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Lessons from Our Pioneers

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • July 12, 2009
    9:30 AM
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morning on the how many of us are waiting in the rear anybody in this room that is still sleeping I don't know how anyone could come to meetings like this where you can hear gentlemen by the name of Peter Gregory open up the Bible and to expound from the epistles of John Tate descriptors that were written so long ago and make them apply to us today right here in two thousand and nine I don't know how you can come morning after morning this into a gentleman like Benjamin Young who would come before us and would share with us prophecy the prosthetic line of events and how they come in the order to also talk about how we must apply this knowledge of the law that is in our minds and about the transition to our hearts I don't know how anybody can go to a seminar by men in Jeff Opera where we are learning one of the most important principles in the Bible which is to understand relationships and how we ought to conduct ourselves whether it's dealing with courtship the family siblings or even how we deal with one another as brethren I know that we love prophecy and I don't know how it is that we can look at something like prophecy and not realize that in the book of Daniel one of the things that the Bible shows us as it relates to Babylon and then you you mean there and how one of the very things that took place before everyone bowed down to the image was that music was playing and how is it that we are able to listen to a gentleman like Sean Myers who was able to connect and show us the role of music in his counterfeit sphere as it relates to how the Devils in the user then and is true and most beautiful sphere of how God intended for it to be used how do we not understand that the very breath of the Christian is when we do the work of evangelism and go to a class where a gentleman by the name of Scott Moore is able to show us all of the wonderful principles of evangelism the reasons why the how to and also all the divine mechanic that God has shown us through the last day work of evangelism brothers and sisters how do you hear a message like what we heard yesterday from Brother Sizemore where he showed us very clearly where we are in prophecy how do we hear messages like this and still remain asleep brothers and sisters my heart truly pray that every single one of us are weak and that his time God is commissioned me to give you something that you might go home brothers sisters I was praying I mean I really pray and plead you know sometimes the people shake my hands and I don't know maybe some of you might've thought this to yourself as you ship my head sometimes people shake my hand and some of them say it would be little probably others make it in the monolithic man his hands as souls saw the work and I promise you either work I does use a lot of emotion in November this is always tell people that you really want to see the calluses all you got to do is look at my brain because I'm always thinking when I talk to people I'm literally praying and talking to come counting on God for everything like Lord put the right words in my mouth do need the right body language help me to express this thought properly and I been praying about this last message because this is the challenge that I'm to give to God 's people and brother this is as you will find that in the ending of Jesus 's ministry here on this Earth as Jesus saw that everything was about the close around and Jesus gave some very important words of instruction to his disciples because he knew that soon and very soon he was about to depart and brothers and sisters I believe that many of us are waiting I believe that I believe we are wait but I also believe that there is a chance that we might repeat history for history shows us over and over and over again about the stories of individuals who awoke when they were sleeping and so I want you to contemplate in your minds with me as within a review of brief little lesson from our pioneers and before I do that I want to simply say this if there might be one person in this room that has heard the utterance of prophecy you've heard about the Mark of the beast you heard about in time of trouble you heard terms like best degree we heard all the different things and sometimes depending on where we are not walk with Jesus when we hear these terms for many individuals it doesn't bring up a longing to see Jesus but it brings up a theater to say Lord cannot make it when you hear about the blotting out of sin God 's people having victory over sin when you hear about all these different things sometimes think about it we go out some of us listening to secular music and all these other things some of us have been involved in all sorts of sports and difference I think we are startling information even about our jurists over this weekend is that sometimes listen to these things it will save ourselves how do you know what I don't know if I can do this and we become filled with fear nor will I make it but I'm so thankful for nice little quote that I remember reading it was in a little letter my sketches one ninety six in my fifties one ninety six the prophet of God says we have nothing to fear for the future brothers and sisters we had nothing to fear for the future and set that we forget the way God has led us in his and our past teaching in El Paso history if we do not learn from what took place in times of old we are assured to repeat history in fact we are June to repeat history and so I want to disdain this little less that I will share with you in these closing thoughts as we look to the lessons from authorities before we do this as much as possible I'll invite you to kneel with me as we go before Godfrey as much as you are able to let us deal together our father in heaven Lord this is the final message to be given to your people during this wonderful FYI meeting we thank you for the great revivals that took place here father we thank you for truly opening our eyes that we were able to behold wondrous things out of thy law and father we come to you at this time because Lord we know that history shall be repeated but father we are careful to remember that there was a positive and a negative aspect of history our desire is that our lives may testify on the positive side and not the negative so Lord you give us your word that we might be guided into all truth and that you may help us in father we commit ourselves into your hands at this time please father remove every distraction help us to get on adulterated attention to the things that we are about to see and may we truly not only be awake but by your grace and your power help us to stay awake for this is our prayer that we ask you and I start with myself help me to stay awake for this is our prayer in Jesus day a man lesson from our pioneers the same way that you heard a startling message you heard wonderful truths as they were explained from the books of Daniel and Revelation and as I saw in your eyes as on so many of your instructors so in their eyes and I saw literally the light turned all in your mind and you saw something that woke you up and got too excited and serious about you what would