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1. Snapchat, Selfies, and Salvation

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • December 28, 2017
    9:15 AM
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This message was presented at the G.U.Y.Z. twenty seventeen conference arise in Phoenix Arizona for other resources like this visit us online at W W W dot. Org. All right so I was this close to saying good morning and happy sad with everyone in today's actually only Thursday so forgive me for that still a little groggy. So my name is D. Casper I work for unseen Media Group and this particular seminars and titled snap chat selfies and salvation but the overarching theme is stealing Lucifer's playground we're basically going to deal with the topic of digital media how Satan seems to be using digital media in a wonderful way to win souls for his kingdom we would like to find ways to use social media to reach souls for God's kingdom so everything will be covering in this session the next session both of mine will be dealing with specifically the topic of social media had to use it as an individual responsibly an evangelistic leap the third session is going to be done by Jamie Jean Schneider from the North American division She's the digital strategist for them she's a mad scientist on this stuff literally one of the best resources we have in the seventh heaven is church today and she's in recovery how to run a campaign everything from boosting posed to targeting ads everything you need to know from the back end to make your post effective as an organization and then my friend Jasper I'm going to Riga or here on the side of the room is going to be doing two sessions on the topic of video how to create visual content to gain people's attention and win their souls for Christ he's got some amazing testimonies I can't wait to hear that so that's kind of the direction that we're going in our five sessions together there's a me for today and one tomorrow and I'm super excited so what I'd like to do is begin with the word of prayer I missed an invite you guys about your heads and then we'll start. Oh father I think you for this privilege to come into your presence and I just asked now that you would bless us that you would speak to us that this content would be relevant it would be done in a timely fashion and I pray that we would be convicted by what we hear and that we would want to be even closer to you and uses for you more and more and we ask this now in Christ Jesus' name amen. All right so I first want to start with this kind of a Biblical framework why social media matters when it comes to the gospel with kind of a parallel found in Acts Chapter nineteen did you know that the Apostle Paul actually got the gospel to go viral two thousand years ago re aware of that so and actually after nineteen I'm going to overview for time's sake but this is found in Acts Chapter nineteen Paul was preaching in a place called ethicist how many people heard of emphasis right so the book of a fusion was written to people the church of emphasis Timothy pastor the church the deficit the Apostle John died in emphasis I believe so it's an important place in scripture so Paul is preaching the gospel in the synagogue for three months reasoning with the Jews they start giving him blow back they start kind of pushing back against what he's sharing and he says Fine I'm going somewhere else he leaves the synagogue and he goes and rince a place called the School of Tyrannosaur the school of to read this and the school Taran us was basically going to skip to their I mean it's kind of like this they didn't have chalk boards and ceiling fans but I'm assuming the school terrain is was something kind of like this right kind of an academic environment you get Saul there are Paul and he's telling the story of Jesus Jesus Christ in the Gospel but the school tyrannous was basically. Well let me continue with this first over the narrative and all come back to what the school tyrannous was he preaches in the school to rein us for two straight years the text says in Acts Chapter one thousand averse to him and it says that so all who dwell in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus both Jews and Greeks This is the Asian province a Roman province of Asia but how is it that this guy being in the school tyrannous an F asis somehow has the entire province of Asia hear the gospel and he never leaves he stayed there for two straight years had all these people here so one came they heard Paul share they went home and told people what they heard so one else came they went home and told people what they heard in order to these nomenclature they hit like and share on their profile and people around them came to know the thing that was appealing to them to make sense very similar idea what happened to school tyrannous and in two short years the Gospels priest all over Asia while the guy stays in one place social media has that potential to do something just like this so this was a facility in FS this were in the heat of the day it was too hot to work outside and it was used for the upper echelon in society there were the ones using the school to run us first thing in the morning but after they finished the place was just vacant and so people during the heat of the day would come here just hang out and they wanted to hear new ideas and they were killing time basically it was a place to kill time and hear new ideas and lots of people gather around very much like the area guess Paul recognized this and so we rinsed the place in the size to share the gospel with these people because they're open to new ideas and that's basically what happened and social media is very much that right it's a place where people go to kill time and hear new ideas. And they did it after work and after school that's basically the times now they did this and that's what we do but let's just be honest we're looking at this stuff when we're in school and at work too aren't we I won't tell your teachers so why does this matter is social media really that profitable for the Gospel can you really get anything done well check this out here's some staggering statistics the world population right now according to Mr Google is seven point six billion people that's a lot of people three point eight billion people are on the Internet that's half OK two point eight billion are active on social media one billion are active on Facebook one hundred million use Instagram every month and ninety one percent of retail brands use two or more social media accounts by the way all these slides are going to be available on the Web site in the app working on getting those videos to You can see him again afterwards so Internet users have an average of five point five for social media channels how many people have five social media channels at least five do you get Instagram Facebook Twitter. Snap Chat You Tube did Does anyone here actually use Google plus OK I just wonder if I was the only person avoid it or for the people actually use it's OK if you do no problem just wondering so seventy five percent of Facebook users and fifty percent of Instagram users visit those sites daily OK And they've got hundreds of millions if not billions in this category social media use increased by four hundred eighty two million since January of two thousand and sixteen you see how many people this is this is a lot folks one million new active mobile social users are added every day twelve a second OK. This is crazy Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle sixty billion messages a day. Just those two platforms it doesn't count I message that doesn't count whatever Android users use. Sorry. On any given day snap chat reaches forty one percent of eighteen to thirty four year olds raise your hand if you're between eighteen and thirty four years of age between eighteen and thirty four raise those hands high it's a majority of people in this room isn't it snap chat reaches forty one percent of these people any day of that week if you heard the