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3. The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Latter Rain Power

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • December 28, 2017
    2:45 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you Deb you dot. Org. Thank you very much you can put your hands down and if I see some come in standing I may have you do it a little later let's pray and then want to jump right into our topic again Father in heaven how thankful we are for a clear light on the road ahead how thankful we are for the sure word of prophecy that gives us hope and encouragement to face the future as we step it duddy the latter rain in true and false revivals help us to be able to clearly distinguish the false from the True but not only distinguish the false from the true May our hearts be opened to receive the power of your spirit in the latter rain we pray in Jesus' name amen we finished this morning talking a little bit about the cosa probation and there were some questions that folk had about just probation clothes all at once or disc I'm pro patient close for individuals. As time goes on to thoughts that I had about that at lunch and then I looked up a reference or two to make it a little clearer if we do not live till the coming of Christ there are people that are dying all along the way aren't there when does probation close for them when they die right so when an individual dies probation closes for that person does it close for every individual at the same time do they all die at once obviously not so when a person dies probation closes for them now what about when people are alive when does probation close for them but let me read to us a very fascinating statement to from from Ellen White that to me helps to clarify this issue and I'm reading here from the. First selected messages page one ninety one to start God has not revealed to us the time when his message will close or when probation will have an end the things that are revealed we show except for ourselves and for our children but let us not seek to know that which has been kept secret in the counsels of Almighty so as God revealed the time when probation will close as he revealed that not necessarily He has she says letters have come to me asking if I have any special light as to the time when probation will close and I answer that I have only this message to bear that it is now time to work while day lasts for the night cometh which no man can work so God did not reveal to Ellen White a date on the calendar when time would close does that mean it's the story is settled no let's look at the second selected messages page eighty one the Lord has shown me clearly so he didn't show or a date on the calendar but what did he show or Clearly the Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes so the image of the Beast What's that that's the enforcement of the what national Sunday law so does probation close before or after the national Sunday or after so notice the Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes for it is the great test for the people of God by which they return all destiny will be decided so when the national Sunday all is passed and people make a decision individually to receive either God SEO or the mark of the beast at that point probation closes for them and the judgment of the living occurs so from the time of the National Sunday law there is. The out full manifestation of the outpouring of the Latter Rain men and women have a chance to make their decision for or against Christ to receive the mark of the beast the seal of God when that is done when that is done and every human being has made that decision the decree goes forth he that is righteous let him be righteous still he that is unrighteous let him be unrighteous still so that is that occurs over a period of time so probation does not close for each individual at the exact same time because as everybody had full light on the Sabbath when the national Sunday was passed no there is some of not heard of it and so the Latter Rain is poured out the Gospel is preached for some who have had that light probation will close sooner as they make their decision than others who have not had that light who will receive it and either receive the seal of God of the mark of the BE SO I hope that that clarifies that subject for you we're going to talk the scepter noon about True and False revivals and about the outpouring of the Latter Rain in the first session and then the shifting in the shaking in the second let's go back two thousand years and as we let our minds go back to the first century we go back to the days of John it was a violent play and in a violent time and they were violent men it was a pleasure seeking land in a pleasure seeking time and they were pleasure seeking men it was an immoral land in a moral time and they were immoral men they thought nothing except for themselves they lived noticed by no standard except their own their hearts though were restless and deep within their souls they were restless and they needed peace they were guilty and they needed forgiveness their hearts were spiritually hungry and they needed to be satisfied their wills were weakened and they needed strength and they were confused the needed direction then he came his preaching was like no other than they ever hurt when John the Baptist spoke it seemed like he it penetrated their hearts they came to hear him on the banks of the Jordan River and as they came they were led to their knees in deep repentance where ever he spoke their lives were changed John did not speak about religious entertainment he didn't come to tickle their fancies he spoke directly to their hearts and as he did they were led to repentance and baptism in the River Jordan John the Baptist was a powerful four runner of Christ a model of the last a message to prepare a world for the coming of Jesus now John made this fascinating statement. Matthew chapter three verse eleven if you have your Bible and you'd like to turn to it you can do that if you want to read it from the screen with me you can do it as well let's read together John said I Indeed baptize you with what water under repentance but he was coming after me is mightier than I who is sandals I'm not worthy to carry he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire no notice what it does not say it does not say how baptize you with the Holy Spirit or with fire I've heard some interpretations of that with the impression as you begin to