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Episode 41: The Mayflower

Adam Ramdin
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The Mayflower ship sailed from England to America in 1620 and would change history forever. Fleeing persecution and seeking a place where they could worship freely, the Pilgrims made the journey from the land they knew into the unknown.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 25, 2017
    8:00 AM
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In sixteen twenty a boat laden with a hundred and thirty passengers set sail for the New World a front that had been breached by only a few of the Europeans and would eventually come to be known as the United States of America they would land on the East Coast in Cape Cod before finally settling in Plymouth Massachusetts their journey however begins in a small English village. Groovy to live in nothing I'm sure I want in a play of calm and humble the resident who came from this village over three hundred eighty years ago in belief and srong in Conviction the principal member of the school the separatists who are Clifton as Pastor Robinson asked Teacher and Brewster as ruling elder thirty residents left Scruby and headed for the Netherlands where they joined John Smith who had previously left England with another group of separatists Well this would not be their permanent home. Further meetings would take place and those in Holland decided that they would head to the Americas on the English side of the channel there were people who were unhappy with the religious restrictions being imposed by the church and they also decided that England was ceasing to be a habitable place. The Mayflowers set sail from the exact spot on the Thames and run the heights. South London above the Mayflower marks the spot with fifty three people set sail for America it's just the ship the Speedwell left from the Netherlands but when it was two hundred miles off the coast of Cornwall you had to turn back because they had developed a leak those on board the Speedwell then disembarked on got on board the Mayflower swelling its numbers from fifty three to one hundred thirty forty three of those people on the Mayflower were separatist Puritans who did not believe in the union of church and state unhappy at how the Anglican Church was treating those who disagreed with her. Those on board had to put up with cramped living conditions food shortages little fresh meat little water Sivia sea sickness and violent storms making it an incredibly Anja was journey they finally sighted land on the ninth of November sixteenth twenty in Cape Cod and would eventually anchor in Provincetown on the twenty first of November of those who made the journey over hot would die that first winter due to the harsh weather illness and the poor diet available to them. Little did bees people realize the impact that this journey would have on history and the legacy that they would leave that in just one hundred fifty years the land that they arrived in would fight and win its independence and just two hundred years passed its independence would rank as the most powerful nation in the world for those on board the ship I'm sure the actions did not seem so brave but history remembers them well never underestimate the impact that your life can have on future successive generations the decisions that you make. The sacrifices that you enjoy and the principles that you live by can have a profound impact on your children and it can have a profound impact on the successive generations of young people that come after you a life that we live however small they may seem can have an impact that will be reflected only in eternity.


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