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16. Bible Docs 101- Part 2

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • June 13, 2016
    12:00 PM
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Dimly Father thank you so much for your wisdom giving us the great joy and responsibility of being COA laborers with you we feel not up to the task. We since our need and we praise the Lord for that since because we can find our strength alone and Jesus Christ so Lord as we go through this study we would ask that you would send your holy spirit as you have promised to do to lead us into all truth to help us understand these great and important themes and help us to be messengers of your last call to the world for prayer in Jesus' name amen. Now I wasn't here for the ones that come before but I will let you know that as Mark said we're going to be going through an overview of this we're not going to be going line by line first you asked this but what we're going to be doing is giving you a big picture of the great controversy that you can have in your head and that you can adapt this lesson to your voice so that makes sense now let me be clear these lessons are written in such a way that if you had no context whatsoever you should be able to it says what does this text say you look it up and you have a little Scotchman it should work on that basis and that's fine if that's all you have try anyway but it would be much more convincing and convicting for people if you yourself are quaint and with these themes and can draw out the deep important lessons that the text has for does that make sense so what we're trying to do is not equip you but better equip you there's equipping here we want to give you the added edge that will make it nearly irresistible when they see the truth OK Now you'll notice the first thing it starts with who is God and that's really the question at stake people are wondering how can there be a good God in such a bad world OK And so it goes to this particular passage which is a very helpful one to know first John chapter four and first eight. He who does not know love does not know God For God is what right now God is love is a huge important thing in the text right there in the in the study guide will say it that it does not and this is a good thing to bring out it is not merely say that God is. Loving or the God is Love Lee to behold from a distance know that he is himself love. He is the personage that is love and what is love right that's the very the next question what does that mean to say that he is love what is the nature of love well love suffers long and is kind this is of course first Corinthians thirteen which we know as the Love Chapter well from time to hear this it weddings and things like this right. Love suffers long as kind does not envy does not parade itself is not puffed up does not behave rudely love does not seek it out without looking up to you know it that the next two blanks are. Its own right love is not self it is self less right this is a very important thing so you put these two together you say that God is love and therefore God is self less Now if you want to keep in your back pocket there's an entire. Fascinating study that you can do of just many examples as very quick examples where there's always the combination of love and giving of oneself. The most quintessential example is John three sixteen right for God so loved that he gave right love genuine love always manifest in the giving of oneself for others it's centered on others now. Before we're going to be getting to this point you can even lay this foundation early on. That principle that God is Love and God is selfless was what was questioned in heaven. Now they don't know question in heaven where we go on this but when you get there you need to know that that was the root of the problem basically and I'm telling you this in advance of where you'll take your students right but basically there was a big political campaign and haven't. Gotten his law on his governance built on his principle of love was in opposition to Satan or who at the time was Lucifer the light bearer right. But the big issue was. Whether God is truly love. Satan was up there saying I offer you freedom I offer you this Have you notice that all the songs are about him. All the rules are made by him it's his place his kingdom him him him him him it's all about him up here. That's not self-less that's not love. And already you're thinking well it is interesting the song you know it wouldn't be hard for Satan to come up with some pretty intriguing arguments. And he'll say look I'm I offer you true love it's freedom from all of that you be you you look out for number one. It's a real love is self selfish Yes and that's what the great controversy hinges on the less versus selfish now you're setting that up in those first two questions that's what you're setting up in those initial question now I think if you were to put a star and highlight or anything that you want to spend if you want to spend a little extra time in your study landed on Question three. Questions or want to take pretty much just the time we've taken here it really doesn't take long to establish that God is love in love a selfless he is a God who would give himself for any of his creatures pretty simple. No let's go to Matthew Chapter Oh I'm sorry not chapter I'm sorry not number three I said that very wrong and it is recorded I'll just say it if you want to skip one it's number three what you really want to spend your time on is number four OK there's a whole parable that Jesus gives about the great controversy if you haven't seen it before let's look at it together let's take out our Bibles are going to Matthew chapter thirteen in your study of the great controversy I would urge you as the study guide here it's begins to do it kind of just mentions of the first and goes on but I would be tempted to root this study in this parable It's simple it's easy to understand yet it's incredibly deep and it covers all the aspects that are issue in the great controversy I'm going to read it with you now to make sure you have the same picture in your head start with twenty four. Matthew chapter thirteen. Verse twenty four another parable he put forth to them. Saying. The