be baptized by the Holy Spirit or you can be burned in the last days fire that's not what it says it says he'll baptize you with the spirit what and fire so let's look for a few moments at the symbolism of fire throughout the Bible I alluded to at the small orning but I wanted to look at it much more deeply with you this afternoon what does fire represent in Scripture. So let's go back fire is always a symbol in the bible of the splendid glory the presence of the power of God If you go back to the first mention of fire in the Bible it's Genesis where you have the angel guarding the gates of Eden with the fiery glory of the presence of God or when you come to Moses' in the Burning Bush the Bush burns but what it's not consumed representing the presence of God or you come to the sanctuary in between the two cherubims of the sanctuary you have this your kind of glory or the presence of God You remember in Exodus twenty four verse seventeen let's all read together we can read together the sight of the glory of the Lord was like a consuming fire so according to the Bible a consuming fire is like what the glory of the Lord so John says one is coming after me that all baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire Fire represents the glorious presence of God Israel was guided by a pillar of fire the very presence of God by night. You remember when a lot of prayed he prayed in the fire of God's presence came down to consume the altar you remember when I say a parade a coal from the altar touched his lips if you want to know what a biblical symbol means what do you do you go to the Bible and you see every time that symbol was used in Scripture so if in the Old Testament Fire represents what everybody the presence of God Now when you come to the New Testament Fire represents the glorious presence of God through the Holy Spirit and Fire in the spirit are linked together on the day of Pentecost So what does John say he says he'll baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire now what is baptism what's baptism baptism is what immersion So what is the baptism of fire the baptism of fire is since fire is a symbol of the glorious presence of God the baptism of fire is immersion in his presence so the baptism of fire is being even Merced in the presence of God so that your life is filled with the Spirit of God So the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to be emerge in the presence of God So God's Spirit lives in you God's Spirit dwells in you God's Spirit possesses you and God Spirit leads you to be a mighty witness for Him Now this is a call the baptism of fire the baptism of the spirit or immersion in the presence of God is a call for genuine authentic Christianity this is not a call to shallow your member how its essence Psalms shallow calls into shallow but deep calls into deep this is not a call to walk in a kitty's wading pool up to your ankles in pick up pennies this is a call to go deep and die if for pearls so that your life is totally consumed with the things. Of eternity and so your life is filled in possessed with the Holy Spirit Now notice what I when White says in all who submit to His power the Spirit of God will consume sin but if men cling to C.N.N. they become a den of FIDE with it then the glory of God which destroys Seon must destroy them so what's the baptism of fire it is through being filled with the glory and presence of God that consumes known sin in your life then the glory of God which destroys sin must destroy them at the second advent of Christ the wicked will be consumed with the spirit of his mouth and destroyed with the brightness of his coming the light of the glory of God which imparts life to the righteous will slay the wicked desire of ages one zero seven one zero eight so the baptism of fire is the baptism of the glory of God filling the believe her with the presence of God filling the believe her with the Holy Spirit so their life is totally transformed by that spirit you remember what it says in Malakai three verse two and three he is like a what refiners fire like launderers soap he will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver he'll purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver who were the sons of Levi who were they the sons of Levi were who everybody the priests now take your Bible and turn to first Peter chapter two first Peter chapter two and we're going to look at we're going to study a little bit the priesthood in the New Testament first Peter chapter two. God wants to work a work in your life and in mine in which the glory of God is manifest in our lives first Peter chapter two verse nine. Peter is talking about believe hurts and he says but you are a chosen what generation a royal what priesthood a holy nation his own special people what does this royal priesthood do that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into this marvelous light so Jesus longs in your life and mine to reveal his glory he longs to fill us with His Spirit and the fire vis presence and to consume re Belling in in our lives so that we can be royal priests for God Now take your Bible and turn to the Book of Revelation Revelation and you're going to look there at Revelation Chapter one Revelation chapter one and it talks about what he's done for us Revelation one verse four five and six John to the seven churches which are nature Grace to you and peace from the Lord from him who is who was and is to come Jesus is Jesus was in Jesus which is to come the Father God the Father is who was and is to come in from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead the ruler over the kings of the earth he loved us what did Jesus do for us he loved us what else did he do for us he washed us what else did he do for us he made us what. Kings and priests so Jesus does three things what does he do he loves us what else does he do he washes us what else does he do made us kings and priests do you have royal blood running around in your veins Why do you have that because Jesus made us kings and priests to God wouldn't be a tragic thing to sell out your destiny cheap you are a son or daughter of God You are a priest or priestess of God you have a destiny before you and notice what Scripture says he's made us KING So this royal blood in your veins as a princess don't sell out cheap as a prince of God Don't sell out cheap you have a destiny you'll travel from start to start from planet to planet you'll be a witness for God as part of the royal line of Heaven he takes us from