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3. One With God's Purpose

Pavel Goia


Pavel Goia

Pastor of the Lexington, KY Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Weinstein Well org. Let's take two questions and then we start quick two questions one on two hands are no questions good. No one. Good. Or after you pay fifteen minutes you run out of things to say what do you say misconceptions in our hobby to our prayer group prayer we think that Brady is about talking you pray means you say prayer you cannot hear yet now you have prayed for the power. And. Prayer. Let's see. Prayer it's a dialogue. Number one number two is still within the first misconception that's point A and then we go to Point B. point a number one prayer it's a dialogue Number two is the breath of the number three is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend now when we pray because we bade the same thing every day worry finish what we usually say we are out of Fords if I would do that to my wife and say the same orders every day. I should not be very happy I need the whole day. But if you talk to God and listen I hate to say but this is not he is or he is or heard or what they were problem we all suffer off routine prayers. We all I catch myself often doing that we all suffer of that but if prayer instead of being. The same prayer kind of the same ideas the same orders the same request every day if prayer becomes the opening of the heart or you have an open honest relevant discussion and you express all your feelings and thoughts sometimes we try to protect God from our feelings that doesn't make any sense God doesn't need protection and God knows your feelings. You need to be open and honest See job or job tell his God how he feels and the words our respect for but not very nice you remember chorus be the day when I was born you remember. Why do you do that to me he expressed how he felt prayer when you express for your feelings if you are open and honest and talk to God about what you go to about how you feel however you don't spend a lot of time to focus on the negatives but then you say OK this is what I am I'm seeking you and your speech to focusing on God is that of focusing on feelings then prayer becomes real but you just need to have an open honest conversation I don't remember anybody that has a good friendship that to tell dear friend always the same thing they have a phrase discussion and they talk about anything and everything and they can turn the whole night so number one prayer should be that way number two I said prayer is a dialogue when you pray if you although listen not only tuck it changes a little the picture why. Think about it we never listen in society and in prayer people talk to you you talk to them and meanwhile instead of being listening they are either thinking somewhere or thinking how to answer and before you finally to the they start to answer and they have no clue what you go through because people don't really listen and make sure that they got what you said regardless if you are right or wrong they try to tell you what they think. It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong they first need to understand where you are what you go to make sure that they got the question or the statement and then given or pinion or try to help or are they say hey I I feel for you or pray for you let's pray together people never listen we don't know how to listen we always thought that the brain is a dialogue all over the Bible from revelation from Genesis to Revelation God again and again I have four pages of Bible verses and then I had about ten pages of paragraphs in my briefcase where he talks about listening to God hearing his voice understanding his will knowing his plan listening in the morning he of the five he awakes what my ear not my mouth he awaits my ear to listen as a disciple listens wondering do that. And then people jump from the attack attack attack attack extreme to the Oriental meditation stupidity. I'm sorry. If you focus on the media like you must be crazy I don't haver me that I. If you focus on nothing and into your brain you brainwash yourself and you can be hypnotized and anybody can do whatever to you got called you to think not to end your brain God gave your brain you did the Bible talks about meditation day and night I made a date but it give you the object of the meditation doesn't see a nothing I mean they it says they are night I meditate upon your love your world Ellen might say this contemplate deflect to meditate on God He is law he is warrant his sacrifice His last week of life you remember there are plenty of paragraphs. There are plenty I have several is me God gives you the object of your meditation you feel sure it's not on nothing but on God when you do that got stuck to you too we don't even know how that happens but it is in the Bible God Dr Abraham got Dr Josep got Dr Daniel got up to Moses got back to always but it never happens to us why did God change. Or you don't know how to pray God wants to tell you what to do when do you listen and that's number two or number three and I'm going to tell you how to listen number three if I don't forget number three. When you pray because we have hootin prayers we get used to the prayers and our mind doesn't focus on goes crazy thinking about soccer or food or a job or nothing but if you realize who you are talking with that you go in the presence of the most high you cannot think different directions and you cannot think about you anymore everyone in the Bible before the break they tell themselves who they are attacking with and they say Lord you are the God of the universe you are the creator you spread the sea before us you gave us food in the wilderness you and they go on anon not reminding God because he has a short memory who he is but