reports Emanuel Council this year the Seventh Day Adventist Church Wayne even close to that right were hoping to be but we're not doing the best here Instagram's got their attention some are Snap Chat has her attention but we as a church we're trying to find ways to fit in this demographic fifty percent of eighteen to twenty four year olds go on Facebook when they wake up and I can ask you. How many people do you think are picking up one of these when they wake up right now if we were doing our due diligence on social media they may be seeing stuff about Jesus in their feed when they go to find that stuff average daily time use on social media in two thousand and sixteen was one hundred eighteen minutes now I'm going to get crazy Biblical on you right now but that's nearly a tie of their day to say an. Internet use based upon the region's East Asia is killin it nine hundred twenty three million people South Asia five eighty five million Africa three sixty two million What's your three fifty three and it kind of goes down as you go United States North America accounts Canada two three twenty OK but that's a lot of people just on the Internet right access to the Internet social media platforms who's on one point nine billion people are on Facebook one billion on You Tube Instagram has six hundred million Twitter three hundred seventeen million snap chat three hundred million Are you starting to understand why this could potentially be important when it comes to a mission field right this this is literally a ten for new window for our church this is an area that we got to get into and make a difference in OK the Apostle poles Mel So he was just talking to someone at breakfast about this today that the Apostle Paul smelt would be watering if he could access this many people this easily that's why he went to the school Tyrannosaur now he's not going to take a bunch of those sideways next selfies I assure you of that whatever those are but I'm dating myself a little bit but still Regardless I don't think he would be doing that but if you have access to that many people that easily let's use it for the Gospel Yeah so some of you may be asking the question this bears asking though yeah but Arthur is there all the bad stuff on social media and yes there can be bad things there I have another question Are there bad things in the mission field. So Mones got to go now that does not mean you sell your soul just to be present there's a difference and I want to cover that in a moment but you just say that bad things happen there so we should stay away if Jane Andrews took that position that Seventh Day Adventist Church would not be a global movement. So we can't just run from things that seem scary but we shouldn't be running into burning buildings either right without understanding what we're getting ourselves into That's what we're going to cover in my two sessions so what is on their terrorist propaganda right ISIS got a lot of followers I don't mean in a two in a Twitter since through Twitter a lot of people bought into their philosophy through social media violence cyber bullying this is no joke we're going to close with this pornography it's a safe this picture I could use without getting kicked out because I just started I'm only ten minutes and I could get kicked out in ten minutes. Facebook Live Now it's not that Facebook is the problem it's that now anyone can put whatever they want as a live broadcast and it takes time to catch up that something is that good that's happening there this particular screenshot is from a situation earlier this year were a group of teenagers in Chicago kidnapped a mentally disabled individual and basically tortured them and believe them live on Facebook now first of all don't do that I mean that's obvious but second of all if you are going to do it and remember I said Don't they know who did it there's no if you're not posting it from an anonymous profile it just makes no sense to me but I'm kind of glad they did this they got caught not that he got hurt but just that at least you can find who did it that's unacceptable spiritualism and I don't just mean beyond see videos like all kinds of crazy stuff. Now addiction and how social media shapes the brain this guy this is like really true how many people have felt like this cartoon guy right like you're just drowning in your phone owning your life you just can't quite get above the tide so I have a couple of videos on this that I think are absolutely hilarious and awesome but they're also very practical and helpful OK here's the first of this is a commercial I found on the Facebook. Wall you just don't think for don't mean banks every time a phone you get a bill this is an addiction. How many people felt like that like you're driving in you know you should look at your phone but like there's this thing this animal inside of you that but one of things to them you know what is it's like what have they sent me so that they made a good commercial in that this how many people watched A.S.A.P. science videos. Don't tell them I'm showing this right now OK this is talking about how social media is actually changing the way that your brain chemistry is working we think and act differently differently now just because of social media with social media sites being used by one third of the entire world they've clearly had a major influence on society but what about our bodies your five crazy ways that social media and the Internet are affecting your brain right now can't log off surprisingly five to ten percent of Internet users are actually I'm able to control how much time they spend on mine though it's a psychological addiction as opposed to a substance addiction brain scans of these people actually show a similar impairment of regions that those with drug dependence have specifically there's a clear dickered ation of white matter in the regions that control emotional processing attention and decision making because social media provides immediate rewards with very little effort required your brain begins to rewire itself making you desire the stimulations and you begin to create more of this no other books I mean after each interaction sounds a little like a drug right we also see a shift when looking at multitasking you might think that those who use social media or constantly switch between work and Web sites are better at multitasking but studies have found that when comparing the media users to others they perform much worse during task switching tests increased multitasking on line it reduces your brain's ability to filter out interference is and can even make it harder for your brain to commit information to memory like when your phone buzzes in the middle of productive work or when did it even buzz Bentham by Britain syndrome is a relatively new psychological phenomenon where you think you feel your phone go off but it didn't in one study the neighbor sent a test subjects of the experience that at least once every two weeks it would seem that our brains now perceive an image as an actual vibration from our phone as crazy as it seems technology has begun to rewire our nervous system and our brains are being triggered in a way they never have before in history social media also triggers a release of don't mean the feel good chemical using M.R.I. scans the scientists found that the reward centers in people's brains are much more active when the. Talking about their own views as opposed to listening to others not so surprising we all are talking about ourselves right but it turns out that while thirty to forty percent of the face to face conversations involve communicating our own experiences around be the percent of social media communication is self-involved the same part of your brain related to orgasms motivation and love are stimulated by your social media use and even more so when you know you have an audience our body is physiologically rewarding us for talking about ourselves online but it's Did you hear the last line our bodies are physiologically rewarding ourselves for talking about ourselves