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1. Prophecy, The Gut-Brain Connection and the Cutting Edge

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot. Org. Good morning. Everybody doing. Good Well my name is Chad cruiser and my wife is funny as she's going to be sharing Also we're going to be going back and forth a bit during the various messages that we are going to be sharing and this particular message yes thank you this particular message is entitle to not not this particular message but the series is health and prophecy in the light of cutting edge science so this is we're going to be looking at some very exciting things in the in the field of science the first one we're going to be looking at is the Bible and the gut brain connection powerful information on reversal of depression something's amiss most of you probably never heard before some of it some of you have heard for sure and also the second message is depressed depression and the cutting edge we're going to be looking at things there will be looking the third one is nature health we should have added nature health happiness country living and the cutting edge scientific studies showing the benefits for people of all ages and in scientific studies mixing in how it can benefit people's health and their mental health being in touch with nature then we're going to be looking at disease reversal and the cutting edge reversing some of the main diseases of society or at least of voiding them in the first place and the last one will be healthy vision of what could be and what can be if we partake of it so those are the five messages we're going to be looking at and before we start I'll tell you who I am and my wife mine once again my name is Chad cruiser my wife and I have a ministry called Anchor Point films we go around to archaeologists historians steel logins medical professionals various different people and produce documentary films that. A stablished the validity of the Bible that share the message that we've been given we have one documentary particularly on health we're going to show you some clips interspersed within these series looking at one of our documentaries called ancient health and the documentaries are made to establish the validity of the Word of God and the messages that we've been given but before we begin this particular message I asked that she would buy your heads with me for a word of prayer I can't Neal because the Michael won't work if I do so let's pray Heavenly Father thank you so much for the opportunity to study your word to study science and health we thank you that you've given us your health message this health message and I pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us that you would help us Lord to be the healthy happy people you've created us to be that we would be a light to society Lord I pray that you would teach us in the name of Jesus Amen. All right this first message the Bible and the got brain connection now to begin with you may not have thought about it this way but in the Book of Daniel we see the first case that I know of in all of recorded history about the science of the gut brain connection by the way here's a book called A History of epidemiologic methods and concepts guessing you read that quite often right well this particular book tells us that Daniel Chapter one is possibly the first clinical trial in all of recorded history very powerful this book looking at the history of Epidemiology the study of disease and what they're saying is the first clinical trial that has been found so far is Daniel Chapter One Now notice this as we go on this is taken from the United States' National Library of Medicine in the National Institutes of Health the most well funded health institution on the planet twenty six billion dollars a year right around there for their annual budget and notice what this says the title of the the paper here is evolution of clinical research it's not about evolution but the change in the growth of clinical research history before and beyond by James Lind notice what S.S. is says in five sixty two before Christ we find the for the world's first clinical trial. In all of recorded history it's found in the Book of Daniel in the Bible there are some chairs up here in the very front you're welcome to you're welcome to come up if anybody wants to find a seat so there's at least three seats up here in the front if anybody wants to come so Daniel Daniel Chapter one is the first recorded scientific study that we know of and just a quick overview of a dental chapter one Daniel's taken from his city Jerusalem to Babylonia in modern day Iraq outside of the city of Baghdad while he's taken there he's put on a three year educational system while he's given the educational system he's given the best food the king can offer which in Babylon what would be the best food the best meat the king can provide and so Daniel knows that some of that meat could be either unclean or common and he knows he can't eat it so he says no I'm sorry I can't and Daniel one verse eight says but Daniel purpose in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the king's meat nor with that there are some there's at least one seat right here for one of you and raise your hand if there's a seat next to you raise your hand if there are so there's a few seats up here so raise your hand there's there's a few there so but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat nor with the wine which he drank therefore he requested of the prince of the Unix that he might not what defile him self so he set up a study and here it is prove your servants test your servants I beseech you I plead with you for how long ten days and let them give us Paul Stewie eat and water to drink now polls are things that are grown from seeds so Daniel and his friends choose to go on a special diet in experimental diet while the other students of Babylon continued on the standard Babylonian diet right and as they did so you have an experimental group Daniel and its friends and you have the control group the other you know students in the school the wise men of Babylon and we see what happens what happens now at the end of the of the days that the king said he had would bring them in then the Prince of the UNIX brought them in before never can as Or and the king communed with them and among them always found none like DANIEL HANNAN I am me shy El and as a RA am therefore stood they before the king and in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that when it were in all of his realm now. Daniel what we see is what Daniel eight impacted his cognition his intellect it actually enhanced his intellect and it just hit me this video may not work because I think the audio is going to try to go to that little projector let me see what happens but we're going to show you that a study has been done today to replicate what was done in Daniel's time and we'll see if it works but I don't think this is yeah I don't think this is going to work. The difficulty is because once I plug in the DIMIA it will go to or can maybe we can drag that over there. That's. Why we're. Here that might. On you live. How likely are there in three studies published on the subject think that analyses and these better analysis and only three they want to publish they show consistently that low carb diets are the worst of all plant gardens high animal food diets consistently they show that they're associated with or heart disease or death or mortality if you look around the world if you look at these people in salt the average percentage of calories from carbs range from