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13. How to Give Bible Studies- Part 3

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • June 13, 2016
    10:00 AM
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We think so much for this time we ask your blessing to be with us one more time we thank you for the joy that we haven't you we ask you to guide and direct us Jesus name Amen those that question yeah yeah when you when you give the bible study of the person you're going to have your own lesson they're going to have their own last and you're not sharing a lesson OK so you're going to give them a clean last and if you're doing whichever method and either they're going to fill it out or you'll go through it together so the beauty of this is that once you. Complete your series of a series of Bible studies you have your set of Bible studies that you'll use over and over again and you don't have to spend the amount of time preparing them you have to do that once and then every time you study was somebody may tweak it a little bit but you'll be able to do that on the fly after you've done a few bible studies you know you'll be able to you might use a different illustration or something but you're going to have your deal here and this because and after a while these things are going to be like oh I like the colors fading and it's wearing out but you have your set of lessons give yourself a little notebook to keep them in if you want to punch holes in them and keep in there it's a great thing that makes sense yes. If they have an objection right then you need to deal with it you deal with them they have a curiosity you say well we'll stuck about that later but they haven't why I don't know about that verse what about this one you do with it then here's what you'll find how many of you your biggest fear is they're going to disagree with you or or they're going to say why what about this and you're fraid they'll ask you a question answer to cetera right what you'll find is everybody know what I mean when I say objection. They'll say you'll go through the Sabbath study they'll say What about cautions to overhear. Of the says don't judge me on the Sabbath right Romans fourteen find this every man esteems one day above is another but let every man be fully convinced in his own mind you guys don't talk about they object or they give you some kind of thing that you have to answer and defend what you'll find is that on every subject they have about four to five of the most common objections that ninety to ninety five percent of the people are going to always ask the same thing. That makes sense so what's beautiful what I used to have my students do is on every subject they'd have to answer I give them five objections of the most common they'd have to answer those for me. And once you learn how to answer those people ask you that thing and you just present the same thing every time and you just become like a machine and you know how to answer that insist like the boo boo boo and once you master those top objections then you know like sometimes people always throw something out there that's weird quirky but most people are going to. Ask you the same thing and you respond the same way and then there's no fear because you kind of know what's coming that makes sense and you can and the more you answer that question the more tight your answer gets and the more convincing it gets and what I've found is that the best revelations come one in the midst of the study not when I'm trying to prepare the study that's why people say well I don't know because I I. You know I don't feel like I know my Bible enough to study the Bible with people where the best way to get through the Bible better is to share what you know as a share which you know is not to sit for years preparing and studying and it's to share what you know and when you share with you know God gives you more and he gives you more OK and God can't ask you to do any more than share what you know. But he will always ask you to share what you know and if you don't show it you know you're accountable right so yes. Yeah I think these do the it is written ones do yeah they do they do the it is written ones do and so the beauty the beauty of it is is it's not like you're always going to be challenged in you're not going to know most people are going to ask the same questions and you got what you master the answer you're going to go you're going to go make sense it's not difficult yes. I'm going to come to that I'm going to come in that. And trust me it's not hard OK We'll get to that all right you guys ready to go and we pray OK All right this is how I'm going to talk to you now about how to write your own Bible studies from scratch as I said before there will be subjects that you need to study with that person that will not be in these series of lessons you might be going through these lessons they might say something like you know these are great Bible studies I've enjoyed them I'm learning a lot and I appreciate the truth but you know I have a problem in my life that I have an issue with anger and I'm always yelling at my wife always yelling at my kids always yelling at the people I work with how do I What does God say about that how do I get victory over it right and you're going to be like. You know you don't want to be like a Jehovah Witness where if you get thrown off your script you can't function I study with that whole witnesses and I ask them all kinds of questions they don't know how to answer because they like every question I asked They're like going to the index of their little book saying does it talk about this you know and you want to be very fluid. By the way. When you give them Bible studies you make a mistake just keep going because they the chances are they don't even know you made a mistake don't stop and apologize for this keep going they probably don't even know you in your mind your THINK eyes blew this thing up. And in their mind they're thinking this is the best thing I've ever heard right so don't ruin it don't be so self paranoid trust the gotta bless you now I'll get on to that later all right so what happens if somebody says well how do I have victory over my anger or or you know maybe you need to do a Bible study on the Holy Spirit or the Trinity or or just about any subject the method I'm about to show you is going to take us probably fifteen or twenty minutes for me to go through this but it will change your life because you can take any subject of the Bible and you can use this method to write your own Bible study and all you have is a bible a pen a piece of paper and maybe a can cordons or some kind of Bible software that you can look up a word OK ready for this you're going to you're going to be like this was so easy I could have why do I even come right all right so. When I think of it right all right so number one. Now let me just say I'm not discrediting these because you want to use these these are good for you but you're going to bump into this at some point another where you have to figure out. Number one ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what subject that person needs to study Number two it's very easy either of you remember in school you had the five W.'s and age what are those who when where why and how right and we used to have to write little papers on that you come back from Christmas give me the five W.'s and H. of what you did over Christmas I just hated doing that hated. It. And I would come back and just knew the teacher was going to ask that but I realize I was praying one day and I said lord. The lessons are great but I need to prepare my students for more than just doing the lessons and they need to use the lessons because there are don't reinvent the wheel but what goes beyond that and the Lord brought this to my mind and it's a very simple method and in fact it's really the method that most of the Bible study guides use already it's nothing new it's nothing new that I came up with that's just applying it and so I asked the five W.'s and H. for any subject and research Bible text with the Can cordons to answer the questions now you can do this one of two ways. And. I think one way is a little bit better than the other but you