online and the very areas of our brain that have to do with intimacy and relationships are actually activated when we get notifications online and we get messages and this is one of the reasons why depression and loneliness is so common and it's heavily prevalent amongst people that use social media a lot it doesn't deliver like ruination ships can it doesn't but your body is kind of treating it like it should and that's why you feel so empty and depressed and lonely all the time after bingeing on social media because it's like what should provide but does it yeah. So this is one last video. You're already know him so. Yeah he's like so sold out to the new age so I'm not recommending him but the way he deals with this topic is absolutely wipes out. His name studies show that people check their phones one hundred fifty times per day this is horrible and I think we can do better I envision a world where people have enough energy that they're driven to check their phones every six hundred times per day. My mission in this life is to make sure that every man woman and child has their life in the rich I always have been a divisive Marine always been on my phone gives me the thrill of being manically busy while I'm actually wasting my time you need to be hyper vigilant about what's going on in your field if there's something happening that you don't know about then other people know something useless that you don't know and that will make you a less significant person and that my friends if they can see me content on my phone and I'm missing out and I don't know what that something is that missing out on but I refuse to miss out that you need to have a well educated understanding of how bad things will get if you're not on your phone one time and when an hour without looking up my. What happens. My family disowned me on embassy and. My Dr Alan Baker apps and I think supply was cut off I get to feel it due to me rush they are going to face me for thirty seven seconds each time I check my phone. And then I feeling just again and then I took the phone to MIL does the thoughts and feelings that you don't want to experience are in here so you'll want to position you're. Here and when you do know the securities are pointed at your home and that keeps your attention out here which means you're not paying attention to what's going on here which is ideal and I'm sorry to get graphic but look what would happen if you don't. If you're from and you your attention would start to notice you if that happens it's nobody's fault but you remember when you mindlessly scrolling you're not looking for something you care about looking is what you care about women text friends and understand that if you don't check it right away you become irrelevant to the person who sent it you simply won't matter to them anymore at this point in your anxiety levels should be at least a nine out of ten and this one spiral you to appropriately disrupt what you're doing to check your tags and avoid getting lost in the Sea of your role it's. Up to God. When you're encountering something wonderful it can bring you joy unless you hold your phone between you and you had to transfer it to your social media once it's out in your social media you can see other people seeing you see something wonderful and that will bring you real joy you know you're on the right track when other people take out their phone and then you reflexively take out yours even though you have no idea what you want to look at and it doesn't matter just start looking at how can people live without being on their devices constantly according to history if you look at times where people existed without mobile devices you'll see that they're all dead now which means you can't live without being on your device constantly scientific studies show that if I'm not posting useless thoughts that involve no thoughtfulness throughout the day as a way of begging people to notice me people will forget about me and Aussies to exist I don't want to be a statistic for safety reasons you'll always want to have a backup battery charger with you what astronauts good outer space without backup oxygen. No they would not because they would die so what would have been to you if your phone ran out of power something worse you to experience yourself already had kids I'd give them a from the soon as they could hold it. Knowing. I'm going to the system there's a whole world inside your home don't let it pass. So even though he's being satirical be very truthful right this is a real issue and the point I like the most about the video is never he says like what would happen if your phone died you would have to experience yourself and there's a lot of truth to that in our moments of loneliness and boredom we try to escape reality into these devices and that's where it starts to get us into trouble. So there's a reasons also by the way that you're getting notifications about what other people are doing not related to your posts Twitter is the most prolific for me I don't know if you guys get it or like you leave Facebook for a while like you just don't check it and these are getting emails right you start getting e-mails from Instagram you start getting notifications from Twitter saying hey you know so and so just like someone else's post what's that going to do with me they didn't like my post but then you got that little red bubble with a number in and out if you're like me I hate them i have to get rid of like when I see people they have like four thousand UN read emails it makes me go crazy inside like I have I have to it's like whack a mole like I have to get rid of the red circles and they do it with this stuff right they are intentionally trying to pull you back in but you don't actually have to chase the notifications the red circle isn't actually going to be the death of you you'll never believe it it actually won't kill you and I need to hear that this morning so so be my accountability as would you so it's an important thoughts one every single form of addictive behavior is an attempt to numb pain period every addiction that you have in your life whatever it may be could be comfort food pornography drugs human sympathy social media you can get off the Internet whatever it may be worth seeking to escape actual pain that we're feeling at that moment psychological pain emotional pain loneliness whatever it may be if you understand this that's how you can actually start the process of overcoming addiction if you don't start here you're going to kind of course yourself to stop behaving badly but you won't deal with the actual brokenness we need to know what the wounds are and deal with those Yeah. So ask yourself the question what thoughts of my trying to avoid in those moments what am I trying to get away from is those moments when it's quiet when no one's in the House and on the lone lonely is it after I see people social media posts about their relationships is it something else number three have I brought my brokenness to Jesus or my just looking to the attention of others to fill that void that's the dopamine hit the problem is dopamine in that setting in any setting really can do for you would Jesus can do it can actually heal your broken if it can numb your pain temporarily but the pain comes back but if we give the pain to Jesus we can be free indeed Amen number four is the cause that I'm posting about my way of escaping my real brokenness have I jumped into religious controversy have I jumped into environmental ism have I jumped into social justice or something else not just because I care about these things but I find my identity in being an advocate and this happens a lot we're running into these things to find our sense of worth or value is that why you're doing this or do you actually care about these people in these situations ask yourself the real questions Number five is running so and so Dalla numb the pain in the insecurity I feel I hate myself so make someone else feel like they're not valued Do you find yourself running down other people so that you can