Jesus there was a man who was part of the military in eighteen seventy four this man who was once part of the military he ended up sharing the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation this man was none other if you can work his life in the back the brothers the premises those who focus on we got to get this to work this man was none other than a gentleman by the name of a T Jones AJ Jones he was in the military and he was doing as men in the military do but one day he caught wind of the messages of Daniel and Revelation and that time came in eighteen seventy four and here it is than when he heard those wonderful messages of Daniel and Revelation in Spain in the military for one more year and then thereafter he left that military and he continued to study in Bible prophecy he was sleeping for God 's message woke them up and is always thinking this method rather than serves as a piece of that message so seriously in a time when he began to advance quickly decided to memorize Scripture and he was able not only to memorize what he was able to explain it with Holy Ghost power to the point that one statement which said about him by the prophet of God dealing with the success of LAD Jones she says the Lord in his great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders who EJ Wagner and eight C Jones visit this message in this message was what message for the visit the message of righteousness by faith righteousness by faith always belong to the movement known as Seventh-day Adventists you can't faithfully preach the third Angels message and exclude righteousness by faith because writing the air when it says here is the patience of the saints care are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Brunt visitors right inside of that very text of Scripture that you find righteousness by faith because all one nineteen one seventy two says all thy commandments are righteousness and if you are not on keeping the righteousness of God by the faith of Jesus that is all the patients they are experiencing righteousness by faith and so is that this methodology long to the movement is that over a period of time it seems that some of us began to become so legalistic we started to become like dry bones and we started talking about law law law and it seemed as if some of our ministers you forgot about the race the Holy Spirit came into the plan these two men Wagner and Jones the problem got says this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented his justification through faith in dust surety in by the people to restrain the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God eighteen zones was looked upon as God 's champion in eighteen eighty one million light of the Latino it's amazing agent Jones was awakened to truth the truth eighteen Jones was used by God to do a great and marvelous workingmen but brothers and sisters Binky Jones ended up having a problem this same man eighteen Jones as a result of the knowledge and information that he gained over a period of time he began to become very critical and as a result of this over and over again there were times that he would meet with the rise and many others and he would begin to critique them and disrespect these individuals publicly to the point that sometimes it's the wife would have to literally get up and rebuked eighteen Jones writes in front of everybody this is an helpful to me because narrative that sometimes we ask for our human beings we will listen to lament of God went down the word and that as a result of that we convince ourselves in our lives and we think surely this is a man of God and sometimes we began to even get to the point that we think it may talk right on that perhaps recommendations is also right for the proper masses no there were times that he don't cost of that was wrong in fact she was fearful of certain movements that he made to the point that he was a statement that end up being made about our dear brother Aji Jones the downfall the same man one loses mightily by God one was truly awake what was said with information that was not passed shows what it was present truth the same man in the Chris collections this is what the prophet of God had to say to him Dearborn dear brother again and again your case has been presented before me I am now instructed to say to you you have had a large knowledge of truths you know some of us here at this meeting some of us have been seeking a large points of truth we want to understand all the deep things of God so we can know how to express it others and brothers and sisters that's all right if the motivation is right but listen to this residual had a large amount of truth and less far less spiritual understanding it goes on to say when you were called to the important work in Washington you had need of far more of the humble grace that becoming a Christian since the very immediate spring meetings your attitude and the attitude is several others have done what degree the spirit of God within that minute intervals this man was gone champion is economically with all my heart with all due respect there is not anybody perhaps in his room and including yours truly that could touch the knowledge that individuals possess you it is a tells whether the student of Scripture brothers and sisters and parents at one minute while he was gone champion now he's being told that he has agreed the spirit of God this is you have been weighing in the balance and found wanting goes on to say in the next post he says no you have full confidence in yourself what was the problem with a dildo this is because knowledge caused them rather than being a humble servant he became a lifted up conceded man of the enemy this is a contrast in your self you are out on the path of duty when in order to do what criticize and reprove the work of your brethren you with August interrupted the meeting called expressly for prayer and confession and for seeking for a spirit of unity have you understood the work that needed to be done at that time a very different presentation would've been made at that meeting in the place of victory the awards of the lease the Lord has said we and the balance and found wanting in brothers and sisters though agent Jones might be used by God he was a way but the same managing Jones he lacked something and as a result of this he was weighed in the balance and found wanting do you know that E T Jones died outside of the third Angels message eighteen Jones Brothers and sisters will not wake up in the first resurrection easily be up in the second resurrection start out champion he was always somewhere along the lines he fell back asleep not only can convince this is self exaltation brothers and sisters was aching Jones is great danger this is a causes you to swell to large proportions you trust in your own wisdom and that is often foolishness this was the issue with eighteen Jones Brothers and sisters it wasn't as they condone but it was a man who was part of the movement of God the Seventh-day Adventist church this man was so powerfully used by God that he was a Mark Finley bachelor he was a seating Brooks PA Cleveland he was of Peter Gregory Duane Lennon Jeff Foster Kane was all God speakers quote unquote combined into one businessman is filled with the mobile flowing of the Spirit of God and he was one of God 's most