ranges from about fifty percent to eighty percent. Carbs are not the enemy refined carbs are the enemy and they're better that for instance studies Dr these whole out of Phoenix Arizona first she did an observational study showing that lab based diet actually significantly improves your pressure and then scientists stress score it's called. Score some of them are actually is. Where you get the right amount of carbohydrates but also the right type of carbohydrates plus protein that as she followed up with an interventional study and that's where she took people who were plant based diet but a lot of plant based diet to which she also put a lot of plant based diet plus fish for two weeks to see which one of the Superior had a turn out the fish diet was a more superior carnivore going on the plant based diet significant dramatic changes statistically significant changes in just two weeks in their mental ability we see when people who are in the Star and drink water get plenty of Proust follow these natural remedies this is tax topics capture their brain and it doesn't take quite weeks or months plant based diet is key in our. A program for depression and anxiety the results are outstanding because it's a comprehensive approach. Also. A wise and correct thought she was modelling but the diet is a no. Go on a plant based five weeks ago it's amazing because i even if they had had not told me that I'd change the first thing I notice was he was playing a schoolwork in my teacher's actually. Bragging on how much better than behaving since I've been on the day in class he wasn't getting is distracted that he was paying attention he was there will listen more closely he was being alert his discernment was better he was more diligent everything I can pay attention or mine is more clear sense of the good. Huge approach and our son us the last letter where I mean but in the main things I know this was behavior a study in middle school as showed clearly that switching back you compatible source class source has almost eliminated the absenteeism. Craze and in our next. Far performance at school it will force element in to acts of violence the smallest pregnancies so they just feel better every word of the law everywhere the power of choice of girls better not just body but are clear. And every single day since I've been a plant based diet the clarity continues to increase and my face continues to look younger and my body feels like a delicate little more vibrant depiction of myself before and after and I look five years old or even just. I want to go right now while we get a turn in the neuro transmitters that actually helps us or her excites depending on what we're eating in regards to our brain chemistry that plays a vital role in the health of the bright I'll say with three or four days I think there have clarity and there are oh they compete last night class better perhaps or I think there are other tasks talks to them I think that are right. To gather faster. Back dialogue study shows diet. Do share depression X.I.V. scores high. Just by dramatically changing your diet plan and so that's significant Now we go for more of just half and so that's why we have a whole program of clue for them. But just the diet alone. You know have to choose between high quality living at lunch everything is the same program the same new start approach to living healthier longer and it helps you better. All right now that's just a clip from an hour and a half documentary that we produced called ancient health and. But what did we see we saw that this was this Daniel type diet was tested in the United States and enhanced the cognition of students in America today and wasn't interesting is said that almost eliminated teen pregnancy and violence isn't it amazing what you eat could make your kids sleep around or make you sleep around isn't that heavy it could impact your cognition while you're in school it could cause you to be depressed no funny is going to come up and tell us more about the got brain connection so. Sorry not use this thing thing all right so. Praise the Lord that we have the Word of God that we can trust a man that science is proving that what the Bible has taught us very long ago is still true today Daniel and his friends tried it and it worked for them and here we see that this young man that we saw and that we met he tried it and a whole school change their diet we were in India teaching and a teacher told us there that he had tried it with his students who he was tutoring after school and they were having trouble in school and he told the families what to do Hindus Muslims all different backgrounds and he told them the Daniel Plan and he told the parents please do this with your students with your children and the results were the same those students excelled and it's just such a blessing isn't it that these things are proven true and they can be proven true in our own lives if we just taste and see that the Lord is good nother thing that the Bible tells us about in lamentations one twenty says Behold the Lord for I am in distress my bowels are troubled. And you know it's funny every time we share this people laugh because we think it's kind of oh that's cute you're trying to make that connection no there really is a connection and I think they understood this they understood this whole connection between the gut in the brain and as we continue this morning you'll see more and more that this is very relevant what goes on in our guts and says in Jeremiah four nineteen my bowels my bowels I am pained my very heart. And in the Bible the heart is synonymous with you know your mind in your feelings and so they're seeing this connection over and over they're getting it. Do you know that approximately ninety percent of the information in your from your vegas nerve ninety percent of it goes from the stomach to the brain not the opposite way so ninety percent of the information is going from your gut to your brain so that tells us that there is a lot of influence of the gut to the brain right that that we're seeing that scientifically that is true but look at this this is a powerful quote from counsels on diet and foods page fifty the abuses of the stomach by the gratification of appetite are a fruitful source of what most church trials Wow you look at something like that just a few years ago and you're thinking Come on lady are you serious there's more heavier subject to talk about there's I got bigger problems than that right but today cutting edge science is showing us that what she said is very true and psychiatry is are starting to look into this more in realizing the connection between mental issues and what's going on in your gut and we're keeping you in suspense because we will show you these things you're going to start seeing more and more why why is this such a. Connection there but this is very important you know she has all kinds of. Quotes about board meetings and how they could have gone a different way had people still makes not been in turmoil that you should have voted yes on something and you voted no because you're an irritated situation serious stuff all right it says here scientists have discovered that a high fat diet leads to depressive anxious symptoms in mice it also promotes inflammation inflammation is a marker for many lifestyle diseases but depression is one of them that if you have information in the body that depression that's one of the things that you'll find and so they're saying that high fat diet so what happened this is what they did they put these mice some of them on a high fat diet and these mice started to exhibit behaviors