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3. Singing of a Better Land

Ariel Hinkle



  • December 28, 2017
    4:00 PM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference. In Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Dot org. So we started a couple minutes late but I just wanted to give time for more people to come into everyone's kind of trickling in before we start let us tell you briefly who I am my name is Ariel Cole and my husband is Taylor he also you all probably know him but you don't know me but now you do and Genesis is our little one and then we're expecting a boy next year so we're excited but I am blessed to be able to be part of the music committee and be part of this exciting opportunity to share a seminar with you and we're going to be singing or speaking today it's called Scene of a better land but specifically we're going to be talking about the role that music plays in evangelism and you'll see why that is important here in just a few minutes I'm going to start and then going to take over on the second half sharing some more practical aspects of it as well so let's go ahead and bow our heads for a word of prayer and hold I've been there I've only Father we thank you so very much for this day you have given us and for this opportunity to meet together as your children with the desire to serve you and I pray that you will be with us now since your holy spirit in this room with us please touch my lips and I ask that it will be. A blessing to those who hear what I say today we thank you so much. All right so we've all heard the term music evangelism but what does that really mean what role does music actually play in evangelism. This started to become a lot more clear to me a few years ago actually at another she Y.C. conference and I was in college at the time and a few of my friends and I were just were able to share a special music together and I had another one of my close friends text me afterwards and she said Ariel thank you so much she said that was just what I needed to hear and it really inspired me to. Really Renu my faith in Jesus and when I heard that I was kind of taken aback because I guess we always think about sharing music for Christ but we never think about the impact it can actually have on the heart at least I hadn't truly thought about it yet at that point. And I think that it's important for us to remember that that really is what music and especially music evangelism is all about and so today we're going to take a deeper look at how to make this possible in our own experience as well every day. So step one the importance of music in to be initialism Ellen White shared some insights that I think are very valuable on this topic and she shared how music can be a really big blessing for impacting hearts this is one of my favorite quotes says song is one of the most effective means of impressing spiritual truth upon the hard often by words of sacred song the springs of contents and faith have been unsealed and that is for review and Herald and then another one that I really think is powerful as well says there is great Passos and music in the human voice and if the learner will make determined efforts he will acquire habits of talking and singing that will be to him a power to win souls to Christ and so is rightly used we can actually use our voices and our musical gift as a power to win souls for Christ which is what we really should be focusing on. So music isn't just talked about in Spirit of Prophecy it's also very prominent in the Bible and I think something that we all think of is the Levites and the first Chronicles fifteen sixteen says then David spoke to the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brother in to be the singers accompanied by instruments of music strange instruments harps and symbols by raising the voice with resounding joy and so there were Levites whose only job in role was to provide music in the temple in the same surely service and so we know that it was something that was very sacred and important to God from that of course King David wrote thousands of Psalms and his son Solomon also wrote many songs and many of them are in the Bible for us to enjoy today and also the sons of chorus saying songs in the Temple services so we have record of a lot of this being a very important part of worship and also we're told in Christian Education Page sixty two singing as a part of religious service is as much an act of worship as is prayer and that is. That's heavy if you ask me because we know prayer is so important and if music is also just as powerful it's something we need to take seriously so obviously music is very important in evangelism but then the question that arises in my mind is just how important is that we know what's important but how important and I think that as musicians we can tend to place music is very very very high on the level of importance when it comes to evangelism and it's not wrong that we think it's important but do we sometimes think that it's too important is my question. So let's ask ourselves us and question just how important is it and is music in and of itself a means of converting souls because that's what of evangelism is right it's seeking to reach the heart and convert the heart for Christ can music in and of itself do that let's look at this quote the hearts of many in the world as well as many church members are hungering for the bread of life and thirsting for the waters of salvation they are interested in the service of song but they are not longing for that or even prayer they want to know the Scriptures what sayest the Word of God To me the Holy Spirit is working on mind and heart and drawing them to the bread of life they see everything around them changing human feelings human ideas of what constitutes religion change they come to hear the word just as it reads and how much more true is that of our lives today the world around us is constantly changing what people call religion is constantly changing and the reality is music is important. But there is so much more to evangelism the music evangelism evangelism isn't what you could call a one stop shop. When you do one thing you haven't done everything there's something called the cycle of evangelism This includes multiple steps multiple