the mind in themselves who they go into his presence who they are addressing Do you follow me. You need to make sure that you realize that you go into God's presence in the most high where the engines cover themselves and they sing day and night holy holy holy and you need to realize you go into his presence the most high the most holy and then you don't talk nonsense you are afraid you think about what you say you follow me. They go into God's presence the all collapse Easy Care Daniella John they all drop down and get blind and have no power and they have to be touched so they are able to walk again we go into God's presence and we are justified that tells me that we don't go into God's presence do you follow me. Why one of the problems although we go in hurry and then White says Hurry is the greatest enemy of spiritual growth you cannot go in God's presence unheard Ethan or fence she says when you go sit time aside and spend time don't go in the most holy place rush out before you get to hear God before you get to understand before he can call you can connect with him before you listen and she says we miss the growth and the blessings because we hurry set time aside to spend with God quality time if you want quality relationship OK Now that was all a let's go to be when you talk about what do you say because we pray Jenny we can pray yes we run out of wards Lord be with the poor will be with the gospel be with my family him and help us and bless us and that amen prayer when he says that we should pray with Soupy cation does the English word the Greek word is different and it's translated literally specifically we should pray specifically not generic That means that you don't say Lord be with the poor but you take somebody by name and say Lord my neighbor John lost his job or his wife is in hospital and you start talking specifically you don't say Lord be with my kids today you see Lord my kids have an exam they need to drive to school they need to you are specific. You don't ask forgiveness or forgive my sins does baloney your specific Lord I criticised or judge somebody please forgive me and change me you don't say thank you for everything and for all the blessings there's nothing you say Lord I was disparate I cannot find my wallet I left for more months and I had the wallet when I went there and I don't have it when I got home and you are very specific you don't play genetic prayers you don't pray about people made the gospel be preached but you take this name and labor and take that name and labor and a dozen names you follow me when you do that trust me if you have only a list of fifteen people and you labor over each one is they or your kids is going to take you two hours the least just try to spend time with each item specifically and that's another problem we say we want prayer in our life but when we hear that we say no and that takes too long because we are not committed yet to prayer when you are committed and you are specific. Prayer takes time regardless if you like it or not if you want to make a short term you cannot because if you go in detail over each subject and each person in each name and everyone that is poor and if you neighbor and if you are in the family and everyone in the church trust me then when somebody gives you another name on the list you say man you can add another fifteen minutes and Main. Then when you say that you killed four people and left people and just maybe with John you really don't care because if you will son had a car accident and he was dying you are not sick you would my son in hospital and then move to the next day you would pray towards over your son the least do follow me and so when you are specific a labor over the name that's when you care because you invest time and energy in that name you start putting your soul into their name and you start caring and that's how you start loving people you invest in them and that's how you invest you first invest time in prayer and labor with God and see please I'm not going to let you go before you work for that person and that takes time so then prayer doesn't take fifteen minutes do you understand. Does the prayer that gives results. How would God care for your prayer if you don't care for your prayer. And so. I think I give you more than you bargained for. But honest question honest answer honestly we all suffer on that because it's easy to do duty prayer and feel good that we did the prayer and the study and move on and still focus on our life to do real prayer means that you wake up at five or four earth or three and you spend time with God and ask him what to pray for and then you go one by one specifically you stay focused and you realize that you talk to God and all of this stuff takes time that gets that gets answers there was another hint here someone OK. How do you make God your priority Oh. We should first really you may want to love God but we don't have it in us our nature it's selfish we don't love God and we don't love people and we tell ourselves that we do to lie ourselves or eat honestly think we do and we have no clue how we are but when you go in God's presence you cannot change yourself you don't have the power it takes a creation miracle to change the nature to change the heart you can control a little not your external behavior but have no power to change your heart it takes a creation miracle to die and be born again though you are old you follow me so when you go to God and you say Lord please make me a new and then you say Lord help me to love you love people. When you do that does not a one time prayer that's a lifetime prayer and so if you do it and you see no answers and you quit you will never get there but if you keep doing it every day first and secondly if you ask God help me know you seek God search for God first for God say Lord pull