of repetitive actions. In loss of memory OK as as they were put on this high fat diet then they had mice on a regular fat diet and they did the same test and did not exhibit these same behaviors at the high fat diet mice did they are fine but this is what they decided to do they took the gut bacteria out of the high fat mice they took it out of their guts and they did a transplant into the regular diet fat diet mice and the transplant in the gut bacteria into their into their guts What do you think happened. The same thing the regular diet mice that were given the microbes from the high fat diet my stay experience anxiety impaired memory repetitive behaviors and that's what you do when you're depressed you think of the same thing over and over and over right you just like can't keep yourself from from repeating things and then they had information as well in the body isn't that interesting in that was from transplanting the gut bacteria from the high fat diet mice into the regular diet of the regular fat diet mice so this is starting to give us a clue that there's something to do with the diet and what happens to your gut bacteria. Child Guidance page three ninety eight says eating too frequently too much in of rich and wholesome food destroys the healthy action of the digestive organs affects the brain so you see here the stomach and then now it effects the brain perverts the judgment preventing rational calm healthy thinking and acting isn't this interesting and this is from eating too frequently too much in rich and wholesome foods isn't that kind of the Western diet today this is describing right and no wonder I mean when I read things like this I don't feel judged or or. Or like not another thing because look at this next quote this to me is so powerful Child Guidance page for sixty says this it cannot be too often repeated that whatever is taken into the stomach affects not only the body but ultimately what the mind is well this is the part that is so encouraging to me it is difficult and often well nigh impossible for one who is intemperate in diet to exercise what patience and self-control isn't that powerful to me I don't look at that and think oh no just another thing to do to me it's like oh oh I get it that's why I get so upset right and that's why I get so irritated with my husband and that's why I you know you understand I come from a family where we argued a lot growing up he comes from a family that argued a lot growing up guess what our diets weren't the best and so then we have to live with this and as we've learned these things it's like. I get it I get the gut brain connection what I eat really affects my my temperance and my patients if I am not temperate in these things I don't I'm not as patient right and I'm not as loving this is a biblical principle second Peter one five and six it says add to your faith virtue and to Virtue knowledge and to knowledge what. And what comes after temperance to Temperance patience. It's a biblical principle if we are in temperate if you don't sleep well are you lovely and nice the next day I know it's common sense right but I'm telling you even in temperate eating it has made a difference in our lives we live on the road full time we are going from place to place a place we don't have a home that we actually you know go to it's just literally we go from place to place a place time zone to time zone time zones will mess you up really bad you know like really bad we got to Malaysia this year in India and several places and it's just like when you get there you feel crazy like absolutely crazy and so it's during those times were really careful what we're doing because you're there to share the gospel with people right. Anyway so for me this is good news this is like wow God You understand our physiology really well because this is you're the one that created us and you understand when I'm in temperate why I you know what happens to me and you're patient and you're teaching me OK this is what you can do to help yourself you know don't because a lot of times what we do when we when we fall and we mess up we're like it's just me I'm different I'm just not cut out for this spiritual stuff you know these are the thoughts that go through our heads and god like no no no you don't get it. This life could be a little easier for you if you just follow these principles I'm not saying you're saved through these principles who saves us alone Jesus Christ but do you think it makes the path a little easier to haul these principles Amen and does so this is another study scientific american It says Think Twice how the guts second brain that's what they're calling it now influences mood and wellbeing they're calling it the second brain listen this it says the second brain informs our state of mind in other more obscure way this well a big part of our emotions are probably influenced by the nerves in our gut butterflies in the stomach signaling the gut has got as part of our physiological stress response. And then here it says although G.I. turmoil can sour one's moods you hear that. Term turmoil can sour one's moods every day emotional wellbeing may rely on the messages from the brain where below to the brain above isn't that interesting so saying if you have a sour stomach it'll influence your mood right it'll sour your mood if you have a G.I. turmoil look at this in councils on diets and foods page one twelve people who have a sour stomach are very often of a what sour disposition everything seems to be contrary to them and they are inclined to be peevish and irritable if we would have peace among ourselves we should give more thought than we do to having a peaceful stomach since we've been looking into these things Chad and I have started to do this we step back and like OK what is your day you know what's causing this and we realize like and we're not trying to you know do away with our you know everyone needs character building right but we realize a distinct difference between how they before and how we feel today so just things to start thinking about two thirds of your immune system is found in your gut so that's another thing that affects you if your gut is not doing well it affects your immune system and how often you get sick. They did a really big study about c section babies now. If your c section baby don't start freaking out you know. Chad my husband is it was a c section maybe so. Where is the proper way to say is I don't know when he was born he was born c section. All right so C. section babies have statistically higher disease rates now remember what we talked about. Bacteria and two thirds of union system is found where in your gut so this study was in the journal Pediatrics and it had two million babies and they were followed. On the over the course of thirty five years so this is a big study what did they find these babies as they grew older had a higher rate of allergies asthma bowel disorders in rheumatism as well as leukemia so. Chad had all these except the leukemia purrs Lord and the rheumatism I mean he wasn't diagnosed but he grew up always having joint pain and he just thought it was a normal part of life that everybody just had joint pain didn't realize that it was a normal part of life to have joint pain all the time so yes he had he had all these symptoms as a C. section baby but praise the Lord he doesn't anymore he doesn't have these things so we'll tell you on how to reverse that So you're seeing a connection here gut bacteria good health good thoughts right the mood is affected by your good gut bacteria it says here the surprisingly between good germs and toddlers