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Episode 39: The Spanish Armada

Adam Ramdin
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The Spanish Armada was one of the largest fleets ever assembled and yet they never accomplished what they set out to do. They would be soundly defeated by a mix of factors and England would survive the attempted invasion and an attempt to change England from Protestantism back to Catholicism.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 11, 2017
    8:00 AM
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The mid century. In England initiated by King eight great. With the. QUEEN. During the reign. Who really threw them in England and earned the title bloody Queen Mary for her role in the murder of over two hundred sixty one of the things when. The throne. And earlier reforms. And if the Anglican Church Catholic as an illegitimate queen because they never recognized. Divorce from Paquin an hour ago on making the marriage. And the mother illegitimate making her an illegitimate queen in. Rome then wanted to establish a Catholic want to keep and attempted to do this through a military invasion. On the twenty eighth of May fifteenth eighty eight the Spanish Armada a fleet of A hundred thirty ships set sail from Spain to England one of the fleet ever assembled at a huge cost to Spain it had almost double the firepower of the entire Navy almost guaranteeing an easy victory they were sighted on July the nineteenth enlisted. And you. Are a system. In Plymouth hoping to reach the Netherlands to pick up thirty thousand soldiers. With the English. In Cali. Across from the clips of. Him. And. The army and we. They continued around. The retreat many of them had lost their anchors on the one hundred thirty ships that originally set sail only sixty seven of them made it back home. To inspect the troops wearing. She gave a famous. People have been persuaded by some that. The. Truth will be a trip through but I assure you I do not desire to live to destroy my faithful and loving people I know I have. And feeble woman but I. I'm stomach public and I'm a king of England too and the school. Spain or any print of Europe would did to invade the borders of my rounds. When it was clear that the amount of him to overthrow them had failed England was relieved and the lives of the for Thanksgiving to St Paul's Cathedral with attended by over as many as a coronation many took him to. Be a fine. And the inviolability of the root of the Queen and her round Protestantism uplifted and inscribed variations of me and scripture and. The wind and they were against it all Hebrew and they were scant that one historians debate exactly what the facts are that led to the. One thing is clear Providence played a key role in our lives today it may not be on such a grand scale as the Armada back then but God will move through probably. He doesn't always want to believe he doesn't always turn the right thing on the wall as in Daniel Chapter five God will rule in the affairs of men and in our lives today he will move to providential circumstances may we be open to he's leading in the IT man.


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