different facets and music is the piece of the evangelism cycle but it's not a complete step in and of itself and I think it's really important to see to understand that to remember that so as musicians once we've sung a song or held a concert Our job is not done we can't just walk away and say who I mean you think of Angeles like I have done my work praise the lord you may have done part of your work but you have a much larger work to do as a Christian and as a follower of Christ yes you've sung a song and you've provided a means for people's hearts to be softened remember the quote that said it aloud people's hearts to be softened and subdued by the Holy Spirit but that's only the first step so now will you have to lead them to the next step and labor with them for the conversion of their hearts and I think it's important for us to remember that as Seventh Day Adventist Christians we are called to be a part of the entire process everyone is required to give Bible studies everyone is required to pray with people to seek to win hearts for Christ so just because they are musicians doesn't mean we get it off like we get off easy you know what I mean and I think it's important for us to remember that some practical ways that we can actually do that. There are several things that you can do prayer friendship evangelism Bible study all of these are vital and I would even go so far as to say and you don't have to be upset at me because I've been musician too but I would say that these these are much much more vital than a song. No one is going to get baptized without being prayed with or without having personal bible studies given to them but people could be about tightest without hearing the perfect song. So in order to be a true music evangelist because that's what we're supposed to be we need to personally facilitate and also work with others to accomplish all of these steps so for instance you can work with an evangelist or a pastor I know people that sing with evangelists. Or maybe work with their local pastor if you travel into concerts you can make sure to connect visitors with that local pastor in the church you can give personal bible studies to your friends or to other people nearby your congregation of course something we can all do is hand out glow tracks and give out other literature it doesn't get much easier than that also if you give concerts you can make appeals for people to make a decision for Christ at your concert and then connect to the pastor with them as well and there's so much more that you can do so this is a just like the tip of the iceberg for how we as musicians can be a part of bringing an individual all the way through the entire cycle of evangelism to conversion so we know that we're supposed to be a music of mentalist we know that we're supposed to work towards that end goal of saving a soul but how are we effective how can we be effective in winning the soul for Christ and if we are singing to Christ glory What is something very important for us to be able to do in order to make that impact for Christ and I cannot stress this enough this is the most important part is conversion in order to be an effective means to reach a soul we have to be converted and if you are unconverted not only will you have a very difficult time giving someone a Bible study but you'll be a very ineffective music evangelist and here's why because no matter how beautiful your voice is no matter how talented you are when you play an instrument if you're not committed to Christ you're effectiveness will be microscopic compared to what it could be if he was living inside of you and shining through you as you were doing that. Here's a couple quotes that I thought were really powerful. Says many are singing beautiful songs in the meetings songs of what they will do and what they meant to do but some do not do these things they do not sing with the spirit and the understanding also so in the reading of the Word of God Some are not benefited because they do not take it into their very life and they do not practice it so here we see simply singing a song isn't enough you actually have to have those principles in your life and be living them in order to make singing them effective and a blessing to others. So there is another quote. In their efforts to reach the people the Lord's messengers are not to follow the ways of the world in the meetings that are held there not to depend on worldly singers and the actual display to awaken an interest how can those who have no interest in the Word of God who have never read His word with a sincere desire to understand its truths be expected to sing with the spirit and the understanding how can their hearts be in harmony with the words of sacred song how can the heavenly choir join in music that is only a form and I know that specifically in this quote She is mainly talking about hiring non-Christian or non administrations to come in but in our day and age to day we need to make sure that we are also converted because simply going to church and calling yourself an Adventist doesn't make you one if that makes sense you have to actually have a living breathing connection with Christ to be effective so it's again it's important to sing with the spirit and the understanding. And something that I like to point out is that if we don't have this reality in our lives if we are converted then even if we're singing in church we're just like any other secular performer who is singing a song because the reality is you're not allowing Christ to live and work through you're just singing a song like everyone else that is just singing a song and this. Really can I can really relate to this when I was fifteen or sixteen we had a couple of evangelists actually was shot in funny a cruiser they came to my church and held an evangelist exteriorise and they asked me to sing now I was very musical My dream was to be like the next forgive me for the next Taylor Swift I was like This is what I'm going for this is what I'm going to be and I can do it and so that was my goal was to be a full time career musician and yes I went to church and yes I was involved and I was considered to probably be one of the really good kids my dad was an elder but I was not converted and for me I didn't really care what they were preaching