tantrums wallow how interesting so what they discovered is that the children who had a greater diversity of good bacteria in their in their guts were better socially they were happier didn't have you know temper tantrums and the ones that had lower levels of good bacteria were into social afraid cried a lot and so now after we've learned this whenever we see you know a little toddlers and they're happy and like that kid has good bacteria. It's like we literally you see it you know it's like night and day so these are these are just profound things and the more and more you start focusing on this and realizing you're like well I get it I see it I am experiencing it so then the question comes if we want a good ratio of good bacteria in our gut what should we do right it's an excellent question what should we do but I'm not going to answer it Chad will. All right I'm so if you wanted a good a ratio of good gut bacteria in your gut what should we do this this next slide here is from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which was headed out by Dr Neal Barnard who's worked in the United States government doing and he did one of his studies he's done you know probably a multiple But one of them was on diabetes reversal comparing a plant based diet to the American Diabetic Association diet a plant based diet is three times better than the American Diabetic Association diet by the way but what if you want to good ratio got bacteria in your gut what do you do so from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is vegan diets lead to healthier intestinal bacteria healthier intestinal bacteria now I want you to think about this just from your from a biblical standpoint the Bible says in Genesis chapter one twenty nine Genesis chapter one twenty nine says And God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meter food right and so think about this with me for a moment in Genesis God put man in a garden it was called the Garden of Eden the word eat in the Hebrew means pleasure so it was the Garden of pleasure so if you were to just guess extrapolate from a biblical understanding what would bring about the most pleasurable it must have to do with something about being in nature it must have to do with a certain kind of food the food that God would have given Adam in the beginning would be the food that would bring about the highest level of pleasure true happiness does that make sense so think about this what we've discovered now is that a plant based diet leads to higher happiness levels we could have simply deduce this from what the Bible actually says. Yes Now what is one of the causative factors that makes this come about what is this now notice here in Genesis not in Genesis actually let me jump ahead one this is from the Bulgarian Journal of plant physiology I'm sure that's another one you read quite often right but in the Bulgarian Journal of plant physiology this is a review and the title of the review is animal neurotransmitter substances are found in what plants animal neurotransmitters What is that to make it kind of in common vernacular we could say chemicals for your brain are found where in plant foods so as you eat plants those plants me help you to get the higher levels of what Newton didn't do nutrition for your brain the chemicals that your brain needs what scientists call neuro transmitters so eating a diversity of plant foods and so as you eat a diversity of them you find a higher benefit now this is interesting we saw that children with less diversity of got bacteria were more what do you remember irritable That's right they're more cranky they were more antisocial Is this true for adults also I found a fascinating study here this is from the study study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a smaller study very fascinating it revealed an imbalance of gut bacteria in some alcoholics What did they discover Now they took sixty alcoholics they discovered the twenty four had lower levels of bacteria in their guts and I'm not gonna let you find out for a moment what happens if you could read ahead and find out so what who OK if twenty four of them had lower levels of divert bacteria within their guts do you think that group would be happier or more troubled with their alcoholism they're more troubled right and that's exactly what we see is after nineteen days alcohol free those with lower levels of bacteria had higher levels of anxious feeling depression and desire for alcohol the thirty nine purchases thirty six participants with better gut flora were doing better they were craving Elka whole less and they felt emotionally more stable so what do we see here this gives us an understanding now let me back up a moment one of the places we find why is it that fruits and vegetables help out with this because each out each banana you each pair or plum or piece of kale or lettuce or what have you each of these has a different bacterial make up on or within that fruit or vegetable so they have bacteria that's actually on them that is beneficial for you and they have a diversity of them but here's the thing the bacteria that's on E. they'll be a different make up of bacteria on the banana than there will be or within the banana then there will be on the Apple or on the spinach each one will have a little bit they'll have some similar but they'll also have some others and if you eat a diversity of them guess what you get. A diversity of bacteria this makes sense so I should i was sharing this with a friend of ours and he's a meth addict he sure goes with methamphetamine which is one of the worst drugs in the world and one of the things he was seeing the science the Bible and what we saw here he said to me you know he said every single true addict has something in common he said they have terrible diets and I know I used to I used to drink myself to sleep at night I used to you know I was a smoker and I couldn't quit I know what it's like and I had Guess what a horrible horrible diet growing up I didn't know any of this stuff in the least likely person I had never had a salad in my entire life when I was in college I don't ever remember one time having lettuce in my entire life by the time I was in college and then it wasn't until I became an Adventist that I began to try these different foods right and you know and so and guess what and guess what I struggled with addiction and guess what after changing the diet guess what happens when we become I say that it's books are it's like almost like a born again experience also now you're born again through the Word of God The Bible says that second Peter chapter one are not first Peter chapter one it tells us that you're born again by the Word of God no question but the reality is God has given us a way to have an experience where it's easier to overcome it doesn't mean I guarantee you still to claim promises trust in Jesus but we find something very powerful here so Elke a whole isn't linked with gut bacteria now so one of the things they're finding is that fruit and vegetables may help combat drug addiction Now here's the thing if if God knew that fruits and vegetables could help addicts why didn't he just tell us guess what he did check this out. This is Constance Knight in foods three eleven in our medical institutions clear instruction should be given in regard to Temperance the patient should be so much shown the evil of intoxicating liquor and the blessing of total abstinence they should be asked to did discard the things that have ruined their health and the place of these things should be supplied with an abundance of fruit oranges lemons prunes peaches