because they one thing that Pastor Bachelor has done well is he's always key to his his studies to a video presentation series and so what happens is. There are people who are intimidated with the idea of giving a study but they have no problem with Pastor Doug giving the study and I remember at church member I had in Hastings Michigan who swore up and down she could not give Bible studies but here's what she did at the time it was the net ninety nine prophecy series by Doug bats are in the stork was a prophecy to go with that last. And she would she would she would do is this now how many of you ever sent out mailing cards like Bible study off or type of cards that people send they get back to your church and then you go and give them a Bible study. Or you follow up with them and you know sometimes it ends up being like a cork correspondence study that you will mail out on a regular basis but usually when we do that we'll have their ministries that will send out cards to certain zip code or area and you can pay them to do that and then they'll get the information back to you and you can have people in your church go out and follow up on those cards and what you get a lot of times people saying oh I thought these were going to come through the mail that's one thing that when we do the bible study offer dot com. What I want to call it is going to culture is not promo but whatever when we when we kick off the Bible Study author dot com It's going to be very clear that these are not going to be by mail studies. Not that you can't do it that way but a lot of you know that's a lot of people worry about we're going to follow up in the say I thought it was by me there's nothing on it is going to tell them they're going to get it by mail it's going to be you're going to have three options is going to be in person or it's going to be in a group small group and there's another one I don't remember what it is my brother Jim could tell you who's here so all it's right here on the card group you've got a group study you got one on one study. And they did the landmarks of prophecy is geared to the group study you have a small group come over to home you pop in the D.V.D. pastor Doug does preaching or you do a personal study you notice received two presentations with study guides per week and how they going to receive him you're going to come that's how it's going to work yes. Well I'm not sure just yet I know for here in Michigan there is going to be there we're going to have codes for the different churches that will go with different cards so for example if you well I guess I got to do know if. For example if your church wants to send out some cards or organ have the same cards it's going to the same billboards but if your church wants to send out cards they'll be a code for your church and so when that card comes back it's going to be channeled right to your code in those interested go right to your church if the card is a general card or generic car that didn't have a code on it when that person gets online and they put where they're from it will automatically send them to whatever area that needs to go to so if they're in a place that's outside of Michigan. We're going to be advertising outside of Michigan for the most part people get online then it's going to it's going to be some avenue that's going to. Probably mail out or whatever else OK So the idea here is the landmarks has the D.V.D.'s I was telling you had this church member who although I can't give a Bible study but what she would do is she'd follow up the interest cards when people were like oh I thought I was going to get it in the mail and here's what she would tell them well I could send it to you we can I can make sure the sente in the mail but if this isn't the mail you won't get this great D.V.D. that I can drop by for you and people always wanted the D.V.D.'s of like well like a D.V.D. OK you know you can D.V.D. number one and then she would come back and when she would come back to those houses she would just drop off D.V.D. number two she'd say so would you think if she talked to him about it answer the questions all the while thinking she couldn't give a Bible study but she was a Bible study and people left and right into the church and they were getting baptized from this so if you're like that you've got the landmark you can be one of these a landmark groups or there's the it is written bible study guides and those are for the personal Bible study so that's why you get the is written lessons now. Having said that I don't like the order of the it is written lessons so I changed it. And I told our personal ministries leader I changed it and he is on board with that but I want to explain to you why I changed it and the whole Again I want you. Understand the mentality be hind why we usually follow a certain routine or certain a certain order in the studies that we given some of the things that go into choosing those studies and so that's a little bit of what we're going to be doing here the south after noon we might actually get into a study but first we're going to just kind of do a topic overview OK and talk about why our studies are like they are now I'm going to say some things here that. Somebody might get upset with. You like we're going to get upset with about order of a study I just want to talk about studies and generally going to have to hear me out understand my context there's a been there there's been a wave of studies in recent years I'm not I'm not like totally opposed to this. But just hear me out there's been a wave of studies that are designed to be this is the same thing with with prophecy seminars with traditional evangelism and I think Pastor I mean I was thrilled with Pastor Booster's message on Sabbath morning because what he addressed with so much there's so much. Current market research this telling us that our traditional evangelism doesn't work and all of these other things and while there are some observations that might be worthwhile. Once again it puts a lot of emphasis on the human agent and little on The Spirit of God and the message in the method the Spirit of God has given us to follow has been a an emphasis on how we need to make sure that our studies are more Christ centered I'm not going to argue that at all but in light of that there been new studies developed that are supposed to be more Christ centered than your traditional doctrinal studies and doctrine has become a bad name in the church understand something about doctrine doctrine just means teaching in Jesus was the greatest teacher that ever lived he indoctrinate. People he taught people he taught people doctrine so doctrine isn't an evil thing doctrine teaches you everything that teaches you about God as a doctrine everything about the character of God is a doctrine I'm going to tell you that the reason studies are not Christ centered is not because the study was written in a crisis entered way it's because the person who's giving it isn't crisis hey if you're converted Christian Christ is going to come out in your study. You got to understand that a Bible study guide is a tool and I relate to that well because they used to be an electrician and I worked with a lot of tools in the one thing that never happened with my tools that I so wished would have happened sometimes is that I would take my bag of tools into a house that I was working in and I'd sit him down on the floor of the counter and I'd say OK boys go work and my tools would never do that I had to get up and use them and make them work my hammer didn't hammer by itself my drill didn't grill by itself my screwdriver didn't screw by itself I had to make all that happen they were tools designed to be used by a workman. That's what a study guide is the study guide doesn't do the work you do the work you use this as a tool and if you are in connection