and I didn't really care about the fact that people souls were being weighed in the balances I was just there to sting and I was just there to perform and I literally felt no different and viewed it no different than I did when I would sing in a secular venue it was the exact same thing in my mind. But praise the Lord Fast forward ten years and I had been converted at the age of eighteen and I am married to a pastor and my husband was preaching in the Vangelis tick series and asked me once again to provide the special music each night but there was a very very very big change between what had happened ten years prior and then at that point and because this time I wanted to be fully intentional about preparing hearts and of allowing God to use me to help bring a greater impact of. The Bible that my husband was preaching and so I really carefully and perfectly chose each song to make sure that it would line up with the messages to make sure that it would have the greatest amount of power. And one of the biggest things in my mind was that I didn't want people to see me anymore like my sole purpose and goal was for them to see Jesus through me and. The biggest difference I wasn't performing I was prayerfully seeking to be an empty vessel for Christ to fill and then to use to bless others and that I believe is what it means to sing with spirit and understanding the first time in my life I didn't have that but by God's grace and a daily surrender to Him We can each have that and it makes all the difference in the world. And so it's really important to understand the enormity of this responsibility and like I said I can't stress this enough because unless we have this one thing in our lives the rest really doesn't matter because if we don't have a relationship with Christ we're not going to be affected as a musician for him. One last quote on this display is not religion or sanctification there is nothing more offensive in God's sight than a display of an instrumental music when those taking part are not consecrated are not making melody in their hearts to the Lord the offering most sweet inacceptable in God's sight is a heart made humbled by self-denial by lifting the cross and following Jesus so we see a contrast there the thing that is offensive to Christ in the thing that is most beautiful and the wonderful thing is he has given us the ability to be that beautiful sacrifice for him that he can use everywhere so we've looked at how music can impact hearts for Christ we've looked at the role that music complain of evangelism and now we've also looked at how important it is for us to be converted so we can be more effective in our witness through song so now that all of that is said it brings us back to the question why should we sing evangelists tickly like it's a good thing we need to be converted but what's the big deal like why is it so important and I think it all really comes down to one point and it is embodied very well said music was made to serve a holy purpose to lift the thoughts to that which is pure noble and elevating and to awaken in the soul devotion and gratitude to God So God created music but he created it for one purpose and as his children and his people that claim to be his children it's our responsibility to fulfill that purpose. Song Without the purpose of drawing people's hearts to Christ is pointless He created it to draw hearts to Him And so if we use it in the other way we're really misusing the creation that he made. And I also believe that when a consecrated musician seeks to floor and glorify God through their music it will be evangelistic if you are converted and if you have a desire to see people one for Christ you will choose to do everything in your power and ability to serve him and I believe that it's impossible to bring dishonor to Christ through that. So I want to leave you with a challenge to think about and scale of comes up and talks to you about some more practical ways to put this into practice and says this finds that salvation is to be the burden of every sermon and the theme of every song Let it be poured forth in every supplication So as you go about your day as you go about your life and as a musician as you ponder all of these different things let's keep this at the forefront of our thoughts and the musician in this world is not easy the musicians are looked upon as idols I mean we have American Idol. They look at you you're right you're on a pedestal so we're prone to pride we're prone to self excitation and I know that it's a struggle that I deal with every day and every time I sing I have to pray Lord please they keep me humble and that's so important and in order to be effective we need to make sure that we are surrendering our hearts to Christ every single day and so make sure that the science of salvation is your burden not just in the songs you sing but in your life and every single thing you do to reach those around you and then by God's grace we can all be instrumental in bringing more souls into the kingdom through the gifts He has given us. Can you hear me here we go. Right think about those questions as we continue on here. You can text him if you want or I'll just take questions from the audience probably here as we get towards the end. So. Speaking of praying Lord keep me home will I've prayed that a few times and a few times when I've prayed it I forgot my words when I got up to sing or something like that so I appreciate what you said there really if you're going to do so if you're going to commit to this and sing for the Lord it is going to be a humbling experience at times because we must be home for the Lord will help you with. The Don't be afraid about experience because there are more blessings come out of that and you realize I remember one time I completely slaughtered a song that I was sharing for special music one time and. I don't know what this guy was listening to but he came up to me afterwards he says you know what that was the biggest blessing all week and I'm like I'm glad I got a blessing out of it because it was pretty bad. So don't be afraid to be humbled. So I'm going to talk about some of just just share with you some of the things that I've done that I've experimented with things that I've seen other people do with music evangelism I hope some of