in many other varieties can be obtained for the Lord's world is productive if painstaking effort is put forth now we were told this over one hundred years ago if you want to help an alcoholic of you want to help someone who is destroying the body was substances you should tell them to let go of those things and to replace them with an abundance of what fruit is in this very interesting what if we would have actually done what we were told to do how powerful would it have been it wasn't and I actually to tell you the truth I became an admin spot I still felt like an addict even though I stopped drinking I stopped smoking and I stopped doing these but I still felt like I had an addictive personality until my diet was totally changed in totally changed my life and I'm going to share with you this is from a study from the University of Queensland in Australia and the title they give to this is that fruit is a depression buster for women meaning that the more women consumed fruit the last they had depression very interesting and this is also true it's also beneficial for men but this was just a study on a writer I think six five or six thousand women and so they found that fruit more fruit less depression notice this this powerful This is from the Journal of neural psychiatry of clinical neuroscience in the fall of two thousand and ten the title here is depression in fruit treatment depression in fruit treatment and what it says is it talks about people having suicidal depression and so forth and this is research has shown the involvement of Sara Tonin melatonin in trip to fan and depression now what are those different things there we call those neuro transmitters Now what's interesting it goes on to say here you can't really because it's too small is there some high content sources for Saratoga in melatonin and trip defend which provide the body with these substances These include plantations pineapples bananas ski we supply arms tomatoes for Sarah tone and it's not powerful Now notice these foods that are so good for you it doesn't say like you have to go find some like Bitter Root It says peaches plums apricots pineapple this is how many people generally like fruit. Yet most all of us are in lesser eating totally like donuts all the time but if you're eating junk food all the time you might think that fruits just not very good but when you start to let go of those things fruit taste absolutely phenomenal is just amazing right in your taste buds change anyway just in case you're one of the people that don't like fruits or vegetables your taste buds do change that's the good news but what is it what do we see so they say it says it seems that using such food in the daily diet of depressed patients not only could treat the disease but may improve the prognosis of dementia and decrease violent suicide attempts not powerful so we're going to force our is there happiness in fruits and vegetables the answer is yes this is a study here from the British Journal of Health Psychology and the intitled this many apples a day keep the blues away multiple pieces now you think I got to eat several apples every day no it just was showing they just were doing the plan a apple a day keeps the doctor ways they did many apples a day keep the blues away right but this is interesting they also found in a replicated study in the American Journal of Public Health This is why you know compiled a chart here that are just put together the chart here for you this is your level of happiness and this is how many pieces of fruit or vegetables you eat in a day if you use zero you'll be statistically at the lowest level of happiness for today so but if you eat one you get a tiny bit happier if you eat two three four five six seven eight pieces of fruit you can become significantly happier and you know what's fascinating this is fruits or vegetables and you know what they found they found that not only would tell how happy you would be today it foretells how happy you will be. Tomorrow so you get to choose how happy you're going to be tomorrow based upon what you eat today now I know when we get to lunch and breakfast smile like you and I are going to be grabbing every piece of fruit or vegetable on the table right if you don't tell anybody they'll be plenty for you. But you can share with your friends because we believe in sharing the good news right so you can share anyway but now I'm going to share with you a little something different here. About spicy food now. You're not allowed to hate me because of this one OK. And if it if you do hate me after this it may be a cup and maybe prove that you have a good issue so. Now. I found two studies that back up the quotations that I'm going to show you now they're just preliminary So I believe more and more studies will come out to back up what I'm sharing with you but my I have tested this ball share with you first so one study they found was they discovered that they could actually tell a certain aspect of a male character based upon how spicy they like their food so character can be impacted by spicy food isn't that interesting now the another study that I saw was looking at one particular spice and they found that that spice could enhance people's sexuality very interesting very interesting right now I'm going to share with you a couple quotes here this is from Christian Temperance in Bible hygiene page seventeen a similar condition is produced under the irritating influence of fiery spices with the stomach in such a state there is a craving for something more to meet the demands of appetite so you eating some spicy food in the you want something stronger and still stronger Next you will find your songs out on the street learning to smoke what does that have to do with it could it be that spicy food could affect. Character Could it be it says that it is a grievous lesson and makes them deathly sick yet they press the matter through the perseverance that would be praiseworthy in a better cause it says tobacco weakens the brain and paralyzes its fine sensibilities in its use excites us thirst for strong drink in very many cases lays the foundation for the liquor habit now very very interesting here so notice this second quotation is spices that first irritate the tender coating of the stomach but finally destroy the natural sensitiveness of this delicate membrane the blood becomes fevered the animal propensities are a roused while the moral and intellectual powers are weakened and become servants to the baser passion now this is fascinating I'm going to be just totally open and honest with you my wife and I tested this one of the things I appreciate about oh my she just says over and over test it try and try things out see what happens so we did something quite extreme we went with zero spices you know you think you know it's a white guy he doesn't come from a background of eating spicy food you know so so it just makes sense that he would talk about this right you have no idea my background or my family if you saw this past week with my father he eats the spiciest food I mean he will eat me they were having Hubba narrow chips you know and and habanero makes a hell of Pena like child's play like like a celery or something like that you know I mean I come from a family that eats insanely spicy food and I grew up doing such Yeah oh this last quote this quote about eating a spicy food going on from smoking into drinking or whatever this is me this is my lifestyle this is what I came from very very interesting and so as we saw with my wife and I went like two months with zero spices zero just being super super simple food and guess