can use let's just suppose I'm going to study anger with a person because they've got anger problems right so I pull out my concordance. And I look up what word. Anger and it's going to show me what. All the Bible verses that deal with that subject right pretty simple. Now there are other words in the Bible that are related to the word anger. And what might some of those be wrath. I'm going to look up all the tenses of anger angry angered Well whatever they are wrath all the words associated with anger resentment bitterness etc I'm going to have a list of bible verse and I might have one hundred fifty Bible verses but we know we're not going to use that right so start with the verses that you're already in the year with hits that start with verses you're already familiar with because you already know once. You already know those you're familiar with those and those make the best Bible studies OK so I'm going to have a Halma going to narrow them down how many verses do I want to have. Ten to fifteen right ten to fifteen OK so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take those verses and I'm going to turn them into WA. And the questions I'm going to cover all of the five W.'s and age OK Are you with me right now. Once I come and I'm going to show you how to this works and it's a minute but once I have the framework for my bible study. I'm going to then include you know a couple of illustrations right just like I told you before I'm going to include at least a personal testimony right OK you with me I'm going to have an appeal and want a decision question right are you with me you have a study that will prompt a person to follow the new truth and then in between you notice how if you look at the it is written lesson. You see number one here as number one a question and then it has the what the Bible verse right then what does it have one of the Bible verse some kind of little wot comments that kind of just kind of kind of commentary on that verse of the make sense whatever I want to say are you with me and everyone has that so I might write out a few comments after that verse just so that I know what my thoughts are going to be OK because I remember that person may not have a copy your Bible so you might prepare one for you and one for them OK it makes sense you might print one off for them but it's not going to be the same as yours going to be little different OK now so. Let me show you how this works. I'm going to go through this subject of the second coming and I'm going to ask these questions now you can do this one of two ways don't get confused is very simple Ike how many Bible verses do I want. Ten to fifteen so I have these questions who what when where why and how many questions are other six I can do this one of two ways I could ask twelve questions. With how many verses each one because I will don't want to have more than ten fifteen or I could ask six questions and have how many verses per question to you got it however you want to do it in a maybe different for each study OK make sense because you may want to little bit more meat with each of those questions OK so here I have a Bible study on the second coming OK now I have multiple questions for each one but I'm just showing you as example of questions you can have a K.. You do not have to have the who what when where why in order doesn't have to be that way can be however you want it to be OK but you're just using those those questions as a guideline for your study OK what you find Typically though is that the how the how question is usually at the end because it usually is the question that most easily transitions into your why your appeal and your decision question you'll see how that works in this minute so let me show you we're going to go through the second coming and we're going to I'm going to give you some who questions who've does the Bible say what. It's coming back got that who is it come so the Bible says what acts one eleven's. Says that this same Jesus whom you saw go up into heaven will return and like manner right you got that so that Tex answers that question now if I looked up in the Concord and so about the return of Jesus coming back I would come across that verse and I can take that statement and turn it into a question what's the text that says a soft answer turns away wrath. It's in Proverbs I forget the exact verse but that text a soft answer turns away wrath How do I turn that into a question. Yeah what does a soft answer turn away or what what type of response can turn away wrath you could word it different ways it makes sense so you can take the verse you reword it into a question isn't that so easy that's basically all these bible studies do it's all they do. It's not hard to do them OK but you've got to make sure that you stay true to the text OK All right who is it coming back for John one fourteen one of three who is if I go I will come again to receive to you unto my self right that where I am there you may be also who is coming with them when he comes. At you twenty five all the want all the angels in heaven right make sense then here is some what questions what are the signs of His coming Matthew twenty four What is the matter of his coming power and great glory who is see Jesus Christ one seven how many every eye will see him right who will hear him. Everyone's ear so as you're looking up the verses on the second coming you know you. Sometimes have to be a little bit thoughtful informing your questions makes sense but most of the time the statement can be easily turned into a question got me OK what deceptions will there be about is coming so the in says that Satan will turn himself into an angel of light you guys know that verse what will happen to the wicked what happens to them they what they're destroyed what happens to the righteous now as you've as you've gone through a Bible say in the second coming you find these elements to usually be there so there's in most Bible studies that are subject based you're pretty much asking the same questions all the time and everybody will study amount of what they are if you take this one where you take the landmarks of prophecy or you take the amazing facts Bible study guides doesn't matter they all pretty much ask the same one questions they all pretty much I use the same verses OK So the important thing to remember is do not over think it. Do not overthink it say with me together do not overthink it if you're if you're struggling you'll find resources but don't overthink it OK soo many of us have that problem we think that this is some kind we have to have some kind of agreed we should all be workers every one of us can do this OK it's not difficult if there's something that if there is some do it yourself project your house you don't know how to do it you know have the money to pay someone else to do it what do you do. You figure it out right you go to Youtube you read books watch videos and we don't hesitate to do that because we want that fence but look nice and Purdie don't worry so we're going to figure out how to do it. It's the same thing here if you don't know how to do it figure it out don't be so timid about this OK we're ten or not timid about anything else but when it comes of this we're timid don't be tempted be bold if you if you can't be bold pray for bold this in the book of Acts they prayed for boldness RIGHT WHERE WOULD JESUS TAKE US John fourteen one of three is taking us where they happen why does some people say it's a secret those verses talk about thief in the night right so I can explain that to them through my Bible study Now notice how the how will start to move into my appeal OK how can I avoid being deceived about the Second Coming or why do so you Timothy Jeffs TO REACH fifty and sixteen I know the scripture the Holy Scriptures will make me wise and then my appeal how can I. How can I be ready for the second coming Jesus stands of the door and what friends will you not it's how is God made it possible for me to be ready he does I do what did he do he died for me make sense. Goes with me. He says the hole is sand the door knocks he who opens the door I will come in to him and dine with them all right so let's do another one on the one on the Sabbath OK Now most most