me the passion to know you want to love you help me desire you the more you prayed that prayer the closer you get to God The promise is in Jeremiah twenty nine if you seek me with all your heart I will let myself be found the promising James Fife if you draw near to me I will draw near to you. And in white explains that that's a process she says the more we seek Him The closer we get to him and then in a different paragraph he says the closer we get to him and see how he is we realize how we are compared to him and then she says those that get close to him see themselves the greater seen us they become humble and they feel a gift but at need of God So if you don't feel that disparate means and feel that you are the greatest sinner it means that you are not close to God because when you are close to him does the way you see yourself and so the more you pray the more he answers the more he answers the more you know him the more you know him and understand how he works understand that you see and and then you prayed and then you see him again and then you prayed and then he knows that you will do it again tomorrow and never the less he answered you say whoa if you trust me I would strike you out kill him when you understand how patient and how forgiving and how gracious and how he works and how wise and how merciful and how the more you understand the more you are in shock and the more you love him and the more your eyes how selfish and how bad you are the more you do that. The more you love God and love people and you don't know but two five ten years down the road you look back and you realize and yet there surround you that you are not the same so this is a process it takes time of seeking God every day asking God to help you know him that's the priority that's what Moses did I want to see you I want to know you tell me who you are that's what David said I want to be with you I want to understand you always it says David said his heart to seek the Lord and He says David set his heart to seek a know the Lord Kenya Worley the translation basically that was the goal the reason the direction of his life I'm going to keep seeking you as long as I live and I want to know you more and more you cannot know the infinite you cannot understand the love of God because you through passes any human understanding but nevertheless it says and to know the depth and the heights and if you remember of the love of God The suit passes how can you know something that cannot be known you keep seeking and getting closer and closer and closer and closer to the point that you become one with God My father used to pray you have heard the stories in my sermon some of you day and night and it was a train apartment from my sister's bedroom you'd go to my bedroom and then you'd go to my parents' bedroom and then you'd go to the living room and then you go to the kitchen and because I eat often That's ten pm I would go to everybody's room to get to the kitchen it's two am I would go to everybody's room to go to the kitchen and I just had to eat you keep eating unless I die I need to eat you know and so. Then two AM five AM everybody has known my father was praying I said Why do you pay so long I want to know him after so much Brady don't know him he says the more I prayed the more I realized that I don't know him. And I said OK And after you know him he said you never get to know him then why do you pray what I will pay for you I said I don't need so much prayer he says you see. That means that you do need it. And I like water I would I'm going to build my house in heaven on water. And my mom would put when you toss hot summer a little. Pool in front of the house and I would get there and I would get in the water and feel good and every once you know it was like one hundred fifteen if you want you know while my heart my head got hot so I'll get my head under the water and get refreshed and then get up again so my father says to me Do you remember how you get under the water to be fresh to I said Yes What do you what do you want to say he said Well where was the water I said in the pool NO NO NO related to you I said all around me he says well before you get Jesus all around you you'll never know Jesus he says I pray until he is above and under a new front and in back and left and right around with me and I am immersed in him and I just forget me and I am he finished that's how you get to know God you spend more and more and more time not asking a quick prayer but trying to know him and asking him why David he said his mind to seek to know the Lord and he says a day in your house has better than a thousand he had a passion for God He says when I am with you I don't need food I don't need water in a dry land I don't even need water in the wilderness in the desert it's hot I'm crazy only sand I don't need water it's all I need you know. That's how you know God when you do that we don't have any we thought any zero human effort to change you or your behavior you are changed God's presence sanctifies the place. God's presence sanctifies that dirty sand take your shoes off because this ground is holy that's presence seventy five the sanctuary when God came they had to go out to remember God's presence sanctifies the Sabbath some of his twenty four hours I can the other day but God's presence makes it holy that's present sanctify Hugh when you do that tell him why it says in the sound of a just as we contemplate God he scared after his love his sacrifice by contemplating by beholding she says we are transformed into His image we die with knowing we tell human effort change doesn't happen when you do it change happens by spending time in God's presence we tell doing or knowing it just happens because he is there and so that's how you get to know God and to spend time with him OK We have two questions no