this is helpful to you you should never you should never sing a solo and I say that spiritually because if you're seen by yourself that's OK as long as the Lord is singing with you but there are ways that we can go about singing whether it be a group choir an individual whatever it might be that can bring that emphasis to God and him joining with us in that song. I've done a lot of concerts. With mentalistic focus where we're trying to get there trying to reach out to people who wouldn't actually come to come to church for anything else like an imaginative series or a church service or something like that but they might come to a concert or they might come to some music program and so I've done things like this over the years with friends and I'm going to share with you what I've learned in those experiences it's there's lots of ways to do it wrong and I've tried some of them so don't don't don't do the wrong ones. Before I go into that let me just mention a couple things that I haven't done all of these but they're ideas that I've seen people do and I've seen them be effective and I actually and I want to try some of them. For example. Music shared simply and in a simple place can be far more effective than you think. Have you ever thought about doing music with a medical outreach event like say it like we have just had pathways here with. Just the way I see that they have music during the actual perfect OK I know they've done that before I was able to go down there this year to see if they were doing it but having a concert while patients are coming in they're waiting in line waiting for their turn having some people to share some music and tell stories and and you know have some dialogue with the patients and then you can you could I've seen a church where they they did that and they invited people to come to the church the next following weekend for a concert by the same people and people came and then after the concert they invited of them come to hear stick series The following weekend or the following day and people came at these are people who probably would not have come or at least would have been much harder to get in contact with them and get their attention. If it wasn't for that music so that's one thing I haven't personally done that yet but I'm looking for an opportunity do it I've seen other people do it I think it can be very effective What about singing door to door never tried that. So one year see we were going door to door and it was freezing cold I think we were in Baltimore I could be wrong but. The group I was with was like you know what why don't we just sing at each door and then give them the glow track or whatever we were handing them and felt the survey and we got we got quite a bit of Bible study requests from that and people wanted to tape we had a great controversy that year with people wanted to take the book and there was a lot of enthusiasm we got that the people around us in the same similar streets didn't seem to get the same results we were just singing random hymns that we could think of it. I find on our phones a lot of fun I've heard of people doing that more regularly like say in your local church community going door to door singing on a monthly basis or something and they get the community gets to know them and they're like oh yeah you know we love it when you guys come by and saying Can you come you know to our our. Home for such and such meal or you know Thanksgiving or something like that and then it leads to further contact and then pretty soon people are going Bible studies people are coming to social events friendships are made and hopefully we see them all in eternity Amen. Music in people's homes. Especially those who are sick or elderly This can be a huge blessing I know it seems simple it's it's you know as Ariel mentioned this is. This is sometimes a humbling experience for us as musicians but it can be such a blessing such a blessing to people who are in their homes they can't come out they can't come to church whether it's a church member or just someone who who. Someone who maybe hasn't come to church for a long time and you hear that they're sick show up do a little concert for him in the living room can be a huge blessing so consider that as an option. Music with children programs. I. Wish I wish Ariel would share the story. Ariel's husband Taylor his cousin. Went to Sabbath school as a young boy and he would sing this the children songs you know the ones that we we all are familiar with you know I've come to Sabbath school this little item my These kind of songs and and then he. I think I believe if I don't get the story wrong he was not brought to church or as he grew older he was he was he was not coming to church for a long time and but as he's he's older now and he's the to this day he's always remembered those songs that he saying in Sabbath school and he can't remember the time he remembers the time when he realized that most Christians actually go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday it's like you know because because of the children song that he's saying as a young boy in Sabbath school and that had such a profound impact on his mind as as he you know grew older and his spiritual journey and he's coming back to the Lord now I believe hopefully not getting the story wrong area. And those and he specifically has mentioned those children songs multiple times you know those things help to remember the truth amen you can have a profound impacts singing these simple songs with children at various programs social events whatever the whatever opportunity might find yourself in. So concerts how many of you guys have done a concert or been involved in one OK most people been involved in one. How many of you guys have organized One couple of us OK Nice nice so there's lots of ways you can do concerts. I'm going to focus on what I have tried it doesn't mean that the other ideas are bad or wrong anyway so don't get me wrong but I have I have experimented with some ways that I feel really helped focus the concert in the evangelist stick mindset I've I've often seen concerts while they we're trying to make them evangelists stick we want them to be you know Christ centered and focused but it can slip into the realm of performance if we're not careful because