study guides are going to have a subject on this but I'm going to do one on on faith here in just a minute. Question who wasn't created the Sabbath who did it. So is on the son of the god was arrested right who is the Sabbath intended for SAB was made for man was the purpose of the Sabbath to be a one sign that we got that we know that God is the one that sanctifies us right greater This was the promise of we keep the Sabbath. I'll call should ride on the high hills of the earth and feed to the hair to Jacob as if the eight when is the Sabbath It's the what seventh day right when it got established the Sabbath creation Genesis two when does the Sabbath begin and end sundown sundown rights and that sunset sunset Here's some beautiful questions where were Jesus and the Apostles on the Sabbath Where were they they were in church weren't they they were worshipping God where does God want me to be on the Sabbath church right why is the Sabbath so important to God because He wants the Sabbath to be a watt of the light is not burdensome right why should it be important to us. How long we keep the Sabbath Isaiah sixty six How long. How long will God's and time people view the SAT How will God inspired people how will God's and time people view the Sabbath Revelation fourteen well what does it say here are those who keep the commands of God have the faith of Jesus right how does keeping the Sabbath affect my relationship with Jesus John fourteen. Fifteen If you love me. Keep my commandments isn't beautiful. Now if you if I were to ask you to write down right now even before I did this all the verses about the Sabbath that you know in your head how many of you would have written down all. I mean almost or at least some of these verses. You're pretty familiar with these verses right so that's what you do you pick your subject and say what verses do already know about this write them down on a piece of paper write make a list that after you do that you go where so the concurrence or you can do Bible software just type in Sabbath and boom they're all going to pull up right and then you start picking those things apart and here's the beauty might take you an hour may take two hours may take some of you three hours to prepare that Bible study but once it's prepared what it's prepared and you can use it from now to the Lord comes and you'll tweak it you'll change it you'll tighten it up you'll you'll make it better but it's there and then you know these sermons that you hear it. In G Y C and can't meeting you know these speakers come up I think that's the first time they've ever preached that sermon. You know where they preach it first. They preach in their local church first then they get invited to another church and they preach it there and they keep tightening it and tightening it and tightening it and then when they go to G Y C You're like oh wow he's the greatest speaker I've ever heard well the first time he preached that sermon it might have been a bomb but he kept preaching and I got better and he made better points and it's going to be the same for you that makes sense and by the time but it in order to get it really good you have to do what you have to plow through the Drudge is right and work that thing over and keep tightening it up and then all right how about one on this one I don't have the techs here and I use would assign you to actually look up the text but here's a great study on faith who needs faith all of us right you can ask the question also who gives faith what is faith what is God give us faith when we need faith the most where do we discover face why is faith so important why is it vital the Christian life how do we increase our faith how do we share our faith how is faith relevant to us in the daily life all those questions could be answered from what Bible questions you look up the word faith in the Bible and you and you and you have at it. So it would be at this point in my normal course where I would divide you up into four groups and I would give you each and assignments and as a group I give you about forty five minutes and you would actually sit and write a Bible study out assign you a subject usually assign Jesus Christ as ones as one study anger as one the Holy Spirit is one and truth is one and so I would have you divide up and you'd be in four groups and each of you would take a subject you would prepare a Bible study and forty five minutes to an hour and you would come back and you would present it to the class we don't have time for that today OK so he's going to give you an assignment. Ready. Find a partner you have a point is it could be your spouse will find a partner. Before you leave today. And pick one of those subs pick a subject that is not a traditional doctrine it's not the sad but that's not the state of the Dead it's anger it's truth it's some other subject whatever subject you want. And try this evening if you can to prepare a Bible study on that subject or at least just get the idea rolling OK OK. You got that. You don't have a cohort and Siri can you can use a Bible software some pretty good so here's the thing. Once you put this together like this you're going to have your questions number one two three four five six seven eight nine so I'm going to have there are ten other stand there ten I was in and then I like you have ten questions so I'm going to have one verse per question right so I'm going to have WOMAN one number two number three it's going to look like this like this by the time you get to the end. You're going to add your illustrations you can add your personal testimonies you can add your appeal and boom while law you have a what it would Bible study and it's all right there and you can use that Bible study for over arching thankful for that amen is a beautiful was that simple is that easy see it took me twenty one minutes to tell you how to write your own Bible study. But can do in twenty one minutes you can surely prepare your own an hour two hours three hours whatever. You can build it and you can I mean I would follow this format and once again you don't want to get too in-depth with P.V. you don't want to you don't want to give them a thesis or dissertation OK keep it short keep it simple keep it focused have your illustrations or testimonies and the Holy Spirit will guide you and then. You do have what it takes to Regina's to use you to give a Bible study because dot God doesn't need perfect talent or skill he needs who he provides the talent and the skill does any. But he wants to do it through you because if he were to use perfect wit which which brings more glory to his name for him to use perfect angels to proclaim his power and glory over him to demonstrate His glory and power through fallen human beings which is the greater joy joy right it's him right all right now. We have something like twenty eight minutes. You guys Freida. Good want to stand up and stretch and I'm going to take a break stand up and stretch OK. And now we're going to go through our last little section here. On how to give Bible studies in this real simple it's not hard. Even if it was you guys are so smart and intelligent. Neat. September eight through seventeen I think it is. Well I videotaped this and so you see all these little black slides we videotaped it in light ten minute segments so I divided it with a black slide so I just had to delete those. All right let's cover this last part OK so I'll just basic common sense stuff here when you get a Bible study All right so let's have prayer. And we're going to use it to take a couple hours of do this when I want to do it twenty six twenty seven minutes all right you ready trash course version All right let's bring their father we thank you again for this opportunity bless us now as we enter into our last segment in Jesus' name. All right so want to talk about how to give effective Bible studies very simple A.B.C.'s of Bible studies very easy very straightforward if you can do these three things. You will be miles ahead of most people who tend to get bible so you'll be miles ahead of most pastors. Who give Bible studies first thing is always present what or who Jesus when first noticed what Ellen White says here in the book evangelism and page two sixty four in