the gutter most to the uttermost from the depths of despair to the delights of discipleship so he made you a king but what else are you a priest and what does jesus want to do with his priests now tells us he's like the refiner's fire is like a laundry soap he'll sit as a refiner in a purifier silver he'll purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver who are the sons of Levi the priests and so Jesus wants through the fiery presence of His glory to purge our hearts from that which is contrary to His Will why that they might make an offering to the Lord in offering of righteousness I want my life to be an offering of righteousness to God Don't you so what is the baptism of fire it seemed version in the presence of God so that God through His Holy Spirit can work by his glory in us so that we can be truly priests of God to reveal his love and grace to the world and God is longing for a people who come to him in prayerfully open his word and have their lives changed by the glory of his power he's longing for people who come to him and seek him and make seeking Him The first thing in their lives you see God's not going to turn on Heaven's power in the latter rain if the electrical power line is frayed if you ever tried to plug in a plug and there is a power line that's frayed if God turned on his Holy Spirit power on a church that had known sin and open rebellion they would just take that glory to themselves and be filled with pride and arrogance if you long to speak in tongues but you have a critical tongue you're praying for the wrong miracle. Did you know that the Bible does not encourage us to seek the gifts of the spirit the gifts of the Spirit are god's to give we are to seek the fruits of the Spirit and if we seek the fruits God will give the gifts see but there are many people that are confused they always seeking the gifts of the Spirit they want to speak in tongues but they got a critical turn they want to work miracles but God has worked a miracle in their heart to change their lives one sure characteristic of a false revival is the longing for the gifts of the spirit in the absence of the fruits of the spirit we seek the fruits God gives the gifts and will show that as we come along I love that old poem burn in me fire of God burn till my heart is pure burn til I love God fervently burn till my faith is sure burn in me fire of God burn deeper deeper still burn till my one in soul desire shall be the Father's will that's my desire isn't it yours will have some questions at the end so save your questions write them out and then at the end always save some time for some questions burning the fire of God gave burn and burn again till all I am by God consumed a flame of fire remain What did John say I baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with what fire the presence of God through the Holy Spirit that consumes known sit in the life that leads us to reflect the image of Jesus in the fruits of the spirit in old to Maisha their houses and these houses are made with the bitumen limestone and limestone is very easy to cut but bituminous limestone stinks I mean it really stinks so nobody can live in the houses you build these houses in their lives stone and they stink so you know what they do they burn the house and when they burn the house the limestone has a beautiful smell and the house becomes white in smells beautifully Well you know we too are by nature and through our wrong choices combustible and we kind of stink at times. We kind of stink at times are critical tongues think are proud as attitude stink our lustful desires stink before God And so what does he want to do he's built the house he wants to burn in us what with the fire of God So our lives can be changed to reflect its glorious image remember what it says in some fifty one verse ten to twelve let's read it together create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a steadfast spirit within me do not take your Holy Spirit from me I'd like you to take your Bible and turn to some fifty one there is something in some fifty one that is quite remarkable I want you to look at the verbs in some fifty one the verbs this is what God can do in us that we can never do for ourselves look at some fifty one and look at the verbs in some fifty one we can do we can never do it ourself only God can do it some fifty one we're starting there with verse seven and I want to see the verbs you may want to circle in your bible the verbs some fifty one verse seven purged me with his who does the purging do we purge ourselves purge me with his wash me and I'll be why didn't Stone who does the washing got make meatier joy and gladness when his grace comes to our hearts we are joy and gladness so he purges us he washes us he brings joy and gladness to us hide your face or my sins and blot out all my iniquities who does the plotting out God does create in be a clean heart can I create a clean heart myself who can only do that God can read new A writes dead fast spirit within me who does that God did not cast me away from your presence do not take me. From your Holy Spirit Re Store to me notice the verbs tourch and wash and make me and hide your face for me and create a clean heart in me every new right steadfast spirit and Re Store To me the joy of your salvation uphold me with your generous spirit then when then when then when I'm purged when I'm washed when I hear the joy of salvation when I know his face is hid from my sins when he blots up my iniquities when I'm a new heart is created within me when when I'm restored to the joy of salvation then I will teach transgressions your ways incentives will be converted to you God has to do something in me before I can do something through me God has do something for him with me before he can do something for me and so here there is this earnest appeal for us to come and allow the fire of God to burn in us the Holy Spirit comes to us when we're quietly meditating upon his word seeking to live a more Christ like and godly life there is something about quiet in this when you're alone with God There's something about those quiet moments where God speaks to you you may be praying for somebody else praying for a son that doesn't know Christ or daughter and the Lord may reveal to you that there are things in your life that are hindering the outpouring of His Spirit and that person you may be a university student praying for a friend and God says yes but you've exhibited a proud attitude a know it all attitude show more caring