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2. Learning From Trump

Gary Blanchard



  • December 28, 2017
    10:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at Deb you Deb you Deb you dot. Org. I want to welcome you guys thank you for being here as we go into why I see. A man I want as you guys come to see Let's hear some of the reasons why you're here shot him out. First time check it out first time. To get Let's yes a student. To learn to learn from Trump a student. Or is that F. student because that depends right politically you see. No politics. What are some reasons you came to see I heard some really good people are sharing with me today some mazing things feeling like you're part of a movement of young people who feel the same way about our message is that true being encouraged to see other young people staying solid for God What are some other reasons. Getting into the Bible. If you guys appreciate the message last night. Talk about the spirit of prophecy in the Word of God getting the word of God very blessed Well I'm honored to be here today I'm honored to speak it to you I see today we're going to be talking about learning from Trump and the reason it's title like that is to get as many of you in your as possible so I can see that work and we'll be spending a little time on that but getting into the real me because what I really want to learn is learn from Christ Amen no matter who the person is we want to learn from Christ right amen So I want to thank you for coming I want to take just a few moments to have a word of prayer and let's thank Jesus for being in our midst Let's do that. Lord. We're so thankful to be here with you. Father we thank you that many years ago as a group of just a few young people got together. And they cried out to you and said Lord we want to do something great for you and you put on their heart to start U.I.C. and and now we have four thousand here and seven thousand on Sabbath probably it's just a movement around the world young people excited about your message that you gave us Father we realize that we're not better than other denominations we're not but we've been given a greater responsibility you have given our church the very last message of warning and hope to the world before you come back just like you gave that message to Jonah and Noah we gave it to our church father we got to get serious about it because times are dark right now and people need to hear the message you're calling for leaders Lord. Leaders who are lit up by your spirit and leaders who catch your vision and get involved in that they were tired of asking you to bless what we're doing and we want to start doing what you're already blessing you have a vision and when you get in line with your vision. So show us God the way I pray in Jesus name Amen so I wanted to introduce you to my family really quickly here that's my son Gary on the left he goes to Southern University a. Man I'm in three of you so I did my daughter's here is hoping to go to Andrews University. Try to cover all the bases and that's me obviously there's my beautiful wife Erica a man if you know it's a pastor is always a beautiful wives. It's called Grace That's why they preach all about grace that's why because I've experienced it now I have a wonderful wife Erika she's studying nursing and then my son Benjamin goes to southwestern Avonex University. I got one strong a man in the group so that's my family wish they could be here but they're packing from Maine and getting ready to head back to university you might know me I'm Pastor Gary Blanchard I'm the new world youth the rector for the church and one of my jobs is over see some amazing ministries we have adventures how many of you grew up in adventures raising really high Pathfinders How about. How many of you been involved in the ambassador program if you have on that have a master guides master guides or the Navy Seals of the seven the atmosphere which you get lost in the woods you want to master God with you. And also involved in all types of young adult ministry how many of you heard of global use Day global youth day we had one hundred fifty million impressions for global Youth Day last year one hundred fifty million over three million young people were involved in global use Day last year so I hope all of you will plan to get involved in that we also have a whole lot of events happening in the world I want you to take out your cell phone really quickly I know some of you are my last class arm repeating myself but this is my like intro commercial but if you if you can take out your cell phones and go to Facebook G C U's Ministries dot org If you just like us there then you'll be in touch with all the things that are happening. For using young adult ministry around the globe so you can be in touch with us also we have a brand new address to our website youth dot admin is dork so let me ask you a trick question where would you go to learn everything you need to know about global use day and how to get one started in your church go. Let's say you wanted to get a free book on the Holy Spirit and you're like man I would love to start a small group on the Holy Spirit and learn how to reach people and I think where would you go to get a book on The Spirit. Let's say you were planning a global use day and you also wanted to plan a week of prayer afterwards where would you get all the sermons in the power points that you all could use to do your your prayer. Guys there's a whole lot of things on our Web page that you want to check out make sure you don't miss out on what's happening globally around you it's amazing stuff Amen. Some of you may not realize this but Agnes world radio and the General Conference you Department are getting together and we're holding a huge missions trip a preaching mission trip in the Philippines and so that's going to be awesome so if you're interested in getting involved in something like that we also have a calendar that we have online at our website Evan is used to having us dot org We have that calendar there that you can get to just a lot of stuff we also have a newsletter I mean I could go on and on there's so many things there to check out here's that mission trip to plow and how many of you have ever gone and done share him before Raise your hand and share him ministry OK how many of you have done a sermon before Raise your hand OK well we're going to be doing is we're all going to be converging on the plow and islands there and we're holding one hundred sites run by young people who are going to be preaching on those various sites so if you want to learn more about that and register for that you can go to the website as well there's just a lot of stuff going on around the world just so we can look really cool here