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Episode 38: Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

Adam Ramdin
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One of the saddest and most gruesome events to occur in the 16th century was without doubt the St Bartholomew's Day massacre. In the absence of mutual respect and freedom of religion, this massacre marked possibly the lowest point for the Protestants in France as they were brutally killed.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 4, 2017
    7:00 AM
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In fifteen seventy flew here in Paris an event took place that if it is right in the foot great controversy after lacking in the plaque after a long time on the point of organ late fall of New Mexico began at the bell sounded at night a small began of the front Protestant who were in the fifty's there were more of them than usual because they had gathered for the wedding of one of their leaders and in the night it would drag on their houses and murdered in cold blood the floor of the continued here in the fifty of Paris but seven days and then it read a fraud of the fifties like Leon and ruined and all aeons and some people estimate that up to seventy thousand people were killed over the next week and month. Two days before St Bartholomew's the king's mother kept the room on it the assassination of Admiral Caspar the colony a few good old lead of the assassination attempt fail and they feared that the few who knows would launch a counter attack and so the second time around they made sure and they killed the admiral in his bed and then the killing spree stuff to the butchery continued for seven months of course the whole friends many of those who were killed were great and honorable people in society as communists and nobility our life something of the same thing. Two or three governors refused to obey the king orders and want to leave home on more and I left that I deferred to be repeated fire I received an order on the Majesty field to put to death all the Protestants in my province I have too much respect for your majesty not to believe the letter is a point very good which is not appropriate all it should be genuine I have too much respect for your Majesty to obey it. When the news room the response was jubilant and very undiplomatic with joy among the good the news nobody owns the cardinal of Lorraine rewarded the messenger with a thousand broom the canon of sleep and lo funded the joyous salute and the build on every steeple bring throughout the city Gregory to be accompanied by god knows of the Ridley's against the dignitaries lead the procession to the church of St Louis with the cardinal noble arraign in a chant the man to day on a medal was to commemorate the massacre and in the back to can today can be seen the greet the first goes. Describing the attack on the animal the pain encountered one thing the massacre and the Mexico itself. St Bartholomew's was one of those events that took to create a shared identity but with Lutherans Calvin's Reform Church and the I would get the full This is the was the other and the violence directed towards the greater a shared sense of justice and solidarity that spread throughout International but the. Thank you Bob I'm amused remains one of the many stains on the conflicts in the consequences of the union and state will see in full effect in the Bible Jesus said that we should render to Caesar by the state that we do see that and since God that we just got to meeting that church and speak to the me separately and we defend the freedom of those we agree with and those we disagree with the freedom of religious freedom is something that one wants for everyone. I.


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