love compassion for your friend you may be praying for a husband or wife that doesn't know Christ and the Lord may impress you have you revealed love to them or if ever you been critical for them as we pray God manifest the fruits of the Spirit glaciers five twenty two and twenty three but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control we seek the fruits of the Spirit God gives us the gifts of the spirit we long to reveal the fruits and God trusts us with the gifts God Porus out his genuine spirit that leads men and women to seek him in sincere repentance for their sins and a new revelation of His will for their lives now Prayer is the breath of revival but bible study is the heart of revival if you have prayer and you don't have solid Bible study that can lead you to an emotional experience with God So we always blend our prayer life in our Bible study life if you have prayer and Bible study without something else it can lead you to false revival can you think of any group of people that prayed for hours every day studied the Bible for hours but yet crucified Jesus the Pharisees right the Pray did the first the study the Bible but did they did they have a genuine revival why not. Yes it was robotic prayer but there was no outlet or witness you see their prayers became self centered so you can pray and you can study the Bible but unless you are focused on witness you will not grow spiritually. If your prayer and Bible study is to prove everybody else wrong in your Sabbath school class you'll become a ferrous But if your prayer and Bible study is to empower you to witness to empower you to share your faith you know I love what Ellen White says and acts of the Apostles page one hundred five she says she talks about the the scribes the Farriss Jewish leaders and she says forgetting that strength to resist evil is best achieved through aggressive service notice she doesn't say strength resist evil best comes through prayer and Bible study now all of course God leads us to bear a Bible study but if you don't have some out of it and desire of ages one forty two says this it says in order to develop a character like Christ we must work as he worked so as we pray and as we study the Bible that leads us to witness mission in service prayer Bible study and witness will lead us to have that self sacrificing ministry of Christ at our heart now the true genuine spirit of the revival kindled by the Holy Spirit originates with God That's from above the false revival originates with the evil one it is from beneath so the Bible talks about two great workings in the last days one the working of God through the latter rain to the working of Satan through false revival false revival has always often taken place your member the story of NE dab in a by you. They wanted the fire they wanted to fire the Spirit what did they do they disobeyed God contrary to the will of God It is ten verse one says the name dab in it by you the sons of Aaron each took a sensor and put fire in it what was wrong with that they were not commission to do that they were disobeying God and put incense on it now this is in the temple of God It offered profane fire so this is the false fire before the Lord which he had not commanded them so fire came just like in Revelation What does it say remember in Revelation it says fire came down from God out of heaven and that was the false fire in Revelation Chapter thirteen false revival Well what happens in this case fire when came from the Lord and devoured them and they died before the Lord they had fire but was that the genuine fire do you want the fire going to buy you the fire a false revival we want the genuine fire of the Holy Spirit living within us well you know for every genuine there is a counterfeit how many counterfeit twenty three dollar bills if you see how many counterfeit sixteen dollar bills how many of you have a counterfeit sixteen in your wallet counterfeit twenty three you say why it why are there no counterfeit sixteen's or twenty three. There is no what genuine and so the Lord has genuine truth but the devil counterfeits that So here is what the devil wants to do. In an age where genuine authentic spirituality is often not found and at a time of natural disasters of tornadoes hurricanes fires and floods at a time when the economy is ten going to tank at a time with the threat of nuclear war the devil wants to come with a false revival with the expressed purpose of that false fire unifying people Stu get them to conglomerate or unite church in state with a false revival to oppress the people of God Satan is conditioning the minds of millions to receive a counterfeit religious experience and be deceived by an emotional form of religion let's look at the counterfeit for a few moments IN see Satan's strategy Satan is going to pour out his counterfeit spirit of signs wonders and miracles to deceive with a false religious excitement so if you want signs and wonders and miracles in a false religious excitement the devil will give that to you you see unless you have conditioned your mind to study God's word unless you've condition Germany and to be saturated with God's Word the devil will sweep you off your feet with a false revival look at that you twenty four verse twenty four let's read it together for false Christs and false prophets will arise in show what kind of science great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect who are the elect the people of God God's church but here these false religious leaders show what kind of signs are they minor signs their great signs and wonders will some of them work miracles and will these miracles apparently be genuine miracles but are they really false miracles notice what Revelation says in Revelation thirteen verse thirteen fourteen he performs great signs King James Version says miracles so that even he makes fire come down from heaven now what is fire represent in the Bible it represents what the glory of God's presence but this is not the glory of God's presence in true revival this is the say Tenach presence or power in false revival and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those miracles or signs that he was granted to do in the sight of the beast so the agency that Satan uses to deceive many in the false revival interest final hours miracles so do you see what's going to happen to a generation that wants instant you know instant I put my mashed potato I mean my big potato in the microwave and it takes three minutes and I stand there saying