all of our social media things right here Amen so we're trying to be cool trying to connect with you in every possible social media way we possibly can think. So we have Instagram Facebook Twitter You Tube Google if you have your phone take a picture of this right now at least for my sake so I think that I'm really cool to get a picture of that so that just gives you all the ways you can get in touch with what's happening around the world with youth ministry. I really love this logo right here this was logo gets me up in the morning this is our logo notice this is says three angels I'm going to say three angels. One message to all the world through youth said again three angels one message to all the world through youth is that awesome that is just a mission statement this is what gets me up in the morning this is what I'm all about in the youth department is trying to help young people understand their identity is seventy and is to know the three message to get them excited about preaching Jesus around the world we serve a wonderful God do we not you know he's a god of rest he says Come to me all you labor and heavy laden I will what I'll give you rest he's a god of rest did you know that when God every single day starts with rest. You know that every single day starts with rest because we know in the Bible days are made up of what. Evening and morning so every day begins with rest it's like he's trying to tell us something and he's got a rest right you know when he created Adam he created him on Friday right so that he could spend an entire day doing what resting and we also have the Sabbath where God is like giving us a free vacation every week to rest with him amen and this is the same thing when it comes to salvation we're not supposed to work to be saved we're supposed to rest in the finished work and every day after me the only thing that works. Is the finish work and then so we are to rest you know it's amazing about seven am as Christians at rest there are some of the hardest workers. You said coming to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest and knows what he says take my what yoke upon you you see when we. Experience the rest that God has provided for us all the ways that our god of rest has caused us to rest we are motivated to live for him and that's why we do works not to try to get God to like us but because we know he loves us amen responding to his grace so I love traveling around the world helping young people that follow that I want you turn the person next to and say you're a leader. OK now this time say like you actually mean it. Go. Now what you turn to them say the question is. Are you a godly leader. I want you to read this quote With me now these sermon these talks that I've been doing on leadership they're kind of series it's OK if you missed the first one and all that don't worry about it but so we're kind of repeating ourselves little bit as we build up into the next step and being a godly leader but I think it's very important as last days that we've got leaders don't you think so it's very important but I want you to see here that everybody is a leader. Now I know there are some people that have a special gift for leadership we can see it's a spiritual gift we know that right and we also know that some people have a gift of evangelism but we're also witness right so there's people that have a special gift of leadership but we're all leaders come on now Amen so let's read this together it's gospel workers page sixty seven paragraph three one two three go in view of their high calling the youth among us should not seek for amusement or for selfish gratification the salvation of souls is to be the motive that inspires them to action in their God given strength they are to rise above every enslaving debasing habit they are to ponder Well the paths of their feet remembering that where they lead the way others what will follow no one lives for himself all exert an influence for good or for evil. If you are a leader the question is. To whom are you leading. A man. In the Bible actually says you're either gathering or scattering. There's no sitting on the fence you're either gathering or you're scattering you there leading closer to God are leading the way and that needs to solidly stick in our minds because there's no such thing as just sitting on the fence and not being a leader you are leading in fact I can prove it to you Facebook you got some followers on Facebook how many followers on Facebook alright how many get followers on Instagram so you have followers you have people watching how Twitter how it's not yet. How about a little brother little sister How about employees players. We have people watching us all the time doing relationships boyfriends go and only have a boyfriend or girlfriend how many have a husband or a wife all right so people are watching you guys all the time and they're following us they're following us by watching us in our lives so we're all being followed so we just get talked talking about how we need to get with the Holy Spirit that's the first step in becoming a godly leaders to get lit with the Holy Spirit everybody say get lit in the right way through the Holy Spirit and we talked about that by the way I did a whole series on the Holy Spirit it's at it's at a site called rightly train dot org If you go to rightly trained out org I did a whole series on getting laid with the Holy Spirit getting baptized in the Holy Spirit so if you want to learn more about that if you missed the last session but we're going to talk about catching God's vision we serve a God that has an amazing vision Amen The problem is that we're always consulting ourself like we'd like to form little committees to come up with vision statements you know is that and yet our visions end up being so small compared to God's But if we get involved with God's vision we'd be leading in that direction we would see a lot more amazing things happening in our ministry in our lives just by following God's vision so the second step in being a godly leader is not following your vision or man's vision so get in line with God's vision sort of asking God to bless what you're doing start doing what is already blessing get involved with what God is already doing. And that is where we start seeing some wonderful things United States presidents don't you love them. And then. Some hesitancy there we have a lot of presidents and you know all of these guys had some serious serious problems. But all of them had some pretty cool strengths to do right you know Garfield was assassinated but you know Garfield was the only ordained minister out of all of them pretty cool I guess kind of tense tense as you look at that but he was an ordained ordained minister we know that George Washington