with Jesus your study is going to be connected with Jesus but if you're not connected with Jesus I don't care how the study is written it's not a big crisis you can't give a crisis in or study if you're not Christ centered so I understand that one of the most important keys to you being successful in sharing your faith is you have regular time with the ward you connect with the Lord and it that will spill out in what you share when you prepare a study you will talk more about preparing a study. You don't just go and give a study before you go and give a Bible study you want to go through the lesson you want to get that lesson in your head you want to come up with ideas as I go through a Bible study lesson let me tell you something that happens when I prepare a Bible study lesson to give to somebody first of all I used to do Bible work I told you that after I when I was first converted I had all kinds of ideas of what I was going to do to get involved in ministry just wasn't sure which angle to go ended up taking some training at Mission College of evangelism my mindset was this Lord Jesus is coming I want to be out on the front lines as soon as possible and that's what I did and I went to a training. That led me into doing Bible work and a bible workers a person at least in the days and I did Bible work I wish I knew more about Bible work coordinators which I told about the other day but I work as a person that in in the days and I did it people would hire to come and do for them what they were supposed to be doing in their church and that is going out and getting Bible studies and giving and that's what I that's what I did and so one of the things that I would do in preparing for my Bible studies is I would have. To set tapes anybody remember cassette tapes were. A cassette player in my car and I would record. Seven from different evangelists so I had dug bachelors a new revelation series on my cassette player and I would put all I'm going to do a study on death let's get past or Doug's presentation and I would listen to that and I would just get that in my head and I pick up illustrations Now that's not the only thing I would do I would go through the lesson and when I went through the lesson before hand. I might have a story that came to my mind that I thought well this would be a good example here and I would write it into my lesson I would highlight things that I wanted to emphasize OK In other words I was prepared to give that lesson and inevitably when you're giving a lesson to somebody else wrote inevitably you're going to come to one of the question answers and you're going to look at that thing and you're going to think what in the world is he trying to get across here what is the point of this this text doesn't even come close to answering that question I've had that happen with bachelor with Finlay and people have done it with me in my studies they come up with something that works for them it doesn't work for you you know what I do with those I either maybe I maybe I'll look at the question I think I know a really good text for this was not this text so I write in the text I'm going to use maybe I don't know of anything to put in there and I just scratch the whole thing all together and you know what that's a lot better to do before your study than when you go. It into the study and you're sitting there and you say OK question number eleven what men. And you have no clue what they read or you read the text and your does like what do I say about this one OK Number twelve you know so preparation is important when you're when you're going to give. A Bible study lesson but the best prep or the most essential preparation is your personal preparation and being connected with Christ and pleading with Jesus to give you an abundance of His Holy Spirit so that the message comes clearly through you and I'm going to tell you that I have learned as a pastor you minister to a lot of people personal bible studies are better from a standpoint of it's one on one sometimes it's harder with a bigger group when I preach Man sometimes I get down with sermons it's really funny as a pastor operate a sermon and I think it went great and one of the best sounding boards is your wife on a sermon and I'll say you know and we'll talk about it afterwards and she might say How do you feel about that any man that was good that when I just felt like it came together she like it made no sense you know and so and then the one I have come out of service I'm like oh man that was so horrible I just wanna go home and crawl under the covers I mean it's just like man I just I mean these people are all going to leave the agonist church after that message and my wife will say Man that was fantastic or I have a member say pastor that was the best thing really and so again we put emphasis on the human being oftentimes but you make your preparation with the Lord and the Lord has a way of communicating things to people in a way that you never could anyway. That personal preparation is key that is what's going to make your studies Christ centered now there are studies out today like I said that are you know supposed to be more relational or whatever what have you but here's something that I've found I'm just hesitating I don't think I'm going to name him because I just don't want to I don't want to be perceived as bad mouthing anybody there's some studies out there that I've had people say oh I've got these great new studies they're. They look nice and then there are the root relational instead of the heavy doctrinal But what I've encountered as a pastor is when people go through those or a member take somebody through those and they come to me they want baptized I got to take them through a set of Bible studies because those lessons was so vague to them oh they talk relationally but they didn't understand what what the debt what happens to the dead they didn't understand you have to understand that when sometimes is avin is we want something that's new to us. But for a person just coming in and Pastor Cameron brought that up yesterday and brought up in one of his morning messages we heard it these people OK let's see so Grandma is not in heaven right now she's in the grave Oh so the wicked don't burn in hell that you know in all the one thing after all Sabbath isn't a Sun is it's on Saturday and one thing after another they're getting this these things it's that's a lot of heavy information they need the basic stuff and I think that these lessons do a good job and that's why we chose the lessons that we did for for sharing these things they're just simple straightforward doctrinal lessons and some people marginalize them but that's what new people need I'm telling you right now. Anyway so we've chosen for you on that one. I'm not going to say obviously there's nothing wrong with it but the only thing I would say with that is. In part in part I think there is some fallacious reasoning in that and that is it's a it's pretty preassumed that the doctrinal studies aren't gospel. And that they need some other in you've got to understand the way the Spirit works with people I've watched you have to understand the people when they come into the truth the Lord reaches people in different waves I've had people who join the seventh Avenue Church because when they heard about what happens to the people who die that they rest in their room that was it for them that was the truth that hit them that convicted them that drew them to Christ and I'm thinking really that doctrine or so. Body else it was because people are different in the world reaches them in different ways and sometimes we underestimate the power of Bible truth you know we say how can a state of the dead look the state of the dead is a teaching of Jesus what happens in hell is the teaching of Jesus Daniel two is a teaching of Jesus and people have