the desire of ages the very first and most important thing is to melt and subdue the so. By presenting our Lord Jesus Christ as the sin there the sin pardoning savior making the Gospels clear as possible and then the wonderful love of Christ will melt and subdue hearts when the mere reiteration of doctrines would accomplish nothing is that mean we don't cover doctrines if you plan the doctrines with Jesus it makes the perfect beauty doesn't it makes the perfect beauty so we are always present in Christ in every Bible study we're not just presenting subjects representing Jesus through the subject OK Secondly. It is revealed truth how gradually when we give Bible studies Well we're not doing is telling them about the mark of the beast in Bible study number two well what if they asked me. What is the mark of the beast Well I have an answer for that if we have a study coming out what if they press me about it what if they keep asking me. They'll make the mistake of some who say well they kept asking me so I just felt I should tell them they told them they lost the Bible study OK. Don't do that you don't you don't put the rafters up on a house before you lay a foundation to you you have to lay the foundation and then thirdly make regular What friends appeals. Testimony Volume six page sixty four at the close of every meeting or was it I added this but as a Bible study a meeting is a meeting isn't it the close of every meeting decisions should be want called for starting off with little what the citizens and building up to they go decisions if they say yes to the little ones it increases their opportunity or their willingness to say yes to bigger ones. All right. A few prints so those the A.B.C. is on they pretty simple percent. Right through principals all who show interest and desire should be given the opportunity to study God's word but you want to spend quality time with those who are wives writing how do we know if they're right. What's that. I test questions right and people who are beginning to make changes in their life people who are coming under conviction people who are if somebody says to you you know you think you think I can go to church with you this week. Is that a pause that ripe fruit yes or no yes but if you've asked them forty seven times to come to church and they haven't or they probably write fruit not right fruit or if they ask you questions like What does God say about this was the Bible say about that or how do you pray or how do I know God better or why do you keep the set of those all positive indicators of right through anything positive indicators right so spend some time with people who are green but be sure you don't let them run you in circles I've met people who say well I had a Bible study and you've been studying for the last thirty seven years and you know I know we're going to get there some them live what if you study with them for thirty seven years like what are you studying Well you know we've never called them to decision they're not ripe fruit we need to focus on right fruit people who make decisions for making changes in their lives and what do we do with the rest we just drop them but we pray for them and God will begin to work in their life and he'll make them or more right the U. L. Y. has that this isn't where there's a crisis up on that platform right and there's all these workers out there in the fruit trees and all this fruit is falling to the ground and what rotting while the workers are trying to pull off the green fruit right and we need to be looking for that right fruit and we I usually spend quite a bit of time talking about that but not not here in this setting All right what about my time outline of my Bible study how long should I be in the Bible study I have you've ever done a Bible study and you were there for like four hours. Big mistake big mistake because here's what happens I used to have after hosted and I would tell them your Bible study should be no longer than one hour occasionally an hour and fifteen minutes but that's not the norm if you can get out of there in forty five minutes it's not your typical but if you can that's even better because you want to be you De Lay in the one. They used to come back and they'd say You know I just met this amazing entrust and I and we stood at the door with them for two hours and and we had our first bible study it was four and a half hours and it was just incredible they're just loving it I just know they're going to be baptized and I said you know what I'm telling you. You to cut that back to one hour and they'd be like Yeah but you just don't understand this person they just really love the study the Bible and I say until and I said Nona not say whatever go ahead but about a month later I'd ask them how's a Bible study good one well they cancelled they don't want to study anymore I said What will tell me what reason that they give for not wanting to study were they in the rest any more although they really love the studies they really loved they were just I said well why then they said well it was just taking too much of their time. I said Oh really I said member that conversation we had a couple weeks ago yeah so you've got to remember that next time yeah and so what happens is this when you spend all that time with somebody. They may love it for the first few times or you can be sure that Satan is going to bring something into their life that's going to take their time and when they start looking through the week and they say what do I need to cut to do this what's the first thing they're going to think about. They go Bible study right and here's the truth. They will never remember the fact. That they were asking you to stay longer. All they remember at that point is that you were there for four and a half hours that's all they remember that makes sense that I remember that they asked you to stay on so what I do is I make sure I'm out of there and they may say all stay longer I want to do more and i'm so you know I I really have to go I have another appointment and what if I don't have a physical I'll make an appointment with God an hour and five minutes after that study to be down in the street to pray for that person that simple I have another point I can't miss I have to go pray for I don't tell them what it is right to say I have an appointment and I always put it on people you know I don't want to keep you too long all of us are I say no no no I I have to be respectful of your time and so it's better to study with people why it's a week for one hour than it is to study once a week for four hours or even two hours because what happens is is it was to say you study with them twice a week most people you won't but some people will and they say well you know I've had this issue come up. And then you can say well sort of canceling why don't we just do it once a week. You can you can move back to that but it's very hard to get out of that so the time line of your Bible study eight to ten minutes you want to spend in that social time right told you want to find out about their felt needs and ask them how the week's going now if you're not careful you'll end up spending an hour with that and then you just you just burned all your time OK So what do I do whenever. I'm at that time where it's time to get in the study I say well if you have a chance to look at your lesson this week if you doing the review Do the present of a house say well why don't we go ahead and get started on our lesson. And so I just move it into the lesson it's up to you to do that not them. OK. Yeah there's something really going on but you have to be careful of that you're not doing that three out of four times OK they just had you know if you get there and they say all you know my my you know my my father died just three days ago and I meant to call you and I forgot all where you know we don't have time to study we don't have to study today what we just talk from and I just want to have prayer with you and tell me what's on your heart and maybe share a bible promise or two with them but if they just had a bad day and they're stressed out it's probably the bible study that they really need so so don't just do anything with theirs and something major They have a death or