had an incredible ability to endure Valley Forge if he hadn't been willing to endure there we would of law. War the Revolutionary War He stood stood out very strong strong leader in that regard we could go through the list and take a look at a lot of them here Truman I love Truman because not only was he a genius but he was also faithful to his wife can you say man this guy had integrity and character he was faithful to his wife you can't say that for all the presidents unfortunately for all of them probably my favorite what I like Franklin Roosevelt who led our country through two wars and through the Great Depression can you say Man that's amazing that's amazing leadership and Teddy Roosevelt is probably my favorite. Roosevelt like the man's man I mean he was shot one day with a thirty two caliber point blank in the middle of a campaign speech and he said well I probably I probably can't speak very long now is that a bullet in me but he went and preached for another fifteen minutes and while blood was pull him to he also wrote a moose I mean the guy was detained a moose. That's a cowboy that's that makes tech that puts Texas to shame but you know he was amazing Do you know another another thing we find about leaders throughout especially a lot of our presidents they were avid readers. Everybody say leaders learn. Yeah if you're not leading if you're not learning you're probably not going to lead very long because your learning has got to stay in step with the cultural changes that are happening so you've got a concert the learning Roosevelt would actually study his read one book a night so he didn't watch the movies or anything like that he went to bed early was up in bed he put his he put his forty five caliber hundreds below and you sit there and read a book every single night every year he read five hundred books a guy was brilliant and every time he thought he was getting too big for his britches or too proud he would go outside look at the stars and then he remember how small he is and you go back and say I'm pretty small Now I can focus with so many so many amazing things about that guy is amazing we can go on with others we have Obama like his swagger weight walked you know everything was going to be all right when you saw on the screen. You know everything is going to be OK And now we have Donald Trump. And that's why you're all here. To learn from Donald Trump right. You know on a serious note as Seventh Day Adventists we should do a lot more praying for presidents than trashing them don't you think and the reason why I said the atmosphere is because we believe in the Bible and the Bible says we are to pray for our leaders amen and I just thought the president states we should be praying for the president of seventy had his church president of our conference is anybody that's in leaders a target and we have to remember that they're human too right so true so keeping that in mind also some of you might have a real negative opinion of Donald Trump but keep this in mind that we can even learn from the shrewd managers. Remember the story in Luke Chapter sixteen God's pulls a lesson from a from a guy who was a businessman who got they felt was a little bit shady but God was able to pull a lesson from his life so we can learn lessons a man does not shut our mind to learning some lessons but I'm not going to talk a whole lot about this but except just to say that he does have a vision and then he's got a vision you might not agree with a vision but he has a vision to make what we all know it right. To make America great again whether you agree with that or not or whether you agree the nation needs to be made a great again that's the debate that's going on but he has a vision OK he has a vision and so we can appreciate the fact that he's got a vision like that I just got done reading a book by him because I thought I need to get ready for all the incredible information to be giving in this class so I read the book called Think big. Pretty good but I'm not going to be quoting from this book a lot of this is a little bit contrary to my beliefs on leadership in some time in the Bible but there are some principles in there and one of the things that he says I thought really grabbed hold of in the book think big is that we need to think big. All right maybe you've heard the saying that goes like this go big or go home. Right I think we should go big so we can go home. Man. Next year I love that to say it to the person next to and say let's go big so we can go home. I mean if we serve a big God should we have big vision. Do you think we should have big vision you know go big or go home let's replace that with going big so we can go home let's think big things let's think big things because we serve an incredible God here's a quote from the book right here I thought just to point this out this is one area that I think is a positive with Donald Trump is this THINK BIG sixty seven no matter what you THINK THINK BIG thinking big is the driving force that is forced all great achievements in modern life from the towering skyscrapers to the amazing discoveries of science technology and medicine to the great industrial and military achievements think big is behind every successful business. Church and political organization pretty good I can't disagree with that I heard a story some years ago about a man who was out fishing one day and he wasn't catching anything he was getting really frustrated and then he looked to make it even worse he looked and he saw a guy in a boat fishing catching tons of big fish and then to his heart the man was throwing the big fish back in the water he's trying to catch fish you can't catch anything this guy's catching huge fish and throw them back in the water so finally in frustration he goes up to the guy says Dude what's going on here catching these big fish I'm not catch anything big fish and you throw them back in the water what gives Why are you doing this and the man said It's real simple my frying pans too small. It's frying pan is too small. You know why a lot of churches miss God's opportunities because a frying pan is too small the pastor came up with his own vision or the elders came up with their own vision. They thought it was big but for the size of what God wanted to send their way it was tiny. And we do this to ourselves in conference is a local churches general conference or whatever else we come up with small plans that we think are big and then God sends these huge ones because his vision is massive and we can't handle the vision we can't handle the opportunities because our vision is too small it's very important in our frying pans get much bigger we got a big frying pans that said we need a god sized frying pan so the guy can send his vision his the things