found as much Gospel and that is in the salvation story in fact sometimes there's a statement by Ellen why it's in manuscript releases volume nineteen and she says. No I. Had a read. I'll try to quote a little of it basically she basically says that the set the subjects on which the and I'm quoting pretty closely here may be missing a few words but the subjects on which. The ministers let me start over the subjects on which the ministers of nearly every other nomination and well will not move the people. And she says is in the context of Daniel and Revelation she says we have to give our God given message to them our message will stir the people and she says if we so blanket our message if we so circumscribed it then she says we are answerable to God for our failure to warn the world. And we just underestimate the power my brother Jim gave an excellent message at a rally we had this year October twenty four I think it's online I have to look it up but it's on the power of prophecy and really brought out some things some some good points on how the message of prophecy brings us face to face with Christ in a way nothing else. It's hard sometimes for us to understand and so I'm not saying not don't not to study other aspects of you know how a person you know in a in a faith relationship with Christ exercising faith than others and I'm not saying not to do that but I'm saying a lot of times we think and we're told that that's what people need when they're going to get that same thing through the set of Bible study because you're going to weave in you can't help if that's your Christian life you can't help but we've that into the study you give it's going to come up because your study unless you're just reading and giving some rapid fire machine gun question is a question answer if you discuss at all what you're going over that's going to come out in your lesson and that's what I mean if you're Christ centered that's going to come out. And sometimes we just overthink it I'm going to tell you not to do that I'm just I guess you know Speaker would ask why you pick I mean study is not news and you know you. News what studies you want to use OK The study is a tool but I'm going to say that my experience working with people especially people who knew the truth is they need something that is basic that basically and clearly communicates these topics and that's why that's why you go through most of the studies you go through in the administrators are going to follow the same general order it's going to the same topics you know you have about twenty five twenty six lessons they're going to cover you know the great controversy and the Sabbath isn't in and people will say well we only have one study on salvation Well that's not really true because in this salvation when I bring Daniel two up I have salvation in Daniel two. I have salvation in in the signs of the times. You got to have salvation in. The great controversy picture so you know it finds its way in in many different ways is one dedicated to the subject of. The cross and in the personal faith you know expect exchange with Christ but. Sabbath and death and all of these things have elements of that in them so any way that I see it do you have a question yeah one thousand is your polices page forty one of somebody was a look that up and what I want to do is I want to talk about the order of lessons I want to change here I'll go ahead your question. Yeah OK. Yeah here's what I here's what I did with this series of lessons. If you go if you look at the back of the lesson you see the lesson number in the bottom corner and so let's let's just go through Lesson number one. Can God be trusted and it's on Daniel to OK the reason that most studies will start with Daniel two is that when you're giving Bible studies one of the most important things for you to establish is the Bible as the foundation of truth. If the person you're studying with does not accept that then you are. What is Paul you're thinking of Paul says I'm beating the air right you're not going to get anywhere because what's going to happen is if a person accepts the Bible as true as the Word of God Then when the Bible says something contrary to the way they feel or think they're going to be willing to accept it and it will transform them. You know the passage in the bible john seven seven hundred seventeen where it says sanctify them by thy truth the Word is Truth you remember hearing that text what does it mean to sanctify OK Live it literally it means to set apart it may make holy from the standpoint of setting apart and follow this sanctify them set them apart by your truth your word is truth what is the only way the word of God can set a person apart from other people. Know not only. You got to believe it and what. And trusted and what follow it now you might image that Amber same believing it but the thing is if I don't follow it is it changing me no it's not setting me apart it can't so the idea when Jesus says to his father sanctify them by your truth your word is truth to set them apart by the truth people have to follow the truth and it's when we follow the truth that's why we come together in this Christian fellowship because we all decided to follow the truth and when I said I'm going to follow this I'm going to follow this I'm going to follow this it put me on this path and put you on this path and that's why when we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship it brings us together it sets us apart from the world but if a person doesn't accept the Bible as a foundation of truth as the Word of God They're not changing any time they come across something that used to give them a study on a certain lesson and they say Yeah that's interesting but. They're not going to go out to change them and so what's going to happen is that you get you're going to give them more and more lessons and they get all this information that they're not going to follow. And so it's not going to have any impact I'm going to say is not going to have any impact may have impact down the road potentially but they're not open to truth and so early in the lesson early in the lesson series and usually one or lessons one or two you want to study that's going to stablish the Bible as trustworthy and that's what lesson number one is the end of two is one of the best lessons to do that and I'll tell you why and we'll go over this more when we this is one of the lessons are going to spend a little bit more time with I had to choose what lessons to cover while we were here. And I'll tell you one of the one of the reasons that Seventh Day Adventists aren't as active in sharing their faith is more than just nervousness about their face a lot of seven AM minister on certain about or. If you uncomfortable about certain things and wonder is it really biblical you know and one of those subjects and I'm did I'm disappointed we've talked to elder Bradshaw about this our conference with the poor when the putting these lessons together but this series does not have a lesson on Christian dress. And yet as a church. As a as a world church and as as divisions and everything we should be but we don't across the board. We shouldn't be baptizing people bring him into the church before they've been instructed in Christian dress Ellen White makes a statement very clearly she says the in this where she calls it and I'm quoting the idolatry of dress is a moral disease moral means it's not just some custom It's not just some cultural thing it's a moral asked to do with our salvation the idolatry of dress is a moral disease it must not or should not be carried over into the new life. What sense speaking of. The new life as a baptism OK so a person should be instructed in those things we talked it is written about it the thing is it's unpopular it's getting more and more popular in our church well you