more yes a start. And now it's out. And so. I was talking to a guy and. I gave a prayer seminar and he lived in two in Italy and then he called me over the former he said I prayed and nothing happened and I said to him you pray to happen started stopping to happen to know it wasn't just like that over he said because he called me like next day or he says still nothing happened and they paid the way you said. I said you don't listen why do you want it to happen or do you pray for answers or you pray for relationship what I pray for the nation should but he didn't happen I said How do you know that means that you still monitor results. That morning in God. Let him work in his time his way you don't understand his waste stop trying to understand God unless you are God you will never understand God focus on prayer focus on knowing him when he does it how he does it you'll never understand. You don't understand how wind works how you know it's hard to understand a little about our body and a little about Universe Moreover understand God and so I said stop morning what happened when when God wants you to know something Hulett you know don't worry he's more civil just keep focusing on knowing God he said so I said you'll get depressed if nothing happens you'll get discouraged and see them want you to be discouraged stop looking for answers stop looking for bracing stop looking for meet a close look for Jesus we do for the blessing is the door looking for the blessing. And so he said How do you know that I said again you know for methods look for the one who makes them at odds. Just spend time with him spend time with his ward and they told him a little how to pray how to study well he called me like a month later two months later and I just hated him because he kept calling. When you get one hundred phone calls and about seventy minutes a day that you don't you would have time to read them more over two answers to answer some people talk for ever and say nothing and you don't even know what they want to say it's just they feel the need to talk to somebody and they just found me and on so it's just I said just just see what you want oh just wait wait and they keep going and going and just. And so I told him I said again OK why do you want it well. I paid them God didn't talk I said God doesn't talk when you tell him to talk he talk say whatever he wants. Don't go for talk just keep praying. Make it the breath of the soul well how long do you see God or your life you will never get to know Him in Heaven you will continue to see him you see him face to face and you will not fully understand him to understand that you must be God You cannot fully understand the infinite as long as you are finite you know and so I told him Just keep learning go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. He says that never ends I said finally somebody listens. He says well that takes commitment yes. He said. I don't know if I I don't know if I can after two months I don't know if I can do that then don't call me. He says I'm going to try to praise the Lord he finally got it. You preached two years to somebody and they still do the same routine. He called me about two months later all together about four months or more or less he says you know he started to happen. I said OK God started to leave me and they started to distinguish his voice among the voices in my head and everybody around since the time crazy dies the way brother now we die. Because the wisdom of the Gospel is fortunate for the Greeks and the Hebrews they are looking either for science or for miracles none of them forty later everybody wants something and he says it started to happen I said please don't know and another one good and then I said OK Anything he says no just daily small steps that's how he starts God is not going to give you something to be that you cannot handle but keep doing it he's teaching you know growing your faith he said OK He called me another two three months later he says God talk to me I hate you I said why God asked me to give up my business he says how am I going to live I said Did I tell you to give up your business. I said God told you you can hate God not me. I cannot hate God but you gave me a well no but I just cannot stand it I said you cannot stand God No I said hey be honest with yourself God told you to quit your business and you cannot stand what to do what God says basically is too much for you he said Yep well tell God Lord this is too much for me can I show you care. God knows it anyway. Yeah you go in the bottom of the ocean and hide. That's forty years. I said talk to him about it he says You mean it's just talk to him about everything that's prayer brother. Is not when you say the formula he says are hard OK He called me again he says you know he will not give me peace before I give up everything but he didn't tell me to be a pastor I said Praise the Lord. You're not everybody can sing in the choir even the dogs are going to bark and run if everybody sees in the choir not everybody can fix computers not everybody can be a mechanic they rake a mess God gave you a gift you use it he called me again if anybody would call me so many times I would kill him and I said it was no God told me to go to Ukraine it was during the war at the beginning of the war in Ukraine to go to Ukraine and deliver help clothing and food and for people that don't have a house anymore and then got only after that to build or an orphanage in this country and then to build a nursing home for the elderly in this country and to do this and that and he says God keeps telling me doing big stuff or he says I'm small. I said Brother when you go to God with a plan and does God for a blessing you will never get into regardless how good the plan may seem to be when God gives you the plan you don't need to worry