that he wants to set in our life and God and Jesus was an incredible visionary a man you know I love the story of the feeding of the five thousand man this this is powerful guys do you know he was trying to test his disciples and he cast a vision for him he said hey we need to feed all these people five thousand now that's just five thousand people men I'm sorry we're not thinking about the women and children that were there to write so let's say let's say there's ten thousand so we test as disciples and says we need to feed all these people that's that's pretty good vision isn't it that's vision whenever it's a God's vision it's always for other people it's always to minister of the needs of other people can you say man. And what it was the first thing the disciple said. We don't have any money. Haven't you noticed that is the first thing that happens in every church when God cast a vision in a church with all the money for that are frying pan is too small he was testing them in fact the Bible actually says he was testing them to see what they would do is God's eyes vision. Thank God for Andrew because Andrew saw a young Jew I see young person. And that you I see young person had five loaves and what two fish and so God using a little lad and some little loaves a small amount of resources was able to complete an entire vision. So when we think of God's vision we need to remember God wants to complete that vision in the same way through young people with little resources blessed by Him because memory blessed it right and everybody ate they were all satisfied that's a miracle amen and I with all satisfy there was what there is left overs whenever God cast a vision he's looking for little lads with little resources to step up who have faith and confidence in him amen So let's not forget that here's a look at the size of Jesus' frying pan right here let's read this together one two three go and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come God's vision is for the Gospel to go to the entire world. Not just to North America not just to the countries that are not dominated by other religions that are contrary to Christianity he wants us to go to every nation kindred tongue and people Muslim Buddhist countries wherever it is this is a huge frying pan God is not satisfied with your church just reaching its local community God's vision is for you to go into all the world a man. You know I remember going to a church one day not long ago. And I noticed that the pastor at all these flags around his in the sanctuary I was like man afterwards I came up to and asked him it wasn't an administration. We were having a funeral there and one of my friends had passed away so I was there and I asked him afterwards to all these flags because yeah we send people all over the world and I said Man how many members you have a new church because we have one hundred fifty and I said Man if you can send all these people you'd have like four hundred people in the church and he smiled at me and he goes you don't understand. It's not your CD capacity if you're sending capacity he said listen to me he goes because we've sent people we have over forty thousand people that call this church their home church or two thousand. You've got to understand something and every pastor needs to figure this out pretty quick especially since we're living in the last days is not your city capacity if you're sending capacity. It really is it's are you sending people because God's vision is big or you keeping your paying it's keeps many people as we can by the way if you type people God will give you a return just like you doesn't finances I am in. So God Jesus has an incredible vision it's a huge frying pan and his leaders we've got to get behind his frying pan if you want to see amazing things happen when you get behind God's vision to go into all the world and preach the Gospel in the promises and then the end will come. I've often wondered if we actually have our foot on the gas pedal as in regards to when Jesus returns and this gospel the king will preach and all the world and then the end will come. It's like God wants everybody to be saved is that kind of sound like him. And we are his troops and people are thinking when all the money for that. He's testing us. You've got a little lads you've got a lot of young people and you've got little resources go look at this right here Revelation fourteen for six here's another vision right here three messages a visionary statement let's read together and I saw another what flying in the midst of heaven having what everlasting Gospel to preach and of them that dwell in North America and since in North America OK sorry to preach to what every nation kindred tongue and people you know what's amazing about Ellen White she caught God's vision look at this right here this is this is what she says she caught this vision and she she goes crazy with it look at this testimony for the church Volume nine eight hundred fifty five page twenty eight she says this read together one two three go I saw jets of light shining from cities and villages and from the high places the low places the Earth God's word was obeyed now watch the size of a frying pan watch this and as a result there were memorials some people believe those were church plants there were memorials for him in every city and village his truth was proclaimed throughout the world now if you talk to Doug then we estimate there is about five hundred churches around five hundred cities around the world that do not have a single Seventh Day Adventist and I'm. And she is saying Look God wants us to put a church or a mission in every city and what village around the world. Can you see how our small frying pans really miss out on huge opportunities if we caught God's vision like she did we get crazy about finishing this work and we would see miracles happen in that by the way do you know most of Jesus's miracles happened outside the church not inside the church. If you want to see miracles go where God is he's fulfilling his mission I'm looking at right now it's mystics where there may be three or four Seventh Avenue in some countries in China some areas in China three or four out of us we have become a movement again of missionary movement a man because we've lost his vision. We've got to catch a vision you want to be a spiritual leader a godly leader get with his spirit and catch his vision three angels message I love the three angels message you know I've kind of simplified the three angels message in my mind because I'm a real simpleton some of you can get really deep I know some people who spend their whole career as a doctor studying this range of message and you should but I made a really simple in my own mind the first angels message in my