kingdom of heaven is like a man who soda good seed in his field. But while men slept was right there when it says while men slept now we don't have to know who the men are who the man is who the seed is the field or anything like that but we do know what sleep is right that means they're not consciously aware right this is going to be important point to come back to we say how did sin come about did God create Satan No you didn't. But let's read it from the parable while men slept his enemy came in so tares among the wheat and went his way but when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop then the tears also appeared whenever I'd give this presentation I like to pause here from moment and say if you notice. The men who slept as we go through read We're going to find out that those are the workers of the owner the employees the servants of the field owner They're the ones who are charged with caring for the field they're going to be the reapers at the end they cultivate the crop it always goes up now who was the one who actually sowed the seed though. The owner himself he did not outsource that to his employees he soaked the seed himself. He had and what was the condition of the seed according to the parable. Good seed in his it's his field with his seed which the Bible says my land was good. And now if someone goes out this is why I'm not a great gardener because I don't have the patience for it I really should got he's working my character I'm just not there yet but. If you you know you take a little seed and you put it in a cup and they do it at a craft time or something you let it grow you fertilize and water the thing you set it up in the light whatever you come back the next day and you know you have a yeah a couple of dirt. And the next day it's still dirt and the next day still dirt now if it's a shot up overnight I could be a gardener right that doesn't happen now the point I'm making here is was that weeds do that OK maybe but even though you know that's a good time a little bit they come up maybe faster My point is that in this parable clearly the sowing of the bad seed was done while men were not conscious of it it took a while for it to show up. So when they go up the next day to the field they don't see anything they just see dirt and the next day but when it sprouted produce a crop they started noticing something's off. And you know maybe it was it was supposed to be in straight road but there's a scattered ceiling some or maybe there's the leaves look a little bit but they're growing into some things off. What's the deal here. When the grain had sprouted produced a crop then the top. There's also appeared. So this is where it gets incredibly pertinent to our big picture study so the servants of the owner came and said to him pause right there who are the servants talked to about this problem the owner why it's his field there his employees why don't they go talk to the enemy not only going to know who the enemy is so deep or they don't even know there isn't any. All they know is good and bad whatever comes from this one guy what we call disasters acts of God right every supernatural thing is a curse or a blessing from God. Now watch as they come to the owner of the field and say to him Sir. Now is the respectful the kind they've got a question surge did you not so good seed in your field how then does it have tears to pretty simple question your field your THE so are it's your seed you said it was good but we see that it's bad now notice this there's a discrepancy between what the owner says and what the workers see. This is what atheists see. It would you have all these great Christian claims God is Love God is good God is powerful God is what yet look around good God cancer I await your answer Good God crime disease pestilence. Destruction on every hand war and rumors of war why why doesn't your god now watch this this is the question that was being asked now notice the answer I love the answer he said to them and he doesn't say Oh yeah. Or my bad where was my head no he says an enemy has done this how much responsibility does God take for the existence of evil nine. Now I will say as we go through this he does take responsibility for the continuance of evil. But not for its original existence but there's a reason for that and we got to study the parable. He said to them an enemy has done that so the servant said to him Do you want to then to go and gather them up it's a logical question right I mean we're kind of employed to tend your field and there's bad seed all in it let's go to work and start harvesting right now even before the crop is out the fruit is produced let's just get. Done. And what's the answer given but he said no now does he have a chance to wipe out the seed early on yes but there'd be a problem with that no less twilight you gather up the tears you also uproot the wheat with him. Now this is the thought that have to get your head in the parable it is in the best interest of the wheat that the tears be allowed to grow for a while right that's what the parable saying it's in the but is because of his care for the wheat that he allows the tears to grow. Now is it forever I know there is a time coming let both these says grow together until what point the harvest. And at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers first go gather together the tears bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn. Now we're going to give you a little thought that's going to last it's going to germinate a long way past the study but notice it doesn't say go burn them it's bind them together for a burn this is an this is a reference to the millennium. They're gathered together at the graves in the graves when Jesus comes to face a judgment at the end of the money that's when the ultimate destruction the lake of fire will be right. But get the wheat directly into my barn. So there's a separation now common sense and I would appeal to you to appeal to them to use common sense just read the parable as it stands. Why would he tell the people not to gather the harvest early on but later he's going to entrust those same people then he's going to say to the reapers go and gather what's the difference between the time of harvest and the time of sprouting up. Can