it's which is natural we want them to be we want to be professional We want to be as good as possibly can it's we focus so much on making the music good and we forget why we're doing it it's very easy to do I've done it myself so one thing that I have done a lot with a friend of mine Chris Reeves and you may know Chris Reeves a couple people heard him tell stories he loves loves to telling stories and he's actually. Studied the art a little bit he's read some books on it and he's practiced and he's really really wanted to learn how to stele stories well it's all it's an art that we've lost and in our society for the most part these days because of all the media we have and so he just loves telling stories so he and I have done a lot of these concerts where we will combine a story with songs. And he'll tell you know five minutes of the story in the most sing song and then five minutes story and then sing us another song and the songs go along with the story and the end result is a concert it's a it's a full concert but it is a concert with a. With a message it's it's just as message focused as a sermon would be and the stories surprisingly enough really help us to focus on the what we're trying to do with each song you know this is often done with like Christmas programs where you have a narration that's the most common example of this sort of thing but we specifically never did a Christmas program because those are always. That there's I think is actually a better use for Christmas programs I'll get to that a little bit later. So we told a number we've done a number of these concerts with different stories progress was one that we told we've done. One with. I forget the name on the side. To think about later but several there are several books out there of people in recent history who have who have stood for truth. Who were persecuted for their faith and powerful powerful stories and you can find that story with some songs and people or are just some of the comments I've heard of people coming up to me afterwards in fact one case one of our concerts. A secular professor from the university who teaches in a secular university who kept it come because one of his students invited him to this concert to our church he says you know. I've never this concert made me think about some things that I've never thought about before thank you that's all he said I don't know where that took him after that but this is coming from a gentleman who doesn't come to church never far as I know never has come to church perhaps doesn't believe in God and He. He. He would never have come to church for anything other than this concert that a student invited him for and it was something that led him closer to a closer knowledge of God and I I'm curious to see where that took him later in his life and when I get to heaven I'll find out. That I've had other similar experiences like that as well it's really cool so here's some things on what I've learned with writing these concerts so first off you've got to write it you've got to pick your story if you're going to do the story format if you're not going to do story format then make sure that you have a theme a goal that you needed to be cohesive For one thing I've often seen with concerts is we kind of. Throw a bunch of songs together you know we're we're we're trying to find songs that we can do we're trying to find songs that we know perhaps if it's in a local church setting we're just working with what we have and that's OK but it's even better if we can define the theme what are we trying to do with the song what do we want people to walk away with remembering and if you write that down first or if you pick a story that accomplishes that for you first and build everything off of that lays the foundation so pick your story. And as you're picking your story. Think about your audience who you're trying to reach So when we did talk with progress we specifically we had done other concerts that were focused at like we did one that was administering So we talked about some of the different administers founders of the church and these these men and women who studied together and grappled with the doctrines that we have and how they came to and all that kind of stuff so we told some of their stories and we put songs along with that and that was. That was great but that was that was good for a an Adventist audience that was you know looking for encouragement in their faith it was probably not the best content for reaching out to our local community who's never heard of a dozen before so when we did help us progress without that we want to actually extend this to can the community we want to invite people who you know would never come to church otherwise what can we tell what can we put in this concert that will be a blessing to them that will be a good first you know kind of interaction on the spiritual level the story of Copus progresses so how many guys read the story oh man you guys got to go read those you have it that is a powerful story. The the allegory of Pilgrim's Progress takes you through the entire Christian journey step by step in such a every time I read it's like I see new layers that I didn't see before it it's incredible and it's a perfect it's generic Christianity of course it was written many many you know three four hundred years ago something like that so it's not far as I know no particular faith claims it as their their composition most Christian faiths consider it a good enjoy able. Protestant OK. Yeah OK OK Yes. So but as far as I know I've never heard any Christian of any faith say oh that's you know that's there that church that's you know and I'm of this church you know I mean so it's very generic in that but it's very powerful in it doesn't have any. One problem when we're trying to we're trying to be generic in our faith it's easy to lose our truth forget about our truth of the truth of the Bible and. Yet James is going to mention a few things along those lines in the next session so you want to be careful if you want to be generic in your faith don't whitewash the truth out progress does not do that by any means in fact it quite does the opposite so we picked that story. We broke the story down you could never tell the full story in ninety minutes even if all you did was tell the