champion soul winners in these days and his name was D and can write can write this man was such a powerful software that when he would show up into different techniques people would sell out by the hundreds and when he would spend his thing in the word of God 's people were baptized by the hundreds this man was you who I believe I got he was an incredible soul winner but brothers and sisters brother can write he understood how powerful his abilities were he knew that he was gifted to know that when he spoke people listened to know that if he altogether the word of God rightly he understood that people will surrender their life to Jesus and he got to a point that one day as he was contemplating in his mindset of the devil began to whisper in his ear the enemy started selling you know you would be so much more successful if you did not have this straight message your ministry would become so powerful if you would scale back on some of these the Jews he was a mighty man when he came to explaining the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church mightily used by God for this very same man started to listen to the whispers of the devil at one time in his life he was sleeping but where God will give my scheduled appointment once again he ended up falling into the same trap that Brother Jones if any began to exalt himself and before you know it Steve started to turn his back even on the testimony of Jesus I want to see how this was filled out the prophet of God says here brother do you notice that she always refers to these brethren as family she called the running on areas of the of the writing that says the wife she called and my son and see what playing with them she would cry out to them by visiting arenas for the prophecy she would cry out in a minute I know you're going down the wrong path please don't do this but she wrote this letter to your brother she said I was made sad to hear of your decision he decided to leave the movement predecessors the same movement that was used to wake you up over period of time it was the same movement that he ended up leaving she found out about this decision is is that I was made sad to hear of your decision but I have had reason to expect she saw the creeping step-by-step of how he was dropping on certain principles water holding back certain teachings then I think that he will the only two five things that I had reason to expect this but as he goes on to say it is a time when God is testing improving his people the genocide watchlist to serve everything that can be shaken will be sent to goes on as if at all in ovals and sold all riveting to the Journal rock those liens of their own understanding it's amazing how we see that same problem over and over again those who live in their own understanding goals were not constantly abiding in Christ will be subject to just such a defense this is your faith has been grounded in man we may then expect just such results but if you have decided to cut all connection with our counsel to him she says but it you have decided to cut all connection with the people I have one request to make for your own sake as well as for pricing key always from our people she saw him a plasticized as you said I have one request that you for your own sake and for Christ they stay with more people she went on to say do not visit them and taught your doubts and darkness among them Satan is full and exultant joy that you have step from beneath the banner of Jesus Christ and Stan under his banner DC venue one he can make a valuable agent to build up his kingdom you are taking the very course I expected you would think if you yielded to temptation you ever had a desire for power and for popularity and this is one of the reasons for your present position there are people come into the church today and Google its evangelistic schools and a time to gain a knowledge so they could say I can even that great Seventh-day Adventist evangelists we can be recognized as the next great self-supporting Center for evangelism and individuals who have that comments on their lives rather than log I simply want to be an instrument in your hand to lift up the name of Jesus Christ I desire brothers and sisters of his many individuals desire popularity power that when we speak people listen when we instruct people follow and that was can rise from fact this is one thing along Cielo I was talking to another seven ministries is when you are causing over proves you back exactly as Elder Chan Wright has acted for use with other cameras problems when she came to him when she counseled him when she saw it and there are you going in the wrong direction he says he rose up just as you do he justified himself and thought himself misjudged and abused because he believed the taste of the people he regarded himself as all right sometimes people think my ministry is successful because the people who love me because the people not to listen to me and I told her that the devil do you have a way of taking our minds so that way we can thought we were in the world of Tron exalts out there sometimes we can come in charts and still be on the mission to exalt self and some of us we presuppose things with I think that please people we know the truth in our minds that we won't say because we concern what will happen to my ministry we completely forget what the Bible says that promotion comes from the Lord we trust the media and we trust in friends and we trust in ministries is a Kenyan hello we can then continue let people know about what we're going to run don't get me wrong it's amazing when Jesus found a place to work Jesus would simply work and Wednesdays at work eyes when Arthur and his work peoples and what's going on and when people sit come on down to the center of evangelism emotionally when you find illustration annual price that will visit with God on his resume season I'll promote your work God promises he says that he'll just will make Bloomfield and fortune before great men we don't need a local popularity we don't need to let the side of saying things to please men we have to give people what they need that they might be prepared to meet the camera justified himself he was trying to please the people and brothers and sisters this is where the Morrison talk about another dumb as his brother Marvin is a way is a debater 's energy of a man who is not had a daily living experience in the meekness and lowliness of Christ he is in danger of making false issues and of treating them as realities people create strife and the result will be defensive and bickering she has many things to overcome anything fail to overcome them he will make shipwreck of faith as they know there can write it is dangerous to cherish feelings of self sufficiency brother this is camera was awake camera was widely used by God can write was one of the best soul winners in those days of our church and camera die outside of the faith and brothers and sisters chemicals will be waking up in the second resurrection and he wanted a little sad she knew it before he even died at Alan wife's funeral while she was laying there in the profit Wednesday in the task 's character that while managing often at funerals here comes Elder can write things through the door for strict infiltrators anyway I can start our chapter as it is what they are any told anybody