hurry up hurry up hurry up you see people today are in a rush in a hurry they want to digitize and change the channels on the T.V. and they're pushing this channel that channel or their minds are saturated with the Internet and everything quick to get my news quick I got a text quick you know did it did it did or didn't and so here the mind is conditioned to do everything fast everything rapid today you can't have a rapid spiritual experience. An experience with God takes time takes time and prayer. Takes time in Bible study so to a generation that wants everything rapid everything quick the devil says you want to get healed don't worry about quitting smoking don't worry about getting on a good diet I'll heal you instantly do you do you want to see miracles the devil says I'll show them to you so to a generation that whose mind is conditioned through mass media for super officiality and not spiritual depth the devil palm so off false miracles to deceive notice revelation sixteen verse fourteen what leads to the battle of Armageddon for they are the spirits of demons the spirits of who everybody demons performing signs King James says miracles where did they go to the kings of the earth and to the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty So let's cut to summarize the scenario in the last days of first history there is famine fire flood natural disasters there is also war and strife also riots in the streets and at this same time Satan performs miracles for a counterfeit spiritual revival the masses of people now remember what we read this morning in great controversy the legislators yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance so it's not some dictator that rises to the throne it's rather in a time of calamity natural political economic disasters that the devil works on the masses for a false religious revival and they go to the kings of the earth or to the political leaders a common day of worship at a time of crisis is past and those who don't go along are considered to be outcasts Now notice what Ellen White says. And this statement We need to study very carefully before the final visitation of God's judgments upon the earth now what's that what are the final visitation of God's judgments on the earth one of those called the Seven what everybody seven last plagues so before the seven last plagues they will be among the people of the Lord a revival of primitive godliness I praise God for that don't you I want to be part of that revival don't you as has not been witness since Apple stock times the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children what do we call that when the spirit and power of God sport out and still we call that what the latter rain the enemy of Souls Who is this Satan desires to hinder this work what work what a saint want to what a saint want to hinder the latter rain so what does he do before the time for such a movement will come before the time of what kind of a movement the latter rain because when the latter rain is poured out God's people will go to the ends of the earth to do what witness for Christ and when the Gospel is spread Jesus will come Satan wants to hinder that so before the time for such a movement will come he'll endeavor to hinder it but to prevent it by introducing a what count of it so does the counterfeit revival come before or after the genuine revival before why does it come before so that the devil will take as many people into his snare So what should you and I expect before the coming of Jesus. We should expect in the Protestant world a full spiritual revival we should expect mega churches to be packed we should expect and should Seventh Day Adventists go aping after those mega churches and say look what they have Let's follow it should they should Seventh-Day Adventists be interested in these multiple miracles that are indeed taking place now will the counterfeit revivals only come in non At than assure choose or will we see some counterfeit revivals among advantage churches how can we tell the difference what we're going to show that in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that God special blessing is poured out will they think it's God's blessing will they think it's God's blessing sure will many people go flocking there will you go flocking there and he will admit in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he'll make it appear God special blessing is poured out they'll be manifest what is thought to be great religious interest look what's happening over there I'm in a little advantage church and look what's happening over there hundreds of people are coming Fauzi Maybe I should go over there and learn of those methods What do you think. Notice what it says in those churches which he can bring under is deceptive power he'll make it appear God special blessing is poured out they'll be manifest what's thought to be great religious interest multitude will exalt that God is working miraculously for them how many would solve that multitude when the work is that of another spirit under religious guys say ten will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world a great controversy for sixty four that reference is one worth filling our minds with Will there come a genuine latter rain will God in the genuine latter rain pour out His Spirit will he work miracles he will but will there also be false miracles there indeed will so here's what that statement says one God's planning to send a mighty revival to his church and to his spirit will be poured out powerful three the enemy satan desires to hinder the latter rain and before that he is going to introduce a counterfeit revival for under religious guys Satan will deceive the whole world at a time of economic disaster at a time of natural political disasters at a time of war and conflict Satan is going to try to bring the world together in a church state unity he's going to lead people. To believe that those miracles indeed are from Him Now notice great conversely page five eighty eight let's read it together from the screen through the agency of let's do it together through the agency of spiritual as a Miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed and many undeniable wonders will be performed Did we read this in the Bible do we read it again through the great controversy the divinely inspired commentary indeed we do if God will work genuine miracles in Satan will work out if it miracles how can we tell the difference so will God work miracles will Satan work miracles