you can see the difference. If they go in early on they're going to make a hash of the whole thing it's not actually going to solve the problem is actually going to make it worse. But if you wait to the harvest apparently there will be a distinction between the righteous and the wicked. And the reapers in God's field can there distinguish and say you're coming with us you're going there yes me. To Earth Yes Now I'm. Thinking of the whole week conference and I certainly hope it pertains to create controversy yes because that's the purpose of our study Yeah. Yeah now let me be clear there are clearly earthly applications this applies to the church as well as what makes most of our application almost exclusively on the application of the church but Jesus Christ explains this parable. Fact the parables basically don't that's it look at verse thirty one another parable put forth he just moves on. But clearly they're like man he just said something deep if you look at Matthew thirteen it's all parables parable parable parable body teaching parable parable there parable. But the one that stuck in their mind and I in the study I would take my time on this parable because what they had to have this picture in their head before they move on. Yes or they quickly so they're right we survives because it's really hard and it will continue after the harvest but the green rots if you harvest it now it's useless Well that's a great infer it's but it's not explicitly in the text No what I mean even under if he's ever grown any grain or easy farmer never going to understand a graph socialize with his background OK alright go of that but what I'm telling you is that do your best to only take the lessons that are explicitly said in the text. Now let's go to Jesus' own explanation of this yes ma'am yes. Yes Yes So you're not like. I don't remember exactly which point but hopefully all of it with logic I'm trying to get out of my my. Vocabulary let's think about this logically because our brains are built to think logically you don't think any other way so what I would encourage you to do is just walk through this step by step with them and at each point when he says Francis No let both grow together and he says Why because his concern for the wheat let them just see that it's right there in the text let them come to it with their minds read together with me now verse thirty six Jesus interprets his own parable. Then Jesus and the multitude away and went into the house and his disciples came to him saying Explain to us the parables of the tech the parable of the tears of the field so one parable they knew was deeper than the others maybe had a significant significance verse thirty seven He answered and said to them he who sews the good seed is the Son of Man Wes of course Jesus own monicker for himself that's me and if you have an extended study remember what kind of condition was the seed good good good and now notice he uses the seed is the Son of Man The field is the word world. The good seeds are the sons of the kingdom but the tears of the sons of the wicked one when Jesus Christ created the field which is this world in what condition did he create it that's exactly the word the Genesis uses day after day and he saw there was good good and when he made mankind at the end of day six he looks back on all that he had made and says behold it was very good how much bad was in there none he only sowed good seed when he made this world. OK. Let the text speak for itself. Now the enemy who sowed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the age and the reapers are whom. I wouldn't necessarily bring this point out because that's going to be deep enough for them right there just this one parable picture but for the extra credit students in the room. Who are the ones asking the questions. Come on friends in the parable let the by the servants of the owners who wanted to go and gather them up right the angels or is it possible that even angels have questions about the existence and continuance of evil. Who are the men who were sleeping when it all began that doesn't mean they were tuned out and dumb or anything but how did it get started subtlety and Sophos tree right. Of course Christ ought but they didn't which is a big framework of the great controversy. I'm saying the Bible rather it's good stuff now if I were giving this presentation you want to start with the idea that God is Love and God is selfless that's great and then go to this parable because that's going to tap on the question that most people are asking how can there be a good God and a bad world and why has he done something about it now. What I'd like to do next and I think that the. Let's I would skip skip if you want to again I'm not saying skip but I'm trying to give you the main pillar points right the main idea is what you want to do next is once you establish the Matthew thirteen parable. And that picture of the origin of evil through the parable language now what we're going to do is identify. The enemy. Who is this devil where did he come from what was the original issues at stake OK And for that of course and you'll notice that they're all throughout here you're going to basically there's three different places that talk about the origin and fall of Lucifer and his rebellion OK one is going to be Isaiah fourteen. The next one of course will get the verses specific but it usually starts in verse twelve I would urge you to even start a verse fourteen just will see why in a minute it's just simple or. Easy kewl. Chapter twenty eight. That also starts around verse twelve but will get there. And of course revelation. Chapter twelve versus seven through I think it's thirteen twelve or thirteen and it's twelve. Now we usually focus on only Revelation seven through nine I mean twelve versus seventy nine but before we get to these texts I want to put a picture in your head so you know where to lead the people OK go with me to Revelation twelve which is where you know. Questions five and six go anyway OK go to Revelation Chapter twelve and I want to show you something fascinating. If we had I don't know six seven more hours we could really do this justice but for right now I'm going to hit the highlights for you and I would urge you if you want to you can go