mind is a listing of Jesus who is the everlasting Gospel the first angels message is Jesus and His righteousness can say Man that's the everlasting gospel you know as Seventh Day Adventists we should never ask how does God see me that's not the right answer if you're seventy and if you don't see yourself that way sort of asking how does God see me we should be asking how does God see Jesus because we are covered in His righteousness Amen so the first angels message the everlasting Gospel is to tell the world that God wants to cover them in His righteousness I love to use the analogy of a Bible and a pen crisis coming back very soon our only hope as the pen is to get inside the Bible haven't closed up over us that's how we're able to stand the Great Day of Judgment and investigate judgment that began in one thousand nine hundred four the only way to stand is to be covered in His righteousness the first angel's message is very clearly the everlasting Gospel and we know from Romans one sixteen seventeen at that gospel is the righteousness of God by faith amen the second angel's message come out of Babylon I believe is calling people out of confusion into the clarity of his word Amen so the first angels message is Jesus the second angel's message is his word in the last days people need to know the truth about the dead Amen a lot of deception happening in the world today and you know the truth about the day he let out of confusion into the clarity of God's word Amen so the first angels message Jesus the second angel's message is his word and the third angel's message is that God has a church Amen his church God has a church. And our church is very beautiful because our church has all the markings of God's last a church it comes up after eight hundred forty four Amen you can see it because his judgment is come so it comes up after eight hundred forty four it's a church that believes in keeping all of God's commandments but we don't do illegal Istiklal Why do. We have a faith in Jesus as their only savior so our obedience comes out of a prescience for the cross and what Christ accomplished for us so here's a church that understands grace and salvation by faith and it's also a church has been revived by the spirit who are walking living obediently to all of God's commandments including the Sabbath a church to rise up after eight hundred forty four a church that has patients waiting for the second coming of Jesus there's no other church that has that kind of birthmark. First angels message is Jesus and His righteousness second a just message is His Word the Bible calling people out of Babylon into the clarity of God's Word and the third Angel's messages in the last days this is make sense God has a church you ought to be confused by the thirty thousand different denominations out there no god has the markings of his people in the seventh Atlas church I believe that with all my heart. You know in my little daughter was born she was born with a birthmark so you might have heard me tell the stories my favorite story but she was born a little birthmark on the side of her face. And. As soon as she was born I kissed that little spot and I called my kiss by my poor daughter everywhere I go I look for little birthmark instead of face turn her face and kiss that little spots that is kiss and ever since she was a little baby toes. And I came over one day when she was seven years old she was hanging out with a bunch of little kids and I started making fun of her first Mark. And I was about ready to get in a fight with a seven year old. At the end of my career forever. And my little daughter she was offended she. Looked at the kids and said it's not ugly it's my kiss by. Bold I shut them right down you know seventy happens we've got to stop being wimpy about this. You have a special birthmark Don't be embarrassed when people call you names and whatever else you're ugly you're a cult whatever no no no we got we got our fathers kissed by. God from the church we're the markings of God's own time church that's not because we're better than everybody else but God has given us a special purpose to preach to three inches a message to point people to Jesus in these last days to call people out of confusion into the Word of God and tell people there is a body in the last days God does have a church in the last days of Earth's history you don't need to be confused he has a church and hear all the marks. So nobody makes money you say nice as much as by right so God is really blessed this is a church you know the seven am Mr nomination has always seemed very very inception and I have believed in God's vision and going into all the world did you know that did you know that for many years we did not have paid pastors in the seven am sure you know that we didn't we had pastors but they were local members who had the gift of pastoral ministry our pastors were paid to go into places where there were no churches and raise their congregations so they would begin with the local church by training all the members to run the church then they would leave and they would go and plant churches so we paid our ties in order that the message would go forward fast so our pastors were going and raising up new churches everywhere and the local people sorry buddy forgive me don't sue me for that and. The local people not only care for their local church but they also did local evangelism. So our church is moving very rapidly very fast but something happened around the turn of the century around the one nine hundred ninety nine one hundred fifteen all of a sudden we became very concerned about our little frying pan we noticed that all the other denominations had a pastor hovering over them. They have a frying pan or like their frying pan we don't want God's frying pan anymore to take the message to every nation kindred tongue and people give us their frying pan so around the one nine hundred twenty S. we began to shift and begin to pastors over churches and guess what here's a church with an incredible three angels message who has a little frying pan there must be a revolution in the seventh day of this church. Churches around the world need to say Pastor train us how to do ministry because that's your role the Bible says efficiency have to fold up the role of a pastor is to train the members for ministry pastor train us how to run the church and reach our local communities and Pastor we release you to go and plant churches where there are no churches and let's do it quickly so we can finish the work that others might be saved I was serious about the three and his message are we just playing around with a message did God actually give us the very last message of warning and hope to the world before he comes back or not. And if you notice the three