what happened like we said funny is that we came from backgrounds where our parents would would argue and fight and yell and so forth no nothing physical but just just a lot it loud yelling going on and so as we got married we had the same tendencies and so we would argue and and and it was not enjoyable and so as we tested this guess what happened within weeks it didn't take a day so here's the thing you think I don't know it's a difference if I despise the meal that I don't see any difference what we found is you don't notice a difference for several days several days if you if you stop eating it it takes time and as we stop we start becoming calmer nicer more compassionate toward each other more caring and then what happened is two months into it you know things were going great things were going great I was doing evangelistic meeting in Michigan and gun Vytas by some Indians that were coming to our meetings and by the way I like Indian food so I'm not like anti Indian food in the sense that I don't like I enjoy it I've been to India twice in the last fourteen months but as so they invited us out to Indian food I went out to eat and enjoyed the food I thoroughly enjoyed of super spicy and I like that and guess what I didn't notice anything that day. But the next day both body and I became absolute Crum. We were negative we were told I could go on but I had to save time just so you were totally negative and then and then I thought about and then so we stopped eating spicy food and things got better and I can you say well that's one example we have tried it over and over and not even on purpose just because people invite you out or somebody gives you food or you go to India or whatever and as these things happen and the same thing happens with one hundred percent correlation one hundred percent and here's the thing if you come from the background of like the happiest family in the world and your family your parents never argued you're not going to notice the same change that takes place and somebody that doesn't come from a perfect background like I know I have met people who said they told us they said we've never argued in our entire marriage and they're genuinely happy people we've got I know two two couples been advantage me thousands of people and I know two couples that have had this happen you know but off the time I had a No two and there's probably I'm sure there's been others and these are like generational Advena see these people like they've worked out all the sin out of their lives you know and so obviously they still have their own struggles but the reality is those of you who struggle with sin or temptation or pornography or loss or anger and the thing is if you're not married you think oh I don't struggle with anger I'm over that right but if you get married you'll find out you know you think you're a good person until you get married. And then you find out what you're really like and then if you hear I have an eight kids yet if you have kids you found out even more you know who you really are but here's the think she also tells us that nine tenths of the problems in children is their food. I can't I'm going on I got to go forward here so very powerful information here so to be honest if you want to overcome anxiety you know depression begin to change your diet and get especially if you share with pornography get try it Listen man you the Bible says pluck your eye out pluck the spice out and you might find that you actually are able to have a rational thinking you're not just a lost full machine that constantly struggles to keep your eyes away from you know the the stuff you have you actually you're you'll begin to actually have a communion with God that actually helps you to overcome instead of totally incapacitated by your your last of your life or your anger problem or what have you so let's go forward here so something to think about you know one of the reasons of the benefits in depression with the within the gut did you know if you've gone to medical school you're a nurse or what have you gone into nutrition classes you'd be told that you cannot digest fiber and it's true you can't digest fiber but you have something in your gut that does digest fiber and what is it it's actually the bacteria certain bacteria in your gut it actually metabolizes fiber and assay as it works on that fiber and is it digests we could say the fiber you know what happens it gives off a byproduct called short chain fatty acids and as you as it gives you the short chain fatty acids what they do is they help lower inflammation in the body now higher inflammation means higher level of lifestyle diseases and higher inflammation also means higher likelihood of depression right so eating foods here's the thing you could be a vegan by eating beer and donuts yes or no. Yes you could do you know that Oreos are vegan they are and some of your thinking all you shouldn't told me I'm going to bunch of them now right but this is the thing when foods have been refined even if they're even if there are vegan they're still not healthy anybody see the documentary but it's vegan anybody seen that go look it up it's free online but it's being it. Was that we mar these students they actually tested it they had half the kids they were all the good they all tried being vegan and half of them ate vegan junk food and the other half ate a whole food diet meaning foods on refined and their blood work didn't seem to be very different but what they discovered was that the ones who were eating the the junk food vegan meaning all the refined junk foods the white bread the white rice the white this or the refined junk the sugar in this and that they ended up there their emotional state they began to get depressed they began to do their they just struggled mentally and emotionally and even spiritually It was sorry it was harder to be spiritual in the midst of all of this so the closer we get to whole foods we get that short chain fatty acids that we get from the good bacteria that is able to digest fiber that's one aspect so for a dyspeptic stomach what is that with the dyspeptic dyspepsia is of or having in the gesture in or consequent irritability or depression what does she tell us and counsels Niamh foods for a dyspeptic stomach you may place upon your tables fruits of different kinds but not too many not too many kinds at one meal so if you struggle you may think I don't have any stomach pain it I don't I don't think mine's a stomach issue my depression mine's ID my anger my loss I don't I don't feel any pain I don't either I don't feel any pain with all the emotional issues just simple you know reaction to things she said it would be well for us to do less cooking and eat more fruit in its natural state let us eat freely a fresh grapes outpolls peaches oranges Black Berries and all other kinds of fruit which can be obtained not interesting maybe we need to be a little more raw and I mean I'm not completely raw by any stretch of imagination but the more you eat many times the better you feel so more is better having some cooked food you you know your grains you want them to be well cooked you want well cooked grains you or beans you want well cooked beans also there's actually there's something called lecterns that or that can actually be poisonous in a bean if you don't cook it but once you cook it you can kill off the lecterns and then the beans are one of the best foods you can eat also but you want them to be cooked if you can eat them so I'm going to share with you a personal experience. Bonnie and I and a friend of ours Nathaniel moved to the country of Iceland