know people don't like that ever and so. There's more than just one person who runs different ministries and they just felt like we're going to leave that out of the lesson so that's one of the things we're going to go over here that subject because. If you're going to study to lead souls into the truth they're not going to get baptized until somebody gives them that study. And so we're adding them in and that's why you have Christian dress listed here now the Sabbath we're going to go over on Wednesday but I'm going to go over the study on the Sabbath I'm going to go over the objections to the Sabbath that's where we get hung up a lot of seven I have to say what I know about the Sabbath I believe it but what happens when they start tell me Well what about kolaches it says the law is no the cross and what about when Romans fourteen says that one man regards one day above another another man regards every day alike let me speak in business own mind what I do with that one and what do I say when people say oh Jesus is my Sabbath and these kind of things so we're not going to be going over the lesson as much as some of those objections so that you can have a little more confidence because the more confidence you have in your message the more easy you're going to share the more naturally you're going to share your message yes yeah for sure well let me say this some of the people you run into in other churches don't know this stuff as much as they think they know their stuff. I've run into a lot of people who think they know their stuff and the problem is a person can talk very confidently In fact I've often found people who talk some of the people talk the most confidently No the least but they've learned how to get through life talking like they know the most and many of us are just timid and somebody comes and says well don't you know for example I was going door to door and I was talking to a guy about Daniel that you didn't believe in the Lord said what if I show you a prophecy in the Bible that foretold the future of the world before it ever happened oh I don't believe you could do it I could you know we are talking and I said there's great things in prophecy in fact you know in the book of Isaiah the Bible tells us that the Lord sits on the circle of the earth. And yet men argued for ages over the earth being flat they never argued that and he began to argue with me over that man ever thought the earth was flat and it was just a very confidently he knew what he was talking about was like Incidentally did you know there's a call there's a society to these you can look it up and we call the Flat Earth Society to this day. But people will talk to you very confidently sometimes about what they think they know you have to be as confident about what you know you're not to be arrogant about it but you should be confident about it and there's no reason we can't be confident about it I'm going to tell you if you're not confident about what you your faith teaches get confident about it and we tell you sometimes we read so many things under the sun we read Chicken Soup for everybody soul and we ought to be getting grounded in what we need to know what we believe and I'm not saying don't read other things I'm just saying we've got to be confident and there's no reason we shouldn't be our message one of the greatest things about giving Bible studies is the more you study our message with people the more strong your comment is going to be and one of things I love about I love being the seven they have a Bible worker because I could truly answer anything from the Bible and it's exciting the more you learn that people challenge you like I don't know the answer you go back and read in the Bible and you can look at other resources we've got great resources like the US the Bible Commentary there's a lot of other books of the logical society another that but you are by now there's the answer right there in the Bible mysterious you the Bible you read in Spirit of Prophecy it steers you to the Bible I've read wonderful things in the writings of Ellen White and it is so enhanced my understanding of scripture I don't know if you've had this experience or your reasoning in desire of ages you read the passage in the Bible I don't know how many times you read it as our ages and it's just like she brings up a point like BAM I can't believe I missed it it's right there in the scripture point as day but I read right over it a hundred thousand times but it's not some new thing it it enhances my confidence in what the Bible says and one. Our message is and and so you can take time if you don't feel as confident go over do the studies yourself review a series of evangelist meetings yourself one thing that really concerns me I'm preaching the choir here so I know I can do this not step on toes as much but. We have a serious like on Loch revelation I'm going to tell you I had a good portion of church members who didn't come to meeting number one. But these are the same people so I can't give a study what can you give a study where I'm just not I don't know how to well if you don't want to answer Come on out to the series and refresh. I'll tell you it was a blessing to me going through and preaching again every time I go through our message again it confirms me in it and part of that is because people your guests will come up and you talk to him and I ask you questions and you're back to the Bible and you're like This Is It is what the Bible teaches I've had people come to me who who come into the church because they just started reading the Bible. I met people over the years and I can hear there's a teacher in Ohio pick Oh I oh just started reading the Bible. Said What church is like this looks around and comes you have a search where else are they going to go wow they teach all this stuff I've known people have been Sabbath keepers by themself in some little hole somewhere because they didn't realize that there was a church that kept the Sabbath they find the Abbotts like wow this is old is a whole church that does this they just thought they'd keep Sabbath by themselves so where's because they read it in the Bible and said this is Bible. Anyway there's a lot to be excited about because our message but I picked a handful of lessons that I wanted to emphasize in part to show you how to go through a lesson. A little more effectively. And because the bottom line is it's not real hard to go through Question Answer lesson. We want once we go over some basics with a pastor West mom we cover something you can do question answer that's not hard to figure out and if you feel like well you know I'm a little bit. You know not a smooth bit of practice it how many of you heard of the. The the was the by the violin study where. Malcolm Gladwell shares it in his book Outliers and somebody else quoted him actually but they studied. Violin students. Actually. Violin violinists and. The study was trying to find a correlation between where a person was in their in their skill set in playing the violin and the amount of practice a had as a violinist and what they found in the study was that there were the classified violinists into three categories one was the teacher category these were people who let me and let me repeat one was a violinist in a in a in A. Orchestra Thank you I was going to say band not band choir not a choir orchestra thank you the violinist in an orchestra they played well. But they weren't skilled enough to be a teacher of. The violin I may get I may get that mixed up a little bit maybe one of the other but it was that you had those who played the orchestra you had those who were the teachers the violin and then you had those who were the stars who are the famous concert violinist OK and what they found was those who were the. Who would who would I think you would I think you'd be a teacher before