angels message after three messages preached we have Revelation fourteen verse fourteen which describes the second coming of Jesus Christ trying to tell us something three just messages very last message of the world. And we need to get there figure frying pan can say Man we need to really do this and I want to say that if that never happens you don't have to wait for that to happen young people God is sending you out into the harvest. Right he said in you with this wonderful message. Into these places where they have not heard the message so we've talked about God strategy how does God going to do this. The first way God is going to do this is through revival can anybody say revival. This is crucial Our first work as a church is to seek spiritual revival we need to get lit right I told you about. It was started by some young people who got together and began to pray that God would do something through them and through that little meeting years ago I think it was two thousand and two so you I see was started in a movement I think their first meeting your first meeting was in California help me out if I'm wrong on this just in my right on this OK first was in California expected two hundred you got four hundred and then it grew and now you're up to averaging around seven thousand on Sabbaths right at these events because young people got together there was a revival young people need to get together in their dorm rooms in their churches in their schools in their homes all around the world to begin to pray God show us what we want to do we know you don't send people out as lone. Ranger's we need each other so God show us what you want to do we're here show us and guide us and God will do the same thing Amen to show you what he wants you to do with your life. How you guys have heard of his equals drybones. Yeah that's one of my favorite stories. You know one of the things how much time do I have by the way twenty minutes. Twenty five minutes OK. As I was reading that story it got impressed me about something. Did you realize that all those bones in his equals vision were all bones of lawyer soldiers right is that true. Who fights battles. Young people fight battles. Think about that for a minute the old folks don't all right the old folks the commanders and officers sending the young people into war these are bones of young people. God show me something else these are not just bones of any young person these are the bones of young people from the house of Israel that's the passage says you check it out for yourself later on from the house of Israel we know that because of the cross Jews and Gentiles who have faith in Jesus are included in Israel their Israel right there the new Israel so these are not just young people these are Christian young people. God is revealing a vision to us and then this is where it gets really exciting do you know that over and over again in Spirit of Prophecy young people are described as the Army of God. This is not just young people and it's not just Christian young people I believe the vision is pointing out I haven't as young people in the very last days of US history like drybones. But something happens. As equal begins to pray and the Spirit of God enters into those dry bones and the Bible says they rise to be an exceeding great army I believe that's the three angels message by the youth of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the last days of US history God has given us a vision of what he's going to do when young people say you know what we're tired of trying to do this in the natural we want to do in the supernatural we need to get lit by the power of the Holy Spirit and they get lit by the power of the Spirit daily and God We can start a movement so the first day needs to happen is there needs to be revival can you say man. The second they need to happen is we need to get rightly trained I have noticed that a lot of people today are saying things like that the youth are not the future the youth are the church and then what they do is they dump everything on you you don't have data. But you throughout the future it sounds really good as a gay man going to the chorus to that one who the church are there you are the church. And then we dump everything on you. That is a recipe for disaster Jesus didn't even do that Jesus. Saw young people as future leaders and you know what he did with them he saw them as leaders you know he did with them he allowed them to observe him doing ministry then he invited them to participate with him in ministry and then he activated them as leaders It took three years it was a process he didn't dump it on them it took him through a process can you say man. You see youth are the church don't own but they need to be taken to a process of leadership we can tell and put on them we need to help them by observation or they say observation participation and activation leaders need to make sure that they're doing that with our young people don't just throw them the keys train them take them through a process let them watch you in action you know pastors it's not enough to take a young person or youth leaders I'm talking about to into a room and show them how to do ministry by scribbling a bunch of steps to evangelism on the board Jesus didn't do that Jesus took them with him and showed them how to do it then he helped them get involved in what he was doing and then and only then did he send them but in twos to go ahead and practice what he taught them so he took them through a process can you say man thinks thing for instance Moses and Joshua Moses spent a lot of time with Joshua didn't he saw him as a leader but he took them through a process of leadership and we need to train young people I believe young people need to be trained in some critical areas we need to training young people right now to plant churches we really do new generational churches run by young people who have been trained by Godly men and women. And equipped and trained and sent to plan churches in places where there are no churches we don't have to wait for a revolution in the church we can be the revolution today a bloodless God honoring revolution that takes God's message to the world young people but we need to be revived by the Spirit and we can do that daily and we need to be rightly trained by Godly men and women in the church you know a lot of adults think that if they're not used any more they must. Just go on Carnival cruises all the time and it. Also might hear the youth or the church oh who do you think going to train them experience of the leaders of the church we need to be training and mentoring like Jesus did and like Moses did very very important so we need to train them in church planting I kind of wrote down several things here I believe young