to audio verse and hear the whole thing the restoration series is about on Linda was has a good version of this on its most up to date version OK but it Revelation Chapter twelve I want to highlight that there are four distinct steps in the fall and destruction of say. Four distinct steps there outlined in sequence in Revelation twelve starting with verse seven. Number one and war broke out where in heaven now one of the things I like to highlight is that in this might be a little bit deeper but war does not mean like bombs and guns and smart bombs and drones or whatever whatever we fight with today the war the word for war there in the Book of Revelation Chapter twelve or seven is pull a most which is where we get our English equivalent polemics which is an argument it's a verbal battle it's a war of words not a war weapons. And is why doesn't it was a real war there were clearly two sides they were enemies and they were pros and cons right but it's not like they were Angel bodies strewn across the streets of gold and pools of blood it wasn't that it was a war of loyalty it was a political campaign if you will. Right with the real battle was issues and governance. The war of war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought I would urge you don't go down the let me stop right here and explain who Michael is that's going to take time. Now you can come back to that at some other point but still tell them we're going to stay with the big picture we'll get into the details as we go along but start with the broad picture and then fill in the spaces does that make sense. So let's just say we're nowhere we're talking about is heaven we know what we're talking about is a war and who are we talking about Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and his angels Now this is also a very handy point as you're just early on in the study and your series of studies this is a great point to see how the Bible interprets itself we could say I think the dragon is you know North Korea and he is Barack Obama people say come on the Bible tells exactly who how this is let the Bible be its own interpreter This is a great time to show them how the Bible to term interpret itself. Says verse eight but they that is the dragon is angels did not prevail people may not want to what the word prevail is so what are we going to say they did not win thank you. Nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. OK now this lays the foundation when they lost the war in heaven. Satan is angels were not blotted out of existence. They were simply cast out of heaven. We're going to see why didn't he just question right then and there. Will come to that but let's finish reading the verses seventy nine. So the great dragon was cast out. That serpent of old called the Devil and Satan so there's no ambiguity in Revelation twelve who the dragon is specifically referring to this is the devil himself right. Who deceives the whole world that will be important later how does he get his work to go forward he doesn't come up to God and say I challenge you to a fight put him up. Because he'd lose right squish great controversy or the not so great controversy here. But how does it work through what method friends there Satan has only he only has two tools and only one of them works. He has persecution but every time he tries to squish out the Christian race I mean the Christian faith what happens yeah it grows right the blood of the martyrs is seed. Persecution only harms the church and their fidelity makes them more faithful. Basically he just wants to get you know blow off steam when he has the persecution his real only effective weapon is deception. That's how it works and that's how we planted the seed and of course the essence of deception is you don't know you're being to see it soon as you say I've been deceived you not while I'm in slept. And it became associated with right to tears. Anyway we continue to deceive the whole world he was cast to the earth is angels are cast out with Him So step number one it's been a revelation seven through nine. And that's with Satan cast out of the courts of heaven. He was physically removed he lost his job he lost his place they were removed from the courts are we good number two and again you don't necessarily go through this point in your study but you need to have this in your head at this point in the study to know where you're going next that makes sense OK verse ten then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strength in the kingdom of forgotten the power of his Christ to come for they for the accuser of our brother who accuse them of war god day and night has been cast down. Now often you might look at that and say well that's just repeating what we just saw the casting out in seventy nine. Except it's not there is roughly a four thousand year gap between verse nine and verse ten. How do we know that. OK He did seem like which will come but I'll just say it right now let's be clear about this when Jesus says I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven what does lightning what is lightning a metaphor. What is it that's a great answer the only problem is it's wrong. But I'm sincere everybody thinks that I used to think that but that's not thank you there was someone else who comes from heaven that Jesus says comes like lightning Who is it. Him and He says as the lightning shines from the east in the West and so it's visible to everyone that's what lightning. When Satan falls like lightning I mean first of all if quick you say in this four thousand years later and he's still in the grave yet that's the slowest quick. But visibility is the key he's warning everyone to see because friends think about this Christ could have when Christ looks at you he doesn't just see to you he sees through you right so in the courts of heaven and we're going to get through this week Isaiah fourteen is equal twenty eight these are important points to remember for those passages when Christ sees his creatures he sees their inward character not just their outward affix them to see the face they put on and the whatever the words they say he sees their motive. Now let's say that all of the inhabitants of heaven were gathered together while Satan was doing his deceitful baleful work