make sure you follow her and her paintings and he said this it is too late for me to think he told his own children he said follow the teachings but he said it's too late for me brothers and sisters this is not history went back in biblical times this is history that took place only about a hundred sixty plus years ago and God wants us to understand that simply being awake to truth is not enough because I'll tell you what of all the ministries that we hear when you look at all the many different evangelist throughout our various conferences but this is the Zelda Kenwright baptized more than most he was incredible so when I don't know and I went out to be an instrument of that baptizing others as he was so therefore the question is lower when I see some things like this how can I make sure that I stay awake how can I make sure I don't fall into the trap that Brother Jones for the Wagner brother can write elder Moses home Belden Belden who wrote all these beautiful hymns that we are decided by handles of a all of these men were incredible instrument using God 's hands but all of these men are just mean all going to wake up I can resurrect what can we do to make sure that we don't fall into this trap you one thing the elder can write down the Jones Wagner Belden Moses Hall so many of these of individuals that have been assisting you know what they all had in common they did not do what I'm about to share with you today and I promise you what I'm not sure if I will be that the premises is in my desires not to be the God desire to keep things simple but I promise you this if you can practice these simple little instructions that I'm about to share with you by God 's grace you will not end up like camera you will not end up like general you will not end up like Hall and Alvin and all these other great mighty warriors for God who were awake but ended up falling back to sleep turn your Bibles to the book of John chapter eight in fact before we go Johnny go to Matthew for Matthew the fourth chapter in Matthew chapter four Jesus makes a statement that it would all honest with ourselves we perhaps have never applied this as of yet the Bible says in Matthew chapter for the first four the same was tempting Christ in the wilderness he comes to Jesus anytime soon by telling him to take some stones and turn it into bread Jesus gives them the most incredible response he says but he answered and said it is written that man is so not what live by bread alone but by how many words everywhere out of the mouth of God the proper God says over and over again how rarely it is that God 's people follow this instruction purposes if you know how easy it is to lean to our own understanding when it comes to dress when it comes to diet when it comes to where we worship when it comes to how we worship when it comes to shopping when it comes to when we choose to live when it comes to the occupation that we choose when it comes to all the different things that we have to make choices for in life it's amazing how rare it is that we open up our Bibles and say Lord with the Council with the instruction is not that simple instruction for this is also the estimate how we can take a principle I first read is ten thirty one ten Eagan drink to the glory of God and we can take back the principles and make it so simple that we know how to apply for grocery shopping did not go that yesterday but assisted the know that the word of God can guide you in any step of your life but the problem is that we all have this disease and this disease is called some of self some of Christ we all have it they are decisions that we may we talk about surrendering all we talk about home give it all to Jesus we talk about that when it got and we love you some of these Babylonian clichés but we don't understand what is I remain and the way to find out is when you reset the price paid for seven Robert about this man you are inquiring how gladly surrender myself to the shingles on the television minute the surrendering of oneself this is when you sing that song I surrender all what you say I surrender all my choices you get lonely and you say I'm looking for a life partner not just using me you cannot just choose one and I has to be safe I'm going to call you can't just choose the college because you thinking about scholarships and all this stuff and what I got this program in that program make the choice for you with the article back to the Bible spirit of prophecy on getting very practical if we have to go to the workflow and we aspect of our lives and what happened is meeting like that but it is not known to many meetings like this I've seen it over and over again you come to meetings to give people the word is given to them without not but from heaven the people received the work basically at all commitments on me also than on the one that might be some changes in the chamber Beavis husband because I wipe abuse child be the kind of brother sister company that kind of church members say all these things but over time we find out that it was just the most in John chapter eight Jesus gives us one of the secrets how can we make sure that we do not repeat history how can we make sure that this awakening effect that we have right now in our spirits are so many people Julia was delivered as I've has sold many people come to me over these past few days and say pastor liminality pause and also by the cameras recording I understand that when an individual shows a pastoral love towards you perhaps is natural for you to refer to them as fast I respect and understand what I want to say officially for the record so that no one would say brother limited self appointing himself the things he has not been I am not a pastor of any church I have not gone to school and received my degree to be a pastor I'm an ordained elder in the worldwide body instead of this and administers housing the years ago New York but I am not an official pastor if you call me pastor because you believe I have a pastoral love and care for you find that but I'm letting you know officially that I am not a plastic do you understand so glad to understand what individuals have come to me and say class eleven they would say you know my life has been changed there was heard things that that has touched me and it has moved me in all these different things and revisits him tell you from my heart I have gone to meetings where I have been touched and I have been moved and I know how it is that one minute you make a decision but shortly after you get home and the trials of daily life once again become a reality viewing you leave from this mountain experience that we've had that all of a sudden these commitments we may go right out the window John chapter eight verse thirty one Jesus shows us one of the best ways to make sure that we do not make seven roofing my camera like Jones and like many others it says in John chapter eight inverse thirty one the Bible says then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him if he can't tell you in my word then are ye my disciples indeed the problem with many of us is that when we claim to these meetings we did not have much of a study life some of us went throughout these meetings we've been gone all through the Bible and then what happens is that when we go back home over a period of time with full right