in did missionary work for a year and as we were there we all got stomach trouble all three of us funny and I lost like thirty pounds Nathanial he was overweight when he got there and by the time we left he looked phenomenal so. It worked well for him it did not work well for me I can tell you that I was just I mean I'm a skinny guy and so like if you're not I mean I was I was a bit I was bigger than this when we got there but I ended up becoming skinny and so but what I also for the very first time expects perience to a seasonal depression Now granted I'm sure there's malt It's multi-factorial that it was dark it's rough you know the weather is rough in summer and surely that but I come from Michigan to Michigan is colder in the winter than Iceland even and so but long story short so what we had this got trouble experienced seasonal depression for the first time but I had the stomach trouble for two years one year in Iceland and one year back in the United States of two full years but it never really totally went away after that and so every year after that even when I was traveling in America even in sunny California I would still struggle with the depression and then what happened is after eight years of it I got bit by a tick and then a doctor friend of mine said he wanted to write you a prescription for an antibiotic just to be safe you ought to take some of the antibiotic so I did that and then I went into depression a year round two years in a row I was bit by ticks and so two years ago took antibiotics now what I didn't know then I do know now is that a study was done on antibiotics and what they discovered is that for every round of antibiotics you take it increases your chances of depression by about twenty five percent in for every two to five rounds of antibiotics you take increases your chances of depression by about fifty percent now just think of what you've just learned why would it be that anti by ya dicks might cause depression. What do they kill. Do they just pick one bacteria to kill No it's like a shotgun they just randomly shoot and kill and so you're going to have less diversity of gut bacteria after you take anti biotics you follow and so I'm not telling you what you should and should not do but it's something to think about whereas people pop them like you know Candy every time they have a little sniffle if you want to do that that's your choice completely but the reality is is people have lived for thousands of years without antibiotics and for every little sniffle they got they did not take it and so there may be a place if you have a very serious issue and you can take it at any time I'm not judging anybody but if you struggle with depression it's something to really really consider something to really consider so struggling with depression so two years solid at the end ten years total eight years kind of off and on and then two years nonstop and as I was going through this I was reading my Bible every day having devotions every day I would sometimes go out in nature and spend like three hours just seeking God with all my heart trying to make my heart right with the Lord calling up people giving thousands of dollars back to try to fix problems of the past I mean doing anything I can really seeking God to try to Meaning think it was just in a religious issue you know so I was just seeking and seeing calling people up apologizing confessing my sins Nothing made any difference nothing but I was still seeking God I was also following the health message I was a vegan I was running all the time I was riding bikes I was exercising I was lifting weights or doing pushups and exercising all the time I was following the laws of health the want to times that I would probably slip on the most was by sleeping on time but in general I was following the laws of health and yet I was still depressed seeking gob but I didn't give up and I know that it would have been so much worse if I didn't do all those things right I probably you know I hear of people I was still producing documentaries of still traveling the world I was still speaking to people preaching still traveling but I was depressed and but I was trying to make my heart right with the Lord to really really struggling with us but I continue to go for I really believe the rest of the health message Help me to just continue to go on because physically I was in good shape but I just felt. Terrible as far as depression one but I continue to go forward and then I saw something I saw actually for the first time I heard a quotation that I'd never heard before and it's from twenty one manuscript releases page two eighty six and it says this We are coming to the time when recipes for cooking will not be needed for God's people will soon learn that the food God gave Adam in his sinless state is the best for keeping the body in a sinless state that I thought Whoa that's a strange quote the food God gave who Adam in his sinless state is the best for keeping the body innocent mistake and listen if you would have told me to stand on my head for two hours a day to get rid of the depression I would have tried it you know whatever it would have taken I would try to I was I was doing everything I didn't do the drugs because it just I don't want to do is right if somebody else wants to that's fine I'm not judging anybody but I just chose not to do that and so I mean I tried supplement after supplement nothing nothing really did anything substantial at all for me and so when I saw the quotations like yeah I'll give it a try It was mid December mid December so the worst time of year if you struggle with seasonal depression right and so mid December right on the fifteenth of December I saw that quotation I decided to do something extreme and I'm going to give you something less extreme to do for yourself but I'm an extreme kind of guy and so what I did was I began to eat just fruit for two weeks and I don't suggest you eat just fruit for two weeks but I did it because a you know I was depressed for years and you know I just want to try anything so I began to just eat fruit for two weeks and I don't believe you should just eat fruit by the way I'm just sharing you with you what I did but for two weeks I just threw in by January first I was literally like it was Gin I think I think it was right about exactly Jr first or met him in like two or three days before that but it's right about there so within two weeks. Their pressure began to go away for the first time in two years because members nonstop for two years and before that it was off and on but for two years nonstop for the first time in two years I could choose where I focused my thoughts I was claiming promises I was doing all this but just constantly oppressive depressing thoughts guilty thoughts and so I was going through this over and over and over trying to you know make my heart right with God every morning waking up the very first thought would just be guilty you know every single day but there I am at the beginning of January and for the first time I can actually control my thoughts and I know if I didn't say anything about it because I maybe just a fluke you know but it continued to get better and better and better and I'm going to share with you something notice how she tells us to reset the stomach this counsels and I'm foods one eighty nine in many cases of sickness the very best remedy is to for the patient to fast for a meal or two not a week or to a meal or two that the overworked organs of digestion may have an opportunity to rest and then what should you do a fruit diet for a few days has often brought great relief to