they've had a crisis would be fine to just be that friend OK but don't do it every time they have a little little stress OK All right so eight to ten minutes social time thirty to forty five minute study time then you want to make sure that you leave ample time at the end of your study for that what with that appeal in that decision question now what's very important as well. Is that. What is important my mind slipping here. I forgot so I have to come back to it anyway eight to ten minutes so short time thirty to forty five minute study time three to five minutes of appeal and decision you don't want to rush that appealing decision you want to make sure that you have the time to do it in a comfortable way oh I remember was going to say now if you have to do the bible study in two parts that's fine that's fine ask them a little decision question on the first half and then come back the second half now what you want to strive not to do is on a subject like the Sabbath or something you really want to try to do to get through that possible yes. I would I would try to take someone with me and let them do the kids. Yeah sometimes you have to the best you can you can bring somebody to help he's even to people there's a special circumstance but. Sometimes you have to the best you can the reality of life is that and you may have to do your studies in halves or something you do the best you can with it so all right usually when you do a Bible study with somebody you're not taking two or three people. It's you and one other person OK unless there's a very special circumstance like that you take a couple ladies to help with eight or ten kids or whatever but when you go with someone else if you take someone else and then someone else and someone else and you go to that person's house what's going to happen what kind of overwhelmed aren't they unless it's specifically labeled a small group study then that's different OK but if it's just a personal Bible study you don't want to do that also the personal the the prayer partner the person that goes with you is the silent prayer partner what does that mean. They don't interrupt and you have to make that clear to that person before you go in because here's what happens you go into that study and you're sitting there and you've been working up to a certain point for the last ten minutes right and you're just about to make that point you pause to take your breath and that person comes out and they just blabber out some foolishness that has nothing to do with that and then just completely change the whole course of the thought process and now you have to spend the next five minutes or ten minutes for me back to that point again to make sense so you talk that person have time you say you know what I really need you to pray during this Bible study but I'm going to lead the study and I'm going to give you indicators of when you can say some because Might the Holy Spirit impress them with a thought Sure so what I'll do is I'm going to the study you know I might say you know number one question answer the Bible texts and then I might make my comments and it probably won't be after every question but after two or three or four questions whenever you decide to do that I'll look at what your name I'll say charity do you have anything to add to that you have any thoughts on that and that she knows that's her cue to speak up otherwise she's want she's silent She's bring us human I ask her to read Bible texts and things but I'm in control of that study with my prayer partner you're not just chime in trying to outdo each other because the people don't want to sit their goal at this well they can't sit and go back and forth and listen to two trains of thought it's overwhelming OK so make sure you're staying on track with that. Yes. It's best you know if you know women you're not going to study with a man alone man you're not going to be with women alone it's better even if two men don't study with a woman. If you're going to study with a woman and he's in these A B. A single woman you can go by yourself you can always and as to get someone or a man and a woman going. If it's a husband wife going to study with the a woman and the wife can't go this week then you try to find someone else if you can't it's probably better to even postpone or find someone else to do it for you. Because I'm telling you it's happened to me it's happened other time other other ministers I know in other people you go in the house and it can happen both ways men and women you know the woman disappears and she comes out without any clothes on it's happened. Women sitting there and then goes out and comes back no clothes on I mean it just happens OK And so. It's not a good thing but it happened so you always want to guard yourself this day and age you can be a man studying with a man and you can still have to be careful right. Or a woman with a woman I mean it just says it's best to go into but sometimes you can't always but you still have to protect yourself in that OK so don't stay longer than what one hour and maybe once every five studies an hour and fifteen minutes but after that you want to be if you're careful all right so now we're doing the study after the I have the social time I was a week been etc cetera have a short prayer before the Bible study remember to keep it short and simple don't ask people to kneel OK don't ask people to hold hands unless they initiate it they initiate it's fine would you want to be as you know on. Obtrusive his posse. OK so we don't say let's you know let's all in the all together and hold our hands and. However they want to do it just sit there and have a prayer after the prayer begin your Bible study with the shore and reduction to the last and now if you're studying the anti-Christ you're not going to say today we're going to study the anti-Christ and we're going to find out that it's the Roman Catholic Church you know you're not doing that today we're going to talk about Sunday worship is the mark of the beast OK No no no they wouldn't talk about the Sabbath being Saturday right you don't want to do that up front because what's going to happen we're going to be like what you know what today we're going to study the mark of the beast in a lot of people think it's you know. A social security number or or a credit card or a microchip What does the Bible really say about the Mark of these so many people been intrigued and we're going to find out today that it really deals with worship and who we're going to give our allegiance to in the last days so let's go ahead and start our lesson number one right so that makes sense give him a little feed into that OK All right so how do I do it it's very simple again not rockets and I proceed through the Bible study step by step you know we're going to go through our study. We're going to typically the way I do it is. I read the question and they read the verse why do they want why do I want them to read the verse because they're seeing it they're speaking it and they're hearing themselves speak it and that gives the greatest impression that's when the most conviction comes to their heart when they're reading it do you ever notice how an evangelist sometimes on certain key tacks who have the whole audience read it one it's to wake them up but it's also to what to give a bigger impression from that verse is a make sense so my my partner that's with me. I will have them read some of the texts but would stacks of my having them typically read. Some of them. The text that are not as big of a point that makes sense are you with me so I'll say charity could you read this this one for us so I want them reading two or three or verses out of the whole study because I don't want the person to get the feeling that you know it's just we're kind of honing in on them as kind of a little group and we're all participating but I'm leaving those key tax for that person to reveal. You know I'm I am I have to help them help them along but it's still good I mean I met a guy that. He actually ended up being baptized he didn't know how to read and he actually learned how to read by reading the Bible and so on I studied with and I've studied with several people who remember this one particular guy. Our