back into the rat race Donna Haase let the dog out make that money is when a bad economy when a recession I don't do it I got to do to survive the devil of that you know why because great controversy page five nineteenth the prophet of God says Satan and well know that souls whom she can get to neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures whale be overcome by his attacks she says he therefore create and invent all sorts of things to keep us from spending time in prayer and in the searching of the Scriptures Gospel workers page one hundred she said God jealously guarded jealously the hour of prayer sourcing of the Scriptures and self-examination it wasn't guarding jealously guards assisted Jesus is trying to tell a continue in my words because they are individuals that have gone to a certain point in their studies nice person say this to many of us what leaders leaders preaches to don't ever don't ever get comfortable where you are always realize and recognize that there's more for you to know more for you to learn and be willing to take it as others given by God 's grace as long as they give it enough and I'll be honest with you some copy but don't get me to the love but I'll still take it anyhow I'll just pray for them that one day to get it right NSR because I thought the testimony phase of his associates under the subject coworkers with Christ she said that very point season there are many of us will do the work of evangelism as you said we will do itself back and done the work what is that but there are some individuals who are so hungry for the truth that even though we did the work and we expressed it wrong we taught it wrong she said they are still some that have sold only for the truth this is says that they will still take it anyhow and learn from what is basically says this season however she says but at we understood the human mind and human nature diseases were we only won one insult the Christ season as we go to one twenty slime on encouraging anybody to keep messing up the work of God but viability but sometimes when we are sincerely even going out doing the work and my fumbling and follow there is fair to the armies of the difference in other people to solicit Jesus anyhow operate on account of race Rob a perfection amen continue in my worth Jesus did not fall asleep because I got your point that he said I'm sorry I need no more instruction eighty dollars got to a point that is that I'm so learned and I'm so sorry what I know I mean no more instruction than rejecting the prophet of God coming to them as a mother they began to reject on the anymore stress why should we continue in God 's word I want to read a quotation to you that brothers and sisters when I read it inside of me volume five of the testimonies page seven oh seven want to listen to this because brothers and sisters we need to understand that it's not enough for us to simply know the word but we have to continue in God 's word volume five page seven oh seven prophet of God says this I have been shown that there are many that I have been shown that many who profess to have a knowledge of present truth no not what they believe brothers as you will be amazed at how sometimes even a presenter to come up and break down all the work but sometimes we can do it because they were harassed since I only have friends come and visit us from the Kingdom Hall they have a whole list of teachings were first but when you sell them off Japanese accent I want to talk about the beauty of Christ the logon what happens on to fill all the nuclear mom will regret that we heard over this weekend that for every fifteen dates should be our motto but sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to my brother had risen ascended sense but in another fact is that's he said given answer and both of them right because sometimes people asking questions and you need to give an answer by the time people attach what you believe and you need let the word of God defend itself but the Scripture tells me where and how often always present systems and is you have a good study like Gaza Yahoo and season I have been shown that many who profess to have a knowledge of present truth know not what they believe they do not understand the evidences of their faith they had no just appreciation of the work on the present time and watch this when the time of trial 's outcome they are men now preaching to others of his infiltrators this is a man now preaching to others who will find upon examining the position they hold that there are many things for which they can give no satisfactory reason she says it on till the test they knew not their great ignorance brothers and sisters it's important to be home in your understanding of God 's word it's all right to be excited and to share God 's truth prosecution for enjoying a hot regardless this is when you begin to exalt yourself because of the knowledge of brothers and sisters don't you dare think for one minute the gym and go back to your respective churches and given a couple of bizarre how that what I learned over this week and what you don't know we should go back to our churches in the most humble servant like attitudes and famous something happening over this week and there's no end what I pass on this good and now share with you tell me what time you got it we can go ahead and talk about these things we must remain humble listen to this this is when separated from those of my faith and compelled to send singly and alone to explain their beliefs they will be surprise to see how confused on their ideas of what they had accepted as true this is why we've been hearing over and over again in echo form study the word get into the word we have to study the word but brothers and sisters that God simply one February no PC having a knowledge of the heard repeatedly John seventy seventeen throughout this weekend think about the veterans that word is truth and yes that's true but brothers and sisters kids really should the quotation this morning the real issue is that many of us who happen out of the truth but the problem is when not practicing en masse and I live by bread alone but by how many words and three word that proceeds out of the mouth of thy medicine on the real series with you and I must get to a point that and we point and choice of our lives must have the approval of God and the only way we can know that is by his word is a great controversy six oh eight says as the storm approaches this is AOL our class who have professed faith in the third Angels message but who were not knowledgeable of journals noticed on the Texas visit but who were not sanctified by obedience to the truth while abandoned their position join ranks with the opposition and become the most bitterest enemies of your former rep as a father in heaven I can become the most that number because I used to think a lot about myself because I can quote Scripture spirit of prophecy I thought a lot about myself but God showed me if you think doesn't get you in heaven you are absolutely wrong so the floor when we talk about continuing in the Lord Jesus as he keeps studying only Jesus and the way you continue in my word is that what you learn you apply and what you learn you apply you want to learn more you apply in fact we are told that God will not even give us greater life unto we