so we better be able to tell the difference that you seven verse twenty one twenty three helps us not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in Heaven many will say to me in that day Lord have we not prophesied in that your name did they prophesied in his name yet cast out demons in your name did they cast out the demons in Jesus' name yes done many wonders in your name that I will declare to them I never knew you he never what what does it say here he never what how many you believe the Bible Well that's a few of you how many believe the Bible OK he says Praise God I never knew you he never knew them when they were prophesied in his name is that what the text says he never knew them when they were casting out demons in his name he never knew them when they were declaring that they could do wonders in his name he never knew them Depart from Me you that work you practice WALLACE And so to them miracles were more important then to know truth and obey truth so here is the key when there is an emphasis on signs wonderous and miracles rather than knowing truth and following truth and obeying truth be way or be way or. For them emotionalism was more important than obedience to God And so when when external trappings of religion are substituted for a Heart Knowledge of God that is life transform a should know the way or be aware of any so-called religious revival which is more interested in feeling good than in being good don't miss that be aware of any so-called religious revival which is more interested in feeling good than in being good genuine religious revival leads you to your knees for repentance of sin for a transfer of mation of character it is not based on feeling some of his oh I went to this revival meeting and the songs oh it just felt so good it was like an emotional shock coming up and down my spine and you know I just felt such a warmth in my heart I praise God when God gives me feelings of closeness to him but I go all coast so can praise him when I get on my knees and I don't have those feelings and he leads me to sorrow for my sin and repentance I praise God because the Christian faith is not devoid of feeling we are three dimensional beings we are physical we are mental We are emotional four dimensional and we're spiritual So there are times when to feelings we feel close to God but that does not define our spiritual experience what defines our spiritual experience is a heart that is committed to do God's Will a heart that desires to do God's will what defines our experience is on our knees saying God whatever you want me to do I want to do it you see the disciples opened their hearts to God in earnest prayer they repented of their sins they confessed their faults they committed their lives to obeying God they were passionate about living for Jesus and sharing his love with others. God is leading us once again to our needs he is leading us once again to be passionate about sharing his love with others he is leading us to a last day revival the Holy Spirit will be poured out soon in Pentecostal power just as Seaton has a counterfeit revival God has a what genuine revival. Revelation eighteen verse one let's read it together after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was alumina aided with His glory so the Holy Spirit is genuinely going to be poured out the earth is going to be illuminated with the glory of God or the character of Christ the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out full power the Gospels going to spread quickly around the world multitude snigger respond to the preaching of God's word thousands are going to share the words of life with their neighbors in find responsive hearts waiting to receive the truth I believe that God is getting ready to pour of his spirit an abundant power we are seeing false revivals outside and within the church all around us the Latter Rain is one of the Bible symbols of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days see the terms early in the latter rain were part of the agricultural cycle of the Israel rain is often a symbol in the bible of the Holy Spirit the early rain watered the sea that had been planted and helped it germinate and the latter rain fell at the end of the agricultural cycle to ripen the grain and bring it to harvest in Israel the grain was often planted in the late summer early fall I've heard some people say well the early rain fell in the spring in the latter rain in the fall it's not so when Israel and Israel you often do planting in the late summer early fall and that's when the early rain fell and the Harvest usually begins in Israel April depends on what crop but but March April you have your grain and so the latter rain would fall at the end of the cycle. James Chapter five or seven and eight therefore be patient brethren until the coming of the Lord so Peter to James takes that symbolism of early in the latter rain and he applies it very clear fully to the end events therefore be patient brethren to the coming of the Lord see how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain you also be patient establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord is at hand right now we send out our our telecasts praise God for. It is written praise God for every had been a stellar cast praise God for three B.N. praise God for the Blue Mountain television for hope channel we send out the message of God via internet now we give out literature how many of you have ever participated as student Cole Porter's and Maggie book program Praise God you know you are sowing seed how many of you have ever given a Bible study your sowing seed how many of you have ever given out a piece of literature how many of you ever witness to a friend sometimes when you give out that literature sometimes when you give out a book sometimes and you witness to others do you ever say what good is all this doing because I don't see many results from my labors when the latter rain is poured out the seeds that you have sown will come to harvest and someday in heaven men and women and boys and girls are going to walk down streets of gold with tears coming down their facing thank you for knocking on my door thank you for giving me that great controversy thank you for selling me that bag a book desire of ages thank you for coming to my house and giving out the literature so when the latter rain is poured out the seeds that we have served but in the agricultural cycle of Israel can the rain germinate any seed we have not soon the only literature