story it's like a six hour long book if you read it cover to cover actually more like nine hours so we. We broke it down we picked the little elements that we wanted to highlight you know that we'd have to skip the rest and we picked more then then we knew we could use but then we started lining songs with it so. We look for songs that go with each section and one thing to remember. You want to remember where you're going in the story what's your appeal what's your conclusion going to be how are you going to tie it all together and in Pilgrim's Progress we thought you know let's let's. The Celestial City is the ending of it we want to invite people to join how do how do we do this it was we wanted to invite them to come to the Celestial City and which is exactly what Christian does in the entire store he's he's on his way to the Celestial City and so we invited them so we picked the appeal song before he picked the rest of the songs and then we picked songs we look for ones that had elements that reflected to that appeal piece by piece as much as possible these were songs that we didn't write so in some cases it didn't fit perfectly but little words and phrases here and there you know maybe a phrase in one song that somehow relates to the appeal or something towards the end and we may not actually emphasize that on purpose in the concert but different people will pick different things out you know adult will hear one thing in one song and hear another thing in another song in a click in their mind and someone else will hear something totally different but it will be a blessing to them the Lord can direct people's thoughts to those things and it's our job to just think about it and try to put as much in there as possible and then the Lord can direct their minds to what what we have prepared. For the one thing we also did before we really started practicing it was. We wrote the tie in lines so when you sing a song and then you're going to tell a story or you tell a story and sing a song right after you want to make sure that you connect what you just told the story with what's going to be sung in the song or what we just sing the song with what's now going to be told the story and it's very simple just a simple you know like say I can remember in the examples we did and I haven't done this in three years. The the one comes to mind there was something about Christian. Took his eyes off the light at one point and he falls in the. Pit of despair in the in the bog of despair. You know it was the. Slew of Despond thank you thank you and the way you phrased the way you tell that story you lead up to it you could say something like he forgot to turn his eyes upon Jesus that's all you got to say and then you sing the song Turn your eyes upon Jesus or whatever song you're going to do that just say something that's going to be in the song as part of the story and people's minds are instantly connected to what you're doing so write those tie ins before you get to start to start practicing and picking the songs now when you're. When you get to the narration writing the narration we found that it was best to have Chris do all the narrations. He is a good storyteller and instead of having multiple people do narration throughout the concert a lot of a lot of concerts will do that and that's OK but the benefit of having a single narrator do it we found was that that was the anchor point for the entire program because we had different musicians for different songs quite often and it was. Having him be that filler between each song while we would get the next one ready and he was that familiar face and he could keep that cohesive thought going with his story all the way through it's so much easier when it's just one person you can do multiple people that's fine there's nothing wrong with it but just think about how the program will flow will people be distracted from what you want them to be hearing it's very easy for people to just you know you're setting up my stands over here and someone else is talking over here that they've never heard before in their life what's going on and you know if you have a familiar face throughout the whole thing it can really help to be an anchor point so we did it that way you can consider your options in that area whoever does the narration they need to practice they need to be good at it if they haven't done it before they can become good at it use these kinds of things as ways to improve people's skills that's OK but don't don't read your script memorize it if at all possible. And don't. Don't just. Yeah don't read a script don't don't just memorize it and try to do is try to do it as best as possible to engage the audience. And part of that is to do a full rehearsal we try to do this we didn't always it accomplish it but doing a full rehearsal you know it's time consuming getting people to come do the whole thing but it can it can make all the difference in the world if we didn't do it for her so we do the concert several times and after the first one it was much better the second time around. Picking songs your songs have to have a solid message You can't just pick songs that can say almost anything and expect them to say something specific you know you need songs that have a real solid message we often a few times we actually wrote the words of a song to be more direct in the message we had you know was a great melody had a good chorus or something like that it's like the the verse just falls apart or it just says nothing let's rewrite the verse to actually say something of substance so consider that you can always rewrite a song there's nothing wrong with that if you can improve it if you pray over it and the Lord impresses you with the words write him out and use them and you can come to James a seminar if you want to know how more how to do that you can be talking about that. The we didn't use a lot of instrumental music but you can the places where we did was. Places where the story was very contemplated prayerful it was a moment where you just needed to hear a familiar song. There was one point where we just played near still near in the background very quiet. It was a point where Christian was just. Pouring out his heart and it just you just needed. That him to be played very briefly but that was the only