apply earlier like that we've already received no wonder some of us are stuck and just can't understand the prophecies of Revelation seventeen is Canada's panic why because we had not yet taken the previous words that we learn and have flooded into it I will give you anymore deals over that within me it was a pleasant ballads and we've will be blessed with that which is much where he lives just without the disease will be just that which is what got felt up for argument and a little bit three watch and maybe I'll will mark the practice that was deleted and then I will graduate into more like so that if you find that there's struggling to think I don't know why but I can't understand is what the Bible Jerusalem and I'm not really represented what God is trying to save you that maybe you need to get back our most self-examination that you are regards honestly examine yourself and find out when winning my living up to all the light that already had been given and if you are living the life you've already been given I promise you God will give you more like what the next thing that God tells a seasonal discontinue my word this is what I want to the continuing something else I call this mess is the free continues Colossians chapter four Colossians chapter four there is something else that God tells us now meditated truth the next FYI we need to hear more about this I believe we've heard a lot about studying the work adding that was just all over the place regardless as we can become imbalanced if we forget this point right here and we need to make sure that we are giving a very deliberate emphasis to this colossus formers until that the continuing something else it says continuing what and where it says continue in prayer and watching the same with thanksgiving brothers and sisters was a prayer life like do you know that they are preaches and teaches of righteousness who have less than two minutes of prayer per day one of those things again and want to thank you Lord for waking me up this morning please be with me and my family and watch over us we ask in Jesus name five or ten seconds or so and then we go before we see heavily solicit repeat of the children's prayer God 's grace God is good let us buy good for food but we say sometimes a thankful are great for Oracle and then some of us did not cause as we get ready to go on our journeys of the day and we say Lord be with me in a traveling road Jesus meaning that we don't work and we do whatever it is intuitive that in the comeback call it a hassle to get a card three once again we developers and prevalent please abide with me and keep me and granted seven versus Jesus name amen we get home we have a final meal of the day and it was a Lord thank you again for this little about the and finally some of us have family or evening worship that even worse once again dear God we can study the Bible file words but it seems like to talk and to commune with Jesus is still aren't being gay even for preachers and teachers by Guatemala so be called the was an example of what God 's people and go through not simply Jesus went through and therefore the question would be where did Jesus find his ability to look Golgotha in the face and take it head on ravaging the as you call it all and this is one of the areas that we find the founded in Gethsemane you winded barnraising mean that Chapter Gethsemane and you will see that that's where the real battle took place because the battle flamethrowers in the battle that every single one of us will go through the battle against self see that the battle would appoint law do I do what I want to know or do I let you all will be done these I thought I don't want to go through this this is July but nevertheless not my will will be done it was a short and manage that to the point that the Bible says that drops of blood would come mingled with his life Jesus was agonizing but brothers and sisters did Jesus open up his Bible and begin to read more as he was agonizing balloons at the twenty two and twenty seconds after the Bible does not leave us in secret the Bible tells us in Luke chapter twenty two here's what the Bible says because the example of Christ in his battle in Gethsemane in the example for you and I as we battle itself and our spiritual Gethsemane as we are preparing for Golgotha because brothers this is all done but is coming says right here in Luke twenty two starting at verse forty one the Bible says in this regard it is says and he was withdrawn from them about a stone 's cast and kneel down and prayed saying father if thou be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done and there appeared an angel to him from heaven strengthening him verse forty four and being and being in agony in this study is brave and more earnestly Wednesdays us was in agony brothers and sisters the Bible says in a more earnestly watching my brothers and sisters bring Osama bin Laden operetta we have availability us through the battle of Gethsemane would have to know what it means to spend time with Jesus on our knees talking to him as is their properties at specific rights as one toss with a friend we must learn the secret and the science of breath for this is I don't know what to do it I have to nobody else thus but I'm thankful to see studies on how to study your Bible and the brothers and sisters I'm telling you right now along a companion study musical within the secret science of brick because there is a dynamic busy reason why the spirit of prophecy called for as a means and we would do well to study what really constitutes true successful powerful printed on one abundance is a you know you want to know by now by the way I speak I'm not talking about adopted stuff from Babylon and try to bring unity talk much I'm speaking tongue to feel like you can kill a Dominican Matthew Owen over this is that everyone that'll work you can yell at God tell him to do anything God is God but there is a science to play Jesus the Bible says when he was in Gethsemane he continued in prayers he seemed at least certain issues in life that you are not just simply to be able to open your Bible and find a text to deal with it as some of us that we get so busy and Bibles study Bibles and Bible studies and we had no prior life and you find a solid that what is good about this is the breath of the sold you know what it's like to not breathe you I been trying to tell those that when we study the word that we ought to bring in reason to what is amiss is enough work is right in the subject of how is that the Bible and here is that right there it talks about how the plant life the mean they are connected to the study because he said that this hair gives work to do what you study commitment about how many bridges that you don't like mountains would they can write right now with the description but I wonder what their prayer life was like how do you stay connected to Jesus in communion with him in the most holy place and still turn your back on I don't know how you do that I can't imagine that so therefore God says stay in my work continued to promise you this where this is a nonprofit of this a faithful student of God 's work I promise you this all hell Faisal break loose in your life when you leave this place someway somehow the devil got a temptation design catered and manufactured justly because