first Bible study was the first time in his life he was in his mid forty's the first time as life you'd ever read the Bible was amazing it's a great feeling OK All right. So it's still good even if the even if the tech even if the lesson has the text most of the lessons today have the blanks so you have to fill it in OK but the amazing fact study guides they have the full verse if you're a by chance using those you still want to look up the verse with them even if it's printed in the lesson because that's going to help you in the long run because they're seeing it from their own Bible not just this booklet OK. They're also learning how to find it that's exactly right OK All right. You know in between your questions you might want to add a comment don't go on a dissertation maybe a couple sentences. You know don't read the comments unless it's something really good and. Specific OK You know sometimes you might underline something in the comment like yeah I need to read this one or two sentences but don't read paragraphs of people because they get bored go through the US and ahead of time you know what the lesson as and then look them in the eye and speak OK makes sense that's much much better. All right illustrations in a setter I've already covered that other text and to size the most important points I made that I've already talked about that sometimes I ask them occasional questions as I proceed to make sure they understand and to stimulate spirits before on the text so so sometimes the temptation will be to say as you go into the lesson you want to make sure they're tracking is this clear to you there's nothing wrong with that question. But or or the other question does this make sense is not really anything super wrong with asking that but I found that I need to get more specific. Not always but most of the time for instance. I might say to them as I'm going to the Sabbath is this clear to you know if they're like oh yeah then we get to the end of the last and and they're still think in Sunday is the Sabbath right so as I'm studying the Sabbath then I'll say is it clear to you that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath Saturday is that clear from the Bible that makes sense is a clear to you that when the dead die they know nothing they sleep does that make sense to you right and then I can tune into the lesson some having little checkpoints along the way and those checkpoints are going to be right in the lesson I mean do you ask the question you read the verse and you know you're going to ask them if that makes sense is a clear not or never. QUESTION But periodic Lee makes sense. Or should I say doesn't make sense that you should ask them specific questions right all right very good. So. We're back up here so sometimes I hear some samples of questions that I I might ask them throughout the Bible study I'm not asking them every single question but I I occasionally do this what does this text it is you. What do you think God wants us to know from this text and you'll be amazed at the answers they'll give you like they'll just be like spot on you'll be like if I didn't try to say that myself I could not have said it better than what they said it OK. Do you see how the example of whatever it is applies to your life how does this apply to you write this is how it makes Bible studies very relevant remember I told you yesterday asking one question is right. What changes do you sense God Calling you to make in your life because of the taxes in this powerful because now what are they beginning to vocalize a need to change but what we call that it's a see conviction the beginning to vocalize that conviction the Oh I read. You know is to say Exodus twenty eight to eleven remember the sad was a to keep it holy sixties labor and do all the work with the Lord your God in a shoe no work right and then I asked him what do you think God saying through this text we should rest keep his day holy right then I would say. I asked them what does it mean to keep the holy. In the name hey we need to stop doing certain things on the Sabbath right they may say that I need to cease work and I'll say what do you think God's calling you to do to make changes to be able to on of the Sabbath. Why need I need to be off work right now and did that conviction begin to hit them only spirit begins to speak to them right how does following through with this bring us closer to Christ how would keeping the Sabbath bring you closer to Jesus you think this way for an answer ask away ask in a way it's very easy and that. If God wants you to do this do you think that he can give you what you need to do it you think of God want you to be off on the Sabbath he'll provide the way for you to be off and he'll make that happen for you you think you'll do that for you so when I ask them that what am I one of my building or not me what's god building to those questions their wives. Their confidence their faith and their trust in him amen So so when you combine all these things when you're asking him those questions then you're sharing that testimony that testimony of what God did for you what does it do. It puts them in the best place possible to make that decision Christ Mary. That's right that's right that's right people people will make people make decisions based upon two things truth and trust that they know it's true and other can trust you and the results will make that decision OK And there's more than that but that's a good simple little way all right answer questions only as they may relate to what you're studying if you're studying Daniel too they say why do you go to church on Saturday oh well you know we're going to talk about that later down the road but let's stay on this facility first we're going to build up to it OK don't answer unrelated questions during the study that just satisfy curiosities answer those at a different time like when my pet go to heaven or whatever Stay focus always try to avoid getting off the subject bring it back to the study so I had this. Guy one time that I studied with and I knew when the guys started to speak it was going to be at least like ten minutes before I could get back to that subject right and so I would all I will often as I study with people I will smile. And I'll nod as they go off on this thing and then one of these try to like take a breath or something I'll say that's very interesting All right let's keep going in our study and I'm not I'm not cutting them off and I'm not like I'm not doing it in a way that scene's a Brompton doing a very kindly and sweetly well while that's very interesting you have to tell me more about that sometime was Keep Going to us and as I want to make sure that we're able to get through it OK now they're asking gent if they're making genuine comments specifically on the subject I'm always more adept to receive those right but but don't don't be unfriendly about it and don't be abrupt about it but be smooth about it babies move. Yes. Oh. Yeah. You just have to keep your direct in the back to writing and then say we can talk about that sometime let's get to this lesson first and then we'll come back to that but it's a good question I'm glad you asked it and we'll get we'll come back to it another another one but I just want to keep us on track and you can even say I get confused if I talk about anything once and then you know I just play the dumb card OK. All right I mention this avoid reading your notes with being familiar with them. And the reality is the more you give that study the more comfortable going to get with that and there's times like that and I don't say this it's all the work of the Holy Spirit but there's times I don't even prepare I just walk in the house and. And all right let's study I haven't I because I've done it so many times before doesn't mean I don't trust the Holy Spirit but it's because I do trust the Holy Spirit I know the material I know he's going to lead me so I do that all right. At the end of the study make an appeal to them if they are ready to make that decision they either aren't convicted or they're resisting conviction one of two things that people say to me I say Did you sense God Calling you to do this or like no. And I convicted So there's ways to deal