about resources he will give them to you more than you can handle but always in the last moment so I said don't worry about it. He says OK OK I take your word for it I said Now don't take my word take the Bible. And so he said I go to Ukraine he told the church God inspired me to go to Ukraine somehow forward with help and junk you know people have their garage and their attic and their basement full of junk that they never use they have five years since they moved and they still didn't open the boxes you know. And they keep buying but they never use it because they are addicted they buy stuff that they cannot use give it away if you didn't use it for one year you don't need to give it away now I cannot. And so people bought stuff got to impress them and they brought stuff and he filled three eighteen wheelers can you imagine how much stuff from one church three eighteen wheelers imagine how nice the homes looked after cleaning the house. Eighteen wheelers he talked to two of the family six people all together drove three eighteen leaders two days and two nights from Italy to the border to Ukraine they got to the border they wanted to cross the border to give the stuff to a church that would give it to the people in the war where were the captain of the border said you're not allowed you can have two suitcases per person everything else you paid two euros per kilogram imagine those T. eighteen wheelers how much they weigh you baby that's around almost three dollars to around two eight you are close to three dollars per kilogram you pay a treasure. He says please let me go please the law is law you cannot go he calls me from the border with Ukraine and he says I care a God told me to go and now they don't let me go so what should I do said Did I say NEW DAY. Now then go to prayer I did I said No you obviously didn't because if you did you'd be in prayer right now if you call me it means you prayed a short prayer. How low should I pray and you get an answer you don't you know to look for answers. I think about God told a lie just to pray for rain therefore he paid and even came you should know before and source when you decide what to pray for when God tells you what to pray for then you keep praying if. You confuse your plan with God's plus stop praying for your plan keep praying for God's plan or are you never told me that. He prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and then no answer so he devised an answer he put a one hundred euro bill in the passports he went to the captain of the customs he said chilled my passport the guy checked it he says I would love to take it that's two months my salary however I'm not going to take it I can lose my freedom and if you try again you lose your freedom. He said no is no get away he called me I did try to bribe him. And he doesn't work I said why would you do that they've got to tell you to do that no. And I said stop helping God stop thinking low about God because when you help God You see that he is incompetent and incapable. Said keep praying and what if God doesn't say anything go home. Well God sent me here yes. So many stories in the Bible are God send them and then he did contrary to his plan because when you follow God the road to fulfillment always in the Bible goes in the wrong direction according to the human wisdom I'm going to put you over your brothers now God put him in prison for SED Do you understand when God works before he can use you he has to break you until you are nothing when you are collapsed or nothing then he can use you and that's part is the part of that we don't like. And so I told him if he doesn't tell you what to do next you go home and you keep praying you don't give up. He prayed and prayed and prayed he got discouraged and they left the three leaders in the storage rooms they unloaded rented three stories will and they went home without an answer they went home and they called the local pastor from Ukraine this is the combination of the lack Go on get your stuff the pastor took six retired people because they had a little more time plus the pastor of seven each one two suitcases that's fourteen they crossed the border went to the stories room filled fourteen should cases cross the border again next day cross the border forty three cases cross the border again the next day fourteen should cases cross the border again the the captain at the Customs says you are crazy three eighteen wheelers is going to take you for ever. How much money do you make with that stuff and the pastor says we don't sell it then what do you do with it we give it to the poor for nothing nobody does that everybody once everybody has an agenda strings there is nothing for free you want to get something from them is no no no no no we want to be like Jesus we don't want anything from them we just want to love them nanana you want to make them come to your church and he said that's tempting but no Jesus healed all ten and only one came back nevertheless he loved them enough to heal them we love them enough to help them and the captain of the customs looked to him and said Nobody loves anybody that way I wish that was real and the pastor said that's what we do and that's what we pray for day and night to love people more than we love self to the point that we forget our needs he says I do I do nothing from this I keep giving it away and there is not enough help as many people as I have to help. And the captain said I wish that was surreal. And the pastor started to tell him this is how Jesus works he has most young people that don't deserve it he gives them sunshine and blessings he answers to the prayer when he knows the deal seen against him and he went on and on and the captain says that's better than the religion my parents told me it was all a bunch of forms I was not allowed to do anything everything