but I have God sweeps the congregation right. And ever and they say that or sing the doxology Praise God from whom much is huge and they have all these parts and it's gorgeous. And he sees that on the outside everyone is happy and beautiful and split and on the inside their character matches their sincerity transparency on a stick humility it's beautiful. And everyone's the same thousands upon ten thousand times ten thousand until he gets to. Lucifer a song leader himself. Question for you does everyone respect Lucifer Absolutely. There's good evidence to think he was the very first created be he's the most exalted of all the angel hosts he was the leader of them second only to Christ Himself who of course that's a big jump from creation to create or right but he was the first step down the ladder. Now in right it's easy to sociate when the ground is tilled so well. Now let's say that in that moment Christ sees in his heart which he can of course that there's rebellion iniquity and we all know that the wages of sin is what death is a crisis right everybody stops up to Lucifer I need to step forward. And of course Lucifer is pretty is it possible by the way that you have something on the inside of you that don't show on the outside of you happens all the time people come walking down the hall that you don't necessarily look forward to seeing but you don't say like. It's right. What do you say like Oh good good morning how are you good see is their brother good. And we should fix that friends let's be clear about that but it's possible that you can be something on the outside the not showing up on the inside they are showing the outside right so he comes let's say that he comes forward and I know this is a kind of a long analogy but it's very helpful I would use this in the study. Brings him forward I'm sorry I've seen in your heart. Iniquity has come from within I really should you should do this story when you're in easy kill or Isaiah. Because I said because you've said in your heart I will say How do you know what's in his heart only God can see right you pose and forward in front of all the onlooking hosts of heaven the sinless intelligences filling that world God reaches forth his hand. With draws the breath of life from that created being. And the lifeless body of loose. Is laying there before the throne of God. Now if in that moment God said all right where were we but think again Praise God from whom. Do you think the Angels first of all the angels still loyal to God Yes Do they have questions for God oh yes is it OK to have questions for God absolutely. Now when they ask those questions like it probably goes on like. I mean. I mean I don't know who's to be I don't want to judge but how's the guys like what was wrong oh you mean the dead the dead angel yeah Oh and what if his answer was don't worry trust me let's keep singing right would they sing you better believe it. Here's my point God can kill the rebel but it wouldn't in the rebellion. Right once say in sin began it had to grow so others could see it so that when God executes not if when God executes every I will see because friends is not going to be a greater controversy he's going to finish it once and for all it's not in the study but you can tuck this little text away named chapter one in verse nine. Name one verse nine. Anybody know that one that's right what do you conspire against the Lord affliction shall not rise up a second how can he make that promise is he going to take away our freedom to choose no after redemption history has done do you think we could sin if we chose shows course how can he guarantee that we won't. We've seen both sides of the issue top to bottom every question's been answered every. Day So we go on chapter two verse ten this is when this is Christ at Calvary. How do we know that. Because Jesus himself said so but John Chapter twelve John Chapter twelve Matthew Mark Luke John I would do that with them by the way Matthew Mark Luke John just help them out. Don't don't have any problem saying go to the left go to the right there sixty six books in the Bible I bet most people in the room can resize them. Those unbelievers out there don't have a clue help them. Take your time John Chapter twelve. Race got to race John Chapter twelve verse thirty one No Jesus says as he sees his ministry drawing to a close he knows his time is approaching because Jesus lived his life on a prophetic time schedule now is the judgment of this world by the way it's a great text to help unfold the evangelical argument that judgment was done at the cross. Because they just say now is the judge of the world is it but he tells us what that means now is the general now the ruler of this world will be a what's the next two words as to what I thought he was cast out four thousand he was cast out of heaven. Physically removed from the courts of Heaven right but when Christ died at Calvary he was cast out from the sympathies of heavenly beings. Sympathies of the angels right. There's a whole study you could do on that you go to the Book of Job. He shows up amongst the sons of God right. Why are they even listen you can watch the argument between God and Christ I mean Christ and Satan back and forth but the sons of God let him in the room and they don't say a word they're loyal to God But they're like let's hear him out. But when they see what happened at Calvary by the way how do we know this is specifically speaking that Cauvery just keep reading. And I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all peoples to myself this he said signifying by what death he would die the all people includes the heavenly beings as well. They are drawn to Christ now they were never disloyal they never rebelled they never sinned against him but now their questions are answered the question specifically is why should Lucifer die the first two steps. Culminate with the answering of this question Why should Lucifer die. When Christ demonstrated the love of God. The selfless I would give myself for any one of my creatures. Where as opposed Satan would take anything including the life of God If it were possible. The angel saw for the very first time two important things Number one they saw Hussein really was that he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning Jesus said that. By the way how can you be a murderer if you never actually kill anybody. Does Jesus answer that riddle Force sure it's what was going on in the hearts there was violence within there was jealousy and envy there was hatred within and now he unleashes it on the sinless Son of God. And the angel hosts say though we were friends with him we knew him we respected him now we see why he has to be stopped He's got to die now. Three. Brings up a whole new set of questions and I would ask them that simply you know their question now is why I should say and they see the answer Christ at Calvary you kill God that's game over. You don't get to come back to the court room anymore and talk on like in the Book of Job which is not was God doesn't have to build a wall or have a flaming sword just nobody up there is listening anymore they're done with him now the real question we have to face is if Christ as He said defeated Satan at the cross the ruler of the world has been cast out to heaven least people who have seen this thing are all inside now why two thousand years later we still hear. And here's the simple answer. Because it's not the plan of destruction. It's the plan of salvation. It's the plan of redemption. Christ if all he wanted to accomplish in the great controversy was killing Satan and sinners he could have done so justifiably at the cross of Calvary all God had to six seconds after Jesus died God the Father could look resit Are we good. Maybe like boom that's it that's not what happened because Christ came to do more than merely defeat say he came to redeem sinners. It's a powerful thought by the way it's right there in Revelation twelve let's go back to it. Step three. Notice it says here again in verse ten when it said Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation strength in the power of God in the kingdom of our Christ have of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brother in this is the brother and on earth right. Who accuse them before God day and night has been cast down then look at verse eleven and they who are they in this context for what we just saw in Revelation Chapter twelve verse ten they is the brother in down here on the earth right US and the day what's the next word overcame him by what agency by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death they now have the self-less character of Christ and now not only have the heavenly host rejected Satan now the redeemed. Have now rejected see which is a great point to make an appeal. Friends Is there any sympathy in your heart for Satan today are we loyal to God yet still well let's just hear him out and see where this goes. It's a good question. Re deemed reject say. This. This whole move it out that way as they are. I didn't say it's perfect but it certainly helps OK so now Satan was physically cast out of heaven B. couldn't kill him yet Christ a Calvary could kill him but it doesn't help the Redeemer remember he wants to save the wheat so he allows it a little bit longer redeemed reject Jesus I mean he checks Satan resolute Rejean and rejects Satan they have no more sympathy in their hearts they've overcome him by the blood of the Lamb they too have the victory which is the Greek was because I love bringing this out this is a great text for this John fourteen one through I think it's about three you probably know it by heart it's the beautiful assurance that Jesus gives to the believers Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God you believe I believe also in me and I know this verse too in my Father's house are. Many Mansions Jesus said that two thousand years ago when he said it in the present tense before he returned to heaven why were there vacancies in heaven was there great exits from Heaven was there war in heaven where people cast out yes he's like there's plenty of room for you up there Sister White Witch I wouldn't bring this out in the statement as we want to prove everything in the Bible says an ambiguously that God intends that the vacancies filled by the fall would be made up by the reading. We would fill those vacancies. In my Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for whom for you he says to us. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to Myself that where I am there you may be also be you to full promise but let's think about it from the angel's perspective is that really good news. Sure we think it's great who the promise of heaven Gabriel is like slow down we fought a war over this we lost friends because of this it took four thousand years to convince us that Lucifer should die friends they're not looking for evidence that Lucifer should die they're looking for any evidence that we should be allowed to live. And what if God's only answer is Oh that don't worry trust me friends in the same way they need to see the evidence for why Satan should die they now need to see the evidence why any of his followers should be allowed to live. Right now the issue is not the destruction of the wicked it's the redemption of the. To give you text for this. Is another one but right there with John fourteen. Now I know that we've gone pretty much far off of our study guide I don't mean to do that but I want you to see this big picture and then use the study guide to build that so it makes sense they go to feed in chapter three. As Why finish up very quickly I promise fusion chapter three in verse ten Paul is talking about his. Paul is talking about his job description of course which is a preacher of the Gospel to the Gentiles but then he adds in verse nine you could probably add verses I mean verse eight is where the sentence starts but it's a Pauline since it probably started back in first Corinthians. Features chapter three starting in verse eight to me who unless in the least of all the saints this grace was given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and adds in verse nine to make all what see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things to Jesus Christ the key is in verse ten to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God his plan his will his wisdom might be made known and I want you to watch this very carefully. Look in your Bibles he wants to make his wisdom known to whom. Not the church. To the