you play in the orchestra don't you think you have. Because a lot of times I know when it comes to baseball you can coach a team you don't necessarily play the game as well as the players play but you can know the theory of the game right I don't know about violinists you think you have to what would come first you know so the teacher would be over the player in that case OK so let's just run with that but you get the point so the players let's just say. Because they don't have a study in front of me that the players. Across the board had about six thousand hours of practice in their life. Across the board those who were good at playing but were not in the teacher category six thousand hours teachers eight thousand hours of practice. The stars the famous ones ten thousand or more hours of practice and here's what was interesting nobody who had practiced ten thousand hours or more was not a star everybody who practiced ten thousand hours or more were stars. And in the conclusion they drew was Practice makes perfect right that if you would practice things you get better at things when you practice things in the point that the reason I'm telling you that is if you feel like you're not real good at giving Bible studies practices so I said the other day get a group of people in the church get a small group together and you take turns get a friend of yours in practice giving the studies I'm going to tell you the more you do it the better you're going to get at it John Wesley one of the founders of the Methodist Church there's a saying that that said that John Wesley was a great preacher he preached five sermons a day well the quote the follow up question is did John Wesley preach five sermons day because he was a great preacher or was he a great preacher because he preached five sermons a day now tell you the answer is easy for a preacher The more you preach the more you learn about what to do and what not to do and I'll tell you one of the hardest things for preachers to do but one of the most important thing for preachers to do is listen to yourself preach. That is painful I want to tell you right now how many of you preach before if you listen to your own messages how does it feel. But I'll tell you what happens is you you learn as you listen that oh oh why did I do that helps you to become better at it but you practice something listen you can do that with giving Bible studies if you don't feel like you're real good at it practice it and I'm going to tell you you'll get better. We just don't we don't practice enough of this stuff and so anyway. Lesson number one Daniel two Lesson Number One the end of two is a great study on helping people to gain confidence in the Bible because Daniel to the outline of Daniel to compared to Daniel seven and all these others is a very simple prophecy you've got an image with four medals gold silver bronze iron and then feet of iron and clay and then the rock I mean it's a very simple picture. And then you can go to a secular ancient world history book and see that world history traces out from the time of that first kingdom Babylon four kingdoms the fourth one did not get conquered by a fifth it imploded it was sacked by the Germanic tribes broken into ten divisions and try as they may come back together it has not happened and it will not happen until Jesus comes again it's an incredible prophecy and I'm telling you I studied that with our member in my first church in Michigan I studied with a young man he was a businessman who I was studying with he was raised Christian reform he was a quiet guy which I have a hard time studying with quiet guys I like I like exuberant people because I know what's happening. You know one of study like oh yeah and they're excited as like good I know that they're tracking but when they're quiet. You know I haven't read and interact trying to interact with it just really reserved kind of thing well this is how this guy was so I go through the whole dinner to study I mean I'm going I don't know where this guy is that we get done and I finish up with my appeal any. Zukin to study me looks at me and and is he saying nothing. Well what do you think I said. And then he says this is awesome. Why haven't I ever heard this I grew up my whole life in the church and I never heard this why are people mean you know this is the most I'd heard from this guy and through the whole study and I was like Praise the Lord but we as if you're a Seventh Day Adventist then you two of you heard some about the end of two at some point you'd be surprised how many Christians know nothing about it and for a non-Christian mean Daniel to tells you here's a book that was written a prophecy that was written six hundred years before Christ and like what Pastor West said if you show him it and you draw the line across the image and say this is where Daniel lived. Because it's easy for us we read it now we're thinking it's a history but no this is not history this is prophecy it was written before it ever happened in app and just like it said. That is compelling so people can see all the Bible is written by a bunch of men sure it was but they were inspired by God How would a bunch of men know the future with such pinpoint accuracy as Daniel two and it is gripping and the Spirit of God and let me tell you what happens and this is going back to our gospel understanding when a person is gripped you remember. Trying to think Braun could somebody just brought this up I think maybe pastor Cameron did this morning or was it Pastor Bruce or last night Pastor Winter that when Peter was out on a fishing boat and Jesus told him to through the net remember this and Luke Chapter Five let down your net for a catch of Peter was all night the Bible says He was all my fishing and caught nothing in Afghanistan something about fishing you fish with nets fish can see everything they got eyes on both side of their head they can see like this I mean there's nothing you can get past the fish and you got a net in the water in daylight the fishes not swim and into that net a Peter knew that he's a lifelong fisherman he's almight the net can't be seen by the fish caught nothing what am I going to do go out the same lake in daylight and catch fish so right away he was tempted to think whoa Jesus your carpenter that's good you're I'm sure you're good carpenter you don't make much of a fisherman but in the course of the dialogue Peter said Nevertheless your word will go out and do what you said he was going to humor. In the Bible says when he let down those nets and mediately they were so full of fish he pulls the net in and then calls his buddies in the other boat and pulled the net into both boats and they were so the net was so full Both boats began to sink because of the fish and the Bible says Peter falls down on his knees and grabs hold of Jesus and says Depart from Me I'm a sinful man or will now what happened what happened to the apostle who just moments before was thinking this guy's crazy doesn't know what he's talking about so now depart from me for I'm a sinful man. When the don't misses when the Word of God was fulfilled Peter got a glimpse of the divinity of Christ that same thing happens when people see Daniel two. That's what that's what happened so we just see it is all just as doctrinal study no because a person sees that God there is a God who knows the future and he's foretold in this in the Bible in this book in this book Where's My book I can't be up here without my book. The book so any way. In this book. And people are this the Spirit of God moves on them with conviction and converting power and that's what happened to Peter that's what happened to this man that I studied in it too with that's what happens with the people you study with. The Word of God just opens up to them no longer is it just words on a page wow this is a divine book