brain workers and I'm a brain work I you know do make films and I'm studying these kind of things many times a short period of entire abstinence from food followed by simple moderate eating has led led to recovery through nature's own recuperative effort and abstemious diet for a month or two a simple diet for a month or two would convince many sufferers that the path of self-denial is the path to health not cool we're told exactly how to do it so here's some things to balance or gut number one she says to fast for a meal or two so that it could be maybe taking a day off for or just a meal if you can do it and if your type one diabetic you need you need to do things a little bit differently so this is just for general public is relatively healthy so you fast for a meal or two number to eat more whole fruits now I caution this but it's not really or much of a real caution for so begin to eat she says for a few days now how many days are a few I don't know yet maybe three to four I don't know a few is a few you know it's just tell us exactly how many maybe you know I did two weeks that was longer than most people probably should do I don't act actually don't most people just can't handle it but like I said you know the most people and so I don't think I really don't think most people should do that I think very few people should do that and so eat more whole foods you say what about diabetics this is a study by the British British Medical Journal it showed that for the more fruit you eat actually lower fruit actually lowers your chances of diabetes a study of one hundred thousand people strawberries lower it oranges peaches plums apricots lower your chances of diabetes grapefruit and bananas even more apples and pears prunes which are dried plums lower so dried fruit can actually sometimes be better for a diabetic than even fresh fruit fascinating and L.-Y. told us you can eat more fruit dried fruit than is customary with the best results to health what is The Science Show exactly what you said so you got you know they lowered but so you can eat more whole fruits eat more whole foods for a few days you can choose however long that is for yourself and number three eat more whole grains she talks about bread and fruit in these kind of things and you want to eat them whole as much as possible if your stomach can handle that eat more whole grains hope that could be whole wheat bread could be or meal as par for breakfast here and other well cooked grains well cooked is the you know you want to make sure to do that with with grains the next one eat more whole vegetables whole doesn't necessarily mean. All meaning if you eat like a sweet potato it's cooked that's a whole food broccoli you could eat a raw or you could eat it cooked it's still a whole food but like a beet most sugar in America is made out of beets so but you don't want sugar beet you want you don't want sugar from a beet you want to be right you can still cook it that's a whole food and so eat more whole vegetables in avoid spicy food and she didn't have in this quote but also eating a handful of nuts a day can be very beneficial and if you go totally vegan from time to time you want to take a B twelve supplement but when people first go away from meat they may notice a lack of energy when they let go of me so you know your energy will go down people think this isn't for me I can't do this you get weak on this actually then you'll find you get more energy a little while after it's just like you go on a withdrawal from the meat and then your body starts feeling like a champ when you move to a Whole Foods not a junk food vegan diet if you like junk on a junk food you can diet but when you feel when you're eating whole foods you begin to feel fantastic so some of things some of things that we're going to look at are a vision of what could be not bet one of the most amazing things in the world you've never heard is that Adventists were doing these things would have changed the world we're going to look at something that happened where Adventists were changing the world you probably never heard about it and then it got cut off and it disappeared and nobody ever heard about it was changing them it was actually changing the world of criminality through the gut brain connection we're going talk about then the last with the most powerful some of us powerful stuff you've ever heard in your life in the last message the fifth message we talk about a vision of what could be and so what you say Well Chad what about you know people are saying if you're getting into the brain stuff you must want to eat a bunch of fermented foods because they are bacteria What about that we're going to talk about that later on to we don't have time here in this one you know if I talked about the board meetings where on time for this let me see if I am sorry OK I we're going to leave it at that but I want to share with you one thing what it ended up doing the last the slide. OK here it is check this out check this out sorry and then I'm finished I'm going to finish with this these are the things that changed in my life when I began to eat this way it got rid of my achy joints I used to have migraines regularly the migraines are gone when I went on a whole food diet totally Whole Foods no oil no no nothing refined I'm not saying you have to do it I'm just telling you what help for me it got rid of my hypoglycemia it got rid of my depression lack of energy have tons of energy now it got rid of what seemed to be a gallbladder issue asthma and allergies a governor of all of these things in my life but that's going whole on a plant based I am not saying you have to but I'm giving you now if you are eating meat yesterday and you say I can't go right into this well you know an additional piece of fruit today an additional vessel will make big make progress now some of you may say hey I'm the kind of person I like to go I'll give it a try you could make real progress you could dive right in but make progress and you'll find a spiritual benefit the physical bend and fit in the mental for the benefit and lower levels of depression anxiety lost and so forth but we're going to close with a prayer before we go into arced we're going to take a little break before we do our message our next message is more information not just the got brain connection other issues on reversing depression and we were given these things prophetically in the past but let's close a prayer Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your laugh that you told us all of this before any of the scientists figured it out in the last fifteen years you just told us you just set it straight in and Father thank You that you established these things and we reviewed changing the world with these things and Lord I pray that we'd be able to do it again I pray that we would be a part of it that you reverse depression anxiety anger last that you help us to cling to your promises find power through you and through your word that we would begin to love your word in love our savior in a way that we never have before we're not saved by what we eat but we can be transformed we can actually have a clear mind so that it makes us easier to makes it easier to follow your word draw each one of us nearer to you Lord in Jesus name Amen aren't just several minutes we're going to start our second message on the science of depression and prophecy. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona she wants to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ entered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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