feel better about yourself. You shouldn't do that by the way but that's questions to ask reflective questions some helpful steps you choose when you reply and look just because your phone makes a sound does not mean your entire world needs to stop to deal with it it can just make a sound people around you make sounds you don't go touch them rights so it'll be OK You can go to that wouldn't it Leader I don't know why that's doing that. I don't like that. I'm literally a walking radio right now. OK Let's hope that doesn't do that anymore question why am I on here I'm not going to ask if you know I am going to ask you to raise your hands embarrass yourselves how many people have found themselves on social media and like twenty minutes later you don't remember why you got there come on now let me see those hands confess right yeah you're going there for one thing and twenty and thirty minutes maybe an hour goes by and you're bingeing on youtube videos or cat videos stupid and you ask yourself like why did I even come here you never even looked for the thing that you were looking for and you wasted all this time right to ask you So the question why am I going before you go tree like the post office you go in you pick up your mail but you don't hang out at the post office there's nothing to do there there's a trash can there's mail boxes and the mail lady and boxes and packing tape that's all you're going to find there so treat social media more like the post office you go in you drop off the stuff you pick up some stuff and you leave you don't just move it right if you put a chair or you put a cot in the post office that would be creepy. So treat it like the post office I've heard it said this way don't you ever heard people tell you don't shop when you're hungry because you always come home with more than you should have yet treat social media the same way don't shop when you're hungry when you're lonely and you've got nothing to do that's probably not the best time to go there. Be intentional in your use am I looking for affirmation and attention. Prolific selfie takers take notice am I looking for a for affirmation and attention. Have some down time when you wake up and when you go to bed don't let this thing control every span of your day guard the edges right maybe your parents told you this when it comes to the Sabbath guard the edges of your day start and end your day without that stuff just give years to just remember where you are or what planet you're on what you need to do for that day I recommend you talk to Jesus that's just me and just kind of unwind the interview day because if you run into this stuff it doesn't go well get your brain all fired up and actually Apple and other devices have come up with a way to fix that you know but we have a filter so now that we have a filter like nighttime mode then it's not going to be as hard for you to fall asleep they say but anyway take take some time in the beginning in your day be honest with yourself if you need take time away do it delete the apps lock your phones through the phone in the bath to whatever you've got to do be honest with yourself OK are you using it more than it's using you ask yourself the logical question deal with the real root issue is otherwise you're just going to come back never had those moments like I'm leavin Facebook and you feel so pious like I'm leavin Facebook for like a month and then like a month goes by and you're just dying on the inside of your relevance and then when the month is over you just jump right back in full steam yet think about it while you're gone how much time should this actually take right Anyway just some thoughts just of the saying isn't ruining your life now the definition of selfie according to this slide and I think this one of the urban dictionaries is a picture taken of a person by that person but I've created a word you don't steal this really examine patent yet it's call what is wrong button selfie in this and it's the fact that our brains are being rewired to be even more selfish than usual and less just beyond us we're already pretty selfish any parent in this room will tell you aimin right and so they try to beat that out of us with the rod in our childhoods will be a selfish but then when they give us a cellphone and it comes back even worse and so balancing what we're posting is all about you you talk about other people just some things to think about a lesson from the life of LOT so many people heard of Lot Abraham his nephew so in Genesis Chapter nineteen lot and Abraham Abraham says what you want you want you go right I'll go left you go left I'll go right any chooses Vegas right he chooses the place with the Apple Store the library the afterschool program the Whole Foods and Trader Joe's right he's in earth fair like he's going for the infrastructure and the problem is law was not supposed to be living in Sodom he lived in the plane outside of Sodom there he gets a whoop and they're taken captive Abraham brings them back and then that's kind of the warning shot if you ever get the backwards areas and you get the warning shot what they're basically telling you is I'm reloading get off my property rights. He got the warning shot in Genesis I think Chapter fourteen and he realized like he had no idea Abraham was coming for him it is far as he's concerned he's a dead duck he's a lot of trouble. Abraham saves his life he gets brought back. Always in Genesis eighteen and nineteen we find lot living in Sodom what happened I just can't get away right now what's referred to as a righteous man but the problem he's very comfortable ghoulishness So I really don't know what to do about this if you want to grab one of the tech folk. That would be helpful. So anyway he's a righteous guy who's supposed to be preaching righteousness but he's comfortable around foolishness Yeah and it is of causing difficulty for his witnessing potential and this is what we're told about Saddam in Genesis thirteen thirteen before he moves in. The middle of Sodom are exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord now just from the get go does this telecom place you're going to be filming Sesame Street this is not a place that you want to raise your children right no way Jose this is not the place you want to be raising them and yet he lives there OK his whole life is wrapped around being in Sodom while trying to live a righteous life and it causes this dissonance for him OK. Everything. When he has to get out when he actually. I don't know what to do about this should I use this instead I hate doing this I can't do that I want your personal kill me OK so I'm going to use this even though I hate using these things I'll do it so when Locke gets told by the angels they just tell him you got to get out of here right now like right right now Mr get out of here this place is an absolute disaster you got to leave and his response is super lame he's like you know you're right like I'm going to call you hold a moral book a trip for next week we'll have a yard sale maybe take some stuff to Goodwill Yeah and he's trying to buy time when these guys are trying to save his life God just an angel from heaven to see the man's life and he's arguing with them. And so he's in the situation isn't good but when he's sent to go tell his sons in law to get out of the city it's up really because he says Get up get out of this place for the war will destroy the city and look what it says but to his sons in law he seemed to be joking why do you think they responded to this urgent warning this way and this is when the Boeing airplane lands in your living room all right so here's why Lot had moved his entire life into a place that he never should have been all of his livelihood was tied up into being in a place that he never should have been while trying to live for God and cause a lot of disharmony this discomfort and it murdered his witnessing potential because here he is telling people You guys gotta get outta here this place is a train wreck it's so sinful God's going to destroy it just imagine