with that and the decisions class they need more information if they are convicted you would need to use the methods from the sit in class to bring to the solution which the they will go over with all right just some role simple points have confidence in your study don't apologize for the Word of God If you didn't have time to prepare don't go in there and say you know I just want to warn you ahead of time this is probably going to be a really bad study didn't have time to prepare and you know I just I just rule feel really bad about it I'm really sorry I'll do the best so they can and in the now don't ever say that to people Don't ever say that if you preach a sermon I did really because if you say it what are people expecting a bad sermon and if they're expecting a bad sermon it's already hard enough to keep their focus and attention if you have a good sermon. So if you tell them it's bad to begin with they're going to check out right that aren't that they can be like oh well let's see what's on Facebook here right right now military or no. Those are often the best studies because the Holy Spirit knows you're in a in a moment of humility here and he'll do something great but don't don't make a habit of not preparing either OK write a paper take turns reading the text I mention that smile look people in the I'd be exciting excited and passionate without being a noxious Don't been noir only zealous they will be like oh it's so wonderful my mother just died oh it's so wonderful you know be real but be excited if you're not excited they're not going to be what we're not going to be excited sit up this is a very simple sit up straight you know don't be don't be you know like this and and you know the Bible says that. Jesus died for our sins and he really love. As you you know and then you're just like. You laugh but I've been in Bible studies with my students and they do their. I'm just like yourself together man all right speak clearly don't monotone and they're your voice and what you're saying Don't shout and delicate moments don't say like you know if you're studying let's just say death with somebody or something and and. You're going to be like you know Jesus cares about you if your loved one dies Jesus knows the pain you have right and then other times you're going to be like Jesus can come out so. It's kind of crazed dad you know and you also don't want to be just so monotone that you like boring people out of their minds fluctuate your voice Oh Jesus is going to come with a trumpet and he's going to blow that thing on the debt are going to raise from the from from the grave to be a lie with him for him or be excited right but simple but it's very important I mention this trust that God is with us not about what you're doing but about what he is doing and then always fear will lead you what if they ask me a question I don't know the answer to the greatest fear right here is your response that's a good question Saul said together that's a good question I am so glad you asked that question and the truth is I don't know I was at the in the world you don't want them to think that you know everything but you do want them to think. That the Bible knows everything Amen. And so if you don't know you don't know. And the worst thing you can do is try to manufacture some kind of current cocked and fake answer because they're going to see through that if you don't know just tell them the respect you want you know I don't know you know no one's ever asked me that before you know I've not gotten that question before it's a good question I will have actual Or maybe say I've also one of that myself I've never really had the time to look into it but I tell you what I'll research that this week and I'll come back and we'll see what the Bible says a better way to do it is say I'll tell you what you look at up you look up in the Bible which you you do some research from the Bible I'll do some research and we'll come back together we'll see we'll compare notes OK makes sense is that simple it's not that hard what if they ask me a question that is on a future subject once again that's a great question right you're affirming them that's a great question we have a subject coming up on that soon is better for us to cover these fundamental subjects first I don't want to ruin it for you and a five minute answer won't be enough. Sometimes I'll joke with and I'll say look if I tell you now then when we study it you're going to fall asleep during the study so I don't want to falsely I want to study right and then so let's wait to that subject in enough say I promise it'll be worth it. That simple or if they keep on pressing you. They keep saying yeah but I'll just smile we're going to wait it's going to be I'm going to say it's going to be so glorious when we studied this subject and we're going to be so excited to see what the Bible says and you won't be disappointed because the Bible always tells the truth but let's do these first OK And I just you know I just give it back to them or a couple more. Things we can we can we go to five after those OK then five after three is good on this getting all right. I try to get a decision from them as soon as possible to accept to Jesus that might be the first lesson in my view the second the third but the sooner they accept Jesus the sooner they're going to accept. The truth of the other subjects that makes sense because when they accept Christ as Savior and they see Christ in those other subjects that makes sense then it makes it easier to say yes to the subject because they're saying yes to Jesus if you if you have if they don't say yes to Christ and you're presenting the Sabbath and all these things they just see them as restrictive requirements but if they say if they see Christ in them ahead of time then they see that these are things that enhanced my relationship in my experience with him makes sense all right number two ask for a decision how many Bible studies everything here's something important. I don't say try but a void asking them things like What do you think about the study or what or do you agree with this I never ask people degree with it because it doesn't matter if they agree with it what happens if I ask them if they agree. Who becomes now the the authority. They do and they I elevate them by asking that question to a position where now they are they are. Judging the Word of God that makes sense and they become the judge they become the authority rather than the scripture but I'll say statements rather like you see what the Bible says on the subject or can you see what God is asking us to do from this text or can you see how God has spoken to us from the stick all I always put the Bible in the position of afford. Not them make sense. That's right and I'll say you know I'll say can you see this from the Bible and you see that God is speaking this truth from the Bible the Bible is always the authority All right. I mention this you don't have to do everything you do not then the answer every question you never put your subject in in twelve texts no mention things that are hard to explain from the Spirit of Prophecy. Like for instance for instance L. White never conflicts with scripture however some of the things that she presents aren't directly stated in Scripture but the broader principle is there and she derived from the principle of Scripture that makes sense one simple example is this this is one that I've heard people say in the bible study that I go with them on I'm listening to them they'll say yeah when when when when God brought the flood in Noah's day he took the tree of life up into heaven and there it is waiting for us when we go back to the Alawite says that right she says that. And then but then you can't really point to a virus and so you can't you could say well it's in Revelation is the Tree of Life so God could have done that you could say he could have done it but if you say he did do that what are they going to say very very earnestly and excitedly going to say where does THE BIBLE say that you're going to be like doesn't right make sense so be careful what you do that how you do that don't even talk about a lie do not present a white and your bible studies until you cover the subject of the