people need be trained to hold evangelists at meetings and places where events needs have not been taught some of you may be interested in being part of the Philippines trip to the Philippines where you get some training and holding an evangelist meeting but we need to train young people to hold evangelist meetings we need to train young people to go into public universities how many of you have heard of A.C.F. Avon's Christian fellowship that's the North American divisions. Public campus ministries initiative that's you need to get involved in that wherever training you need to go there and get training on how to reach the secular universities and build bridges from those universities into the local churches we've got to get trained get trained to reach the local universities and stand for what's right our young people need to be trained to start small groups. That are being baptized in the Holy Spirit and actively involved in ministry we need to train our young people to be leaders in the local churches and we need to train our young people in apologetics and be able to defend their faith there's a lot of a lot of things I could say about that are talked about that little bit. You know. One of my favorite. Quotes I could find again. What happened. On the stock here. I don't see that doing OK Eric or that or any way where my favor Crow quotes is with such an army of workers or use of you heard that one before. My wife is really anxious to get in touch me apparently there is something but you know we've been called. With such an army of workers are used rightly trained how soon the Gospel can go to the world remember that how soon the message of a crucified risen Savior can go to the world how soon the end of sin and suffering you know she says how soon three times. But that was interesting because we know there are three angels right with such an army of workers or use rightly trained then she says three times how soon the message of a crucified and risen Savior go to the world how soon the end of sin and suffering and then finally how soon will be able to be with Christ in Heaven basically what he says the last part of the verse he says is three times I think what we're hearing seeing here is God is giving us a revelation that God is sending our young people you guys. As his wings of the three angels message in the last days you are the way the message goes speedily into the world very exciting. So God's vision God's vision is for every nation kindred tongue and people to hear the everlasting gospel of this on the three angels message to be called out of Babylon into the clarity of his word God is also in the last days of Earth's history. Pointing out he has a church he has a movement the last days inviting people to be a part of that movement in the very end of history and he's also outlined for us the three ways the three steps to making that happen number one revival number two what really trained in number three a revolution of young people going as the three angels message the wings the three injured message and all the world. You know I want to ask you guys some questions what are some of the things that are happening in in your world that you're seeing where young people are beginning to catch this God's vision and begin to move forward with God's vision can you want to share anything that you're seeing around the world. What are some of the ways that you're seeing God really moving in the world today. Through young people. Social media. Oh yes that's true and I know Pastor Adam from the British conference is doing a lineage now where he's doing video of the Reformation high power full stuff so using social media what else are some things that you're seeing you see it's like those dry bones are beginning to come together right now remember in the story was he killed thirty seven dry bones start everything starts coming together we're starting to see a little bit of that happening around the world any other examples. Tell tell us a little bit about that. Oh. That's awesome how many of you have been cope orders for oh man that's awesome excellent so through the cold pouring ministry says social media we're seeing things happen. As I mentioned earlier I see is a definite testimony to what God is doing around the world what are the things using Yes Well that's excellent All right. Oh man what is that called again evangelistic Resource Center at Southern College that's excellent. And then we should because we have such an opportunity with many of them coming into this country with nothing to do and where to go where to go and get connected that's very good so reaching refugees seventy activists love it love it anything else that you've seen your body. Well and then. So you can visit minister to the physical and show the spiritual as a result very good excellent. Anybody else anything else are you seeing God moving. What are some of the things that God may be impressing you upon to to follow his vision and you see his vision to take the Gospel to the world what are some of the things that God may be laying on your heart right now you're not making a promise that you're going to do it but you're saying God may be impressing me in a certain area does he want to share what God might be placing on your heart some kind of a mission ministry calling whatever else you may want to share. OK yeah sometimes you want to do missionary work where we're not rather than doing missionary work where we are very. Well said are. Very good I love it start where you're at excellent. Yeah. I love a body that's excellent cream resources to help aviation people in aviation have a passion ministry. Who. Can you all hear him speak up real loud there yeah I mean right or. Well. I mean loud oh yeah oh. Really oh. Yeah. You know every night. Oh. Really you know. What I mean. I learned a lot of words. And. Zero zero zero. Zero zero zero zero. Zero zero and I. Mean. You know you know well oh my. God excellent you know oh my my. My. Own. Writing. That's awesome very good I love it love to hear that really good guys want to hear from some of you and what God's doing your life is probably others here today have some things that God is doing but I promise you that as you seek the Lord every morning and get lit by His Spirit you got to begin to show you what he wants you to do in ministry and like this gentleman over here said sometimes it doesn't have to be far away sometimes it'll be locally got a lot of doors right locally for you you know I want to end with a story with you I've got about ten minutes left. I heard some time ago and I'm not sure if it was Mark Foley that told us or if I read the interview but just really moved me you know Jesus said The harvest is right no he said that the laborers are few have you know that