being his sons in law you know you didn't seem to be this worried a week ago and this place really is all that bad why do you live here and why are you raising your kids here you know Stan. And we had him and he was not trying to avoid the reality the sun the oil crisis like we are we just try to pretend that it's not going to exist but in this situation he could not pull people out of the city his ability to save people and pull them at the environment was severely hampered because he had conceded his principles to be in a place he never should have been to be comfortable around things he never should have been comfortable around or you follow me and it murders witnessing potential and yet we think I can do whatever I want on social media I can say what I want like post that people can see there's really creepy feature an Instagram that they know what pictures you like Philis and people can see I'm just sayin and ladies too maybe but I think fellows are more prone to such things they can see I've had people that I went to Bible college with is like Dude are you aware of the fact that I can see what pictures your liking. You may want to change what you're liking them just doesn't go over well when we have this concession it murders are witnessing potential so we think that we can be just like the world to be comfortable around the world and then when the Sunday law starts to pass we're going to pull people out of the burning building they're going to listen to us the problem is the Bible doesn't read that way a lot barely got out he was saved as though by fire and the White says he barely made it his wife's last because he tarried his daughters get pregnant by their own dad and his other daughters are burned in the city with their husbands This is not a good situation we think that we can just wait till things get bad and then turn on the Christian mode and then do something and it also can happen in other settings were you just like the world right you're living this dual life like what was kind of trying to do but you're posting worldly things and then you tell your friend one of your worldly friends like their mom just died Hey I'm praying for you what do you mean you're praying for me you're just like me you got spiritual Now are you with me the way that you post tells the type of person that you actually are or what you're wanting people to think that you are but either way it tells a lot right out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks Jesus says Are you being on missed in the picture that you're giving to people in social media and if you are being honest are you being who God would want for you to be on social media are you with me these are things we need to think about if we're going to use it evangelistic Lee because that disharmony doesn't go over well or reposing foolishness but then also posting bible verses it just causes confusion who are you right. So sad to think about what's referred to as a righteous man but his righteousness did not save his family once he presumptuously moved his whole life in to Sodom some things to think about so how do we do it then how do we go about this process how many people have heard of Outpost sinners OK a few of us I figured so and Alpo center is a place that's outside of a city where you're supposed to have recreation you're supposed have a place to commune with God to connect with God and get away from all the harmful influences but you're not just living there to be a part what you're really trying to do is have a center of influence in the city you go in the city you get a health food store right you get a restaurant you've got. Whatever has good City Mission things I can't think of at the moment. Clothing store or whatever you would have like things that you would use for your city in reach when you have these types of outlets you're in there to be an influence for good but that's not where you live that's basically the point of an outpost Center it's a missionary community outside of a city that provides education restoration and preparation for work to be done in the city and then they establish a center of influence inside the city to win the people's trust and friendship all of this with the intentional goal of winning their souls for Christ you find ways to build bridges with folks homes ministries and other things you're finding ways to build relationships build bridges while not conceding to the things that they've given to you right now not selling your soul for the things that ensnared these folks but you're showing them I care about you you connect with them you build those friendships I think this is the best way to consider social media it's a cinder of influence you don't live there you don't sleep there at the end of the day your whole world isn't surrounded by it but you do influence it for good to make sense just on basic things to consider. God has not called us to live in social media but he has called us to influence people in the end with social media you understand the difference this is not to be your new residence right P.O. box for twenty two Saddam right that's not the lace where you're supposed to be living but it is a place that you should be influencing if we all took the position of just running from social media staying away from social media because it's bad no one's going to reach these people I have people watching You Tube videos from my channel for sermons and other stuff in countries that I could not preach the Gospel legally and I don't have that big a following on You Tube But these people are finding the videos audio versus having very similar influence and so when you think about this you can get access to folks in close countries like Somalia that if I try to preach the gospel there it cost me my head if I'm lucky right so we should be using these things for good but we should be using them for good hates. This is what all White says talking about the situation with lot she says we should choose a society most favorable toward spiritual advancement and avail ourselves of every hope within our reach for seed will oppose many hindrances to make our progress toward heaven as difficult as possible was not deceive ourselves if there is no devil in there is no things coming against us OK we may be placed in trying positions for many cannot have their surroundings what they would but we should not voluntarily expose ourselves to influences that are unfavorable to the formation of Christian character in a stand the difference and she says later that those people who are called to those areas should be doubly watchful and prayerful that through the grace of Christ they may stand uncorrupted yeah Mrs Young people for one thousand point one would duty calls us to this man I just saw my slight sorry for that when duty called That's Why I remembered it so well it's in my slides when duty calls us to this we should be doubly watchful and prayerful that through the grace of Christ we may stand uncorrupted I said it right by the way OK so some counsel of things to avoid that I want to land the plane Need I say more politics right you get the people to read sizing up the people the blue side is hell and each other stay away from this stuff and everybody same in this time want you to say it like you mean it yeah politics is not the place that you should be investing your life in OK we're Council on this and church politics count in that category we are militant beasts towards each other on social media to fellow Seventh Day Adventists because they voted for her or they voted for him or they're in favor of X. or they're not in favor of X. are you with me we're behaving like children and should be ashamed of ourselves and how we communicate publicly with our own brethren there are there are websites that have articles right our church publications and other places if you read these commentaries I don't care about people posting articles and I know that some people have a slant on this our side of the aisle and some people slant on that side of the aisle Free Press I'm fine