white which is typically way at the end OK don't don't give them quotes they don't need that OK when you get to the end of your Bible study series when you cover the subject of L. why you want to be able to make the strong point now throughout our Bible. Series Have you ever heard me say Ellen White says no it's always been the want the Bible says OK All right be consistent with your bible studies so important that you do not miss that Bible study unless you have a serious crisis like a death or something your wife if you went to the grocery store. And you forgot the soy milk. And you say I got to have the soy milk for whatever are you going to call in cancer Bible study I know you're going to go to Meyer after your Bible study and get the good soymilk right so so my point is don't be cancel your bible studies at the drop of a hat and the blow of every When. You get it you've got to take those things is life and death now they may be canceling all the time but you can't be canceling OK You also want to salt the Olds for your next study you want to say you know our next Bible study is going to want to start talking about the anti-Christ and who is this mystery power of the Bible talks about Revelation and Daniel and you even ask them who do you think the in a crisis and they may say the Roman Catholic Church you're not going to say yeah you got it all you got to say well could be could be something else but what is it we're going to talk about that coming up right if you want to solve that oh because you want them to. Lick the salt block and want more and then now everything I'm telling you do you think we're going to do all these things the first Bible so you give no but you're going to keep keep working at it right you'll get better and better at it. When I know that we are going to have an evangelistic series coming up let's say in the next month and a half or two months or even three months. I'm going to typically try to avoid the harbor subjects like the Sabbath and. You know major decision quiet subjects because where I want them to really get those. Objects. In the meeting now can also work if it's somebody that already knows that you keep the Sabbath that's a little different OK there are some of us never heard of that before is better for than the good in the meeting OK now if we have a sick meeting six months away and we're going to go and cover the Sabbath I'm going to go out and cover it right but just be smart about that think about that was the best time to invite someone to church it depends if you're in your first study with them and they say yeah I know you're you know they know you're not than us and I say man I'd really like to go to church with you some time are you going to wait to cover the Sabbath when you going to say Come with me this week we love we have a nice meal to this week and and whatever come with me right but if they don't know you're an Adventist you've met them in the community and they're the kind of skeptical that kind of I don't know about you yet I'm going to start and buy it in the church yet you know I'm going to wait till I cover the wad over the salmon so why don't you come and check out our church I think you'd really enjoy it right and what's beautiful is if you have a kid that's doing the special music that week and my son is going to sing this week coming here or if you're doing the sermon or whatever you're doing something in the service that's the time that's a draw for them right I'm going to be preaching want to come I'm going to be doing the scripture reading you know I'll come and sit with you but come in here it's a great draw All right. And he questions. I didn't cover everything I could have but I covered the most important things and thing is that you need the most OK yes or no I kind of talk about that depends on what method you doing if you're doing the review method then you put the lesson there hand ahead of time they fill it out you're doing the present or math and then you give it to them when you get to the house to do it OK and some people always ask me what's the best Bible studies to use. I think it's these right here actually these are some of the best ones people that we have done them with. They really like them the really good lessons. Yeah you can do these any time in these and not the other ones I mean the stork or the landmarks of prophecy those are good. You know. Or some other ones I don't know there's different ones out there what's that search for certainty search those are OK A search for certainty by it is written those are good also the amazing facts study guides are good but I don't like to do those sitting down with people if I'm just going to be leaving them with people those are good and then they can just read them. But basically. Probably most sets of Bible studies are like eighty five percent the same. This one here does not cover the series is not covered like it like Christian lifestyle adornments So you would want that's where you're going to want to make your own Bible study OK cover that with them there may be other subjects that you need to cover. But not every series covers every subject you want to cover with them but most series are good core to follow so don't reinvent the wheel OK All right yes yeah that's a good question you know if people if people are canceling one out of every four studies that's pretty good of the cancelling three out of every four that's kind of challenge. And I'm I asked them if they're canceling most I asked them Is there a better time that we could get together is there a time that we're better for you and sometimes I'll say you know after they've done it many times they'll say you really have an interest to continue the studies I mean I really want to do them with you but I just want to make sure it's the right thing for you. And I give them the opportunity to opt out but I'm always praying God if this person is not right this have them ended and that I find that almost all that because I don't want to waste my time and the really serious than do that but in this day and age people are going to cancel some time or another they're going to they're going to say I can do it's a day or whatever and usually the reality is all of their life's demands this usually gets kicked the first the first OK so you have to bear patiently with people but at the same time you can't be running in circles and there's not a hard fast rule but you really have to let the Holy Spirit guide you for each person there's kind of rules I mean if they're canceling all the time then you're going to know I don't know but some of those people end up being your your best baptism so you really got to let the Holy Spirit guide that method always helps me though Lord if this is not the real deal then let them cancel they will all right I think we better we better have a prayer here and I'll be happy to talk to see you after this if you would like but it's been a blessing hope it's been a blessing to you I know it was incredibly fast and crash course but. You can go back and review and we'll get to those notes and come to the ten day in Lansing. Well September eighth to seventeen of them writes. I have a basement and we have a church basement we have a shower at the church. We do the best to cancel all right let's pray together and ask the Lord to bless us Father we thank you again for this opportunity and we pray it was beneficial we can just take even some of these things and begin to use them and apply them will be miles ahead from where we were yesterday so we ask your blessing to be with us as we go forth and may your spirit Lord be with every person as they go back to their home churches and begin to. Put this into practice and the Lord may Spirit of God lead them and it's all about you the Lord we don't have the strength of the wisdom to do these things that you will lead us and guide us so we ask for you to charge us to energize us to lay upon us the burden for souls and may we each feel the personal responsibility to lead those around us to Christ many will say no but some will say yes looking for those egos and he's down. The line. Will read all. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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