was wrong they understand. And they kept the pastor keep telling him about a real Christ focused religion and the guy says then explain what happens to people when they die so the Captain gave him a Bible study on this date of the dead next day when they cross the border the fourteenth should cases the captain said how it's going to be the second coming and when when do we need to start preparing so the pastor gave him a Bible study on the Second Coming next day another three soldiers from the customs joined the next day another seven or together eleven plans they kept until soldiers during the two three months period of fourteen suitcases a day. They went to all twenty eight Bible studies. A day end of the two months the captain said you don't need to take two suitcases bring trucks take everything now I am one of you. Eleven out of twelve got baptized the Pastore called Funny in hope I told his they called the guy in Italy. The guy in Italy and he called me crying I thought God didn't answer my prayer I was looking for a momentary and for but God's hands were better than I prayed not only that they got the help but they got baptized if God allowed me to cross the border do not have been baptized and then he built an orphanage and then he built a nursing home if you knew how he got the money for the orphanage I mean he went there to the hotel and paid six days a signal and in the seven day an architect came and gave him the blueprints knocked in the hotel door when he had the blueprints somebody from former Yugoslavia came said My business is prospering God inspired me to give you two point five million euros. Such. Yep it's can you believe that I cannot go in details because I didn't trust permission but listen. But but but listen. What if we spent more time with God to get to know him. Can you imagine what would happen with us in our lives with our families in our churches in our neighborhoods in our cities if we had earlier power religion can even grasp it because it's beyond our human understanding when you pray for something and God which put the sun ten hours back speech the see when you read the dead can you grasp it. Well stories we need to go to a sermon but. Only five minutes no time for so much. Less take one more question. Do you have questions folks is so good if I say I slept for one hour or I could see what a blessing you again OK. I'm kidding. Oh no as he asked about my book is called One miracle after another I don't have it I don't have it and I don't save it I have to buy my own book myself if I wanted. That's a good question so about my book A.B.C. stores or Amazon hear about listening that's a tough one it takes about one hour and a half two hours to answer that's a tough one because how do you make sure that it is God's voice. Because there are voices can be your voice you ate too much pizza last night. Can be Satan's voice and can be God's voice or can be somebodies voice the put it in your head like you listen to a song too many times and then you cannot get it out of your head it keeps repeating you know so how do you make sure if you listen to God's voice and how do you literally listen so first the Bible says that we should listen. Real friendship is based on real communication real communication happens both ways when somebody only talks and never listens that's not a friend Secondly in the Bible all over the Bible God wants to talk he communicates with his children his sheep know his voice number three and God says that God says that in fact in some he says in the morning I lay my requests before you and then I wait in expectation but he says I listen in expectation you are supposed to wait before the Lord and to listen anyway so. How do you listen listening is not as people think emptying your brain focusing more nothing that's stupid meditation here meditation is when you focus on God focus on his world not into yourself but fear your if you end yourself some strange spirits are going to come there about I don't know how many of them you feel yourself with God There is no more room to put something in bubbles over you don't enjoy yourself OK. God and His word how do you listen number one you need and by the way Illinois says God doesn't need to be informed our prayers she says quote are not to inform God he knows better than we know in fact he can tell you more about your problem then you know about your own problems because God sees the big picture sees the past and the future God knows he doesn't need to be informed and so our prayers when you tell God you don't don't tell God to inforce him but you tell him to give him permission to work now how do you listen. Number one we should never heard when we pray the critic there is no time to listen God may impress you somehow got me number two Daunte look for a voice because God doesn't talk then necessarily he heard you and he will answer when the time comes the problem is not even God doesn't talk the problem if you don't keep listening you listen only now instead of continuing You need to remain in God's presence to walk in a heavenly atmosphere to be in this world but not of this world to be a heaven citizen why you live here you need to live in heaven do follow me you cannot live in heaven when Jesus comes unless you learn to live in heaven now you need to live in heaven now to the point the Q. are keen you are commune with God The Spirit of Prophecy says in the book prayed in the very last chapter that we need to be in Kenya were connection in communion with God never separate we taught him we are nothing when he separate we are nothing John fifteen we need to be connected continually to divine do following and so number two you stay in a corner or connection continually listening because he may talk now or he may talk two hours or two days later whenever he talks if you didn't