principalities and powers in the heavenly places by what agency by the church he wants his wisdom to be seen in us right there in the Bible friends he wants his wisdom now he could just say trust me and they are loyal but they still have questions. The great controversy exists to answer every question so that when it's done it's done for good it's never coming back. To the intent that now the manifold wisdom of the of God may be known by the church to the point now if God lives in Heaven and these Prince about him hours are also in heavenly places when the simplest way to teach them something just to turn to them and explain it but just saying it a proclamation even of the truth is sometimes not enough. You need to see a demonstration of it so God says Look what I can it's like I'm not just calling them good on paper he's going to make them good in person. For in salvation is not a transaction to get you into heaven it is a transform mation to fit you into heaven. OK. That's the miracle conversion that's the new life that's what it is that's what salvation is all about it's not just accepting a ticket to get it he's going to work it out in you is going to take time and they're watching it's a beautiful thing. But it's the mystery that's what Paul says the mystery. But they need to see the mystery lived out it's like one. Long one. Like in the same way how is he going to do that yeah I mean. It's kind of the same way there's. No one way are there is a cleansing that comes from Christ that can change who you are and the way you think and the sympathies you have it can. Be even more analogous how can God make you know lobster not taste good. He can give you a new palate he can yes this and they're going to be well and we will get to this in step four let's go because we have to go got to get run in step four Trust me that's a four I mean I'm six two and is about three foot two it's hard have some sympathy go back to Revelation twelve I want to make sure you see the four steps. Because this will set up your millennium study this will set up a second coming study this will set up the investigation judgment study all of those studies are predicated on the proper framework of the great controversy where you see what I'm saying. For instance I'll just give you this little preview of the money and i promise i'll just a second Mark don't look at me with that scowl but. Even a seven Davenant's I bet many people have never thought through the purpose of the millennium we know it's true but what. If all the wicked are going to be destroyed with those who are alive when he would comes in or are destroyed and join the rest of the wicked in the grave all the wicked are now collected in the grave and they're dead and they're not seeing they're not hearing that feeling have nothing to do with anything under the sun we know the truth about say that and if the righteous are taken to heaven from their graves or translated without tasting death and they are gathered together with Christ the separation has occurred crises are determined who is a been lost he's already separated the sheep from the goats the wicked in the graves the righteous are with Christ why does Satan keep living. Come on out let me answer the question. I set it up so I can answer it. But listen here you've got to wrestle with this question if you're seven dentist why would Christ destroy all the wicked only to raise them up a thousand years later and kill them again what's the purpose OK It demonstrates your Belgian heart that's not bad but I think there's even better reason even though it's a good way. For I think thank you they need a chance to see even the wicked God treats fairly. He cares what his creatures think and if in the throughout the Cecils ages of eternity someone couldn't ever say you know you could have done a little more you could have been a little more for you coulda showed at least you know. God is a God who takes his time and gets things right. Why hasn't ended evil because it's not time yet but there is a time coming people got to understand this he didn't start it but I tell you what he's going to end it right Revelation Chapter twelve we gotta finish this out after we read in verse eleven and they overcame him by the but the lamb by the word of their testimony did not love their lives to the death they become like Christ right there for. Now there's been a distinction now the people have chosen therefore rejoice Oh heavens and you who dwell in them but won't do the inhabit the Earth and see for the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has but what a short time now he knows once those decisions are made now it's just on a crash course to the end and that short time will conclude. In the millennium. And once you set that framework up of the very beginning of the controversy all the way through. By the way just to add credibility to my statement that lightning represents visibility there's a little obscure source called the desire of ages I don't remember a time I look at that now as what I'm talking about brother is an administering deed that. In the desire of Ages look up her commentary about salt Satan fall like lightning from heaven and you notice she outlines four distinct steps when he was first cast out. Look forward to the scenes of suffering we would be cast out of the cross look forward to the great final day when B. will limit it all together and in the between time he wanted his victory to become the readings four steps right there same thing you see in Revelation twelve to beautiful thing so what I would do as we conclude with the study is with this framework or in your mind of the big picture the great controversy start with those rhetorical questions why didn't God just kill him right then and there. Well because they didn't see into his heart and you use Isaiah fourteen twenty eight to talk about what was in his heart and how it repeatedly says he said in his heart the violence was within but it wasn't on the outside you know he even dresses up like a lawyer he can on the outside he looks good right. And compare that to Matthew thirteen that's why he didn't come in because you would get it wrong then you go to Revelation twelve ten and you show John Chapter twelve verse thirty one and I if I am lifted up