instrumental music we used. We we did that on purpose. If your audience is very familiar with a lot of instrumental songs in there they associate the instrumental songs with us particular message that it's OK to use that but instrumental song without a some association with a. Message can kind of just be music in the middle of nowhere to an audience that doesn't understand it so know your audience use that appropriately however you feel is best. For the music groups the musicians picking the musicians for the concert this is interesting. Ideally you want to be some musicians who are committed to the goal you know you have this goal of reaching people for Christ with your concert. It's interesting how you know you have musicians who won't really be committed to that goal they won't be really interested in that they'll be interested in doing music but they're not really interested in in the evangelistic side of it and you'll have musicians who are really interested in that and if you're a choir is filled with people who. Largely don't care about anything with music you're going to struggle to get them to commit to the level of preparation you want and to to to sing things and prepare things in the way that you want in their demeanor their attitude is just you know if you can find people you're not always going to be able to find people who are committed to that goal and that's OK but if you have a few key people in the group. If they're there the leaders if they're the conductor if they're the people that are tying it all together and they are just gung ho about this mission then they can uplift the musicians and encourage the musicians that aren't and they can they can bring they can they can bring that that atmosphere along with them into the rehearsals into the practices and ideally you should with those who are committed to this you should pray together and study together and study the music in the messages together spiritually even more than you practicing you should practice the music but if if you don't take the time it's so easy I've done this a lot and I just practice a way and we should pray you know at the very end when we're like exhaust you know let's pray first let's spend some time in prayer let's spend some time you know opening up our Bibles and you know where is the words from the song taken from oh it's taken from this Bible passage what is this Bible passage saying oh man the young now the song just comes to life you know I mean so think about that consider having that as you know if you're preparing a concert have a Friday night a Sabbath afternoon where you sit down with the musicians that are committed to this goal and just pour through the material and really really study together and it will bring the concert to life in ways you you wouldn't imagine. So that was that was the large amount of. Of what we did for the concerts we. We did this a different churches you can do it you can take it or leave it I hope it's helpful to you we. We we did it in some cases we did it with a vengeance experience in some cases we did it where we would advertise the community in other cases we would do it just with a South African with a church and we would tell the church ahead of time you know tell your your attendees that they should they can bring their coworkers and friends and family that might not always come to church and so those are some different ways that you can you can use it. It can be it can be interesting at first getting churches and people to understand what you're doing because concerts are often not considered when people think concert they don't always think oh a vengeance tick series Those are not usually the same sentence in people's minds but the more you do it the more you know as we did it we started getting pastors calling us and say hey you know I heard you did with it so and so is church and you know I would like to have that like as the opening of my eventually stick series and and so it started to catch on but it took a little while for people to understand what we were doing why redoing it what we really wanted them how they were how we really wanted them to use it so don't be discouraged if the first time around is like Well that was just a bunch of the same church members who may have been blessed but you know they're in the church they're they have a walk with the Lord and and they and they didn't bring any of their friends or neighbors so that's OK do it again and and look for opportunities look for better ways to to advertise it. The only other thing I'm going to say on this and I'm a take a couple your questions is the other excellent use for concerts that I've seen is concerts for reaching the musicians and this is an example you know like we do a Christmas concert and it is a. Perhaps it's not the most musically pleasing program but the musicians that you bring you know because it's done you don't have a lot of practice you know you're involving a lot of people who maybe don't do music all the time it's OK but the musicians are blessed because of it and you can invite people you know like you know your music teacher who is non-Christian or whatever you know and they come and they do they do a piece in the in the the program or a friend or you know someone you can get people to come in for that program and participate in a program that might never otherwise come and their contact with you and your friends can be extremely powerful I've seen that done I've seen it done well and it may not be the most appealing concert to the audience but that's OK It doesn't have to be unappealing to the audience you can it can be both but I've seem to say well you know was never at a concert no no you know you don't know what was going on with some some of the people in that choir the people have never been in church before you know all really you know all the sudden the light goes out of their mind it may see what's going on behind the scenes you know below the the slightly dissonant notes of the choir there's actually harmony going on in the soul there so never underestimate that that the use of that that type of. Program and I want to say if you're a teacher any how many of you guys are music teachers you know we got a least one two three four by OK nice. Your power as a teacher is absolutely