that God can bless is the one you give out not the one that sitting on the back shelf in your church the only Bible studies God can bless the ones you can give write the only Bible Study the only sermons God can bless the ones you Preach brother you better preach the only Bible study is that God the only books that God can bless the ones we give out you see so we may not see immediate results now but we know that under the latter rain the seeds that we've soon are going to generate an amazing harvest Jule chapter two verse twenty three be glad then be what everybody glad then you children of Zion how many you children Zion be glad then your children Zion rejoice in the larger God why three has given you the former rain moderately now circle the word moderately here in your mind and he will cause to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain so the former rain. It's moderate No Historically the former rain early rain fell at Pentecost we have the early rain falling in our personal lives but in historically the early rain fell at Pentecost What is the Bible say that the early reign was when it fell at Pentecost it fell What was that word moderately moderately Pentecost is going to be repeated on a grander larger scale how many were baptized in one place in one day three thousand if you saw three thousand baptized in your city would you say that's the moderate outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It's only moderate comparison to what's going to come what God is going to do in the latter rain for a people who are totally committed to Christ we have not yet dreamed of or imagine now notice great controversy six eleven let's read it together the great work of the gospel is not to close with the last manifestation of the power of God that marked its opening the prophecies which were fulfilled in the outpouring of the former rain at the opening of the gospel are again to be fulfilled in the latter rain at its close so the great work of the Gospel won't close with less manifestation of the power of God So when you look at the Book of Acts three thousand were baptized in a day and then you look at Acts Chapter four another five thousand are baptized you look at the Book of Acts and by the end of the book of Acts there is at least one million believers and starts with one hundred twenty be leverage you know incident Interestingly enough this last summer at our Living Hope School of evangelism I teach at the Living Hope school Vangelis and we have a different kind of a program we only do five to seven day intensives and it's not like a three month program a six month program because most of the people that come are busy so we do five to seven day intensives and do we have no tuition charge people just have to pay to get themselves there and they stay there in a hotel and they pay seven eight dollars eight dollars a meal for food but anyway we don't charge tuition and so I was teaching a course this summer on the book of Acts and it would happen to be a two week course and I said to my students the first day of class I said I only have two questions on the final exam we're going to spend thirty five hours studying the book of Acts every chapter we're going to go over backwards and forwards I want you to know the Book of Acts as there will be two questions on the final exam everybody took a dig breath and said wonderful in fact this course there was a to wish in charge because the students could get a master's degree in a Vangelis them or they could take undergraduate credit there is that southern admission of versity a thirty six hour master's degree in evangelism and you can take nine hours of that at our school and so I was teaching for Southern at our little school and we had a twelve fifteen students in the class we like to keep our classes small I'm there at the school about forty percent of my time and so we really concentrate on immersing the students mind in the Bible all the classes we teach or to wish and free except the ones that are for graduate or undergraduate credit that happens once a year in July so anyway if some of you have an undergraduate degree you're thinking of a master's degree in evangelism check it out at Southern admission can. Up with us for nine hours or if some of you need nine hours of credit an undergraduate degree Think about that as well but anyway I was teaching our students and I said to them now there are only two questions on the final exam they said great wonderful everybody you know is really happy that question number one I need to know at the final exam my first question is what is in every chapter the book of Acts. Now you don't have to memorize it word for word but it would be helpful if you did you know what's in every chapter in the book of Acts Hey I have one of my students Erica you here yeah Eric stand up please this is the esteemed Eric flicking your from it is written television would you give me a hand police associate speaker I love it is written Eric you were in class today this summer did did you did you what happened in the book of Acts. How long did it take you to write the final exam. Four hours and he got an A on his final exam incidentally but he knew everything in every chapter of the book of Acts so I said two questions what's in every chapter the book of Acts and number two what does it mean to your life and how can you apply it so. Was my point anyway I was remiss quote OK. Saturate your mind with the Word of God the great work of the gospel is not to close with less manifestation of the power of God than an opening now I know thousands were baptized in the days of the book of Acts the prophecies that were fulfilled at the outpouring of the former rain at the opening of the Gospel going to be fulfilled the Latter Rain God's work is not going to flicker like a candle and go out God's glory will be manifest his power will be manifest in the world notice great controversy six twelve servants of God with their faces a lighted up and shining with the holy consecration will hasten from place to place to proclaim the message from heaven by thousands of forces all over the earth the warning will be given miracles will be wrought the sick will be healed signs and wonders will follow the believers Now how do you know the difference in genuine revival men and women are on their knees with repentance for sin in genuine revival their great desire is to know the will of God in genuine revival there saturating their minds with the Living Word of God in genuine revival