as long as a respectful what I have a huge beef with is the comment sections when we look like cannibals I don't know if you're aware of this but live it is live it is eleven does not in Q include human flesh. It's not approved we should not be eating each other on social media like cannibals it's not good we should not be destroying each other tearing each other down this is not the way the Christians behave are you with me Christians do not communicate like that ever let alone publicly for the world to see Paul said the name of God is blasting among the Gentiles because of you and he's speaking to church people Romans chapter two in verse twenty four I think so stay away from this stuff police right if you have causes that you're passionate about communicate like Christians if you talk about them at all in social media yeah and pray about whether you should be talking about these things is this really an issue or not OK Just my two cents. Listen to this nothing this is from The Ellen nothing frightens me more than to see the spirit of variance manifested by our brethren not Babylonians by our brethren we are on dangerous ground we cannot meet together like Christians and courteously examined controverted points take a picture of this with you I know I told you I give you my slice to take a picture of this and everybody post this on social media on the series as a heart attack eight hundred materials for thirty four point three I'm not even done yet it gets gooder. But eight hundred eighty eight five thirty four point three is this quote OK can I change now I asked for it yes eighty eight Materials it's in the app if you look it up on the Apple two hundred eighty eight Materials for thirty four point three It continues She says I feel like fleeing from the places I receive the mold of those who cannot candidly investigate the doctrines of the Bible she wants to throw her laptop in the bath tub because she's tired of seeing Seventh Day Adventists look like fools when they talk to each other and then she says she closes with this those who cannot impartially examine the evidence of a position that differs from theirs already not fit to teach in the department of God because that means if you're a person of influence in Adventism you shouldn't be using that platform to pander in politics you can say I'm in. Everybody post this I beg of you if you forget everything I told you just post this OK eighty eight five hundred four point three let's go. Now this is on the topic of bullying listening to a White telling her testimony she says I became able to join in play with my young friends your family with the story I guess to some degree L.O.L. I was hit in the face with a rock by a girl who was bullying her it radically changed her appearance and she developed a terrible sickness and a weakness for the rest of her life it was very difficult for her to function as other people could function really messed her up and she wasn't she didn't look the same even her dad didn't recognize her after this happened so she says I became able to join and play with my young friends I was forced to learn the bitter lesson that our personal appearance often makes a difference in the treatment we receive from our companions bodies shaming in the eighteen hundreds life sketches eighteen point four It was the hardest drug of my young life to yield to my feebleness and decide that I must leave my studies and give up the hope of gaining an education she had a third grade education it's all she could do didn't have the willpower and the strength really to do any more because someone is bullying her and picked on her and attacked or the person felt horrible afterwards because of change her condition so the way bullying to tell you a story about a girl named Amanda Todd how many people heard of this story while a lot of you so this girl was bullied in a way that was just awful so that she this is one of the things that scary when you get on social media start meeting people in your video chatting with folks you don't know from Adam from anywhere else in the world what happened was she was chatting with this guy the guy eventually asked her to reveal her upper region on the webcam and she did she's like a teenager she's like a minor like thirteen or fourteen or something and anyway the guy is it taking a picture of this somehow and starts distributing this on the Internet too afraid he messages like a year later and says these are all your friends' names these are your parents' names in this is the school that you attend he blackmailed or and said If you don't give me a show on going to do this on the posters stuff everybody she didn't listen to him and around Christmas day during Christmas break the police show up to the house of four AM This picture has been circulated everywhere seven different schools have this passing around plus other places it's devastated her and she makes the point that I can never get that photo back and young people please listen to me particularly young women do not let anybody talk you doing this I'm serious as a heart attack it's never worth it they promise you'll never show it to anybody that's never true it's never everybody it gets shared with other people doesn't just stay with one individual it's not worth it people are committing suicide over this this is no joke do not make that mistake of being that vulnerable someone else if they can't respect your boundaries they don't deserve your time or attention. And so anyway she says I can never get that photo back it's out there forever in it's true this girl has since committed suicide and it was a horrible situation she started drinking she started smoking doing drugs to kind of get away to try to escape reality because it ruined her life she moved tells the guy found her again and did it again and just this horrible situation that ruined her life and this poor girl was she got a call from this former boyfriend this and he said hey you know my girlfriend has a talent I think you know where this is going and she gives herself away the girlfriend finds out and then she gets this text message and says get out of your school immediately leave the school right away I think it's from that guy fifteen kids gang up on this girl they start taunting her and she took responsibility for all of it is it was her idea was it was that boys idea but she was vulnerable she felt lonely she felt rejected because she gave herself away to this dirtbag and she ends up in this situation that they start ganging up on her and eventually they say hitter and the girlfriend hits her into starts up in front of everybody terrible situations of just laying in a ditch waiting for a dad to come pick her up the cops show up and she's so devastated because of the bullying that she had to go through in person in her school because everyone Mokhtar made fun of her and on the Internet by this guy that she literally went home and drink bleach she actually survived they saved her life she moved to a different town again but this girl has had a horrible experience and then people start picking our social media again saying she should try different bleach and I hope this time she's been so stupid this is the way that people are communicating with their peers on social media this stuff literally happens this is no joke it's ferocious because kids don't have the infrastructure mentally and emotionally to realize what they're doing they don't realize how harmful it is in the media they watch is really poisonous this girl goes to the horrible horrible experience I wouldn't wish on the worst of people on the planet. And she closes she doesn't youtube video you don't watch it today is a youtube video she does where she's just doing these cards telling her story and it's devastating tart break she closes the video by saying I have nobody I need someone and then she says My name is Amanda Todd and that's it a few months after she made this video she commits suicide the warning sides were all there all if she tried to overdose in between those times all the warning signs