there are a lot of people today they're saying things like the ten spies saying things like or you really can't reach them because that's impossible we can't go in there and take that place that the people are too great there are too many giants there postmodern you heard that other post postmodern or they're pretty Christian and I'm saying we shouldn't look at some of those things and what they're all about but a lot of times people use that as is you know fear tactic we can't go there but Jesus said who cares the way Jesus said The harvest is ripe it's the labors that are few right well this story is about this young woman who is traveling into a country where they thought that nobody had an interest in God in that country it was pre-Christian they weren't responding to the gospel message but this young woman had picked up a box of fifty great controversies you guys you guys read the story that was in the review powerful story she takes these great conversations she doesn't know what she's going to do with them because of course you know they all say that you can't reach people in this part of the part of the world so she took the converses with and she was driving crossed over into her country I'll say which country it is but she was traveling along and she got caught in a major traffic jam and everybody was just kind of like stuck in the road they couldn't go anywhere and people are getting out of their cars is kind of mingling and stuff and she's decided she would study her Sabbath school lesson right there in her car in the middle of the traffic jam so she got a. She was reading about the Second Coming and last day events that happen to be the study of the time and she hears I'm not going to window and she looks there's a guy standing there and he goes yeah you know I'm just walking around bored like everybody else so you're reading something just want to know what are you reading what are you studying because I'm reading my Bible in my school lesson and learning about the second coming of Jesus and how we're living at the very end diverse history like I said you know I've really been convict on that myself and it's that we are Things are changing his work and I learned more about this she said well I got some books back here would you like a great controversy so he she gave him a great controversy and he talked a lot longer than he then he left she goes back to reading her school lesson this is a true story right you know Mark Finley tells it it's got to be true right totally true you know it's right on and so it made it was a Mark Foley's probably have an interview but anyway so another study again is not going to window again this time there's a woman at the door at the end she goes down the one who says yes ma'am she goes you just gave my husband a book and I know he's going to read it and he's never going to share with me do you have an extra one of these books and she goes you know I actually do and she reached back into how many she have left. Forty eight she gives it to her and she's like thank you and they talk a little bit and they talk really they get near real animated you know talking a little bit and other people begin to mill around that the cards are all Borg and they're all start talking and she begins to talk about the second coming of Jesus in the last events and God's coming soon on the cross and how to be ready she's sharing all the people who are really really listening and then they all start asking where did we learn more about this we didn't know about this what do we learn more about this she goes Wow funny thing I got some great controversies in the back and she gives out all of her great converses except for three of them and people go back to their cars and all of a sudden she hears this helicopter. And his helicopter flies right over the jam and parks right in the grass to her right Lanfear in the grass and the pilot gets out and he goes. Running to a car he says ma'am is everything OK we've been looking at radar we see all these people gather around your cars everything fine this is an accident or something here because no no no I was just talking about the end time events and God is coming back the guy says You know I've really thought a lot about that too and that's really interesting I love to learn more because. I just happen to have a great converse in the back so you can have this and the sure enough the guy takes a great controversy and runs back to the copter and then he stops it gave me goosebumps turned back came back and said hey listen. I get two friends instead of the helicopter Do you have an extra two copies that's a dramatic story and it's a true story it's dramatic but it communicates a very important point that we must not listen to the naysayers that say that these people are not ready we must listen to Jesus who said the harvest is ripe it's a labors that are few Amen amen let's separate together. Dear Lord. We want to thank you so much that we're part of this world movement. Father you are raising up a generation of young people in these last days that will see your vision. And will seek revival and to be rightly trained. And Father that will do revolutionary things by going either locally or wherever you send them father to do great things in your name to your glory and even small things to your name and your glory Jesus we're sorry that we've listened to either ourselves or other people that have. Scared us off like the ten that the ten spies the Lord we pray that we'd have the spirit of Caleb and Joshua. That God we would remember the harvest is right whether it be our work or our school even if we're going to a secular university and. In a classroom where the professor appears to be an atheist we don't know the harvest is right help us to to have your spirit Lord into to know how to be as wise as a serpent strategic and his gentleness and just like you God. I pray a blessing on these young people thank you for our time together God we want to be godly leaders let light us up we want to get lit with your Spirit Lord and we want to get involved and catch your vision we love you God in Jesus name a man so my next class will be later on this afternoon it'll be on living dangerously and I'll be talking about one year in mission what is this one year mission program that's happening around the world where young people are dedicating a year of their life to City of Angeles and I'll be living dangerously I think what time is that I think about three o'clock or something it's called. Living Dangerously thats it. Thank you. This message was recorded at the G Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G. Y.C. a supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G Y C Web dot org.


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