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Episode 40: Guy Fawkes & The Gunpowder Plot

Adam Ramdin
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In 1605 there would be another attempt to forcibly remove the King of England, though this time the chosen method was to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was found with 36 barrels of gunpowder on the 5th November, but England and King James I would survive.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 18, 2017
    8:00 AM
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Remember remember the fifth of November gunpowder reason and I feel no reason why Guy People should ever be a short run that along when you are the children growing up in England learned in school and today it seems that many have forgotten the story in the early sixteen hundred England was under a Protestant king King James born in Edinburgh Castle he ascended to the Scottish throne and when the Scottish and English Thrones merged in fifteen or three he became the king of England as well. King James is best known for the translation of the Bible that is named after him translated over a period of five years and released in sixteen eleven it is a masterpiece of the English language shaping many of the terms and phrases that we use today had the gun powder plot in sixteen by being successful it is likely that the work of translation would have stopped. The Crown of England have gone back and forth between Catholic and Protestant hands in the early to mid sixteenth century but during the reign of Elizabeth the First some stability had been brought to the throne Despite this it was the dream of Catholics both at home and abroad to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne and audacious plot was launched to assassinate the king not by a bullet or by poison but by blowing up the Houses of Parliament. During the state's opening of Parliament Thus not only killing the King but also many of his close advisers and members of parliament it was then the hope of the Catholics to bring a new monarch and government to England. In those days security was not what it is today and they were able to rent a space underneath parliament which they filled with thirty six barrels of gunpowder this huge supply of explosives could not be detonated remotely and someone had to light it manually and that job fell to guy for fall born in New York and worked for several years in the Spanish army as an explosives expert and while he was a major player in this plot due to the role that he played his name is in history and he is the one best remembered. Up to this point everything had been kept top secret but there was to be a fortunate leak just prior to the fifth of November an anonymous letter was sent to William Parker warning him not to attend Parliament on that date suspicion was around and the thorough search of the building took place whereby they found the Guy Fawkes and his stash of gunpowder he was taken to the Tower of London and tortured Italy gave up the names of his fellow conspirators the coherence of his signature before and after his torture reveals the severity of his punishment eventually they captured and executed all both involved in the plot including the ringleader Robert Catesby. The King and Paloma had been in England had been spared on a bloody takeover and Protestantism remained the dominant religion today this event is coming. Rated in every village town and city across the country with bonfires and being lit and in the event often fondly known as bonfire night in a country that has remained independent for hundreds of years this is perhaps the closest thing to a National Independence Day celebration something that stands out from this episode of history is how thin and the line is between freedom and tyranny a famous person once said that your mind cannot be separated. Or if someone's rights are being abused people are more likely to film it on their mobile phones than they are to stop and do something to help defend our freedoms civil and religious any time they come under attack and the freedoms of others if we ever see them on the right.


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