were there folks people didn't know what answers to give or the problem is she didn't know what answers were available to her in the Gospel she had no idea maybe you felt this way I need somebody I have no one maybe that's been you all of those are good news for you today you're not alone and you do have someone she didn't know you can be those people that can do that when you see these warning signs of people around you you have to act this girl is gone she can't come back she doesn't know what was available to her the Gospel when you see warning signs like this when you yourself are resting with us like this speak up are you hearing me this morning speak up people this is not OK People are dying without hope without Jesus do something or ranting on politicians or social media feed but we do nothing for people like this stand up so I want to share with you Jesus his experience and how he had injuries for her that if she had no this would have changed everything for her. Jesus was viewed as unattractive in Isaiah fifty three averse to there was nothing about his appearance that would make him want to follow him nothing viewed as unattractive he was rejected in Isaiah fifty three in verse three as a man to Todd been rejected Yeah she's got a Savior that understands he was alone in his grief it says Nazir fifty two in verse three he was physically wounded he was beat up by people and punched in the face just like she was as if it is three in verse five and he was quiet about the abuse it says Isaiah fifty three in verse seven so as she continues he was ridiculed and mocked in Psalm twenty two verses six to eight just like Amanda so he could resonate with her so you could sympathize with her and offer her hope that she didn't have elsewhere. He was stripped and cried out to God for help and Psalm twenty two eight hundred twenty one Jesus was stripped naked in physically violated he wasn't sexually assaulted but he went through something very similar to be able to relate to people who go through these situations just to be able to relate to them he was tempted to harm in self and Matthew four verses five and six three yourself off the temple he didn't he overcame but he was tempted just to be able to really with her when she wanted to drink bleach overdose on drugs and herself in other ways he was betrayed by someone that he trusted in Matthew twenty six forty eight to forty nine he was tempted of his pain by drinking wine and Matthew twenty seven thirty four the Vida winegar mix or the wine vinegar mix was meant to numb your paid and he was publicly exposed and shamed in Matthew twenty seven thirty five thirty seven thirty five so Jesus went through this to relate to her maybe you've been in a situation where you've been publicly exposed and you can't get your picture back Jesus understands he's uplifted before the entire city during the feast season when everybody's in town Jesus understands young people if you've been hurt if you've been abused if you've been rejected if you feel unattractive Jesus under stands completely at the deepest heart level and he has answers for you and he had answers for her but no one told her you can provide answers for these people by telling them about Jesus you can show them but you need to live what you tell them in those moments or they're not going to listen to you this dual citizenship thing does not work so if you've a bullet in abuse know that Christ with through this to be able to comfort you in ways that nobody else can one of the two text here Hebrews Chapter two seventeen eighteen. Hebrews Chapter two verses seventeen eighteen. Says Therefore in all things Jesus had to be made like his brother him that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation for the sins of the people for in them sit in that he himself has suffered being tempted Jesus is able to help those to aid those who are tempted Jesus had to suffer just like you young people so that he could be a sympathetic High Priest to offer answers for your brokenness for your pain for your sorrow your loneliness your rejection your abandonment he had to go through this the Bible prophesied that this would happen so he could have answers for you and your brokenness he was force is something very similar Hebrews four fourteen to sixteen. Says seeing that we have a great high priest has passed to the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession this is not the time to be giving up on Jesus Amen when you're hurting when you have a sympathetic high priest that's not the time to be walking away because it says For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was an all points tempted as we are yet without sin and what is he saying next he says Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may have taken mercy in find grace to help in time of need you're hurting your rejected your abandon your alone you've been shamed and violated you can come boldly to Jesus this morning every one of you you can come boldly to Jesus because he understands are you with me there's a Savior who understands what you're going through in the deepest levels and he longs to make you well if you see people bullied do something about it are you hearing me you cannot sit idly by when this stuff goes on you may not see these people ever again or more willing to share are discussed over political or religious things but we see stuff like this happen and we decide on our hands and it's sickening to mean it's sickening to God You say you want to be an advocate for the oppressed What are you doing for these people in your life posting something on Facebook is easy standing up for people in your life that are oppressed is not and I would prefer you did the latter and keep the post to yourself if you're not going to live what you believe in God needs people with boldness social media sin it depends is it using you more than you're using it asked the question are you living a dual life are you trying to live a right to slice while loving Saddam ask yourself the real questions now I've already advocated for the use of this evangelist sickly you know where I stand but you need to have boundaries are you with me that's not legalism that's reasonable. Have your boundaries stick to them have people who watch you I've got fellow minister friends that we talk back and forth about what we're posting what not to post I have a really difficult conversation with a well known person a few weeks ago because of the prolific post that they had on stuff as like you get a chill out like I appreciate that you're passionate but you have to slow down on this stuff you're overwhelming people. So anyway have accountability in your experience that's fine you should have accountability is good for us as with the brother for right now I have about six minutes left are there any questions that you guys have first why has this made since Yeah I hope this isn't coming across as legal a stick this should just be balanced Yeah there's awful stuff there but we need Jesus in there too but don't assume that you can just go to some place where people need Jesus without making appropriate preparations and you can leave unscathed it doesn't work and don't assume that you can live a dual life and call people out of sight of the last minute it won't work OK but are there any questions that you guys have on this particular topic I'm new deals in nuts and bolts on how to do social media next this is just kind of an overview in kind of the moral side brotherly questions that you guys have in the remaining portion of time that we have before we lose just me. I've been told that social media actually is a cause of depression can you talk a little bit about that. It is true and it's for the reason that the dopamine switch right so that you are receiving the whole of affirmation that immediately goes away after thirty seven seconds or whatever it is and it causes this difficulty this is why when people are sold out into social media for absurd amounts of time they deal with a lot of loneliness depression and so forth with