and when you're there and when a person sees that even gets a glimpse of it they don't have to be wholly committed from study number one but they're convinced enough to say wow there's more to this than I thought and when you have them there then you can study the Bible because as the Bible teaches things they're going to be willing to to allow their life to be molded by in the Bible will transform the life of the sanctified by the truth so Daniel two is a great Like I said in a two you can take a secular world history book you don't have to you know another study that's really a powerful study of studies of the prophecies of the Messiah but the problem with the prophecies of the Messiah is I'll go back and I'll show you what it says in Micah and then we go in Matthew and say here it's fulfilled and I go back and I show you what it says in the Psalms and then we go to the New Testament to show you where it's fulfilled but that's kind of like circular reasoning to a person who doesn't accept the Bible it's like oh great the Bible's proving the Bible that doesn't prove any but when you're using you're looking at Daniel two. You can go outside the Bible people go ahead go outside the Bible you look at ancient history what are you going to find you going to find those four empires and the other thing is there not a little kingdom somewhere there world empire so you don't have to be like well how do you know for sure look it was the empire that ruled the world. Daniel told never can as are you OK are a king of kings you guys think King of Kings in regard to Jesus Daniel called Never can as are king of kings What does that mean King King. Is a king over all the other kings what kind of kingdom with that mean. And also making them or world empire right so we know we're reading there indeed an attempt to we're dealing with world empires it doesn't have to be hard to go to the secular world history book what was dull world empire there and end of that never came as a Babylon that was it. Let's see was there another empire that conquered Babylon it would be a world empire there's a third kingdom a king of bronze which shall rule over all the earth the Bible says there were empires It's not hard to find in a secular source outside the Bible and so people can see that and say wow Bible foretold future and has a compelling power so that's why you start with that lesson and I'm going to spend this much time on every lesson of all that never gets through and I know you know that like well this is what I'm going to get done with this. Lesson number two is on the signs of the times the size of the times less and some people like it better than others. But the power of the signs of the times lesson is once again it's prophecy and it deals with current events and it helps people. To things it helps people to see how the Bible has foretold current events gives them confidence again in the scripture it also gives people hope. Because when you realize that God knew that we would be in the mess we're in today. I mean if you look at the mess we're in today it should be terrifying to us except for we know there's a God is in control there wasn't God in control man where you go this world's going to fall apart me my kids my grandkids somebody is not going to have a future who knows what this what this will be this country's going to become and this is how people think and so when you see these end time events of prophecy you see the Bible predicted I'm you see they're happening just like the Bible said it gives you confidence again that got in there passages in the context where the Lord says for example when you see these things know that I'm near and even at the door you know that. Lift up your heads for your depth and draws not techs that tell you that when you see these things God says I saw them coming. Don't worry I'm still in charge I'm still in control it helps you to have some hope in the midst of the crisis and so once again now tell me there's not gospel hope in that and there's other things in Daniel I could've gone into as well just a whole I won't go into that to we'll look at that later but the signs you know you've got you're building up faith in the Bible the science study you know some of these studies it would matter sometimes up done this like in my Vangelis series I did signs first and then I did I went a little different order than the and it is written order but I did the science study well sort of the it was written study this time of year and then I did the data to I like to do that so on the first night I can tell everybody now tomorrow night if you're going to miss I'd like to tell people this if you're going to miss any night of this series tonight would have been a night to miss because tomorrow night right tomorrow night we're going to look at a prophecy that is so incredible in fact if you have friends that are atheists we're going tomorrow night after tomorrow night's lesson they're not going to be atheists anymore I'm going to take the prophecy is so powerful I just want to get people pumped up to come to Daniel two but I've mixed them around sometimes I'll start with the end of two and then this this series starts with the end of two and then goes into the science those first studies are to try to give people confidence in the Bible and there are also things that aren't real challenging OK you don't want to start off in studying with somebody on on topics you know are going to be controversial for them because what's going to happen is instead of gaining their confidence right away or losing their confidence. What's happened when I do an evangelistic series most of the time I do a series I don't advertise my series a seven day having a series all I've had church members are you with and I say all that you're being deceptive and just kind of thing not all my church members I just you know a lot of times evidence will argue well argue about them so that's not fair you should is bait and switch in this kind of book. I don't deny that I'm a seven day. I have it is some people don't know what an abacus is at all but I'll tell you there are a lot of people who do and wouldn't come and I've had people tell me repeatedly man if I knew these rabbits means from the get go I wouldn't. I just wouldn't come because they've heard things and so I don't want to make that prominent I want the message to be from and I know what happens is in the night seven or eight I'm talking about the Sabbath and guess what they know real soon I'm a Seventh Day Adventists my church is some of the evidence but here's what happens in those first lessons I've dealt with subjects from the Bible that aren't controversial and they followed along they're excited they've gained understanding and now want to get to the Sabbath and now their friends hear about it because they go home and say wow this is what I learned and I and the pastor or the family member say you learned what man that's craziness those people those people come up with all that stuff you know they get all that stuff from Illinois they get all that stuff from here there and every and you get that this is what happens I had a lady come to a series I did and she said. Her husband went to talk to the pastor and the pastor says watch out for those guys they use their own Bible so she came and told me she says he said you guys use your own Bible so we don't use our own Bible you've been using the bot we had our Bibles every Let me show you my Bible I said the Quo cyst we come to using our own Bible is that I have an Ellen White Study Bible so I brought it to the meeting and I gave it to her and I said Here is the closest people say forget it I said I want you to check the text of this Bible next to your Bible you find the text is the same it just has different comments comments from Ellen White in this Bible but you go ahead and check