listen you lose it but if you keep listening when the voice is some will say Here I am do you follow me. Number three you don't do listening just by being quiet you do listening by studying the word prayer and the Bible study go together is so clear it's so clear day and night I meditate upon. It is so clear in my it says prayer and Bible study can not she says can not be separated we make prayer prayer and Bible study by we study they cannot because when you talk God Nice to answer so you need his word because most of the time God got us through many ways got us to Providence got talks to people got touched through a voice got touched to dreams through visions but God mostly talks to his want does these and didn't ever happen to you that when you pray and then study God answers in the study to the very problem you paid for in fact sometimes with the very words I prayed for like I prayed I am in Dubai I say Lord I don't even know what to tell these people and then I open the Bible not somewhere but wherever I stopped yesterday to continue my daily devotional days I opened the first Bible this hour put my words in your mouth don't worry about what you say. And I was speechless for a few seconds I said thank you and then I continued if you mix and then I says prayer and study and she says to study we you got the chance to talk back to us now how do you do prayer and study you don't read a lot I read five chapters today to do your duty so you feel good that selfishness routine if you didn't get anything then stop studying it doesn't help you if you study a little because spiritual things need to be understood spiritually therefore the Holy Spirit that he inspired the writing mystery inspired the reader. So you understand what he meant there for you stop over that one Bible verse or two or that paragraph and you pray over it and say Lord what do you mean and then read it again the same bible verse and then you stop again I'm praying say Lord please help me understand it and then you read it again and then you think about it and digest it and chew it and try to ask questions and listen this is a key the more questions you ask the better chances to hear it you have basically there is no one question unless you ask ten or more in my experience I ask an average of fifteen questions or more unless you ask a bunch of nonsense questions you will never understand what if I was there if God told me to build an ark would I why would my wife say walk to the church say what would a conference say they will send me to psychologist listen in never rain before you build an ark for what for what is rain water coming from heaven he is crazy why do you put it on the mountain Don't you know that water goes down in the valley Why do you put the ark on a mountain he's crazy Basically you need to keep asking questions what it does happen in my life in my family in my church what if I was there what is this world go to every single word every little conjunction Why does every word in the Bible is like gold is measured has value what is this worth here Lord what does it mean and after you ask questions period get over it read it again and then take other passages in the Bible to talk about the same story read them because the Bible explain itself a little here a little there and then they the Spirit of Prophecy with the same story read it and then seeing something or the Bible Commentary say something about the same story and read it and you it takes two three hours to read two verses if you do that do you understand I took two verses from delegations and they did that and it took me two weeks to finish two verses and I don't forty five pages from two verses. When you do that those two verses you don't need to be smart you can be foolish you still memorize them if you read them like fifty times. But after you read those two verses you understand. The story the context the background what happened there you understand what they meant and then tomorrow you do the same and then tomorrow you do the same and this next day you do the same after five years guess what it keeps adding up like the snowball. After a month you know nothing but after five years you know hundreds of Bible verses by memory if you put into verses every day we are following. And then is like any subject you read it starts connecting because all the part of that you read about the subject come together and whenever you talk to people they ask you a question it all comes together and he says that the Holy Spirit would remind you that means that you have to memorize because if you didn't there is nothing to remind it says I hide that I word into my heart that I may not sin against you but in Hebrew says I see dogs die ward that means that you memorize it so the Holy Spirit when you have problems when you are tempted when you go to try this the Holy Spirit would remind you the very word that you need to get strength but if you didn't put it in there is nothing to give you strength and victory do you understand and so that's how you listen and that takes time takes commitment and you do that every day is going to change your life entirely that's how you pray I mix my prayers with study and thinking you can call it meditating or reflecting or thinking is that I'm not talking about stupid Oriental meditation I'm talking about choosing the world do follow me I need the prayer with the study not a lot of study a little but you do it deeply so you can get something out of it you are only OK you've got more than you bargained for let's take a five ten minutes break and then. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She Y.C. a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ's entered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. die she Y.C. Web dot org.


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