will draw people to that he'll be cast out second casting out third basically a third casting out now the redeemed overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and they no longer have sympathy for Satan. And thus he knows that his time is short there is an incoming and that's when you get into the investigative judgment right here the second coming of Jesus and the final destruction of the plenty. Which predicates a truth about the state of the dead so inside of this great controversy got to have the truth about the state of the dead you gotta understand investigative judgement you got to know the second coming and you got to know the millennium. And if you get that picture with those elements in there you're about six minutes away from have a new Seventh Day Adventists on your hands I'm telling you. Then when you look at the anti-Christ No wonder there's a war he's battling Jesus Christ he has to come up with a diversion he's a deceiver right and that's why there's a counterfeit worship because that's what he wants us to be exalted selfishness that's why worship is the big time why is you picking on the Sabbath why is it because it's the one that actively tells us how to worship the way God said Satan hates that when it makes him the Creator. Makes his enemy Jesus the Creator. All of it makes sense inside the framework of the great controversy now I'm sorry I didn't give you a step by step guide to this per se but the texts that are in their supplier supporting pillars of this picture are we on the same page. I just wrote it all down man. Clear as the as the driven snow I don't know that. Now we can I'm sure we can arrange to have some notes given Yeah. Yeah I can I can even give you that because I when I do a presentation I go down to signs the time and then we spend a couple of nights you were there right we spent some time on the great controversy and. Yes ma'am I'll move. Because I don't have to say there's nice we could you get you know out of the way and. I appreciate that. But yeah but we can I can give you the study notes to go with that I'll even give you the study guides they use an unlock revelation for this particular study OK well I'll let Mark be in charge of getting those electronically to you I don't have physical copies to give you or something like that OK Given everything you've ever said. I'm tell you guys are in a like a condensed like the condensed of this is the tightest smallest little class and we're just it's from a fire hose so. It be fun to see guys do these studies this afternoon. I'm excited yes ma'am. Yes ma'am would you still claim more three pounds he said sure you know and there's no I like the fact that it's that close to the front sometimes it's just like oh yes and there was war in heaven it's kind of like seen as partially on the plate when this is really the plate itself where everything else goes on and so they need to see the reliability of Scripture from Daniel too because a lot of people the Bible is just old wives' tales and fairy tales no it's objectively true then you see not only is coming. Real but it's near you look at the signs of the kinds right then you look at let's pan out and see where the. Come from and you set the stage for everything else that's coming after YES MAN OK you're. Right here is one thing. You may know for me personally I would take not more time in the lesson but I'd take more lessons I would. The fast as I've been I mean we did all four steps here but it was predicated on you guys having a lot of background you had to be with me to get there right they're not there yet so I would take my time and I'd start with those basic principle start with like the parable that's why the parable is so important breaks down and use walk through that parable then when we come back together we're just going to walk through the destruction of say right we're going to see this in my take is a couple studies maybe two or three. I would be fine with it but I tell you if they're hooked into the story they're going to come back for more. I forget who is next to you and then you. Oh thank you desired me just for ninety for the fall like lightning Thank you ma'am yes or. No I'm telling you brother when you come back and this is why by the way should attend your prophecy meetings at your local church even if you don't have someone to bring or whatever which you should have but even if you don't it's good training for you over how to give studies and it's good I learn something new every time I hear someone preach these things there is depth to the Word of God that we seldom appreciate I'm tired of once learned always learned Adventism keep learning and yes ma'am. They're excellent Yeah audio verse app the series that we did here that's why I recommend the restoration series from Loma Linda is just in February gave it its own audio verse you can get that. And there's a whole lot of there's thousands of other sermons so yes. My own series is on there plus thousands of others are in the restoration Series this year the restoration series is me doing doing the great controversy. I do five nights in a row of this you know we take five sermons for this you know instead of just. I'm telling you yes. Dude I'm. I'm telling you that all I do is night one step one night to just walk through it in the night five we apply it and make an appeal. Choose you this day that's it OK I have just ruined Mark Howard's day and so I feel terrible about that he's not even in the room to quit you just left. Exactly I saw paper flying and he's just a little cloud of smoke. That's all right said again. Oh no ma'am no no that would be very bad but I appreciate time and patience I think we should take a break and close with a word or prayer and give you five minutes and come back and all right Helli Father thank you so much for this day thank you for being a God who takes your time to get things right thank you for being a God who communicates that to us and for giving us the responsibility the privilege and the joy of sharing that truth with others please Lord help us to understand the great controversy for ourselves and help us to share. Those. We want to see. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit. Or.


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