tremendous. I met a guy in the lunch line of G.I.C. some years back I don't know his name just a random chatting over waiting for lunch he says yeah you know. I I came back to the Lord after I had a interesting conversation with my music teacher I was saying in some song and he challenged me on the theology of it and and the site from what I gather the music teacher was a committed Christian and the music teacher was trying to get him to think about what he was singing you know why are you singing this what is this song you're singing Why are you one of those words mean and it got him thinking and it got him started the ball rolling and he started thinking and praying he started turning back to the Lord he's like I'm here because my music teacher made me think. So if you're a teacher if you want to be a teacher or if you find yourself teaching at a church you know if you're starting a church choir or just doing a program or something you're you're teaching in the context of music look for opportunities to share with people you know don't just say OK let's practice the song let's say hey let's read the words together what are these words mean and you can make people think where they may not otherwise think. So any questions. I check my see if anyone's Texan anything it yes. Yes yes. Ariel did you hear this question because I know you have an answer for this one so we're talking about how using music in a context where the the lyrics either can't be shared or they are not understood it's in a maybe in a cultural setting where they don't know the language or like you mention maybe a setting where you can't necessarily sing Christian lyrics because it's not allowed. What what are so. I can help me understand your question are you asking Can instrumental music alone how can that be used what can that do for us is that your question. I know you had a story that kind of answers this. I think it can yes right. OK. I I have it well and he loved the story specifically that I have is dealing with with songs with lyrics but also for instance it was in a setting where there was a language barrier we were in Serbia and. I don't speak Serbian a lot of them don't speak English and then we were also in Zimbabwe at one other time in the bush like four hours out and they spoke their native tribal tongue and not English as well and we sang songs in English but it was still just as much a blessing to them. As it was as it would have been had they understood it and it was pretty mind blowing to me because I didn't expect that but I think that also when it comes down to it God didn't just create lyrics he created the music in and of itself and I think if you play well and with. We're not talking specifically about styles and whatnot in this seminar series but in a way that brings glory to Him and can touch your heart and move a heart and that you can still be affected in that means and they mean I can be as moved as if they would be hearing you sing about the love of Jesus or his power to save and what not but I think it can still definitely be used in a powerful way to impact our heart and to soften them and to subdue it because God still instituted that as well so I think that that's one way now as far as doing it in a place where Christian songs and lyrics aren't allowed I don't have it experience with that but I think that that also could potentially. Maybe be a way of working with that to. Yeah I think. I don't have experience on this either but I can't imagine that God couldn't use a simple instrumental song to touch someone I mean the Holy Spirit can speak words into a song that has no works right I mean I would be simple for him to do. So I don't see why not I think I think some of these kinds of questions no one has the specific situations. We have to approach them with prayer approach them with the best information that we have and and say oh lord you know how to weigh how do I reach this person can I use music how can I use this song What song do you want me to use and he'll help the impress you with that you know he will give you those answers and then you. Step out give it a try and. Ask the Lord to fill in where where it doesn't work and oh I just actually have quotes you know I didn't put any in this one because I was focusing more I guess on things like I really do you but she does have some quotes that I thought and I was preparing my section that talks about how it's a blessing and it's a good thing and we should use instrumental music in our worship services because it is a blessing and so it's something that she specifically mentions is to have well trained musicians playing instrumental music and that we should include them in our worship So that's just another thought yeah. One more question. OK. Oh. There's a good idea it's a good idea and I've done that when it was English audience English words you sometimes miss the words when you're just singing them you know especially if it's a complex song but on the screen it's a great idea. One last question before we break and then for James session. Other questions come on I know you guys have more ideas than this. OK. Yes a company that tracks are tricky. Was that oh yes so the question is. How can we so let me help me understand are we what sources might there be for good to come to the tracks and how we are uplifting how can we use those best. Ideas James in the back thing added Harold but. Yeah a company that tracks I have to struggle with this because there's not a lot of good ones out there and. I don't have a good source for you I have found many just kind of. Here and there there's good ones here and there but what I have come to more and more is creating my own and or find people who can help you create that is that is the best way to go I think and we need to do more of that really so fine people. I agree I completely agree. So yeah I'm not sure of the best answer but. Yes. Yeah. So that website once again was praised him why and asked him So praise him dot com. As a good access or resource for track OK. All right let's break for a few minutes James because of. This message was recorded at the Q I C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. She wants to support the ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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