he has to get you off of this mountain that you are now your he must bring you back down to sleep so I can promise you that happen but those who continue in God 's word those who continue in prayer were indeed the secret weapons of God or how to overcome the kingdom of the devil finally John fifteen in verse nine what is it that really makes prior work anyhow what is it that really makes the application of God 's word work anyhow it is found in John fifteen chapter nine John fifteen chapter nine Bible simply says this John fifteen in verse nine the Bible says the three together as the father hath loved me so have I loved you can't attend you in my love brother and sister it was seventeen years ago that I was baptized into this movement I am so excited about my walk with Jesus I don't know how to contain myself I found out who is as a friend from the system I lost boys of friends when hugely mutually pledge a life that Jesus you will lose friends they are family members that cannot communicate with me because we have nothing in common anymore I'll cut them off they cut me off excess of hearts but when you can feel the touch of Jesus on your shoulder say I know what it's like family members turned their back on you Jesus as I know exactly what you're going to Jesus and I know how to take you through the city when you behold Jesus I wish I would removal and for breakfast this morning and I was talking about how we must understand that when we study our Bibles please do not simply look to understand a doctrine you couldn't miss so much when you audio Bible was seeking to understand the character of God as you understand the character of God you get the best of both worlds because even understand the doctrine anger than understand the one who gave the older individuals are now were very knowledgeable upon truth very knowledgeable but they don't understand the character of God their individual school get something I heard offered over this weekend about some of the challenges even without nests in the bouncers are about what you know it's amazing there are certain individuals that also identify the challenges and problems in the church you know what they do and say you know what these apostates that we see in our church is getting so gross and so bad that you know what we need to know we need to leave this church and we need to go ahead and start up our own little movement and that's why we can form a more pure holy your group of people so that we can truly get ready for the coming of the Lord a lot of people think like that know what they don't realize they're fulfilling prophecy because first select the messages page one seventy nine tells us exactly that season it will be a group of individuals who will talk about the clothes of probation and the shaking and they will talk about the need of coming out on the seven-day administers to form a church filled with a group of pure lyric people she goes on to say this is what Satan wants she then goes on to say it this move network assets that see says we would witness one of the most greatest fanatical movement and a witness among Seventh-day Adventists but this is as we are living in that music on any individual you know right away what I don't understand that their time on themselves because John chapter ten tells us Jesus came to believe that I am the good shepherd visit and the door in a Wednesday visit of knowing Jesus and to get a comparison of two types of people find things onto the tent he said that sometimes the people is that there are some groups of people and what they know is that they are recognized as hirelings and he said the hireling when he is working on monthly see he said that when the house and sees the wolf coming and you can take out the word will be called apostasy is not happening when you see the busy what animal species is said that the hireling runs away and leaves the sheep could be scattered and then he goes on to say not having done that because the hireling is just a hireling and he does not care for the sheep within Jesus is but I am the good shepherd he says and I am willing to lay down my life for the sheep Jesus did not leave Israel even though he saw apostasy is what Jesus did as he put his life on the line that the sheet might be safe how many of us are willing to lose everything so that we can see the salvation of others you know who was like that as a man by the name of Moses Exodus thirty two I love that text Exodus thirty two the Bible tells us how Moses saw all these stiffnecked Israelites I don't want to do anything don't want to obey the word of God they brought in all sorts of apostasy and here is motor synchronous and God tests Moses probably been many men today would been tested and fourthly a failed nexus thirty two it says that God went to Melissa Melissa I will wipe out these children of Israel be the path and God said and I will set up a new nation for you and put you at the head now that was some men today living today and got presented an offer like that and I would say sir since insulin might number of venture out wipe out the whole seven administrative get another one started and puts you at the General conference president a nozzle twenty fifteen on many of those men would take that position they would take an sale appliqué even though they would region and its ours and will have a one hundred and fifty one and Moses said the mosaic floor it wasn't me out Sonia 's immunodeficient challenge at last days no brothers and sisters we meet Exodus thirty two the Bible says Moses and Lord Lord please don't destroy and if you must destroy them Moses says destroying the embryos of this please understand Moses you specific language he did not to say Lord killed me but he said need out what Moses was saying with take my name out of the book of life and other words Moses was saying I love the apostates so much that I wouldn't lose out on each eternal life that they might be safe that's what Moses was how do we know because Moses with a type of Jesus and when Jesus got hung on the cross the Bible says Carson is the man that hanging on a tree and when the mayonnaise on the train she is not first of the devil he was under the curse of God in any manner the person God has no hope of a resurrection why do you think of the Israelites say to live by him about it and I think it was even called us of God the Bible says they picked up what Stallings will knew that the way challenging that fifteen violated the law and called himself God was there to spell in your you wanted to achieve at any narrative think I got ballroom in practice but they also understand the principle from the Old Testament and they said no don't think so and because he might pull off another miracle and rise him under God 's curse crucify him it would diabolical devils they knew what they were asking for they would stay in Portland the doctors could be is no way you will be able to fit fulfill forty seconds on two twenty six are down this building and its redevelopment of the backup band what happened to them on the doctors and as always you can rise up against God 's word that's what they did and that's what the story the resurrection is the health brothers and sisters Jesus was willing to suffer second there to save mankind Moses was willing to suffer the second death to save mankind what kind