with that she said this is the same as my Bible said exactly so we don't use our own Bible but I said so anyway she goes home and tells her husband husband tells the pastor she comes back and says here's what he said he said Oh sure in the meetings they use a regular Bible but when they get you in their church they'll take away your Bible and they'll give you that was the first time I heard that one but I always hear some new craziness that comes out but here's what she could say and don't miss this here's what she could say all I know is. It's like the blind man hey this man who healed you how to give you he can't hear you on the Sabbath Hey look all I know is I was blind and now I see as what the but she said All I know is I've gone to those meetings and every night it's from the Bible. And so what we want to do is when we're giving Bible studies or evangelistic series we want to deal with topics that aren't controversial that start them in the questioning we want them to see that we agree on things we were going with the Bible and it builds their confidence in the Bible and in you as a Bible teacher so that when you get the controversial things they have confidence now look so far we've just gone with the Bible and when people are trying to win the Devils trying to use other people and lives to weaken that commitment and I'm not trying to demonize people what I mean by this is sometimes there are wives or husbands or children or friends or pastors It's not that they're not well meaning and some of these people come around to accepting the truth themselves but they're trying to help their friend out they feel like they're being deceived in the throw this out you want them to have confidence in what's being taught and so sometimes I've had people one well let's just jump right into the end of Christ in the Sabbath not a good idea because you're putting something out there that is potentially going to break any kind of confidence you could build question. Yeah and I and I we've I covered that with this lady how many of you know what the clear word is OK I think think I am trying to remember if it was first put out as the clear word Bible I think it was much to the chagrin of Jacques Blanco who Here's what happened Jack Blanco who is I think he was teaching at the seminary at Southern at the time but he had all these notes that he put together in the Bible he had family members who said Mitt you need to. These notes where people can benefit from them these are great so he put it together in this clear word he it's he's paraphrased the Bible with his own notes and he made it very clear from the outset that this is not a bible this is a commentary on the Bible Well two things have happened that made that kind of a negative number one is it called Bible Number two there are seventy avenues to take that and use it as their Bible which I would not recommend I when I will tell you when I have when I first became a Christian somebody got me a study Bible and when I became really convicted that I wanted to know what the Bible taught in fact I'll bring a graphic I wish I had my original Bible I really abuse that Bible not on purpose I just I used a lot and then I left it in the car once and then I got driven over on the road and I duct taped it up and it it worked but I don't have it anymore kind of wish I did but I got a little it's a little paperback New King James and I have one like it that I will try to remember to bring but it's just Bible text it doesn't have center column reference it doesn't have anything but bible text I didn't want anybody else's comments I wanted just the Bible I'm not saying it's wrong for you to have a Bible with comments on it but I'm just saying you know that's what I want it clear word is a intended to be a commentary on the Bible and so the newer version of that is printed is called the clear word not clear word Bible and so I had to do I just explain that to this lady it's not the church hasn't officially adopted it back the Church heads has said so much as I've just said on it that look this is not just so we understand this this is not a bible of the seventh heaven a church etc People are going to say what they going to say but if a person's honest and you've given that explanation they understand it and she understood that as well but I wouldn't use any paraphrase as my main study Bible because a paraphrase is where the the translators are allowed to insert their own thoughts in it well that can be really helpful in comparison to try to understand I mean me. Helpful but when I'm doing Bible study I want to translation. Anyway that's another topic but that's what I would say about the clear word and it is not the seven amateurs doesn't have a Bible they've even Andrew's Study Bible it's not we don't we haven't adopted it's not the Aves Bible. And what's really funny in a strange sort of way is we get criticised over these things but the Christian world at large all they use are study Bibles all kinds of study bible that have far much more heresy in them than anything that we had as a church so you know like the Scofield Study Bible and all the futurism in prophecy interpretations would have you OK Got to keep on moving here. So the great controversy study. Is the great controversy study is something that most Christians have never heard anything like it the way we presented not that they haven't heard some elements of the controversy but the great controversy study you know why this study is such a good study because this is a study that answers better than any A Anything else the question why is there so much suffering. Which is it number three why is there so much suffering in the world the great controversy is the only thing that really answers that question well because we're in the middle of a battle and if you're in the middle of a battle soldier doesn't expect peace in the middle of a battle he expects war but he knows peace is coming but we're in the middle of the great controversy and God is not the originator of evil and that's that that is so helpful to people when they learn that because many people stay away from God because they say how can he be how can he be a loving God If you allows these things the great controversy sheds light on that like nothing else and it's a powerful study and it's one that it's not controversial it's not like other tear teacher to teach contrary to it they just don't teach it and so for people to hear the great. The study again it strengthens their confidence in what you're sharing with them. Hope for Planet in crisis usually this is the salvation study the salvation study usually follows the great controversy study like great controversy basically this is how sin entered the world and this is how the Lord has proposed to take care of it that's usually how it works so the lesson on salvation how to receive salvation comes in number four. OK And I'll tell you when I change the order all this is a pretty standard order and the reality is some of those could be changed around. But I wouldn't change them a lot like I said the Daniel too would be one of the first two studies I would give. Great controversy study all that the order I think the order is very good with it as good as it gets This is a study on heaven now. I don't usually study heaven this early on but you'll notice that what some lesson series do a number of them will do is they'll insert a lesson that is where each noncontroversial very hopeful old to kind of in its kind of come into the lesson somewhere before you hitting a harder topic or something like that but anyway I don't have a problem with it being where it is in the lesson it's not going to throw anything off in the lesson so you'll see that where it changed order is where I think just the rails the logical flow of a series of studies I know and I like to do I really like the