they are witnessing for Christ when God has a group of people whose hearts have one desire to do is Will who's who are filled with His Holy Spirit He will pour out His Spirit miracles will be work the sick will be healed it's one thing to recognize the counterfeit it's another thing to receive the genuine So God is calling us to have our hearts open to receive the genuine Do you long for the genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Do you long for God to do something special in your life I want to spend some time in our next class seeking How do you seek the Holy Spirit one of the prerequisites to receive the Holy Spirit and then I'm going to talk in our last class today as well about the shaking that is coming toward add to Adventism But I want to give you a chance do you have any questions right now on anything we've gone over in class so far about the latter rain the loud cry experience any questions that you might have right now before we take a break before our next class any questions and yes. I thank you so much Wasn't this a very on I'm going to repeat the question so you can hear in the back but thank you for your honesty I really really appreciate that she was saying you know as far as I know I'm committed to God I have given my life to Jesus I want only is will be done in my life but I have a fiery personality not everybody would admit that so you are halfway victory. And I know I say that seriously you know the Bible says cover your sins and you won't prosper and so should look I know this about myself it's kind of part of my nature OK A couple things first when God transformed Peter he did not change the essential nature of Peter's personality what he did is he read directed that fiery spirit to the things of the glory of God So what I would say to you is this. God it's not going to radically change the D.N.A. of who you are what he will do is he will read direct that passion to the passion for his cause a passion you know a passion to to share his love and grace with others so that's the first thing second thing is this here is a passage that's very encouraging to me right on that point there are two or three passages Hebrews Chapter twelve verse one into looking and to Jesus the author and the what finisher of our faith my dear sister do you know Jesus has begun something in you you do you do you know he's begun something in you will he finish the work he has begun can you trust him to do that so Jesus is the what author and the what finisher of our faith now notice also here is a wonderful text in first John this text is going to help somebody here today first John chapter three verse two first John three Verse two This text is going to help somebody here today beloved Now are we the children of God Are you a child of God today yet now are we the children of God in it has not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know this that when he is revealed we shall be like Him for we shall see him as he is so are you a child of God today are you saved by His grace redeemed by as love if you are allowed him to he will reveal the glory of His grace in your life so our Here is our goal when a person is in the first grade how many of you once were in the first grade how many of you ever graduated from college how many of you ever took chemistry when you were in the first grade did you know and understand all those chemical equations I mean when you're in college should you want to stand no I'm not going to go there. OK when you're in the first grade you know everything about chemistry right but when you just as much in school when you were in the first grade as when you're getting ready to graduate from college and take a pre-med exams you're just as much in school. If you stay in school God's going to enable you to graduate he is the author and what finish your faith so my goal today is to stay in touch with Jesus and let him do the work in my life so what I would say to you sister to encourage you is two things number one God is working in your life Number two you don't know what he has yet to do and he will reveal Himself in you and finish the work he started Number three don't expect to be passive and sit in the corner use that fiery personality to proclaim his grace and His love anybody else have a question oh yes I missed it I'm sorry. OK Great question what is the outer rain and what is the feeling of the spirit the feeling of God's Spirit is not a one time event there are some people that have this idea I'm just waiting for the latter rain day by day you and I are filled with the Spirit of God Now here's a very good example of that and I'll give you a very good example when Jesus was born was he conceived by the Holy Spirit during Jesus' childhood was he guided by the Holy Spirit. When Christ studied the word was the spirit coming into his life if that is true and it is what sense does it make to say that when he was baptized he received the infilling of the spirit because he was beginning his unique three and a half year ministry so therefore the he needed more of the abundance of the Spirit Day by day you and I are filled with the spirit day by day the spirit guides our life. When indeed the national Sunday law is passed God will pour out abundant amounts of His Spirit that we call the Latter Rain to do two or three things one to finish his work quickly two to intensify the positive Christian values in our life and three he will pour out His Spirit as a mighty witness to unbelievers and we will see the miracles of God's grace so what is the latter rain I have people say oh I'm waiting for the law to raid no God Spirit wants to fill your life now and every single day but as the tests get greater you and I could never go through those without the abundance of the Spirit strengthening our life and so for every test that comes God prepares us for that test through the mighty power of His Spirit So his spirit fills us today his spirit will fill us more as time goes on and as Satan works with the marvelous working of Satan God will work with the mighty working of God we're going to take a break right now it is precisely what time it is three forty seven let's come back at four o'clock and we'll go from four to five a look at prerequisites to receive the Holy Spirit and then we'll look a little bit at the shaky OK. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C S A pretty Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot she Y.C. Web dot org.


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