these very reasons and some people are getting depressed because the time they waste by they don't realize what happens and all this time is gone by they're wasting their lives as other components but it's real but it's actually changing your brain chemistry which causes those vacancies when they go back there but the problem is the dopamine hits are going in the areas they're meant to be taking place with genuine intimate human relationships this isn't a genuine human relationship and so your body and your emotional psychological faculties aren't understanding why isn't this satisfy me like it ought any kind of plunge into darkness does that make sense to great questions it is a real thing is what I need to kind of course yes. What can I do. I don't know anyone else. Like parents getting into the technology and then they're on their phones and it's gotten so bad that they're even on their phone or they're all through church what what can I do to like I don't know like get that through them like hey you're addicted to it but they don't think they are dizzy we'll see the irony in this we think it's the old folks that see this when their kids it is happening with adults too is totally true the grounds are the same and just I would recommend encouraging them to take time away from it and to see if they can't function without it that will tell them that they're addicted right if it isn't a problem let's just set it aside for a week and I think it's actually rather compelling that a young person wants to tell their parent because you're not you know yelling at them you're not calling them al but your concern for them obviously and I think that that coming from a concerned child standpoint should hold some weight I hope so but sometimes we do in addiction a lot of people take that response then no it's not a problem I can handle it right that's that's the that the textbook response to being called out on addiction when you're have an intervention of some sort. That would be my first recommendation is well let's join in it with that let's just take a disconnected Sabbath and just stay away from this for a day to see how it goes and then ask you at the end of the how do you feel right kind of start with that process and see but a lot of times we think it's harmless but because we didn't understand what we were getting ourselves into wind of deeper than we thought we would no one assumes that they're going to spend the rest their life as a drug addict in the in the streets right is just one time just to be but it kind of leads to a lot of other things right that initial concession when you keep going for the same hit you can't get that's what happens now you my initial recommendation we can talk more afterwards if that amazing though literally a young person's asking about their pair I think that's why I'll get a question next. As she said I have the same problem at home not just in church but like my parents are always on their phones even at meal time and everything else. Yeah that time should be sacred right I think that people matter to us I think would be good as a family to try to have those borders that look phones to stay in the bedrooms while we had dinner together right we have Sabbath together I'm amazed by what I'm hearing and if you are and I hope that parents are listening to this take notice that people still matter in our children don't feel like they matter we're too busy for them workaholism has been hard enough on kids for generations but media addiction on top of that isn't making it any easier while I'm proud of both of you for being so vulnerable by the way. I personally run a podcast and also does no other Seventh Avenue us who have way less a You Tube channels etc that are not overtly Christian I know that it's not as good as baking I do want of Asian influence social media stuff like that it just has to mingle with people right and then a contest with the sort of you know illustration like do you have to be overtly Christian like in your content or is it OK to literally mingle with them and just build that influence and then wait for the relationships in other words even though there's no clear direct path even though I want to win when it's them but there's not a clear direct path like go to my website and you'll find out about Jesus you know there's a fine line some people refer to this is friendship evangelism but some people aren't doing any of vandalism it's just friendship I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist they're my friend that's friendship evangelism No that's friendship friendship evangelism is building intentional relationships looking for spiritual opportunities and that's why I mention the difference between having like a center of influence that you are there mingling but your whole life isn't immersed in the culture around it that's the difference there are people who are using things like bridge of if they just have a health food store but they have Christian material available and whatever there are ways that you can do that right your personal post on your Facebook page may have spiritual things in it but never this your You Tube channel they see that you're just dealing with different issues but I'm actually going to cover more the how in the next Symon are and Jasper's on the show some of the response that he's done just from being an excellent videographer are some who are just getting started writing getting traction so will impact more that as we go but I do want to make sure that we don't. If we are using this with the intention of winning souls we need to use it with the intention of winning souls to make sense that has to be on your radar you have to be intentional what you're thinking what you're planning that you're looking for ways to take the next step as opposed to just hanging out here but I just don't swear but I'm near them cynics and I know you can have something about you but it's easy to get caught in that because it's hard to take the next step kind of scary where they don't listen to me anymore you don't jump into the mark of the beast right away you build friendships can I pray for you my family are going to hike on Sabbath you know you can do other things but that would be my recommendation is build friendships in those areas but be intentional and find ways to take that next step Yeah. Right if the vehicle itself doesn't have I mean you need to be moral obviously but I don't have any moral compunctions of someone doing great photography posing that's what they do have to make blogs and blogs or whatever but they do it differently having access to people's fine I only as an issues like you know doing things are immoral right you know using worldly principles to try to get people to like you to then kind of give the left hook a spiritual stuff I don't know where so you get to know where you stand in your own experience and fight your own armor but that would be my recommendation is it was that helpful to some degree yeah I don't have an issue with people having these bridge areas but just be intentional and be be up right you have to be up right don't play games right if you're going to be a Christian be a Christian in that area even if it's not a strongly Christian venue to make sense would it be photography thing else our time has passed on the close of the word of prayer I'll be a peer if you like to ask me more questions the next question is going to be more about the how to K. let's pray God thank you for this privilege to have access to a medium that can reach this many people or do we need help to know how to do this effectively bless us I pray and God is with wisdom from heaven and we asked this now in Jesus name in. This message was recorded at the D Y C twenty seventeen conference arrives in Phoenix Arizona. G Y C A supporting Ministry of the Seventh Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based Christ centered and soul winning Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at W.W.W. dot G. Y.C. Web dot org.


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