study on heaven. I'm trying to think how Mark really put it. There's something about it he didn't put it this way but there's an old evangelist saying you heard the saying You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink the evangelist version is you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink but you can solve his oats. Right make him thirsty and this this is a kind of study to make somebody thirsty when they realize let me ask Is there anybody here who used to think you grew up thinking Heaven your picture of heaven was you know strumming a harp on a cloud anybody ever have that picture of heaven what a drag I don't know if you've ever thought about eternity. I mean I remember as a young person I didn't you just get it is like this time loop in your head initially like you start to think about forever and forever and ever and ever and ever in your head start hurting I don't know if you've ever done that and then you think about and then you insert playing a harp on it. You know like forget about it it's not worth it. And when I learned and when people learn with the Bible says about heaven what it's really like it's a real place we have real bodies and we know real people and our loved ones will see there were not just the floating spirits in like I'm sorry you're this wispy looking former you some oh you're my mom or your mind no we'll know people and we'll have these glorified bodies and will do real things the things we always wanted to do here and could never do to near the degree we can do there I've always wanted to go from planet to planet and when you realize how many different planets there are you know that eternity is not that long a time and so anyway yeah this salty oats and when you say with somebody I has not seen or his ear heard nor has entered into the heart or the imagination of man the things that God has prepared for those who love him wow this is a great study for that so this is the heaven study and some of the studies will do just that they just. They give people reason to look forward to something better you know the Christian life I mean there are there are sacrifices you make to become a Christian and people know that they count the cost they read ahead but we'll look at this when we talk about decisions a little bit more but Jesus never just sold people the package that said look you're going to have to give up everything but it's the right thing to do right well I know keeping the Sabbath is going to probably you're going to probably lose your wife your kids and your job but it's the truth you know that's not how does is presented true and one of my favorite examples is the story of the rich young ruler really comes to Jesus and what do I do to enter a new life keep the commandments which ones did to do I do that I've done those for my use what lack I yet and Jesus says go sell all you have and give to the poor and. Follow me you missed it and everybody misses it because that's not what he said he said Go sell all you have and give to the poor and you will have to try and come and following so see he didn't just look you're going to give everything away you're going to lose everything that means anything to you and follow me. Yeah I'm excited about that right now he inserts in there you might lose things here but you'll get infinitely more following me and you might remember the decide Peter comes up and ask Him Lord we forsaken all what do we get right if you read the passage in March after ten so Jesus wanted people to know that there was something to look forward to not only in the hereafter but here now so this is a great study for that the heaven study peace on earth this is about the law of God and I like it's put in the perspective of look there was never a lack of peace and harmony before the law of God was broken. Everything in the universe was perfect but when the law was broken peace was gone well God's going to restore that and so the lesson in the law in the lesson in the law is typically followed by the lesson on the Sabbath and so it is here quality time and again the Sabbath lesson is put in the framework of a relationship with the Lord because what that's what the Sabbath is about you know the Sabbath is the only commandment that gives us power to keep all the other commandments you wear that because if you're not connected with the Lord you can't obey his will so the Sabbath is that quality time that God and the other thing that really. Amazes me about the Sabbath is. When people have Sabbath conflicts is because they can't find time to keep the Sabbath holy right I got to work I get this do I get so many things I don't I'm going to keep a whole day but yet God who runs the entire universe takes a whole day off for you and me. Guy can clear his calendar but I'm too busy guy right so the quality time I like the emphasis but the order you can kind of see the flow that we're going through here in the lessons right now now we're starting to get it I'll tell you the law lesson almost every observer in. Sam has is the only commandment that enables us to keep all the other commandments Well I shouldn't say that I mean love God with all your heart mind the first four deal with the Lord but the Sabbath commandment is the one that introduces us to the Lord as a creator and sets that time aside where we can build a relationship with the Lord it's out of that relationship with the Lord that our obedience to God grows and so any hope of a bang McManus without spending time with the Lord isn't going to happen and so the SAT anywhere like the context they put that now the next lesson that they go to is the day the Sabbath or the day that disappeared now this one is on the change of the sabbath no no no this is on the Sunday texts and it's good and it's appropriate here but what happens in this particular sense set a series is that they put the anti-Christ way down at Lesson Number eighteen and that is an awkward place to put the anti-Christ study that's less than a team it's the mystery beast no no no yeah the mystery Beast of Revelation I put this one right after the Sabbath right after the Sabbath because here's the thing so number seven number seven then number eighteen then number eight. Because what happens is when you present the Sabbath. The Anti-Christ lesson helps a person to understand how it got changed the David disappeared really doesn't do a lot to help with the change of the Sabbath it does a little bit but this one does more and this also listen this also helps put the anti-Christ study in a better context from my standpoint in fact I noticed this when I saw Mark Foley doing it I thought you know if I'm just talking about the in a crisis saying oh by the way the end of Christ is there is the Catholic Church and people are going to be like why you all of a sudden coming out just railing on the Catholics you know that's just a tendency of people think well you know it's out of the blue you're going to start badmouthing the Catholics but when I'm talking about the Sabbath like while the Sabbath is on Saturday and then I get in the end of Christ changing times and Law Well now that a OK now I'm now I'm presenting this in a context of prophecy that says this did this Sabbath this is the power that the Bible foretold would change the Sabbath by putting tradition in the place of scripture. And so it fits better you'll find that most evangelist put it here we had a lot of our long revelations speakers who said this is all covered with the Enterprise way down here at the end of the study Well it was it fits better here you'll find it's better here in a series of Bible studies. This media was brought to you by audio force a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you force or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot. Org.


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