of love you we must beg and plead and cry out to God Lord filled the with your life and also funding you know how we always say think without works is dead you know I've hardly ever hurts my finish the statement the author people say faith without works is that we are a safe work legal analysis is it's like trying to make a carrot cake without the key ingredient which is to our dislike trying to make a banana pie without the key ingredient without bananas of the sisters you will never have the kind of faith or works that God wants you to have on so you have the last ingredient found in Galatians Chapter five number six Bible says in Galatians Chapter five in verse six as we bring this to a close in Galatians Chapter five in verse six Jesus shows us the key ingredient that makes all of this real says in Galatians five and R six four in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availability thing know on circumcision but they which works by love faith that works by love Jesus is speaking to every single one of our hearts today anything gets you are about to come down from all the mountain Jesus is telling us that you are about to leave this place and you are about to go back to the daily duties of life and Jesus says I don't want to to repeat history not that sign Jesus says I want to to continue in my word when you're by yourself nobody else is there continue in my work don't just study what study and apply and study and apply and study and apply there will be times that you will notice that you know what I just something I just found out something from the Bible is very probably I can't regulate what is on the practice is more than what I wanted to see this and continue in prayer because if you pray and Camilla would mean it will sell you I will in part to you the house were to obey what you read in my word continue in prayer Golgotha is coming but we have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the law is not as it is patenting and past history Jesus is trying to tell you they continue in my word about the systems you will find that along this Christian journey that many times into my practice you might preaching you my teaching you might say things August but Jesus is make sure that all of your exercises of faith and works the season with my love continue in my love let everything that you do be season with the salt of the love of Jesus Christ tell the truth in love Jesus and brothers and sisters on the tell you right now from the outside looking in there may be some who practice certain things and I ended up two types of individuals who practice reforms that some individuals and to address right but they long to put on the clothing of the world in their minds that some people he writes what they long for the flesh pots of Egypt that some people might have even gone so this is where they got out of the setting and they live in the country when they long for the good old suburban life and Emmanuel summative assessment is okay on the study my Bible but in their minds belonging to pick up that videogame this is what it made me Jesus says when you love me you keep my command and they won't be grievous you won't have this hatred or animosity in your heart you need to be crying out Millipore out to love so that as I do these things I will do it and mind showing innings change your I got to say I get no longer is it that I got to go to church every Sabbath but I get to go to church every set know that I got to read the Bible and the spirit of prophecy but to get to be the spirit of prophecy in the Bible will admit I got it just right and eight do this and do that but now I get to do all these things because Lord I love you what evangelist tells a story like this is an evangelism tells a story about a young lady and a man who according this young lady was in college and this young lady was in college she was reading a book and this book it had all sorts of information in a NYC for as she was reading it she liked the book sales out the book was barring within one day while she was strolling through college she ended up meeting this college professor are you saying that the college professor bending down to court one another and this young lady began to develop such a deep feeling towards this man but in her mind perhaps he was running to accept him as a husband if he would ask me one day she found something out that was amazing she told Professor Susan you know what your name is the same name as one of my college class books and the professor said all that book and when the young lady saw that the professor wrote the book beyond anything you can buy this visit do you know that within a span of a few days that since the rentable from to what made the difference she knew the old seat had a connection with the author I know that the Bible can be boring to some people I know that the spirit of prophecy can be boring to some people if you study it with a desire to come to know Jesus and not simply to prove points and learned doctrines only you will meet Christ and connect with him in such a way that you will love these books be the greatest thing to have a study you will and I can attest that if they are days that go by but if I don't study the word I physically feel safe processes you can get to the point that the word of God in time and plan would Jesus Wii consoles special that nothing else in the world that is any crisis making that appeal to in saying this to come down on this mountain Jesus says and there might be something I'm been all out to take place in your life to try here but he promises a few things to my formula continue in my work continue in prayer continue in my love do this if you do that he says the store we read about these men will not be your story he says I will keep you from falling and I will present you faultless before my father I don't know about you but I'm going to continue I resolved in my mind my heart though I might lose all by God 's grace competency is your desire to say Jesus please help me that I might continue Lord don't let me come down this mountain so that I can just go back into the rat race of life help me Jesus to continue to continue if it is truly your desire to say Lord help me to continue Menasha Ridge is truly art of vibrant assistance to Seattle to continue by God 's grace uninvited new with as we pray father would no longer simply singing the song but father we had made a decision today to truly surrender all Manso not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God father on praying on behalf of my brother since this is as well as myself please will help us that we truly will continue help us to learn from the past helpless father not to repeat the negative side of history but may all that we say all that we do truly be to the honor and glory of God continue to keep us thought as we are preparing to leave this mountain and as we continue in your word as we continue in prayer as we continue in your love to feel us that we will truly be a people prepared to meet our God abide with every family and every individual under the sound of my voice and may your Holy Spirit take residents within MAR minds be taken everywhere will we ask these things on with the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus name amen


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